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Full text of "Abstract of probate records at Fairfield, Connecticut, down to 1721"

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Down to 1721. 

BOOK 1D48-16-36. (65) exd. 

BOOK 1665-1675. exd.. 

BOOK 1675-1639. exa. 

BOOK 1689-1? 01.' exd. 

BOOK 1702-1V50. ±ix. 

BOOK 1710-1755. -- (wakenan) 

BOOK 1721-17'±y.- 

BOOK 1725-1740. 

Book 16^8-1656 i 
(Book 1665-1675) 1 

1663 2xd. Andrews, 'rancis, v/ill of (of Bankside) , probated May 
5, 1663. 

Widow, Anna omitn, Vol. A. p. 79, 
Thomas ) 

John ) bona o±', under 18 years. 

Abranam, (or Ahsolam (?) 

Hebecea. liSO^S t 


Hanna (Joian Oramton is mbntionea in giio to ner, 
probably aer husband i . 

1665 Atwater, Mary, a. Adam Blackinan, wife of (Josua) 

Atwarer and motiier of Josua Atwater, men"C. in aer 
father's v/ill. 

1666 Adams, Edwara, takes iiivemjory of est. of Danl. Finch. 

1667 Abbott, Peter, eatate of, inventory filed Aug. 9, 1667 

Book 1665-1675. p. c,8. 

John iinowles) 

Joim oturge ) Aarainistrators appt. 

Child Hannah ia given in charge of Jomi Jinowles. 

iov. 24th, 1685, John Knowles being deaa, John bturges 

renders a/c of estate to Court ana oraerea to trans- 
fer said estate of Hannah Abbot to her ana is ais- 

1671 Hxd. Adama , Edward, will of, drawn Aug. 7, 1671, probated 
lov. 11, 1671. Book 1665-1675, p. 60, p. 196. 
•Kidow, liary* 
Samuel, bOn ox uecd. 
^ Abraham, ' '' 

V> laary Lierv/in, uaugnter anu ner son Luke Guiwer. 

•N) (Hatiianiel, son of aecd. oi age 1677 

^, Underi John " " ohoses in 1d77 

age [ Lieut. Jno. Banks, guardian 

( I. at nan 
^ Lana at Barlov/'s Plaine and a stone house 

^ there on li'at'l lano.. 

^ jidv/ara Adams, deca. also left lanu at .-est v^hester. 

^ Josiaa narvy ) ■ Wiuow iicer. 

■* V/ra. Ward ) witnesses 

J Inventory of estate maae llov. 11, 1671. 

1657 Austin, Joiin, Est. of. inv. taken aent. 5, 1657 oy 
Sept. 5 Riciiard Laws, Angel xieusted oi btamioxa, I'ilea Sov. 

6, 167 3. 
Book 1665- 2st. ov/ea John Green and Ricriard vnebD. 
1675, p.7ii. Gatiireen Auutin, \/idov/. 

(•m. nuboerd aeclares to Iiir* La\/ & John Holly 
ne nas paid a debt oi Jonn Auatln unto 
Dan'l Law. 

1675 Amlers, Abrarjam, lias prop, at Jitanxora next to Robt. 
Bates, deed, 
ii on- in- law oo j:tobt. Bates. 

1675 Amlers, Abram, ta^es inv. or est. i^'rancis Holmes of 


1676 Aaaiiis, barri'l, takes inv. est. Jolin Richmond. 

1676 Abbot, Llary, v/ife or George Abbot. D. James .Veed, Sr. 
See will. 

1672 Ambler, Rich., had lanu next Jonathan Jagger, Standiord. 

1680 Adgate, Mary, or llorwich, u. i^athew iiarvin. 

1681 Amler, Abraham, ex. of John Holly est. 

1682 Abbot, Johanna widow of George Abbot, estate of, inv. 
Book 1675- taken qj Townsmen of ilorwock, John Piatt, Thos. 
1689, p. 88. ^'itch, Jr. James Olmstead and lilea 1682. 

Abbot, George, will of, adaed by Court to above. 
1682, I.Ich. 19. Special Court aistributes est. 
Under James .iilliams, aon or aeca. Johanna Abbot (above) 
age Elizabeth, daughter " " " " " 
Sarah, " " " " " " 
baml. Hayes) 
John Balawin) Administrators. 

1683 Andrews, John, estate of, inventory filea Dec. 20, 1683 

aon ) Book 1675-1689 p. 92. 

Daughter ) under age 

Joseph i.ockwood ) 

iJan'l Frost, Jr.) Administrators 

Sam'l Benedict ■) 

1579 Aadoms, Abr&m, prop, at tJie aouse of, lert by Anthony 
Beers, a caylox. 

1684 Austin, Hannah, d. Ricli. Hardy of Stamford. 

1684 Ambler, Abraham, overseer est. Rich. Hardy. 

1684 Amler, Abraham, chosen guardn. by Sarah Pettet. 
rnaae guardian for all Pettet children. 

1686 Apelgate, John, is removed by Phoebe Surges from the 
mttna-gemeat of her aft airs. 

1686 Apelgate, John, Court oraers the 2reas. to pay to - 25 

1677 Adams, liathan, son of ^ward, deed, on behalf of 

Sam'l Adams is chosen by Anthony Beers & his 
wife aa guardian of ITathan Adams, her brother. 

1686 Amler, Mr. Abraham, lurn in Hall 

1687 Arnold, John, appointed deputy collector of Customs 

at Stami'ord by Edward Randolph, iisq.. , Collec- 
tor in IT. E. 

1687 Ambler, Abraham, Com'r to take inv. est. Hicolas 

Webster ox otamiord. 

1687/8 Aaams, Abram, apt. adm. est. Joseph James. 

1688 iidams, Eathan, ox 5'airfield, apt. adm. of est. uary 

Beers, deed. 

1690 Abbot, George, of ilorwalk, HIH of dated Llay 2, 1689 

he died at ilorwalk July, 1689/90, probated and 
inventory iiled LIch. 12, 1690. 
John, eldest son of deca. i3ook 1675-1689 ,x). 305. 

Jonathon, " " 

Under age Janl. abt. 17 " 
George " 20 " 

Dorcas Roote, aht." " also called 
Precila Glauson " " " " " Glason 

iaary (Jackson J " " " " " Jackson 

Son John ex. (Richard Holmes ) 

" & liark Sention, Admrs(:uattyaa mention, Jr.) "i"*'" 
Inv. taken "before 12, 1690 hy Visiter hoyt.John ness 
Boston, Sam'l Hayes. 

1677 Adams, i-^ary, T7itne3s the enciorsement of James iiarvey 

on Jolm Oaborn's bill of ejccnange. 

1684 Allyson, Halpli, called the carpenter. 

1681 Applegate, John, witness debt of Kat'l Hayes to 
Dan'l J'rost. 

BOOK 1689-1701 

1681 Applegate, John, lined for contention speech to 
Grand Jurymen. 

1690 Adams, Abraham, takes inv. est. Rob. bely of Fairfield. 

1690 Ambler, ^bram, Appt. Aam. of est. JereMah Jager. 

1674 Aplgate, John, vritness release of Simon 

1690 Aplebe, 2hos. of Woodbury, who w&s killed at Albany 
Filed lich. in the comjuand of Captain Johnson. 
10,1690. Inv. of est. June l4t, 1690, by John Liinor , 
Book 16S9- Isaac Curtes, John Sherman db John Llitchell. 
1701, p. £9. 

1690 Ambler, Abraham, witness of will ib overseer of est. 

of Oornelius Jones. 

1691 Ambler, John, aam. of est. of Joseph Jones, son of above. 

1690 Alline, Henry, of Stratford, est. of, inv. taken Sept. 

20, 1690, by Sam'l Sherman and Sam'l Hawley, 

Selectmen, filed ITov. 8, 1690. Book 1689-1701 p. 41 

Henry, son of deed. 
John, '■' " 
Perhaps other chilaren 

Mr. Sam'l Sherman appt. administrator. 

Mr. Ephraim otiles & Lieut. Ager Tomlison 
to make distribution. 

1700 Ambler, Abraham, being deed, the ^ourt appt. his sur- 
viving son, Johil Ambler, aumr. of Cue est. 
01 Joseph Jones Zst. 

1700 Ambler, JoMl, son of Abratiam ambler. 

1695 Adams, John, ol Fairfield est. of inv. taken by Nathaniel 
i3ook 1689- 3ur, 3enj. x'urny & Josiiua Jennings, iiled L'ov.7,1692 

1701, p. 90. 

Brotaer aam'l iidams, deed, before Feby. 15,1694 
" iibranam " 

" imtottn " 

Sister Mary 


1693 Ambler, Abraham, Sen. , appt. admr. est. Edward Lockwood. 


1694 iidaras, Sara'l., oi Fairfield, est. of, inv. taken Feb. 

Book 1689- 10, 169-^ by Puilip Lewis, Sei:. , Jonathan 

17 01, p. 114. Font on «i Edward Howard, ana filed W^^^^^t^ date 

Widow Mary - called, 1698, Mary Lyon 
aid est son 
Other children 

The widOT/ with Dan'l Meker) Appt. 

and Abraham -tidams ) Admr. 

1694 Adams, Abraham, appt. admr. of above est. 

1697 Ambler, Abraham, witness deed of gift of & made 

admr. of est. of Sam'l Finch of Stamford. 

1698 Adams, Abrabam, takes inv. est. John .ihittock of Fairfield. 

1698 Adams, Sam'l, of Fairfield, deed. dist. of est. of 
Book 1689- Admrs. Abraham Adams, Dan'l Lleker cc Mary Lyon. 

1701, p. 173. Heport to oourt ilov. 1,1698 &: said Mary 

& Dan'l refuse to act further li Abraham 

Adams made sole admr. 

The Court oraers -jan'l Meker to bind 

out Abram Adams, son of deed. Sam'l, to 

Abraham Adams, his uncle. 

1698''^ Adams, 3am*l, Jr., of Fair field, _inv. taken Mch. 15,1697/8 

Jiook 1689-1701 by John Bulkley Sc John Edwards. 

p. 178. 1700 iir. Elnathan Hanford appt. admr. ob pay bills to 

Mr. Edwards Mr. Macheny 

lir. Deny Mr. Antony 

Book 1689-1701 p. 178. 

1701 Adams, Dan'l, court orders to bina out his orotlier 

John Adams. 

1699 Allin, Ito. John, witness will Gapt. Jonathan Bell 

of Stamford. 

1696 Allen, liisign Gideon, appt. to distribute est. 

Joseph Kill. 

1701 Ambler, Abraham, being deed. Dan'l Scofield of atamford 
appu. in his place to uist. est. of Jeremia 

1696 Adams, Abraham, sole aarar. of est. Slephelet Hill. 

BOOK 170S-1750 

1702 Abbot, Ruth, wife of John Abbut, d. of John Bescow, 
deed, of iJorwalk. 

Adams, Dan'l - Sarah, d. of Benj. Tuiney, Vol. Ill, p. 85, 

1699, Ambler, iibraham of Stamford, will ox, dated Aug. 3, 
Wife Hannah 
Son John. 
Grandchild Abraham Browne, unaer age. 

" Abegaile <i Sarah Browne, under age. 
Son John sole ex. 

Requests his son to take care of his grand- 
Witness, David >«aterbury 

j^lisha Hally 
Inv. Sept. 8, 1699, by aam'l Hait, David 
Waterbury oa Dan'l Scofield. 

1699 Asten, John 

, est. of inv. taken Hay Ho, 1699, by 
oam'l Hait, Daviu vVaterbury oi Dan'l Scofield. 

1701 Andrews Belectmaii of i^iew Haven, Inv. est. 

ITath'l Hudson. 

1704 Allin, John, of btratford, est. of, inv. Mch. 24, 1704, 

by Ephraim stiles & John Gilbert. 

Henry Allin of ililford, brother to deed. appt. 

admr. some time since. 
The est. to be deviaed bet. Henry Allen 

of ialilford cc hia sister trances Hall of 

liid diet own. 
Mr. Zphraim otiles & Leut. Agar Comlinson to 


1699 Astin, John, of btamford, deed. , an inv. was presented 

to Court June 24, 1699. 
The wiaow and ixer son John Asten to aami-. 

1697 Ambler, Abratiam, chosen guaraian by Llartha, a. of 

Thos. Wilaman of Bedford. 

1714 Aadams, Rebeckau, d. of Peter Olapham, uecd. 1698. 

1707 Atabler, John, takea inv. & dist. est. iidmond Lockwooa 

of Stamford. 

1707 Adams, ITathan, witness will of Dan'l Grofort of Fairfield 

1707 Adams, Dan'l, takes inv. of est. " " " " 

1708 Andrus, John, admr. est. Joseph v^Tielply of Fairfield. 

1705 Abut, Jonathan, s. in law Leut John Olmsted. 

1?05 Adams, I^an'l, takes inv. est. ^ Lyon. 

1709 Adams, Abraham, takes inv. est. Capt. John Osburn. 
1709 Allen, Gioion, " 

1709 Ambler, John, takes inv. of est. Sam'l Holly oi otamford. 

1710 Allen, Sgrgt. dist. est. Gapt. John Osburn. 

1712 Andrus, John, oi iTairfield, to dist. est. Thos. Disbrow 
of ^airfield. 

1710 Amblor, ior. John, witness codicil of will Capt. 
John Selleck. 


1712 Adams, Dan'l, witness will Mary Sherwood, widow. 

1712 Allen, Qideon, takea inv. est. Sam'l Smith of Fairfield. 

1712 Allen, Gideon, takes inv. est. Jonathan Bur of " 

171d Applegate, John, of Fairfield, will of, witnessed by 
lir. John Meredith, of ITewport, R. I. & Sam'l 

baid John Mereuith testifies as to his wit- 
nessing saia will before bam'l Cranston, liov. 
of 3oadislanu. 

1717 Jany. 30, 1716/17 oam'l Huhbell swares 

to having witnessed will of John Applegate. 

1715 Allen, Ensign Gideon, appt. to dist. est. of Dan'l 
Bradley of Fairfield. 

1712 Ambler, lir. John, oi btanforu, will of dated IJov. 2, 1711 

vi(ife liartna 
oon John 

" ateven 
Jau.Iviartha iirabler, unaer age. 
iiVife sole ex. 

Witness: Benj. Hait cc Jonas Kait. 
Inv. of Mr. -^ohn Ambler of titanforci who deed. 
Eov. 4, 1711, taken Jany. 1, 1711/12 by 
Joseph Bishop, Jonathan dates & James i^loson. 
Joseph Bishop, i'rustee. 

1712 Allen, Gideon, takes inv. est. iir. Joshua UCnowles of 

1712 Applegate, John, of Fairfield, yeoman, will of, lov. 13,17 04. 

Wife Aviss 

After his wife dies to be divided bet. sons 
of his brother, I'hos. Applegace. 
7/ife sole ex. 
Witness; John Meredith, oam'l Ilubhell. 
Inv. Dec. 25, 1712, oy John Smith, Sam'l Huhbell 
cc Thos. Viilliams, Jr. 
Had land next John Staples. 

Med ? 

1712 Bill of Jonatlian Wed of ITorwallr 

A ratg. fron Joseph Smith. 

A 1)0110; from Davis Ogden. 
A mtg. from iam'l Jackson. 
A mtg. from 'I'hos. Williams. 
A mtg.' from John li/illiams. 
A mtg. " Eath'l Lyon 
" " " Thos. Bennitt 

A bill from John Parnut 
A bond from Cornelius Bunkham. 

1713 Andross, Jolin, takes inv. est. Sam'l Goby of Fairfield 
1713 Andrus, John, takes inv. est. Henry Gray, Jr. of Conpo. 

1712 Allen, ii.nn, wife of Insign Gideon Allen & d. of 

llath'l Burr. 

1713 Andrus, Jeremiah, of Stanford, inv. of est. of Aug. 12, 

1713 by Stephen Bishop, Dan'l Scofield, Jonathan 
Gola (k Dan'l Weea s';7are i;o inv. 

1714 Allen, ijisign (iideon, diso. est. of Joseph Bradley of ?. 

1714 Allen, Insign Gideon, dist. est. Sam'l Smith of Fairfield. 

1715 Allen, Insign Gideon, " " Lir. Lloses Gilbert. 

1715 Addoms, lan'l, witness will of, takes inv. est. Sam'l 

Jackson of otratfora. 

1715 Allen, Gideon, takes inv. est. Lieut. John Barlow. 

1715 Andrus, John, takes inv. est. Cliristopher Godfree, Sen. 

of Fairfield. 

1715 Atwood, Rachell, called d. in lav/, prob. step aau. of 
Sdwara x'reaem" ox Stratford S; mother of lath'l 

1715 Atwood, Henry, called s. by laward Trehem and ex. of his 


1710 Allen, Sergt. Gideon, aopt. to dist. est Luke '\ deed. 


1713 Andrus, lir. Jolin, chosen aa guardian by oam'l Goley 
aon or bara'l Goley, aecd. or Fairfield. ' 

1713 Andruss, Jeremiah, late or Stanford, deed. 

Jonathan Gola & Dan'l Weed, Jr. appt. admr. 

1713 Ambler, Abraham, Jr. late Stanford, aeed. 

Jonathan uold appo. aomr. 

1710 Ambler, John, son or John Ambler, late of Stanford deed, 
made choice of Sam'l Blatchly as guardian. 

1710 Ainbler, Steven, son of John Ambler, late of Stanford 

deed, made choice of John Stone or ataniora*as 

1714 Austin, John, of Stanford, is chosen by Court as guardian 

for Thos. bkildan, son of Thos. Skilaan, late 
of ^Stanford, deed. 

1714 Adams, Uathan, oi Fairfield, called brother-in-law and 
cnosen guaruian by Peter Glapham, son of Peter 
Glaphan or i;orwalk, ueca. 

1716 Adams, Jan'l, appt. guardian for Sam'l Cable, son of 
Joseph Cable, deed. 

1716 Andruss, John, son oi late Jeremiah Andruss of Stanford 

raake choice of Dan'l 7/eed or ^itanford. as guardian 

1716 Ambler, ..braham, late of Stanford, deed., made a will 

and willed land to his grandchild Abraham Brown 
of Stanforu ana made his son John Ambler, ex. 
who ia also aecd. The Court appt. Martha * 

liead aiid sam'l scofield, of Stanford, to admr. 

Probate Book #2. 

Can't place tMs Baldwin, 

but prob. son 

or ^atln.. 

John Banks. 7/it- 

Dan'l Baldwin 

signed release 

1665. Tnos. Lyon, nesbes 
lbb5. 2I10S. bkicmore. 

Dan'l »i/esoott. 

John Baldwin, eldest son. 
1st wife. Eathaniel Baldwin. 
Abigail Baldwin. 
Kathaniel Baldwin. 

Sarah Baldwin. 
2nd wife Deborah. ' 
Joanna, Jane,Samut;l Baldwin, 
probably widow of 

Richard ..escott. Hathaniel Baldwin and Abigail Baldwin, Ms 

sister signed release, Oct. 30, 1658. 
Witnesses. John Burr ana Dan'l Burr. See abv. 

Joanna, wife of Joim or btamford signed 
release go I'hos. Skidmore, i^'eb. 14,1664. 
Witnesses. John Banks and John Hawles. 
Daniel Wescott signed release to i'hos. Skid- 
Joanna " more, ^'eb. 14, 1664. 
(Jane) Witnesses. John Banks and John Rawles. 

Abigail, wife of looses Knapp, signea re- 
lease to Ihos. Skidmore, Jan. 4, 1669. 
Witnesses. Sam'l Baldwin ana Sarah Baldwin. 
John ii/epcott, signea release to Thos. iikid- 
more Hot. 9, 1666. Witnesses. John skidmore 
and i<obt. Bloomer. 

Thos. Skidmore of Fairfield is called father-in-law 
by the above Wescitt cailaren. 

Eobert Bates of atamfora, will IJay 15,1675. 
See under ii. 

Richard .Vescott. 


-BOOK 1546-1656. 

1654 Bennet, Mary )ij( 

" James ) Grandchildren o± Thos. Wheeler, i5r. 

" Thomas ) 

" John ) 

1654 Bateman, mm. ^ i? (T^ ^ 

1655 Butler, iiiehard 'y^j-.- (fbcL^'i - (iM'-^ ■ JL&O^J 

1655 Burr, Jehu i-r^ii'r^ (Signed by 

1655-Esd. Boosie, JosephT^inVentory liled, Oct. 25,1655( Thos. "uTieel- 
1655 Banks, John, in 1658 called son or Charles i'ain-(er, Wm. ITew- 

1655 Barlow, Ihos. tor. (man, Josias 
1658 Booth, Richard ) 1670 overseer est. Jas.Peroskei' Gilbert.p.8. 
lo57 .vm. Blackman ) 

" Burdseye, John ) Stratford, I think. 

1658 Ixa, Bulkley, I'hos. estate or, inven^iory liled Oct. 19,1658, 
Widow p. 21. 

Sides t son 
2nd son 
1 daughter. 

1658 Jehu Ec John Burr 

1658 Baldwin, Hathaniel, estate of, inventory filed Oct. 19, 1658, p. 26, 

See note Joanna Jane 2 wife of above ) 

0;iposite. John, eluest son, cnose Pell as guardian ) llote 

3 children by 2a v/ife Jane or Joanna ) of 

3 " " 1st wife J abstracter 

living at Milford. ) 

1658 iiiXd. Barlow, i'hos, iairfield will of dated Sept. 8,1^58, 
probated Oct. 1^58, p. 28. (see Steward, Sobt.1679) 
Rose, wife of above 
Rhoda, or Phebe ) Marriea 167o Olmsted 
Deborah ) C^hilaren unaer age 
uary ) 

aee Edward Hash, 167 or '7 3. Thomas Pell of 

ij airfield, Overseer. 
1658 Banks, John 

1656 Bateman, im. Fairfield, »«ill of probated Oct. 20, 1858, p. 36. 

" Thoa. son of above of Concord. 

Henry Lyon, son in law of above ■.'m. , also iixr. 
Joseph ididulebrook, granachild above um» 

Witnesses; Andrew v»ard anu <<illiam .<ard. 


BOOK 1648-1656. 

1659 2xd. Bennett, James, estate ox, inventory riled Apl. 12,1659, 
Hannah, widow oi above. M. Joseph j.iaale- ) (p.45. ) 
I'hos. ) brook ) 

Jamea ) ) 

John ) Children ) added 

Sarah & married John Oshorn ) uncier age. ) 5^ 
Hannah "state aistribuied. Book 1675-1689, pp. 48- 


1659 iilttckman, John (Stratford) 

16 59 Widow Bennett (Strati'oret) 

1659 Booth, Richard, ( Stratford) 

1662 Beckwith, Steven, witness will of «»arren Andrews 

1662 Beachem, lioht. owes estate of Francis Andrews 

1662 Banks, John, callea neighbor by Anthony /i/ilson. 

Is made ex. of his will. 

1652 Brother Beardsley mentioned in mm. Wilkenson's ? r/ill 

1661 Ixd. Bearcisley, Wm. Will of of Stratford, probated July 6, 
Vifidovv 1661, p. 67. 

oanuel, son 
Joseph, son 
John 8 on 
ueveral aaughters 

1661 Brinsnead, John (Stratford) 

1661 Beardsley, John -< 

1662 2xd Blackman, John, will of (Stratford) probated lov. 26,1662 

Widov/ p. 77. 

Joseph, elaest son 7/itnesses :- 
Other children. Adam Blackman 

James Blackman. 
2xrs. his brothers B. - W. and Jajmes. 

1662 Blaokman, iidam, prooaoly xataer of aoove John 
" James, brother to above John 

1662 Blackman, John, speaks oi his brother liurdsey u; his 

uncle wheeler 

1662 Brandias ;• John, Hill prooaoed iiug.5,1662, p. 88. 

( record worn) 


BOOK 1648-1656. 
BOOK 1665-1675. 

1652 Blackman, Adam, ex. of estate of iVm. Wilcox-son 
Bearably, «vm. " ■ " 

1648 Bryant, Alexander, takes inv. of est. of Edw. Harvy. 

1648 Baldwin, 'fimot ny, owes est. Sdm. Harvy. 

1656 iieardsly, i'hos. Estate oi , inventory filed July 5, 1656, P. 92. 
Jonanna, (prota. wife oi) 
Thos. Bearasiy. 

1656 ^iX, Briant, tiie elder ) Trustees in est. of 
Briant, Bicu. ) I'hos. Beardsly. 

Barly, Thos. ) 

1665 ixd. Bout on, Hich. , estate of, inventory filed June 28,1665 
Euth, widow of above Book 1665-1675, p.l. 

Left his tools to Jolin Bouton,'ais brother, son of John 
Had posthumus cnild -ti^utn. 

1665 Blaclman, Adam, will of (of otratford), probated Jan. 16,1665 
Pastor of uue Uhuroii of otratfora. Book 1665-1675, p. 2. 
Widow IJane) 
Married (Jolin, ^on of above (her children 
at tine (Jaraes ana uis v/ire 
01 aea-cxi Ibamuell " " " 
of deed. (laary (Atwater, proD. Josue 
Ben j arain 

Deliverance son. 
Josua Atwater, granason 

Ee speaks of ais aaugnter Blaekman cc requests 
sue not marry John Thomas 

1665 Butler, Thos. claims a cuila's portion for his wife 

in est. 01 Richaru. .^eu. 

1665 Brown, Francis, app. est. John Chapman. 

1666 2xd. Bouton, Buth, ebtate of, of A»orwolk, inventory filea 

-daughter i^uth. iTov.8,1666,3ookl665-1675,p.l6 

The Court of Fairfield is requested bj Mathew 
Llarvin, u>r. , Hodc. Turney & John :30Uton to 
give custody of child Buth est. to Llathew Harvin 
Si in case of his aeatn to aer uncle John Bouton. 
In case one child Huth dies, the land is to return 
to Ben j. Turney or Fairfield ^ a certain sum to 
x'hos. ioioorenouse oi Fairfieln. 


1667 Bcjwers, Judith, lately window Ferris 

Sometime wife to Jeffry Ferris. 

1668 Blackmail, ciam'l, aecd. Nov. 27,1668, est. o±,inventory 

Widow filed Uch. 12,1669. 

Adam, son of d. Sept. 1665. Book 1665-1675, p. 36. 
Daugiicer, b. ^ec 11, lob5. 
'• b. " 4, 1667. 

Mr. Sherman ) 

Mr. Ctency ) iippt. Overseers. 

Ui, liraves i 

Moses ifneeler 

1657 Bell, Francis, inventories est. Gregory Taylor. 

1669 Burr, John ) 

Banks, John ) Overseers est. Giles cmith. 

1669 Basset, Thos. estate of, inventory filed Jan. 14,166 9. 
Jany.l4 Inventory maae by Joshua Jennings & Robt.Turney. 
Widow Book Ib65-lc75,p.41. 


»«m. WajTd ) 

Mathanul Burr ) Appt. administrators. 

1669 Burr, Abigail, vTife of Dan'l Burr, is left prop. 

by i'hos. Pell. 
Burr, Jan'l, left prop, hy I'hos. Pell ana is made ex. 
of his estate. 

1669 Brown, Francis, aumr. est. or Thos. Steaawell of Standford. 

1669 Betts, I^rtha, given prop, by Ilathew St. John 

167 Brush, I'hos. witness settlement of ex. of est. of Giles 

Smith Sc Jonathan Porter, heirs. 

1670 Bennet, James, take inv. est. of Sprim ti/heeler. 

1669 Bisnop, JohJa, v/itness will Robt. Usher of otandford. 

1669 Bell, Lieut. Francis, takes inv. est. Root. Usher of dtand- 

• fora. 

167 Bets, John, living near iiicholas Knap at citandford. 


1670 Buxton, Sarah, daut. of Clement J3uxton^ 

Daughter- in- lav/ oi Hicholas Knap. 

1671 Bradle , x^'rancis, ownes land next Ed, Adams, deed. 

1671 Benedict, i'hos. br. , selectman ox l^orwock. 

Ib7ii Bowers, John, ex. of estate of John Palmer, deed. 

1672 Bets, Thos. , ownes land near Mr. Balph Kelt at ilorwolk 

1674 Barlow«, lir. John, aen. of Fairfield, will of dated l^ 
Lich. 28, 1674, probateu IT ov. 3,1674. 
Widow Ar.n Book 1665-1675, p. 77. 

John, £0n of deed. 
(Slisabeta Frost 
(Martiia Beers w. James Beers 
i>augiiters (Deborah oturges, w. John Sturges 
(Isabella uiapnam 
(Ruth Bradley w. Francis Bradley 
James Beers ) , 
Bobt . Rumsie ) ^-' '^^•' " "'' 
Inv. taken June 9, 1674 by 
Geo. oquire, oen. , 
iiichard Ogden 
John Burr 

1673 Jane Bleclman, will of, aated Sept. 6, 1671 & iiay, 72. 

Deliverance, son of uecd. prooated Jan. 23,1673. 

James & wife Book 1665-lo75 p. 73. 


Adam, grandson, (prob. son of BenJ.) 

3 aaughters of her son James 

Adam, granason (son or her son oam'l) 

-Idest d. or her son Sam'l 

bar ah ilichols (a sei*vant) 

Llary, granddaughter ( daugnter of James) 

Joseph Biackman (grandson) under age 

Gives prop, to llx. Israeli Chancy 
" " Jiiathaniel (her servant) 

Mr. Chancy ) (John Picket 

Mr. Graves ) Overseers n/itrBss (John Bostecke 

Joseph liaw^y) 

Inventory raaae Jan. 23, 1673 oj John Birdsie, 
Isack Eicholb, John 'irVilcokson. 


Bates, Robt, (of btandtord) will of dated May 15, 1675, 

probated 1675. 

John Bates, grandchild is given a portion with tne 

wale criiluren oi uis son John Bates 

iiary ^bler, aau. and her children. 

Gift to aau. of nis son John Bates. 

John Gross son in law. 

John Bates, son of dec'd. 
Lieut. Jonathan Bell 

Book 1665-1675 
p. 83. 

Peter -i-'erris 

Abraham Ambler, son in law 

Peter Ferris : 

John iiolly : V/itnesses. 
Inv. maae June, 1675. 



1674 Beers, llartha, called dau. bj: John ^&xlovr. 
\'ii±e 01 James Beers. 

1674 Bradley, Rutb, called dau. by John Barlow 

wife 01 Francis Bradley. 

1673 Brinsmead, John (of atratford), est. of, inv. taken 

by Rich. Booth, John Birdsey, ben. &" John Vnilcock- 
son, before .m* Curtess, otratford,^ filed Uov.4, 

*l/idow liary • ^.-a- ?,•(.■••»■«- 1675. 

John, eldest son Book 1665-1675, p. 79. 

Dan '1 



Mary Bostv/iek, uaugnter, married. John Bostwick 
signs for Hary; prob. her husoana. 

Hizaoetu Jirinsmead. 

1675 Bates, John, see under letter R X' 

16 (75?) Bud, John of Rie. Transfer oi prop, in Rie to George 
June 15, iiniffen oi otrstford 

on last vVitness, 

page Francis Browne, 

Dan'l oinkins 
(This is not a will, reiers no sale oi lana. S.E.M.<S 

1663 Baldwin, Daniel, acknowledges receipt of all legacies 
--ay 16 for estate of 

John Banks )7/itness 

I'hos . Lyon ) 

166c7 Baldv/in, John, acknowleages receipt in full of all 
July 18 legacies for nis father's est. 

I'hos. bkidmore J ^Vitness 

-^an'l i-escott ) 

167ii Bloomer, Roht. buys prop, at Rye from Philip Galpin 

& sells same mo tjimon Roberts- 

1675 Bellamy, iiath. wit;ness will of Francis Holmes, deed, 
of atandford 

1675 Bell, Francis, witness inv. of Francis Holmes of bandford. 


BOOK 1675-168y 

16Y5 Bartrem, John (of atratiora) est. of Inv. filea lov. 6, 
f.u) 1675, (p.lOy taken by I sack lichols, John Curtias 

Henry Wakeling. 

John Kara, Jr. ana his wife take oath as to the 
inv. , ttie prop, being- at his uouse except 
sometuing at John Jackson* s. 

1676 Beardslee, Thos. , of atratford, inv. of est. of, dated 
Hch. E9, 1676, by selectmen John Gurtiss, 
Henry kvakling, John Picket, Thos. Afford, 
John sVels. 

1676 Butler, Richard, of atratdord, estate of, inventory filea 
ana aistrioution maae iiay 26, 1676. p. 17 
Daughter Mary, wife of Thos. Hicks 
" Pheoe, '•' •' Ben j. Peat. 

Inv. May 20,1676, by belectmen of SoT/n of 
iitraTfora, Jno. ourtisa, Thos. Afford, I'hos. 
li/akeliiig, John Picket & Jno. ^Vels. 

1676 Bishop, Mr. , haa aouse next n/m. -i-JewEian of atandford. 

1676 Bell, ^'rancis, takes ioiv. est. Wm. iiewman of i*tanuford. 

1677 Beach, John, estate of (of Stratford) estate divided 

i'iov. 6, 1677. 
John, eldest son, borii Apr. 1654 
Elizabeth, wife of iilasapa Preston, born Mch. 20, 
Joseph, corn July 1, lb71. 1652. 

Thos. " May, 1659. - Book 167 5-1689, p. 21. 
Hath. " Hch. 166^;. 
Isack, " June 27, 1669. 
Benj. " Mch. 3, 167o. 

Mary- " bept. 1656. (Signers Mary Creeh 
Hannah " Oct. 1665. 
aajrah " iJov. Iub7. 

Property at .Vallingfora of tue aecd. left to 
I'hos. ) 

latnauieij Peat 

isack & ) 

Benj. ) 

BOOK 1675-1689. 

1677 Beach, Jotm, (eon'od) 

Capo. Wm. Uuruiss) Overseers Jorm IJoss ) Overseers 

I'*Ir. Israel Chancy) at ii-libaapu ) at 

Prestoia ) otratfora Preston } wallingiord 

Inv. of Stratford property "caken oy Wm. Gurtiss, 
Thos. Offerd, Timotny «rfillcocksen, Joun Budsly. ? 

Inv. of Wallingford prop, taken by John 
Brocket, liatu. Merreiaan, Abranam i/owliotle. 

1677 Birdsey, John, inv. ssf. John Beach o± i^tratfora. 

1677 Brocket, John " " " " at. wallingfora. 

1676 Bennet, iiatinah, of Fairfiela, acknowledges the payment 
p«24. of ner portion of uer fatner's est. t)j her 

brotner Thos. Bennet 
Joi'iii I'homson ) 
Sarn'l o quires ) iVitness 

1676 Bennedick, Thos. i>en. witness esv. Jonaa Aeeler of iiorwolk 

1676 Bell. Lieut. Francis, takes inv. est. Joi:m Pettet 

Of iiitanarora. 

1681 Bets, Thos. nas prop, next to xiatu. Sichards, ilorwock. 

1675 Bates, ii:obt. see under H. 

1677 Bostock, 21len, wiiov/ of Arthur Bostock of atratford,est.of 
fileil 1677. Inv. taken IS Kay, lb77, by Thos. Afiord, 

Timothy .<illeockson, John «vels <^ Tvlos. Birasey. 
Jiee page 54, Book 75 - 8y. 

1676 Buraler, takes inv. of est. Cornelius Jones 

1670 Bennet, oaran, d. James Bennet, deca. anu wife of John 
Osborn, tiirougn ner husbanu releases Josepn 
Lliaale brook, callea rather. 

1676 Bennet, uanna, witness aoove release. 

Ib76 Brooks, Goodman, owes est. Thos. Sherwood of stretford. 


1678 3roT7ne, Thos. ) called brothers Dy Sliz. widow of 

^.achliel ) Jolin Purdee. 

1678 Browne, ^..ackelyn, takes inv. of est. of Jolm Purdee. 

1678 ^eneaict, John, " " " " " 

1678 Bullerd, Rich, of (ireenv/ieh, 3st of (he died liay 27, 1678) 
Inv. by lownsraen and iielectmen John^Bpwers, John 
Senolds, ki/m. Bundle of Grreenv;lcii;"L'ov.'' 5, 78. 
Widow. liled 1678, Book 1675-1689, p. 46. 

1678 Bowers, John, takes inv. of est. Rich. Bullerd of 


1676 Balav/in, ilat^l. a soldier slayn az the Waraganset Swamp. 
Estate of, inv. taken iiela. 13, 1676. lulled 1678. 
Tho. Hales, Administrator. Book 1675- 

Bequethed by Mr. Adam Blackman, 1689, p. 46. 

" " lies. Blaekman. 

1676 iam'l Baldv/in, swares to inv. of above 

1676 LIr. Adam Blackman) raade bequests to iiat. Baldwin. 

iirs. llackmau J 

1672 Bishop, ilr. had land next J. Jagger at Standford 

1672 Bates, Sobt. " 

1674 Bennet, Thos. Eldest son of James Bennet, deed, relsases 

his 'Step father, Joseph liiddlebrook, iiay 15,1674. 
Wm. Hill ) 

John Igleton ) V/itness 

1681 Burrit, John, takes inv. est. Henry iJomlinson, Stratford 

1680 Bouton, John, called son oj iiafhew Llarvin 
" " " " Alec 

" Abigal, wife of John & d. of" 

" Ruth, grandchila of ^^lec " 

" Rachel " " " 

1680 Bushnell, Richard ) Grandchild of Liathew 
" Francis ) Uarvin 

1674. Sennet, James, son of James Bennet, dec'd, releases 
nis step father Joseph iiiddlebrook, ^ec. 10, 167-i. 
Geo. Squire and uaml <i(ilson. ITitneases. 


1680 Benedict, I'lios. Sr. , takes inv. of Alec I-iarvin of Korwock 

1681 Bell, Jonathan, overseer John Holly Sat. 

1681 Bell, Francis, witi.ess will of John iiolly. 

1681 Birdsey, John, belectman, .^itratford, takes inv. est. 

John nurd. 

1683 Benedict, aam'l^ adm. est. John Andrews, deed. 

1675 Bootn, .'iimon & Eehecca his v/ife of ( ) Harbor in 

tne Go. of Yorke, IJass. , do release (upon the 
receipt of L 5 of James Hill of Boston, 
Suffolk v^o. , iaass. ) their lataer Dan'l Frost 
of -ijairfield, of a legacy left unto said 
riehecca in tue hands of our aforesaid father 
by our grandfather Dan'l Frost, June 30, 1675. 

Witness oyoyanemnon ) 

Brian Rowdleton) Associates 
Sha. Fletcher ) '.Vitness 

1681 John Burr, ageu abt. 48, swares in regard to will 

01 iiath Burr 

167 9 Beardsly, oam'l, has prop, at Stratford next John Eurd 

1681 Bennet, liary, wife of John Bennet of Fairfield, legacy to 
irom John Eurd of Stratford. 

1681 Bissell, Abegail, wife of bam'l Bissell of 7/indbon, 

legacy to from John Hurd of otratrora 

1682 Brundige, John (Standford) takes inv. est. John Ogden 

1682 Browne, Hackelin, " " " " " " 

1682 Burr, X John callea kinsman bj 8c left overseer of 
Jehu est. John Gabel 

1682 Banks, Jonn, wioness anu takes inv. will of John Cabel 


168E Bradly, Francis, owes est. of John Oabel. 

1682 Banks, Joseph, of Fairfield, will oi, dated Oct. 29,1682 
John iianks (brother) Probated iiov.7,1682. 
Obadia lianlcs (brocher) Book 1675-1699 ,r). 82. 
bam'l Ba-.ks 
Benj. Banks " 

iiary Taylor sister 

John Banks (rather) 

lirs. Sarah G-old, 5r. gift to 

i^aj. i^athan (xold ) 

John Banksdather J ) Overseers 

Dan^l Bur, aht. 40 yrs. Ola ) 

oam'l iloorhouse ) 'nVitnesa 

iiiv. taken Oct. 19, 1682 by VM. Hill, Dan'l Bur, 
Josiah Earvy. 

Maj. i.^athan Gold ) 

Lieut. John Banks ) apt. ex. of will 

1682 Burr, Ban'l, abt. 40 yra. old, witness will Josepn Banks. 

1682 Bower, John, witness v/ill oi aad inv. jst. of 

liiargaret Kitchell of Greenwich 

1681 Barnard Bartholemew ) have interest in 
Beckwitti, Steven, ) est. His. Webb, Thos. ) of ilorwock. 

1681 Bencher, the heirs of, interested in est. Zlis. Webb. 

1682 BaldT/in, John, apt. adm. est. Johanna xi.bbot. 

168S Blakeman, Sarah ) Granddaughters of Sarah Clarke. 

Hanna ) 

1683 Blackman, Mary ) " " " " 

Hanna ) 

168S Burrit, Elizabeth, of Stratfora, will of dated Sept. 2,1681 
oteven, son of deed. probated Oct. 53, 

Mary Smith, dau. of ^eca. a/c ol former promise. 1683 
6 grown ciiildren 
Book 1675-1689, p. 95. 


1683 iSurrit, SlisalDeth (cortd) 

Gift to Ilr. Clancy, 
" HavicL ilitcuell 

" John iiinor 

" John Burrit, son or aecd. 

David Mitchell ) 

Alsaoa -Mitchell ) witness 

Inv. taken Oct. 25, lb85 oy isaral. iihermanj 

Jno. Birdsy and Saml. Hawly, Selectmen. 

1683 Burr, Mr. Danl. es. of est. Thos. Affoxa. 

1683 Burdsey, John, Jr. to est. Rob. Rose, Stratford. 

1683 Banks, John, takes inv. est. Steven Hodges 

1683 Booth, Spraim, oi iStratfora, will of dated July 26, 1682 

.iidovT iJary Probated l^ch.9,1683. Book 

Mary, dau. of ueca. 1675-1689, p. 113. 
Johanna ' " 

Bethia " " 

Richard, son of deed, under age. 

Joseph xiawly, Uncle to deed 

Zbenezer Booth, brother to aecd. 

John Booth " " ) Overseers 

Joseph Curtice " " 

Saml. Hawly, cos in " " 

Booth, Richard ) 
Benjamin Lewis ) V/itness 

Inv. taken Mch. 9, 1682/83 by Thos. Afford, 
John Birdsye, aaral. Hawly. 

1683 Beers, John, of Stratford, will of Feby, 9,1682/3, probated 
Iviary, widow ITov. 9, 1683. 

baml. son of decu. 

Barnaoaa Beers, brother of deed. 
SHaaoeth Peck, siivder of deca. 

Jonson of Salem, sister of deed. 

Book 1675-1689, p. 114. Over. 


1683 Beers, John (eontd) 

Israeli Chancy ) 

i)eacon iimothy .filcokson) overseers 
Zackery ^'airchild ) 

iiaml. Sheriaan ) 
Zacharial Fairchild ) .Vitness 

Inv. taken oy Selectmen Thos. Ufford, Saml. 
Sher>T3an, John ".7ils. 

1683 3arnabaa 3eers, brother of John above 

1685 Bell, Lieut. Francis, takes inv. est. Joseph Scoffield ? 

1685 Bates, John, takes inv. est. Joseph Scoffield, (Stratford)? 

1683 Bullerd, widow, est. of, inv. Aug. 18, 1683, by John Bowers 
Book 1675- c£ John Hooby, townsmen, filed Lov. 6,1683. 
168y,p.ll6. Lieut. Jona -Uockv/ood swares to inv. 

1685 Bowers, John, takes inv. est. Widow Bullerd. 

1688 Birdsey, John, overseer of est. ELy. Porter of otratford. 

1679 Beers, Anthony ( a taylor), est. of inv. Ilay 14, 1679, 

by (xeorge Squire cc Tho.' Wilson,- filed 1683. 

Leaves proper-cy at various places. Book 1675- 
1689, p. 123. 

At Abram Addams 

" John Grummuns, Sen. 

Mr. Thorngte 

Iho. Staples, i^en. 

Danl. Sillwants 

1684 Burr, John, called br otner ty^ Moses Dimond 

lb84 Burr, Ilath. witness will " " 

1683 xirowne, tJarah, wife of Zleazer Browne of IT. Haven, 
d. Sarah .vilson, sometimes Bulkley. 

1683 Bulkley, John, son of »iarah Wilson, sometimes Bulkley. 

1683 Bulkley, Josepli, son of Sarah Wilson, sometines I3ulkley 

1683 Bulkley, Gershome, Mr. of 7/etheraf ield 

iirother-in-law " " 

1684 Benedict, I'tios. inv. est. oexgt, Thos. i'itcli of Korwalk. 
1684 Bowton, John, iien." " " " " 

1684 Bowers, -John, aaminisbTauor of est. Spraim Palmer 

1684 Bell, Jonathan, takes inv. of est. of Ti/m. Cressy 

1684 Bell, Gapt. Jonathan, overaeer or will Bich* Hardy. 

1684 Burr, iiannah, wife or -^anl. Burr & d, John Banks, deed. 

1684 Burr, Danl. grandson or John Banks, deed. 

1684 ixd. Banks, John, will of, aated ^ec. 12, 1684, probated 

Widow xiary 
John, son of deed. 
Saml, " ■' lana at xiye. Book 1675-1689 
Obadiau " " p. 145. 



Grand cnild John Banks, son or John Banks. 
Daughter ciusanna Sturges 
Grandchila Jonathan iaturges 

" Benj. Banks, son of Benj. Banks 
i^aughter uannah Burr, (in ^aniel Burr; 
Grandchild iJanl. Burr ''^'^\ 

Son-in-law Danl. Burr Zxrs. sonti , John.Ohadiah & 

Gift to i^athaw Sherwood Benjamin, 

daughter Uary xayler 

x«athan Gold ) 

Josiah iiarvy) witness 

Inv. taken Jany. 27, 1684/5 of est. Leut.John 

_3anks oy^ i^athaa Uold , John \jheeler A l^hos. 


1684 Bloomer, SoD-c. sold before 1684 prop, to John Banks. 

1684 Blackley of iirainfora " " " " =' 

1682 Bell, Jonathan, witness will John Jagrer of >3tamrord 

1682 Bishop, Stephen, takes inv. est." " " " 


1677 iiurgia, Bieii. & Pheoy x'ecoeke, marriage agreement, filed 
Vv'itness V/m. iiiii & John Burr. 1685. Book 1675- 

1689, p. 152. 

1685 Burgis, Hieii. oi' ^^'airf ield , est. of, inv. Ivlay 4, 1685. 

The Fairfield property ir.v. by Cornelius Hull, Sen. 
filed iiay 7, 1685, Josiah Harvy 

Book 1675-1689, p. 15g. John Davis 

Stratford prop. inv. by baml. Sherman 

Eobt. Lane 
Sanl. Berdsly 

James Clarke of Stratfora dc ) appt. by Court to 
BenJ. Beacu " ) look after estate 

Widow Phebe 

Child Jane, 1:6 yrs. old prb. 

Thos. Wilson, aaminisrrator 

1685 Berdsly, Danl. , inv. Stratford est. of Rich. Burgis. 

1685 Beach, Benj. apt. o'iyerseer of est. Rich. Burgis. 

1685 Basset, John, oi otratfora, will of dated ivlay 27, 1676, 

oeing called to fight the Indians, probated and 
Robt. Basset, orother to deed. inv. filed 

Danl. Pursalli brotiiers-in-law Hch. 10,1685, 

iienry xiill i Book 1675-1689, p. 158. 

John Minor ) (Ilicholas liray 

lath. Porter) overseers (John Birdscye,Jr. 

Inv. Mch. 3, 1684/5 by saml. EllSs, Andrew Sanfora. 

1676 Birdseye, «^ohn, Jr., witness above will 

1684 Bishop, Josepn ) sons of lir. Bishop are left legacy 
Ebenezer ) dj Wm. Potter of -Jtamford 
Benj . ) 

1684 Bishop, John, v/it;ness will of ivm. Potter of Stamford 

1684 Bell, Francis " " " " '• 

1684 Bell, Jona. -uakes inv. est* of " " 

1684 Bouton, John, sen. takes inv. of est. Thos. Lupton of iior- 


lb84 iooth, xtebecca, d. of Danl. Frost oi' ^'airfield. 

1684 Bowers, John, oi C)tamiord, overseer of est. Joshua iinap 

1685 Baxloe, Anna, xTiaow or John Barlow, late of Fairfield, 

=st. of, inv. Jehy. 25, 1685, o^ Cornelius Hull, 
Sen.-, Richara Eubball & Josiaa xiarvy. 

■ John ±3urr )■ Admin- 

John Barlow, only son and prin-) istrators 
cipal legatee under the will J 
of «John Barlov/, aecct. 
i'iled Mch. 10, 1685, Book 1675-1689, p. 174. 

1685 Bennet, Isaac, o-in-lavy to i^ebeoca Kose, wiaow. 

1685 Belden, oaml. , witness will of •C'praim Loelrv/ood 

1685 Baaterd, Joseph, releases and aiscnarges John lireen 

& liicewise irom a bill payable to Eitiu^-^s ? 

Humphry Unurel ) 

Danl. lieaker J witness 

1635 iiouton, John, takes inv. est. iaaml ijinten ? 

1685 Benedeck, Thos. " " " " " 

1686 Bouton, John, apt. aam. " '' " 

1686 Burgas, Phebe, releases Letter of Attorney from Apelgate 
00 Gnoses i.'ir. iiaml. Sherman co lir. Josiaii -icols 
to manage her ai fairs. 
John .Tneler) 
John Olson J witness 

1685/6 Bur, -i^anl. Clerk oi cue oourt. 

1685 Beers, Barnabas, witr.ess consnt. of Henry Hill to 

John Basset's will. 

1686 Baldwin, oergt. John, juror in Hall vrs. Hall 
1686 Benedict, ihos. Jr., ' ' " 

IbSo Beers, oames, i^rand Juror in case vrs. H. Rowland et al 


1686 uarlow, Jolm, Jr. , couvicoeu oi ueing au n. Bowlaaa's 
at night without leave. 

1686 Barloc, John, fined J'pxs baing arunk. 

lb8o ±>aker, Lidea, aau. oi Gapt. Rich. Olmsteds cousin Bazier 

1686 Benedict, x'hos. haa lana on ouher »iae ox ^iorwolk iiun 

next to Gapt. Rich. Olmst=d' deed. 

1687 BeniC, Lieut* James, oen. appi;. overseer ox children of 

late Joseph Jackson in place or Jjieut. aarnl. 
Morehouse, aecu. 

1687 Burges, Jane, a. of Rich. Surges, is placed in charge of 

i-'hos. "ilaon until sae is 18 yrs. olu. 

1587 Bisbun, Robt. or Fairfield, est. of inv. taken Apr. 1,1687, 

oy imthl* oely cc Jonathan J*torehouse, filed Apl.ES, 
cjusanna, widow. 1687. 

Wiaow Susanna & ) Book 1675-1689, p. 224. 

Jona.IiOreuouse ) 3x. 

1687 Blackleach, Mr. Rich. sen. est. ITathan vrfhelply,deca. 

IboS oee Vol. or' Probate Records 167 5-1689, page iiol. 
Feby.4, -oanks,' tjohn, to tranaxer or prop, at Aspebuck River 

oy several Indians. 

um. viard, 
Joseph xiumas 
iiiathev/ oherv/ood. 

1687 Brownson, Isaac, iielectman of Water bury, aprizes land 
at water oury oeionging to Joseph Hichox. 

1687 Bishop, Stephen, witness, will of -i^iicholas .veoster of 
utaraf ora. 

1687 Bell, Jona. Gomiss, oakes inv. of " " '* •» 

1688 Bisxiop, Josepa, wi'cness will John "»Vaterbury of ^tamrora 

1688 Jiiennet, James, ben. & his wife called lanaloru and land- 
laay uy iibraaain Joy - ser rsaac "neler. 
Abranam iiennet, son oi above & namesake of said 
Joy left 1/2 or «Joy's estat;e. 


1688 Basset, xtobt. gives bond to appear in next Court. 

1688 jieers, i^ry, oi ^'airfield, aeca. , ^ourt appoints oaml. 
Ward & Eatlian Adaias in aocoraance v/itu an 
av/ara aaoea uec. 2, '87, said award by Hr. Jonn 
jsurr, 'jergo. c>aiai. wara a •'•T^odert Surney oraered 
to report the sec on a l^uesday in Mar en. 

1688 Birasey, John, Jr., appt. Adm. of est. Wm. Hunnewell of 


1688 i3elanigs, John, Mr« appt. adm. est. ^d. Jaders of iiorwolk. 

1688 ^xd. Betts, x'hOB. ^^en. of iiorwolk, will of, aated May I0,lb88 
a!3;ea 7 yra. a. in 1688, will prodatea anu inv. 
filed Jec. 4, 1688. Book 1675-1689, p. 258. 
Bannaa Oanp, called grandchila of his wife Uary 

Betts; also ne speaks of her own cdildren . 
i'hos. son of ueed. 
Danl. " 

Saml. '■ " 

Jamec " " 

daughter Liary the wife of «^ohn J^aymond, and her enilaren 
•' barah Betts. 

James Olmstea cc) iiaml hayet* oen. ) 

John " ) Overseers John Jelden )vVit- 


inv. taken -^160.4,1688 oy ►jaml. Hayes & 
John Beldinge. 

1688 Belden, John, i;iOld porp. to ihos. Betts before date. 

1668 Douooa, Joh,or« nau prop, on uotu tiiaes of Jhos. Betts deed. 

1685 Blaekman, James, of istratford, appt. aam. of eat. Joseph 

1688 Benitt, Jamss, takes inv. of est. (ieorge Hubbara (of 

Greenwich, prob. ) 

1688 Bennet, j£mes of 5'airfield appt. aam. ets. Lieut. 
i:ath'l aely (Sele). 




1688 Bostick, John, of Stratford, est. of. 

Dec. 4, 1688, Court oruerb Llary, ttie widow of deca. 
to take care oi est. with, the advice of 
Kr. Joeepn Hawly and Mr. Izrael Clancy 
until June nest. Book 1675-1689, p. 263. 

1688 Exd. Benedict, I'hos. Jr., of ilorwolk, deed. ITov. 20, 1688. 

Inv. of est. of, in j'eby 22, 1688/9 by x'hos. 

Benedict, sen. , Saml. Hayes, Andrew Messinger. 
Widow Iilary. 

Ilary Benedict d, of deed. 22 yrs. 
2hos. " son " 18 

Hannah " d. " 12 

Hester " d. " 9 

Abigail " d. " 6 

ELizabetn " d. " 4 

Filed Lch. 5, 1688, Book 1675-1689, p. 264-&-269. 

The v;idow appt. admx. to act with the advice of 
Mr. Saml* Hayes ana Andrew Messenger, both of 
lorwolk. ' 

1689 Bennediet, James) sons-in-law, proh. of John 

John,) Gregory of Horwolk. 

1689 Bets. John, witness will Saml. Gregory of Eoiwolk. 

1689 Bowers, John, takes inv. of Jonathan Lockwood, prob. 
of Greenwicti. 

1689 Bates, John, witness will of Lieut. Francis Bell of Stamford 

1689 Bishop, John, witness will of Li out. Francis Bell of Stamford 

1676 Bullerd, Bich. ownes prop, at Greenwich aua sells "CO 
Jona. Lockwood.. 

1677 Beers, oarah, witness the endorsement of Josiah Earvey 

on John Osborn^s bill of exchange. 


9 Bradley, Francis, of Fairfield, will of, aate Jan. 22, 

1688/9, prooaoed ana invenuory filed ITov. 5, 1689. 
Ruth, vridow Book 1675-1689, p. 267. 

John, son of deed. 
(Francis " '' 

Under age (Denl. " " 
prob. (Joseph " " 


1689 Braaley, ?rancis, (Gontd. ) 

Daugtiter Ruth, biie wife o± Thos. W'illiems 
" Abigail 

oon John Bradley ) 

Jilifilelot hill )lLx, 

Joseph Frost ) 

^if helot Hill) witness 

Inv. taken Oct. 22, 1689, by baml. Robintion, 
i'hos. Staples. 

The widow auall uave Uiie ube accoruing to law 
of 1/3 of tiie est. provided also ye I^ary 
Bradley, danghter -co sd. Francis Bradley, 
be paid i25 by Joseph Bradley, her or other, 
mentionea in a aeea of gift to aim' frcan nis 
fat ner . 

1689 iirimsine, aarah, wife of Danl. daughter of Danl. Kelog 
of iJorwolk. 

una ex age 

1589 Blakman, James of otratfora, will Of, dated 

widow inieriam - later nidow Urooaie. 

(Zaearian, eiaest son oi aeca. 

(Adam son of aecd. 

(James " " 

iiliaaueth, aaugiiter of deed 
jilartha, " 

(bar an ou::ny '' '' 

(Mary iiexle " " 

(Hannah Gilbert" " 

(Lieriera liorturop 
(Jane Sussel " 


July 18,1689 

and inventory 
filea DJOV. 7,1689 
Book 1675-1689, p. :294 

wife of Josepn xiorturop 



ii on- in-law 

Saml. Wheeler 
Mosea iiheeler 
brotuer oy *<idov/ 
Meriem Groomei 
iipraim 'Utiles 
Josepa x»orturop 

Joseph (irifen) 
Joiin utiles ) 



inv. taken x>lov.4,lb89, oj Joseph Curtiss, 
Jobn & Ambrose I'omson 


IbSy Jiostick, John, of at rat ford, inv. of est. of, taken 

iiov. 5, lo89, by ^/illiam uustias, John Vvels, 
Joseph Gustiss, 5'iled i^ov.7 ,1d89, 3ook lD75-i689 

Widow Mary, p. 295. 


Ib90 Exd. Bell, iiieut. Francis, of w>tarfora, will of aated 

iieh. 24, 1689, probatea and inventory filea .^ch. 
1690, Book 1675-1689, p. SOl. 
Jonathan, son of aeea. • L*?)' 
Grandson Jonatna^i j3ell, Jr. 

Mary Hoit , Dan. of deca. 
Granacnila iiannaa i3ell, nav' Bets 

" /( Eehecca Bell, whome 1 have brought up. 

ahe aiea oeiore tiie will was prooatea. 
To roy daugnter iuttel's 4 sons viz - 
Jonatnan bimon 
»»m. & iJatnaniel. 

Son Jonatuan Bell, iix. 
V/itness John Bisnop. 

Abranara iimblerJ 

George olawsoni witness 

Inv. taken Jan. 28, 1690, by Abraiiam -^mbler, 
t^ohn Jiates oc aaml. Hoite. 

Hannan Bell baving aiea bt^-'ore tne will was 
pxobated, iier portion was uividea - io 
Abraoam iiell i 10 & the remaining is 50 
to eacn of tne cuildren of Jonatnan Bell, 
son 01 aecd. 

1690 Blackman, iJorotny, vKiaov/ of John Bleokman, aecd., 

now wiaow of j?'raacis Hall, decu. 

1690 Blackinan,,Joha, ^Titness will of i^'rancis Eaii, deca. 

169U Jilooagate, I'hos. '' " •' " 

1690 Bouten, Jonn, takes inv. of eat. of lieo. Abbot ox jjorwolk 

lb94 Basitexd, Joseph, guardian to oaml. uara, ibc. 
aee uxiuer imxa, idv/in. 

1714 3nrr, I-Iaj. Peter, bouglit with Mr. Hathan Sold from tae 

tov/n the Hill deeded to saia town by the 
Indians in 1680. 

1668 Bud, John, or Rye, in tne Co. of Fairfield, makes a 
Dec. 7th ueed of gift to Saml. Lines, son of Ralp 

lines of prop, at Eye called Sud's Heck. 
Witness (Joseph Korton 
( John Jackson 

1671 baml. Lines of ITew Haven raakes over said prop, to 
Jan. 4 John Brovme. 

Vn'itness ( John ii.orris 
(Eobt. Agar 

167 2 John Ryder of Hew York, Gent. & Thos. Berryman of K.Y. 

Tajrior, oen.^ John Brov/ne liariner, late of 
Hew Haven, sell above prop, to I'hos. Lov/ell 
before John Lawrence i^jor.' 

1673 I'hos. Lowell of Hew' Orange pells said prop, to IJr. 

John Pell of Anhooks Heck. 
Witness (Saml. Pell 

(Francis French. 

1675 John Pell sells said prop, to Wessell wissell 

^-itness (Janes otanly 

(Francis iirench 

1678 uessell uissell sells saia prop, to Mr. Vnalter Mecallum 

Witness (Jonn Ogden 

(John Slathem 

1679 Banks, lir. Joseph, of Fairfield, sells to John Piatt 

his interest in ship John Sc lister 

1679 Burr, lir. Danl. of Fairfield, sells to Ilr* John Piatt 

his interest in ship John Sa Ester 

1680 Banks, Benj. of Fairfield, acknowledges the receipt of 
■^y,i, his wife Elizabeth, d. of Richard Lyon portion of 

his eso. from his mot uer- in-law uargaret Lyon. 
Vkitness, Hathan Gold & Joseph Banks. 

1680 Banks, Joseph, witr.ess the above acknowledgment. 


1681 Bowers, John, witness release of adrars. of Robt. & 

Susanna lockwood oy Jona. Heustad of Sreenwich. 

1681 Barlowe, John, of Fairfield, now hushand, to Ahigal, d. 
of Robert Loefewood, deed. So ausanna Ferris, 
deed, releases the aamrs. of tne aeca. estates 
Wm. Ward (in his lifetime) his brother-in-law, 
ec Joseph & Danl. Loclrwood, his brothers-in-law. 
Witness (Joseph Banks & 

(Jonathan Lioorhouse. 

1679- Briant, Rich, of Milford, has signea transfers of a 
1684 note xrora x'hos. iikidmore of Fairfield. 

1679 Briant, Saml. witness 1st of above transfers. 

Bulkley, barah, requests ner son Joseph to give certain 

privileges to iiis twisters Rebecca 8c Hannah. 

1683 BeecMm, Robt. , of Fairfield, released by John Plaisted 

on his £<: a/c of his orothers and sisters of tne 
est. of Roger Plaistea. 

BOOK 1689 - 1701 

1682 Banks, Benj. fined fro selling rum co Indians. 

1688 Beebe, James, sold before date land to Robt. Stewart 

of ilorwalk. 

1690 Birasey, John Jr., oi dtratford, v/ill of, dated Aug, 22,1689 
«>idow Alice probated and inv. filed June 12, 

John, son of deed. 1690. 

Joanna .Villcoekson, a. of deed. Sc wife of Timothy 

Book 1689-1701, p.8. 

John Birdsey ) Israel uhancy) 

Timothy t.illcookaon ) Sx. Charles " ) .Vitness 

both of iitratford ) Sarah " ) 


1690 Birdsey, John (Contd) 

Inv. takea oei'ore June 12, 1690, by 3 ami . Sherman , 
baml. H&wly, James Judson, John Coe , & Danl, 
Pickit, iielectmen of atratforu. 
Marriage agreement; oi' John Birdsey, oen. & Alice 
x'omlinijon, uated Oct. 8, 1688. 
V/itness, izrael Ghanucy 2c Eich. Blackleck^ 

1688 Blacklecn, Rich, witness above marriage agreement. 

1690 Bastard, Mr. Josepn, app. admr. ol eat. Eieli. Ogden, deed. 

1690 Brown, Shos. of Bye, witness will of, overseer of est. of 
2hos. Lyon of Greenwicn. 

1690 Benneaick, John, takes inv. of est. Eliz. Kellog 

of Horwalk. 

1690 Beers, Barnabas, left a number of legacies by John 
Wilcoeksoii, Jun. 

1690 Blackman, iJorothy, called grandchild oy John uilcockson, Jun. 

1690 Bulkley, John, aamr. est. of Deborah vvhelpley 

1690 Bell, Lieut, apt. admr. of est. Joshua licit of Stanford 

1690 Bates, Ensign, John, appt. overseer of est. John Jeger 

of Stanford, deea. 1684. 

1690 Bennit, Joseph, called cousin by •^oseph Joy of xi'airfield. 

1690 iiennit , James, admr. of est. Jacob Joy " " 

1690 Beardsley, baml. Jr. witness will of Joseph ^ioy of Fairfiela 

1699 Bennet, James, app-c. admr. of Joseph Jackson's est. 
see 1690 

1691 Beacham, Robt. of Llaximus j arms , will of, dated llov. SO, 

1688, probated and inv. filed Mch. 10, 1691. 
widow Zlizabetii • Book 1689-17ol, p. 36. 

Grandchild liobt. Lockvyood 

" ausanna " 

" John ■•' ) 

" aarah " ) Under age 


1691 Beacham, Robt. (Gonta. )_ 

Save before ohe kia.' -.iv. of Gompav/ to luward 
Joseph Lockwood, son-in-law, Ex. 

Witness ) Jehu Bur 1180281 

)Josiah iiarvy 

Inv. Meh. 2, 1691, by Danl. LoclrvTOod & 
Josia'n Harvey, Townsmeii. 

1690 Sxd. Burwell, John, of Greenwich, deed. May 1, lb90, will of^ 
aateu Apr. 30, 1690, probated ar.u inv. filed Mch. 
WicLOW ' 10, 1691, Book 1689- 17 01, p. 37. 

Possibly an unoorn child. 

Gersijam Lockwood, called fat ner. ) 
Johu Browne oi Hewwork -jrrf^-.^^- ) Overseers 

callea cousin " (I ) 

Witness Saml. Peck ) 
John iiiar shall iaen. ) vKitness 
inv. taken Uch. 1691, by John Renels & 
John Mead, Jr. 

1690 Browne, John, oi iiewv/ork, cousin so called by above. 

1690 Bennidiek. x'hos. of iiorwolk, v/ill of, dated July 28,1690 
Aged about 7i3 yrs. , prooated anu inv. filed lich. 
Widow Kary 10,1691, Book 1689-1701, p. 38. 

Danl. son of deed. 
John " " 

Granacnild .Chos. blauson, i^on of iiis d. lirs. blauaon. 
James,' son of aecd. 
Grandchild Thos. Benidick 
" liaml. " 

" John ■ " the eldest son of his son John 

" baml. " possibly he may not be the same 

as above. 
" Jonna Benedick 

Hebecka, vVard dau. of aeca. 
" Mary Olmsted 

" Hannah Benedick 

1690 Bennidick, ihos. (Conoa) 

Sons tioim & Sanl. , overs sexs 

(Kitness, Thos. Hanford & Jolrn Piatt 

Inv. taken Mch. 18, 1690, by 'jJhos. Seaman & 
James Olmsted. 

1690 Bell, Lieut. Jonathan, overseer of est. Cornelius 

Jones or citanford. 

1691 Banks, Obediaii, oi Jairrield, will of, dated Feb. IS, 1690. 

probatea Lieh. 27,1691 inv. 
filed, Book 1689-1701, p. 45-82 

I'o my cozen Joseph Banks, son of my brother John 
banks, tiie nouse av Fairfield formerly part 
of l«Iaj. Gold's pasture. 
Ifery Tayler, called sister. 

Brotner Ben], Banks ana nis H eluest sons (Benjamin & 


Saml. Banks, called browner. 

Hager the nigrow 

Bebeckah, s. of oargt. John wheeler, deed, of 

iJ'airfield, same legacy as to the sons of 3eni. 

Banks. . 

Barotner John Banks & ) 
Joun Jomaon ) 


Saml. Boberson ) Witness 
Josian Harvy ) 

Inv. taken Feby. 27, 1691, oy baml. Boberson & 

Ihos. Wilson. 
Mch. 10 1691, ^.ourt appt. Benj. Banks, I'hos. Jones & 
John Bulkley no aomr. cb to pay an indebted- 
ness vo Saml. Boberts of' Fairfield. 
Mch. £7, lt)91. Court appts. Benjamin of F. & John 
Banks of G. & l-Jathv Burr, Sen. to aumr. & 
releases Thos. «Jonts ana John Bulkley. 
The estate distributed as lollows: 

To Josepn Banks, the son of John Banks, 39-10- 
To Benjamin Banks, his 2 sons, 39-10- ^ 
To oaml. Tayler 3E-18- 

I'o Saml. Banks 13_ ^. o 

I'o Slipnelet Hill .for Bebecca 7^heler 19-15- 
i'o Hager, tue Eigrow l-lo- 6 


1691 Bulkley, Jolm, appt. admr. of above est. 

lbyO-1 Barlow, Joiin Jr., or Fairfield, will of, dated Jan. 28, 

loyO, prooated anu iav. filed uc]i.lO,lbyi,Book 

1689-1701, p. 47. 
Widow Abegaile, given awelling house next to 

tiaml. Brack's iiome lot. 
Joseph, son of deed. ) Under age 
SaiBl. " " ) 

John • " " 1/2 home lot next Sleazer 

Abigaile.a. of deed, wife of Jonathan Boland. 
lieborau '' '' 

Elizabeth ''' " 

Ruth _ " 

iiidow sole ex. 

Banl. Lockwood & Saml. Jrake , overseers. 
Witness, Joseph iioekr/ood & Zlipnelet iiill. 
Inv. Taken lich. 6, lb90, by Saml. V/arde, 
•fiumsey Robert <^ ILliphelet Kill. 

1691 Brov/xie, Josepn, iar. , eallea or other- in-law by Thos. Lawrence 

Jr. " nepnew 

1691 Bay ley, Joseph, -witness will of " " 

1691 Beers, Abegaile, wife of Josepn Beers of Fairfield & d. 

of Ilary llorton, tue a. of the wife of Hugh 
Grifen, deed. 

1691 Buint, John, takes inv. est* Kugh Grifen of Stratford. 

1724 Bell, Mr. Joim, appo. to diviae land of Thos. Lyon of 
Greenwich, deed, lb 90. 

1724 BlatcifLy, Saml. appt. to diviae lana of Ttios. Lyon of 
Greenwich, aeea. Ib90. 

1691 Blackman, iLlizabeth of stratforu, est. of, inv. taken 

ciept. 17, 1691, by John Burrit, Banl. Picket 
& John Coe. Speaks of will, but I can't find 
ijarae. George oerlea, appt. adror. Inv. liled 
-Jee. 2, lo91. Book 1d89-1?01 p. 56. 

1690 -aurrit, oteven, i^electman, of otratford, takes inv. of 

est. of c;aleij xiicolas. 


1691 j3outon, Jorm, takea inv. est. Llattnew Marvin, Jr. 

1708 iieacn., Ivir* John, of Straiiford, appt. to aestribut est. of 

' oaral. i^iclrols, uecci. 

169£ Bur, Jehu, iir., oi Fairfield, will of, aatea Jan.ll,lb89 

probated and inv. filed Eov. 5,lb92,3oolrl689-1701, 
iilaovi p. 67. 

ijon Danl. (the long lot I bougnt of lirs. Jones) 
" Peter 

" baml. under age 

Daughter Hester, also called Ester, haa part of 
he r t.>a t . air eaay 
" Jlizahetii ) 

'• oaran i contiiaeraoly ur.aer age 

" Joanna J 

" Abegaile ) later wife of Danl. Lockv/ood,prob. 
Saial. (Yakeman, son-in-law, ausband of daughter 
iiary and uiiey iiad aaugater to wnom I will 
the same amt. as each ox aoove aaughters on 
coming of age. 
ijon i^anl. Six* 
Brotiiers Jonn & ITathaniel ) Overseers 

Danl. ) 

John Bur ) 
ilathl.Bur ) Witness 

Inv. taken 0Gt.31,169ii by iKm. Reed, Jonn 
x'homson « Idwara Howard. 

1692 Burr, Oapt. Jonn, appt. overaeer of Mary, a. Saml. 

sVakeman, Jr., deed. 

1692 Benit, James Jr., witness release of Moses Jackson as 

aomr. oi est. of Jonn Jackson & wife oy Isaec 

1692 Bowers, Jonn, appt. admr. est. iiathl. How of Greenwicn. 

16 92 Boot a, Ebenezer, takes inv. of Hicolas nughes of Stratfora 

1692 Bets, ThoB. guardian Benj. Kellog son of Uanl. Kelog. 

1692 Beers, «>smes, inv. est. dargt. oaml. 7/ara. 


16 91 Bulkley, Peter, iVIr. of ^'a±xt±ela, in tae 49 yr. of his 
age, of Fairfield, will of, dated Ucii. 25,1691. 
Grace ) probauea anu inv. filed July 7, 

iJlargrit) called eldest aaugtiters. 1691. 

Hanna bhermaia, tne prop, tnere to remaixi. 

Yoaug James Benit to tc-acu vz-javixig oo ana nave 
eiiarge of son Peter until ne is HI - now 
7-1/4 yrs. ol£i. 
I'Jae mare at Danl. iiillimaii's to be returned to 
tne man at lew Haven ai> per agreement with 
nia agent Braaly, togetner wit a bail of 
imthl. Crittenaen. 

Brother Gersiiam iiulkly, bOle ix. (refused to act) 

Wioness, Jonn Bulkley « vi/m. J-^ill. 

Inv. taken July 17, 1691, by Josian Harvy 

■& Jiiliphelet hill. 
John Bulkley, Joaepn .Bulkiey ) 
Saml. i^ooetjon ) appt. aamrs. 

'X'hese aaiars. alter mttking a report, reiuse to 

act lurtuer & ^ourt appts. i'hos. Jones. 

1691 Bulkley, Mr. ^ersnam, brother to above Peter. 

1691 -Benio, James, (young) to nave charge oi Peter, son of above. 

1692 Bastard, Joseph, -cakes inv* of est. Lieut. Eathl. aeely,deca 

lo93 Bsni ti, James, of ii'airfield, continued admr. of" " " 

1693 Bowers, John of iireenwich, takes inv. est. ivalter Butler 

of Greenwicn. 

1693 Booth, ILbenezer, vi/itness marriage agreement Dorotay Hall 

iSe Marka oentions. 

1693 Booth, i-benezer, "Selectman, of atra-uford, takes inv. est. 

tfitiow iiiarian Groome. 

1693 Baldwin, Jonth, inv. Miltora, es"C« of *aiQ0w liariam Groome. 

1693 Bryan, Ales az uilford " " " 

1691 Bonit, Isack, appt. admr. est. Isaek -Joiles oi Stratford. 


1693 BGnedieir, Joirn, takea inv. & ap?» adior. est. 

Huos. Gregory of Horv/olk. 

1693 Betts, Joiin, takes inv. of est. of Thos. -Tegory of 


1694 Bercisley, Janl. Sx. of est. of -iobt. Clark of Stratford. 

1692 J3ur , Mr. Danl. ims possession of lanas in Fairfield on the 
• 2. sidte of ^''airfield Creek leading up to Llncowa 
River boundeu on the north with the land that 
TTas sometime John nhitcock^s, on the South 
with the land that vras formerly \!M. Heyden's, 
on the west by highway, on the east with the 
Ian a belonging to the heirs of lir. Saml. V/akeman, 
Sen. deed. The owners of said prop, have haa 
possession of same for over 30 years. 

llext before saiu Bur said land was possessed by 
Obadiah Banks Ss before him by saiu Obediah, his 
father, next before him by Steven Shervvood, 
before him by Frances Hall «: his sons. Said Hall 
from their first purchase of 9 acres as per 
record liich. 1659-60. Gapt. Turney & Geo. Squire 
saiu 'iurney passed in 1659/60 and said Squire 
in 1665. 

Copy 01 recora from Book John Burr, Asst. 

of Becoras this 13 Feby. John I'homs on, townsman 
1B92. ITattian Gold, Hecorder 

1692 Bouton, 2uth, both she and her preaecessors have had quite 
possesvsion of these 4 parcels of land under- 
written, descemaing to her from her father in 
the right of her mother. 

1st parcel in the old Indian field on the E side of 
the creek - bounaed 1.7/. by land of iiathl. Bur, 
Sen., S.W. by Creek, IT.E. by the land formerly 
of Indians. 

Sna parcel at iiewbridge going to Sasso llsck, bounded 
in part by land of Saml. Wilson. 

3rd parcel - the home meadow 

4th parcel is upland lying on the Z. side of the 
creek bounded on the 11. 7/. by land of BenJ. Turney, 



1692 Bur, 2^. Danl. Sen., of Fairfield, hath puroiiased a 

parol Ox laiiu taat v/ctb Borneoime Obediah Sanks 
of saia place aecd. He ha-uh purciiased uhe same 
o± iiathanl. Bur & Benj. Banks ox said place & 
John Banks of 6 he tmn ot (Greenwich, as they 
are admr. of est. of said Obediah .Banks, deed. 
The deed 'given by said admrs. 2q. Oct. 1691 - • 
tns land being on the Z, side of ohe crsek in 
Fairfield, in quantity 52 acres. There is a 
highv/ay run through saiu lanu and is bounded 
on tu« ii<. with land of I-Jr. Saml. Wakeman and 
the heirs of John F/heeler, deed., on the S. with 
land of George Squire, on tne ;7. wifh the Greek 
on IT. with land of George Squire. Secorded Oct.* 
20, 1691. 

1694 « Burr, Mr. ilathaniel, appt. overseer & admr. of est. 

16 90 Sargt. Saml. Ward, deed. 

1693 Butler, Walter, of Greenwich, deed. Apr. 1693, est. of, 

inv. taken by Jonathan .^enolds 2c John Bowers' 
(Townsmen) filed ilov.9 ,1693,3ook 1689-1701. p. 86. 
7/idow Rebecca 

The widow ) 

Mr. John Senolds &)Appt. admrs. 
Joshua Knapp ) 

1693 Blackman, Sackariah, Aaam, James & Martlm, children 

of widow Meriarj Groome, deed. 

1691 Berdsley, Saml. Jr., deed, at Paquaneck, Inv. Jan. 2 1690 

by James Judson & Nathaniel bheriaan, riled *LIch. 10 
•'1^0^ 1691, Book 1689-1701, p. 98. * 

xhe T/iaow Sc ITathaniel Sherman appt. admrs. 

1695 Exa. Bowers, John, of Greenwich, LIr. , will of, dated Hch. 16 

1693/4 Book 1689-170l,p.l08. 

Widow, prop, next to Joseph Finch. 
Sister Hester Bc-eksby 
otep-Daughtei'^'iirs. Judah Renolds,prop. that 

v/as her mother's 
Brother, IlatifL. How, deed. 
Minister lir. Jeremiaa Peck, gift to 


1695 Bowers, John (Contd) 

Hannah Close, gift to 
Step Daughter, Juda Eenolds 

Son-in-law iir. John Eenolds 

Caleb Knap now living with me, legacy to 

i^ephev/ John How, son oi ITathl. How, aecd. provided 

he gxves his right in his lather's est. to 
n.^^ ^^^^'^ Isack xiow, son of Aathl. How. Seed. 
Gift to Capt. Selliok ' 

" " Isaac How 
lir. Abraham Person forgives dett. 
Saml. Peck of Greenwichi 
Joshua Xnap " " )Ix, 

) John H-anolds 
Witness) Jonathan -^elick 
Inv. taken at Greenwich Uch. 26,1694, by 
• Joseph iJ'erris ic aonth. Eenolds.' 

1694 Beeksby, Hester, calleu sister oy above John Bowers. 

1694 James iienit. Selectman of Fairfield, takes inv. -st. 
Saml. Hall. 

1694 Lieut. James Ben it, appt. adrar. est. Saml. Hall. 

1694 2xa Bur, John, known as ilajor of Fairfield, will of, p. 110. 
aatea Lch. 19, 1693/4, probated 1694,BooklD89-17 01 
■viaow baran, d.Hr. Thos. Fitch of ITorwolk. 
Son John, the home lot that formerly was ':>tickl-in»s 
ib Penknyes together. The meda? that was mv 
father's. "^ 

Son Saml. Jr. 1702 at Cambridge. 
Son Jonathan,' land formerly i^estcoat's & Josepii 

Bishops lanu at oasco and Llili JiiH - under lb. 
i30n Daniel, jne home lot bougnt of John Cable ana 

land at Oanpo - under 16. 
Dau. ilary, unaer 18. 
" Deborah " " 

Sarah, already proviaed for, 1696 wife of 
Ohas. Chancy. 
Son Johnj^ sole ex. 

Brother x^athaniel Bur & ) Overseers 
Cousen Peter Bur j 

) Jolin S.iwaras 
Witness J -iliphelet Hill 


1694 Bur, John (Contd) 

Speaks or hia rather x^^itch not having given 

s..P«v^'"^-'^-?-.?°''*^°''' ^"^ expects him to do so. 
bpeaks of selling part of basco pew prop. 

to bargt. John Osburne. 
Agreement bet. John, 2x. of Abv. will ik hia 

mother, Kov. 8, 1694. 
Inv. taken iJov. 5, lb94, by 2hos . Jones. 
- Jonathan citurges, Saml. Hoberdon. 

169^ ]fea. Bancks.^^iiary, Tvidow, will of, dated Jan. 6. 1693/4 

01 ^airiield, probated 1694, Book 16S9-1701.p.ii5. 
Legacy zo her son Steven aherwood's daus-hter 

Aut'a bherwood. 
Legacy to her son liathew iiherwood's daughter 

iuary Sherwood. 
Legacy to Hanr.ah Lumis 
Daughter Huth. 
Son Steven Sherwood 
" Mat hew " 
" I sack =• 

Son I-Iathew, sole Be. 

Snsigne -.heeler <-i James Benit. overseers. 
Jitness, ilary Benit d: James Benit Sen. ■ 
Inv. taken 13, 1693/4 d-^ Isaek vVheeler 
■ anu James Benit, Sen. 

1694 Benit, James, overseer of est. Widow Mary Baneks, deed. 

1694 Benit, Mary, witness will of '•' " " n 

1694 Benit, James, oen,'' " " " n u „ 


3ancks, ::3enjamin, or ^^airfield, will of. dated Mch.21 

1691/2 prooatc-d an^ inv. filed July 5 1692 Book 
v'/idow Elisabeth 1689-1701 ^Jlfi 

oon Bsnjamin, 13 yrs. old. l^'Ul.p.lie. 

Father John Banks. 
Son Joseph ^ " " 

Dau. Hizabeth 9 " " 

" Abegaile 5 ■' " 

Brother-in-law ^anl. Bur, the son of Mr. John 
^_ Bur or Hair fie Id, sole ^. 
tiitness, Josian narvey dc John 7/akeman. 
said decu. son or John Banks, dec( 



1692 Bancks, Benjamin (Contd) 

1694, LIr. Danl. Bur refusing to be ex. Court 
appt. ?/illiara Sobison, vjlio narriea tiae 
wid'ovy of abv. deed. 
Inv. taken July 5, 1692, by Josiah Harvey, 

■ John 'i'hompson Ss Thos. Staples, 
lov. 1, 1692, *-iourt appt. Danl, Bur above & 
Saml. Roberson to adror. 

1694 Bowers, lir. Jolin, of Greenwich, eat. of, Inv. filed LIch. 
26 ,'94, by Joseph Jerria i: Jonathan Benolda. 
Saml. Peck) Book 1689-1701, p. 119. 

Joshua jlnap) Ex. 

1694 Burr, Uathaniel, Jr. Tak-es inv. est. 3enj. Turney. 

1695 Burret, Sarah, called d. by Isack ilicols of iitratford 

1695 Blaeklaaa, Lir. Hicii. witness and Admr. est. Isack Eicols 

of at rat for a. 

1696 Ben it , Lieut. James, refuses to act as admr. est. 

^lipnelet Kill. 

1694 Ixd. Bisnop, Rev. IJr. Jorm, of Stanford, will of, dated 
bept. 16, 1694. Book 1689-1701, p. 118. 
Haa 2 v/ives, Rebecka & Joana, both deea. 
Son Steeven, laiia oeyona Benj. Green's & 200 

acres laid out by LIr. Brociit. 
Son Josepn, lana at oheplan 
bon Sbenezar, Goodman Potter *s lot 
Don Benjamin, iiouae ana tiome lot. 
Daugnoer .^hiteing 

aons steeven & Joseph, es. 

Brotner Bell, Brotner Ambier o: Brother V/eed 

to assibt sons 
Jonatnaii oellick, ben) 
Joun Davenport ) Witness 

Inv. ailea Hch. 12, 1694, by Danl. Scoff ielu 
Danl. vsescoat and liavid ^^aterbury, I'ownsmen. 


lDy4 Brooks, Jomi, of Stratford, vzill of, datea 11 Meli. 1694 
Only son of 3enjarain uitaer age« 
Brother-in-law Jomi Usburn, ox 'Fairfield , Sx. 
& wit a nim 

Keacoii I'lxos. t^ells ) of Stra'cfora, 
Jonn iieaca • ) Overaeers 

SamL. Sherman ) 
aaml.' Blag-ge ) v/itueas 
xnv. rilea Lich. 20, 1694, by Saial. Sherman 8c 

Jamea Judson c: Joim .ifells. Book 1689-1701, 

p. mo. 

Ib94 Blagge, Saml. witness v/ill of John Brooks above 

1694 Beacn, Jonn, overseer of est. of " '' " 

1694 Ijco. Beere, James, of ii'airfiela, will of, datea Uov.14,1694. 
uiaovv Martna Book 1689-1701, p. 122. 

cjon Josepn 

Dau. Llartria, vvife of Joseph Bulkley 
" ■ Deoorah " '■' saml. Hull 
" -lizabetn ' " Joiin jJarling, lanu next 
Saml. Drake's 
i:>on James, no\7 aecd. to nia ciiilaren is given prop, 
at fiasco 'lieck oounaed on vi, by land of 
i'hos. btaples & on o. by Peter Clapnam. 
uranaaon Javid Beera, son of James, deed, 
oon Josepa, sole Sx. 
.litness I JJani. Lockwood 
) Slipnelet Hill 
inv. filea iJov. 22, 1694, by Jonathan Sturgea 
cc Jilipaelet Hill. 

16y4 Bulkley, Martha, wife of Joaepn Bulkley & d. James Beera 

1691 3xG. Beers, James, Jr. of IPairiiela, est. of, inv. taken Apr 

dO, lo9l, by Saml. -aoueraon, wm. xiiil^ filed 
Apl. ij,le)9o, Book lb89-17Ul, p.l2'a:. 
Court ttppts. James Beers, ben., Josepn Beera ben. 
t: i.atnan G-olu, Jr. to aomr. 
Son Josepn, wno aieu beiore uistribut-ion 
" James, also aiea in lb97 - nis est. diviaed by 

brother ana sisters. 
" Javid 
Dau. Saraa 
" ■ Llary 

Philip Lewis ordered to aaiar. riefuses w i^athan 
•aOlQ oraered to final admr. 


loS-i Basit, HoDt. haa cusijoay oi eat. of Jacob i/are, formerly 

of otra-ciord. 

Brinamed, Panl, inv. of v/uav sbt;. He tiaa at j'arriiington 
oy Joian Hart « man. Lewia, oelectmea, 

1696 2xQ. Brijoijly (Brinsmead) Paul, of .itratroru, est. of,inv. 

Taken keii. lo , 1696 by .Steven Buret, Danl.' 
Picket, Zacaariau uurtia, xaoa. ivnov/lea, liled 
lien, ae^ 1696, Book Io89-i7ol p. 134. 

Children John Brinsly aged abt. 13 & 1/2 yrs. old. 
Zachariah " " • 10 " " 

ISliz.abeth " " ll " " 

Esther " " 6 " " 

Deborah " " 3 & 1/2 " " 

Danl. Brinsraeau, brother to deed. Paul. 
Insign James Judson C: Benj. Curtis of otratford, 

app c . admrs . 
Capt. Steven Buret, Sargt. Knowles So Danl. 
•Brinsnead, of Stratford, overseers. 

1696 Buret, Gapt. Steven, Selectnan of Stratford, takes inv. 

of est. of & made overseer of est. of Paul 
Brinsly or Brinsmead. 

1696 :-zc.. Bur, Sarah, wido\Y deed, will of, dated Fairfield 

June 8, 1696, --iDrobated a^ia inv. filed June 
30, 1696, Book 1689-1701, p. 135. 
S on Saml . 
Dau. Sarah Ghauncy 
" • Deborah Bur 
" Mary 

Charles Oiiauncy, Sx. 
V/itness, n'athan iiold , Urs. Hannah Bastard 
Inv. taken June 30, 1696, by Josepn ^turges, 
Saml. Squire ih Hoseph Kippen. 

1696 Bastard, ilrs. Hannah, v/itness above will 

1696 Bets, Saml., untJle to 'Ihos. 2aimint, s. of John guardian of? 

1690 Bets, Inos. " " Hannah " d. " " " " 


1696 ::i. Bov/ers, iirs. Hannah, of Green^'ich, est. of, inv. taken 

Jan. 9, 1695/6 by Danl. Smith & Thos. Marshall, 
filed lich. 11, 1696, Book 1689-1701, id. 137. 
Children of deed. : 
Joshua Knap 
Josep"^ " 
liraothy " 
Caleb " 
Hannah Smith 
3uth Hanoi ds 

Joshua ijiap of Horsneck & Josiah Knap £c Danl. 
Smith of Cireenwich appt. admrs. 

1696 Id. Beers, Joseph of Fairfield, est. of, inv. takeh Mch. 

6, 1696 by Saml. Roberson w John Osburne. • 
filed lich. 24, 1696, Jook 1689-1701, p. 138. 
Decot. had land given hj his father near Saml. 
Smith 's, also land at Mill Piain -oasco • 
iiack - Sasco Hill - uilson Hill & land 
bought of Jeny near l^ill River. 
widow Abegaile 
aons & Daughters - see lu98 

I'he widor/ (i Ziisign John Osburne appt. admrs. 

1695 Xd. Barnam, 2hos. of Danbury, who died Dec. 26, '95. Inv. 

taken by James Beebe, James Picket ^ Josiah Star. 
Due from est. to Dr. John Butler 

" " " ■ " lir.' Reed, the hatter at Fairfield 

Thos. Barnan, son of aecd. , fi: Thos. Picket of 
Danbury, appt. admr. 
WiaorT fornerly from Stratford, i^arah 
5 sons ) 

5 daughsers) some under age. 
Filed Feb. 6, 1696, Book 1639-1701 p. 139. 

1695 Beebe, LIr. James, of Danbury, overseer of abv. est. 

16 95 Butler, Dr. John, Gr. to est. of Ihos. Barnam. 

1697 Xd.Brundage, John, of Rye, est. of, inv. taken Oct. 2,1697, 
by Saml. Knifen, Haskelial Browne o: John Lyon. 
I'n'ido'K' Han-nah Filed xTov . 2,1697,Bookl689- 

IIames of Ohilaren,viz: 1701, p. 141. 

John Brundage 
Danl. " 
Joshua " 
Liary '" 

Hannah " 
Ruth Scofiela, v/ife of Richard cjcofield. 


1697 Brundage, John (Gontd) 

-ieliverarice Browne oi' 3ye ) Appt. to malre 
George Lane n n j distribution. 

1697 Brovme, Haclrellah, -cakes inv. est. of Jolin Brundage, oi' I?ye. 

1697 Bro'wne, Leliveranoe of iiye, appt. to distribute et;t of 

John Brunaage, of Hye. • 

1696 Buret, Jonn, aelectman, oi" Stratford, taketj iuv. est. 

John Sherwood, deed. 

1698 Bagley, John, adrar. est. Joseph Lyon of Fairfield. 

1698 Bagley, Liar ^palled relict of Joseph Lyon, deed. 

1698 Bulkeley, John, takes inv. est. Sanl. Smith, Sen. of 


1698 Beach, John, takes iiiv. est. of Saml. Galpin of Stratford. 

1697 Barlow, Josepfi of i?'airf ield , est. o:^' inv. dated Oct. 3,1697 

"caken by John ^awards ■&■ Saml. Hoberson filed 
1697, Book 1689-1701, p. 143. 
Widow Sarah 

Widow £c John Barlow appt. admrs. 

1698 Xd. Burret, Capt. Steven of Stratford est. of, inv. taken 

iich. 4, 1697/3, hy Saml. Sherman ca John Coe, 
selectmen, filed iilch. ?,• 1697. Book 1689-1701, p. 

7/idow Sarah 14^5. 

Children are aa follows: 

Sliaaoeth aged aht. 22 yrs. 

Peleg " " ■ 19 " 

Josiah " " 17 " 

Israill " " 11 " 

Charles " " 8 " 

Sphraim " " 5 " 

IThG v/idow ik Jno. Burret of Stratford appt.admr. 

Birdseye, Jno. of Stratford, will of, dated IJay 20,1693. 
V/ida-/ Phebe 
bon Abell, under age Book 1689-17 01, p. 

" Joseph " " 146. 

Dau. Hannah Beach 

" Dinah, under 16 



1698 Birdseye, Jno. (Contd) 

Witness } Joseph Curtis 

) Joseph Fairchild 
^idow sole ex. 
Inv. taken ffebj'. 9, 1698/7 hy Sam. Sherman Cc John 

■ Coe, Selectmen, filed Hch. 7, 1697. 
Ages in 1698, Hannah, 26 yrs. 
Abell, 19 
Joseph 16 
Dinah 9 

1698 Beach, Kannau, d. of Jno. Birdseye (ahove) 

1714 Burr, Llaj . Peter, Ssq. , of i^" air field, ordered to dis- 
tribute est. Peter Claphara of ITorwolk. 

1698 Bur. Danl. Jr., wit-.ess will of Saml.Rotoerson of Fairfiela 

1698 Bur, Hat hi. takes inv. of est. of " " " 

1698 Bur, John " " " " " " 

1698 Bur, Danl. brother to Abegaile, widav of Danl. lockwood. 

•of Fairfield. 

1698 5xd. Browne, fflom, an Indian, est. of, inv. before Apr. £6, 

1698, by Hat hi. Bur & John Edwards. 
Will of above requests i<ioses Dimon to pay his 
debts and diviae his est. bet. his mother 
cc his brother Ear rye. Book 1689-1701, p. 159. 
Witness, John Weed &: 
John Davias. 

1698 Zxd. Beers, liartha, v/idow of James Beers of Fairfield, est.o:f 

Inv. taken before ueh. 22, 16 98, filed Mch« 
27,1698. Book 1689-1701, p.l64. 
Will of, dated Feby. 22, 1G97/8 
Son John Darling left him legacy. 
Dau. Martha 3ulkley 

" Deborah Hall 

" Elisabeth -arling. 

Witness, John Thompson & Jonathan Tailer. 
John -'arling £; Joseph Bulkley appt. admrs. 


1698 Beers, lilartha, (Contd) 

1698, Apr. 26, tne Court thinks there is some- 
thing due the children of Joseph Beers, 
deed, ouu oi' tae mova-bles oi deed. H&rtha 
by virtue oi' trie aecd. James Beers, Sen. 
her husDand's will and Court appt. John 
Barlow to assist tne above aamrs. 

1698 Buckley, iiartha, aau. of V/idow ilartha Beers. 

1698 Buckley, Joseph, appt. admr. of est. Vn'idow iiartha Beers. 

1698 Barl077, John, " " " " " " 

1698 BarlOT, Sarah, (Joseph estate of) widow of Joseph Barlow, 
agreement aatea ITov. 3,1698, with the Brothers of 
her deed, husoand ati rollowa: Book 1689-1701, p. 
John Barlow 165. 

tiaml. Denton or Dente) as p^r John Barlow 
Jeremiah Fowler ) 

John Horhouse 

Before John k/akeman. Justice 
iJitness, ilathl. Bur, Jr., Saml. Squire. 
The widow to have all the land she reed, from 
her father, also tae house ana horn el ot 
that said Joseph Barlov/ hought of ^eazar 
iimith of iT air fie Id. 
The above Sarah, d. of fVm. Heed, rr^'j have m. 
2a Zachariah Ferris of Stratford. 

1698 Bur, John, called brother to Joseph Barlow, deed. 

1698 Barlow, John, '■' " " " " 

1698 Barlov;, Saml. " " " " " 

1698 ^xu. Bedient,'i'hos. est. of, irrv. liled iieh. 12, 1698, by 

Saml. Squire, Joseph oturges, Janl. Heker & 
Elnathan llanford. 

Added to inv. a bill uue from I'hos. Bishop of 
Chester ^ " " " John Peat o4' 

Bill of Jonathan iieefe aoubtiul 
iVidow uary, 1 son, 6 aaughters. 
The wiaow to namr. 

Book 1689-1701, p. 167 i^ 215. 


1698 Bishop. Thos. of Chester, owes est. Thos. Bedicut. 

1698 Sarlow, John, appt. admr. est. Joseph i^^rost 

1698 Bulkley, John, takeu inv. of est. Joseph Zrost, 

1697 2xd. Bushnell. ^^rancis, ol" Janbury, deca. Oct. 1697. Jnv 

o± est. by Janes Pickit d: James Benedick, filed* 
Hot. 2,' 1697, Book 1689-1701, id. 172. 
Saral. Knap of Danbury swai-es to inv. 
7 daughters as follows: 

•Saml. Picket dc Saml. Knap of Danbury to aamr. 
Mr. Josiah atar & lix. James Picket to make dist 
Aoegaile Bushnell chooses Znsign 2hos. Tailer 
as guardian. 

1697 Benedick, Jamea, takes inv. of above est. at iJanbury. 

1698 Burr, ITathl. takea inv. of est. of Benj. son of Uapt. 

lurney, deeu. ^ 

1699 Blacklach, lir. Rich., overseer or est. Saml. mieeler of 


1700 Burton, Llercy, called a. by Sargt. Jeremian Judson 
IVOO Burton, »3ollornan, o in lav/ of " " »» 

1695 2xQ. Bur, Lir. Lanl. , ar. , of ^airfield, inv. ov. 10 1695 

by John Shompaon, Jonathan Sturges & Sliphalet * 

Hill, Book 1689-1701, v, 188. 
Widow minar 

The widow appt. adm. 

1696 3xc 

Butler Mr. John, of otratfor^, est. of, inv. June 26. 
169o, oy oteven Burrit, John Burrit &: Thos. 
Knowles. Book 1689-1701. p. 188. 

Widow liary. 

James Benit & Capt. Small app. to appraise ye 
work of ye ship of Dr. Butler. The deed. 
had also land at Sagstuck. 

1696 Butler, LIx. Jolin (Conta) 

Mrs. -Maxy Butler, the iTidow, to aaar., assisted 
at her request oj Hr. Joseph Curtis, LIr. 
Rich. Blaclrlach, Danl. Shelton a: Saml. 
Gal pin. 

1695 Burrit, John, takes inv. of above est. 

1696 " Steven, " " " " 

1697 Barlow, Sarah, v/lfe of Joseph Barliw & d. Win. Reed... 
lo97 Barlow, Joseph, aamr . of est. of Wm. Reed. 

1697 Sxd. Bastard, ur. Joseph, est. of, inv. Eov. 14, 1697, by 

Hat hi. Bur Sa Philip Lewis. 

lathan Gold & John Thompson appt. adnrs. 

The 2 children to be placed out. 

^ Indian aervani; Jefirey. 

Book 1669-1701, p. 180. 

1d99 Banks, John, of Greenwich, aecd. July 14, 1699. 

Inv. taken Aug. 10, 1699, by Jonathan Eenolas & 
Robt. Lock^./ood & Jonatiian I^eaa, liled ilov.9 1699 
Book •Ib89-r70l, p. 191. 
Widovi- Abigaile. 

ThB widow to aciEu:. 

Additions to inv. ilov. 28, 1713 oy Josnua iinap 
and Caleb Knap. 

1699 Exd. Bell, Capt. Jonatnan, of btanford, v/ili of, dated 
i^v. 24, lb98. Book lo89-170l, p. 19^. 
wife Susannah 
Eldest son Jonathan haa reed, large est. from his 

grail drat tier & given land at Shipan by aeca. 
Dau. Hannan Betts. 
oon •Abranara, land ^at Eoroton Hill & ottier lands, 

albo 1/2 01 aecci. tanyard 
Son John 
J3au. kercy 
" ijuaannaii 
" Mary 

ii'ife Susannan to ue so .e es. 
witness, iar. Jonn Allin, Hannah Jones, iJrs. 

Eaanan ij'alkener 
Inv. Men. 11,1698/9 by Saml. Hart, David ^aterbery 
• 8c Danl. Scofield, filed June 16, 1699. 


1699 Befos, Hannaii, u. of Capt. Jonatiiaa Bell. 

IVOl Beaeia, Joim, oelectraac, of iitratfora in Knell Island caae 

17 01 Brinamead, Danl. " " " " " 

1701 Blacklacxi,3icn- Justice " " " " 

1701 Bearasley, Danl. witness " " " " 

1701 Burows, Jonn " " " " 

1701 Bur, llr. Peter, Ophos, guardian by Baran Ogaen, d. nich,deca 

lb99 ilxd. Burrit, Capt. Steven, of iitra-ciora, disu. or est. to 
tiie widow.- ■ Book 1d89-1701,p. see. 

ii^ldest son being deed, sinoe nis father. 
5 sons 
1 aaughter 

The widow & Jonn Burrit continued aomrs. 
Hev. Mr. Izral Chauncy tc Snsign Joiin Goe to 
•join r;ith them and uisi;. saiu est. 

16y9 Bisnip, Josepn, Mr., co ciist. est. Danl. V<oog of Stanfora. 

1703 Sxa. Banks, Benj. settlement of esu. of Danl. Bur, re- 
cuses t;o act lurtner as admr. Court appts. 
iiaml. Hooerson & Danl. Bur first and since oy 
'liim. Boberson in 1703 Court orders Benj. Banks 
tion 01 aecci. Benj. to take charge of whole 
eat. k repjr"^. 
Court releases acunrs. Mm. So'oerson to pay 

ill due from aaid Banks est. to est. of 
Jonn Smith, deca. 

Book 1689-1701, p. 211. 

1698 Bears, Joseph, settlement of est. of Hov. 1, 1698 Joseph 

Dunbar being admr. both he and his v;ife 
(probably the widoT/ Abegaile of Joseph Bear) 
have paid ii82-2-l out of the est. i^iake report 
of admr. Accepted by Court ITov. 1, 1698. 
John Barlow appt. admr. S: to make report 
what legacies said Dunbar "nas paid oua of 
the est. Of James Bears, Sen. deed., of which 
saia Joseph v/as ex. Also to place out the 
sons and uaughters of said Joseph. 
Court also apts. Snsign John usbourne to 
assist and later said Osburn is made sole 
admr., Barlov/ refusing to act. 
Book 1689-1701, p. 214. 


1698 Bears, Joseph (Contd) 

-:^isign Jolin Osburn -".vas adinr. of est. of Josepn 
Bears v/itii olie v/idov; Abegaile before saia Bun- 
bar v/aa aomr. 

There is a bill or John i'homas of tVoodley vrs 
est. to be pciid, l/2 to be paid by said Bunbar. 
also legacies still due heirs of James Bears, Sen, 
as Joseph, deed, vzas e:c. of this his father's 

1702 Exa- Brinsmead, Paul, of Stratford, ssttlmt. of est. of 

SToy. 25, 1702 Capt . Janes Juason ci Benj. Curtis. 
Admr. made report. Capt. Judson to be guardian of 
dau. Sster. 

Benj. Curtis to be guaraian of uau. -eborah 
^msign John Goe, of Stratforu, chosen b;; son 

Sackariah for guaraian. 
Saml. Brinsmead, broth, to deed, owes the est. 
Book ■1689-1701, p. 212. 

1698 Barlov/, John, refuses vo act further as admr. of est. 

Joseph Bears. 

1693 Blacklach, xJ:. Bich. buys prop, at ^airfield of Ihos. 

■Biekerson, mason, of otratford. 

1692 Bur, x^begaile, the wife of Banl. Bur, has an interest in 

the est. of Henry Grlover, deca. sometime of 
Ivew Haven. She sells her interest in said 
est. to Zllen Glover, wiciow of Ubw Haven for 
i 30 & for said 'ia 30 receives prop, from her 
husband Banl. Bur, to her in trust w The 
Vk'orshipful Hoses ilansfielii, of Ivev/ Haven, 
trusteee of said Abegaile Bar. 

..itness Jm. Pitkin, 

Eliphelet Hill. 

1692 Bur, Banl. husband ox Ahegaile Bur. 

1694 Bulkley, John, called Jncle by oarah '.Vhelpley, of ^^ airfield, 

cc he is admr. of ests. of her father and 
mother, Joseph &: Hebecka V/helpley. 

:i.692 Baulden, Jonathan, witness release of overseers of widow 

of Bat hi. Porter by iiary Roys, v/ife of 3obt. 


BOOK 1702 - 1750 

1711 Bennit, Sarah, t/Iaow of James Bennit , deed, is eontinuea 
aa aamr. & Sargt. Jolm Odele, ivho fras v/ith hex 
in the aonu'. is releaaea. 

1711 Blade, Zachariah, is joined by order of Court with the 
guaraian oi the children oi Danl. Zellog of 
Horwolk, deed. 

1711 Bears, See under letter 'N and other Bs. 

1711 Blackman, Zachariah, appt. to dist. est. Arthur Perry, deed. 

1712 Bishop, Gapt. Joseph, of Stanford, appt. aamr. of est. of 

Joshua ^vnov/les of ^'airiielc , deed. 

1712 Bagley, John is chosen by his step son, David Lyon, son of 

Joseph Lyon, deed. 

1712 Beach, John, T7ho V/'as guardian to Janes i'anehers, is 

1712 Banks, Joaepii, of Breenv/ieh, died. Widow Sannah appt. admi-. 

1702 Brov/ne, Sebeeka, wire of James Brovm « a. of Johii Soscow, 
of Soiwolk, deed. 

1702 Brinit, x'hos. husband of Sarah, a. of V/m. liubbard, deed, of F 

1702 Beach, John, vn.tnes3 will Gapt. V/m. ourtis. 

1704 Benit, Liaut. Janes, appt. to dist. ests. of Gapt* Sa Lieut. 

1699 BrOATne, Abrahan ) Gr^-J^dchildren of 

Abegaile ) Ilr. Abraham ---nbler 
Sarah. ) 

1703 Biship, lir. Steven, to aanr. est- Jonathan V/aterbury of 


1703 Biship, Joseph, takes inv. est. " " of Stanford. 


1701 Beach, Jolin, selectman ox btratford, inv. est. Eathl. Hudson 

1704 Beach, llathaniel, takes inv. est. Joseph Booth of Stratford 

1704 Booth, Hlbenezer, witness v/ill of " " " 

1704 Brinsraead, oarah, d. of Danl. Kellog of ITorwolk, agreement. 

1597 Bronvne, Joseph, had land at otanford next Bev. John 
Davenport grant. 

1697 Biship, Benj. had land at ^itanford neist Hev. John Davenport 

grant . 

1697 BateB, John, had land at Stanford next Sev. John Lavenijort 
gr ant . 

1597 Buckingham, Steven, v/itnesB grant to Rgv. J. lavenport 

by town of Stanford. 

1701 Burr, i.atnaniel, Jr., est. of, inv. taken Jany. 27, 1700/l 

by ii-hraham -Adamii , Peter Burr & Joseph Vsakeman. 
I'ne aecu. left lana at Hound Hill, at Sasco leck, 
10 acres in tne front of his fatner's long lot, 
mentioned in his aeea of gift, ^ lana next 
Abraham Adams. 
.lidow tjusaiinan. 

ilhe widow appt. aOEu:. & i^argt. Josepn Lockwood 
goes on tne bonu of his aau. tne aoove v/iaow 
ciusannan. The Court in 1703 releases lir. Jath- 
aniell Burr from his obligation as guaraian for 
c;ne children of nis aeca. son Hathaniell, namely: 
Sarah cc 

and Sargt. Josepn -ijockwood becomes guardian. 
There ia ti-nother son living in 1702, namely, 
Zpioraim, youngt;St child. 

oargt. ^otm I'hompyon oc Sargt- Joseph V/akemaii to 
aist. 'x^he wiaow Susannah appo. guardian for 

1710. Insign Benj. Humsey, \7ho married the 
wiaow 'iiuaannah above maae guardian of the d 
cnildren tnat Sargt. Joseph Lockv/ood was guardian 
ne being uesirous of being released. 


1703 Berusly, John, of btra-cford, releaaeB i'roin all indebted- 
nesa Joseph ./heeler. 
.'iit;neti&, ©avid ts her man 
iasrey Sherraaii 

1703 Braaley, Jomi, inv. of est- oi, Apr. 14, 1705, aj Jonathan 

i:iturgis & Philip Lewis, 
widow iiannah 

^he widow Ss i'rancis -oaraly co aamr. 

1704 Booth, Josepn, of atratfora, will ox, dated Aag.14,1703. 

Oct. 22, 17 01, rjaae aeed of gift befora iiis Bons. 
Kiife -iiliaabeth 
Dau. Hannan, under age. 
Son Jaraes, land near Jotin Burrows. 

Joseph " bought of lir. Sherraan 
Hobert " land near John Borough. 

Zachariah in inv. 
All sons under age. 

Ihe deed, speaks in his will oi having formerly 
given to his si^: sons. 
Sargt. John Hanly, Zbc. 
Viitness) Joseph Curtis 

) ITbeneaer Booth. 
Inv. Jec. 16, 1703, by oaml. Sherman, 3enj. 
•Lewis CO Jathaniel Beach. 

1704 Bradley, ^^^rancis, releases Joseph oeely of j-airfield of 

legacy for his wife from est. of her father 
Joseph Jackson, deed. 

.Vitness) Taeophile Hull 
) i^^amuel Lyon 

■1702 Bur, Saral. of Canebrige, liass. , son of John Bur of li'air- 

■field, deed, releases his brother John Bur of 
5'airfield, aa ex. of his father's est. 
'iVitness )■ Peter Burr 

) Jonathan Burr. 

1702 Burr, Jonathan, witness above Burr release. 

17 05 Betts, x'hos. appt. to .".isf. est. of Lieut. John Olmsted. 


1705 Betts, Saml. chosen guardian by John, s. of John Olmsted 

1702 Brov.Tie, James, of lorv/alk, est. of, inv. Mch. 2, 1701/2,137 
Andrey; iies,--enser , John Baimond 'dc Wm. Lees. 
V/idow Eebecka 
Children: Janes, 19 yrs. last Bov. 

Sarah 15 . " -20 last Oct. 
Slisha 13 " 15 " Eov.' 
I sack 11 " H5 " Febv. 
Joim D "6 " Oct. 

She tTidow and lir. Andrew lie st; anger Sa ivir. Saml. 
Betts, all of ITorwaiic, to advar. Also Joseph 
Betts in place o±' Llossenger, -.-/ho refuses. 
1710/11, oaml. Betts refuses to act longer 
and Court appt. Jaines ^ravvne, son of deed. 

1702 Betts, lir. Saml. appt. admr. of above est. 

1702 Betts, Joseph, '■' " " " 

1699 Betts, Janl. takes inv. est. Saml. Grregory of ITorwalk. 

1704 Baach, Ilathl. chosen guardian by his nephew, liavid 5'anched 

1704 Beach, John, guardian for James, son of Zach. i'archild of 

1704 Beach, Joseph, guardian for Mary, d. " " " 


1704 Beach, Isack, guardian or Zaciiariah, s. " " " 


1704 Burritt, liar, d. Benj. Psat, Sen. of Stratford, dscd. 

1704 Benit, Ihos. takea inv.. est. Bc-nj. Peat, Sen. of .^tratford, 

170-1 Bouton, x'hos. ib Hich, now 2 youngest sons of John Bouton, 
Sen.- of x^oriyalk, left by Eich. Holmes, Sen. 

1704 Bostick, Zachariah, called son by liary E.ed of -Stratford, 


1704 Bauldvrin, Jo^m, deed, in liiilford. Inv. of ast. Delonging to, 
Stratford, Dec 23, 1704, by Joseph Peck <:<; Jona- 
than Baulav/in. Inv. of otratford est. of John 
Bauldvvin ox Stratford hy ilathl. Sherman ^ B^mJ. 
Sherman, J^-. 3, 1704. 
Hathl. 3auld"/in s-.vares to inv. 

" " Droth. of deed, to admr. 

iair.O. Bur. to pay John 3auldY7in. 

£ 14 - 14 - 5 as 

Galet citanly, ConEiisary. 

1702 Brinsmeaa, Danl. of Stratford, inv. Oct. 7, 1702, by 

John ^oe, Ambrose xompson oc Jeremiah Judson. 
V.ida^ oarah, prob. m. John Betts ox' ilorv/alk. 

Daniell, ajed abt. 15. 
Sanl. " " 8 

Kary - " " 13 

Abegaile, " " 11 

Euth " " 2 

■j?hos. iVells Sc Ambroa -Lompson to make diat. 
The mdow to aarnr. 

1708, Danl. makes choice of his Uncle Abraham 
l.ieoles of Stratford, aa guaruian. So 
Saml. makes choice of his fathert»in-lav; 
John -Betts of ITorTvalk as guardian 
Brins liiead, so spelled. 

1708 Betts, John, of Sorwalk. called father-in-law (prob. step 

father) & chosen guardian by aaml. -Brins- 
mead, s. of above* Prob. marriea the 
T/ido7/ Sarah Brinsmead. 

1701- Buckingham, Hev. Ur. Steven, overseer of the 77ill of 
1702 ^-.hristopher ^omstock. 

1702 Benit, Leut. James, inv. to dist. est. Sargt. Saml. Gregory. 

1701 Betts, Saml. called s. in law by John Benslow of Green- 
169 y • \7ich, prob. husband of d. Mary & overseer 

of est. 

1701 Bowers, Hat hi. witness 7/ill of Jolon Eenolds. 

1701 Bebe, James, takes inv. est. James Pic@:et of Danbury. 

1701 Benedick, Saml. takes inv. est. James Picket of jantury. 

1704 Bearusley, Danl. v/itness agreement of heirs of Lieut. 

Israeli Curton of '.Voodbury. 

1705 Bennedick, Danl. sold prop, before date to John Bouton 

of Danbury. 

1695 3ro?vne, John, of Bedford, est. of inv. Mch. 1694/5 by 

Cornelius ieely oz John iiolmes, oen. 
Zacharial ?cobert3 of Bedford, to acLnrc. 

1708 Biekley, Ivlr. V."illiam, of iitratfora, est. of iors. Bethyah 

Glover, v/ho was admic of said est., makes 
report &: refusing to act further, the Court 
appt. John Clover of otratford to aam. with 
the will annexed. 
Will of, dated July 4, 1706/7 
Wife Bethyah 

The widow to aamr., assisted by Joseph Curtiss 
3sq. , Sa Mr. Jonathan Pitnan, both of Stratford 
Witness, ) James Irobriage 

) Edmund Lewis . 
1707, the widow refucsing to be ex. is appt. 
adior . 

1705 Bishop, iir. citephen, to make dist. est. Jonas aely of 

Stand ford. 


1714 Burr, i^aj . Peter, appt. to est. Peter Clapham, deed. 


1705 Bouton, John, of IJaabury, his est. inv. 2d day 1704/5 who 

•lie a tne next day after tne above aate._ 
Prop: 1st uiv. of meaa. purchaaeo of t>osiaia 

5th " " " Sami. 

5th " " " Hat hew 

Land next i-ir. Shaw. 

" purchased for his town lot of Danl. 
Also inv. taken Jan. 18,1704/5 by 3eth Showe, 
James Babe Sc Josian .itarr. 
Jonn Bouton, elaest son u; marriea. 
jjau. Sarah Bouton, of age. 
" x:>.begaile " 16 yra. 


1705 Bouuon, Jolm (Contd) 

Dau. ij.arj-, 12 yrs. 
'•"♦i^athaniel.lO " 

Eliaser, 5-1/2 abt. 

Josiah otarr ^ Danl. Benedict i;o uist. ana to be 
assisted by Ilr. 'Beebe 
Son John 3. & Llathew Jiouto of Danb. to admr. 

1705 Benedick, liary, called d. by John ?latt of x^orwalk.deod. 

1705 Benedick, Benj. takes inv. of est. of John Piatt of Uor- 
v/alk, deed. 

1704 Bennydick, Saml. takes inv. of est. Josepn forward of 

Janbury. • 

1705 Basset, Elizabeth, witnesB, will of Leut. Thos.Knov/les, 

oi -^itratfora. 

1705 Bur, Hizabeth, widov/, a. to 2hepholus Ilanford, deed. 

1705 Buckley, Uniea, some time deed, wife of Sushan Buckley 
on sister of Theopiielus iiandford, deca.1705. 

1705 Betts, iir. Saml. to uist. est. Theophelus Hanf oru,decd. 

1697 Butler, --iary, called a. by Sarah Curtis, now v;ife of 
Gapt. '.fei. Curtis, formerly Goo "rich. 

1715 Barnum, Sarah, of Stratford, acknowleageth receipt from 
heirs of her late husband I'hos. Barnum of ;:an- 
bury, dec a. in full as by nature of contract 
maae before ir^rriage. 

'rVitnesa (Ambrose ^'hompson 
( John Thompson 

1705 Bar lye, 3eorse, of Stratford, Inv. Jan. 28, 1705, by 

Saml. i'rench Ic 'i'homas Hawley. 
Widow liary. 

The wiaow, with Mr. Saml. Hubbell, to admr. 
5 children all under age. Court appts. 
Saml. branch guaraian of (John & 

( ITehimiah 
Thos. Hawley, guar a- (George 
ian Of (l.Iary 


1706 BaQldwin, SliaabetTi, called d. by Angell Husted of Green- 


1706 Bowers, E&tia. witness will of " " " 

1706 Bates, Ootianna, wife of Jonatrian Bates « d. Capt. John 

oilleck of Stanford, deed. 

1707 Benediok, Danl. to dist. est. Josepia -^reward of -Danbury, 


1705 Burr, Jolm, late of Fairfielu, uecd. lov. 1705. Inv. Uec. 

11, 1705 by John Thopson 5: Joseph Wakeman. 
iirs. Elizabeth Burr, widow. 

The widow -.vith Mr. Jolin ^dwards &s Moses Birnon to 
Son Andrew 
-Jau. Mary 

" Ann ?rob. correct, out name seems larger 
" Elizabeth. 

1706 Blackman, John, Mr., of Stratford, will of, dated 

Sept. 50, 1706. 
Only son Abraham, all his prop. , but if he dies 
before 21, tiien the prop, to go to John 
Blackman, tiie son of my or other jJbenezer. 
iir. Benj. Beach & ) 
Lieut. John Hawley ) Ex. 
T/itness : Jacob V/alker, SLizabeth Booth & 

Thos. i-alvey. 
Inv. IJov. 18, 1706, by Ebenezer Booth cb David 
•Deforest (lefreest)? 

1706 Beach, Mr. Benj. ex. of above est. 

1706 Booth, Elizabeth, witness above will. 

1706 Booth, Sbenezer, takes inv. on above est. 

1706 Beach, Mr. John, appt . to dist. est. Joshua Curtis. 

1706 Banks, Benjarain, settlement of est. of, by Moses Dimon 

2i John Hide, as per order of Court Mch. 29,1703. 


17 06 Banks, Benjamin (Gontd) 

To Benj., tue raeauow tiiat waa nis iatiaer's & part of 

ills granuiatiier 's long lot. 
To Josepn, lana at Hawkins point, land near John 

Smith's land in Jacque i'ield & rest of land 
at ■^''airiield. 
To Sli.'jabeth I^avis, eldest dau. 
To ATDSgaile. 

1706 Bostiek, Zachariah, takes inv. of (prob. Shelfield) Est. of 
Caleb llicols of iiiioo^iley. 

1706 Biship, Joseph, to make dist. of est* Sdraond Lockwood,Sen. 

of ^tanf oru . 

1707 Blackly, ^enezer, of Hew Haven, s. in law to x'hos. Lipton 

late or iiorwalk, aeed. & admr. of his est. 

1707 Bunokrem, Hannah, d. Ilr. John Hubby of Greenwich, deed. 

1707 Jagley, John, takes inv. est. 2anl. Crofoot oi Fairfield, aec 

1707 Bus-cun, Clement, takes inv. or est. of 3aml. Scofield. of 

Stanrora ana gives bond for admrs. 'The ',7idow & 
John Psttit. 

1707 Bishop, Jiarah, wife of Ebenezer bishop & d. John Sloson 

of Stanford. 

17v;7 Birasey, Abell, witness will of Deliverance V/akley of 

Stratford . 

1704 Bennit, I'hos. Sen. of :^airfield, inv June 17, 1704, bjr 

Stephen -Sherwood 2c Isaack Sherwood. 
Widow ':o admr. 

1707 Bickley, //m. of Stratford, inv- Apr. 28, 1707, by Benj. 

Curtis, John Kawly cc Benj. Beach. 

1707 Burrowes, John, witness will of saml. "^askell of stratfora. 

1708 Blackly, Joseph of Iiorwalk,inv. Jan. 3, 1707/8 by 

Banl. Setts Sc John Copp. 
Widow Mehitabell 
1 child unt^er 

John Bairaan Sc John Copp. 

i\L..^)iAi^^ ^.M^ k) Y/ 



17 08 Betts, -anl. takes inv. oi above est. 

1708 Burr, Laj . Peter, to dist. est. of Albert Denny of Fair- 

1708 3ac!<ster, Abegaile, d. of Lieut. Jonatliaii Locljwood, 
deed. 1689. 

1710 Bennit , Lieut. James, overseer est. John Seely of Stratford. 

1707 Bradly, Jotin, est. of, report of admrs. '.^'idow Kannala 8c 

Francis Bradly, admrs. dist. ox est. to 

'/Vidow Hannah. 

2 sons and 4 daughters. 

Cornelius Jones Galled father in law to the 
children of aecd. made provision for 



Ruth i: 


Dau. Abegail chooses her mother Hannah Jones as 

1708 Berdsly, Sacil. , deed. dist. of est. of to 

To "iVidow Abegail, land on west site of Pequanec^ 

Siver called in inv. Sarah Berdsly. 
To Danl. Berdsly 
''J John 

" Benj. 

" Hathan " 

" Mary " wife of Jonathan '^Vackly 

" Hannah " " " John Barrack 

" Sarah 

Ijist. made by aaml. Hubbell - Rich Hubbell. 

l'^08 Burr, John, of Fairxield, dist. of est. of, by Llr. John 

Edward & Sargt. Idoses I^inon. Have paid lega- 
cies to laary & Deborah Burr. The est. to oe 
aist. to children of deed, 
bon Andrew's guardian oargt. Lloses Diinon. 
Dau. Mary makes choice of John Idwards as guardian 
" Ann, guardian Sargt. Hoses -i;r.on. 
" ULizaoeth's guaraian ^ir. John ixi wards. 

Mr. Peter Burr & Mr. Joseph '.Vakeman to dist. 
1708 est. Court of Assistants at Hartford, Mr. Peter 

Burr came oerore the Court as atty. for Moses 
;jimon, guardian o± Andrew Burr & claims 


1708 Burr, John (Contd) 

that some of the est. or John Barr belongs 
to his Child Andrew being left to him oy 
his grandfather, Ila j . John Burr, deed. 

1708 Mr. Rich. Sdwards also came before said Court 

as atty. for Ilr. John Mwards, the guaraian 
of tne otuer chilaren. 

1708 Burr, Mr. Peter, to dist. above est. 

1708 Basterd, Vto. inv. Feby. 11, 1707/8 by John Barlow and 
Philip JJewis. 
Robt. i^umsey awares to inv. & appt. admr. 

1706 Betts, Hannah, wife of James Berts « d. of John Bouton,ben. 
of ITorwalk. 

1708 Bennitt, Janes, inv. i.Ich. 9, 1707/8 
Widow iarah 
1 son 13 yrs. old 

1 son 5 ^' 


1 " 4 " 


1 " 10 weeks 


1 dau.l6 yrs. 


1 " 10 " 


1 " 7 " 


1 " 2 " 


The widow 

\7lth John Odell admrs. 

of est. 

1709 Barmen, Francis, takes inv. est. ITatl. Hillyer of lanbury. 

17 09 Benneaieif, John, Sen. takes inv. est .Danl.Kellog of ITorwalk 

1706 Bowton, John, Sen. of ITorwalk., will of, Dec. 25,1706. 
iVife Mary - lana next John Benedick, Sen. 
G-ranachila John Bowton of Danbury. 
Son lilathew Bowton 

" Joseph " next Shenezer sampler 
Jau. Rachell iSension 

" Abegaile iimith 

" Hannah Betts 
Son Thos. under 20 
Dau. -Tlizabeth ^'arren 
iion Richard under 20 
Dau. Mary 


1706 Bowton, John, ben. (Contd) 

aiie ana aon Joseph to admr. 
?/itnesb «Vm. Harnes, Joseph Gregory, Ben. 
Mathew Sension, Sdman i/a^en « James Betts, 
sons in law. 

1706 Blatcnly, oaml. of ^Stanford, aamr. est. Abraham Finch. 

1707 Beardsley, vi/in. witness will of John Odell.Sen. of iitratford. 
1707 Bardsley, John, fakes inv. of est. of " " " " 

1707 Bennit, James, " " " " " " " " 

1707 Bulkley, John, of Fairfield, est. of, inv. Before Apr. 22, 
1707, by ivloses Dimon 8c Joseph iThelply. 
Land acij. John Bulkley's hone lot. Ileac.ow that 
was His father's in the thirds. Meadow that 
was hsld in thirds - land next Joseph 

Sarah ^ulkley, aau. to sa. John Bui:kley,decd. 
with Joseph iVhelply to continue their admr. 
There are 5 daughters to aiviae tne est. viz. 

Elisabeth, choses Joseph -Vhelpley as guardian 
Olive, maae ward to barah Bulkley by Court. 

lir. Peter Burr & Sargt. Hoses -imon to dist. 

1710 Olive loakes choice of her brother Joseph Perry 

as guardian* 

1707 Burr, Itlr. Peter, appt. to dist. above est. 

1708 Benedick, Sanl. takes inv. est. Saml. P/eed of Danbury. 

1711 Barnum, xi:ich. of Danbury, appt. to dist. est. oi saml.Weed. 

1704 Bennit, Thos. of Fairfield, agreement of heirs of. 

iion x'hos. lana next I'hos. Jisbrov/'s,land next 

Danl. Sherwood, 
oon John 
aon in law Saml. Steward, land next i^athl.Hays & 

Saml llarvell. I'his was really given to S.S. 

by said deed, on his marriage witn his aau. 


1704 Benni-c, Thos. (Conta) 
ijon James Beianit 

" Peter " under age 
•Vidow Sliaabeth 
Son in law Kenry Hendrick 

1709 Benniti;, James, witness will oi James x^eckolso of Fairfield 

1709 Beimitt, James, overseer oi est.oi oargt.Mathew ciherwood, Jr. 

1709 Bennitt;, xiieut. James, witness will of " " " 

1709 Bennett, Mary, wife of Lieut. James " " " 

1709 Bennitt, Janes, takes inv.est.Saml.Berdsly of Stratford, 

1709 Be2mitt,I]ios. , takes inv. est. John irilbert,aecu.of dtratfora 

1709 Bennitt,Tlaos. takes inv. est. John Gilbert, deed, of btratforu. 

1709 Blackmail, 2 achariah, "or ot tier -in- law to nannan, widow of 
John Gilbert of Stratford & admr. oi his est. 

1674 Cabell, John, esi;. of tnere are more debts justly due 

saia est. than those of inv. or 167o,aa follows: 
(See p. 73) Jebts aue est irom I'hos. Lyon, Isaac llichols, 

John licols, I^Ir. Bryant. 
Debts aue from est. to («m. Hill, .ijr.John Burr, 
I'o Abbots -.state. 
168;3 Dec. 19. J^hos. Sher\700d presents to tne Court 

tne above a/c V7nerein ois predecessor John 
Oaleb liis est. was indetted & the Uourt 
aproves of the a/c & founu tne Est. is in- 
aeotdu ita 27-^-3 more auaed 1-1-8 Viridch is 
zo be ueducteu out of zob est. before trier« 
be a aist. of sa. esta,te unto ye children. 

1685 Hov. 3,1685. The Court oraers tne aist. of tae 

eat.- of John uabell, Jr.decd. as follows. 
To Widow Slizaoeth 
John, elaest son, (lo interest in est. he daving reed. 

legacy from his granufather , John Cable, Sen. ) 
Joseph, ison 01 aeca. ) 
iilizabe'cn.u. •' ) 

Sara ) under age 

Rebecca ) 


1707 Berasly, oaml. ox otraofora, aecd. inv. oi' eat. of taken 
by Saml. Tredwell,c3en« , David oherraan k James 
Beziniu at tae request oi' tjie aamrs of the 
est., viz. JoliB Berusly.Jr. & Jonathan imakely, 
A^. 10, 1707. 

In tilths inv. we find 2 parcels of land that tue 5<^. 
baml. Berdaley gave to ais grandchilu Sarah 
iBerdaley in case she nmrry or come of age, 
1 parcel lying near urn. Berusley. 
John ^erdsly, Jr. & Jonathan i«akely, admrs. of 
the est. of taeir laouer oacil. , aeca. 
above are freed by Court frora bond of 
aumrs. Apr. 22,1707, & Danl. & John 
iJearasly, sons to deed. appt. admrs. 
The decQ. Saml. Berasly is callea late of • 

a on William 
" Daniel 
" Jolm 
" Benjamin 
" Hathan & 
2 daugncers & 

One uau. of cue elaest son wno is deeu. the sd.Wm. 
Unsign _-'avia bherman cc) 
Sargt. riicu. Hubbell & ) to dist. 
Saml. Hubbell ) 

1706 xioulton, Sergt. John of xJorwalk, inv. of est. of,?eby.28, 

1706, by James Olmsted, iaaml. Smitxi.aaml.Betta 
Joseph iDOut;on,son of aecd. took oath to inv. 

1706 Betts, Saml. takes inv. in aoove eat. 

1710 Bouton.iilary, wiuov;, mother or Jonathan otevenson, deea. 

1710 Benedick, John, oen. takes inv. of est. oi Jonathan Steven- 
son, deca. 

171U Burr, Maj. disT;. est. Capt. John Osburn. 

1710 Bennet, ^ieut." 

1710 Bishop, Sarah, widow of iheneaer Bishop of otantora, sister 

of x'hos. bloson of Stanford. 


1710 Barnum, Abegail, sister of aargt.Thos. Skeel of Woodbury. 

1710 Bulkly,Ger shorn, s. in law to late Hev.Thos.HanforcL, Sen. 
deed. 1710 

1710 Benedick, John, takes inv. est. part of prop. of Rev.LIr. 
Hanfora,deed. 1710 

1709 Blackaaa, James, of btratford, eist. of, inv. lich. 7, 

1709/10 by Abraham Wooster & John Levensworth. 
Verbal will witness by John Love c£ Saal. Henrix, 
beta Of iitratford. Prop, laft to 'd brotners of 
aeca. viz. Zachariah & Adam Biackman, who are 
appt.' admxrs. Ager Tomblinson furnishes their 

The deed. JaJnes Blac^an aaa sisters Jane Clark, 
iieriam iamith, Martha j;iobbins. 

1710 Bishop, Mr. Stephen, v/itness v/ill of Oapt. Jonathan Selleck 

1711 Bennit, James, Justice at otratford, takes inv. est. 

Sachariau Ferris. 

1710 Bishop, Mr. Stephen, appc. to Gist. est . Joseph Green of 


1710 Bell.Mr. Abraham " " " " " " " 


1711 Bennet, Isactc,of Long Hill, owes prop. to iurs. Sarah Ghanney 

widow deed. 

1711 Blacklech,Iir.Rich,brother to " 

I\ilrs. Abigail, wife of above, sister" 

Richard, called nephew by 

Samuel " " 

Sosepn " ' 

Rebeckah " niece by 

Abigail " " " 


1711 Burroughs, -idward, takes inv. est. of " " " 

1704 Bell, Jfonathan, takes inv. est. Jonn iiolmes of Stanford. 

1711 Beach, John, takes inv. est. Timothy wilcofcson of Stratford. 

1711 Berdsly.Abell " 


1710 Burr, Llaj. Peter, .vitness will Mrs. Llartba Wakeman & 

he is guardian ior Sanl. & John Wakeman, sons of 
above cz Capt • John. 

1711 Jietts, Llr. Saral. appt. to dist.est. Danl.Xellog of Horwalk 

1712 Beardly, Elizabeth, legacy to, from iir.Y/m. Rawlins on of 


1712 Beardsly, Sphr aim, witness ?/ill of " " " '' 


1712 Bennett, Thos. takes inv. of est. " " " " 


1711 Bell, Jonathan, takes inv. est .Lir. Abraham Vi/eed of Stanford 

1711 Bell, Abraham, " " " " " " " 

1711 Eell,John,I«Ir. " " " " " " " 

also admr. 

1711 Bishop, Capt. Joseph, uo aist. est. " " " 

1711 Bishop ,Ivlr. Stephen, ben. " " " " " 

1712 BenneQick,oaml. of Danbury, takes inv. of est. of Thos» 

Pickett & Danbury & appt. guardian for son Benj. 

1712 Barnum,Biehartt, of Janbury, takes inv. & dist. est. of 

Thos. Piclett of Danbury & appt. guardian lor 
son Joseph. 

1712 Bishop, Joseph, Justice of Stanford, takes inv. est. Hr« 

John Ambler of otaniord. 

1712 Bates, Jonathan, takes inv. est- Mr. John Ambler of Stanford. 

1712 Bishop, Capt. Joseph, of Stanford, dist.est. John Smith, deed. 

1712 Beld en, John, takes inv. est. Isaac Hayes of ilorwalk. 

1712 Barbet,llii:adeth, vrlxe of John Barbet & d. Mr. Wm. Hayes 
of iiiorwalk,decd. 

1712 Betts, Sarah, called cousin by Ito.Wm.Hayes of Horwalk.decd. 

1712 Benedick, John, Sen. takes inv. est. of " " " " 


1712 Bisliop, Capt. Joseph swares to inv.LIr. Joshua /jiowles 

of ?airfielQ. 

1712 3eimett,lilr« Jaines,si.vares to verbal will or Dea. Isaac 
ViTieeler of at rat ford. 

1712 Bennett ,I.irs. iiary, s-vares to veroal will of Dea. Isaac 
Wheeler of btratford. 

1712 Bennett, Lieut. Janes, dist.est. of I-ea. Isaac 'fj'heeler of 


1712 Blatelily,lvlr. Saml. of Stanf ora,appt;. to dist.ets.Iir. John 

Liar shall of Greenwic^. ^ 

1712 Bates, Mr. Jonathan, of fc)tanfora,appt. to dist. est. LIr. 

Joiui i^rshall of Greenwich. 

1712 Bonton, Joseph, takes inv. est. Thos. Gregory of Horv/alk. 

1712 Beach, Uathl. takes inv. est. Ito.-'anl. Picket of Stratford. 

1712 Betts, James,oen. witness will of lir. fhos. Seamen of Horwalk 

1712 Beatts,x'hos. swares to will of 



1727 Banks, John of Greenwich, Inv. filed June 2,1727, by 

ciamuel Mills, admr. Vol. 172-^-1740, p. 90- 

(Ho Banks or Burns in Vols. 1721-1749 & 1725-1740 
(Ho Brush " " 

Curtiss, Elizabeth, inv. filea June 4, 1658, p. 16. 

Veriiiea idj, Jorin Curtiss ana William Curtis. 
AppraisBrs' :3ieliartt Bootii, Uark lliekolls, Josepn. Judson, 
ana i^obert. coe. 


BOOK 1648-1656. 
BOOK 1665-1675. 

1655 5ixd. Cat Cham, Saward, of ot rat ford, inv. filea p. 3. 

" Campbell, luathew 

" Cross,™, inven-cory of estate of, filed Oct. 25,1656. 

1658 Gurtiss,Gooawife, estate of (inventory) 

" Coe,Bobt. Stratfora I tiiink. 

Ib58 Curtiss.John 

" " rtm. 

1658 Exd. Curtiss, Elizabeth, will of, of Stratford, probated 

Api. 4, 1658, p. 17. Sscrs. Sons, John & Yim, 

'• John) Witnesses, John i3rins- 

(Sse note " Wm. ) sons ox ELiza. maid, John Washburn, 
opposite) '• ( John, son ofxJohn Curtis 

" ( Jonathan, son of 5c>»m. Curtis 

" K ( Israeli, son or -xJohn Durtis 

" ( tiarah d. of Wm. Curtis 

" ( Mary, daughter of i'hos. Curtiss & grand g. 

( Elis. Curtiss s granacuilaren. 

1658 Cable, John 

lo5y Curtis, Sergant, (Stratford) 

1659 Exd. Coe, Robert, estate of, of Stratford, inv. filed Oct. 

9, 1659, p. 62, leaves a wido\7 & 3 children. 
Sussana 6 1/2 yrs. 
Sarah 3 1/2 " 

1662 Curtice, tim. (Stratford) 

1662 Cramton, John, prob. son in law to Francis Andrevs 

mentioned in gift to aaughter Hannah. 

1662 Claphara, Peter called cousin by Anthony V/ilson. 

1664 Capt. Gullicks, one of tue Magistrates of Conn, mentioned 

in T/ill of Rev. John Jones 

1665 Campfiela, Llathew Magititrate. 

1665 2xd. Chapman (diea June 13 - 1665) John estate of (Stanford) 

widow Inv. ^iled Oct. 30, 1665. Book 
(Uary thapnan 1665-1675, p. 9. 
unaer 18 (Sliz. " 


1666 Castell, Henry - wife of receives will of Danl. 
Finch also his two children that he with her 
mother, he is witness of will of Danl Finch. 

1669 Ohichester, James as (husband) of daughter of Jonathan 
Porter - release 2x. of eat. of Griles '-mith. 

1669 Cosens, Rich. e4^. prop, by will Bobt. Usiier of atandforu. 

1670 Uov. 7, Cable, John The estate of (of ?rirfield) inv. 

debt due est. Frances i^ichols(filecu:ov.6.167o. 
" Joe 
" " " from 5fet. to V7m. Briant 

lix.' Mull or a 
See preceaing page 67. Goodman Banks 

Lewis i:>ely 
Inv. taken George Squire 

Cornelius Hull. Book 1665-1675, p. 72 & 

p. 176, p. 188 

1674 Clapnara, Isabella, called aau. by John Barlow. 

1676 Curtiss, John, selectman of Stratford see also 76 Wills. 

1677 Oeech, Mary, a. John Beach of Stratford. 

1677 Curtiss, Gapt. %i. overseer of es-c. John Beach of Stratfora. 
1677 Chancy, Wm. Israel " " " " " " " 

lb78 Curtiss, Jonatnan.son in lav/ to Jonn Tomson. 

1678 Cables, Goocraan, had land at basco next Rich. Lyon of 

Fair fie la. 

1679 Campp, ITicholas, called cousin by ITathaniel Porter. 

' lb79 Clarke, James, selectman Stratfora takes inv. Hathaniel 

-orter est. 

1678 Campfield, Sarah, naa land next Mat hew Marven at ITorwock. 

1680 Clarke, Rebecca ox Farmington d. IJathew Marvin. 

1680 Cumstocke, Christ , takes inv. est. I-atia Ales. Marvin. 
1680 Cornisn, James " " " " " 

1680 Curtiss, Abigail , wife Jonathan Curtiss, sister oi John 

Tomson lor Curtiss heirs of John i'omson. 
See '2oEison John lb81. 

1681 Curtiss, Jonathan, Zst. of. Inventory taken and iileo Oct. 

10-81 by xinot ny »»ileocks,aaml. Sherman & James 
Clarke, selectment of otratford. {Bookl675-1689 ,p. 64 
Abigail Curtiss sv/ore to inv. 

7/idow Abigail 
a sons &: 2 daughters. 

oapt. Curtiss, Saml. Sberman Jr. & Hobt. Laws & 
deeon Vvilcockson - Overseeria. 

1681 Curtiss, Capt. overseer in tJ^onatnan Austen Est. 

1681 Curtiss, Israel, overseer for i;d.HiniQan,liVoodbury. 

Ib81 Crouch, Ihos. witness will Hath. Perry. 

1681 Crouch, bimon, aged abt. 48 yr. takes oath aot. above will 

168ii Cabej. John Sr. of Fairfield, vrill of, aated Apr. 4, 1682. 

Probat ea iiept . 21 ,1682, Bookl675-1689 ,p. 81 . 
Widow -my. 
Jonn Caole, grandenild. 
Jonn jinov/les " 
Gift to Sebecca ia grandenild John Cabel 
Jehu Burr) called T ) Ezbon v^akeman) 

John Burr) kinasman/ overseers; Jo im ^anksJ iVitness 
Inv. taken tiept. 21-1682 oy Jomi Banks & looses Dimon 
I>ue ilst. from Srancis Braaly & Cor. iiely. 

1683 Clark, iaarah, wife of Bobt. Clarke of otratford, will of 

aatea June 5, '77, prooaoea 1685.Bookl675-l689,p. 

She died Feby. 2-1682. 
Sanl. utiles, son of deed. 
Sprain 6tiles, " " " 
Benj. b tiles, " " " 
Tho. Stiles, " " " 
CMldren of Kanna lianman aau.of decd.viz«wife to xitus Hin- 
Uhildren " " " " " man. 


Grand child aarah Blakeraan. 
" " Hanna Blakeman.' 

Chilaren of I.Iary Washburne, dau. of deca. of whicii 

iiaran " is one 

Gifts "CO ner aibtera chilaren, Danl. Heyaen - 
Hatnamel neyaen, calleu cousin. 
Her sister Llary -Iverts at Gilford also makes 

oequests to aaughters of her dau. Vi/'ashburne 
" " aaughter " " " Einman. 

Grand child Mary Blakeman. 
'' " Hanna " 

bequests to l:<ackery 7/alker. 
Witness- Zackery ./alker ca busanna ,/alker. 

Inv. taken LIch. 168£, by Ihos.UffBtt.aaml. Sherman, 
John iels. 

1683 Chancy, Llr. legacy "uo by iZLizabeth Burrit of Stratford. 

1674 John Oaole, i^eiect oi , deo-ca aue to her by 

I'hos . Lyon 
Isaac ilichols. 
Jno« -Liicnola. • 

1685 Chancy, Israel Mr. Gift to by ^Vill of Thos. Uffort. 

1d83 Coe,Jolm- Vsitness will ox i'hos. Uffora. 

1883 uurtiss, Josepn, Sx. of estate Shos. Ufford. 

1680 Cur'ciss, ./m. Commissioner at btratfora list. Jrioot.Hose. 

168o ^urtiss, Joseph called orotner o;: ilpraim Booth or atratford, 

1688 Curtice, Benior, selectman of Stra-ciord inv. Est. IHiz. Porter 

lt>88 i^amp, llr. i^iicnolas, overseer of " " " 

1683 L;larke,riobt. called father by Thos. otiles of Stratford. 

16 71 Cable, George, takes inv. of ohoot 

167y Cooly, Sarah, daughter of Humphrey Hiae, wife of Peter Cooly 
aaml. ciarah, Peter, Ilary, onildren of samd sarah 
all left property by K. Hide. 


1679 Clarke, Robt. o±' atratford, overseer Est. H. Hiae. 

1684 GresBy, 7/m. Est. of inv. taken Sept. l-rl684 by Peter Jerris 
^ Jonah.Bell (Sownsnen) filed Uov. 4, 1684, .Book 

Eldest son 1B75-I689,p.l41 & 148. 

2na son 

4 daughters 
oergt. Lanl. ..estcot ) 
Sergt.' iJavid .iaterbury) Administrators. 

1684 Oloase, Sarah, a. Hich. Hardy. 

1684 Gable, Goodman, solo before 1684 prop, to Jno. 3anks. 

1685 Glarke, -James apt. overseer est. Sich. Burgis. 

1684 Comstake, Christopher, inv. est. James Sentin of UorTzalk. 

1685 Gable, John grandson of John Gable being of age releases 

lir. John Burr the administrator of his grand- 
father's est. for the pajTment of the legacy to 
him c: also re-linc[uisnes any right to the estate 
of his father John Gable , deed - as a/c of the 
legacy left b^' his grand father was that his 2d. 
brother Joseph should inherit v/ith the other 
brothers cc sisters excep'c John aforesaid - any 
estate that might be left by his son John Cable. 

1685 Cooly, Peter, witness agreement of Danl. i-'rost's heirs. 

1685 Oloson, Jonathan of Staaford est. of inv., filed ilch.l4, 

1685, taken by oergt. Danl. Weed - Joshua Hoyt 
Book 1675- ^ John V/aterbury. 
1689 p. 178" Son Stephen abt. 4 yrs. old 

Dau. Sarah " ■ 1 l/2 yrs. old. 
Stephen Closon brother to aecd. ae 28 
Stephen Closon Sr. ) (Jiother Elisabeth Closon, ae about 54y 
David Closon • ) administrators. 

1685 Closon, ^izabeth, mother of above Jonathan 

about 54t years old testifies as to his est. 

1585 Closon, Stephen Jr. broth, to abov. Jonathan about 

28 years old, also testifies. 


1685 Curtis, 'ilra. witness agreement of heirs of Robt. Rose. 
1685 Couch, Simon, overseer will John Grornan. 

1685 Caniield, Sanl. had land next Saml. oenlin. 

1686 Cooly, baml. witness discharge Joseph Jrost hy John Thorp 

1686 Cooly, Saml. called son in law by Iliz. iTrost, deed. 

1686 Couch, Simon from tne land of hay was seized by James 
Huton as constable. 

1686 Ourtiss, Joseph, selectman of Stratford takes inv.est. 
David Ilitchel. 

1686 Couch, Simon, Jr. convicted for meeting at night at H. 
Rowlanas 'without leave. 

1686 Gobell, John, convicted for meeting at night at H. Rov;- 

lanas v/i-anout leave. 

1687 Couch, Simon, complains vrs. himself in regard to horses. 

1687 Curtis, Joshua, selectman of ttoodbury, takes inv.est. 

J. Keckox of lYoodbury. 

1688 Coe, John, ex. of estate of ITathl. Kumberstone of otratford 

1688 Chancy, Izrael, witness will of " " " " 

1688 Curtis, Wm. takes inv. of est. of" " " " 

1688 Clarke, James, Sen. witness will " " " " 

1688 Couch, oimon of ye Wast farms at 5'airfield, 7/ill of, 

dated Dec. 2, 1687, probated end inv. filed llch, 
15, 1688, Book 1675-1689, p. 250. 
Widow Llary 

Thos. eldest son of deed: (land at Saseo afield 
( Simon 2d 
Under age. { Sarah aau. of deed. 

( Hannah " " given in care of Simon. 
Saml. 3d son of aeca. 

* 1 


Gifts to his brother's son Thos. Couch, y now lives v/ith me. 

" " " " daughter • " " "John (^roman* 

" " " " cousin bussamia " " " at luili'ord. 

'. ouch 
unaer 22. litary eluest daughter of deed. 
" 18 Liar t ha 

Jehu Burr) : Sdward Hov/ard ) 

John 3urr) overseers : Sarah Grornan ) witness 
Inv. of est. of Sinon Couch of Banlrs sij.e ^airfield taken 

Lxch. 14, 1688, "by Josiah Harvey k John Groroan, 

1668 Coins took, Christopher, his prop, next x'hos. Betts of llorwalk 

1689 ounny, barah a. of James Blakman of Orinoge. 

1689 Gurtiss, Wm. takes inv. of est* John Bostik of Stratford. 

1689 Curtiss, Joseph " " " " " 

1689 Cook, John of otratford, inv. taken July £3-1689-presented 

by Lioses ./heeler den. & taken by .»m. Curtis tc 
John Blrdsey - townsmen, field lTov.5,1689. 
Joseph Curtis of Stratford appt. adiitr. 
Book 1675-1689, p. 299. 

1679 Gamp, Nicholas, witness settlement of boundary bet. 

j'airfield os Stratford. 

1679 Goley, Saral. witness transfer of part of a note to Rich. 

Briant of Uilford by Thos. Skidraore. 

BOOK 1689-1701. 

1690 Goly, Peter, est. of inv. taken IJch. 31-1690 by John 

'iVakeman cb Sliphalet Hill, filed Apl. 5,1690, 
(p. 3) Widow (Sarah a. Humphrey Hide prob) 

Saml - eluest son left prop, by his grandfather. 
Peter son of aecci. 
Sarah a. of deca. ageo. 22. 
An "• " " " 16 last June 

Ilary " " " "13 

Elizabeth i." " " 8 

Hannah " " " " 6 See settlement 1695 

The widow appt. aomx. i.lch.l5- 



r ^7 


1689 CTianGy Isra.^a ) Also witness marriage agreement of 
Charles J John Birassy a Alice I'omilson. 

Charles ) <Vitnes,:, will oi John Birdsey of otratford. 


1590 Coe, John, selectman of Stratford takes inv. of est. 
John Birdsey. 

15 89 Chapman, John 

Joseph of aaybrook, grandchildren of Joseph Hawly 

1689 Coe, Mary, a. of Joseph Hawly of Stratford. 
1692 Oomstock, Christoph. guardian Joseph Kellog. 

1690 Camfield, baml. who died at Horvi/alk, Ho v. 19, 1690, est. of 

inv. taken by Walter Hoyt, ilarke Sention ci Saml. 
Haies, filed llov. 20, 15 90. 
(Book Widow 

1689-1701, Zbeneser aon of aeca. Ageo 21, next Feby. 
p. 23) Abegaile, a. " " • " 18, » ^ 1701 wifeof 
Saml. son " " " lii, "May Jonatiian Kock- 
Jedeuiah son " " "9, laat Aug. well. 

See Agreement 1701. • 

The wiaow ) 

Marke Sen'aion cz ) iidmrs. 

7/alter Hoyt ) 

1700 Camfield, Jedeaiau dhooses zirubbell Hoit as guardian Dec. 
18, 1700. 

1590 Curtiss, Izrael, selectman, of lir'oodbury, takes inv* of iVood- 
bury est. of Josepn Juason. 

loyi Coucn, Ihos. of Fairfield, will of, dated 8,1d89. 

He 'maae saia will oeiore ne started on a voyage 
to Jig. proba-cea Jec.2,1691,Bookl689-1701,p.46. 
Mary Coutch, mother of aeca. 
lilaest son of nia brotner Simon Coutcu and if he 

nave none to 
iildest son of his or other aaml. " 
Simon Couch Sx. 
vVitness Josian Harvey ij Joiin iJ-rumaa 
h.e aieo befre I»ec. 2, lb91. 


IbV^ Coucn, bimon, released from all deraanas for the 1st. of 
j^hos. -i-'ell aeca. by Jolin Pell. 
".Vitness. John Aplgate, Ani. Apelgate. 

1d91 (Jouch, v/iaov/ Uary, inv. of est. Hay 22, Ib9i-Dy Josepn. 

lockv/ood CO Janl. j'rost, filed ITov.lbyi, Book 1689- 
ainoii Uoucn Sc) 1701,p.5'i. 

aaml. Coucji ) -ppr. Admrs. 

Saml. Coucn to nave <^15. out of the est. which 
T/as given' to •i]hos. Couch by nis raotner, said widovr, am 
if ne never corae "uo "cnis country tnen to oanil. 

The enildren of aaid wiciov/ iuary Couch -are - I'hOB. 
airaon 8a 5aml. Couch - Liary Gruraan (widow )i>iartna, -tJannan 
Sc K»iarah Couen. 

X proD. under age. 

IbyO Curtis, Izrael, taten inv. of .Voodbury -:s"C. of Caleu l.'icola 
of iVoodbury. 

Ib90 Curtis, Izrael, Lieut, overseer of est of ?&i. Roberts oi 
i<oou Dury . 

Ib91 uaasell, aaial. husband to Susana, v/idow or aaml. ITicols, 
appt. to adKir. est. of iiaral. llicols, decu. 

1708 castle, Saml. oi t*oodDury, makes report "Co Court of his 
adrir. of above est. 

Iby2 OurtiSK, V/m. calleu son in law by Eicoias Hughes of 
otrax-f ord. 

1592 Curtiss, Jonathan £c Sarah, brother & si ter of aoove, left 
legacy in will of iricolas Hughes of otratfora. 

1693 Clark, Heorge, wionesi will of widow Lleriaa Cxrooiae. 
Ibyo Clark, James, seleccman of citratford takes inv. est." " 
lb9'± Close, Hannali, legacy to by Jonn Bowers of Greenwien. 

1694 iiixd. Comstocke,L)anl. of llorwalk est. oi inv. taken July^, 

lo9^ o'y Joiui Plat, Janes Olmsted & John Benei-.ic'^:. 

.lidow llisabetli. 
One child a son age (Book 1689-1701, p. 109. 

She v/idow appt. adrax. 


1694 Chancy, Hev. iir. Izral. Legacy to, by Soot. Clarke. 

1694 Cnancy, i^ary called aaugliter by Isack l^ieols ox otratford. 

1694 Chancy, ilr. Izrael, adrar. of est. of" " " " 

1694 Gurtiss, Joseph, -.-atneas will or " " " " 

1596 Curtis, Zackarian, selectman of Stratford, takes inv. est. 

Paul 3rinsly or Brunsnead 

16 96 Curtis, Ben J. appt, admr. of est. " " " " 

1694 Izd. Glark^, 25obt. of Stratford, vrill of, dated ITov. 13-1694 

Son John 10 yrs. old probated 1694. 

dau. Hanah abt. -7 yrs. old. 
Rev. ior. Israeli Chancy, legacy to 
xxary Serle, the wife of George oerle legacy to 
ilr. Saril. Shernan 2r.)_ ; John '.Vilcockson 

Eplriraira utiles ) Z^. :'.jitneas Jacob r/alker. 

Danl. Berdsly ) 

Inv. taken 'x^ov. 19 ,1694-by Benjaniin lewes « Timothy 

Silharton, selectmen. (Book 1689-1701, p. 111. 

1695 Sfed. i.Ich. 15 - Coly, Peter settlement of est. of to 

v/idov; Sarah inv. file;; •Iich.12,1694. 

ilicolas Johnson Jr. husband of iiary Coly 

Peter Coly 2a son 

iiaml. " eldest son 

.iarah " dau. of deca. (Book 1689-1701, 

Ann " " " " p. 133) 

1696 Chauncy, Sarah, called d. by widow Sarah Bur. 

1696 Chauncy, Charles, called son by " " " 

1697 2xi:_. Glugstone, Mr. iaichaell of ?alrfield,est . of Inv. 

Jan. 4-1697 by i.athl. Bur, Saml. ScLUire,John 
Edwards. (Book 1689-1701, p. 144. )■ 
'.Vidow iiary 
Mrs. Mary Glugstone ic Joseph V/akeman adi;iT. 





2xd. Glaphan, Peter of llorwalk, deed. ^eby.l8-1697/3,est. 
of, Inv. taken lich. 3-98 by Oliristopher Comstock- 
Saml. Bets Sc John Baynond. 

Fairfield property, Inv. of, taken iich,. 3-1698 by 
Jolan 'Jhoms^on & John Sdv/ards consisting or land 
''oj williaifls - land called Korts lot 

" iVots " 

Land on 3asco Hill - land on Horts Island, land 

aascofiela, - lana by Dimons Brooke U Long Lot. 
VVidov/ - See Vol. A p. 540 - proo. 2d wife. 
Children of deed. 

aau. Abegaile iiurwane 
" Hebecka Clap ham aged abt. 3 yrs. 

" Elizabeth ^' ^ " ■ E " 

son P^ter, born Llay 15-1698. 
The T/idow with lir. John Plat of llorwalk ) 
and 'Hhos. Iiurwane ; of ^'airfield ) Adnrs. 

Court appts. later tiie v/iaow, John Plat & 

Mr. Andre"/? Messenger of llorv/alk to admr. 
1713 - Lich. 3 - !..xaj . Peter Burr « Beacon John 
Shorrpson of Fairfield orderea to conplete 

Chauncey, Hr. Israel, legacy to <i overseer of est. Moses 


Chauncey, Sarah, witness v/ill of " " 

Clarke, James " " " " " 

Ghauncy, lir. Izrael, overseer of est. Sarah i'lfteeler of Strat 


1699 Curtis, iir. Joseph " " " " " " " 

1599 Coe, John, selectnan of Stratford 

takes inv. est. " " " " 

1699 Curtis- Benj. selectman of " 

takes inv. est. " " " " 

1697 Curtis, iiary d. of widow i^ary Slawson of i-airfield. 

1694 Clarke or Gierke, Deborah, wife of George Clarke J: d. of 
liiaj. Sathan lioid. 


1697 Couch, Saml. to huabana est. of 2hos. Hurlbut. 
1701 Curtis, Jos. Recorder in Knells Island case. 

1701 Cobl)it,i.Ir. Saml., chosen guardian by Bich. Ogden, son 

■of SiGh. deed. 

1699 Goe, Ensign, John Appt. to dist. est. Capt. Steven Burrit. 

1700 Curtis, Izrael, selectman o± .vooc.bpry, takea inv. est. Sev. 

\'iu, iifslker. 

1700 Copp, Ilr. John oi Bedford to adra. est, oi' ilnsign Danl. 

Dimkins of Bedf ora , 'deed. 

1698 Gas sell, Henry Sen. of lYoodbury died ?eby 2-1697-8. Inv. 

of Jist. -of ,j;al:en :i'eby 24-1697/8 by John Sherman 
vYidovf Abegaile (3 ok 1689- 17 01, p. 205) 


Henry 31 yrs. old. 

Saml. 29 " • " 

I sack 25 " 

Wm. 10 " " 

Abegaile22 " " 

Liary SO " " 

Mercy 13 " 

Son Henry appt. admr. 

1700 Camstock, Elizabeth, tritness agreement of heirs 

iir. John ".Theeler. 

1702 Curtiss, 3enj. guardian Deborah d. Paul 3rinsmead. 

1702 Goe, ansign,John " Zachariah 3, " " 

17 06 Sza. Glugston, Llichaell, uistribution of est. of Aug. 14, 

1706_ad follows: (Book 1689-1701, p. 214) 

To - iiidow Llary ('.Vakeman ?) 


Saml. all under age. 
Liary ■ 
Sargt. John Thompson ca um. Hill to make dist. 
Lieut.- Joseph .Vakeman apt .-guardian for John £c Saml. 
i'he widow to be guaruian for her uau. liary. 




Ibyi Colby, Saml. of Fairfield, Releases tiie est. of his 
latiaer Peter Oolby of i'airfield, deed. 
V/itness Sehu Bur 

Hdv/ard Iic\7ard. 

1692 Curtis, Il^jenezer C: Riith. Curtiss allias Porter 

release tiie overseers of tne est. of tlieir deed, 
father l^ath.1. Porter. 
Witness (iahriell i.'cnaon, 
3enj. Peet,Jr. 

1696 Curtis, Joseph. ) 

Zacharlah) witness release of overseers Uathl. 
Porter by John Porter. 

1685 Clark, John, iTitness release of overseer of Ilathl. Porter 

"by iiarah Porter. 

1696 Curtis, Izra9l,Jr. acknowledged receipt of legacy from 

his brother in law 'ihos* liorehouse admr. of 
the est. of his father in law Saml. Morehouse. 
Witness Ihos. Hillier, 
iiary -Odell. 

BOOK 1702 - 1750- 

1702 Clemens, 'um. of otariford,e3t . of, inv. ilov. 11-1702 by 

David .'/aterbury, Danl. iScofield - 'Jonathan Bell. 
Widow SLiaabeth. 

1702 Curtiss, Capt. Wm. of Stratford, Will of, dated Dec. 15- 

1702. All children married and given portions. 
Son Danl. 
" JTbeneaer, 
'•' Zaehariaa 

" Josiah - land next Jaral. J'^rench. 
dau. Sarah v'^ells, 
" Zlizabeth -^ose. 
Son Joshua. 
Legacy to Jonathan Curtis??, son of Jonathan Curtiss, 

4 first sons to be ex. 
7/itness Joseph Curtiss ^ John Beach. 

CjU<^- h (>' 


Inv. taken Jan. 4 - 1702 before iir. Josepii Curtiss Apt. 

1704 Cornwall, lilary, witness release oi Abegail Hudson, widow 
of IT at hi. bjr his brother John Hods on of IT. Haven. 

1704 Ghauncy, barah, also v/itness abve. release £c gives testi- 
mony as to iTathaniel Hudson's will (l70l) 

1701 ChauBcy, Sev. Izrael, gives same testimony as Sarah Ghauncy 
above . 

1704 Glarke, John, s. in law to Danl. Kellog of Horv/alk, agree- 
ment of heirs. 

1703 Ghauncy, lir. Izraell, Rev. of Stratford, est. of Inv. June 

9-1703 by Saml. Sherman & John Hawley. 
Rev. I.Ir. Gharles Ghauncy appt . admr. 
Another Inv. of oth. est. by Ambros Tomson & John 

Mr. Charles Ghauncy calls deed, father - 
Books, In"te. by Saml. Andrew Sc Joseph liebb. 
Mr. Charles Chancy gives bond for aomiship. 


Rober t 
Capt. James Judson - Ilr. Hathl. Sherman fi: Leut. Thos. 

Knowles to make disti. 
Mr. Charles Ghauncy to take care of portion of 
• Ivlr. Robt. Ghauncy until further oraers. 

1704 Curtis, 3enj. Ilr. Asst. Sx. of est. Senj. Peat, Sen. of 


1704 Clarke, James, witness will of " " " " 

1704 Copp,John, witness will of Rich. Holmes of lorwalk. 

1702/3 Gomstock, Christopher of iTorwalk, will of, dated Dec. 22 - 
17 01 
Wife Hannah 
Son Mos-is under age, 

" Saml. the eldest of the two prob. 
dau. Hannah, unmarriea, 
" liercy " 


Grandson, I'anl. Corns took unaer age. 

Speaks o± his grandchildren both male and female. 

The widow and son Saml. to he ex. 

The Rev. Lir. Steven Buokinghara ) 

• & Janes Olmsted ) Overseers. 

Witness Saml. Smith 

Andrew Messenger. 
Inv. Jan. 16-1708/5 - by John Plat, John Benedick, & 
John Raymond. 

1701- CaJnfield, ^lizaheth, x^adow of SamL. Gamfield, agreement of, 
with Sbenezer & Saml. Gamfield tc Zerrubhahell 
^c^, J Hoit, guardian for Jedediah Gamfield. 

se*-!? /-'''*' ^ ^^^* -^"begaile Rockwell 
^ v^v.^*- Witnesb saml. Betts 
J Danl. Lockwood.ciaml Hays Administrators. 

Jonathan Hockwell agrees to agreement. 

1699 Cop, Ivlr. John appt. adm. est. Joshua ;7ebb of Bedford. 

1697 Glarke, IVm. Sen. of Bedfora. Inv. by Danl. Simkins & John 
Holmes on Llch. 9- 1696-7 -at Bedford. 
5 children, 3 sons & 2 dau. 2 of sons of age. 
Benj. Green of ^tanfora guardian for children under 

• age Joseph & Margery. 
Eldest son, 'tm, Clarke, 
IJathan Glarke , 2nd son. 
Joseph " 
Sarah eldest dau. 

1706 Curtiss, Joseph, Ssq. of Stratford, asst. Ex. will Mr. 
«Yra. Bickly. 

1705 Goney, Ben J. takes inv. est. Mr. Saml* Fairchild of Strat- 

1705 Getcham, Mr. Joseph of Korwalk to dist. est. Theophelus 

171:3 Gamp, Joseph 

" Hannah iiee dist. est. Mr. Joshua Snowies 1715. 

1709 Copp,John \'/itnes3 will i^athl. Hillyer of Danbury. 

1709 Celloge, Spelling for Kelloge Danl. Kellog 

1704 Curtis, Leut, Izraell of 7/oodbury. Settlement of est. ox 

Agreement oet. 
rtidow 3ebeclra 
aau. Hannah lain or wife of Thos. lainor 
" Rebecka " " " Splirim " 

son Izraell - land at Stratford. 
" Jonn 

" Steven, land at Stratford & Woodbury 
Witness ( Jolin lainor 

( John dherman 
( Danl. Beardsley. 
Inv. of Stratfora land - iich. 17-1704/o by Joseph uurtis 

& Benj. Curtis. 
Inv. of est. of Leut. Izraell Curtis of </ooabury, wno uied 
Oct,. 28-17 04 - taken ^eby. 20-17 04/5 by ilathew 
IJitchell, Joseph Hikok & John Curtis. 

1705 Curtiss, Joseph 

Benj. take inv. of Stratford land of above deed. 

1705 Curtis, John takes inv. of est. of above deed. 

1702 Glaphara Peter ) Children of Peter Clap ham of Horwalk 
Rebecka) deed, being non age for tne ehoosing 
Elizabeth) of Guardian. 
The Court appt. Jonathan Renolds b Joshua iinap both of 

Greenwich, Guardians ■ 
1714. The est. of Peter Clapham, deed, of Korwalk, not 
being as yet furnisaed tne Court appts. Maj. 
Peter iiurr (i Deacon John Thompson to aist. & 
Capt. Joseph Piatt of Horwalk to assist. 
1714. list. est. of Peter Clapham as lollows - 
i'o his son Peter - all lana at xvorwalk 
" dau. Rebecka^ Addams - home lot called 7/ats lot< 
" " Sliz. 
The long lot divided bet. ttbove. 

1697 Curtis, Saran now wife of Capt. Wm. Curtiss. 
Will of dated Oct. 21-97 
To 4 sons - John GoodRich 
iVra. Goodrich 
David Goodrich 
Iphraim " 


Son in lav/ Hobt. V/ells 
Granucnila Abegaile Fiten 
'irandcailaren ciaiQ.ti Hollis Der 
" Saraa Goodrich, 

" Prudence Wells 

dan. Sarah Hollister 
" Mary Butler. 
Witness - Wm. Curtis 

Travers iiall. 
Accoraing to Vae marriage contract. Cue above Barah Curtiss 
reca a power or all tue es"C. left by bar former 
husband to aiapose or as she pleases. 
Oct. 21-97 Codicil legacy to Joshua Curtiss a- the steer 

rormerly given to tiie Son in law Wells to Bebecka 
Witness Isl. Ghauucy ) 

Sarah Chanuey i (Ux* ic Mrs. Chanucy) 
The will proved - Jan. 7- 1701/E Court appts. John Goodrich, 
Sphraim Goodrich & Abraham jrlimberly to take inv. 

1705 Curtiss, Joshua, LIr. sometime of otratford, inv. Jan. 22- 
1705/6 by Joseph Curtiss, Zachariah Curtiss, Jos- 
iah Curtiss. The said Joshua Curtiss aiea at 
Cohanzy & left 1 son & 3 daughters, viz: 
Son mm. 
da U.Anna 
" •Bethyan. 

Josiah Curtiss or Stratford appt. admr. 
1706 - Lieut. John Eawley & Mr. John Beach to dist. 

1706 Curtis, Zachariah, takes inv. of (prob. Stratford est.) 

oi' caleb Hicols of W 

1707 Copy John, witness will of John son of Gapt. John Selleck, 

aeca. of Stanford. 

1707 Crofoot, DanL. of Fairfield, vail Jany. 23-1706/7 
wife Pheby 
Eldest son 
2d son 
a. in law Hat hi. Lyon when ae comes of age. 

Wife aole ex. 

Witness 3aml. S^pire Inv. Hay 26,1707 John Bagley 

iJathan iidams ffi Danl. Adams. 


1707 Oeney or Coney, Mr. Benj. admr & takes Inv. Saml. Gaskell 
01 Stratford. 

1707 Curtiss, Benj. takes inv. or est. " " 

1707 Curtiss, Joseph, witness will of " " 

1708 Coueli,iimon, testifies as to will of Sargt. Danl.?rost of F 

1708 Couch, Saml. takes inv. or est. " " " " " " 

1708 Gopp, John, takes inv. and appt. to dist. est. Joseph 
Blackly of U.' 

1707 Close Thos. Jr. of Greenwich, Inv. Oct. 30, 1707 by 

Stephen uolmes a John Senolas. 

oarah d. Hov. 9-1703 

Hannah, h. Meh. 29-1705. 

Thos. h. Mov. 28-1706 
ihos» Glos-e father of aeea. sv/ears to inv. 
Shos.' Close, Sen, Joseph Close cc Caleb Knap,adins. 

17 08 Close, Ilr. Joseph, to be guardian for above children. 

1706 Curtiss, Joshua, Mr. of vtratford, Inv. Jany. 22-1705/6. 

See top- -(y-l^-p&ge. p-v ( q,? /^-u.i.<^ f^-flL^U::- 
Lieut. John Hawley ii; Mr. John Beach i;o dist;. 
in dist. 6 on 't find name of aau. Anna in 1706. 

1708 Curtiss, Izraell, takes inv. est. saml. Weed of Danbury. 

1711 Ourtisb, izraell of Danbury appt. to 

dist. est. " " " 

1709 Clerk, Leut. John ox .:tratfora, swears to inv. c: appt. 

admr. est« Danl. i'illeston. 

1707 Clauson, Rebeckah of Bedford has prop, left by her son 

Sanl. Jones in nanas of John Drake of Sast- 
chester, I'rustee. 

1710 Clerk, Jane, sister of Jajnes Blackmaa of Stratfora. 

1710 Churchill, Bobt. Son in law John j.'homaa oi i/oodbury. 

1709 Clap, 3?flth, o± Stanford being deed. Court beld oept. 9-1709 

appt. Abranam ueeo & janl. ^eeu sons of deed, to admr. 

1710 Cor, John, takes inv. of est. of Arthur Perry of btratfortt. 

1710 CoEistock, iiaml. m. sarah a. of Hev. Thos. SanforQ,see 
dist. 17a0. 

1710 Clark, Lieut. John s. in law of Danl. i'illeston of Strat- 

1710 Curtiss, Joseph 

iifathan witness agreement of heirs of Danl. 

1709 Close, 2hos. of Greenwich, v/ill of, dated Dec. 30-1708 

iVife kjarah 
aau. aaraa 

" Hannah 
5 children of son 'x'hOE«.s 
6on Josepn 

" Benjamin 
aau. Slisabe'un 

Son Jo ha 
dau. Lidea 
Wife Sarah to ue ex. with son Joseph. 
The will is signed Thos. Close 

barah Morgan oy record, 
close t)-y v/ill. 


Joseph Morgan 

barah Morgan 
Inv. Eov. 24-1709 by Stephen Holmes Sc Isaak Hov/. 

1719 Cor bit, i-ary, wife of John Oorbit, lormerly v/iaow of 
John Peat, late oi Stratford, admix, on his 
est. make return of a/e Mch. 9-1718/19. The 
est. of aex laze husband John Peat to be di- 
vided bet. mdow & tue 4 sons o: 3 daus. 


Joseph Peat iSaran 

David " Mary 

x)anl. " Hannaa 
John • " 

Rich. Huhbell & Mward Kiiman both of Stratford, to 

1711 Chauncy, Itlrs. Sarah of Stratford, widow, will of, dated 
Uov.' 8-1711. 
Legacy to LIr. Isaac Ghancey of Hadly tne son of my 
uear nuubana Mr. Izraell Chancy of Stratford, 
deed all the est. that is due me in Sng. 
dan. Sarah Chancy, wife of my said son Isaac 
Legacy to said Isaac Chauncy what is due me from 

Isaac Bennit of Long Hill. 
To my brother Lir. Eich. Blaclrlatch. 
To ny sister Abegail, the wife of my brother Rich. 
Blacklaecn j»28-10-6 now in hands of my brother 
John Hudson & the cypress box that was given me 
by my honorea mother, 
i'o nepnew or kinsman Bichard Slacklaech. 
To 2 nephews or kinsmen Saml. & Joseph Blacklaech. 
To 2 nieces or kinswomen Rebeckah 6c Abegail " all 
tne rest of household stuff provided my sister 
Abegail Blacklaeeh uoes noo want same. 
There its aue me from tne estate of my brother John 
Hudson of Hew Haven, deca. t200 - v/nica is to oe 
aividea oet. tne children of iry brother & 
sister lir. Richard & Abegail .Blacklaecn & Lir. 
Hudson tne son of my brother John Hudson late 
of Hew Haven, aecd. 
Brotiier fi: sister lir. k Ilrs. Rich. Blaeklaecn to be ex* 
Witness Joseph ij'airchild Sen - Ben;]. Coney & Johiell Foot. • 
Inv. Ko. 20-1711-by Benj. Coney-John 'rValker Sc Edward 
• Burrough 

1711 Chauncy, Isaac of Hadley s. of late Mr. Izraell Chauncy 

& left prop, by widow barah Chauncy, above. 

1711 Coney, Benj. witness & takes inv. of above v/ill. 

1711 Gasb. — called Aunt Casb by liary iinap of Stratfora. 

Lo^-O-t ^ (^J^ p.L^.\/ 


1707 Curtiss, Ebenezer, takes inv. est. Arthur Kinds of Strat- 

1707 Gurtiss, Josiah, " " " " " " " 

1705 Gurtias, Joseph, Esq. witness will John Beach of Stratford 


171ii Gurtiss, Mr. Joseph, ex. of will Mr. Wm. Rawlins on of Strat- 

1712 Coney, Benj. witness will " " " " " 

1712 Gurtiss, Josiah, takes inv. est. " " " " " 

1712 Gurtiss, Izraell takes inv. & dist. est. Thos' Pickett 

of Danhury - 

1712 Gurtiss, Mr. Israeli, takes inv. & dist. est. John Halt 

of Danbury. 

1712 Gopp, John takes inv. est. Isaac Hays of Sorwaik. 

1712 Gopp, Dr. John of ilorwalk, atty. for widow or Isaac Hays 

of Korv/alk. 

1712 Gopp, Ilr. John, witness will Mr. Wm. Hayes of Eorwalk. 

1712 Getchum, Joseph, takes inv. est. Thos. uregory of lorwalk. 

1712 Gurtiss, llr. Josepn witness will Mr. Danl. Picket of 


1712 Goe, John, takes inv. of est. or " " " " " 

1712 Gurtiss,Margaret,callea aau. by " " " " " 

Hait ? 
1712 Gurtiss, Izrael, takes inv. est. Hataanial Hart ? of Danbury. 

1712 Ganiiela, Saml. of lorwalk, Iirv. of est of, Oct. 3-1712 by 

John Sbeneser Oanfield. 

Widow Abigail 
Son Saml. 2 yrs. ola last 6tn day. 
Jedediaa Oanf iela " Abigale Ganfiela sware to inv. 
& appt. aaiQs. 


The widow Abigails petitions tlae Genl. Assembly at 
Hartforu Oct. 9-1712 ior nee. articles oi 
irora ner deccr. Husband's est. to support lite 
The said husuana's eat. is insolvent. 

1712 Crane, SLijah, takes inv. & TTitnesb will of Moses Jackson, 
Den. of otratlord. 

1712 Copp, John, v/itness will or Mr. Thos. aeamen of x^orv/alk. 

1712 Cosier, I?ich. of lorwaik, Inv. of nis est. exuibioea to 
Ooui'-c Dee. 4-1712. 
■>Yidow Abigaill appt. to aarar. 

1712 Crosier, Hicn. of Ilorv.'alk, Inv. llov. 26-1712 by Capt. John 
Haymona ic Jonn otewart. 
iVidow Abigaill. 

John Abt. 19 years old 

Thos. " • 1 yr. old prob. mistake. 

Hezekian - 4 yrs. " 3q of last July 

Josiat a. " " l ' of " Mch. 

171ii Copp, Jonn takes inv. est. Ilrs. Mary Buckingnam of liorwalk. 

1712 Curtiss, lir. Israeli takes inv. est. Jonn Picket of Danbury. 

1715 Curtiss, Mr. Joseph Ssq. , takes inv. & dist. est. Mrs. 

iilary iiieks of County Keck, H.Y. 

1715 Curtiss, Josepn, -sq. , takes Inv. of i: witness will of 

Jonn V«ells of btra'Cfora. 

1715 Copp, John ■cakes inv. est. lir. John lash of Horwalk. 

1715 Cop^:, Jonn takes inv. est. Joim .'ihitne Jr. of llorwalk. 

1715 Cranston, 3aml. Gov. of -t^hoae Island, takes testimony of 

Mrs. 'John -Meriaetn of Eewporc in regard to having 
witnesses v/ill of John Applegate of ij'airfiela. 

1713 Curtiss, 3nsif;ne, Josiah s. in lav/ to lir. 3enj. Beacn of 


1713 Cove, Deboraii, called sister of Saml. Lyon of Breenwica. 

1715 Couch, lir. Simon of Fairfield, will of, Mch. ^, 1712/iy.^ 
viife Abegaile 
.vTaereaei my brotuer I'hos. ^-^oucn deed, gave considerable 
land to my eldest son v/tiien after nis aeath must 
nave been sold to pay nis aebts a great part of 
tnem ir I naa not savea tne lands by paying Ms 
aeoTs ana so: in a senae bought so much of tne 
lanas in consiaeration v/nereof my will is that ray 
son - Ihos. Couch shall nave h'60 vaiuea as pa^- 
in my lands more tnan nis brother bimon Pouch he 
allowing tne lands given to nim oy my brotner 
Thos. to be accounted as mine & to be part of hia 
legaoy otnerv/iae my will is that said son Ihos. 
snail have only i50 - valued as above in my 



I'homaa D. June 

9 - 1695 


aimon D.' July 

6 - lb97 


.Abigaleb.- tJan. 



Hannah d.- Aug.- 



aaran d. Hen. 



Isabellb. oept. 



Deborahb. lich. 



Abegaile « Jonathan otur 


Peter Burr, I^q. , 

sol-o ex. 

Jonathan Sturge refuses to act a^ iiix. 

ihos. x«asn tc luiv/ara Jesoup testify being at the house of 
iiimon Couch on Thursaay nignt i.:ch. 5 it being 
tne night oefore ne aied 6: that deed, gave prop. 
to Antnony in case ne lived witn his mistress 
^ tnat said deed, callea to his son ihos. 8c said 
J. have sold part of tue land given you Q-y : our 
uncle Thos. to your uncle iSaml. 

Inv. by Saml. Couch, Jonathaxi oturge lc Josepn Sturge 
• Haa land on Turkey hill - land bought oi Danl, 
lieeker. Land in i:orv/alk bought oi Uoldsmitn - 
bgt. of moaes Comstock - 1/3 of nis fatner's long 

1713 Gouoa, Saml. brother of cjiraon Couch takes inv. of est. 


1715 (JooDitt, Deacon saml. ox Fairiield, Inv. of est. of 
iich. 3-1712/13 - by John iiturgiss S: aersham 
.Vidov;, Hrs. Sarah Cobitt to admr. 

1713 Coley, Saml. of Fairfield, Inv. of est. of Llay 29-1713 by 
John Andruss - i'hos. ITash. 
The deci. had land next Joshua Jenings. 
Peter Ooley &: Danl. Coley sv/are to inv. 

1713 Clerk, liary, sister of Saml. Hinman of ^oobury <i; mother 
of Abraham Vy'ooster. • 

1713 Curtiss, Stephen of V/oodbury, 2x. of est. Saml. Kinman. 

1711 Curtiss, iir. John of V/oodbury, takes inv. & dist. est. 
Mr. Benj. Styles. 

1714 Copp, John, takes inv. est. Leut. John Belden of liorwalk. 

^714 Clark, Itlr. James of Stratford, v/ili of, aatea July 1-17 09- 
i'aads before marriage a covent v/ith Ilrs. Hannah 
Falc ,ner said Hannah being now my v/ife.- 
Son James 
" John 
" Isaac 
" 2phraira 

Lau. Sarah Janes or Jones 
" Dtiborah Jones 
" ii'ullfura 
" Mary Clark 

Hannah Falconer my v/ife's daughter 
Patrick _^ " " " son 

^ons Isaac Sc ^phraim, 2x. 
Witness Joseph Curtiss Isq. , of Stratford 
John iiells 

Arabroso i'omson of btratford. 
iviT. v/ra. Jones, I^r. Isat^c Janes c: Abraham Fulford apioeal to 

ouperior Court from decree of Probate Court. 
Inv. Feb;, ._ 5-1713/14 by Ilr. Ambross ionpson ^ Sargt. 
Hat hi. 3each. 

1709 Curtiss, Joseph Esq. witness above will. 


1709 Clapp, Lirs. Hutii of Stanford, Inv. of est. Dec. 28-1709 
by Abrahaia .^ee.i d- Danl. V/eed. 
iir. John Bell & Danl. Weed appeared in Court Feby.3- 
' 1713/14 - Biade oath to ye truta of inv. except- 
ing lanas \/iiieri above saia Buth Clapp bought, 
while she was Danl. V/eed's v/idow. 

1713 Coney, Sir. 3enp. v/itness v/ill £c takes inv. est Mrs. Jo- 

hannah V/il cock son. 

1714 Ooley, Saral* of Fairfield, dist. of est. of Jeniraie King 

has Haa part or portion. 
To Danl. Coley d: his sister Abgaile 
" Saml.- " -lana next Peter Coley. 
" Jemimy ^ling 
" John Coley - land next Joshua Jenney, &land 

next 3enj. Humsy. 
" Mary Coley - land next John Coley. 
" Esther Ooley 
" A; n Coley 
Dist. made by Peter Burr. 

Jonathan Sturgiss. 

1713 Crisey, John of Stanford ia Rebeckah his v/ife d. John Knov/les 
aeea. of i^'airfield to heir to est. of Ilr. Joshua 

1713 Camp, Joseph of milford & Hannan his ./ife a. of Elizabeth 

(Rogers) formerly Knor/les Sc heir to iir. Joshua 

1714 CurtisB, Sphraim, takes inv. est. Barnabas Bears & dist. est. 
1714 Gurtiss, Zlizabeth d. of Ephraim Stiles of Stratford. 

1714 Curtiss Stiles, s. of Slis. Gurtiss on line above. 

1714 Ourtisb Ephraim " " " " " 

1715 Closen, David, witness will Jonathan ..'helphy of Greenwich. 

1715 Cross, xiathl. '.Vitness T;ill 3dward Irehem of Stanford. 

1715 Curtiss, Iphraim tales dist. est. of George Johnson 
of Stratford. 


1715 Coleman, ITathl. late resident of Greenwich ca now deed. 
Inv. of est. Of Seby. 28-1714/15 by Joseph Znap db 

Davia Renal ds. 
John Stone of Stanford or.e of the aamrs. swares to inv. 

1715 Ghauncy, Rev. Ivir. Charles of Stratford, vn.ll of, dated 
Dec. 24-1714- 
■ivife Elizabeth -ilO a year to be paid out the income 
of ny est. at Lanbeth near city of Sristole, 
Sng. - which est. descendea to me from ray father 
kr. Izraell Chauncy some time of Stratford, deed. 
Son Israeli - I'he est. at Lambeth above mentioned, 
also all my part in the farm given unto my 
Grandfather lir. Charles Chauncy lying £a being in 
the province of Mass Bay l^erimack River ad 
per records of County. 
Son, John - ttie prop. I purchased from my brother 

Robt. Chauncy of the City of Bristol, 5iig. 
Son Robt.' 

" Iclrabod lyoolcot Chauncy. 

dau . ^biah 
Wife Sole Zx. 

Rev. Joseph Webb, Llinister at iTairfield) 
" " • Timothy •:^utler " " Stratford) Overseers 

Witness -Richard Hubbell. 
John Copp. 
iJIr. 'Zhos. Hawley of Stratford Atty. to Israeli 

Son to deed. Chauncy appeals to Superior Court, but 
the Court approves to the will. 

1715 Cutler, limothy. Rev. Mr. Minister at Stratford, overseer 

of above vail. 

1715 Copp, John, takes inv. on above est. 

1715 Canfield, Jedediah, goes on bond of Ilary, widow & adms. of 

est. of Robt.Xockv/ood of x^'airfield. 

1715 Curtiss, John, takes inv. est. Wm. Liartin of '.Voodbury. 

1716 Chancey,Rev. Mr. Charles of Strati' ield,Inv. of est. of 

•by James Bennitt & John Burr. 
Silk gowne y'' \7aa Sarah Burrs - land at Stratford 

above Danl. Baisly. 
Widow Mrs. Elizabeth Chauncy refuses to act em Admr 
CO Leut. Rich. Hubbell appt. 











Jur.e, chooses Capt. 

Jolin Hayrnond as guardian. 




IT ward of Liut. 
Sanil. Keeler. 





LIcli.- " " '! " 





Oct. " ward of Jedediaii 





Hov. " v/ard of Capt. 

■ 1 




John Raymond. 
Apr. " " " " 


1716 Canfield, Sbeneser of ITorwalk, est. of Inv. Jany. 20-1715/16 

l)^' Danl. Hait - Saial, Eaymond & John Raymorid. 
Widow Sarah 
-Ohildr eaa 

patience 20 yrs. old 15 laat Oct. 
I^ry 18 

Ebenezer 16 
Timothy 14 
ZLizaheth 12 

Jahez 11 

Lidiah 8 
Ilia t hew 7 

Szekiele 5 

lavid 3 
The widow 8s Jedediah iJanfiela appt. admrs. 
Gapt. John -tiaymona Si Saml. Ha^/mond to dist. Zst. 

1716 \?anfielu, Jeaediah appt. adm. of ahv. est. & guardian for 

1749 Oluckstone, IZx, Saml. dist. est. Hathl. Hays of ITorwalk. 

1750 Glark, Isaac of .iitratford, aist. of e&t. of 

'2o James Clark eldest son 

" Josepn " youngest son 
Jaiaes Beach - Isiah Brovm d David Brooks dist. est. 

1749 Curtiss, lir. Sachariah oi Stratford, dist. of est. of 

So Mitchel Curtiss only son of deed. -L2069-0-0- 

" 2unice Ilinnan - i321- S-9 

" liary i^almon - ii321- 3-7- 

" Heirs of l-^hoda Curtiss - i321-3-7 
" " " Bulah " " " " 

" Susannah Curtiss, youngest dau. - ii321-3-7- 

1749 ourtiss, Hannah of Stratford dist. of est. of 
To rathl. Curtisfj - 5i600-5-8- 
•' heirs of ;:iachariah Curtiss -i300-3-0 
" SLisabeth Bearoslee - " " " 
" Heirs Isaac Curtiss - L300-3-4 
" Jeremiah Curtiss - i300-3-4- 


John Thompson ) 

David Judson ) Make dist. 

Danl. Porter ) 

1729 Brush, John witness agreement of heirs of Joseph Banks, 

aecG. of Greenwich. 

1729 Garhartt, Jno. witness agreement " " " " 

1750 Gluekston, Gapt. Saml. of Horwalk, chosen as guardian 

by Danl. Lliils of Horwalk So appt. guardian to 
rfm. Crane of Horv/alk. 

1750 Crane, ;7m. of xTorwalk, appt. ward to Gapt. Saml. Gluekston. 

1707 GlosB, Thos. of Horsneck deed, pov/er of adrar. granted 

'Jhos. Close father of aecd. with Joseph Close 
£c Caleb Anap, all of Horsneck. 

1703 Close, rhos. appt. to dist. est John Banks of Greenwich. 

1712 Canfiel'.i, Saml. of Horwalk being deed. 

Widow Ahigale Ec Jedediah Ganfield to adrac . 

1712 oaml. Canf iela , oon of aoove is made ward of Jedediah 

Ganfield aa guardian. 

1713 Cor bit, Mary formerly widow of John Peat of Stratford, 

now wife of John Corbit is made guardian for her 
chilaren Joseph 2c Davia who are of age to choose 
guardian & Sarah, John, iJary, Dinah cb Hannah Peat. 

1715 Clapp, Ruth, widow of Stanford deed, the adm. of her est. 
Abraham '.Veed being also deed, the Court appt. 
Mr. John Bell as admr. 

1713 Cosier, John, son of Hich. Cosier late of Eorwalk, deed. makes 
choice of x'hos. Bead of lIor';valk as guardian. 

1713 Cobhit, Deacon, Saml. of Fairfield being deed. 

Widow Sarah ^ Zachariah BriHsmed to admr. 

1713 Goly, Sanl. of Fairfield being deed. 

Brother Peter Coly & son of deed. Banl.Coly to admr. 


1713 Coley, Saml. son of Saml. Goley, late of Fairfield, 

chooses iir. John --^ndrus as guardian. 

1713 Curtiss, Joseph, £sq. apt. guaruian xor <Vm. & liary aharp 

children of i^hos. Liharp, late of Hewtonjdecd. 

1714 Clapham, Peter, son of Peter Clapham of -t-^orT/alkjdecd, 

Kakes choice of his brother in law ITathan iidams 
of i-'airfield as guardian. 

1714 Coley, John, a on of Saml. Coley of Fairfield, heing of 

non age the Court apjjts. George Hull as guard- 

1715 Cross, Hathl. of Stanford being deed. 

Widow Hannah to with Benj. V/eec'. . 

1715 Gross, Leborah d. late x^athl. ^ross of Stanford, makes 

choice of her father in law (step) Saml. Parmer 
as guardian. 
John, Sarah ^i Hary Cross are also maae wards of 
said Saml. Parmer. 

1716 Chancy, 3obt. son of Rev. Mr. Charles Chancy, late of 

Stratford, deed, i^akes choice of i^* Saral. Ccok 
as guardian also 
Icabod kir'ooiesitt Cliancy, Son of said Rev. Charles 
deca. is maae ward of Mr. Saral. Cook. 

1716 Cook, iir. Saml. chosen guardian bj'' Robt. Chancy & appt. 

guardian of Icabod w'oolcott Chancy, son of Rer^ 
Iir. Charles Chancy, deed. 

1716 Gable, Joseph, son of Joseph Cable makes choice of Ihos. 

Sanfora as guardian. 
Saml. Gable son of abve deed. made ward of -'anl. Adams 

JVYI " " " " " " " ) 

Benj. " " " " " " " )"31ijaii orane. 

1716 Crane, Elijah, appt. guardian for Wm. So Benj. Gable sons 

of Joseph Cable, deed. 

1716 Canfield, (also i^anf i eld ) Timothy, son or Zibenezer Canfield 
of -iorwalk maae choice of Joseph Crampton of 
Ridgefield as guardian. 


1716 Crarnpt on, Joseph of I^idgefiela, chosen Guardian by Tiaothy 

Canfield, son of ibenezer Canfiela of II. 

1716 Canfiela, Jedeciiah is chosen guardian for Eeuben Dibble, 

son of late Sachariati nibble of Stanford. 

1716 Ohfiuncy, Abiah d. Hev. Charles Chancy, deca. makes cnoiee 

01 3ev. lur. Saml. Cook of utratrord as guardian. 

1716 Cook, Hev. LIr. Saml. of Stratford chosen guardian by at»ove. 

1718 Crowell, Jabez, late of r airfield formerly a Boston 

i-iariner being deed. 
Kr. 2hos. Messenger or Boston appt. admr. 

1718 Ghauncy, Icabod i^colcott freely makes choice of Rev.Iilr. 

Saml. Cook aa guardian. 
Dateid iJew Haven, Ijov. 28, 1718, 

before Saml. Bishop, Juatice. 


BOOK 1648 - 165b. 

1658 2xd. jJemona, Thos. , eatate o+ , inv. filect Oct. 19, 1658, p. 22 
" i^lios.- son 01' above apprentice to 7to. '.VarcL. 
John " " " " Leut.Gold. 
Stios. Pell &: John Wheeler, admrs. 

1658 Sxd. Dickerson, Thos. estate o±', inv. iilect Oct. 20, 1658, p. 30 

Mary, vidie of above, admrx. 
One son 

1658 Drake, Saml. (1662) 

1660 Exd. Bonn, !j?hos. v/ill of probated Dec. 5,1660, p. 65, 

property leit to ilr. Thos. Jones, (minister?) 

1670 Dishrow, Sarah, d. ITicholas Knap of Stanford. 

1675 Deen, Ann, wife of oaml. Dean, daughter of Frances Holmea 

of Stanford. 

1677 Doolittle, Ahrahaia, inv. est. Jolin Beach at vYallingford. 

1676 Dalpson, Goodman, cr. to est. Ihos. Sherwood of Stratfora. 

1682 Jiraon, Hoses, takes inv. est. of John Cabel. 


1684 -Jimond,Moses, will of, dated Llch. 21-1683-probated Apr. 14, 

■iVidow ---bigal married 1685 Edward i^oward - 
iuosea son of decu. (Book 1675-1689, p. 127 <i: 

under age Abigail aau. of deca. 190. 

" " Hester " " " 

" " Grace " " 

John Burr) called ) ) Vta. Kill, Sen. ■■ witness 

iaaral.Ward) brethern) Overseers ; IIi:^thl. Burr. j 
Inv. taken -^pr« 15-1684 - by John BaPks 

Kathl. Carr or burr. 

Ib85 Drake, Saml. witness will Isaac IJrost. 

1685 Davis, John, takes inv. of iTairfield est. of Sich. Burgin. 

1686 Barling, John, witness discharge of Joseph ?rost by 

John Thorp. 

1672 Daves, John, marriage agreement with Lydia, widow of 
Joseph lialler. 


BOOK 1689-1701. 

1690 Drake, Sainl. appt. adnr. of est. Saml. will of, Fairfiela, 
1691/E, LiCh.8. Court appoints John Csborn in place of 
)^ abve iie being deed. 

1690 Drake, Saml. overseer oi est. of Jorin J^arlow, i^en. 

1691 dickers on, -i-hos. admr. of est. widow Drake. 

lo91 Diekerson, Ihos. son in law to widow Hendrick now 

widow oillman. 

1690 Dole, John, v/itness will of Caleb Hiools of «oodbury. 

1694 Javenport, Jolin, witness will Rev. Mr. John Bishop of 


1694 Darling, Ilizabeth, v/ife of John Darling 6c d. James Beers. 

1697 Denten, lir. Saml. of Hempstead, L.I. having married 

Abegail Holand the widow -of Jonathan -rtoland 
is maae aam. of est. of said Jonathan. 

Ib98 Dimon, Idoses req^uested to divide est. of Tom Brown an Indian 

1698 Davids, John ^7itness above request of " " " " 

1698 Darling, John, called son by v/idov/ Martha Beers & adm. of 

der will. 

1698 Darling, iiliaabetii " dau. " " " " 

1699 Buning, Benj. witness will of Saml. Wheeler of Stratfora. 

1697 Dracke, Saml. of -aiarfielu, will of, dated Dec. 12,1691. 

Probated ana inv. filed i.ich.8,1692. Book 1689- 
Widow Butn . 1701, p. 68. 

llother Ann Drake. 
Sister i-tebecka liogers of -ast Chester. 
Cousin Joseph Drake;, son of Brother Josepn Drake of 
3ast Chester also laaa in j air iie la, gifts to 
Danl» Loclcwooa. 
If the nephew Joseph die before coming of age, his 
next brother shall inherit. 


Viiidow Ruth, sole ex. 
V/itness, I'hos. bherwood - Ilipiielet Hill. 
Inv. taken ?oby. 17-1691/E b;- John Wakemaxi.baml. 
Viiilaon cc ^ipnelet Hill. 

169£ Dugless, Charles of Stratford, bei'ore he died at the houae 
01 oar ah r^a?/ley oi otratl'ord stateo his v/ishes 
beiore oanl. Vn'ard & Abegail opinage, as ±'oll-Wb: 
Legacy to Robt. Kekune, (will proved and inv. filed Eov. 
" " George Jonson-( Johnson) 5,16yii.) 

" " iVm. Pigstee(?igslee) 

" " barah nawley a±s lanalaay Book 1689-1701, 

'fhe bulk of est. Andrew Patterson. p. 71. 

Sainl. Sherman &) 
Andrew Pater son) Admr. 
Inv. taken Aug. 17-lb9id oy Joseph uurtiss, Sanl. 

Galpin &: Ambrose lomson- 
I'he above deea. land ?/idcii he bought of ciaral. Sherman, 
3enj. Micoles - Ilr. ohelton. 

1698 Denten or Dente, Saml. Brother to Joseph Barlow, aecd. 

1700 Sxd. Dickerson, 'Ihos. est. of, inv. taken reby. 14-1699/1700 
by iJathl. Sherman <^ James Phipen. 

.iidov/ Lidia, prob. had marriea again beiore 1706- 

i'hos. 11 yrs. old luly next. (Book 1689- 

Danl. 5 " "2 " of this Feby. (1701, p. 201) 

Sat hi. 3 " " July next. 

Elizabeth 7yrs." June next. 
Sibell, 4 months old. 
The v;idov/ & Ur. Benj. Sherman to aarar. 
1706 - Settlenent of est. lir. Hat hi. & Hr. Benj. Sherman 
to dist. 

1698 Dunbar, Jolm, adm. of est. Josepu Bear, deca. Said Dunbar 
& his v/ife have paid legacies to est. of James 
Bear father of saia Joseph, of whicn saia Joseph 
aeca. v/as iix. John Dunbar prob. married Abegail 
the vvidow 01 Joseph Bear, deed.' 

1693 Dickerson, i'hos. Weaver oi otratford, aells a house & 

land at ij'airfiela, bounded by land of Thos.IIore- 
"^ouse dc I^athl. Knap to Ij:. Rich.Blacklach of 
Witness Jacob Walker 

oaml. Vk'alker ^ 

Bobt. iiane. 

BOOK 1702-1750. 

1697 Davenport, Hev. LIr. Joim ior tue encourageraeiit o±" having 

eettle in tiie I^inistry at c>tanford the Town 
, appointed the following eommittee aainl.Hait.Sen. 

Daviu .iaterbery U Danl. Scofielu aen. Heh.lO- 
1692/3 who in Dec. 29-1697 granted to said 
Davenport the xoll v/ing house ob land. 
House in the Town Plot or otant'ord bounaeji on 
the i/ly. 3enj. Halt - Sly 3enj. Biship - 3. & 
IT. by the highway also He-adov/ at 3ocky Hill 
bounaed oy Llaj. Jonth. belleck - & Jonth. 
^ 7/aterbury. 

Land at Swamp bounded by Slisa Slason 
" " Vifestcoe " " Joseph Brown 

" " Ox pasture " " John Pettit. 

11 I^Koroton IJeck " " Elisto Holly- Jonas used 

" " Moses Knap- Thos.Pem oyer - 

Abr. BisMp. 
" Long Heck, " " John Bates-Obediari 


" " Eewfield 
" " " another portion 
£10 G - in the cormon 
Int. in common 
»Vitness Seth Sbone 

Steven Buckinghaa 
i'bis transfer maae - Aug. 7 - 1701. 

1706 De freest, David, takes inv. est. John Blackman of Stratford 

1706 Dimon,LIoses, makes settlement of est. Benj. Banks, deed. 

1706 i^avis, SLizabeth, eldest a. of Benj. Banks, see aist.1706 

1706 Denten, Saml. witness will of Caleb llicols of Woodbury. 

1712 Dibble, Zachariah of Stanford, deed. oct. 29,1712. Inv. by 
John Dean 3: Jonaa Vneed. 
oidow oar ah 

OMlaren - Zachariali 14 yrs. old 16 of July 

John 12 " ■' 22 Oct. last 

-.avid 10 " "19 ?oby. next, 

^.benezer 7 " " 18 Jul- next. 

Ruben 4 " ''2 Oct. last. 

Benj. 1 " " 11 June last. 
The widow to adrar. 


17ia Dean, John, take inv. on adove est. 

1708 Dimon, Sargt. looses aarar. or est. of John Burr, Jr. s. 
i-ajor John Burr, aecd. is inaae guard, of 
Andrew & Ann Burr children of aaia Jolm Jr. 



1708 Denny, Albert, Mr. of ij'airfiela, Inv. presented by Capt. 
Jolin 7/akeinan & iieut. Josepli i/akeman, admrs. & 
taken by lir. Anthony I'onguier Sc ilr. Peter Burr 
June 7 -17 08.' 

Est. is tSFN/eu bir John Belain-Hich. Blackledge 
John Burr, iho. Turny - Jho Edwards & John Smith. 
Bills aue in Sew York. 
Johri Hutchings 
Josepn •'•^alison 
Caleb -iiethcott 
Rich. Sacket 

iibenezer .Vilson with bins 
John Gorbit 
Vim. Janeway v/ith 
Hilligon Dickey 
Saral. Byard 
liecci. of Lir. V/illit of H.Y. 
Jonn Denny, son of aecd. chooses his uncle Leut. 
Joseph (Jakenan of i'ai^^'f ielo., guardian. 
Grizzell Denny, d. of above nakes same 
James Denny s. " " is also ma&e 

v/ara of his above uncle. 
Both Capt. John V/akeman & Leut. Josepn iVakeman 

go on tne bonds for guard iansr.ip. 
Iiiaj' Peter Burr Eo leacon Jotm xhompson to aist. 

John oands 6: Saml.S&nds 
-Ibenezer .Vilson & 
Will Mchols. 
Wm. Glincross 
Thos. Gierke. 
Jacob Phenire 
-tg. for 

1705 Downees. John 

, has some thing of v/iuov/ i^arget iiyon of F. 

1707 Disbro, Thos. of ^airfiela, eat. of, Inv. ?eby. 20,1706/7 

by Isaac Sheroowd, Sen. Saml. Stuard, John Sher- 
iiary Lisbro av/ares to inv. 
Vi/idow x^ercy 
Son Thos. 
The 7/idow & her son Thos. to aumr. 


1707 Diman, Lloses, haa in iiand prop, of Andrew '.Vard, deca. 

1707 Dimon, Sargt. aanr. of est. or " " " 

1707 Dimen, iaosea appt. to aist. est. John Bulkley. 

1709 DisbtoT/, I'hos. inv. est, recorded Mch. 28-1709 by Isaac 
Sherwood, S.3. 

1712 i)isbrow, xhoa. dist. of est. to v/idow cb only son Ihos. 
Jonn iioclavooa o; John -ndrus b:tn of ^-'airfiela 
to dist. 

1709 i»avis, Jonn Jr. of Fairfield, Inv. of eat. oi laat of Oct. 
1709 by John 'i'horapson, Saml. bquire & Isaac 
Johii -'avis or ^'airfield father of deed - Admr. 

Oct. 14-1709- Jonn iJavis refusing to act further 
the Court appts. John Bftwards a Philip lewia 
the principal creditors to aanr. 

1707 Drake, John or Sastchester, receives prop, i.: trust for 

the mother of Saml. Jones of Stanford, viz. 
Rebeckah Jlauson of Bedford. 

1709 -^ible, T^'akefuli cc 

" Zbenezer called brother dj' ilathl. Hillyer of 


1710 Davenport, Rev. John called brother & overseer of est. of 

Capt. John Selleck. 

1711 --unlop, Archibald, TTitnea.s will Hugh ilesbltt of Stratford. 

1711 Dimon, Capt. Moses to aist. eat. ilr. James ..'"ountain of 

• 'areenwich. 

1710 Dibbel, Zacharian, takes inv. 7/m. Liills of Stanford. 

1705 Dur.lap, Ivlary, wife of LIr. Archabell -unlap, a. of .or. John 
(1712)^ of otratrord. 

1712 Dunlap, Ur. Archibald, takes inv. Ivir Hugh ITisbet. 
1^710 Dinan, Hoses, takes inv. est. Jonathan -^urr. 


1712 Iiaigliton,Galel), adopted son « lieir Iir» ''*m* Rav;linson of 


1716 Denny, IJr* Albert, ciiildren of, change in guardianship 

■Capt. Joseph '.Vakeraan, released in John Denny appt. 

1712 Jimon, Lloses, takes inv. est. Ivir. ITathl. Shaw of ^airfield. 

1713 Daviss, John, Sen. of Fairfield* Inv. of est. Jan.20,1712/;5 

by Peter 3urr ib Hoses Jimon. 
Son Saial. sv/ares to inv. & appt. admr. 

171S Dimon, iJoses, takes inv. est. John Daviss of Fairfield. 

1711 Simon, Gapt. Hoses to div. land of Jonathan bturgis bet. 

1713 Deck, Saml. takes inv. est. Saml. Marshall of Greenwich. 

1714 Dennie, Albert, Hr. of Fairfield, dist. of est. 

To John Dennie in hands of Gapt. Joseph "/akeraan guar^^» 

■io Grizell " 

'2o James 

Capt. Joseph rVakeraan makes report of admr. 

1714 Dennie, iir. Albert est. in dist. of est find' 

l/6 part of Eat hi. tieelys eoracnon 

l/o " " Rich. -Ogdsns 

land bought of Jonathan Horehouse. 

1715 Darling, 3ohn, witness will of Leut- John Barlow in 1710 
171o Disbrow, Thos. takes inv. est. Danl. Sherwood of Fairfield. 

1715 Davenport, Hev. Hr. John of Stanfora, left legacy b^ 

i^a j . Jonathan i^elleck. 

1716 Dibble, Zachariah 

John choose their mother barah Dibble for 

1716 Dimon, Hoses, takes inv. est. Joshua Jennings of Fairfield. 

1750 Darling, John of Fairfield, adm. on est. of his son John 

Darling of Fairfield, deed. 


1706 Dlraaai, Lloses, Appt. adn. est. Andrew Ward, son of Sergt. 
Saml. Word, deed. 

1710 Diraon, Lent. Lioses to aist. est. Ellen Hanford deed. d. o^' 
^nathan Hanford of Fairfield, deed. 

1708 Denny, iir. Albert of Fairfield, est. or 

iirs. Sliaabetii Denny witn Oapt. John V/akeraan & 
Leut. Joseph .Yakeman appt. aomrs. all of Fairfield. 

1713 Dunlop, lir. Archibald of Stratford, being deed. 

"iVidow iirs. IJary appt. admx. 

1715 Dickerson, Gibill d. of ihos. Diekerson late of Fairfielu, 
d=ca. nakea cnoice of Rich. VVhitnee as guardian.* 

1714 Diekerson, Danl. son of Thos. Dickerson of Stratford, makes 

choice Of liich. Wit ny aa guardian. 

1715 Disbrow, Thos. goes on tae bond of iilizabeth uray who is 

called mother in law (prob. step) of Benj. Gray 
son of late Henry Gray of FairfiaLa on her appt. 
of her guardiansnip to saiu 3enj. 

1716 Dibble, /iaehariah of Stanford, deea. & leaving children, 

viz. David, Ebenezer & Senj. of non age the 
Court apj;t. their mother ^^arah Dibble to aamr. 
Jedediah Canfield is cnosen guardian to i^uben ..ibble 
one of the sons of above. 


BOOK 1648 - 1656. 

1659 Sggleton, John, estate of, inv. filed Oct. 20, 1659, p. 55, 
• idow -vstate distributed see p. 66. 

One child - Jolin, born Sept. 4, 1657 - 

Safhaniel Sely appt. overseer 

1661 Egleton, John, son or John mentionea above, is transferred 
from tne care of i^athaniel iiely to Joseph .fiddle- 
brook and Danl. Silleinan. 

1661 Hecords show that, Danl. Silleman haa been married to 
tne wiaow of John Sggleton. 

1656 Awards, William, estate of, inv. filed in 1656, p. 94. 

1674 iigleton, Jolin, witness release of Thos. Bennet to 
Joseph Uidale brook. 

1671 Sells, iiaml. overseer ii&t Porter est. Stratford. 

1685 Averts, Uaxy, or Gilford, called sister hy said Clarke. 

1688 ifeles.Gapt. overseer of Sfet. SLiz. Porter, deed. Cii: 

1685 Capt.SLls, cSaml. takes int. est. of John Basset of Strat- 

1685 Edson, Isaac, complayneu that 2 Indians called Paddin 

S,nQ Harry dia rob him. Pruuain was sentenced to 
nave 3 branded on his forehead and pay 30 shillings 
Harry to pay i5 anu 20 shillings. 

1692 Sdwards, John ..jr. gives security of aowery to Sarah 
oely, wdw. from tne est. of Robt . Sely, her 
deed, husband. 

1694 ^.Tvards, Thos. witness release of Edwin V/ard by his 
step mother Hannah ward. 

1683 j^ers, Simon, witness the gift of Edward Stottion 

of Eew liondon, to his son-in-law Pascoe j'oot of 
ilew London. 


BOOK 1689 - 1701. 
1691 Awards, Mr. John, appt. admr. est. Saml. 7/akeaan, Jr. 
1693 Edwards, Ilr. John son in law to krs. Thos. Hanford. 
1699 idwards, John, aomr. 2st. o± Hoses Lyon o±' Fairfield. 

1698 idwards, John, Mr. overseer of est. Saml. Boberson. 

1699 3:dwards,I?ich. or Hartford as atty. for John Plasted 

pf Pasquatau bsa reed, of Llr. Joseph Lockwood of 
Fairfield f. 5£ - 6. 

1705 Liary iiiiwards, wire of John Ldwards & sister of 

Theopnelus iianfora. 

1708 ^waras, kr. John adni. of est. of John Bur s. of Maj. 
John Bur & guardn. of the ehildri^u Llary & 

1708 iiiwards, Mr. Rich. atty. for above Bur children at 

Court of Aesistants, of Hartford. 

1709 Edwards, John, creditor to est. John Davis Jr. appt. 

adm. of same. 

1710 Sdwarda, Ilr. John to dist.est. ELlen Hanford d. Elnathan 

Hanford of ^airfield, aecd. 

1708 Edwards, Oapt. i'hos. of otratfora inv. May 6 - 1708, by 

wdw. Mary. The v/iaow to admr-. not enough to p^y 
aebts unless land is sold. 

1711 Jidwards, i^r. John of Fairfield to dist. est* Mr. James 

Fountain oi Sreenwich. 

1714 Zdwards, John, v/itness agreement of heirs Danl. Locliwood Jr. 

of Fairfield. 

Edwards, John, of Fairfield, atty. for Mr. John Mico of 

Boston, v/no is atty. for Mrs. Elizabeth Harper of 
Yarmouth in bounty of Uorfolb in Kingdom of Eng.Sx 


of will 01 Lir. John Harper or Yarmoutli, deed, demise, 
release w quit claim vo l.Ir. Thos. ^awards late of 
Boston, Ilariner, noT7 or Stratford, in consideration 
of payment for gooas sent to Mr. John narper for 
said I'hos. ii.'-wards. 

The above aquitance is also in consideration of an order 
given Dy myself to ilrs. Sebeckan iJraddy, late of 
Soston, for the payment of 21 - 10 - 9 - & another 
order to John»vood, late of Boston for ye pyrat. of 
18- 1 - 5 on a/c of abve saia Elizabeth Harper ^. 
being for goods of said Harper sola 1,0 persons oy tne 
aove said ihos. Edwards. 

Signed - John Ec wards 
Benj. Fearweather 
initness Saml. i'earweafher 

1710 Edwards, Mr. John of Fairfield, afcty. for LIr. John iJiico 

of Boston ic lirs. iiary Edwards of atratford, creditors 
to the est. of Oapt. 2hos. Edwards, late of Strat- 

fora, deed, tell the Court ilch. 15 - 1709 
tney are agrieved to procure apprizment of saia est. 
Siie '-ourt appts. a jury of 12 to reappraze sst. & 
said Mrs. Mary -Ldwaras as admr. of said est. 
Make return of same to court. 


BOOK 1648 - 1656. 
book: 1665 - 1675. 

1685 Fairciiila, 'X'h.os. (Stratford I think) 

Frost, Daniel (1662) 
1658 iJincti, Danl. 
1658 ^'orman, 6aml. 
1658 ijincli, Abraham 
iD57 jry, xiiikill 

lt)57 £iKd. i^'inch, -Danl. engage . to Elizaheth I'ornson, both or 
Fairi'ielu, agreement aated June 25, 1657, p. 37. 

1658 iJiliz. Finch wife of Jan. Finch, ilstate of. 

She was acunx. of estate of John i'oinson, ueca. 

1659 x^ry Myhiil ex. of estate of Ann Wheeler. 

1661 ^d. Ferris, Jeffrey standing engaged to pay tiie legasiea 
to tne eatate of Eobt. Lockwood by his marriage 
with his wife uusanna (now deceased) widow of late 
i<obt. Lockwood. (3:ok 1648-1656, p. 65) 
!:jaid Jeff ery Ferris living at (Greenwich. 

1666 iizd. Fincn, i^anl. will of, probated Moh. 5,1666, Book 1665- 
1575 p. 18. 
widow (formerly wife of John 'i'omson, deed) 
Sathaniel, son, under age. 
Abraham Finch, Granuson 
mill, prop, to wife of rioger Anap. 

" ' Joseph James 

" " Henry oastell 

ci children o^ " 
John iturgis. 

1664 Is.d.* Ferris, Jeff ery v'iill of probated Jan. 6, 1664) 

Juaah "Che wiaov/ married Dsfore 1667 ,( Jolin) 3ov;ers, 
(her 4 boys are mentioned in tne will of ^^erris 
proD. ciiildren oy lor^'or nusoand.) Book 1665-1675, 
James Ferris, son oi Jeffery. p. 20 

x'eter " '' " also his 5 chilaren 

Joseph " " " " " 2 children 

Iilary (daugnteri wife of Jonathan ijockwooa. 
Son John not in will, see Book 1, p. 172. a.i,.R. 
luxrs. John noliy of otamfora and son Peter. 

Witnesses; Sic hard Lawe 
Joshua Anapp. 

Inventory taken uy Josep i^ead, ^ohn Holly & 

Angell HusteC. 










166ci I'incii, uanl. releasea oy oue aoministrators 

(Francis Eall, x'hos. ataples cc Cornelius Eull) 
01 tne estate oi John xomson rrom nis ouiigation 
to pay tne iieirs ox saiu TonBon on account oi 
hia naving- married Jiliaaoetii iomsion tiie Relict of 
said «folin 

1669 x!rench, Satbaniel is left prop, by l'lioe» Pell. 

1670 Fineh, John witness settlement o± est. of Giles ^nith 

Lc heirs of «Jon£ithan -t^orter. 

1670 Fairchild, Thos. vTill of, dated Dec. 17-1670, probatea 
i^atnerin, v/idow of deed. i..iay iu,l671. 

Samuel, son of decu. 

Lilian Booote 1665- 1675, p. 57. 

x'hos . 

Danl. Mitoiicll J 

Caleu i.ichols J Witness 

1670 2xd. Fairchild, x'hos* inventory of estate filed ijov. 1671, 

taken Dir trie x'<X7nsraen, John ourtis, Josepu x^awoy - 
:?rank nail, Henry xomlinson. i3ook 1665- 167 5, p. 61. 

1671 Oct. Fenn,. Josepn, of x^orwock, est. of inventory made by 

Thos. Ber.eaict, oen. & x'hos. Fitca, oen. , selectmen 
of said ITorvvock. 

Lieut. Olmsted is interested in est. before 
me iSenj. Jenn, 

1671 Fitch, ihos. Sr. selectman of iiorwock. 

1674 j?rost, Ji.liz. eailea aau. by John Barlow. 

1675 ij'erris, Peter, takes inv. of est. Francis holmes. 

lb7o Finch, Abraham is Or. of Cornelius hind of otratford. 

1678 j^itch, Kary, called cousin by Rich. Lyon of Fairfiela. 

1675 Frost, ..anl. released in 1681 by his child Rebecca, wife 
bimon jjooth and ciimon Bootn of legacy left to aaiu 
Rebecca oy ner granuiather Danl. ^'rost. of Fairfield, 
Book iD75-168y, p. 69. 


1615 i:' let oner Sha, witness above release. 

1681 i?itch, John, son in law t;o x^ath. Hiebards, husband to 

168£ ^'erris, Josepa, witness witn liargaret Jiitctiell o± Greenv/icii. 

1682 jj'rees, Jereraia ox (of i^'airiield) Inv. taken Oct. 

24,1582 ijy tim. nm db J6sian narvy, 6c filec Iiov.7, 
1682, Book 1675-1689, p. 86. 
berijt;. x^ataaniel •JSiy api;. aomr. 

1678 Thos. FitGn,iien. ) Selectmen of I'lorwock take inv. of 
i'hoa. i^itcn.dun. } eataue of xhos. Hale. 

168o ^rost, uanl. Jr. Adm* est. John iindrews, deca. 

1683 xiairchild, ^ackery, overseer est. x'hos. Uffora. 

1683 • " " " " John Beers. 

1684 jaerris, i?eter, takes inv. est. Joseph V/ebh of otanford. 

1684 ^ixd. jiitch, uergt. x'hps. of Uorv^alk, estate of, inv. May 15, 

1684, oy Thos. Benedict , Sen. John 3owton,Sen. & 

James Olmstead, v/idow Ruth. (filed 17 ov. 6,1684) 

Sarah, dau. of deed, aged 21 yrs. 

2hos. son " " " 19 " (Book 1675-1689, 

liary, aau. " " " 16 " (p. 139) 

Saml. , son " " " 2 1/2 " 

Hr. Fitch) 

John Piatt) Overseers. 

1584 3'erris, Joseph, takes inv. est* Spraini Palmer. 

1684 i'erriB, Peter, takes inv. est. Wm. Cressy. 

1685 Frost, Mr. Isaac, Mil of, aated Dec* 3, 1684, probated & 

inv. filed Mch. 10, 1684, Book 1675-1689, p. 144 & 
Sister of deca. Sara Smith. 156. 

" Hachel Rur:sy 

" Hannah Sharp or Sharp - 

Brother " Banl. Frost & my sister -isther Frost 

not mfe of Ban. 
Cousin " " John omith s. of brother in law 

iaaml. ^mith. 


Counsin of deed. SLiz. bmith, d. of brother in law 

oaml. Smith. 
Joseph i'rost, brother of deed, sole ex. 
Josiah Harvy ) 
i:3aEil. Drake ) witness 

inventory before ^ourt Lch. 10, 1685. 

" July 26,1685 by Cornelius Hull 

Richard iLubbell 
Josiah Harvy. 

1684 jJerris, Peter, take inv. est. Vi/'m. Potter. 

1684 Frost, Llr. Danl. Sen. of Fairfield, will of, dated July 
23-1682, probateo Kch. 20, 1685, iiook 1675-166S p. 
Widow iaizabeth, 170 c£ 177. 

bon Danl. lana at Ilaxemeus farm 
son, Joseph 

" Isaac " " " and Oomponecg. 

Daughter, liebecca -Booth, wife of Simon Booth of Mass. 

" Rachel Rumsie, " " Robt. Rumsey. 

" Hannah I'horp, " " John I'horp. 

" Hester -rost, " " (married o ami. Corby 

prob. ) 
Y/m. Hill, ben. ) 

John oturge,Sen.) 7»'itness John 'i'."heler ) 

Inv. taken Dec. 15, 1684. Joshua -li-nowles) 

Josiah Harvy ) 

1684 iJerris, Joseph, takes inv. of est. of Joshua Knap. 

1685 I.'' inch, Abraham of 'Stamford is freed from trayning on a/c 

of his constant lameness. 

1685 Fitch, John, overseer of est. Epraim Lockwood, 

1686 Frost, ^liz. of Fairf iela , est. of, inv. taken Aug. 13-1686 

by John 3ur , Cornelius Hull & Josiah narvy. -i-'iled 
Aug. 20, 1686, Book 1675-1689, p. 198. 
Robt. -^umsy swares to inv. 

(had land at ^ill niii ic at Sasqua) 
iJanl. Frost, son of deca. 

Sanl. Smith, son in law 
Robt.' Rumsy, " " " 


John Thorp, son in law 

oaml. Cooiy, " " " 
Lieut. Cornelius Hull ) 
Mr* Josiaa Harvy ) administrators. 

of if/oodbury. 

1686 J'airchild , x'hos. who aieu lich. 27-1686, inv. at .lOodbury 

Apr. 16-1686 (evidently a smith cc carpenter ibj- 
Joseph Judson, John ivheler & Jphn Sherman (Townsmen) 
Susanna, widow, afterwards married Saml. Uickle 

of 7/0 Oil bury, 
amn Dau. deed, over 14 yrs. old. 
Samuel - son, ueca. 10 yrs. ' Jany. next. 
Ruth, aau. '• 8 " " 15 Jany. " 

Alexanaer, son " 6 ' " Feby. " 

Catherena, aau." 1 1/2" 

(ij^iled ,.ov. 2,1686, Book 1675-1689, p. 208) 
Zakeriah i-aker ) 
John ihernian ) overseers. 

1687 i-rost, uanl. adm. est. Ann Peacke. 

1689 Fitch, John, v/itness will of John Gregory of iiorwalk. 

1689 Frost, Josepn, i;\TLtness will Francis Bradly. 

1676 Ferris, Jeffery & his executors hath lully satisfied 

unto («m. iVard, Joseph liockwood 6: Danl. Lockwooo all 
tne est.' conta.upon tne inv. of Root. Lockwood deed, 
their father, ana they acquit and discharge Jonathan 
Lockwood CO Peter Ferris the ex. of tne saia Jeffery 
iierris, wi:]at he was bouna to pay by order of the 
Court 10 July 166^. 

The above said Joseph ic Danl. do this in i;neir own 
hane & in the name oi "che sister Ileborah Vn'ard. 

1663 -tfrost, Sarah, of the bankside acknowledges as having 

reed, of i^anl. Frost, her father, a legacy left her 
by her granuiatner Wm. Frost. 
Witness Ann Green 
John Green. 
Sarah Smith this 21 oi July 1682 acknowledges the above 
aischarge tc it given her lather before her 

1665 Frost, r<m. called grar.dfather by Sarah (Frost) Smith. 


1694 i?erri3, Joseph, takes inv. of est and ^as land next to 
*K) John lowers or Greerurich. 

1699 Ferris, 3enj. witness will of Joseph Ferris of Greenwich. 

1681 j'roBt, Danl. son, is owea by i^athaniel Hayes of Fairfield, 

1683 Foot, Pascoe, ot Lew London, mariner called son in law 
by Sdward Stollyon of Hew London, mariner, he being 
tne nusoand of his aaughter UafSBret. 

BOOK 1689 - 1701. 

1690 Ferrice, Peter, swares to «nv. of & appt. admr. of est. 
of Jeremiah Jager of iitamford. 

1701 to dist. said est. 

1690 -aairchild, Zachriah, witness will of Henry '.Vakely of 


1691 Frost, Lanl. takes inv. of est. widow liary Gov el. 
1691 Frost, Mary, wife of r:anl. Frost & d. iienry Soland. 
1691 Fanton, Jonathan, appt. admr. of est. Simon otacy. 

1693 Finch, Joseph, appt. admr. of est. John used Jr. of Green- 


1694 ritch - callea father by Maj . John 3arr deed. 

1694 Fonton, Jonathan, takes inv. of est. baml. Adams of Fairfield 
16 98 Fairchild, Joseph, witness 1695 will of Jno. Birdseye. 

1697 iiiXd. Fincn, tiaanl. oen. of Jtamford 4 aeeas of gift all uatea 
oept. 28 - 1697 L witness by Abraham -mbler tj Saml. 
Halt. (Book 1689-17 01, p. 153) 

1st To ion Sarauell, house £c lands at Stamford. 

2nd Do wife aaran 

3rd x'o son Josepn 


4t;h To four daugnters 

bar ah Holley, 

Martha uead 

iDDsannah ^eely 

Rachel i^'inch 
Inv. of est. of Saml. }jinch, ben. deed, taken Hay 20-98 

by Abraham Anbler Ik Danl. Scoff ield, filed Hov.3, 
The widov/ vzith Ur. Abraham Ambler S: 1598. 

Mr. baoi. Halt appt. admrs . 

1698 Fowler, Jereraian, called brother to Joseph Barlow, deed, 

1689 2xQ. ^rost, Joseph est. of, Inv. filea Hch. 11-1698, taken 

oy John xJulkley, lanl. Heker Sa ELnathan Hanford. 
iiidow ilizabeth (Book 1689-1701, p. 168) 

8 sons ) 

a daughters ) all unaer age. 
The widow & John Barlow to admr. 

1699 i'rost, jllizabetn, called d. by bargt. Rich. Hubbell. 
1699 trench, -bigail " " " '' " 

1699 ^alkener, Mrs. Hannan, witness will Gapt. Jonathan Bell 

1699 jJerris, Joseph oi Greenwich, will of dated June 9, 1699. 
Wife Rutu 

wildest son living, John - nouse at ncrseneck next 

to Greshom Lockwoods & 
(Book 1689-1701, p) the land bgt of Sackarian 

(190. ) 3alOT;in Sc lot bgt. of 

(See Post p. 122.) Saol. Jenkins. 

Son Janes 

" Moses 

" Ben J. land next Benj. Mead 

" OaleD, at)t. 20 yrs. old 

" Josepii ■' 16 " 

" Joshua. 
Dau. Hannah prop. T^. of i^r. Renolas abt. 12 yrs. 

" Ruth Peck wife of baml. Peck. 

" Lydia (Reynolds) 
Wife & his brotner Peter li'erris & son. 
banl. P--:ck to adrar. 


'witness Joseph Kanpp & 3enj. -^'erris. 
:ov. 27-1699. CoujCo oruers the v/iuow, Mr. Saral. Peck & Peter 
• u'erris to aist. est. 
Inv. taken July 24-1699 oy Jonathan Senolds, Bobt. Lockr/ood & 
Joseph Knapp, fllea llov. 27, lo99. 

1701 j^'airchila, baral. abt. 60 yrs. old, witness in Knells Islana 

case. • 

1640 j'eak, Robt. & Danl. Pattriek purchase 

Amoyerowe, ■aachem ol' -semock 8c Ahramatere Llawhorowr 
Sachem of Tatarauck, Amsibetour with his brother 
Owenoke Daehein oi Asemuck have sold unto fJobt. 
Fe&'k OS Danl. Patrick all the righ-c in lanas bet. 
Asarauck River & Tatamuck, which Tatamuck is a 
little river which diviaeth the bounds bet. Capt. 
Turner's purchase c: this, except the neck o±' land 
by the Indiana called iionakaway cc by us --lizabeth 
Beck, which neck is the purchase of SLizabeth ^eaks 
his said Robt* Feaks wife - i'he payment is 25 coats 
of vyhich 18 are paid. 

Witness Robt. Heustea. Dated July 18 - 1640 - 

Andrew liessenger Xeoferam hath sold all his right 

to the aoove aaia neck to Jefery 
Rich r/illiams & Angell Husted testify aa to the Indian 


Jan. 25 - 1702 

1640 iTeak, Elizabeth wife of Robt. ?eak above. 

1640 ?eris, Jefery, see above purchase. 

1703 Jairchild, ia.r. Sacil. - overseer est. f'hos. Grifien. 

Ib97 fauson, Jonathan, aebt. one pd. est. -Jliphelet Hill. 

1696 ?airv/eather, Benj. witness release of Ihos. iior chouse Jr. 
by liatnew aherv700u. 

BOOK 1702 - 1750. 

1711 ijairchila, Joseph, v/itn Johannan Wilcoclfsoii, tne widow 

of Timothy *Vileockson give a bond oo the court i'or 
txie aom. oi aaia i'imothy .liilcockson est. 

1712 Fairchild, James, makes choice of his brother David 

oherv/ood as guaraian. 

1702 Finch, Isack, Sen. of Stanford, inv. ITov. 16-1702 by 

x>avici "rVaterbury, Lanl. Scofield & Jonathan Bell. 
Tv'idow Ann 
Son John 

" Isack 

The widow & 2 sons mentioned above to aamr. 

1703 ^airchila, Zachariah of Stratfield, Inv. taken Sept. 6- 

1703 b;- Uathev/ oherv/ood Jr. Benj. j'airweather & 
Alex. iTairchila. 

Right in 12 acres in the o miles di¥. at Stratfora 
bought Of I^. Rich. Blacklach. 

1704 David Fairehilu chooser his unole 'lathl. Beach as guardn. 

Widow Hannah. 

The widov; ana i^r. Jonn Beach of btratfora ';o adm. 

6 sons & 2 dau. 

lir. 3aml. Hubbell, "nsigxi -javid Sherman & John 0dell,Jr. 

to aist. The Court a pt. :_ollo\ving liuaraiana. 
Oapt. Ilathev/ Sherwooa for Galeo. 
Sergt. iiathewT Sherv/ooa " Ager 

tiohn iieacn " James 

Josepn Beach " Llary 

Isack Beach " liacharian 

The \/idow " Abiell 

1703 j'airchild, Alex, takes Inv. of above esu. 

1703 j^-rowell.Saml. witness will of J^ebecka Gregory of Strat- 

Ibyb i''anton, Jonathan, releases his brother John Hide ex. of est. 
of John hiae oen. of jair:.iela, deed. 


1704 Ziten, lir. I'hos. of i^or^valk.will of.da-cea Oct. 6, 1696 
Grranachild, Thos. i?'itcJa 
Granachilaren, John £0 i.athaniell Jitch. 
Dau. Ann now wife of Joim I'omson of ^armington 
" l.:ary " " " Capt. ->iathew oherwood. 

" in law his sons Joian v/ife 
bon, Jonn 

aon, John, aole ex. 

Son, Oapt. Uathew Sherwood & my ) overseers. 
Cousin aargt. John Plat. ) 

Witness Jacies Olmstea. 
iiaml.' Smith. 

Inv. April 14-17 04-1:7 James *-^lmstea SaiuL. Smith, Thos. 
3etts, lir. John -^'itch son of Mr. 2hos. i^'itch dc-ca. 
above, engages to give U:-to tne children of his 
sister 3urr deed, as rauoh as his father gave his 
other sister. 

1703 ErosTi, Danl. takes inv. est. John Green of ^'airfield. 

1699 'Exd, rerris, Josepn, l.Ir. of Greenwioh.will of, dated June 9, 

Pheris, v;ife Rutti. 1699 

ilciest son living, John, - prop, bougnt of :.acariaja Bald- 
win lana bougnt of Saml. Jenkins. 

Son, Jsmes: lana next Henry Ricuhorne cc lana bet. 

Joshua, iinap a Henry 2ien. 

son Hoses 

uon Benjamin (See ant£, p. 119) 

Son Gabel (entry raaae before) 

aon Josepn 

oon Joshua Witnesses (Josepn Kanpp 

daa. Hannaii (3enj. i'erris. 

aau. Rnta Peck (Book 1689-1701, p. 190) 

fiau. Lladia, (Heynolas) 
Wife - & Brother Peter .''erris & ) 
liy bon Saml. Peck. ) to aam. 

1701 Fanton, "^arah, wife of Jonathan Janton, ... 01 John Kiae 

01 Fairfield. 
1701 I'^anton, Jonathan, overs, est of John Hide of Fairfield. 
1705, ifalrchild, ,Mr. aaml. sen of otratfd. Inv. Uch. 7-1704/5 

by iuoses tilheeler'- .lion, oiacklach, .sen. Benj. t-ony. 

.-idow, Mary. 


IVidow to adrnr . 

^IttesU oon 

a otner sons 
lir. Hich. Blac]<-lacii, Lieut;. John Hall & LIr. Jolin Beach 

all of Stratt'fird to aist. 

1704 j?orwaras, Josepn of DanDury, aecci. Oct. d-1'7 04 - Inv. 

taken Oct. 31 - 1704 by Jajnes 3ebee, Sar.l. Bennyuick & 
Josiah kjtarr. 

V/iaow Lidia in 1707 wile oi ii^hos. -Vildraan. 

Lidia 6 yra. ola on £q Apr. last 

Ann, 4t " . " 15 iJch. last 1707, Josepti 

Gregory, Guardian of 

Lannah 2 " " 18 Jany. " in 1707 vritn 

ner uncle. 

Uarey, born 16 last Jul-% in 1707 - ;>ani. Jeneuick, 
ben. & Thoa. Tailor Jr. to uist. 

'i'he T/iaow to aamr. 

1697 5'itcn, ^ihigaile, callea grandcnild hy Saran Curtiss, nov/ 
wife of Gapt . iVra. Curtiscj, formerly Goodrich. 

1705 i'rencn, Saral. appt. Guardian for Joian, Slizabetli & 

i^enemian Barly, cnilaren of George Barley of 
dtraoforu, deod. 

1707 Forward, Li(iia cs) have Thos. iVildman for Guardian he having 
luercy ) raarriecl their aether. 

1711 Fairchila, Joseph, vitness will Mrs. iiarah -Jhancey of 


1711 ?oot, Johiell, " " " " " 

1X07 i'rost, Joseph, (list, of est. of by John Barlov/e & 

Szekiell oanford. 
1' ' Joseph, alciest son, 


1.11 en 

She widow receives her part. 


1708 iJ^rost, :.anl. Sargt. of Fairfiold, will of. Doc 15-1707 

7/ife i'iary 

Son, Banl. - land on the Island bgt. of Sargt. LocTc- 
^Yoocl on hi^ the m£bdo\7 fojmerly John Greens on 
S. bj^ land of Ed^Tard Jezup - also land in 
Sascofield ^bought of Capt. Osburii & land or 
islana bounded by land of Jon Green, deed. w. 
by Jolin «.nurus ic 6» by Simon Couch. 
Son Isaaeh 
Son V/m. unaer age 
dau. Abegail ) 
" _kary ) 

" Iliaabetn ) all prob. under age 
■' Hebeckah ) 
■-Vife oa son Danl. to be 2x. 
'Witness -athan Gold (The worshipful , Clark of Court) 

Joseph iVebb (The Sev. ) 
Simon Couch !h Joseph Sturges testify the aeed. made his will a 
Tuesday before his death 2c heard hin give his negrot; 
nan Ton to his mfe. 
Inv. Jany. 2, 1707/8 by Cristopher Sturges - Benj. Rumsey co 

Saml. Couch. 
The deed had land - formsrly Capt. John Osburn. 

" next to Sturges near Saeco Creek 
" near Joshua Jennings house formerly 

belonging to JoseiDh ?>:v7lana. 
Cider ...ill at Israeli Bowlana orchard. 

1709 Jinch, Abraham, i:>en. of Stanford Inv. ^ec. 4 -1708 by 

-His ha iiolly cc Joseph Bishop. 

baial. Blatchly of Stanford uwears to inv. & appt.adnr. 

1709 Finch, i^athl. called brother-in-law by Janes iiickelson 

of -'airfield. 

1710 j'erris, 3enj. late of Stanford « Greenwich, Inv. est. 

Kov. 27-1710 by Saral. Eait - Caleb Pherris (-'erris) 

Slisha Holly (ptart of iioses his barn) 

Viidow "^arah (Pherris) had former husbana see land 

in inv. v/hich she holds as Zx. of former husband's 


^'idow barah aamx. 


1710 Ferris (£herriaj Caleb, takus inv. above est. 

1711 iferris, Zachariah., Sen. lar. of Stratfield, will of, dated 

Aug. 14-1710 

Vi'ife barah, she nay have been v/io. . of Joseph 3 c!c d. 
of \'m. Eeed. 
Son Zachariah 

" Saal. 
_aa. Sarah 
" Mary 
v-apt. --avii'i Shennan Sa 3enj. ^airv/eather overssers 2c Sx. 
Witness 3enj. ^'airwaather Sc Sarah i^airw-ather. 
James 3ennit, Justice (at Stratfield) 

"/Vidow Sarah, appt. adnx. 
Inv. Apr. 15-1711 by James 3ennitt cb Timothy Wheeler. 

1711 Fairv/eather , 3enlf. Tvitness ^c overseer of above est. 

1711 Fairweather, Sarah (possibly wife of 3enj) 

and witness " " 

1711 Fountain, Hr. James of Greenwich Inv. Jan. 8-1710/11 by 

Joseph Xnap - Anthony joughnier. 

iilr. Saml. Peck of Greenwich ^x iir. ELexander Hussija 

or Horwalk swear to inv. 
Said Jir. Saml. Peck of Greenwich & Ivlr. Hezander 

Bussiga of ITorwalk appt. Admr. 
2 dan. of deed, 

Judith & ward of Ur. Slexander Sessaga 
iviagclalen, ward of Mr. -"-nthony L'onguier. 
lir. John Sdwards of Fairfieid & Capt. Hoses -Dimon 
to aist. 

1710 French, Abigail witness will lilrs. liartha .Vakeman. 

1710 French, Sargt. Saml. chosen as guardian by his 

neice Elisabeth '.Vakeman d. of Capt. John Sc Ivlartha 
7valreman, deed. 

1712 Ferris, Joseph of Greenwich, calls Saml. Smith deed, of 

Stanfora father. 

1712 Ferris, Saml. at Uevvton has in his hands some prop, of 

widow ioary Odell deed, of Stratfield, possibly hus- 
band of aau. Deborah. 


1712 ?rench, Saml. takes Inv. est. John Love of Strat field, 

1712 ?ayrweather, 3enj. takes inv. est. lioses Jackson, Sen. 

1712 ?airchild. Agar of Stratford^ Inv. of est. of Aug. 5, 1712, 

by Thos. Bennitt, Bobt. iTalker, 3enj. Brook 

Widow Ilary - guardian for daughter. 

Only child, aau. Uahitebell 1 yr « 12 days old 

tne 4th day of Ma$ last when her father died. 
Joseph Gurtiss Ssq. & IJr. Thos. Bennitt to dist. 

1710 Foot, Solomon \7itness release of lirs. Sarah Osborn by 
John Smith. 

1715 janton, Jonathan, -.vitness ?7ill Simon Couch Sa d. bef. 
Apr. 1713. 

1713 Finch, Saml. takes inv. est. Jonathan Holly of Stanford. 

1714 Faunton, Jonathan of Fairfiela, inv. of est. of Feby. 

■■Vidov; Sarah. 

1714 Fairchild, lir. Joseph of Stratford, Inv. Mch. 2g 1713/14 

by Abell Beardsay Sc Isaac Bennitt. 

i'he deed, had land at Fairfield -Ilisha Hill 

Booths Hill - at Durhan. 

timothy b. Dec. 9 -1687 

Joseph b.' " -28 -1689 

ITathau b. Jan. 29 -1592/3 

bar ah b. llov.26 -1C94 

Johaniiah b. Feby.2 -1696/7 

Catherine b.- Apr. 11 -1699 

Jibhn b. Junel9 -1701 

Pliebe b. Dec. 1704 

i'honaa B. Hay 4 -1712 
Son Joseph one of aomrs. 
Zdmon Lewiss ic Rich. Kicoles to dist. 


1714 ^'alconer, LIrs. Hannah, now -.vire of lir. James Clark of 
Stratford. I^arriage agreement bfre 1709 
Her dau. EarM&u falconer ) left legacy by Mr. 
" son Patrick " ) James Glafck. 

1714 Falfora, aau. so called by Llr. James Clark of Stratford. 

1714 jj^ulford, Abraham, appeals to .superior Court on a/c pt 
will of llr. James Clark of Stratford. 

1713 Fairehild, Phebe, granddaughter of Johannah iVilcockson 

of Stratford & d. of her s. in lav/ Joseph Fairchild. 

1713 ?airchild, Sarah, granddaughter of Johannah .'Vilcockson. 

1714 Firman, liary of Stanford, widow, will of 17th of LIch. ,1714- 

i'/idow of Josiah Firman. 
Son Isaac Weed 
Dau. Ivlary Lockivood 

" • Hannah Scofield. 

" Rebeckah Firman 
a in law, 3 ami. Weea 

Grandchildren tne children of my son Joseph rVr:-ed,decd. 

anu his wife Bebeckah a legacy to except. 3s. Sa 9p 
v/hich said Sebeckah promises to pay :.Ir. Durint. 
Son in law Saml. Scofield sole '^x. 
Joseph Bishop - Gapt. 
Witness Danl. V.'eed. 

luarah Firman wifav of Josiah Firman, late of Iswtown, 
deed, upon i,ong Island H.Y. acknov/ledges the 
above to be ner last will & testament. 

Joseph Bishop, 
Inv. of est. she having aied lich. 31-1714 - by Danl. 
Scofield Sc Saml. Weed. 
1714 Fairweather, Benj. takes inv/ est. Dr. Isaac Hall. 
1714 Finch, iJathaniell of i^orwalk, Inv. of est. Dec. 23-1714 

by Saml. llaxvin &: Saml. Hanford. 
Widow i-ary, appfc. Admx. 

17115 Ferris, ..loses, v/itness with Jonathan >.helpny of (Jreenwich. 


1715 i?airweather , 3enj. takes inv. & dist. est. of Joseph 
irobridge of 3tr&tfield. 

1714 ?erris, Joseph, adra. est. Mr. Joseph Turney of Stanford. 

l'^17 i^'ayrwather , Benj. witness release ox Gornelius Jones by 
step aau. Ahigale Brady. 

1715 ritcn, viary, called a. by Gapt. liathew oherwood. 

1715 i«^airweatiier,iiarah " " " " " " 

17 50 French-, Gamaline of Stratford chosen as guardian by 
James Hedfield of Fairfield. 

Fairweather, Benj.) 

Sarah) witness agreement of John Idwarda, 
atty. for Lir. John Sies of Boston & Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Harper, \7idow of I^. John Harper of Yarmouth 

1714 Finch, Joseph of Greenwich, Inv. of est. April 2d. 1714 by 
15 Thos. Marshall Sc Caleb ICnap. 

The Inv. exhibiteu Jany* .3-1714/15 by son Joseph, 
(p. 297; Son Joseph ) 

2xd. " Jonathan ) appt. adms. 

Agreement of heirs, via. 

Son Jos eph 
" Saral. 
" Jonathan 
" Benj . 
Son in law Joseph Renals 
Dau. Elizabeth ^^hitney 

" Sarah Finch 
Son in law Jonathan Mead 

Witness - Lavid Benalos 

JRobt. Lockwood. 

1705 i'rost, Joseph, son or Joseph Frost, deea. is raaae vrard 
of Sargent Janl. Frost. 

1710 Fairehiid, -'iger, who vras lormerly under guardianship 

of Sargt. Mathew Sherwood who is deed, now makes 
choice Of' Lieut. Ager x'omblinson as guardian. 


1710 jj'oun-tain, Jacies oi' Grreenwich, tiiere being 2 chiluren 

of viz. Jude ts Kagd-jlen, Ilr, Anthony ilonguer appt, 
guardian for Hagdelen Fountain. 

1712 x^'rench, Sargt. Saml. appt. admr. est. of John Love of 

1712 i'rost, Jos&ph, ills widow married & 

1712 is deca & called Hlizabeth Hull. 

1713 ijayerweather, .:r. Benj. appt. adm. oi est. ITathl. Knap 

deed, and also to furnisii adior. on est. Mary Knap. 

1713 J'inch, V/idoir/ Sarah late of Stanford, deed. 

Joseph i?^inch of Stanfora, appt. adn. 

1714 Fanton, Jonathan, late of ^airfield, deed. 

V/idov; iiarah with her brother John Hide to admr. 

1714 Ferris, Joseph appt. acim. on est. of Joseph Surney of 


1715 Fairweather , Lir. Benj. request court to discharge him 

from acLra. of ests. of i:athl. £: Llary Knap which the 
court bO orders & appts Charles Lane Jr. admr. 

1724 Fountain, Judith d. James x^ountain late of Greenwich 

acknowledges receipt of her legacy from her guardian 
lir. Alexanuer Jussague of ilorwalk. 

1724 Fountain, Liadelon, acknov/leages the receipt, from her 
guaraian I^. Anthony Uonghier of Fairfield the 
legacy from her father James ijountain of ilorv/alk. 

Witness Peter Barr 
Hobt. Smith. 


BOOK 1648 - Ibob. 

1658, George ii. inv. filea Get. 5, 1658, p. 44. 

1655 (2xd. Gregory, Henry, distriliution oi estate or, Junel9,1655, 
( " John, oldest son of above, admr . p. 5 

1655 Gilbert, Josias 
1655 Gold, Nathan 

1658 Godwyn, Geo. (1656) 
1658 Gray, Henry, estate of, inv. filed Oct. 15, 1558, p. 27. 

1658 i&d. Godwin, George, will of, of btratford, probated Oct. 6, 
Uling wife of above, 2s:rx. " 1658, p. 34 

Saml. eldest son 
Ivlary ■ " daughter m. 1st Joseph Jackson & 

S Joseph iSely. 
John, son. 


16bl Grov/es, Phillip (Stratford) 1B70 overseer of John Perocke. 

1662 Green, Ann, witness v/ill of 3'rancis Andrev/s, 

166 E GSuman, John 

1652 brother Growe mentioneo. in rvm. 7/ileoxon will. 

1652 (^owe, Phillip ex. of est. of Wm. Wilcoxson. 

1655 Gold, iiathan is husband of relect of Sdmon Harvy. 

1667 Gurnsee, Joseph, witness will of Jeffry -^'erris. 

1669 Gernsee, Joseph of Staiaford, see settlement of est. 

John .iater berry. 

1669 Gray, Johanna, called daughter by Giles cimith in his will. 

1669 Green, Jolin:, admx. est. of -hos. Steadwell of btanoford. 

1669 Grooke, Hawkins owning property next Zpriam VtTieeler. 

1671 Grimes, .Vm. est. of, inv. by Sergt. Lockwood , inv. filed 

and will prbbatea Sept. 7,1677. 
r-R-AV lAR^ TA7^ Joshua Knap - Jolm Hobby - 

p?59i Joseph Mead & Angel Eueste^^i selectmen of 

(Greenwich) attest to inventory. 
iVill of above - urawn July 18-1671 left all his 
prop, to Joseph .^ead, John Rennolds 8c 'Sliphlet 
Jones to enlarge the town of Greenwich. 

Ruth i-'ereau ) 

-^eborah Barlow) witneas 


1674 Gilbert, Obadialx, v/ill or, probated LIcli.9,1674 oi John I 

Book 1665-1670, p. 82. 

1675 waa wife of) 

Capt.lTathuL. ) 21izabefh, v/idow (a legacy due her in Sng. 

Seiy« )_ Sarah 01ms teau 

Under age (Obadiah 

possibly (Benjamin 

Obadiah is or (Joseph 

Desires his loving brethern Jonathn Gilbert 

cc Josiah Gilbert to be overseers. 
jPhe Court speaks or the above oarah Olmstead as 
the daughter of ITeheniaa 01msteaa,aecd. 
Inv. taken Lich. 9-1674 by )1675 lllz. the widow of 
John Banks cc ) Gilbert Having married 

'!im» Vn'ard. Kapt. U. iiely & he 

) having died, the Court 
appts. lathaniel Hayes 
& Saml. Hayes to assist 
the overseers in the 
administration of estate 

1672 Galpin, Phillip of Sye in Colony of Eonn. County of ?air- 

f ielu , transfers property at Rye to Sobt. Bloomer 
of Rye between tne lots or George oniffins & 
John Ogden and also prop, near Timothy Knap lot. 
Witness Joseph Horton 
John Rockr/ell 

Then Robt. Bloomer transfers this prop. Hay 3,73 
to iSimon Roberts of Boston. 
Witness George Jjane 

John Brinaisa 

1672 Galpin, Phillip, as above, sells otner property at ri-ye to 

ciinon Roberts of Boston. 
Witness Joseph Horton 

George Hanecks 

Richard Lounsberry. 


BOOK 1675 - 89. 

1673 Growe, Philip, PJaling Zlder or Church at Stratford. 

Widow Ann Will probateu i'eb. 6,1675,p.lS:15, 

Uathaniel Porter) 

Hannah '' ) ^^'^^^ motherlesa Grandchilaren. 

Huth " ) 

l^athaniel Porter , son-in-law to his Bister Susanna 
Grant, widow, Hear Bristol, 2ng. His brother 
John Growe. 

Rebecca Andrews (Servant) 
Hathaniel Honerston (Servant) 
lir. Israel Ohanoy ) ) 

Capt. i'iin. Gurtias, ) Overseers JV/itnesa John Brinameea 
Joseph iiawly ) ) Henry 'iomlinsnn 

Inventory taken 14 Feby 76 - by 
urn, Curtiss 
John Picket 
Henry .lakeling 
Jehu or John -Vels. 

1675 Green, Joseph is ^r. to est. Gornelius Hunt o:. ^itandi'ord 

1676 Grumun, Sarah, vrlfe of John Grumun d. of Ilehill Try 

John, granu child of Ivlehill 'Jry 
Soml. '■' " 

Thos .• " " 

Uehill " " 

-lizabeth " " 

aaraii " " 

1676 Galpin, Bennony, legacy to by Ilehill Try 

1678 Galpin, Saml. legacy to by John I'onson. 

1675 Goawin,John, a soldier. Will of, dated iJec. 1,1675 probatea 
iiary Jackson, uis sister 1678, Book 1675- 

John Smith, " uncle 1689, p. 45. 

Sanil. Goodwin " brother 


Wm. Hill dGbt to eat. Saml. Smith 

Thos. Sherwood, Inv. taken 5'eby. 10" by Wm. Hill 

Robt. Rumsid. 


1675 Goodwin, Sanl. "brother to above JohJi. 

1677 Galpin, ) Joseph, takes inv. est. John Tranes, deed. 

1681 Gregories, Judah, had land next to Hath. 3ichards,Iorv;ock. 

1681 iiarreo, Rehecca (now Rebecca Tifaller) left legacy by W. 


1681 Galpin, yaml. legacy to, from John Hurd of btratford. 
168£ liold, Mrs. Sarah 3r. gift to by Will Joseph Banks. 

1682 Gold, Uaj , Hathan, overseer of Will Joseph Banks. 
1681 Gregory, John Adras. Zst. 31iz. '.Vebb. 

1685 Grumun, John Jr. to take inv. of Sst. Szekill Sandford. 

1683 Gold, Llaj. Mathan, Ex. of Will of prop, of Stephen Hodgea, 


1679 Grununs, John, Sen. house of prop, of Anthony Burr, a 


1679 Gregory, John of Sorwock, overseer of list. H. Hide.aecd. 

1684 Grumens, Goodnan, sold property at Millplain bef. 1684 

to Jno. Banks. 

1684' Gold, Hathan, witness will of Jno. Bante. 

1684 Gronan, John, oen. takes inv. est. of Robt. Meker. 

1676 Gray, Michols, witness with John Basset of Stratford. 

1685 LIr. Gold assistant. 

Mr. Jehii Burr & Mr. Jonn Burr comnissioners at General 
Court held at Fairfield June 16-1685. 


1685 Groman^ John aen. of i^^airlield. will of , aated Jane 2-1685 
..idow Sarah prooatea .;oy.6,1685. 

John, son oi- deed. Book 1675-1689, p. 185. 

Thos. " " " 

iiichael " - ■• (lajid at lailplain) d. 1691. 

oarah, in 1691 called wife of oami. Jennings. 

ihos. Oliver ° 

Gifts to- i Jeiiu Burr ) 

i^^l 2urr ) ) witness, 

bimon oouchJ overseers. :Josnua iiarvy) 

Inv. Aug. 7-1685, Jehu Burr, Janl. Bur & Josiah Harvy 

(1685) Groman, John, oversGerof est. 3zekiel Sanfora, dec. 

1685 Gray, Jacob, constaole oraered to oe paid by Gen. Court. 

1685 Green, John, released by Joseph Bastera. 

1685 Gregory, John, had lana next to oaml. Mention. 

16 86 Galpin, Phillip, husband to Hannah d. Henry Jackson. 

1686 Godwin, George, da. liary, vTidow of Josepti s. of Henry 

Jackson. "^ 

1686 Gesop, Zdward, convicted of being at H; Roj^lands at nipht 

witnout leave, ^ 

1687 Griffen, Hugh of i.orwalk, married the widow of Peter llorton 
fRnnv ir7R n®^'^' f"^ . ^he died in ivairfield. Said Hugh is of ' 

fiflSVpp'^T Orinoake in tae town of Stratfora. anu oeing adm. 
^689,p.22o) 01 aoove estates agrees to give Abigail o: Mary 

Uorton only chilaren and heirs above an equal 
portion witu his daughters. 

1687 Green, John, takes inv. est. Ann Peacke, deed. 

1687 Garnsy, Joseph, witness will of Henry ^nith of Stanford 

1688 Groman, John, had living with him tne dauc-hter of a brother 

Of Simon Coucn. 

1638 Groman, baran, witness will of Simon Uoach, deed. 


1688 Gbriiaian, John, takes inv. of est* Simon Uoucii, deed. 

1688 i:^arnsy, Joseph, died Nov. 11-1688, inv. filed Dec. 7,1688 

taken by Jonathan Bell & Jonat, i^eed i^ownsnen. 

Joseph, son oi aecd. appt. admr. Book 1675-1689, p. 261 

1686 Galpin, Hannah, sister to Joseph Jackson. 

1689 Gregory, John or i^on/valk, xieed of, dated Aug. 15-1689. 

Sarah, widow. Book 1675-1689, p. 265. 

2 daughters. 
Jamea BenneaieK son-in-law 
John Benneciick 
Witness I'hos. Hanford - Thos. Bennediek. 

1689 Gregory, aarah, wiuow of BorvTalk, ?d.ll of, aated Oct. 9-1689. 
iir. i'hos. Hanford Us -) overseers 6c :John r'itch) 
ier. Jolin Piatt ) administrators: Jrafies Bets) 


1689 Kistrioution or above estate, II ov. 1, 16 89. 
John Bennideck, sons in law prob. 
James Beneaick, " " " 
John Gregory, aona of above aecd. 
Jakin " " " " ' " 

Judah " " " " " 

Joseph " " " 

'2hoa. " " " " " 

1689 Gregory, oaran, widow of aoove inv. of ner estate taken 
Oct. 28-1689, by John Piatt oen. & Ohristopnef 
oomstock, filed ijov. 9,1689,-^ook 1675-1689, p. 292. 

1689 gilbert, Hannah, d. JaJnes Blakman of Orinoge. 

1689 Grefen, Joseph, witness will or" " " 

1689 iilanson, c'reeila, a. of Geo. Abbot of lorwolk. 

1715 Gold, the Honble iJathan oa Maj . Peter Burr, deed to, by 
town of -iJ'airfiela of the Hill bought of Indiaiis 
June 14-1680 by saia town. 
ior inaian names see back of Vol. of Pub. Kec. 1675-1689 


1665 Galpin, Philip, iias land ar Kye, eonsistin^^ or several 
tracts Dounaen in part Dy iollowing: 
lana of John Jackson- land of lieo >lni±±in 

I'imochy Anap, " Peter ^isborag 

x\0Dt. Bloomer John Coe 

John Ogden Jacob Pince 

Geo. Clear -vieo.Kniliin - John Ogaen 
^ -^ _^ i'hos. ivierrit-John Jianks- John Bold 

i.t Birom Hidge Wm. Odell - Thos. Merrit 

Thos. Brundish - I'imotny Knap 

Hecoraeu oy .m. Hill by John Brundish. 

Jan. 5, 1679. Register at; xtye. 

1664 (iold, %than oeiore saia uaT:e cBrriea "cne widow of 

Sdmond Harvy. 

1681 Gibs, Thos. of c^arolina .larch, & Elizabeth ^iioa of ^ew York 
iiis wife, are legally separated in ivew York, 
ihe said I'hos. keeping one aau. i^eoeoca cc the dau. at 

the Bar bad 06 s & 
The saia 31izabetii naving the ctaughter kartha & the nesro 
woman Hagar. 


'•i.'hos» Lewis. 
Jacobus DeHart. 
Kieholas Jlake 
i^ecoraea at j^airfiela, ^ug. ii0-l684. 

BOOK 1689-1701. 

1690 Gslpin, oaml. takea inv. of & is aamr. of est. Thos. Jefery 

lo9U Gold, A^athan, Jr. witness receipt of aaml. Morehouse, legacy 

uy uia soii iiaml. 

Ib91 lirumman, oaml. 2st. of, inv. taken i^ch.25 -1691 by John 
«Vakeman ii: baml. x^oberson, fileu i^iCh. 27 ,16yi Book 
i^^ary, ^vidow, 1689-1701, p. 40. 

(^Mla itiary x'he uecu. haa land at ^'ompor. 
The wiuowJ 
Thos. Jones) Appt. Admr. 


1691 Gruman, Sarah, maow or John, est. of. mv. Apr. 8-1d91 oj 
ciaml. Sober son. Thos. Staples, rilea ^pr. 14, 1691. 
John lirumaii oen. signers to Inv. 

Court appts. John C:^ruEian,oanil. Boberson « Saml. Jenninga 

Mary, a. oi ^iaml. Gru][nan,deca. granadaughter 
to \/iaow baran. 
'Ihe rest or esz. dividea oet. John Gruman & Sarah 
Jennings. (Book 1689-1701, p. 43) 

1691 Srunaja, Micnael, esi;. oi', Inv. taken Apr. 8-1691 by Saml. 
Sober son cc Thos. Staples, filed Apl. l4, 1691. 
John Uruman also swarss to Lmr, 

oame aiatrioution as aoove. 

1691 Grumaii, John, v/itnesb will of x'hos. Contcn. 

1691 ^ampin, Sebecca oa-lled siater oy x'hos. iaurance. 

1691 Grifen, iiugh oi (otratfora) will of, aatea oept. 9-1690 
Widow kary proba-ced ana inv. filed i^ov.3, 

John son of deed. 1691,i3ook 1689-1701, p. 52. 
Thos. " " " 
Saml. " " " 

To his wife's daughters Mary Norton ner eldest aaughter 
Abegaile now TTxfe of Joseph Beers of Fairfield 
To my daughter llaxj 


Hannah youngest aau. under age. 
5'rancis, son oi deed. 
Witness iiathan Gold & Saml. Wakenan, Sen. 
Inv. of est. taken .^ept. 17-1691 - by John 3eni^, Danl. Picket Sc 

John Goe. 

There are two chilaren of deed. Hugh Grifin, j« ranees, aged abt 
19 yrs. & Hannan aged aot. 16 yrs. 

1691 Gruman, Liary, widow ox Saml. Grumen, deed. 1691 d. of 
widow iuary Couch. 

1691 Gruman, I'hos. est. of, Inv. Apr. 8, 1691, by Saml. Roberson 
a Thos. Staples, j^ileo iJec.2,1691, Book 1689-1701, 
Widow kary. p. 61. 









Apr . 









1690 Sunn, lirs. of Derby asked to take, aer a. Hannah "by 
kYra. Roberts. 

1692 Galpin, Saral. takes inv. est. Eicolas ^ughes of Hartford. 

1693 Ualpin, Elizabeth, wife of baml. (ialpin & a. of Marks Sentio 
169S Unnn, Jobaraa, v/itness will or, v/iciow Miriam Groome. 

1693 Gold, Sarah , witness will of widow Abigail Lockwood. 

1693 iiS;Q. Gregory, Thos. deed, of Sorwalk, Hot. 1693, Inv. taken 
by Saml. Hajres, John Bennideck ei John 3etts,fil6d 
Jan. 23,1693, Book 1689-1701, p. 103. 
Widow at prop, married Lieut. John Olmstead & later 
possibly - Lockwood. 
Son J:ben63er, 10 yrs. olct Oct. 27 last 
Dan. Martha, 12 " 

Phebe 7 " 

xiachili, 2 " 

The widow & John Benedict of Borwalk appt. admrs. 

1695 Gold - wife of John Gold £; d. George Slanson of Stamford 

1699 Grumman, Ister, sister to Moses Lyon of Fairfield. 

:1710 Griff en, Frances, appt. to distribute eat. of Sam4,«GS'lpi^ 
of tatratford, aeea. 

1699 Gregory, Saml. appt. to aist. est* Sargt. Rich. Kubbell. 

1693 Groome, widow Meriam of Orenoge, will of, aated Milford, 
Oct. 4-1693, probatea ano inv. filec llov. 6,1693 
Eackariah Blackmati called oldest son 
Adam, " " son. James, son. 

Legacy to Merriam ilorthrop, wife of Joseph liorthrop. 
" Mary Groom 

" i^artha Blackman (Book 1689-1701, p. 91) 

i-i e-ughter Jane 
Brotiier Moses "heeler 

Son-in-law Joseph lorthrup with the overseers of my hus- 
band Blackman' s est. 2x. 
George Clark ) 
Jobama Gunn J Witness 


Inv. takeja Hov. 6, 1695 by James Clarke, John Viliels & Ebenezer 

Booth iJelectmen or Stratford, 
Milford Est. inv. taken Kov. 6-1695 - oy :dILizer Rogers & Jonth 

• iiauldwin before Alex. Bryan Ooms. 
Court gives keeping of youngest child of deed, widow to Joseph 

1694 Court appts. Josepn Jiorthrup, ciaml- 'tVheeler, Moses 'iVheeler 
& Sphraim i^tiles to pay debts c: distribute est. 

1693 Exd. Gilbert, Benj. dieu at i?airfield July 1-169 5- 3st. of 
Inv. taken July 8-1095 by Philip Lewis & I'hos . • 
Jones. (Book 1689-1701, p. 107.) 

Adry wid07/ 

i'he widow & ) 

Llr. Wm. Reed) appt. admrs. 

1703 Grey, Hannah, u. of Leut. Kathl. Seely, aecd. 

1698 iisd. Gregory, Jackin of Eorv/alk, est. of, Inv. taken Feby. 
22, 1697/8 by Janes Olmsted, John Gregory & John 

Widow Mary (Book 1689-1701, p. 154) 


Thos. aged 25 years 

SanI . 

23 " 


19 " 


15 " 


28 " 

oar ah 

20 " 

The widow & 


i'hos. & Saml. to admr. 

Mr. Saml. Haies & 

Liut. John Glnsted to distribute. 

1698 Grims, Mary, callea d. by Josiah Harvey aecd. 

1698 Sxd. Galpin, Saml. of Stratford, est. of, Inv. taken Mch. 

2.^-1697/8 oy John Beach dc John Goe, filed Apl. 26,1698 

.<idow Jiilizabeijh. (Book 1689-1701, p. 163) 


--lizabeth agea 13 

Saml. " 9 

Caleb • " 6 

Abigail " 2 

Mary " 6mos . 

The wiaow & Mr. John Hawley of Stratford to aamr. 
1710 - the widow & Capt. John Hawly make report &: Mr. 


Ambras lompson o: Francis Griff en with Capt. John Hawley 
appt. to make distribution, selectmen^ of Strat- 

1698 Gal pin, iaaml. takes inv. of est. Uoses li/Tieeler. 
1697 Sola, Hat ban, appt. admr. est« Ilr. Joseph Basterd. 

1695 Exd. Gruioan, Jolm of i'airfiela inv. taken Liay 20-1695 by 
'ihos. Jones - oaml. Squire & Jonathan iiorhouse, 
filed Hay 30, 1695,- Book 1689-1701, p.l8S. 
Widow iistez See 1701 f 

4 sons 
1 aaughter 

Sargt. John Thompson & ) Appt. 

Szekill Sandfora ) Admr. & overseers of 3 oldest children. 

The Inv. cimlienged by V/idow Lyon & wiaow Gruma2i,both 
claiming certain prop. 

1692 Glover, Zllen, widov/ of 1. Haven, buys prop, of Abegaile, 
^vife of Danl. Bur. 

1692 Glover, Henry, deed, of Hew Haven, leaves prop, to 
Abegaile Bur in reversion - before 1692. 

1694 ixQ. Gold, i'he Hon. iaajor Hathan ben. died lich. 4 -1693/4 

vVill of, dated Hch 1-1693/4. (Book 1689-1701, p. 179) 
Only son ITathan - the house & home lor bounded S.7/. by 
lathi. Bur ben. w on all other sioes by Highway 
or common. 
Son-in-law - John x'hompson. 

4 aaughters Sarah wife of John i'hompson(See book 

Deborah " " George Clarke(l716-1735 

or Clarke (page 175 ) 

Abegaile " " Jonathan ^ellick 

Ivlartha " " Sellick. 

Son I?athan, sole ex. 
V.itnesi^ )Gapt. John i3ur 

)_lipnelet Hill - 
xnv. taken ::ch. 22 - 1693/4 filed Apl. 11,1699 

1699 Sxd. Ghuire, Luke, est. of, inv. taken by iiathev/ Sherwood & 

James Benet. 

Widow Hebeckah. (Book 1689-17 01, p. 203. 





yrs. old 

Hbenezer , 







1/2" " 

(I u 







o children in 1701 

The widovif & John Odill her brother to adrnr. 

1703 Exd. Grifi'en, 'ihos. will & inv. aproveci by court nela Apr. 

Witness -idtvard Jainman cc Francis Griffen (Book 1589-1701, p. 

7/idow Jane 210) 

dau. iaeriam tiriffen 

Widow & 1.x, Saml. Sairchild, John Griffin, Sdward Hinman 
& Francis Grifien overseers. 

1691 Grumman, John of Fairfield, pays legacy to oaml. Jennings 
for saia Jennings v/ife from the estate of her 
granata-cher Miell Try. 

1691 Grumman, Thos. witness aoove acknowledgment. 

BOOK 1702 - 1750. 

1711 Galpin, Saml. Son of Saml. Galpin of atratford, deed. 
i.iakes 'cnoice of Francis Griff en of atratford to 
oe his guardian. 

1711 Galpin, Ilizaoetn, widow of aaml. Galpin of Stratford, deed, 
is cnosen as guardian oy her cnildren Abefeaile & 
Mary Galpin. 

1711 Griffen, Frances of Stratford is chosen as guardian by 
Saiul. con of aaml* Galpin deca. 

171£ Grey, Jacou of -^airf ielu , deed. est. of. Court appt. 
v/idow Sarah Grey & JacoD Grey son oi deed, 
appt. admr. 


1699 Hat han) Gold, 

oarah ) witness will Wm. Lyon of Jairiield, deccL« 

1699 Gregory, baml. deed, at Eorwalk 3ept. 1699. Inv. by 
i:ianil. Haies Danl. Betts , Saml. Smith.. 
Thos.' Gregory mroxe to inv. 
TTiOB. Gregory brother to deed, to adrar . 

17 04 Gregory, Joseph v/itness will of Ricli. Kolmes of ITorv/aik. 

1703 Gregory, Hebecka of otratfora, vrill of, dated 0ct.E5-1703 

oau. Liartha 4 
" Johana 5 
" Rebecka 1 

" Ataegaile 2 Uartha ) 

" aarah 5 Johana ) o youiigest 

son aaral. Sbenezer ) chilaren. 

" Benj. 
" Ebenezer 
Brother Eath. .Vheeler sole ex. 
Witness iJavid Sherman - saml, Srowell 

Inv. by James Beniu - James .:-ee:iy - Mv/axd Lacy, Jr. 
Benj. Gregory & Zzekiell Sanford 

1704 GilDert, John, takes inv. est. Jonn Allin of Stratfora. 

1702 Gregory, Sargt. oaml. of Stratfield, Inv. June 1703. 

The v/idov7 cb her tvvo sons Saml. 02 Benj. take oath 
to inv. June 18-1702. 

Vifidow Rebecka 
5 sons & 5 daughters. 
The — idow fi: her tv/o sons Saml. & Benj. appt. to adrar. 
Lieut. James Ben it ) 

iiargt.' i«iathew Sherwood O to make dist. 
aargt.' favid Sherman ) 

1703 Green, John of -''airiielo , Inv. Apr. 5-1703 - Dy Joseph 

Loclovood 00 Danl. i^'rost & Benj. Rumsey. 
The widOT/ to aamr - 


1699 Gilbert, Joseph of Fairl'ieia, will of, dated -:ec. 28-1699 
T/ii'e uary 
Only son Joseph (Gilbeid so. spellea) unaer age 
brother Obeuiah Gilbeia 
'witness - Sarnl. Hays Sen. 
Danl. Bur. 
Inv. i'eby. 14 - 1699 Dy Danl. Burr - -t'eter Burr - Ilna- 
than Haniora, 

1S97 Greene, iienj. oi' Staraiord , choses guaraian for Joseph 
& Marjory Clarke, youngest cniluren of Wm. 
Clarke of Bedfortu 

1708 Glover, kiss Bethyah proh. late wiaow of lir. Wm. Bickly, 
makes report on acunr. of his est. 

1708 Glover, John of Stratford, appt . aamr. etit. ./m. Bickly, 

17 02 Gup, Janecs legacy to by John Piatt of E'orwalk. 


1701 Gruman, John, son of John Gruiaan receives all the est. of 

his father from tne admrs. his uncle Sargt. Jo'rm 

c^i^|,,"^' Thompson & .Lziekell Sanford - & gives bona to 

Cour-c tnat he v/ill aiatrioute aame wnen nis o 

i (, 

Drotnera & sisters come of age. 

TrYitness John ward 

John wakeman. 

ihe Court releases bargt. John ihonpson 8c Szekiell Sanfora 

rrom the work of aamr. est. of Gruman, deed. 
1709- John Gruman aoove , aesires to have est. oist. & 
tne Court aistrioutes as ioIIop/b: 
2o Joseph Gruman son of John Gruman, Sen. 

being of age receives nis portion of iiis father *s 
The dist. matte oy Sargt. John Odell ft Joseph «Jackson being 
appt. ai^ Court -to aist. dn Dec. 8, 1709 the Court 
releases tne above distrioutors h^ appt. Hobt. Silli 
man & Siisign Hich Hubbell to aist. 
There being yet aiificulties in tne way isehy. 21-1709/10 
tne Court oitaerea a Jury of 12 to make a new 


1697 Goodrich, John ) Gallea sons t)y oarah i^urtis 

fVn. ) now -.vife of Gapt. Win. Curtis. 

David ) 

Sphraim ) 

1697 Goodrich, aarah, granacnila to bsjran Curtis, now v;ife or 
Capt. V;ra. Curtis s. 

Ib97 Goodrich, Hebecka left legacy by " " " " " 

1707 fireen, 3enj. tfelj:es inT. and dist. est. 2dmond Lockv/ood or 

17 07 Gregory_, Joseph appt. guardian of Ann d. Joseph i^orward or 
Danhury, deed. 

1707 Gregory, Benj. takes inv. est. Piebeckah Gregory, deed. 

1706 Gregory, Joseph, v/itness will of John Bovrton 3eh. of ITor- 


1707 ^askell, oaml. lir. of Stratford, r/ill Jan. 31-1706/7 

V/ife ^begaile, possibly witu chila. 
Sister -iary "^askell 

Si5 to poor of Stratford. 
Legacy to my next kindred by affinity & sister liary above 

to be divided bet. 
wife Si lilr. Benj.Ceney or Coney admrs. 
V/itness Joseph Curtis 
John I3urroT/es. 
Inv. ^■♦ay Ea. 1707 - by Benj. Curtiss, John Hav/ly cc Benj. 
Cony. ■ 

1703 Gregory,. Rebeckah, died oct. 26-1703. Inv. Oct. 28-1703 by 
James Beimit, James Seeiy, ^sekiell Sanford, 
Benj. Gregory & Idward Lacy. 

1707 Gregory, iJhos. dist. of est. oi , 'bj administrators, 
John Beneaick cc Zllizabeth iiockwood 
To 3beneser 
I'o Pheby 

To Bebeckah her est. given to ISbenezer as guardian. 
Dist. ^.-ay 1-1707. 


1708 Gregory, John, takes inv. o±' est. Saml. V/eed of Lanbury. 
1707 Gregory, Saral. witness will of iiaml. Jon^ of Stanford, 

1709 Gilbert, John of Stratford, Inv. of est. before 22 Sept. 

1709 bv i^bos. Benni'Tt, Fra^-ncis iriffen. 
Viidow Hannah, 

Son, Thos. 16 laat Ar-r. 

" Josiah 10 " I^ch.' 

" John 8 " iich. ■ 

data. Sarah 3 " Eov. 10th 8i another dau. 

The wiaosr c: Zachariah Blakernan oo-aarir. 
Zachariah Blakernan called brother in law to the widow 
Hannah Gilbert. 

1709 Griffen Frances, take inv. of above est. 

1710 Gregory, Joseph, Sen. takes inv. est. Jonathan Stevenson 

of i>orv/alk» 

1710 Gilbert, John of Stratford, dist. of est. to widov/ Hannah 
& 5 children, 5 sons and 2 aaughters. 
Capt. John Hawley & Abraham Wooster to dist. 

1710 Green, Benj. takes inv. est. David iVaterbury of Stanford, 

1710 Gold, Kathan, swares to will o±' Capt. Iheopholus Hull. 

I'lO Gold, John, Clerk of i.-'robate Court « before aate. 

1710 Gold, Nathan, laq. callec father in la?; by Capt. Jonathan 


1710 Gold, Kathan, Hon* called brother by Capt. Jonathan 
Sellick, 'an.l overseer of 7:ill. 

1710 Gold, Hothan^ Judge at ^'airfield of Probate. 

1712 Griffin, r'rancis, takes inv. est* John Bourrougns or 
str at field. 

1712 Gold, Hon. -^athan Lsq.. asst. ex* of lor. rYn. Sawlinson 

■of Stratford* 


1712 Griffin, Francis, taS:>:;S inv. of Jirs. '>Vra. Rawlins on of 

1716 Gold, llathan, 3sq.. Judge of Probate for Jairfiela. 

1719 Urunman, Jolm of i?'airfield, uist. of hia est. to youngest 
children "by his son John Grurrjnan admr. 
To hiiieelf (John Gruraan) land next Szekiel Sanford 8a Saml. 

She lonc\ lot aivided bet.) Also land at Compo 

j Joseph ) 

Thomas ) Land at Unkaways next bound ea by 

Saml. ) Ssekiel Sanford. 

John ■ ) 

Sister Abegale dau. of deed. John Grumman has had her 

portion. Signea by 
John Grumman 
Jos eph Grumman 

Szekiell Sanford for i'hos. Grumau 
David Sheriaan for i^aml. 

1710 Green, Joseph of Jtanford Inv. of est. July 15,1710. 
Item particulars paid to i.iary 

" " " V.aitstill, possibly v/id. 

of David iVaterbury. 
Inv., taken at request of wiaov/ u 
children .^-lisha Holley & 
Benj. Green 
■.Vid057 Elizabeth 2c 3 sons & 4 daughters. 
The v/iaoT7 « J3enj. GresnWother of deca. to aximr. 
ivlr. llisha Holly - iir. Stephen Bishop Cc Lir. Abrahaj:^ Bell 
to dist. 

1710 Green, Benj. brother to above admr • of above est. 

171Ji Gray, Jacob , Sen. of J airfield. Inv. lich. 12,171H by 
John x'hompson & 7i'ra. Hill, 
■>Vidow Sarah ) 
Son Jacob ) to admr. 

Son in lav; Isaac Jennings releases iiis brother 
in law Joseph Gray of i^ew -^ov/n of any claim 
on est. 01 his father in law, sa. Jacob Gray, 
&eh. deed. 


ivitaesb Char lea Lane 

Jacou liray 
oon iii lavv oaml. umberxiexa of iiew Haven releases 

nis Drotuer in law oacoo Grdy or any eiaim on eat. of 

ills xa"i;iiex in lav/ oucob uxtiy oen. ueca. 
Witness Peter ourr 

xsaac Jenningtj. 

171£ Guire, Luke, granaaon to widow liary rShervvood. 

Sbenezer " " " " " 

Hellinah grandaaughter " " 

Ivlary " it u 

Hannan " " " 

1712 Gold, John to oe asst. ex. of est." " 

1712 Gregory, Jolrn takes inv. est. John Halt of Banbury. 

1712 Gola, John v/itnes8 agreement of Hon of John .ihitlock 
of Fairfield. 

1712 Gregory, John, takes iuv. est. Hathaniel Halt of Danbury. 

1715 Gregory, Joirm, takes inv. est. Mr. John ITash of Eorwalk. 

1715 ulover, IJr. John, prob. s in lav/ to Hr. -cJenj. Beach. 

1715 Gray, Wm. takes inv. of est. Danl. Sherwood of Fairfield. 

1715 Gold, Jonathan, uakes inv. est. Edward Tarrey ? of Stanford 

1712 Gregory, i'hos. of ITorv/alk, Inv. of est. of Apr. 14-1712 by 
Joseph Bouton, Joseph Oetchura & Llatthew Gregory. 
Had land bet. Saral. Comstock & Thos. Hint on Sidge 
field Road. 
Widow lilizabeth 
Eldest son Jtonjemin 9 yrs. old 17th last Dec. 

" Saral. 7 -' . " 22 " Uaroh. 

dau.KLizabeth 4 " " 22 " Sept. 

Sarah 2 " "4 " ?eby. 

v"/idow appt. Admix. 

Cap-c. Joseph Hatt & Capt. John Raymond of Horwalk to 


1712 Gregory, Llathew, takes inv. on above est. 

1713 Gray, Henry, Jr. of Compon, deed. liay 29-1713 

Inv. of est. June 12-1713 by John Andrus & TTios. 


Had lana on Compon hill upon tue top of the nill 
tnat v/aa given after tne aeatu of his fatner. 
■>7idow SLizabeth to aarcr. 
Son 3enj. b. Apr. 28-17 07 
Dau. Hizabeth, b. ilay 21-1711. 

1713 Gold, Jonathan swares to inv. Jeremiah Andrus to btanfora, 

1715 Gilbert, IJr. looses of ^airfield. Inv. est. ?eby. 15-1714 
Dy Peter Bulkley & John Gold. 
lirs. Jane Gilbert widow of deed. appt. adnui. 
Son Josiah makes choice of his mother as guardian, 
dau. Elizabeth 
" Hannah I'he mother appt. guardian for 5 
" barah daughters. 

" Gathern 
-Jisign Gideon Allen 8c Peter Bulkley Jr. to dist. 

1715 Gold, John takes inv. of above est. 

1714 Green, John witness will Llr. Isaac ^uintard of Stamford. 

1715 Godfrae, Christopher, i>en. of :^airfield, Inv. of Zst. of 

::ov. 17-1715 by 

John i(OckT,'ood, Saml. Osburn & John Andrews. 

The deed, bought land of Cornelius Bunkcom & land 

of Hobt. Becham. 
Widow Ann So Son Saml. to aamr. 

1750 Gorhaci, Lockv/ooa, of Fairfield, chosen guardian by 
Javid Hull of Fairfield. 

1729 Gorum, .reorge 6i Hannah his wife d. of late Josepn Banks, 
iee agreement ol Banks tieirs. 

1750 Gorham, George of Stratford appt. adn. of est. Joseph 
Gornam of Stratford, deed. 

1708 Gold, John Appt. Clerk of Probate Court, Jan. 18-1708. 



Gold, Jonathan appt. adrar. est. Jeremlati Andrus of Stanford, 

Gold, Jonathan 

Abraham Ambler, Jr. 

Gilbert, Josiah, son of John Gilbert of iitratfora, is 
made vi/ara ox lir. Ephraim otiles of otratford. 

Gilbert, John, son of John Gilbert of Stratford is 
made wara or Jonathan Gilbert of btratford 

Gilbert, Thomas a. or saia Gilbert makes choice of his 
mother Hannah Gilbert as guardian and said, mother 
is maae guardian to Sarah the youngest chila. 

1710 Green, John, s. of Joseph Green, late of Stanford, aeca. 

makes choice of his uncle Benj. Green as guardian. 
Mercy Green also c hoses her uncle 3enj. Green as 

guardian. *^ 

ilathl. Green, son of saia Green deed, is made 

vi/ard or his mother Elizabeth, vildmr of said 

Joseph Greem, deed. 

1710 Guire, Luke, aome of tne heirs or, being of age The Court 
appt. Capt. Joseph V^akeman & Sargt. Gideon Allen 
to make dist. 
Hannah Guire (or iiary) makes choice of her brother 

Luke Guire as guaruian. 
IJary (or Hannah) Guire makes cnoice of her father 
in law Rcbt. Turney as guaraian. 

1715 Gray, Eenj. son of late Henry Gray of Fairfiela 
nonage tae Court appt. hib motner 
SLi?>abeth Gray as guardian. 
Tlioa. Lisbrow goes on his bond. 

in law (step J 


1716 Gold, Jonathan Appt 

admr. est. Jonn Pettit aeca. of 

■ 'o/^i^JS I V ' 150 

1710 Hull, Gapt. Theopholua oi' jair-iela, will ox, dated June 4. 
;7ife Llary 
dan . liBx y 

" ■ Ann possibly all cnildren unaer age. 

Son £heopliOlua (eldest i.on) 
" iiliph£Llet 
" John 
" Jabesii 
Goiisin i>ao?ah oeely tiaat livec" with me. 
Wife sole ex. 
Witneab John Hide - John tinitn - 

llathan Gold & Saml. Hull sware to validity of will. 
Inv. of est. ITov. 25-1710 by Robt. Sillman & Saml. Hull 
1712 Apr. 14 - I'iary Hull, v/iuow L ex. of est. of Gapt. 

Iheopholus Hall being also deed.- the Court appt. Sargt. 
Ezekiell cianfora & I'hos. Sanford to aoiar. 

1710 Hide, Joiin, v/itnesn above will. 

1710 Hull, barnl. takes inv. of above est. 

1710 Holms, Stephen of Greenv/icn inv. of est. Dec. 10-1710- 

by Joshua l-nap - I'imotny Hnap & John Renalds Jun. 
V/idow liary to aamr. 

1711 Hudson, John, deca* of Hew Haven, called brother by Mrs. 

Sarah Ghanning of Stratford. 

1711 Hudson, Ilr. John s. of above called nephew by Mrs. Sarah 
Ghanning of Stratford . 

1704 Holms, Jonn of Stanford est. of inv. Feby. 18-1703/4 by 

Stephen Holms Sen. & Jonatnan Bell* 

ilary avrares "Co inv. of "che former husband's est. be- 
fore David .Vat er bury Justice of Peace at ;:)tan- 
f ord. 

Mr. Saml. Halt r/ho married the widov; to aamr. 
Only chilu of uecd. don John under 7 yrs. 

1704 Holms, Stephen, Sen. takes inv. in above est. 

1704 iiait, iiary, now v/ife of Saml. Hait late widow of 
John Holmes of Stanford. 


17 C4" Hart, Saml. talres inv. of eat. Joim Holmes ox Stani'ord. 

1711 Hall, Isaac Jr. cc Janei, his vdfe swore to verbal v/ill or 
liary Knap oi' otratford. 

1711 Henarick, Phebe, v/ife of Sacil. Henricfe, called sister 
by iviary Knap of Stratford. 

1711 Henrick, Ilathl. son of Satil. « Phebe Henrick, called cMla 
Dy Mark Knap of Stratford. 

1711 rlubbell, Bichara takes inv. est. Liary Knap of btratfield. 

1710 Hubb ell, Richard, call^ brother by Ilrs. liartha uakeman 
& 2x. of her est. 

1710 Hubbell, aisign Hich. 

Sanl. takes inv. est Lrs. lia^rtha Wakeman 

1710 Hubbell, Insign Hich. adra. of est. Capt. John '.Vakeman, 
nusDand of above ilajctha. 

1710 Hubbell, Sanl. guardian for Ann & Llartna d. Capt. Jonn 
Wakeman, aeca. 

1710 Hill, 7im. Appt. to dist. est. of Gapt. John Wakeman, deed 

1710 Hitchcok, Eatlil. takes inv. of 17allingford prop, of Z^anl, 
Kellog of llorvmlk, deed. 

1710 Hanfora, LIr. Saml. of lTor\7alk, aist. est. Danl. Kellog 

of i^orwalk. 

171ii Hinman, a^waru, takes inv. est. John Burroughs of Stratford. 
171ii Halt, 3enj. Hait, witness v/ill LIr. John Ambler of otanfora 

1712 Hait, Jonas " " " " " " 

1711 Holly, Jonatnan takes inv. est Josepn Weed of Stanford. 

15 £ 

1711 Holly, Ilisha, Trustee at Stanfora. 

171ii Halt, Joiin oi Danbury, est. or inv. aot. LIch.ll-1711/l£ 
by jThos. Taylor, John Gregory & Izraell Curtiss. 
Sons Saml. cz John app-c. aamrs. 

The aeca. haa lana near Lathew Bouton & Jacob 

borne of the chilaren have haa part oi portion. 
Ensign Thos. Taylor & Hr. Izraell Curtiss to aist.- 

1712 Hayes, Isaac oi liorv/alk, diea Jany. 25-1711/12 Inv. by 

Isaac Shernood, iben. John 3elden & John Gopj.. 
Due from Joiin Hart Jun. ox jjarmington - Due frora 
Thos. weed. Due frora Jacob Gabrial. 
Estate in reversion to return to tne heirs of the 
aecd. Isaac Hayes at the aecease of his father 
& mother viz. Saml. Hayes & LIrs. Silizabet a 
Hayes , viz. the v/eat halt of the hone lot that 
tne aecd. bougHt of George Abbott. 
Had also land at jarnington. 
Widow SLizabeth 

The wiaow appt. aans. 
Dr. John Copp of ITorwalk atty. for uhe wiaow. 
3lciest son 
other children 
Gapt. John -"^ayinona S: Lieut. IJathew Seamer, T/ill ox, 
Horwalk, a pt. to aist. 

1712 Hayes, lir. iiaml. 

Mrs. iLlizabeth ?ather ana mother of above deed, 

171;5 Hubbell, Saml. 

Rich.- take inv. a>;ul.est. of Jamea Sennit of 

1713 Hubbell, Lieut. Saml. appt. to dist. est. " " " 

Saia Liepr-u.' Hubbell died 1714. 

1712 Hayes, Ilr. >m. of Hor?/alk, T/ill,ox, dated Apr. 1, 1712 
v/no diea xipr. 1712. 
Dau. iiary unaer age ■ 
" • Elizabetn 3arbet (living) 
" I sab ell Haniord. 

15 S 

Son in law Jolm Bar bet;. 

Children of nia dau.- 31izabeth Baroet until tney 
cocie 01' ag-e "Che use co inp. oi' the est. to 
be in hands of the father John Bar bet until 
Son in lav/, Saml. Kaniora. 

To chila and chilaren of my aon Saol. Hani'ord 
that he nov? hath or may have bi^ my loving 
dau. Isabell. He to have the use of same 
unui-l they are 'dl. 
lUx* Ralpn Keller & my brother saml. Karvin Hix. 
Legacy to couain Saran Bettii. 
Witness Jonn Marvin, Ur. 
Johxi Gopp, llr. 

Inv. Hay 22-1712 Dy Janes Olmsted- John Benedick 
iien. Lc Saml. Smith. 

1712 Hanford, Isabell, T;i±'e of Saml. Eanford anu u. Hayes 

171E Hall, David, v;itness verbal will of Dea Isaac i'l/heeler 

Of Stratfora. 

1712 Hall, David, callec. s» in lav; (prob. stepson) by Dea 
Isaac Viheeler of -Stratfora . 

1712 Hall, Saml. called s. in lav; (porb. stepson) by Dea Isaac 
.'/heeler of Stratfora. 

1712 iiubbell, i^ich. takes inv. 5: dist. est. of I^ea. Isaac 
.^heeler of Stratfora. 

1712 Hubbell, Saml. takes inv. of est. of Dea Isaac ./heeler 
of iitratfora. 

1712 Hato, Gapt. Joseph, appt. to dist. est* Thos. Gregory of 

1712 Hubbell, Rich, takes inv. est. John Love of Stratford. 

1712 Hav;ley, Ihos. takes inv est. Benj. Seardsly of Stratfora. 

1712 Hubbell, Saml. mtness v/ill of John Applegate of Fairfield 

1713 Hawley, J6nn takes inv. est. of Benj. Beach. 

(^ 3 X 1702 - 1750. 

1708 Halt, Liary, \7ire of Josnua Halt of Stanford, only si&ter 
& sole neir of Jaiaes Picket son of Jonn Picket, 
aecc. Of iit rat ford. 

1708 Halt, Josnua of Stamort, aani. esv, James Picket above. 

17 08 Hubbell Saral. ) IiacLe aib"C. of est oi Sanl. Berasly. 
Ricfi. ■ ) 

170b Hubbell, iir. Saml. appt. to aist. est. of Tlic-s. Morehouse^ Jr, 

1704 iienarick, Henry s. in law to ihos. Sennit, deed, of ?airfiela 

1709 Holmes, Stepnen, takes inv. est. .Dhos. Close Sen. of Sreen- 


1709 How, Isaak " " " " " " " 

1687 Hubbell, iiartna raarriea (Gap-u.) John r/akeman Apr. 24,1687 

1709 Hull, Iheophilus, takes inv. est. Gapt. John Osburn. 

1709 Hubbell, Ensign Saml. overseer of est. Sargt.IIathew aher- 
wood of Stratforu. 

1709 Hubbell, Ricn. takes inv. est. Sargt. Uathew Sherwood 
of i^tratfora. 

1709 Hubbell, Sargt. Rich. cist. £st« Saml. Berasly of Stratford 

1709 Hubbell, baml. " " " " " 

1709 Hillyer,: i;:atnl. of Danbury, v/ill of, dated Oct. 50-1709- 
Br other ■i'/akeriela Dible. 
" Sbeneser " 

" James Hilly er to have aouble portion. 

" Andrew " 

Sister -J.isabeth Palmer 
Jather Lir. James Hillyer, ex. 


"witneas John iTiairr-ond 
Jonn Piatt, 
Jorua C!ppp. 

InV« oi est. of dec.. . v/ho diea Oct. 31-1709 by 
i'nos. '-l' ay lor - j' ranees Barnen. 

1709 Hayt, ZnubDaoell, takea inv. est. Danl. Kellogg oi' ITorwalk. 

1710 Haines, >^m. takes inv. est. Jonathan Stevenson of ^'orwalk. 

17^2 Huhbell, Lieut. Rich. appt. to dist. est. John iseely 
s. Jonn ujeely, deca. 

17 22 Hawley, Giaeon, appt. to aist. est. John aeely s. John 
tieel^ deca. 

1710 Henrix, Saml. v/itness verbal v/ill of James Blackman 
of atratfora. 

1710 Hobbins, Ivlartha, sister of James Blackman of atratfora. 

1710 SurlDutt, Jonn, takes inv. of est. John -L'nomas of iVooobury. 

1710 Hawley, Saral. takes inv. of "^tratfora est. of Lir. John 
Juason of .Voodbury. 

1710 niil, lir. iVm. appt. aom. est. Christopner Knap of -'air- 

1709 Holly, hj.1. aaml. of Stanford, deed. Mch. 16, 1709/10 
Inv. of est. by 2lisaa Holly & John Ambler 
iVidow -iJary 

i'ne widow is eallea Jiawley in some places ^ 
Holl3'- in others, as is alao the deed. 

1709 Holly, 2lisaa, takes inv. of above est. 

1710 Hawley, 3aml. Justice of Peace oi Stanford. 

1719 Huobell, i^icn. of btratfora to aist. est. Tonn Peat 
lace of atrat. See ^orbet. 


1719 Herman, Bdwn. of Stratford to dist. est. John Peat late 
of istrat. see Corbet. 

1710 Eawley, Gapt . John to dist. est. of John Gilbert of Strat- 
ford . 

1710 Hekok, Hannah, sister of 3argt. Ihos. Skeel of V/oodbury. 

1710 Hinraan, Lieut. 2itus, takes inv. " " " " 

1710 Hokins, Joseph, appt;. to aist . est. Arthur Perry of 

1710 Hart, Saml. takes inv. est. 3enj. 5'erris or Stanford &. 

1710 Holly, Alisha, takes inv. est. 3enj. Ferris of Stanford & 

1710 Holly, ELisha, takes inv. est* David Waterbury of Stanford. 

1710- Hartford, 3ev. lir. diste of undivided est. situate at 'Windsor 

x.i.r.' Ihos. Hanford cc lir. Saml. Hanford to admr. 
There beinij set out of 'the est. of the Sev.LIr. 
Hanfora to tne iieirs or SLnathan Hanford the suia 
of 7-15-3 more than tiieir proportion for v/hich 
Saml. ".Vilson as ex. to ohe v/ill of the said SL- 
iiathan Hanford engages to pay to Saml. Comstock 
in right of his v/ife Sarah the above sum. In 
case that the land that the said SLnathan gave 
by will to his aaughter Zlinor v/ho is deea. shall 
be settlea to the other surviving children or 
said Jlnat han . 
Also there is set out to Ilr. Saml. Hanford of his 

father's estate the sum of 14-5-3 more than his 
portion. In consideration whereof he enjjageth 
before -the court that he will pay to Gershom 
Bulkly the sum of 6-5-3 it being so much as they 
. have reed, short of thsir portion. 
Mrs. Mary Hanford a: IClazar Hanford aomr. of est. or 

Ivev. Hanford vnake report of aomr. 
inv. of some part of est. of 3ev. lir. 'Jhos.Han:_ora of 

llorwalk taken apr. 2-1711 by John Benedeck Sen 
& James Olmste-.. I'his est. to be dividea bet. 
the widow CO ciiildren. 


'6 sons Sj 2 daughters living. 

1 son Sc 3 daughters decdl. v/hose children are to share. 
Saml. Snith & Joseph Ketch^iTfl ■©£ l^orwalk to dist. 

1710 Holmes, ^itex^en of Stanford, will of, aatea Sept. 5-1707. 
Son 3a?il. 
Grandson Stephen 
Dau. iviary 31 o son 
" Liaxtha Holly 
" Rehecka Jagers 
" Abegaile Hart 
" Sarah iiaterbury 
Wife Martha 
Wife sole ex. 
Vii'itnesn Jonathan Selleck Jr. 

Cap;J#. Jonathan Selleck Jr. 

Inv. Kov. 14, 1710 - hy Slisha Hollj/' - Joh-n Slason 
6: John Halt at desire of the v;idow as ex. prob. sons 
in law. 

1710 Holly, Ilartha callea a. by Stephen Holmes of Stanford. 

1710 Holly, iHisaa takes inv. of above est. Steven Holmes per- 
naps s. in law. 

1710 Hait, Abijah called d. by Steven Holmes of Stanford. 

1710 Hait, John takes inv. est. " " perhaps s. in law 

1710 Hart, saml. Justice of Peace for Stanford. 

1710 Higenbotnem, lir. Rich, witness will Capt. Jona. Selleck. 

1710 Holly, Jonathan, takes inv. of est. Capt. Jonathan Se;j.leck 

1710 Holly, -Hisha, Ur. dist. est. of Joseph Green of Stanford, 

1712 Hill, "«Vm. takes inv. est. Jacog lira;; of Fairfield. 

1713 Hicks, IJrs. i-lary of Cornberry ITeck on the Island of ITassau 

<iueens Co., Province of I\.Y. 

Inv. of est. (Simply statement of sane) 


1712 How, Isack of Horsneck receivea of Elizabeth his v/ives 
portion in her father .Vaterhurys list as v/aa 
apprized in the inventory rJecci since his aeath 
of his ex. 

1706 Ilanfora, I'heophelus, late of ITorwalk Inv. June 29-1705 
by John S^wards - John Burr - Joseph Piatt. 
Said Han ford having been nany years out of the 
country & is believed to be aead. 
John Edwards - John 3urr & Joseph Piatt to aamr. 
Dec. 12 John Burr one of the aatnrs being dead 
the 'Other report the Court orders dist. of est. 

deducting £10- for a barn that Thos. Hanford 
saia he built, to oe aividea bet. bro. & sis 
Living viz: 
a ami 

Mary Edwards 
Hannah Piatt 
mizabeth Bur widow 2o 
Sarah Hanford. 
Those deed are 

Unathan Hanford 

Unice Buckly wife of Graham Bulkley. Saml. Betts ic lir. Joseph Getchara or iiorwalk to Dist. 

1689 Harvey, Hichard of Stratfora, deed. inv. of land. 

llov. 4-1689 by tVm. Curtis, Joseph Curtis, Benj. 
John Hide informs Court in l'?0o there is debt due 
from said ^st. of Richd. Harvey to his deed, 
father John Hide. John Hide appt. admr. 

1696 Hide, John released by his brothers Benj. Eurasy, Jonatlian 
janton & Edward Jesup - 
Witness Josiah Harvy 
John Bradly. 

1706 Hide, John lately ap-t. admr. of est. of Rich Harvey, late 
of Stratford, deed, makes return to Court 6 Jan. 1706. 


1709 Hubbell, Uich.3nsign, appt. to dist. est. John liruraan 
deed. 1695. 

1697 Eollister, 5axah, called d. by Sarab Curtiss how v;ife 
ox Gapt. V/m. Curtiss. 

1697 Kolllster, aarab, eallea grand d. b^^ Saraii Curtiss. 

1697 Hall, jrancis, ^Titness will oi " " 

1705 Hawley, Tbos. guardian for George a liary Bailye, children 
o±' George Baily of Stratford, deed. 

1705 Heusted, Jonathan of Greenwich, aeed of gift of date 

July 29, 17 05. 
Wife Ilary all property until my cousin Jonathan 

Jezup now dwelling with me be 21 - then half & 
Witness riaml. ?ecT? 

Robt.- Lockwood. 
Inv. taken l^ay 13-17 06 by Jonathan Henolds ^ Jpseph 
The wiaow appt. aarar. 

1706 Hawley, Lent. John to dist. est. Joshua Curtiss. 
1706 Hide, John, makes settleraeni; of est. of 3enj. Banks. 

1706 Hall, iiary, called sister by Caleb l.'icols of V/OOdbury. 

1705 Hinea, .Vm. witnesfj will of, & 1707 takes inv. of ITathl. 

Hays of ^rorwalk. 

17 07 Hays, 3aml. takes inv. of est. of ITathl. Hays of ITorwalk. 

1707 Holly, Susannah, wife of John Holly Cc d. Capt*- John del- 

lick, tteca. 

1706 How, Slizabetn d. of Leu"c. Bavid JaterDery, deed. 

1706 Hart, Saml. takes inv. of est. of Leut. David '.Vaterbery deed 

1706 Hawly, Leut. John, dist. est. of Joshua Curtis, late oi 

1706 Hustea, An^ell, aen. ol" Greenwich, r/ill of, Apr. 5-1706- 

Son Jonathan ) 

f°2^P? ; All have haa portion. 

iingeij. ) 

dau. ISlizabeth Bauldin ) 
son Moses 

" John 
" Saml. 

_^ Son Saml. cc aon in law Jonathan Renolds to adm. 

*<itnesa caaml. Peck 

xiatl. Bowers. 
Inv. A731. 19-1706 - by Jonathan Renolds. Benj. Hubhy 

• a Boot, ijoclrwood. 

Saial. Husted A -pt. admr. 

1706 Hubby, Benj. takes div. of above est. 

1706 Holmes, Sarah, vrido'.v of Rich. Holmes of .lorwalk, deed, who 
was aamr. of his est. is also deed, as the est. 
IS not settled the Court appts. Dec. 4-1706- Saml. Haies & John Bonton both of "Torwalk to 
aarar. xhey also are to aam. on est of above 
barah Holmes. 
The children of Robt. V/arner , late of llir.dletovm 
deed, are the next of kin. In equal degree to 
ye a-oresaid deca. Sarah Holmes & her est. is 
to be ai video bet. Them. 
Saml. Haies & John Bonton to dist. 

John Bon ton one of the distributers is also deed, in 
1706 cc Joiin Beneaick of L^orwalk to take his place. 

1705 Halt, SLizabeth. wife of BenJ. Halt. Jr. d. Jeremiah Jagger.Jr 

1706 Halt, Liary " " Saml. Halt, Jr." " " n 

1707 Hays, I'athaniel, iien. or Eorwalk, v;ill of. Apr. 7-1705 

bon i-Iathaniell 
^" ^aml. 

Dau. Hachell laes;;enger 
son James 
Son James sole ex. 
Witness Peter Burr 
Wn. Haines. 
Inv. before uch. 14, 1706/7 by '.Vm. Haines, ..ndrew 


Messenger & Saral. Kays. 

1707 Hubby, iir. John of Greenv/lch, will of, dated Apr. 24-17 07- 
Sons 2hos. ) 

3enj. ) have i^aa portions. 

Jonathan ) 
dau. Elizabeth Prindle 
" Hannan Bunckrem 

" Martha liorhouse in will Morris, 
grahdchildren (Eebecka) & 

(Hannah) Hardy d. of deed. d. Rebeckah 
dau. Mary Holmes haa her portion 

Bachell James " " 
grahaaon John Hubby 

" dan. Mary Holraes 
son Jonathan & s. in law Stepehn Holmes admrs. 
Witness - Ger shorn Lockwood s. of Leut. Lockwood deea.' 
Still John loekwood. 
Inv. L^ay 26-1707 b;- Bobt. Lock^vood cc Jonathan I^enolds 
Jonathan Hobbe a/c given Mch. 17, 1709/10 see 

1707 Hardy, Hebecka ) Grande hilar en of John Hubby of Greenwich & 
Hannan ) chilaren of his aecd. d. Uebecka Hardy. 

1707 Solmes, Mary, wife of Stephen Holmes d. of John Hubby of 

1707 Holmes, Mary d. of aoove Sa grand dau. " " " " 

1707 Holmes, citephen, witness agreement of heirs John Sloson 
of Stanford, deed. 

1706 Haines, Wm. witness will of John 3enton Sen. of lorwalk. 

1665 Hull, Eebecca aau. of Rev. John Jonee. 

1665 Hill, Elizabeth, " " " " " 


BOOK 1648 - 1656. 















filed ITov. 2, 1659, p. 56. 

Hanford , Thos . 

Hull, (rQorge, inv 

Hide, Unphrey 

Hawll, Francis 

Hill, Wrn. Secy, of Probate Coart 

Heyden, V/ra. 

Hull, Cornelius 

Hoitt, ilose 

iiall, rrancis 

Henry, Gray 

Hurd, John (Stratford) 

Hawly, Joseph (..tratford) 

Hoitt, '.Valther (iTorwalk) 

Hmll, 'xeorge, ./ill of 

Sarah, widow of aoove 
Josyaa, son oi " 
Cornelius '~i " leaves 

Galls Jane Pinkney his cosen. 
liiary ) 

liartha ) 

giz. ) daughters of abv. Geo. Hull. 

aim prop, at Boston 





1659 Sxd. Hull, aarah, wiaow oi Geo. Lull deed, will or ^.ro- 
batea Aug. 25, 1659, p.- 61. ^ ^ 

leaves her Boston property to be divided as follows 
^'^ her son, uamaleel Phi^pin "-^iowb 

" George J. "'' 
" " Benj. (?) " 
" Joseph{?) " 
" daughter I^ebecca Vickers 
" " Sarah To^ 
Also gives prop, to her coson Jane Pinkny & 
makes her coson Philip Pinkny overseer' o-^' the 
estate. -r - <- 

1661 Hoitt, John appt. to take care of men for John Purdie. 

1662 Hill, urn, 

Ignatues J callea brothers oy 
'iames ) Anthony <Vilson 

Also my mother Hill. 

1652 Hasard, Thos. mentioneu in Wn.IVilcoxsons will 
lbo2 Hopkins, ^.ir. " 


BOOK 1648 - 1656. 
BOOK 1665 - 1675.' 

1648 Jibed. Harvy, E' raond, estate of distributea Jan.21,lwt8,p.90 
■ ".Vidow (in 1655 is tne wife of Lathan Gtovt) 

(daughter in lixig, aged HZ) 

( " here "18) by his 

Age in lb48( " " " 1^) first v/ife. 

(Son Josyas " 7 

(daughter Hannah " 2 

1656 Hide, Humphrey, inventories est. of Thos. Beajjdsly. 

1665 Herdraan, John, estate of, had prop, in IT.H. inv. filea 
Kov. 1, 1665, Book 1665-1675, p. 10. 
left children. 

1665 Hill, Vto. vatness Hrs. 7/ard's will. 

1667 Holly, John Lir. of Standford, overseer of will of 
Jeffrey Ferris. 

1667 Huesteea, Angle, inventories est. of Jeffry Ferris 

1669 Ho it, brother ic sister gave prop, by Liathias St. John. 

1670 Hornett, Zdwara., as (husbana) of d. of Jonathan Porter 

release ex. of est* of ^iles omith. 

1660 Holmes, Frank, owes est. Thos. Stevens of cjtandford. 

1672 Hoit, .valther ) Ownes lana near Balph Keeler 
Holmes, Rich. ) of ifor\7alk. 

1671 Harv/ood, James, nau sold prop, to Jane Blaikman of 


1672 Horton, Joseph, witness transfer of prop, at Rye, bet. 

Philip ^ialpin 6: Robt. 31-omer also transfer bet. 
" " "■ Simon rtoberts. 


BOOK 1675 - 89. 

1675 Sxcl. Holmes, Francis, 'iVill ox (of atandford) dated oept.6- 
vi/idow Ann 1671, probated 1j ;e.l2,1675,p.5. 

John, bOn of deed, eldest son (Blaoksmith) 
Stephen " " " 

Ann iJeen, daughter, wife of aaml. -uean. 
Bichara - (d. at r.orv/alk no ehilaren) 
Hunt, Cornfelius (servant) 
Henry Smith ) 
Ann " ) iVitness. 

Hath. Bellamy ) 

Inventory taken Dee. 14, -7a. 

by Peter Ferris cz Abrra. Ambler. 
Agreement of heirs as above, 
Jany. 3-1576 
Francis Bell, ) 
John blawson ) vVitness 

i'he widoiw Ann had £34 at her marriage with 

said deed, as Saml. i^oit &: Jonas 7/ood, witnesseth. 

1675 Hoit, iiaml. witness in aDove est. 

1675 Hunt, Cornelius, (Standfora) (late servant to Francis 
Holmes deca.) est. of inv. taken. 
He also v/orkea for .im. -t'otter, Jan. 24-1675 by 
Abraham -"^mbler inv. filed L'ov.l675,p.ll. 

Joshua Hoit 
The est. owes liicholas ^.ebster 
Joseion Green 
Abraham Finch. 

1675 Hoit, Joshua, took inv. of above est. 

1675 Hayes, l.athaniel & ) 

baral. ) Appt. by *-!ourt to assist the overseers 

of " Obadiah Gilbert. 

1675 Harvy, Josiah, witness will & takes inv. of est. of 

Joshia Jennings. 

1676 Hoit, Ha, nan, v/ife Benj. Hoit d. James Weed . 

1676 Hicks, 'I'hos. husband of i^ary d. Rich Butler of Stratford. 

167b Hubble, Sich. takes inv. oi' .7m. Odell. 

1676 iLolraes, Sieh. haa land at i.orwock near Jonaa Keeler. 

1678 liaughter Hurd, son callea by John i'omson. 

1678 Hoit, John callea fariier by lELizaDetn Purdie, widow of 
John Purdie. 

1677 Horton, Joseph, takes inv. est. John i'ravis, aeed, 

1676 iialea, 2ho. Adra. oi et>t. of i^ath. Baldwin. 

1681 Kaiger, kargaret, a. oi Henry i^omlinson, deca. 

Abigal Haiger, grand ca. Henry i'oralinson,decd.prob. 

1680 Handford, Hev, Mr. -^'hos. Ex. of 5st. i»iathew liarvin* 

IbSl Holly, John br. or iitandford, iVill of, cated jeby. 14-1681. 
V/idow, kary 
John, son of aeca. Probatea 1681. 

Saml. " " Book 1575-1689, ppf 62 £c 79 

Increaae" " 

HLisha " " 

Jonathan " " V/idow sole jus.. 

Elizabeth i'urny 

3ethia <»eed or iVood 

Hanna Hoit 


in codicil iich. 6-1681 
Abraham iimler ) called loving friends & Bretnren 

i?rancis Bell ) witness Jonatnaa Bell J 

Abraiiam Amler ) Overseers 
Inv. taken (5c sworn to before Court at ^airfield 
June ;i8-lb8i. 
" " June 1*, 1681, by Francis Bell, 

Abram Amler & Danl. i^estcott. 

1681 nura , Saran, wife of John Hurd oj sister of John i'ociison 

for Hurd neirs, see John Jonson IbSl. 

1681 Hawly, Jibenezer of stratfora, ist. of Inv. taken Oct. 3, 
1681, filea jJec. H7, 1681, Book 1675-1689, p. 67 
Heater, widow (of ffairfield) 
V/m. , son 
^izabetn, uaugnter. 




...ajor uolcL ) 

Jehu -Burr ) Overseers. 

Josepn iiav/ly J 

3y tiae marriage contract, dated 19 Apr. 1678 bet. 
Ehenezex Hawly, aon, to Llr. Joseph Ilawly of 
btratford & Hester .«arcl, aaughter or ilrs. 
lehoran I'uppin oi oouth Hampton. 


Saml» VVakenan 
.Vm. Hull . 

1681 Hawly, Joseph, overseer est. Shenezer Hawly. 

1681 Hinman, Sergt. Sdwara of tVoodbury, (iill of, dated, iiov.l?— 1681 

Situs .lill prooatea ana inv. filed,1681 


Benjamin Book 1675-1689 p. 59. 
-aughters (Hannan 
under (llary 
age. (Patience 

baran Roberts, vafe of Wm. xioberts. 

" " a children. 

.fiuwara, son of deca. 

Mr* Joseph nawley ) : Lieut. Joseph JudsonJ 

Jehiell Preston <k ) Overseers : oaral. utiles ) Overseers 

...y loving brother ) for : Israel ^urtiss ) for 

-^praim -^^^iles & ) otratford : Jonn Minor or. ) liVoodbury 

Hope i*ashburn i : 

...OSes Jonson « Henry liitt - witness 

inv. of iKOodbury est. taken Hov. 26-1681 by John i-xinor 

Joseph Judson & Isral Uurtiss. 
Inv. of iitratfora prop, taken by iSaml. bherman & 
otner selectmen. 

1681 Hutchurtti, John, haa prop, at Woodbury, near E.iward 
Hinman, deed. 

1681 Han by, Josepn - overseer i£"or iliaward Hinman, Stratford. 

1681 Hitt, Henry, witness " " Vi/oodbury. 

Ib81 Hayes, Saml. large bequest to, by i.atnl. Richards. 


1581 iioit, John, son in law to Hafh. Richards, Kusbana to uiary. 

IbSl Jrianaiord, Thos. 

Hoit, .Salter V/itnesi. to will. " '' 

lb81 iLoit, waiter, lielectman ot Lorv/alk 

takes inv. " " 

1681 Hura, John, br. of otratfora - Will ciated July 15-1679 

«idow, Sarah probatea Mch. 14, lb81. 

John, son oi' aecd. Book lo75-lfc)8y, p. 76. 

Isaac " " 

Saral. Galpin, legacy to 

i.iary,- "unc- v/it'e oi John Bennet ox' Fairfield, hequest to 

Ahigal " " " baml* riisLell of "indsor " " 

Phillip i'ravera bequest to 

Sarah ) 

Hannan) i^augnters aecd. 

Mary ) 



Zakery -mlker of *,<oo;tbury ) 

i?obt. Clarke " otraoiord) Overseers 
John x'onson ) Called 

Ambrose J brethren 

Zackariaj^ .-alker ) ".Vit- 

) ness 

John x'omson ) 


Inv. taken ^^'eby. aZ, 1661/E by aeleetmen of Stratford. 
Tiraotny vi/ilcokson - oaml. ^iherman - John uirdsye. 

1682 Hoit, John, of Stanford, takes inv. est. John Ogden. 

1682 jtiarvy, Josiah, takes inv. of est. Joseph lianks , deed. 

1862 Homes, Hichard, has interest in est. ilizabeth .^ebb. 

1678 Hale, i'hos. Sat. of, Inv. taken c eoz^ 19-1678, of ijorwalk., oy 
selectmen xhos. Fitch, oen. i.iarke oention a x'hos. 
Fitca Jr. liiec. 1682, Book 1675-1689, p. 88. 

In addition to tneir inventory the selectmen 
finu o-y testimony of tae will an estate uelonging to 
aeca. in tae custody ox tne iitelicfc at Charlestowne. 

1682 iiayes, oaml. aj)t. aoms. of est. Johama Abbot. 

168o iiiaman, nanna a. oaran Clarke of otratfora, aeea. 

1685 Heyden, x^atl called nephev/ cc cousin by iiarah Clarke. 

1683 Hawly, oanl. inv. est. Francis Uffora. 

1683 Howard, Lydia , ^^ife of Robt. Howard, sister or I'hos.Ufford. 
1883 Hawly, baicl. Dr. to est. Robt. Rose Jstratiora. 
1685 Hawly, Joseph, Ooais&ioner " " " 

1683 Hawly, Joseph, eallea uncle o^ Spram Booth oi btrati'ord. 

1683 Hawly, Saml. " cousin " " " 

1684 Henrickson.Hendrick, will of, aated Meh. 11, 1683, probated 

June 18, 1684, Book 1675-1689, p. 131. 
Prob. u. of { Wiaovv, Hanneta alias Hannah - prob. married Lanl. 
Thos. EDilkley( Tillman, ir. 

Susanr:a, dau. of deca. of age or married. 

Hannah, " " " ) 

ilizabeth," " " ) Under age. 

Liary, " " .. ) 

Henrick, son " " ) 
Wm. Hill ) 

George iiquire) "/itness m. Hill ) Inv. of prop, at 

Inv. liay 31-1684-by (reorge inquire ) long Island not 


1:684 Harvy* Josiah , takes inv. est. H. Hide. 

1B79 Hoit, Jno. sold prop, before date at Llill Plaine to H.Hide. 

1583 Hill, Sliz. sister to barah Wilson sometime Bulkley. 

1683 Hull, Cornelius, cien. v^itness will of Sarah Wilson sometime 

1685 Hayes, Saml. had land next Saral. Sention. 

1680 Hedges, Stephen of Fairfield, will of, dated June 10,1682, 
probated Lee. 25, 1685, Book 1675-1689, p. 111,163 & 

Legacies on IHannan vYakenan, wile of Lieut. Ezbon ffakeman. 
a/c of kina -(Lieut. Cornelius Hull, Ur. 
ness to aecd. (Cornelius Hull, Jr. 











Brothers (Thos. Hedges, son of Roger Hedges (father of deed.) 

( of 'tiestberry, tialisberrjT- flaine, iiig. 
All in (V/m. Hedges orotner to aeca. 
Eng* (Joseph 
In case tne brothers or their heirs d'o not come to 

this country then he bequeaths as follows: 
i20 for a publick use to be useu oy (..laj. Hathan Gold 

( Saml . '.ValreEian 
(Vta. Hill. 
The remainder of est. divided bet. 
Hannah Wakeman, 
Cornelius Hull Jun. & 
John Osborn 
liaj . Nathan Gold ( 
Wip. Hill, oen. ( 2x. in trust. 

Inv. taken Dec. 25-1683 by John Banks 

Hobt. Iloney. 

1663 Hull, Lieut. Cornelius, iien. , legatee unaer above will, 

1683 Hull, Cornelius Jr. son of Lieut. Cornelius ,oen. legatee 
unaer above will. 

1683 Hill, 7m» 2x. in trust of estate of bteven Hedges. 

1683 ^"bby, John, takes inv. of widow Bullerd. 

1684 Hide, Humphrey of Fairlield, will of, dated Eov. 12-1679. 

Widow, Ann probated Sept. 1,1684, Book 1675- 

John, son of deca. providea for 1689-p.l34. 
before as per recoras. 
Sarah Gooly, dau. of deca. 
Grandson baml. Coley, son of his dau. Sarah, under age. 
Sarah Coley haa other chilaren besiae caml. above 
Hannan, aau. of deca. 
In case Hannah cies v/itnout heirs ner portion is to go 
to Saml. Cooly & to Sarah her next heirs. 
Grandchildren - xhe children oi his son John, via :Zlizabeth 


The children of his dau. Saml. 

Sarah Sarah 


John Gregory of Korv/oek) 
Hobt. Clarke of Strat- ) overseers. 




Saml. Wakeman ) 

Ana V/alremaa ) Witness 

John Banks 
Inv. Aug. 27-1684 Dy Hen Rowland 

Joseph iiarvy. 

1663 H&rdy, Richard, will of, itandf or d, dated July 21-1683. 

Widow Ann^ probated 1684, Book 1675-1689, p. 143 

Daughter -ilizaheth Parsons 
" Hannah Austin (Aaten) 

" Sarah Cloase 

" Susanna Sherman 

" Ruth Mead 

" Llary Jiardy 

Abigail " 

Saal. Hsjdy son of deed. 
Capt. Jonathan Bell,) 
Abraha Ambler ) Oiyer seers. 

1684 Hoyt, Saml. takes inv. est. John Jagger oi Stanford, 

1684 Higby, John, called grandson by 'Ihos. okidmore of i'airiield, 
ixe having married jiis wives uaughter. 

1684 Hill, 7/m. Sen. overseer of est. of Thos. Skidmore " 

1684 Hull, Cornelius Jr. v/ij?ness will of, " " " 

1684 Hill, xm. est. of (of Fairfield) inv. taken Dec. 25,1684 by 

George iiquire, Cornelius Hull &> John Tompson. 

Widow, Elizabeth, filed Jan. 6,1685 , Book 1675- 

Sarah, daughter 1589, p. 149. 

4 sons. 

1685 Eubbell, Rich, takes inv. est. Isaac Frost. 

1685 Hoyt, Saml. Sen. witness agreement of James Sent in neirs. 
; 1685 Hayes, Saml. Sen. " " " " " " 


1685 Hodges, Anthony, oldest son of Joseph Hodges of Vrestbury, 
SalisDury Plaine, Co. of tVilts, -3ng. 
Claims est. of Steveii Hodges - Permission granted 
to him by Court to said prop. Jur.e 16-1686. 
Book 1675-1689, p. 180. 


1684 Hoyt, Joshua, apt. adm. est. V/m. Potter of Stanford. 

1685 Hubbell, Rich, takes inv. est. Widow Anna Barlow. 

1685 Hayes, Saml. Sen. witness will 2pram Lockwood. 

1685 Hoyte, Walter, takes inv. est. Epram Lockwood. 

1685 Jane 2-Howard, Bclv/ard & Abigail Dimon, v/laow of 

iuoaes Dimon, 1-arriage agreement. 
Jehu -Burr ) 
Sami.V/ard ) witness. 

1585 Howard, Z ward, releases his interest in his wife's 

property in favor of Sanl. 7/ard to aarainistrate 
sarae, ana to Jehu Burr to administrate the ->'imona 
children estate. 

1685 Hitt, Henry, Brother in law to John Basset. 

1685 Hitt, Henry of Stratford, consents to his brother in law 

John Bassets will and the settlement on nis 
Drother in law Robt. Sasset.' 

Witness, Saml. Sherman, Barnabos Beers. 

168b Howara, Abigail, ^c the estate belonging to the children of 
Hoses Uimon, deed, are ordered by Court to be 
delivered to tne management of Saml. .Vara & ITath. 

1682 Haughton, -iieut. Joseph of Rye & Robt. Blomer, differences 
bet. left to arbitration. lir. Saml. Sherman, 
Mr* Jehu Burr & Mr. Danl.' Burr being chosen 
James Trains going security for Robt. Blomer. 

1686 Hall, baml. complained at Special Court Sept. 29-1686, 

against Hall, Isaac, his brother for taking hay 
from his land demanas Judg. whicn is gran tea - 
Trial before llaj . Ha than Gold, Assistant 

Ur. Jehu & John BuEr, Comr.issioner. 


Sargt. Jonn Sompson, Danl. V/eecl 

" ■ oaml. iVard, IJath*- Sherman 

" John 'Kvakem4n sar» 'John Hubball 

17 Ji 

John Sturge, Sen. Jacob V^aker (or V/alker) 

Sargt. John Baldwin Mr. \'m* rieed 

I'hos. •-Benedict, Jr. lir. Abraham Ambler 

Jury t'ouna cnarge not proved - & case apealed. 

1686 Eubball, Sargt. John, Juror in Hall ys. Hall. 

1686 Hill, Slipnilet, takes inv. est. Joseph Liidlebrook^aecd. 

1686 Hanfora, !inios. ) V/itness v/ill or 
Han ford, Hannah) Gapt. Rich. Olmsted. 

1687 Hinman Titus & Witness Agreement of 
Bathsheba Hugh Griffen & Norton heirs. 

1687 Hill, SLiphalet, takes inv. of est. Abraham Joy. 

1687 Hickox or Eickoke, Joseph ox »Voodbury, est. of 

Inv. at s^oodbury Aug. 12-1687, d'ate of his dec'd by 
Joseph JuQson, sacil. Munn & Joshua Gurt is, selectmen, 
filed Oct. 31, 1687, Book 1675-1689, p. 232. 
Inv. of eat. at iVaterbury taken & aptized oy Isaac 
Brounson & John 7/aiton, Selectmen. 
Mary, ?/idow of deed. 
Joseph Hicoke, eldest son oi' aecct. aged 14 yrs. 



son " 


" 12 " the 5th 
of Jan. next. 





" 14 v/eeks 

Liary • 




" 9 yrs the 
15 of May last 





" 6 yrs. nest 

Saml. Hickoke of V/aterbury ) 

^apt. x..iiior ) Overseers: 

--r. Joh'i Sherman a: ) iidward Howard, Gierk. 

Jonatnan Hough* ) 

1687 Efcoke, Saml. of V/ at er bury, apt. overseer of above estate. 

1687 Hough, Jonathan " " " " 

1688 HiJvkfe-ra, Ilr. -^' v/ard, fiena for contemptous language 

before Court. 


1688 Howard, Abigail to be proviaea by tne overseer of Lloses 
Dinon 3st. with comfor tables for herself U child. 

1688 Hodberston, ITathaniel of iatratford, Will of, dated Jan. 

11-1687/8, probated and inv. liled Lxch. 13, 1683, 3ook 
Joan, mother of deed. 1675-1689, p. 244 

baral. Homberstone, brother of deed. 
Thos.- " " " 

Jonn " " " 

Abigail " " " 

John Goe, sole executor. 
Israel Chaney ) Win. Curtis ) 

Jsr-ies Clarke, Sen) '.Vitness. John 3ostwke,Sen. ) lUownsaen 

Inv. taken Jan. 16-1687/8 by John wells ) 

1688 Howard, 3dward, v;itness will 6'f Simon Couch. 

1688 Howara, L^r. 3,"wara, sv/orn Clerk of Fairfield County, Apr. 15 

1685 lich. 2, HoT.vara, !.■ ward reea. of full payment of legacies 
to children of looses -irnon of l-'aifi eld, deed, by 

John sturgis ) John Eurr 

Briant r'Jsaly ) v/innesa Saml. Ward. 

1688 Hunnewell, .^m. otratford, est. of Inv. filed Ileh. 1688. 
by John Birasey Zc Ambrose '-^'ompson (i^ov/nsnen) 
John SheiT/ood. in ;vhose house the deed, lined & died, 
swore to the inv. 
John Birasey, Jun. ap-nt. adrar. 
Book 1675-1689, p. 257. 

1688 Holmea, Rich, haa prop, at cor. next Zhoa. Eetts, Sen. 

of Eorv/alk. 

1688 Hayes, Saml. Sen. witness will of " " " 

1688 Hubbara, George, (of GreemTieh prop.) est. of inv. taken 
Dec. 12-1681 by Saml. Hayes " James Benitt, filed 
Widow Abigail Eov. 17 ,1688, Book 1875-1689, 

Son. p. 259. 

1688 Hayes, Saml. takes inv. of est. George Hubbard (of Green- 
wich prop) 


1689 Hill, John oi' Jairrield inv. iiled i^ov.8,1689, Book 1675- 
1689, p. 295. 

1689 Holly, Mr. iiaral. to overseer esu Joan ITicoles of Stratford. 

1689 Ho^7ard, Zdvirara, .lorrnerly Clerk oi Court, fives up all 

papers to new Clerk of Court liathan Golo , 
L'ov. 29-1689. 

IbyO Holly, T/idow of Jobn Sen. livea next to Jon. Bell. 

1690 Hoio , iiary a. Francis Bell, lieuT. of Stamfora. 

1690 Hall, Fransis, of Stratfora, r/ill of, datea i^ay 5-1686 
'iilaoTi Dorithy, late v/ife of John Blackrnan, aecd. 
At his wife's aea-cn^ ner prop, is to go to the 
Blaeknan neirs. (pro^batea anci inv. filed Uch.11,1690 

Isaac, son of deed. Hall, his wife's chilaren 

baml. " " " I land at Fairfiela) 

I'iary,- dau. of deea. Hall 

Zlizabetn " " " 

-^QDaeca " " " " 

Hannah " " " " 

John Blackrnan ) v^it- 
Hhos . 3roou<?ate ) nees 

i^r. Chaney 
.^.' Potman 

llr. Sherman, Jr. ) Overseers 
Josiah ITi colas Jr. 
My son Saml. 

Inv. taken lich. 8-1690 by Janes Judson ) 

SaiT.l. S]>err.ian) select- 
(Book 1675-1689, p. 302.) • laen. 

1690 Hoyt, V/al"cer, takes inv. of est. i^eo. Ahbot of lorv/alk. 

1690 Hayes, Sainl. " " " 

1689 Holmes, Sich. witness will of " " " " 

167^ Hamilton, wm. had a letter from Henry Alezanaer in re- 
gara to aprehenaing a servant of his bonnd for 
5 years, by name, James Eight of the Co. of 
Linconshire, by traae a baker. 
3obt. BlinkEorn } 

J Allen ) ..itneas. 

John Jones ) 

7/m. Hamilton declares that the aforesaid James 
Right naa fultille tne terms & is nov/ a 


Jonn -Eibrie J v/itness 
Josepia '60 ) 

167b V/m. Jlamilton aclrno\7ledgeB tne pay'nt or i^ in i'ull from 
Jaiiaes Sight. 
See bae It of Probate -Book 167o-1687. 

Ib78 Hill, lliz. T/itness relaese of Josiah Knap oy his sister 
Liaia i^ils. 

1679 Apr. 2'i: - Hawly, Joseph, Jehu Burr, Francis Hall, 

Jonn j'neeler & 3aml. ^-J-orehouse Agents of 
tne toT/na of btratfora Sc Fairfield in ssttle- 
raent of tne bounciry bet. saia -uowns, Henry 
iauiarsers fence marling part of said boundry. 

'Jitness Boot. Treat iept. Gov. 
Hi col as Gawp. 

lDb4 Harvy, li^ctniond, /.ecd. "Vrnereas he left est. to be aiviaed 
-,0V. net. his \7ido'.v cj children v;rjereof his son 

16 Josiah was one of those that had his portion 

due nim w v/herehy Maj . xTathan ^old married 
the relict of said ISdmond by virtue v/hereof he 
stood engaged to pay the children their legacies." 
Release to xfethn. Gold by Josiah Harvy over 23 yrs. 

of age of legacy of his father's est. 
Becordel i.ich. 5, 1679. 

1680 Apr. 26 - Harvey, Josiah, gives his step father a full 
discharge of the payment of all his father 
Simond Harvey legacy to him. 
lie calls himself the only aon & heir &: speaks of his 

sister Hannah as having a legacy in said est. 
He refers to an inventory of his deceased father's est. 
taken June 18-1655 - \7here tne Court oraered that 

all the lands at Fairfield 8a otherv^heres shoulo he 
the prop, of Lla j . iTathan ^old, he saying out of it 
the legacies to Josiah w his sister Hannah. 
Judging from the 1st part of release should think he 
had other sisters. 
V/itness John i3ur ca 'Jm. Hill. 



1681 Huesteed, Jonathan of Greenwich, husband of Mary Loclrr/ood, 
Dec. 18 fi. Of Hobo, cb Susanna Loclrr/ood releases Daniell 

Loclrr/ood - Joseph loekv;ood <h Yim* Y/ard, adrnrs. 
of the est. of their father and mother Hoht. ■& 
Susanna aforesaid^ (Book 1675-1689, p. 39 reverse. 
John Bov/ers 
Witness 3'rancis ^horn. 

1681 Hayes, ITathaniel of -'airfield, proraises to pay Danl. i;'rost 

i 4-11-0 
John Apple^ate 
Witness Joseph ^turgis. 

1664 Hall, Francis, having sold the house £b land in -ngland 
T/hich v/as a jointer conferreti upon his wife 
SLizabeth at; the marriage makes good the same 
b;;' giving ner liis houses & lands at Fairfield. 

Witness Saml. Hall 
Mary Hall. 

1G81 Eollingsv/orth, John, witness transfer of part of a note 
'2o Rich. Briant of Hilford, by Thos. Skidmore. 

BOOK 1689-1701. 

1690 Euse, Abigaiie, v/idow of Jonathan Ourtiss, sister to 

ixmbtose xomson fc John, Jr. deed. £: mother to .?m. 
Jonathan " Sarah ^urtiss. ■ See will of John 2om- 
son Jr. 1681 cc Abigail Ourtiss. 

1690 Hitt, Henry of V/oo^bury, est. of Inv. taken x.:ch. 20,1690 
by John ^-^iner - John Sherman vo John ^•^ichell 
Widow i'iled Apl. 3,1690,Bookl68y-1701,p.6 

Sarah a. of decci . 14 years old. 
Liar gar et a. " • 10 " " abt. 

Henry, son • " 7 

John Sc iiie, tv/ins 4 " 
Jaaes, abt. 2 " " 

2he deed, also had prop, at Stratford. 
The widow & • ) 

Lir. Saml. Sherman, Jr. ) Adnr. 

It II 



^ 1690 Holms, 3ieh. appt. admr. of est. Jonathan Stevens. 

1690 Hawley, Sana. Selectman of Stratford, takes inv. of est. 

John Birdsey. 

1690 Hawlev, Joseph of Stratford, yeoman <k sometimes a Justice 
of tiae peace or coraitioner iH' Stratford, will of 
aatea iiept. 17, 1689, probated and inv. filed ' 
Apl. 12, 1690, Book 1689-1701, p. 9. 
b - .iidtnv Katherin 

' To Saml. Hally son of decl. he gives all his lands 

at Parv/idge in Jarhiahire, :-Ins. 
: Sphraim, son of deed. 

John " " " 

John Ohapman) Grand chili -ran at 
Joseph " iieabrook. 

Grandchild Joseph, son of iiaml. 

Hannah -'■'ioolas, dau. of deed. 
Llary Ooe, " " 

ihe o sons 
.J ami, Ephraim 
cv John, & if 
they can't agree 
...r.Izrael Chauncy 
./apt. *^o"hn Beard. 

Inv. taken June 4-1690 by Saml. Sherman, James 

Judson 5: John Goe Selectmen. 
The above deed, had land at Stratford, Darby 
anu Woodbury. 

1690 Harris, Joseph of Greenwich takes inv. est- Joseph Head, Sen. 

1690 Hally, ii^phraim of Stratfiela, estate of, inv. taken Hay 14 
1690 b:^ James Judson Si John Goe. ;Vill probated &'* 
inv. filed Jun^ 12, 1690, Book 1689-1701, ^.9. 
iii/'idow, Sarah "^ . 

aons ana daughters 
The widow cc ] . john Hawly ) 

IJr. Saml. Sherman Jr.) Aiimr. ; ihos. "Jells i Overseers 
„ ' ) ■ ; Jame;- •Judson) 

1690 Hill, 1%.^ takes inv. oi est. of Deborah Jhelpley of 
J air field & admr. of same. 

3x. & 'The widow evidently has been 

Admr. married before. 


16y0 Eubbel, Lieut. John or Stratforci, est. of, inv. taken 
Oct. 13-16y0-by iSanil. Sherman, Danl. Pickett, 
Jolm Goe, cs filed iTov. 24, 16y0. 
Vy'idow Patience in 1700 is wife of lir. Saml. Hawley 
of atratford. 

Eldest son, prob. Bicnara. 

2cl son In 1700 I.>. Satnl. Hawlej?' oc lir. 

daughter Saal. Huhbell Sen. appt. to distribute. 

(Book 1539-1701, p. 2S, 64 & 198.) 

The widow ) 

Josiah ITicoles ) Adnrs. Jeby. 23-1699-Sargt. Richard Hubbell 

Saml. -o-ubbelljiaen. ) ic Sarnl. Hubbell Sen. Appt. overseers 

1690 Hoit, .7alter, Inv. est. of 5: app. adns. of est. Saml. Cam- 
field of l^orv/alk. 

1700 Hoit, Serubball chosen as guardian by Jedediah Gamfield 
of i-'orwalk. 

1690 I-Iaies, Saml. takes inv. of est. of Saml. Gamfiela of 

1690 2xd. Hoit, Joshua of Stanford, est. of, inv. taken by 

Danl. Scoffield, Illisha Holly before Hov. 4-1690, 
and filed ITov. 9, 1690, Book l«89-1701,p.25. 
•Vidow, :.iary in 1691, v/ife of Joseph I'urny. 

See Jo.seph .ilurney, 1691. 
iiiary, born Jec* 22, 16641:. 
Rebecca " Sep. 21, 1667 
Joshua " Oct. 4, 1670 
Ssjrah " Apr.- 17, 1674 
Saml. " July 3, 1678 
Hannah " Sept. 1, 1681 
iioses ■' Oct. 7, 1685 vexy infirm. 
Abigaile" i^ug.20, 1685 
Lieut. Bell of Stanford) Before ITov. 18-1696 the wiuow 
Saml. Hoit 8a ) Admr. i.iary married lUx* 'Surny of 

The Widow ) • Stanford. 

1690 Holly, ^lisha, takes inv. of est. Joshua Hoit of Stanford. 

1690 Howell, Sari-h,d. Joseph Judson of V/oodbury, deed. 

1690 Hawley, Joseph, l^r. overseer cf v/ill of Joseph Ju'xson, 

of 'iVoodbury, deed. 


1693 Howard, Robert oi* Horwalk, estate of settled Keh.lS 1693 
Book 1689-1701, p. 66. ' 

1590 Hawley, Saml. takes inv. of Stratford, est. of Jose-ph Hud- 
son of '.VoodlDury, deed. 

1690 Hyat, Huth, ci . of IJary Hyat the d. of Cornslins Jones 
of Stanford. 

1690 Eait, Saml. takes inv. of est. of " " 

of Stanford. 

1691 Hill,Slipiialet, left a legacy for Bebecca 7v"hite, by 

Obediah Banks. 

1691 Hendrick, Mary, late- of Fairfield, est. of inv. taken 
June 6-1691, by Saml. Wilsow, -liphelet Hill. 
Jonathan Llorehouse appt. admr. filed lTov.9,1691, 
Book 1689-1701, p. 51. 

Prop, goes to his mother the r;idow Silliman. 
See agreement of v/idow Silliman Sc her sons in law. 

17 24 Hait, Gapt. Saml. appt. to divide lands of 2hos. Lyon of 
Greenwich, Dec. 1690. 

1G91 Hill, Wn. takes inv. of est. Geo. Squire, Sargt. 

1690 Hinman (Titus ) 

(Benj. ) Overseers of v/ill of '.Vm. Roberts of Joodbury 

1690 Hinman, liary, legacy from " " " " " 

1693 Hayes, lir. Saml. appt. to distribute est. of Root. Stuart 

or S tev/ar d , d e cd . 

Ita92 jTiOv/, ITathaniol, deca. in Greenv/icn Jur.e 29-1592 Inv. taken 
"Uly 25, 92 by Jonathan Renolds, John I^ead.Jr., 
To\Ynsmen, filed ilov. 1, 1692, Book 1689-1701, p74 

:ions John 
" Isack 
Son - Isack : John Bor/ers ) Appt. admr 
oon - John : Gehu fJenolcis ) 

Ib93-lb94 Hill, zliphalet, llr. appt. overseer & admr. of c-st. 
Sergt. Saml. iVard, dec 

1694 How, Ilathl. deed, called brother by John Bowers of 



1694 How, -John i sons of above Eathl. nephews to John Bowers 
Isack) of Greenwich.- 

1591 Hull, Cornelius, witness will widov^ Rebecka Eoland. 

1687 Hawley, Saral. Selectman of Stratfora , inv. est. of Isaac 

Judson, ^deca. 

1587 Hicks, LIr. Thos. , overseer of est. of Isaac Judson, deed. 

168? Hanks, i^aml. " " " " " 

1689 Hill, U.ipiielot, ix. of est. of Joseph Bradley, deed. 

1689 Hayes, Saml. , takes inv. of est. of aamr. of est. of Danl. 

1689 Hayes, Saml. chosen as guardian by Saml. Z.log of Horv/alk 

1689 Hide, John of i^'airfield, inv. of est. of, taken ilov. 1, 1689 

by George oquire, Saml* Roberson, oliphelet Hill. 
Elizabeth Hide swares to inv. 
children, bee agreement 1693. 

1576 Hobby, John, ovmer prop, at *jreenwich. 

1690 Haies, Saral. of Sprwalk, app. admr. of est* Elz.Kellog. 

1690 Holly, iSlisha, Takes inv. of est. Jeremiah Jager of Stanford. 

1690 Hubbell, Saml. sen. , aamr. of est. of Joseph Joy of j'air- 


1690 Hawley, Saml* Selectmen of Stratford, takes inv. est. of 
Heni'y -^lline. 

1692 Hav/ley, ^araii, landlady of, & left legacy by Ghas. Louglass. 

1692 Hughes, Kicolas, of Stratford, will of, dated Apr. 18,1690 
Widow Abegaile, probated & inv. filed Kov. 1,1692 

Sor.- in-law iVm. Curtiss ne paying to his brother Jona- 
than CurtisB at 21 yrs. & to his sister Sarah 
Curtiss at 18 yrs. Book 1689-1701, p. 75. 

Widow Ex. 

Gapt. \7m« Curtiss &) :John licChopine 

Ambrose 'Jomson ) overseers. :Jonathan Pitman. 


Inv. taken llov. 16,-92, bj? Ambrose i'onson - Zbenezer 

Borth & Saml. Galpin. 
Hughes, Saml. , brother of above deed, releases the 

est. from any damanas. 
Witness, John Beardsley, Jacob Walker. 

1692 Hall or Hutt, Dorothy, widav ol', Stratford, marriage agree- 

ment wi"Ch iaarke mention of lorwalk. 

1693 2xd. Hubbey, John, Jr. of Greenwich, deed. Meh. 12,1593, 

Inv. Apr. 7,-93, by Jolm iieaa, Jr., & Jonathan 
Renolds, fileo Kov. 19, 1693, Book 1689-1701, p. 88. 
Thos. Hubbey of Greenwich, Dro"Cher to deed. appt. admr. 

1693 Sxd. Hanf ord , Hev. 2hos. of Iforwalk, Est. of, Inv. Jan. 4, 

1693 by John Plat, ben., John Benideck &; James Olmsted. 
Wido-CT i^ary .-iled Jan. 23,1693,Bookl689-1701,pl0S 

Son.'Theophelus weatner living or deaa uncertain. 
" Elizar, The deed, had some land at r^insor. 

" Elnathan, 
" Saml. 
dau. kary, m. Mv/ards, (See Iheophelus) 

" Hannah,. ra. Piatt, (Hanf ord, 1705 ) 

" Eliza beta m. Bur. 
" 3unis 18 yrs. old Lich. next, m. Gersham Bulkly & 

now deed. 1705. 
" aarah 16 yrs. oli I.lay " m. Saml. Oomstock. 
The widow and her son iilizar ) 
w son-in-law John Edwards, I.Ir. ) appt. admrs. 

1693 Hayes, Saml. , takes inv. est. Thos. Gregory of 5Iorv/alk. 

1694 Hanf ord, iiarah, wife of SLnathan Hanf ord & daughter of 

Hannah .«ilson, deed. 

1694 Hanford, KLnathan/ appt. admr. est. Hannah .Vilson, deedfi- 

1694 Hull, Deborah, wife of aaml. Hull & d. James Beers. 

Hart, John, Selectman, l-'ari.iington, takes inv. of Paul 
Brirasmeaa est. Bhere. 

1698 Haies, ilr. Saml. appt. to distribute est. of Jackin uregory. 

1698 iianf ora , Zlnaoiian, witness will of & overseer of est. of 
Saml. Roberson. 


1694 iicd. Hall, daml. ol j^'airfiela, est. of, Inv. taken Eov.8, 

1594, by aaml. tiquire, I'hos. Jones 6c James B^nlx, 
belectmeri^, ox jairiiell, also had lands at Stratford 

Widow ousanah (Book 1589-1701, p. 113) 

iSon oaml. ) 
" David ) in 1699 both under 14- 

The wiaow with Leut James 3e:]it <^ lir.) Appt. 

liathaniel bhertaan ) Adrnxa. 

Inv. of Stratfoard lanas taken Oct. 11-1697 oy 

James Hudson, John »*ells co Ambrose i'orason 

1699 Znsign Isaac V<heeler appt. to make distribution. 

1695 iiolley. Increase, called brother oy widow of Danl. lew- 

man. See Daniel x.ewman. 

1695 Jlolly, Joiin, called brother by widow of Lanl. ITewraan 
See Danl. Hewman. 

1695 Holmes, iiteven, witness isiewman agreement. 

1695 Holly, ELisha " " 

1695 ^a. Hull, Cornelius, Leut Sen. of Fairlield, will of, dated 
Sept. 16, 1695. probaoeu & inv. filed 0ct.7,lD95, 
Son Saml. land on V/. side Sasco Kiver - also bO 
acres of jjong lot, on ooth sides Aspetuek River. 
Son Gorntilias, land next 3enj. Banks in oasco- 

Son x'heopholus (Book 1689-1761, p. 126) 

Dau. Rebeka ^ull. 
" Sarah, wife of fiobt. ailliman. 
" laartna " " Cornelius I'raten. 

Grandchila Beorge hu^l, son of Cornelius 
iions, baral. , Cornelius &:) :(Rev. Joseph rteb) wit- 

Theopholus ) Ex. : ( iin.iphelet nil J ness 

Inv. taken Sept. 27, 1695 by -Jonathan aturges & 
5;iipnelet iiill, filed Oct. 7,1695. 

1697 Hull, iiaran, wire of Cornelius Hull & dau.3zeikell Sanford 

1697 Hull, iviary " " xhedpholus " " " " 






F,l izabeth 




1698 iiurd, John of «VoociDury, settlement or est. o±' 

Agreement of widow Anna and chilaren aatea Dec.20,lB90. 

Joseph Hura to nave hie father's John Kurd's mill 

3enj. ■' Jebt. to est. from I.Ir. Blacklach. 
Ebeneaer" Ageement recordea 1698. 
aaraa " (Book 1689-1701, p. 148) 

Witness John Levenwoorta & am, li-arkea. 
John Kiiner, uommissioner. 

1698 2xu. Hiett, (Iloit ?) Ihos. of norwalk, est. of, Inv. taken 
Kch. E8,'98 by Zerubbabell Hoit, John Raymond o. 
Mathyas Mention. (filed Apl.27,1698. Book 1689- 

V.idow i.:ary 17 01, p.l52&198 


Eebecka aged 19 abt. 

16 next Hay 
14 " 

12 " Dec. 
7 " June 7tn 
12 abt. 

The T/idow & Zhenezer ci ens ion appt. admrs. 
1718 ^^thyas Sention is addea to Capt. John Saymond to 
distribute est. 

1698 Hoit, Zerubbabell takes inv. of above est. 

1697 Halt, oaml. witnesB aeed of Gift & made admr. of est. of 

Sanl. Finch of Stanford, 

1698 Holley, aarah called a. by Saml. ]^ inch of Stanford. 
1698 Hubbell, aaral. takes inv. est. of Isack iVheelEr Jr. 

1697 Karvey, Josiah, witness '«m. Reed's deed of gift & 

also release of his est. by widov/ Uary Reed. 

1698 lixd. Harvey, Lr. Josiah of Fairfield, est. of, Inv. I.ich.11- 

1698 by John Bulkley-Tanl. iaeaker w SLnathan Ilanforo. 
Filed Mch. 27,1698, Book 1689-1701, p. 162) 
V/idov; Iilary 

Lau. Llary Grims ) 

" Abigaile Peat) reed, portions. 
Son 2hos. 
;:au. ..^artha 
Widov; —ary appt. Adrax. I^athan Gold 

Agreement of heirs AUg. 15-1707 Witness Peter Burr 


1710 Hawley, Gapt. John of Stratford to aistribute est. of banl. 
Galpin, aecd. of dtratfora of whieii he is aomr. 

1698 Hull, iJehorah, eallea a. by widow ..artha Beers. 

1698 Hanford, SLnathan, takes inv. est. Thos. Bedient. 

1717 Huhbell, Llr. Sanl. who waa app. to dist. est. of Thos. 
Ivlorehouse Jr. of ^'airfield, deed, is also deed. & 
Court appts. Huhhell, Lieut. Richard in his place. 

1697 Hoit, Zerubbahell, appt. aam. est. Zbe-ezer ,.ebb of x-orwaik. 

1699 Sxd. Hubbell, Sargt. Bich. of PeciuanriOck aged 7H yrs. abt. 

in record called of Fairfiela Village, will of 
Dated Apr. 5-1699-not admittea Dy Court owing * 
to sone inconsistencies - v/ill as follows: 
To widow Abigaile 
To Grandson Richard, son of deed, son Lieut. John 
Kubbei:^, said Leut John deca. viern eldest son of 
'ieca. (Book 1689-1701, p. 192) 

To son oaml. Sen^ 

To granason j^Denezer, son of aecd. 2be .ezer & liary his 

wife (now ■'.''ic'ow) 
To son Richard 

To dau. 2ilizab6th Frost in I'^OO called Zliz. Hull 
" " Mary i:Ewton 
" " Martha iVakenan 
" son barnl. Jr. 
" dau. Abigaile French. 
" dau. Sarah Hubbell in 1700 called Sarah Stevenson 

son James 
" " Joseph 
" " John the younger 
vVitness I sack Knell Sc 
Jonas Pitman 

The widow Abegaile & son Saral. to be Ss. 
Inv. taken Sept. 3,1599 by liathew Sherwood & 

James Senit. 
saml. Gregory a- Mat hew Sherwooa Jr. to make 

James Hubbell choses Capt. Mat hew Sherwood as 

Joseph " " David Sherman as guardian. 


1700 Hull, Slizabeth callea aaughter by Sargt. Rich Kubbell, 
formerl;r called ^"rost, later called Hull. 

1694 Exd. Hall, llizalDeth o±' Stratford, eat. of, inv. taken Apr. 

30-1694 ci by Satnl. Tredwell & Saral. Hubbell, filed 

Liay 2, 1694. (Book 1689-1701, p. 181) 

Saral. Hall brother to deca. to admr . 
Sov. 6-1694 - Saml. Hall being also aecd. the Court 
appta. Susannah Hall, v/idow of said saml. to admr. on 
the eat. of her sister in law SLizabeth Hall. 

1697 Hurlbut, Thos. est. of, inv. Dec. 10-1697 by John 
Bulkley & John Eci wards. 
Saral. Couch to husband the est. & 
Llr. John idwards to reason with the Cr. & Dr. & 
to give an account. (Book 1689-17 01, p. 176) 

1695 lioit, Saral. tates inv. est. John Leeds of Stamford. 

1695 Holly, Slisha " " " " " " " 

1700 Haies, Mr. Saml. ordered to make aist. of est. thos. Hiet. 

1706 Hill, V/ra. appt. to dist. est. of Michale Glugston, deed. 

1700 Hiet, xhos. of l^orwalk, settlement of est. of, widow & 
or nine children. 

Hiot Mr. Saral. Haies cc John i:tairaem; to aist. £c oraers 
James Olmsted to administer oath. 

1699 Halt, Saml. takes inv. est. Ga:t. Jonathan Bell of otam- 
f ord . 

1696 3xd. Hill, Joseph, of Fairfiela, inv. Sept. 17-1696 by John 

Thomson & Saml. Squire. 
7/m. & John Hill appt. admr. 
1711 - Apr. 4 - Inv. of land taken by Wra. Hill & John Hill 
brother of deed, distribution made 1715 to 
Brothers (John Hill' (Book 1689-1701, p. 187) 

" (Wm. Hill. 

Heirs of Slephelit Hill deed. (2 sons_surviving, viz:) 

7/ra. & Jilephelet. 
Heirs of Rich. vVidden lately deca. (2 oau. surviving, viz : 

iilizabeth & Sarah >ild- 

Ensign Gideon Allen & ) 
Mr. John iliompson Sen. ) to distribute. 


1640 Eeustea, Robt. -witness in tlae Feak & Patrick purchase 

1640 Heustea, Angel " " " " " •• 

1700 Hurd, Ben J. iieleetman of Wooabury, inv. est. Rev. lir.'i/Valker. 

1699 Z:xd., Eoit, Walter, of iiorwalk, aged abt. 78, ?/ill of aated 

i^eby. 11, 1695/6. 

■Sontj John Hoit of Danbury ) Left all his 
„,._^ " 2erubbahell ) prop, at L'orv/alk. 

witness John Plat, sen. Inv. by John Raimond 
Joseph bension & Saml. Betts. 

2 sons to be Hx. 

The will & Inv. exhibitea in Court in Apr. 1699. 
(Book 1689-1701, p. 207.) 

1700 Hanford, Unathan, marries Abegaile, widow of Danl.Lockwood, Jr 

17Ca Exd. Hanfora, Zlnathan, of jj'airfiela, will of, dated Dec. 28- 

1701. (Book 1689-1701, p. 208.) 
Wife Abgaile, former husband r.aniel Lcelrwood, she 
being v/ith child 6c if said child lice until 21 to 
have all his lands at Korv/alk. diary Lockwood, 
dau. sd. Abigail n. ITathan -^-^orehouse. ) 
2 other chilaren. 
'rhos . ) ) under age 

oau. Sliner died 1710, See dist. 
est. Rev. to. Zanford 1710. 
Sanl. ".Vilson, uncle to deed, to be so e ex. 
7/itness xiathan Gold 

John V/aksman. 
Inv. taken Jany. 1701/2 by Peter Burr - John Edwards 

John '.Vakeman. 

1699 Hait, darnl. lir. to dist. est. Danl. Wood of Stanford. 

1703 Hinnan, Idward, overseer est. i'hos. Griffen. 

1695 2xd. Hill, iLliphelet, died Jan. 30-1695. 

Inv. about same date. Bros. William Hill & John Hill 
(Book 1689- Afldition to above inv. presented by V/m. Hill- Joseph 
1701, p. 213) Hill & John Hill - Apr. 25,1696. 

Inv. taken by Thos. btapies, Danl. xleeker ,Zlnathan 

Hanford . 
In tne additional inv. there is £43-6-8 his v/ife's 
dov/ery of h:;r husband Nicholas, proo. widow of 
iinsign Zphrarn liieholes. 


1696 The additional Inv. obtained witli great difficulty 

from the nanas or Robert Lord £; Esther (said Esther 
is prob. the widov7 of Sliphelet Hill deed . & now 
wife of said Lord ) 
1695 »Vni. & John Hill, brothers i:o deed, refuse to adrnr. 
■Lieut. Janes Benit aiao refuses, & Abraham Adams 
appt. sole aamr. 

1697 Hat hi. Bur & Mr. John E'.lwaras appt. to assist-Adamo. 

Widx3W Esther - (See Kobt. Lord 1696) 
tions. 7/m. & Zliphelet. 

Debts, of 'Est. I'o Kathl. Bur, lir. John V/akeman, 
John Edwards, Capt. Golu, V^idow Bur, Jon'n 
^"anson - ^anfora of liilfora - Rip Vejioar, 
Abraham Adams - Joshua Jennings - baml. r^ober- 
Bon - John Thompson - John Bulkley - Joseph 
Phipen - Joseph Loclrv/ood, Van. bprague - Ilr. 
Deny - iaml. inquire & Joseph Hill. 

1705 Wm. & John Hill, appt. to aams. est. oi Rich £c Sarah 7/iden. 

1706 Sxd. Hav/l3^, Ephraira ot Stratfora, distribution of est. of 

Dec. 14^ 1706, Book 1689-1701, p. 21*. 
To eldest son 
2 otner c hilar en 
iiome of tne eat. in lanaa of Lr. Sanl. Sc Ij:. John 

Also portion of the eat. of uiie ehilaren. Grana- 

father Joseph Hav/ly deca. ia a.lso in the 

hands of saia 3 ami. & John Hawly. 
Capt. James Zudtjon & Ilr. Saml. Eav/ly & Lir. Saml. 

Sherman to dist. 

1693 Hiae, John of x<"airfielu, aecu. agreement of tieirs 

"widovv Elizabeth. 


llary - unaer age. 
'iVitness Josiah Harvy - 
aaml. Roberson. 

1694 Hill,';Vm. called cousin by aarah .Vhelpley, & he is admr. 

of the estate of her deed, father & mother Joseph 
>K '.Vhelpleji c; Rebeeka V/helpley. 


1695 Hill, (Sstiier & 

(Elipiielet, witness release of Joseph iieely vmo 
married tne adrax of est. JosepJi Jackson bj' his son in 
law Joseph Lyon v/ho marriea Lary Jackson. 

1692 Hubbell, Rich. Jr. acknoT/le age receipt or legacy irom his 

Drother in law Tlios. Morehouse Jr. admr. est. of nio 
I'atner in lav/ baral. Uorehouae, aecd. 
Witness Joseph atergis 
Janes Ben it. 

1696 Hillier , Thos. witness release or legacy by ilios. Morehouse 

adm. to Israel Gention, Jr. 

1700 ilugbee, Zdws-rd, son of John -tiigbee of Middletov/n,decd, 
y^e choses his uncle Saral* Sreadwell as guardian. 

1700 Kubbe, Mr. John choses guardian op- John Mead, Jr. both of 

1700 Kalley, Tanl. son of Sphraim Hally of Stratford, deed, 

makes choice of LIr. Jai.oes Steel of iVethersfiold & 
lir. Tanl. Shelton of Stratforc. as guardian. 

BOOK 1702 to 1750. 

1*^10 Hubbell, Snsign Eichard of Stratford appt. Adrn. est. 
Capt. John Vnakeman of r airfield. 

1711 Hill, ^'hOB. son of Thos. Hill late of Fairfield, deed. 

.^akes choice of his uncle Hobt. Rumsey to bs nis 

1712 Hull, ilary, widow of Capt. Theopnelus Hull being deea. 

xhe court appts aergt. 2zekiel Sanford C: xhos. 
sanfora to aanr. 

1712 Hull, Theophylus, makes choice of latnaniel Hoit of Dan- 
bury to be guardian, 
said I'heophylus is a son of Capt. Theopnyles Hull, deed. 


1712 Hull, Ann, a. ol' Capx;. 2heophylus limll nakss choice of 
Cornelius Hull a^ -guardian. 

1712 Hull, iiaml. chosen Dy Court guardian Tor 31iphalet Hull. 

1712 ^ull, John is naae v/ara or Josepn Jackson. 

1712 Hull, Jabes " " " " Ilat^niel Halt. 

1702 Hoit ,Zerubbebell takes inv. eat. John Soscow of ITorwalk". 

1702 Hubbart, Jn. aen. of Zairiiela, ;.ill of, dated Oct. 10-1702. 

ion in law Jacob Packim 

aau. of aecci* Mary " 

iion in law Thoa . Benit .Dhe aec'd haa prop, at 

bon Vi'm. Hubbart. (;^reenwich. 

dau. bar an Benit. 
Jacob Packira sole ex. 

..itneas, it'hos. Jones - John xhomson & John lieredith. 
Inv. taken ^-ov. 7-1702 by Philip Lewis & itobt. t^ilimen 

1703 Hoit, Saml. aani. est. Jonathn V/aterbury. 

1704 xxall, i'rances of Uicalet own, sn ter of John Allen of 

Stratfora, aeca. & Henry Allen of Hilford. 

1701 - Hudson, LIr. Nathaniel, of atratioru, eat. of, Inv. taken 
by aelectnen of otratford, 'i]hos. i.nowles, John Beach 
& Isack Knell. June 13-1701. 

(Vidow Abegaile s?/ares to inv. 
(iSpeaks Of in connection witn :."r. ITathl. Huclsoii of a 
will or Mr. John Jiuason. 

The v/iaow to aamr. v/ith ohe I;ev. ..^. isreil 
Ghauncy - part of the est. of said aeoc. is in i;ew 
Haven & Inv. taken tnere June 10-1701 by l;athan 
Anar-sfws ;Den. ib Wra. Thomson, Selectmen. 
Israel Ghauncy ai aarah Ohauncy testify they were at 

the bedsiae or aeca the art£rnoon ox the night he 
died. Hay 8-1701 & ne left all his prop, to his 
v/ife except hio gold buttons. Buckles o: Binge 
which he left to little John Hudson. 
1703 lilr. Izrael Chancy T/ho wa;; appt. aumr. of the 
estate of deed. Hoason being also aecd. the 
uourt the widor/ Abigaile above. 


1704 Houson, John of ITev; Kay en brother oi Latnaniel, deou. 

above releases tne widow iibegaiie o*. legacy paid, 
'iVitness George Parae - Sarah Ghancj'' - Liary Cornwell. 

She above name is Hudson - Kurdson u Hodson. 

1697 Holly, 21isha, had land at ataral'ord next to iiev. John 
Da-^enport's grant. 

1697 Hait, Benj. had land at Stamford next to Hev. John 

i/avenj3ort' s grant. 

1697 Hait, Saml. one of the eomnittee in Stanford's grant to 


1698 Henderson, John, deed, at Fairfield - Iwr, taken hy ITathl. 

Burr, Jolin Thompson, <.c Philip Lewis. 

Said Henderson was inaster of Xetel Spedwell now l^^in^ 

in F Harbor. 2he vessel is prop, owned at aalem. 

1706 Hustea, Jona-nnan, admr. of est. of Jabez Sherwood formerly 

1704 Hubbell, saml. Hr. to dist. est. Jackonite ^'^ancher of 

1704 Holmes, I^ich. of Eorwalk, will of, dated Oct. 31-1704 
a 3 lac Irs with.. 

Viife Sarah 
kehitabell earner, next kinsv/oman to his -vife living 
v/ith them all the est. after his wife ciec'c ex- 
cept small legacies to 
Jonathan btevenson s. of Jonathan Stevenson deed. 

that waa my servant. 
So Saral. Hayes Sen. of iTorwalk. 
2o Thos. cb Bich.. Bouton the no7/ 2 youngest sons of 

John Bouton, Sen. of llorwalk. 
Do the daughter of his brothers John Holmes, Sen. of 
Bedford & Steven Holmes, Sen. of Stanford, 
witness '^oseph aregory 

JoTon Copp 
Inv. ITov. 25-1704 - by JoTin Benedick - Saml. Hanford & 
James Hayes. 

1704 Eagres, Sarnl. Sen., left Issacy b; above aecd. 
1704 Hanrord, aanl. takee inlj. of above eat. 
1704 Hayea, James " " " " 

1704 Husted, Jonathan, aan. of esv. Jabez c^herwooa of ;Jreenwicli 
^^ ia wife left largest part of saia e&t. 

iaary, v/ife of above «^onathan. 

1701 Holly, Slisha of Stamford, to aist. est. John Benolds of 

1701 Halt, Sanl. , to dist. est. John Renolds cf Greonwicli. 

1701 Halt, Zurubbabell, guardian of Jedediah Garnfield. 

1701 Hiue. a.i:iaoeth of .' airfield, mil of, datea June 9-1701 

aau. Elizabeth Jezup 
" aarah i an ton 
" ..lary Rmasey 
son John 
'±0 elaest son of her son John 
Son John to be eole ex. 
vatnesE ITathan i^old & Hobt. Humsey. 

Hohn Hide refuses to aanr. the Court appts. John 
iiide ci: Sargt. 3enj. Eumsey to admr. 
iJebts. due to est. -fr. John Hide, Sarn-t. Beni. 
Huiasey & Jonathan i^anton. . 

16^7 Holmes, John takes inv. of IVm. Clarke, deed, of Sedfora. 

1704 Eikok, Joseph, takes inv. of est. leut. Izrall Curtis 

of ".voo'ibury. 

170- 3olly, John s. of Increase Holly of Stanford testifies on 
Jonas Seely. 

1705 Hally, Leut. John of Stratford, takes inv. est. I±r. Saml. 

j?airchil6 of Stratford. 



BOOK 1648-56. 
John Jags' er. 
1658 Judson, Joseph (Stratford) 

1658 lilr. Jorgoe went to \lest Indies 4 years before and is 

thought lost - -Istate of - evidently nad 3 sons. 

16'^8 Jones, Ihos. 

1659 Judson, Jereray (Stratford) 
1659 Judson, Josua (Stratford) 
1659 Jackson, Plenry. 

1659 Jonson, John estate of, inv. filed Oct. 2E, 1659, p, 64. 

his mother made adrax. of estate, 

property divided b^t. his 2 brothers Hoses & Sbeneaer 

they v;ill be 21 in 1662 i^ov. 

1660 Joanes, x'hos. 

1661 Judson, Joshua, Estate of , (Stratford) inv. filed irpv.l661,p. 

vVido,7 of above ■ 75. 

{Josua eldest son 
all under age JSaml. 2d son 

(one daughter. 

lool Judson, Joseph ) 

1661 Judson Jeremiah ) Overseers of above children. 

1663 LiT. Jones, raentioned in Alex, -^^nowles' v/ill. 

1651 Jones, John, "aitnesE, ridll .im. '.Vilcoxson. 

Iboo ^^d. Jones, John, Pastor of Church at .^'airfield.v/ill of 

proijatea Jan. 17, 1664, Boolr 1665-1675, p. 5. 

Susanna, ^aov7 of, John eldest son 

Ilipholot " 

dau ght er s 3 ar ah ".Vils on 

" (rVidow) 3uth James ?( Jones) 

" Sebecca Hull, 

" Elisabeth iiill. 


1665 James, ".Yid . Ruth, called aau. by above. 

1666 James, Joseph, vdie of, receives prop, by will of Danl. 


1669 Jackson, -Slizabeth, called daughter hy Siles Smith 
in his v/ill. 

1669 Jennings, Joshua, mafees inventory of est. of Thos. Basset, 

1670 Jarvis, Steven, as (husband.) of d. of Jonathan Porter 

released 2x. of est. of Giles Smith. 

BOOK 1675-89 

1675 Jennings, Joshua br. of i.''airfifelil, will of, dated ?eby. 

25, 1674, probatea Eov. 27, 1675, -.. 11. 

Wife Mary ^ • • 



Michael 1 






iaajor Gold ) Josiah Harvy ) 

iir. i7;,l:eman ) overseers i^ary Stapler ) V/itness 
Inventory taken Eov. 27-75 by (John Banks 

(Zrbon Wakeman 
( Josiah liarvy 

16 74 Jaggins, John, had land at Standfora, next Galep Knap. 

1682 Jane, Peter, sold prop, prior to date to John Jager of 

1676 Jones, Cornelius of i-'airfield - Estate of - Inv. taken 

1TOV.9-1G76 by Francis Burdlee ^ Josiah Harvy - 
evidently a laborer. 


1675 Jackson, l-Iary, sister to John Gouwin, deed. 

167 2 

Iacli.20 Jagger, 3xd.. Joim, guaraian o±' Jonathan Jagger, releases 
John Holly & Jonathan aellick, overseers o±' the child- 
ren 01' Roht. Usher, deed, lor said Jonathan's 

btand- portion of est. of said l^oht. Usher. 

i'ora. Jonathan Jagger vi&a trie bon on Jeremiah Sagger, deed, 
amts to i78-12-10. Book 1675-1689, p. 46. 

Tim' ilewmau ) 

Jeremiah Jagger ) .Vitness. 

1672 Jagger, Jeremiah, had land next to Jonthn Jagger. 

1681 Jackson, Joseph of Fairfield, ::st. of, Inv. taken Oct. 31, 
1681 b^' John Banks, liathew dherwooa, Isa'ac 'Vheeler 
Widow, Ivlary, proD. married Joseph oeely. 

One son & 4 aau-ghtsrs. Hary prob. dau. or 
Joseph Jackson, rrarried Joseph h-yorit, 
The deed. Joseph Jackson is a son of Henry Jackson 
and the said Henry Jackson provides for his grand- 
son the son of Joseph aecd. Apr. 10-1684, provided 
ne does not share in his fatner's estate, 
iiathev/ Sherwood c: Saml. Ti/'akeman: overseers. 

(ij'iled liov. 1, 16ol,' Book 1675-1589, p. '65.) 

1681 Judson, Lieut. Joseph, overseer for 3d. Hinman, prop, 
at Vi/oodhury. 

1681 Jonson, lioses, r/itness iklward Hinman, V/oocibury. 

1679 Judson, Joshua, children naa prop, next John Hurd of 

1685 Judson, James, overseer of est. Thos. Ufford. 

1685 Jonson, Mary d. Robt. Rose, deed. Stratford. 

1685 Jonson, of Salem, sister to Jolin Beers, deed. 

1688 Judson, Jeremiah, selectman of Stratfora, inv. est. '2l±zx 


1684 Jedson, Jeremia, takes inv. of est. John Picket. 
1684 Judson, James " " " " " 


1684 Jones wife, of ^leplialet Jones, sister in law to 

.Sarah Wilson, sometimes Bulkley. 

1683 Juclson, Joseph, selectman (of .Voo^'bury) inv. est. 2hos. 


1684 2xci. Jager, John oi Stanford, viill of, uatea Oct. 20-1682 

Elisabeth dau. of deed, vi/as deed, in 1690. 
v/as married -Hannah " » " . 

in 1690 Saraja " " " (probated 1684, .Book 1d75- 

...ary " " " (1689, p. 146. 

Jonathan son " " 

brotner Jeremiah Jagger (Book 1689-1701, p. 26) 

John Selleke ) : James V/eec ) 

Jonathan Loekr/ood ) Overseers '.Jonathan Bell) vVitness. 

John Jagger Died Oct. 16-1684. Inv. taken by tov/nsmen 
Danl. Vveed, Saral. Eoyt is Stephen Bishop. 
Jonathan Jagger, 9 yrs. 

1690 7/hereas all the overseers 
in above est. are deed, the Court 
ap;il . the 9 l<ov. '90 Unsign -ohn 
Bates " Danl. Scofield to furnish 
the Admr. 

1685 Judson, John freed from Srayning. p. 168. 

1685 Johnson, iioses, son in law to Bebecca ^ose, widow. 

1666 Joanes, Joseph of ^'airfield, will dated Sept. 12, 1666. 
Widow, I'lSJr-^, 
daughter i^ary born Apr. 7, 1666. 
Eathn. Gold, 
Wm. Ward witness & overseers. 

1685 Johnson, Herman, convicted lif stealing '-.heat out of 

Joseph Lockivood's barn, orderea to pay three fold 
p. 168. to Joseph lockwooa y"^ is J-3 & to pay i5 to the County 

treasury of i^'airfield - oraereu to be whiped not ex- 
ceeding 20 stripes on ye nakec back in lew of his 
fine of J-5. 

1685 Joanes, The constable ordered to be paid by Gen. Court 

1685 Joye, Jacob, takes inv. est. John Llayhew. 




Kanna h 










1686 Jaclcson, Henry ol' Fairt'iela , will of, dated llov. 11,1682 
.VidOTJ- (probated iiept. 22,1586. ) 
Hoses, son o± deed. (is given housing at Poquanoeke 

v/ith. ttie lot tiiat 7/as lir. Ludlow's) 
Sanl. son of deed, (has had lana given before & re- 

• (corded) in addition given land 
Boot 1675-^689, p. (in rear of v^Yn. w'ard's lot & a 
200 & 219 ■ (piece in rear of Lir. Harvy's lot 

(& land in rear of Buctley's lot 
(& land in rear Bicli.Huhhels & 
(land in rear of Llr. ^^rost Sc next to 
(Iiathev7 Sher\vood. 
Grand child, Hoses Jackson (land next '^ohn Hoots.) 

John, son of deed. 
Grandchild 3anl. Jacl'son 

Jive 'Children of Joseph 30n of deed. 
Hannah, dau. of deed, wife of Philip Gal- 
pin & her chilaren 

Belect of son Joseph d Godv/in,decd. 

Zathan Gold ) " : Sergt. iJanl. Surr ) '.Vitness. 

Josiah Harvy) Overseers : James Beers ) 

Inv. taken June 21-1686 b^ George Squire ) 

Josiah Karvy ) Townsmen of 
<Vm . 3 yd e nha m ) Fairfield. 

Mary ac^uier a. widow Barbery Sc[uier being an apren- 
tiee to Henry Jackson deed, ehoses ^ohn Jackson 
to serve the rest of her tine to. 

1686 Judson, Joseph, inv. est. i'hos. S'aireMld of Woodbury. 

1686 Johnson, John, v;itness will of iJavid Hitchel of Strat- 
ford . 

168t) Judson, James, aelectnan takes inv. " " " " 

1686 Joseph Jacksons deed, five children v/ere left a legacy by 
his father Eenry Jackson & the "^ourt orders the ex. 
of Henry Jackson's estate to pay sara:; to Joseph 3ely 
the now husband of Joseph Jackson's deceased his 
wiaov;. (Hannah Galpin, sister of «Joseph Jackson) 

Lieut. Saml. Ilore house ( apt. overseera for children. 
Znsign Hat hew Sherwood ( 
1585 iVhereas Saml. Horehouse the above overseer has been for 
some time deca. the Court appoints Lieut. James B-^nit as 
overseer with others. 


1687 Joy, A-braham, 2st. of, inv. taken July 25-87 by (iiathew Sher- 
filed Aug. lb, lb87. Book 1675-1689, p. 230. (v/ood. 

Joseph Joy, "brother of deed. 
Isaac vVheler apointed administrator. 

-i-hove decu. has interest in a house leased out 
to V/idor/ ".Vhelphy 

Ahraiiara -iiennet, son of =Janes Bennet. 
See Isaac r/heler. 

1687 Judson, Joseph, selectman of Woodbury) takes inv. of est* 

Joseph iieckox. 

1687/8 James, Josep^j, being lately deca. Court appoints the rddaw 
Jan. 26. Llary Janes w x^bran ■^dans administrators. (p244 Book 


1688 Judson, oergt. Jeremiah, gives bond for Sarah the -^vidow 

of "^avid vVatkius. 

1689 Jonson, *^bigaii, T7itness will of John Sherwood of Strat- 


1690 Jennings, Joseph s. in law to Gapt. Hobt. Turny. 

1694 Jonson, George witness release of -^dward ward, by his 
mother in law Hannah V/ard. 
step mother. 

1687 Judson, Isaac of Stratford deed. inv. of est. of, taken 
June 15, 1687 by, filed ITov. 6, 1687. 
Saml. Sherman ) (At Court helc. ■»^ov.7-1693- 

2obt. Lane ) Selectmen. (the Heleck of Isaac Jud- 

Jiaml. Hav/ly ) (son nov/ wife to Saml. 

James Judson ) (Peat asks for an increase 

V/idow Liary ( of allowance there being 

All under ll son (only 2 children surviving. 

age. ( 3 daughters (Book 1675-1689, p. 236) 

Sargt. Jeremiah Judson ) 
lir. 'Thos. Hicks ) 

Benj. Peat ) Overseers. 

James Judson ) 

saml. Hawks ) 


1687 Judson, James selectmen of Stratford inv. S overseer or 
est* Isaac '^udson. 

1687 Judson, iSargt. Jeremian, overseer of est. Isaac Jndson. 

1589 Jackson, Jolm of ^-airfield, est- of, inv Uoy. 11,1689 by 
Jonathan iiorehouse oa John Odle. filed Lov. 29,1689 
..idov7 3aizabetn. (Book 1675-1689, p. 298) 
Joseph Seely ) 
Moses Jackson, Jr) Administrators. 

1690 Judson, James, takes inv. of est. Francis Hall, deed, 
selectman of i^tratford. 

1689 Jackson, Mary u. of (tco. Abhot of Horwalk. 

BOOK 1689 - 1701. 

1690 Jefry, Thos. est. of inv. filed Apr. 3, 1690, taken dy Saml. 
Sherman & Saml. Galpin. (Book 1689-1701, p. 5. ) 
V/idov; Mary 
The v/idow & ) 

Saml. Galpin ) Admr. 

Josiah iiicolis J Don't think there v/ere any 


1690 Judson, James, selectman of i^tratford, takes inv.Jol-m Birdsy. 

1690 Jennings, Joseph appt. admr. est. Saml. '^mith of •t'airf ield , 

16 91 Jones, Thos. takes inv of est* -^anl* '^illiman of ^airfield. 

1690 ^^' Jager, Jeremiah of Standf ord , est- of, inv. taken by 
Saml. ^eoffielfi - Cc iilisha -ti-olly townsmen, filed 
Hov. 9, 1690. (BtoOk 1689-1701, p. 24) 
Peter -''errice s-.vears to inv. 

Sarah d. of deed. 1'6 yrs* old'. :Abt. 1699 'x'he ^ourt 
SLizabetn d. of " 11 " " orders Mr. Peter 

Mary d.- " " 7 " " Jerris & Mr. Abraham 

Jeremiah, son " " 5 " " Ambler being oecd. 

the Oourt appt. IJanl. 
Scofie-ld of Stanford 
in Ms place. 
Peter j'errice J 

Abram Ambler ) Admrs* At Mr. -"-mbler's death 
iJanl. ueed ) Danl. Scofield wsls appt. 




1690 Joy, Joseph of i'airiield , Impressed to go on an expedition 
against tlie ^'rench - 1st at -^Ibany & fhen to Canada inalres 
deed of gift. 

Joseph Sennett called couzen 

Deboran Joy " " in 1691 v;as v;ife of 

(Sook 1689-1701, p. 26,-66 £i 96)Andrev7 Ward. 
Hary Joy 
My cousin .iialter «Joy s. of my brother ('.Talter Joy uied in 

Jacob Joy J e by. 1691) 
Brother Jacob Joy 6: Saml. ii-ubbell Sen. - Admr. 
John Odell, Jr. ) 

Saml. Beardsley, Jr. ) '.vitness. 

Inv' taken -^eptr. 24-1690 by iiathew Sherwood & Isack 
iilieeler, & filed Hov. 9, 1690. 

1690 Joy, JaeoD of -^'airfield, est. of, inv Jany. 1690 by 

i-iathew 'iherwood. filed jeby. '16, 1690. 
John Osburn. (Book 1689-I70i^p..28) 

Vyidow, -ilizabeth' 
Gapt. Mathew Sherv/ood ) 

■ James Bennit ) Adms. 

1691 Joye, Joseph, distribution of his est. waiter Joy being 

deed, the Court divides his portion bet. T-eborah 
V/ard, v/ife of Anarew ward os ilary Joy sieter to 
iValter Joye. 

1692 Jones, xhos. appt. adinr . of est' Henry I^oland, Jr. 

1690 Jucson, Lieut. Josepn, of ^'oodbury, v;ill of, aatea i'eby. 
1689, probated & inv. filed Lich. 10, 1690/91 

nVidovz aarah 1/2 his house at atratford ^ meadow 
v/hicn he bought of Benj. Blackman. 
John, eldest son of deed. 

James, son of deed, as per v/riting of i'eby. 24-79. 
SaraVi Howell a. of decdfc 
Some under Grace Priden " " " 
age. Hannah 


Son John to be 3bc. Zechariah ualker ) wit- 

I'ir. Zackery lalker ) Susan >'alker ) ness 

Brother Jeremiah Judson 1 Overseers. 
lir. Joseph Hawley ) 

Saml. Sherman, Jr- ) 




Inv. of est. at .Vooclbury, taken Oct. S8-1690 by 
Jolan -^inor ) 
Israel ^urtiee) 
John aherrnan ) selectmen. 
John liitchell ) 

Inv. of est* at ^tratfora Mr. 5,1691, by .^ainl. ohernan 

SaiTil. Hav/ley. 

1690 Judson, Jeremiah, "brotner of aoove <Josepn. 

1690 Jaclcson, John, est. of (account fllea lach* 10, 1590) 

'uidov/, ^lii^abeth 
Moses (eldest prch) yon of deed. 

Other children, 1 dau. m. Isaac Sherv/o od of Fair- 
Widow and son — oses admr. field. 
Sept. 6, 1699 thpwidow bein:-^- deed, the Court aoiotd. 
■James Bannit. (Book 1689-17 01, p. 32) 

6190 Ixd. ^ones, Gor.elius of i^ta-ford, .Vill of, dated June 2, 1690 
Had land at IToroton Eeek, probate! and inv filed Uch.. 10 
Joseph son of oecd. 1691, Book 1689-1701, p. 39 

Zbenezer " " " 
Grandchild Kuth. Kyat about 16 yrs. old dau. of his uau. 
Mary Hyat. 

Lieut. Jonathan Bell ) :Abraiiam Nimbler) 

iibraham Ambler ) Overseers :- anl. Scofield) '.Vitness 

Inv. taken Oct. 31-1690 Saral. Kait. Abrm. ^mbler. 

In Mch. 10, 1691 - Joseph son of deed is also oecd. 

1591 Jones, Joseph of Stanford, cieca. 1690 son of Cornelius Jones 
left a ^/idoTT Mary 

a sons Joseph abt. 9. 2 tiavighters i>iary abt. lo 
Saral. abt. 6. Hannah aot* 11 

Coriit.-lius abt.3. 
(Book 1689-1701, p. 39 2: 53.) 
Mch. 10,1691. Court oraers -anl. ^cofield ^ John Arabler of Strat- 
ford to admr. est. £c on their report orders dist. 
of est. to be maae by Capt. Jonathan i^ellick ^ 
Leut. .Vaterbury 2c also to perfect ttie dist« of 
Cornelius father of sd. Joseph as command ea by 
Lie u"C. Bell c': Mr. -^-rabler, deca. 

1691 Jones, j->:Os. appt. admr. of est* Saml. ^rumman. 

1691 Jennings, Sarah d. of Jotm w Sarah Gruman '^ >*, Saml. Jennings. 


1692 Jackson, John, estate of settled Meh. 1692, Book 1689-1701, 

p. 72. 

1691 Jonson, John Sx. or' will of Obediah Banks. 

1691 Jones, Tlaos. appt. acirnr. of est. of Ohetliati Banks. 

1691 Jones, Liartna, wife of Ilipnelet '^ones sister to Dhos. 


1691 Jones, (see p. 200) Josepn of Stanford, deed. 1690 - Inv. 

of est. taken 2^ "^ept. 1691 by i:anl. 'Seofiela cb iliati 
Holly, see above. 
Ahranam Arntaler & Banl. "^cofield appt. admr. (i'iled 
( Book 1689-1701, p. 53) ::ov.3,l691. 

170C Hay 1 - -^xhraham ^-irahler being; rieca the Court appts 
his surviYing son Jehil -mbler ~ith above ^anl. 

1691 Jones, Abegaile, wife of Thos. Jones lo d. Henry Boland. 

1692 Jones, Thos. of -jairfiela takes inv and receives legacy 

fr. Hev. Saml» Tmkeman. 

1692 Jonson, George, legacy to, trj will of Ghas. -^ugless of 
Stratfor a. 

1691 "Jones, i]hos. appt. adrnr. of est* Peter Buckle;?-. 

159S Jenings, Joshua, takes inv. of est* John Adams. 

lo9'i Judson, Saral. has in his custody prop, of Jacob u'arr, 
deed, formerly of iitra-cford. 

1695 Johnson, Ilary, wife of licolas .Jonson Jr., S: n. of Peter 
Coly, aecd. 

169d Judson, -nsign Jarnes , appt. aarar. of est* P6.ul Brinsly or 
Brinsmeaa of »itratfora. 

1699 Jenings, Joshua, BrotLiier in law to Hoses Lyon of J'airfiela 

169y Judson, Janes, selectman of "Stratford talres inv est. 
iiaml. '^heeler. 

1700 Juason, Jeremian, Sargt- of "^tratfora, .Vill of, '' ated i^ebj-. 

El-1697/8. (Book 1689-1701, p. 191 c; 197) 
..ife Catherine - as per barrage Covenant 
Grande nitdren (liary 8c (dau. of son 

(]Ilizabeta (Isack Judson. 
Granacnild ^lizaoetn Bonlinaon unuex a^e 


cLau. Saran Stergia 

Granaeliild ilary V.atkinH unaer age 
aau. Mercy Kouton (Burton?) 

son ■ Jereraiaa left noat; or est. iri ease ne has a 

rnale neir il' not the prop, is to be 
ciiviaed as folloi;7s: 
lid part to children of son Jereniau 
" " " " " dau. iiarah iitergis 

i^ercy Burton 
a on Jeremiah sole e:n:s- 

Yn'itness Josepn "-iurtis 
James Hudson. 

1700 the wido-.y callea motner in law by Jeremiah son of deed. 
Soliomon Bout on son in law (Burton ?) 
jjieuo. ^iger I'oralinson son in law 
Inv. taken June 11-1700 by James Judson,3aral. Hawley & 
John '.Veils, selectmen. 

1697 Jennings Hat hen ) 

Isack ) Called sons hy 

aaml. ) widow Lary inlaws on oi' 
Josbua ) ^airfield. 

Josepn ) 

1597 Jenings., Hannah, called d. in law " " 

lb98 Ife:d. Jackson, Josnua, est* or, inv. taken Jan* 10-1698 by 
Ilathew Saerr/ood Sen. & aaml* Hub bell. 

uiaow iHizaDeth. (Book 1689-1701, p. 184) 
^on Joshua 
aaral. Jackson, father or aecc. gives LiO- ro the 
widow &: child, also gives tne chila ^^osnua his 
granason, the pasture It that wat* his fa-oner's 
Henry Jackson at i airfield. 
i'h.e widov/ cj her fat;ner in law 
iaml. Jackson to admr. 

1599 Jones, Hannah, witness, will of Gapt. "Jonathan Bell, 

1d99 Jackson, «^oshua, son of Josnua Jackson, deca* 1698, is 
also deca. 

The widoviT, aoove, to have -che eot. 


17 02 ^a. Jonea, Joseph oi btanfora , Estate aistributea in 1704. 
Ljami. Jones son o±' Joseph Jones of Stanford ehoses 
Danl. Scofield i6en. for Ms guardian. 
(Book 1689-1701, p. 209) 

1702 Judson, Capt. James, guardian of ^ter d« Paul Brinsmead. 

1691 Jenings, Saml. acknor/1 edges receipt of legacy for his 
wife from est. of her grandfather iiiell Try. 
baid legacy ^paid "by John Grurornan. 
7/itness '^"aos* ^rurjnan. 
jidwai'd Howard. 

1695 Jackson, Ua.ry d, of Joseph Jackson of Fairfield, deed, 
married Joseph Lyon ci releases the acimr. of her 
father's est. her father in lav? Joseph Seely t.'M 
raarriea the acaax. of said Joseph Jackson est. 

1704 Jackbon, Joseph and his son in law Francis Bradly re- 
leases tne above Josepn aeely, etc. 

1d89 Jackson, John of Fairfield acknowleagea the reeeiTE d 
legacies left him ny tiis father John Jackson ci 
Fairxiela, deca. & also by his mother. 
aaia recasipt is to his brotner lioses Jackson q( 
I.'^airiiela, adrar. of above est. 
"iVitness David Sherman & 
Saml. Lyon. 

soon 1702 - 1750. 

1712 Jackson, Josepn ia cnosen guaraian oo Joiin Hull. 

1704 Jonea, Joseph & Cornelius or btaniora aiat. of eat. aivs 
Joseph Jones, Jr. 

Saml. Jones 

Cornelius Jones, Jr. 

CorneliiB Sely.for his wife 

Lav id ---iller " " " Hannah 

Iiist. made by Jonatnan cielick ^ David ii^ex'hxrj. 


1704 Jesup, Jonathan. 8. of ZdiTard Jeaup of Fairfiela, left 
legacy by Jabis Sherwood of Greenr/ich. 

1701 Jezup, Elisabeth, u. j± John Hide of Fairfield ,cleo3 . & 

V7ife of 3dward Jes.sup. 

1702 Jonera, Saral. takes inv. est. 'ilr. John Levensv/'ortn of 

\ioo6 bury . 
17 0-: Judson, lljc. John -co dist. est. or " " " " 

lb96 Jessip, Zldward releases his brother John Hide ex. ql est 
of John Hide Sen. pf -^'airfield, deed. 

17C5 Jezup, Jonathan called cosin by Jonathan Heusted of 
Greenwich & left 1/2 of his prop. 

1706 Jag;'];er, Jereraiah, Jr.j prob. of Stanford, deud. 1706, 

inv. of est. by Jonathan Selliclr Jr. I: Sanl. 

Baa J. Hoit Jr. cs John 7/ebster of Stanford appt. 
appraisers of est. of Jereraiah Jag^er,. Jr. m'ke 
report 'go court c: dist. ordered^ Said Jer eraiah 
Jagger Jr. left onlir '6 sisters, viz: 
Sarah 'iVebster v;if e of John V/ebster 
SLiaabeth Hait, " " 3enj. Hedt Jr. & 
liary Hait, " " Sarnl. Hait Jr. 

ail of Stan ford -who are the nesrt of VAn^ in 
equal aegree. 
'Witness aoove agreernent. (Jonathan >3illick,Jr. Kan. 24- 

■ ( 1706/7 

(Abegaile Sillick:. 

1707 June, Peter of Stai f ord , est. of, inv. Ai^r. 9-1707-by 

Jonathan Selick - Danl. Scofield - John Knap 

i'/idow Sarah, 
Zldest Son Peter 

son Janes land ne-xt Dar.l. Loclrvooa 

" Shocias 
dau. Sarah 
" ..ercy 
" Ilary 
The widoi7 to adrr . 

Danl. Scofield i: John Knap both of Star, fora to 
make -dist. 

James, '-^'hos. o: Lorcy nake choice of the mother 
as guardian.- The court appt. the wido:; gusr dian 
for --ar7/ alaiO. 


1707 Janes, Haehell d. Lir. John Hubbv oi' Greenwica.decd. 

1707 Jones, Hannah, v/i±'e of Cornelius Jones, formerls'- r/idow 
of Jo nn IBradly. 

1707 Jones, Cornelius a-ppt. guardian of John, SLoz . Huth & 
Joseph Bradl^?-,'^ he being otie step father. 

1707 Jackson, Danl. appt. adinr. to est. .-r. Sanl. Presson 
of otrafc ford. 

1705 Jeningja , Joshua, haa some things of :-'idovT Hear g'it 
Lyon, deed. 

1709 Jenings, Isaak, takes inv. est. ^^ohn Davis Jr. of il. 

1705 Jones sanl. of gooa (ship) callea i^eveng Capt . 
1707 Penniston, makes over his property to John Drake in 
behalf of ny (the deed) iriother Rebeckah Glauson 
of Bedford. 

John JJrake of Jiastchester. 
Witnesss Mward Jarrett 
baml. Gregory. 
The will £■- tes-canent or aaral* Jones Ja tB of 
Stanford probated Apr. 10-1707. 
I.Ia.tTieT7 Sherrrood Just ioe 
John Gold, Cleik. 

1707 Jarrett, Iia.w?>rd v/itness the above. 

1710 Judson, Ur. John of Woodbury, Inv. ta::en Jaa .14-1709/10 

by John Sherman Sen. John -.itehell Sen. & Job eph 
liinor. • _ 

Jonathan Judson born Dec. 17-1684 
ilartaa Dec. 24-1 b8o 

Slipneiet, i'eby. IbSB 


Isaac Jany. 3-17 00 

Danl. Sept.' 6-1701 

iiary • Apr. 11-1703 

J^eraian Oct. 5l-170t> 

John ij Joseph Judson adinrs. (sons of dedd) 

Inv. of rftrai; ford prop. :^eQ'^, 18-1709/10 by Haal. 

Hawley & Ambros olhornpson. 

Inv. of Stanford- prop. Ilch". 1-1709/10 by Jonatoan 

Selleck Sen L Jonathan Selleck Jr. 


1710 Jones, I.Ir. Thos. VTitness verl^al v;ill of Chr Js topner 
iCnap of Fairfield. 

1710 Jagers, I^ebeclra, called d. by >3tephen ^olnes cf Stan- 

1712 Jenings, Isaac s. in law to Jacob Gray of Fairfnfi 3d , re- 

leases Ms b. in lav; Joseph Gray of Urn lom . 

1713 Jacksone, Robt. of Stratford, released by hjs sister 

•^eborah Smith te being tde ex. of her deoi . father's 
3a st will. 
7/itness Jearaa^BenniJrt, 
John vVheeler* 

171E Jackson, liary, wife of Henry Jackson & d. Lea. Isaac 
V/heiler of Stratford. 

1712 Judson, Gapt. James takes inv« & dist* est. of ilas . 
ilar y Hicks of ^ornbury -7eck, I\.Y. 

1715 Jessup, EdT/ard, testifiea to will of Simon Covel of 
Fairfield . 


1715 Judson, Somas , takes iny. est. lir. John .ielTs oi' Strat- 
fom . 

1714 June, Janes, witness will Thos. Uewraan of i^ tan ford . 

1712 Jackson, looses iien. d! Stratford, "/Till of, Ilch. 7-1710- 

dp.u« jJebeckan 3eardsly children viz: 
Grandchildren Davia Bearcisly 
Baa j • 
dau. Deberah Snith's children viz : 
Grandchild Deberah Smith 
Rebeckah " 
Saran " 

Hfster " 

Dan. Jeberah Smith' wife of Saml. Smith. 
Son in law ]ianl. Bearasly. 
Son Kobert. 
Son ■^■^obert sole esc. 
iVitness Janes Bennitt Sen (Leut) 
SLiiah Crane 
John Jackson 
Inv. -iJec. 9-1712 by James Bennitt, Elijah Cm ns 
Benj. Fayrv/eather 

Danl.' Beardsley & Deberah Smith acknowledge recpt. 
of legacy - 

before Jciraes Bennitt, 

Justice of Peace. 

under age 

under age 


1712 Jackson, John, v.'itness above will. 

1713 Johnson, lioses of i/oodbury, rrill of, iich. 10-1715. 

Wife iilary 
3 on Moses 

" Solomon 
dau. Zerujah Bostr/ick 
" ■ Ilary otilea 
" Slizabetft .-heeler 
bon John aeca. 
V/ife ana son mioses sole ex. 
Witness Capt. Joiin "^en. 
John bkeel, Sen 
John iShermaii Asst. & Jolin ..linor, Justice . 

1714 Johnson, «^olin of .^oodbury, lnv« of est* of. 

Jany. 1-1715/14 - by 3enj. Sostv/ick.'fhcB . '.Veller 
i^ Moses Jackson. 

Fie-ncis "^tlles swares to inv. appt . adnr , 
There being no wife or children the prop.- to be 
divided bet. brothers J: sisters of deed. . 

2 brothers, lioses ^ Sol:raon 

3 sisters, -^eruiah 3ost'.7ick,.:ary Stiles cc 

SLizabeth ''eller. 
lir. ThoB . ■^e?..ler owes est* 10s. 
Capt. John aheman ) 
Capt. Situs -^^inrnan ) aprt . to dist* est. 

1714 Janes or Jones, Sarah, called d. by llr. Jam® Clark of 
iitrot f orci . 

1714 Janes or Jones Deborah " " " " " " " 

Stratford . 

1714 Janes or Jones, Ilr. '.Vm. appeals to bupericr Oourt on 
a/c will of lir. Jaiaes Clark of ^tratfoai . 

1714 Jaa es car Jones, Isaac appeals to ouperioc ^ourt on 
a/c will of iir. James dark of Stratford. 

1713 Jonnsoh, iiergt. lioses of 7/oodbury, Inv. of est. i-or . 
27-1713 by 

Thos. 7/eller '- Francis Stiles, 
llrs . ilary '^ohnson widow swares to inv. tefore 
John Shertaao. Asst. 


1715 Jackson, iSaml. ox Stratford, v/ill o.t, Aug. 30-1712. 
^/ii'e Phebe 
ijau* Hannaa ) 
" 'Deboraa i have haa part o±' portion. 
" Paclrell ) 
" Abegaile ) 
sons have naa legacies by deed of gift. 
'.Vife sole ex. 
Witness Jonn Bagley 2he deed, died bei'ore Dee. 1-1714- 
JDanl. Addans 
Inv. Febv* 12-1714/15- by John Bagley, Lanl. Addams 
cc John Jacfkson. 

I-lch* 2-1715 Phebe iarance sT/ares to inv. af deed, 
husband Saral* Jacks on. 

1715 Jackson, Joseph of Stratford, Inv, ?eby. 7, 1714/15 by 
John Odell & James Seely. wido^/ Elizabeth. 

1715 Johnson, George of Stratford, Inv. of est* ?eby.3-17l4- 

1713 June, Peter, witness will Jonathan '-''helphy of C-reeOT/ich 

1715 Johnson, George of •:)tratfora, Inv. of 2d pe,rt or est. of 
i'eby. 3-1714/lo by Mrnon ie\7iss & -^phraim Curtis 
Vnidow Hannah 

•Ihos. LevensworT:h ..<i: Hannah «^ohnson r/ho T7ere appt 
aomrs. on the est. of her husband Georgp Johnson 
deed.- render an a/c. 

The est. to oe aiviaea oec. tne "-iaov & 8 child- 
ren •'--■ riv'J 

3 -sons & 5 daughters. 

Mr. Iphraim Curtiss & 3dnon iiewiss to aist. 
Hamian Johnson appt. guardian for i^obt. iaar- 
garet, Joseph & Thankful. 

1715 Jessup, Sclwara, takes inv. est. Hobt. Loekwood or 

1713 Jackson, Slijjabeth, r/itness verbal vj2.ll vziaa? 1-Iary Hull 

IVIV Jones .Cornelius of Stanford adnr. of est. of John 

Bradley 01 i?"airfield having married his widow 
& guardn of his children is released by said 
children, vis: 

Elizabeth Bradley -^ 

John " 

Josepn " 

Kannan " 

Abggalfe " 

J^uth " 


1716 Jennings, Joshua of Fairfiela, est. Ol', Inv. Aug. 27-1716 
dy Koses Dimon & Thcfe* ilaah. 

The deed, had land at; l^axinus 3" arms - 2. side oi 
baco Hiver, land at Turkejr Hill - div. of long lot 
tnat waa his raother's c orar-ionage he "bought or John 
Bunet of Stratford, a new tankard at i3anl. Burrs. 
Joshua Jennings, one cf aarars. swares to inv. 

1749 Judson, David, dist. est. Hannah ^urtiss o:? titratford. 

17 06 Jackson, ^ajal» gives bond i20 for his adrar. 

1707 Jackson, Danl. b. in lav; to ;:>anl. Preston of Stanford 
appt. actrrir • of est. 

1707 Jones, Cornelius, of citanford, chooses Leut. John Bailey 
of -'^aiffield aa guardian. 

1714 Jackson, Joseph appt. aainr. of est. of 3anl. Bradley 
aecd. J^ also guardn for children Abegale Martlia 
& James. 

1714 Jackson, Joseph, late of i^trat field , deed. 
"vVido\7 -i-lisaoeth appt. adrnr. 

1714 Jackson, Joseph, who was aamr. of est. ;-anl. Bradley, 

late of i3"airfield deed, is also deed. ^ bargt. 
John -dell oi Strat field is r.y't- to 'furnish the 

1715 Jackson, Jonathan, '^on of Saul. Jackson o:.' -''airfield, 

deed, makes choice of Sargt* John Ociell as guardian 
abene.'jer makes choice of Henry Jackson as guardian 

1715 Jons on, George of Stratford oeing deed, widow Hannah to 
adrar. with Thos. levensworth. 

John Jonson son to said deco- makes choice of said 
(Lsut) Levensworth as guardn. 

1715 Jonson, Kannan <^ Zlizabeth daughter of deed. George 

Jonson of i^tratford maSe wards of i'hos. Levensvrorth 

171d Jennings, Joshua, Sen. late of tfairf ield , deed. 
Widow Hannan ) 

& son Joshua Jennings ) apijc . admrs. 

B u K Ib48-I65b. 

Ib55 Kno?;les, Alexander, inv. filed aljout 1660, p. 85. 
1563 Knowles, Alexander, V/ill ox' 

Jonn, son 
Josua, " 
{ Joou i^'ora, 
duos. " 
Granachilarent 3IL±z •■ " 
(I^ary • " 
(Liaia " 
Grandcnlla Jonn Kno'vles 

daughter at Uilt'ord, 
illizabetn, daughter. 

1666 i^nap, Roger, r/ife of, receiver prop* bj/ ./ill of Danl. 

Fincn, (haa lana in Eewfiela- at baseoe. ) 

1667 Knapr;, Josuah, witneas T/ill of Jeffry Ferris. 

lib? ivnowles, John, adninistrator of estate of Peter Abbot 
to guardian of enild Hannah ■"•bbo'G. 

1670 jlrA' Knap, Hicolas, 7/ill of, Fsb;'* 15, 1670, of btard- 
fora, probatea Oct. SI, 1670, Book 1665-1675, p. 56 
iaoses, son • 
2imothy, " 
Joshua, " 

baran Uisurowe, daughter 
Hanna, " 

Lidea, " 

bar ah -juxuon ) callea daughters in law and are left 
Unica Buxton ) prop, out of xae effec-ca ox tneir 
) father Clemont Bust on. 
John *7ood ) 

Sleazer c>la\7son,j r/itness. 

167*2 Xeeler, Ralph, of :Tor\70c:^, ./ill of dated Aug. 20,1672, 

barah,^Yidow of deed. prob. I.^ov.5,167 2,3ook 1665- 

John, son of deed. 1675, td. 63. 

Ralph " " . 

3 daughters, Jonas, young est son, 
Rebecca, daughter 

-Ilizabeth, " 3enj. Jurney is 

husband of one 
daup'hbyr . 

PJ n 

•i?laoa. Jorehouse married tue eldeso daughter, 
no'i; neni;ionea in vail, 
i^hos. Handford,) 
Bich.Olrastead, ) .Vitness 

(Aallosg) ivolloclc ) 

John Bouton ) Administrators* 
Inventor^/ taken lay 'iJlios. ij'itcii,- sen. 

2ii03.- .35iieTit, 
33]pt. a Oct. 167a. iwanl. Kollock, csen.' 

167 J Scd. Knap, Jonathan, est. of, Inv. filed l^ch. 16, 1675. 

taken oy Joha Banks , Book 1675-1689 , p. 9. 

Geo. i3C[Uire, 
Ssml* Ikioorhouse. 

1672 Kini>)6rle, ^ergt* Ihos. , of Stratford, .Vill of, dated Jan.l^., 

probated :^ch.l2, 1672. (3ookl665-1675, p. 67) 1672 . 

iiafy T/idav of deed. 

Ahia Boa,rdr.ian, daughter , (raarr led, had 5 children) 

Sleazer, son of deed, 
(llathaniel Eayes, 
Grandchildren (Elizabeth, 

Son iibraham oc Eanna his wife Sc their d. Ilary. 

" Hat ha ni el, 

" Choraas . 

Given also to Haekebian) 

ana Joseph ) Preston 

Richard }?ooth, ) 

John Picket, sr.) Overseers. V/itness (John Ilinor 
Preston. ( Chancy. 

Inventory taken Feby. 12, 1672, by Hich. Booth, 

John 'V/ilcokson, 
before Hobt. Clarke . 

V/m. Curtiss. 

1673 Knov/les, Jolin, Will of, dated ITov. 1, 167;?, probated Dec. 18, 1675 

Of i' airfield. Book 1655-1675, p. 71 B: 175. Also 
Book 1689-1701, p. 83. 
(Grandsnn of ) John eldest son v;aa aece. 1584/5, 
(Jno. Cable. ) Joshua, " 

Joshua (brother to aecd. havinn; taken him 

as his c hild ) , 



Rebecca co Jonathan --^orehouse release over- 
seer in 1690 
Elizabeth. PSogers , (sister oz ueea) 
John Loom, (a friend, bequest to) 
Joshua XnoT/les (brother) 
Burr John & ) Overseers. 

Jehu ) 

Inventory taken Dec. S, 1673 by 2hos. ^kidmoKe^ 

Hrhon V«akernan, 
V/m. Ward. 

1685 Ilch. 10, aaran Xnowles chooses Mr. Jolin 3ur as guardian. 

16-- Knii'fen, George, of Stratford, receiver trans, of prop. 

at i<le from John Bud. '^ "^ ■ 

1672 Knap, Timothy, owner prop, at Bye. 

BOOK 1675 - 1689. 

1675 Knoll, Eicholas, will of, (of -atratfora) , dated ilch' 24, '70. 
(Jisposea of part)V.idOT7 -Ilizabeth, prob. 15,1675. 
of his est. by a^Isaek, (Book 1675-1689 ,p. 13. 

T7riting of June) Jonn, 
10, 1650. J 

Richaru Bootn J David ^^itchell,) 

Isack xiicholas,) Overseers. John l^inor , ) witness. 

Joseph Hawley. ) 

Inv. taken. June 15, 1675, by Isack iJichols, John 
Ourtiss, John Picket, Henry "'^akelee. 

1675 Ilbcd. Knap, Roger of ^'airfield, .Vill of, dated iich. 21, 1673/ 
(p. 14) proba'aeci oept. 20, 1675. ■ 

'iVido?7 I-liaaheth, in 1691 called "idov; »'ake, 
Jonathan, 6.. 1675. lann. 
Josiah (married) 
liioia, daughter of deed. 
Under age (John, 

at '73. (llathaniel, 

(Elisabeth in 1691 v/as VTife of Chas. Lane, 
llathan Gold , I 
3aml. "liakenan) ,Vitness. 
7/n. Eill, ) 

Inv. taken Sept. 20, 167 u by 
Joh-n Banks , ■ 
Josiah Harvey. 


Exd« Keeler, Joria^% of -.orv/ock, est. of, distributed to 

• Jolm Xeeler, ) 

^(Balph) or Caleph Keeler) agreement bet. ) confirmed l-cli. 3, 
Sarnl. " ) brothers o.t deccl) 1673, Sook 1675- 

(# I liave Robert) 1689, p. ^3. 

I'nos. Benedict, ben.) 
John Unsteed , •) witness. 

1674 2xd. K^p, Calep, Standford, V«ill of, dated Oct. 11,1674, 

• Haama, 1^-/1 aoT/, probated 1677, Book 1675-1689, p. 36. 
AbigalT^^iliin , sister to v/ife of aeca. , 

Calep, eld. son of deed. 
Joshua Knap, ) Danl. Jestcott, ) 

John Kollr,ser.) Oversf":;ers. Uoses Knap, ) v;itness« 

Inv. taken-.keh. 4, -77, by Vto. ITerraan & Jonathan iiillidk, 
■Dr. to ast.- Goodman -t^ull of ^^tratfora. 
John Ketham, ilr. Bishop, ux. Aaquir, 
Danl.Viestcott, John Lillerd, John .7eed. 

1680 Killoch, Briaget, aau. Alec i^arvin of llorwock. 

1681 Ketchem, Josepn, step-soii-in-law to llathl. H^chards, 

Huabanu to kercy. 

1681 Keeler, Ralph, step- son-in-law to ITathl. Richards, 

Hiisband to Grace. 

1682 -i^nowles, John, Grandson to ilohn Gabee, deed. 

1682 iibcd. Ketcnell, liargeret, of Greenwicn, ,Vill of, dated 
Dec. 2, 1679. probated l^ov. 6, 1682. 
'.Vidov; Of Lir. Robert Kitche:;!, 
Of Korwock, i^jon, Kitcholl, (Saml.) 

Of Greenwich Laughter, Peck, Joanna, ^.7ife of Jeremia Peck 

(7 Children or more) 
Gift to 1 of 4 children of son -^itchell. 
Joshua, Knap, br. , of Greenwich ) 
John Renolca, ■ " " ) Overseera. 

Jotm Bowers, of 'ireenerich) 
Iiloses J erris , ) '.Witness. 

Inv. taken at Greenwich Hay 16, 1682, by 
John 3ov;ers cc Joshua &nap. 


Knap, Josnua, i^r. , of Greenv/ica, overseer of above est. 

1685 KnigHt, ;7i3. of Fairfield, a snip carpenter, est. of. 
Inv. takeii oy Jehu Burr, filed IT ov. 6,168^3. 

John Burr* Book 1675-1689, p. 105. 

1683 Kitcliell, Sanl. , Lr. of Sonvoek, & Ilr. , Jerernia Peck of 

Greenr/ioh, left settiement of est. of .:Largaret Zitchell 
ilr. John Banks, Leut. Cornelius Hull, Sasign Hobt. Tur- 
n^, llr. Josiah Harvey & Saml. Zells. who aecidea that 
tne grandchilaren of Ilr. 3obt.' Kitehell, v/ho are lega- 
tess under his v;ill, are tnose that v;ere in heing at 
his aeatii. Jereroia Peck having 5 at tnat tirae Ec Sarah 
Ilitctiell 4, cc Jeremia Peck should ha-ve the £30. given 
in 2r.,:;. to l.Irs . ilitchell. 

I68ij -iilburn, John of ^'ethersfiela, brother to r'rancis Uffora. 

1688 Knor/les, i'ho. , Selectman Stratford , inv. est* lilis. Porter 

1684 Knell, Isaac, v/itness will of John Picket. 

16bfi xuaowlea, i'hos. takes inv est. John Picket. 

1684 Knapp, Joshua, tafees inv. est. -Zpraira Palmer. 

1684 Kniffen, Geo. lately "bought prop, of Jno. Banks. 

168<i: Knap, Joslina of Stanford and Greenwich, (deca. 'vjct.27, 

1d84) est. of, inv. taken bv John 3onals ^: Joseph 
Ferris (townsmen) filed 11011.10,1680. Book 1675- 

1685, p. 172. 
iVidow Hannah in 1696 deed, as ilrs. Hannah Bowers, 
cnildren living 1696 raarkea f 
(Joshua Knap, S2 37'rs. old. - 
(Josepn Knap, 2,0 " " 

Children ages (timothy " 16 " " - 

given iich. 10, { BenJ . " 9 f " " - 

1585. (Caleb " 7 " 4 raos. - 

(Jonathan" 5 " 

(Hannah " 25 " ;/= in 1696 called Hannan 
( Smith, 

(Ruth " 18 " ir in 1696 called Huth 

Ren olds. 

John Sowers of Stamford ) 

uoses" Knap " " ) Overseerss. 


16i8u Keeler, aaaal. v/itneas v/ill of Sam. Mention. 

1685 Keeler, Ralph, naa prop, next to I^praim Lockwood^ 

1687 ICnifton, ,Sanl. , called cousin bj^ Ilafhan j'lielpley, aeca. 

also eallea nis sister's son. 

1687 Ijiii'ton, George, appt. adm. oi '--st. oi ..cthan ..helplsy, 


Ib87 Knap, Jonn, ^^rrandson of Henry timitn o:; -tanfora. 
Ib87 Knap, Joim, adra. of '.Till of Henry "^mith of ^^tanford. 

1688 Keeler, Sarnl. , has prop, at cove next to Thos. Betts of 


1689 2sa. Kellock, Banl. , of i^^orv/alk, est. of, %fav. taken 

Dec. 0, 1688. (Book 1675-1689, p. 2b4. 

by I'hos. Benedict, John Piatt 8s Sarnl. Snith, 

^<J^ __ filea LIcli. 5, lb88/9, 


I'f ,7idov7, Bridget 

^ Sarah, ) 

llary, ) daughters married 
o^ Kae hell , ) 

V dau. Ilisabeth above 20 yrs« of age, 

son, -i^anl. 18 yrs- next lioj''.' 
" aaml.' 15 yrs.' 
dau. Lyaia la " next April. 
• Benj.) 

Joseph ) tr/ins 11 years old. 
\'ii&au appt. aamx. 

1675 Kilnep, An. of Boston, is owed by John Raymond of Horwalk 

lb89 jxa. Kelog, Danl. of liorwalk, deed. ITov. 5, lb89, Inv. 
taken on aaid aate bjr John Piatt, Saml. Haves & 
Sarnl. ^riiith, file", "ov. 7, 1689. 
Children, (Book lb75-1689,p. 2b8, also Book lo89- 

^ 3ara?i .Brirnsrae' , wife of lOanl. )) 1701, p. 73. 
^^ i:ary Plat, v;ife of Joseph, ) of age" to re- 

y>^ • rJachell ITieoles, wife of ■'i-brahara, ) ceive their por- 
O ... Ilizaoetn ICelog, dec ;. in 1690 jtions. 

r> /'■ -Janl. Kelog aged at 19 yrs. neist Ilajr. 

r ^aml. " " " 16 " " Feby. 

Jose^^n " " " 12 " " Hch. ■ 

Benj. " " "12 " " " 

Lidia " " " 14 " " April 


Sanl. Kelog or lJ.oxvralk iiatn cnose Sarol. Eciise Guaraiai 

Danl •■ 

Sanil. Hays, ) 

Ssml. SnitnlacLKinistra-cors. 

1678 Knap, Josiah, as aarnr. cf ■cue est. of His brother Jona- 
than Knap, deceased, is released by his sister 
Liaia llils ol' legacy due ner rrom tne est. of her 
aoceasea brotner Jonauhan. 
Witness '.Vh. Ilili ana Elisabeth Hill. 

BOOK 1689-1701 

1688 Keeler, rJalpn sold land oei'ore aate to Root. oter;art of" 


1690 Kell-ig, 3liJ5abetn, of -tJorr/alk, est. of, Inv. taken Lov.5, 
1690, by Jenes Olnsted, John Bennedick -and Joseph • 
Kitcnan, file- ITov. 25, 1690. 

Sarnl. omit a of i^orr:alk, l-Adror. 
Ssml. 'Haies, " )Appt.' (3ookl689-1701, 

p. 15, 
lb90 Kitchan, Joseph, take inv. of above est. 

Ibyi i^nap, Sarol., caliea son in lav/ by 2hos. Lawrence. 

1691 iLnap, John, calls himself son in lav; to Thos. Lawrence 

lo91 Knap, llary, a. of Wirion- ".Take oi --airfield, sen Tto^ex Knap- 

1091 Knap, Ron:er, of i'airfiela, v;ill of, dated Lich« bl, lb91 

His raotner, V/idor; iVake, probated ^ inv. filed ITov. 23, 
1691. Book 1d89-1701, p. 50. 
Brother ITa,thaniel Knap, -if he shoulu die 
before his mother cs leave no heirs, the prop, to go 
to the children of .t^oger Knap's i:3ister. 
vVi-cness, i'hos • Jickerson, Charles Lane. 
Inv, taken Lay IS, 1691, by Jonathan -t^orehouse cb Shoo. 

'sine ^ourt aistributea the raovales to fciusana, Oiiarles, 
& Aiexanaer Lane, children of Charles ^sjne, (be 
having married -i^lisabeth Knap, sister to saia 
Roger) cc tne remainaer ox suca est. uo Ilary Knap, 
sis-uer to saia Roger, 


1691 Knowles, Josiiua, witness r/ill tianl. 7/akeman, «>r. 


1693 2napp, Joshua, appt. adnr. est. '.Valter Butler of Greenwich. 

1690 Kellog aizabeth. oi" Eorv/alk, Inv. of renaiaaer of her 
estate, prop, at Wallingfora. -Inv. taken ITov. 25 
1690 by same as above. (Book 1689-1701 ^.•106*) 
Same aarars. prop, tfivlcted bet. brotners and sistera. 

1694 Knap Caleb, livinc with John Bowers of Greenwich left 

legacy. * 

1694 Snap, Jcshua, of Greenwich, Ex. of est. John Bowers. 

1690 Knowles, Thos. , belectmaii of Stratford takes inv. est. ^aul 
Brinsly or Brinsraead. . ~ 

1696 Knowles, Sargt. , appt. overseer of est. Paul Brinsly or 
Brinsraead.' ^ -^ 


1698 Keefe, Jonathan, bill of, to est. Thos . Beaicut, doubtful. 

1692 ..ellos Banl., 2^- & aomr. of ist. of, released bv JoseT)h ' 
ilat, Banl. 'Brinsnea &; Abraham ITieoles, sons-in-law 
as haviag rec'd. part of the legacies and ^-iven uto * 

remainder to the other heirs. " 

liitness, «^ chines Olmsted. 

Rachel 1 braith. 

1692 Kellog, Joseph,) 

"^^f^n., ^ '^? £^®^^ Guardians Christopher Corastock 
to I'hos. Bets acknowledge having received from 
the aonr. their portions a also gifc of brothers 
m law as aooveL.. 
iVitness John Jitch, 

oaml. Ilarvin. 

1592 Xellog, Lidia, by her guartrian James Olmsted, makes the 
same acknov/ledgmen.-c. 
'.Vitness, John Olmsted i^ Rachell Smith. 

1692 Kellog Banl. and Saml. Haise, Gtlardian to Sanl. Kellop- 
make aame acknowledgment. ^' 

V/itness, Ralph Kellog, Hichara Wood. 


1687 Ivno-zles, Sarah ?c Ilizabeth, d. of John Knowles late of 
--airfield, deoci. release Mr. Jehu Burr & Ivir. John 
3ur « our Uncle Joshua -^^nowles, the overseers the est. 
of saia John. 
iVitness Seo. Squire, 
Danl. Bur. 

Ib90 KnoTTles, Re^eckah Eo Jonathan Korehouse make same release 
as above. 

1693 Ketcnum, Joseph, V7it ness v/ill of Ilarke Sention. 


1695 Keeler, Sarah, vafe of Saxa*.Keeler & d. I^arke Sention. 

1696 Kippen, Josepn, takes inv. est. '.vidow Sarah Br.r. 

1697 Kniffen, Saml. takes inv- of est- if John Brunaa^e of Rye. 

1697 Knap, tiaml. of Danbury sv/ares to inv. of est. Frances 
Bushnell & is maae aomr. of said est. 

1696 UnoHles, Thos, takes inv. est. kr. John Sutler of Stratford 

1699 Knell, Isack, \7itness will iier^-t. Rich. Huohell. 

1699 Knap, Josnua) 

Caleo ) take ardtl* inv. est. Jolin Banks of Greemr/ich 

, 1701 Knell's J-slana, testimony in re^jard to. 

Semi. 2airehila testified abt. 60 y.ars of arje, that 
in his younger aays he went shooting on said^lslana 
and that it was not dividea by any stream. 
Said Island was grantee to Iiicolas^Knell a -lies in 
the raiast of the harbor. " ^~ 

Jos« ■*-'urtis. Recorder, 
ProD. at atratford, John Beach, Selectman, 

Danl. Br in am eaa, " 
Rich*- Blacklach, trustee. 
Jonathan Pitman, John ^^sbnrne, Sanl. i" air child, Saml. 
Sf^uire a John also testify, at the reouest at' 
Isack £nell. 
Witness -ianl. Bearasly. 
John Burrowes. 


BOOK 1702-1750. 

1711 Kellog, 3enj., son of the deed, Danl. Kellog of lorwalk, 
is maae tae vjard oi" Jliasap Preston of iVallingford. 

1711 Kellog, -Hiasp is made the 'yard of Andrew Uessenger of 

1711 Kellog, Sarnl., of ITorwalk, is cnosen by the Court to be 
guardian to Danl. c: Johana Kellog, ehilaren of 
the deed. Datil. Kellog of I^orv/alk. 

1711 KeLlog, Joseph, of I'orwalk is cnosen by the Court to be 
guaraian to John Kellog, son of aeed. Lani. Kellog. 

1711 lo be 1 ound with the above giaardian the court a-ppt. Zach- 
ariah Black. 

1711 Kiinberly, Abraham, makes choice of his Uncle Abraham 

Kimberly to be his guardian. 

1712 Knowles, Joshua, of Fairfield, deed. est. of. Court appts 

Capt. Joseph Bishop of ataraford, ■lir. Dugell ilachency 
of i'^airfiela, .ir. Joseph Sogers of uilford to admr. 

1702 Keller, Saml. , taken inij. est. John Resco?; of Uorwalk. 

1702 Kellog, Benj., of Norwalk, est. of inv. llov. 2, 1702, by 

Zurubbabell Hoit, Andr^; liessenger c^ John Raimond. 
Broth. Danl. Kellog to admr. 

1701 Knowlea, L'hos., Selectman of atratford, inv. est. Uathl. 
Hud s one 

1701 Knell, Isack, " " " " " 

1703 Kellog, Danl., of ilorwalk, est. of. Agreement of sons & 

sons-in-law in the dist. of the est. of oheir 
Drotber Benj. Kellog, deed. 

Danl. KeLlogg 



Abraham ilieoles 

John Clarke, 
bar ah Brirasmeaa &: 
"Witness, James Olmsted, v;ido\7 iiary Plat. 

Saml. Olmsted i John ^itch* 


16 'si 7 Knapp, Hoses, haa land at Stamfora nest hev. John 
Davenpoxt; grant. 

1705 Keeler, Sainl. of ITorfTalfc; enose Guardian ±'or Anna d. Leut. 
Jorm Olmsted, deed. 

1702 Knap, Joshua, of Sreenwieh, appt. Guaraian of youngeso 
children of Peter Oiapham of ilorv/alk, deed. 

1705 Kellog, aaran, called daughter by John Piatt of •^^orwallc,decd 

1705 Kellog, Saral. , takes inv. of est. of " '' 

1705 K.nov/leti, Leut. l^hos., of Stratford, \7ill of, datei' llov. 
12, 1705.- 
.Via or; -aary. 

Gosin Isack Knov/les of n;r brother ITliaser KnoT7les,of 
■.Voodbury, under age, left all the property after the 
death of v/ife iiary. In case he dies before 21, the 
prop, to go to 2a son of aforesaid. 
The :7idov7 sole ex. 
'.Vitnestj, Joseph Curtis, 
JacoD >*aiker, 
Zlizaheth Baaset. 
Codicil The oalt Lfcadow I hought of Benj* licols I give 
to the eldest son of said Benj. -i-icals. 
Witness, Joseph Curtis, 
l^atni. fieaon. 
Inv. Deo'3, 1705, oy -Joseph Curtis, James Judson. 

1705 KnoT/les, Sliazer, of "Voodhury, brother to Leut. Ihos. 

Knowles above - nis eldest son -sack left all prop, 
of said '-^'hcs* Hnov/les. 

1702 Kimberly, '^branam, appr. to take inv* of est* of Sarah 

Lurtiss, nov; deed.,' wife of ^apt. "Vm. Ciij^^iss, form- 
erly Goodrich. 

1706 Knell, Phebe, called sister by Caleb i.ieols of '.Voc^ -".bury. 

1707 Keeler, Saral. makes aist. est. 2hos' Lupton of ■'■'orwalkw 

17 07 Knap, John, takes inv <S; dist. est- Peter June of Stanford. 


1707 Jinap, Caleb, acinr* est. oi' -^lios' Olose, Jr., of dxeermloti, 


1713 KnoTvles, I^r. Joshua, aist. of est. of, to 

Joseph Gamp, 
Lidia Eer/ton, 
luary looser a, 
Joseph l^ogers, 

Abranaia llicoles cc Sarah, his wife. 
Lideaa £; -^ry Eeuton to pay JoseiDn ^oqqtb " Sarah 

i^icoles i4. 
i^he above named. «^osepn fipgers, •''•'■branaBUicoles & 
Sarah, his wife, Josepb Camp, loary Rogers, 
Lideah Hew ton, John -"ogers & Hannan Ganp, sub- 
scribers to above ^appeared '^ acknowledged be- 
fore Peter Burr, Asst. 

1705 Xnap, John of ^'airfield some years deed, son of Roger 

Knap to whom the '^oxm. granted the long lot. In-'-. 
jJec. 13, 1705, by -zekiell Sanford and 'Jolin lior- 
_ ho use. 
1705 Knap, jilisabetn, Inv Jec- 115, 1705, had right in 

given by v/lll of her aecd. husband -Ijbger Knap. 
Also wolf's Ljwamp cb Paul's neck division. Inv. 
by sane as aDove^^. The ^ourt appts. Charles 
lane, i3en», of -i^'airfield, to aoror. on Ist est. 
above; he 'is also to find out the circurastances 
of the est. of the decci. Slia. Knap i: make report 
of same with inv of wnat est. of hers he can 
find that waa not inv* before.' 

Inasmuch as tnere 'is some part of the deca. 
Roger Knar) . Sen, his est. that is undistributed 
the Court empowers Szekiell Sanfora to John 
uorefeouae to dist. according to will of said 
Roger. Jolin Knap's 3st. aist. bet. Hathaniell 
Knap, Llary Knap l~ Charles Lane in right of his 

■She ^st. of ^liz* Knap to be dist. to same 

Ibi^O Knap, Josiah, est. of, Inv. Llach. 13, lb89/90, bjr Saml. 

iioberson & John -iiorenouse. 

£ldes"C son ) 

Ycu?:gest sonj under age, perhaps other children 
The wiaov7 to admr* 


1706 Knap, Joseph, -Vitness IVill of Leut. David ".YatsrlDUry, 3r. , 

:'.703 JInsll, Isaclc, of Stratford, Xnv« of est. Dee. 21, 1708, by 
Iloses Vilieeler & Abraham .■.;ieoles. • 
i7idov7 Phebe, 

Tlie v/iciow \vith Mr. looses iVh.eeler & lir. j^brahara 
Uicoles, both of atratford, to admr. • 

1709 Knap, Dar.l. , callea ti. in law by James liicholson of Fair- 


1710 Keler, Se.rra. , of iiorwalk, ■'/I'ltness will of Jonathan Stevenson 

1710 Ketcheein, Joseph, of -^-orwalk, appr. to dist* part est. 
Hev. Hr. Hanford, Sr. , 1710. 

1715 Knap, Hathl. who was appt. admr. of est. Llary Knap, aeca. 
is also aeco. l,.r. Ben J. i"ayerweather is appt. 
to finish adrar. c^j also made admr. of est. of 
Uathaniel Knap.- 

17 C9 Kelloge, Danl. of i'orwalk, Inv. of eat. of ITeby. 28, 1709, 
(Galloge) by John Bennedick, Se:i. , Surubbabell Hait & John 
Raymond . 
Eldest son Danl* abt. 10 yrs* ola,) all living 1711 
" John ' " 8 " ' " ) 
" 3enj. " 5 " " ) Aug. 19, 17 G9. 

dau. Johannah near 3" 
son 'filiasaph aot. one week ola. 
Saral. Gelloge) 
Josepij Gellog) Brothers to deca. apt* admrs. 

1709 Knap, Ghristopner^i of Fairiiela, verbal v;ill of Jany. 5, 


witness "Capt. Saml. Squire -.. i-^r. 2hos. Jones, 
prob./lO Gapt. Saml. Squire &: ilr« Hill appt." admrs. 
'Left all his prop, to the poor. 

1710 Knap, Joshua, takes inv est. "Stephen -i-^olmes, Greenwicn. 

1710 Knap, linothy " " • " " " 

1711 Knap, Joseph, takes inv. est. xir. James Fountain of Green- 


1711 Knap, Hary, of atratf ord , v;ill of, oy word of mouth, before 
Isaac Hall, Jr. & Jane Lall, his v.'ife, wno swore 


to same, dated ITov. 19, 1711. 
Sister Pheoe rrlte oi Saml. Henrieb, <?c 

I^athl. Henrick tae uon oi said Saml. Se Pheoe 
called child bjr said aeca. (possibly her son.) 
Brother ITathl. ICnap. 
2o rrjy boy lathl. ;;;rop. in charge of my brother ITathl. 

until he comes oi" age. 
Legacy to ►iusannah Ihomas. ■ 
" " ELexaaider Lane, 

" " Aunt Gasle. 

Brother ilathl. Knap appt. admr. 
Inv. Deo. 18, 1711 - by David Sherman do Hiehard 
• Hubbeil. 

1711. Kellog, Danl. , of i^orwalk, aist. oi eat. by lir. Saml. 
• Bets Sc Gapt. John Haimon of Eorwalk. Saml. Kellog & 
Joseph Kellog, adiurs. 

1707 Kinde, Arthur of Stratford, Inv. of est. Sept. 18,1709, 
by Ebeneser Curtis tc Josiah Ourtis. 
Moses V/heeler, aumr. 

1710 Kellog, Danl. , or iiorwalk, Inv, of prop, at .Vallingiord 
I^ch. Zi3, 1710,' by Saml. ilemsoii Cc ITathl. Hitchcock. 

Said' prop, in hands of 'Slisaph Preston.- 

One of the sons or aaid Danl. (see list top of page) 

being deed. Mr. John Eaimond & Lir. Saml. Ilanford to dist. 

1712 Knapp, John, tages inv. est. Joseph ./eed of Stanford. 

1711 Knap, Joshua, takes inv. est. Henry Rich or Greenwich. 

1712 Keeler, iir. I^alph^ ex. of eat., Mr. iVm. Hayes of Horv/alk 

1712 ICnowles, Joshua or i?airfiela, late deed., ilch. 6,1712. 
Inv. b; John Thompson a Gideon Allen. 
Bills of Gideon Allen, Hhos. uilliams, Theophylus 
Hull, Gapt. Gouch, Jolm bmith, Jr. , Joseph 2jOUton, 
Jr., Benj. Janks, Josepu Jennings, ^jr. Ghancy, Hoses 
Dimon, Lir.- V/ebb, Jonathan Burr est. -"ent of lana aue 
from Mr. iiakenzy Dugall, Joseph Jennings for rest of 
mead07/. ■ Peter Goely, lir. Bennit, oen., 2hos. Harvy, 
Danl. IJorehous e. 

Gapt. Joseph Bishop, Lir. Dugall llackenzay & lilr. Joseph 

Sogers swore to inv. 

1712 Knap, Zliza"beth, called d. "b^ x^v' Ilios* »=>eainor of I'OBwallc. 

1712 Knap, Sanl. takes inv est* John Picket of lanbury. 

1715 anapp Joshua,) take inv* est* Sanlt Lyon of Greenwich aecd 
Knapp, Caleb, ) ' 

1713 Knapp, liraothy, take inv. est* Sanil. Mead of Greenwich. 

17 09 Knowles, Anne, now, 1713, Anne KininsJi, v/itnesR v;ill Sanl. 

1713 Knowles, Thos . , takes inv. of est. of '^aml. HinBan. 

1712 Knapp, Timothy, takes inv. of est. Jonathan Llead of Sreen- 

1712 KidlDerley, Abtaharn, takes inv est* Thos. Sharp of Eev/toxi . 

1714 King, Jermiray, d. of Saml. Coley, see dist. of est. of, 

1713 Knowles, LIr. Joshua, of ^airfield, agreement of heirs Sc 

dist. of est. viz. 
i^r. Du^all I^akensy & Sarah nis v/ife, aau. of llr. 

Jomi Knowles, late of jairiield. 
Gapt. Joseph Bishop of Stanford & iHizabeth his wife, 

d. 'Of said John Knowles. 
John Oresy of "Stanford k Rebeckan, his v/ife, d. of 

John Iinowles of said Fairfield, deed. 
lir. Josepn -t^ogers of -^-^ilford, s. to lilisabeth, zor- 
• merly Knowles of -^ airfield, -& John Piogers of 
iiilford & Ivlary his v;ife, d. of aforesaia miaabeth 
Knowles & -^idea l^ev^rton of -lilford, a. of afore- 
said iZlis. Knowles C: Joseph Camp of Milford cb 
Hannah his wife, d. of above said ELiz. Knov;les 
& ^^braham ITicoles of Stratfora & Sarah,' his wile, 
0. of above saia ELiz. Knov/les. 
The above agree to aist. of est. of their Uncle 

Knowles of Fairfield 1/2 of saia est. to children 
of ilr. John Knov^les, late of Fairfiela, deed. & 
1/2 to children of said .Hisabeth Knowles. 
T/itness, Joseph .Vakeinan, 

^-n:ony ITonouier. 
Gapt. Joseph Bishop, iir. Dugall Llakensey & ilr. 

•Josepia Rogers acmrs. of est* Joshua Knowles of 

1715 ILnap, Caleb, takes inv. est. Joseph jinch o±" ^re;nv/icli. 
171i) Knapp, Siraotliy, takes inv. of est. Jonathan '.Vhelpley of G. 
1'715 ICnapp, Timothy, takes inv. est. Joseph Head of Grreenv/ich. 

1715 Knap, Joseph, takes inv. e-st. fc^thl. Coleman of Greenv/ich 
17J20 Knap, Timotny, to dist. est* Joseph iiiead of Greenwich. 

1716 Keeler, Leut. Saml. , gppt. Guardian for Jabes £o Lidiah 

Ganfield, cnildren of ■'i'henezer Canfiela of -^^orwalk. 

17 07 Jones, Cornelius, of Stanford, chooses Leut. John 3urley 
of i'airfiela, as Guardian. 

1707 Knap, Caleb, of Horsnecli, appt. adror. est. Thos« Close. 

1715 Knapp, Estate of II at hi. ) of v/hich l^r. 3enj. x'asv/eather 

& Mary ■) 
was adinr. Y^e having resi^nea aaninistratcrship, 
viDBH Court appt. Charles Lane, Jr., to adijir. 

1718 Knap, 3enj. late of Greenv;ich, being deed. 

7('idor; ■ Hisabeth v;ith Lnsigne Caleb fenap appr. aararH, 


BOOK 1648 - 1656. 

1654 Loeln-;oocl, Lieut. Robert, nen-cionea in i'lios. ^.lieeler ,Sr.will 

IbSb Lion, Henry, son in law to vVm* Bateman, deed. 

1658 Exd* Locl<T;ood, i^obt. estate of, inv. filed 16'^8, p. 42. 
■ Susanna, widow of above (Harried Jeffery Jerris 
and ane wab deceased in lb61) 
(Jonathan, elaest son 
{ Jos epa ) 

(Daniell) over 21 in 1661 

(Sprain (See Jeffery 

ChilcLceii (Ger shorn Ferris 167b) 

(John unaer SI in Ibol 

(iibi^-ail ) wife- of John Barlow in 1681 
(aarah ) Under 18 in 1661 
(Lxary ) iVife of Jonathan Heustead of GreenT/ieh 

in 1681. 
Deborah anotner ehilci, married before her father^s 
death Ilr. Mra, '.Yard and ^as reed, her 

Ib61 liion, Henery, appt. oversever vlth looses uheeler of 
Hoses Cc ziieneser Jonson. 

1652 Ludlow, Roger. 

1656 L-clrwood, Edward, m. in est* Shos. Beardsly. 

165 5 Lands, Rich. appt. est. John Chapman. 

1665 Lyon, ThOB. app. est. John ITeedman* 

1&6V Loclrwood, Jonathan, husband to liary d. Jeffery Ferris. 

1667 Lawe, Richard, wijyness will of Jeffery Ferris. 

1557 Law, Rich, executor est. Gregory Taylor. 

1669 Loclrwood, 3praim, classed v/ith his sons in oistribution 

of prop, of .xathew ^^t. John. 

ir7i Lyons, Rich* ovmes land next 3d. Adams, deed, at Barlows 

^672 Lupton, 'Dhos. owned land near Ralpn Keeler of i'orv/alk. 

1G70 Loom, John, given prop, by v.'ill or John K.nowles. 

Ib72 Lounsberry, Sicnard, t/itness trans, of prop, at Bye, bet, 

Philip Galpin & aimon Roberts." 

BOOK 1675-Ib89. 

1d7o LoelT/cod, Josepn, takes inv. est. Jolon i^icbmond. 

167d Lawes, Ilr. nad lanct nexr 7to. Eewnan of i^tandford at 

•Clappet Lana. 

1d75 Loclrr/ood, Joh.n,es-n. of (of •-•orwock), inv. filea lb77. 
p. 25. Jaiaes liiller, Dr. to est. 

Thos. -i^'itca " ■ 

Ssnl.' Kayes " 

Serub Eoit " 

John Ha-c " 

lEprim Lockwood " 
tiam. Xeeler " 

James mention " 
Sprain ijocknood, Cr. to est. 
James Picket " • 

Saial. Baldwin " 
Inv. taken Dy belecDmen of SorT/oekiTlios* Zitc'a 

) John 'Plate 
Sprain^Loekwood gives oath that it is a true inv. 

lb7D Lyon, aich. legacy ro, oy l-ichell J'ry. (or 'Try) 

Ibvo LavT, Hicn. takes inv of est. John Pettit of Star.dfora. 

1676 Law, Jona-cnan, takes inv. est. 'Ihos. Sherwood of "-"tratford, 

1685 Lockwooa, Icinun, cleared Dy Gouri; rrom trayning. 

1686 lane, Charles, convict ec. "by being d"runk an'\ striking i'hos. 

j'illians* Kaa been imprisonea oefore for con- 
tenpcffloud carriage oefore Authority. 




1578 SxcL. lion, Sichara, of -^airfield, v;ill o::', .dated Apr.lE, 

I078. 3oo& 1675-1689, p. 41. 

l-argareo, uldoxr of deed, prol^ated 1678. 

Hosee, son oi' c. ecd. 

Ilary ?iteh, called cousin by aeca. 


Vi'illiara (unaer age) 

iianl. " 

Josepa " 

lies tor Perry { daughter) vrlte of 

ITathanell Perry (son in law) 

Josepn Perry (Grand ctiild) 

3etty (daughter) (unaer age) 

Hanna " 

ATDigal " 

John vVheeler ) Hathan Golci) 

3obt. 2urney ) Overseers ilary Ilurv^in) V/itness 
xnv. 'dated Oct* 17,1678 d;/ Sergt. Geo. aL^uire 
' ?c -.".Yi. Hii'l. ^ • 

lb8x Lujae, Eobt. overseer o_ -ona-cati,!! Ourtin et;t. 

Ib8(j L.:cla"ood, Joseph, adra. est. John •^*ndrev7s, aecd. 

Ib85 LaT7e, -Hobt. witness r/ill 01 'i'hos- Ufford. 

lobo Lav;e, I.lrs. Liargaret, sister to J'arien Ufford. 

Ib85 Lawe, -i^olrt. overseer est. Soot. Rose, Stratfora. 

Ib85 lewis, 3enj. witness will Spraira Booth, Stratford. 

1685 L-.cTr.70od, Lieut. Jonatn. , swares to inv. of ''iciow Bullerd. 

1684 Lawe, oarah, dau* of John Picket, deed. He wife of -"^obt. 

1684 Lawe, Jonn, proD. grandson of Jolin Picket, aecd. sane gift 

as to other. 

1685 Levingsworte, iJr. Shos. of -Vooabury, est. of, inv* taken 

Aug. 2C, 1683 by i^electnen John liinor, Josepn 
Juason, Caleb ITicnols, John V/yet t: Sainl. atiles. 

(Book l675-lo89, p. I08, ;:iled Hov. b, Ib&o. 


3 on 

Daughter Lieut. JudBon) 

Son I'r. — inor ) Overseers. 


IbS-i Lyon, i'hos*^ sold prop, to John 3anlrs before IbS'i. 

Ibb* LoGlrv70od, Jonatiiaii, overseer v/ill oi Jonn Jagger oi' 
a tan ±' era. 

158y LoelnYOOd, Zpraim, brofher-in-iar/ to Jariea ^^ention. 

lb8o Locltv^ooa, Jaraes , son ot abv. Spraira. 

1685 Lar/e, Bobt. rritness v^ill of Jar:iefc> "Mention. 

IbB'db Lupton, 2hos., of '-'orwake, t/ill probatea tin., im-' liiec 
Lich. 20, IbSo, est. of, inv. Dec. 19, 1684, 
"by Joirn Piatt, John Bouten, 'sr. Janes Olmsted. 
Wiao\7 (Book 1675-1689, p. 169.) 

jaugiiter Hannah in the 20 j^r. of -her age. 
Son i'aos. ±5 yeara olr' 10, 1685. 

Lieat. James Olras^ced, •administrator. 

1666 LockT/ood, josepn, complains to Oourt of seizure of boy. 
from the hands of ^imon Couch by Jcries ^^uton. 

1680 Lion, ^izaneth, a. of ^ich. lyon, xil^e of 3en^» Banks 

of ^^'airfield. • 

IbSl Locla70od, i.ia.ry, a. of -^'obt. co onsanna Jjocl-Twood & sister 
to Danl* & -Joseph Jjoekr/ood Sc >7illiam V'ard & 
wife of 'Jonathan Heusteed of Greenwich. 

1681 Lockr/ood, Abigail, d. Coo- as mandatory proceeding. V/ife 

of Joan Barlowe of Fairfield. 

lb8o Loelrr/ood, I'praim of -i-^orwake, v/ili of, date". Jan* 18, 1685, 
being aged about 43 years of age. (Probated Hov.b, 
.Vidor; Hercy, deca. 1694. 1685.) 

Sprain, sou of aecd. b. Hay 18, 167^5. r;eca.lb94 
Daiil. Loclnvood, 2d son, tj. Aug. l;-5, lobS. 
baml.' !:)ention, brotner so-^callea. 
John,' eldejit son of aecc. b. ilch. 19,1665. El yea-rs 

Ola. Jeca. Ib94. 
Slipneiet,- <:on of cleccl. b. l-'eby. 2'J , 16'i'D. 
Joseph, " " ■ b.' Apr.' -1, 1d80. 

James ( haa portion of his unkel's est.)- b.Apr.21j;? 
tiara, aau. of acca. b.llov. o,lb70.Unaer &ge. Ib85 
Ilarke Sention J • 
John j'itcii ) Overseers. 

Book 1675-1685, p. 18^. 


lb8J Loek-,70od, Sprain, (Conta) 

aaral. Ha-yes, ben. ) 

Saml. Bslden • ) viitness 

(.<o,lter Hoyte 
Inv. taken Jul^r 25, j.o8o (Jonn Plact 

(James Olmstea 

I080 Lane, Charles, finea 20 snillinga for Deing drunk, 
2d. Oi fence. 

1687 liOcliT/oorl, Josepn, inv. est. Ann Peacke, deed. 

lo87 Lane, Hobt. Selectnan of atratfora, takoa inv. est. 
Isaac Juason, aecd. 

lo87 Lornace, Hannan, d. or Henry Snitii of Stanford. 

158y liockrrooa, Jona-ciian of Greenwicu uied l.ov. 9, 1689, Inv. 

of est. oy Jonn Bowers cc Joan IJeaa, Jr. riieu i!ov. ^^9, 1689 
Root. xiocljT/ood, orother to deed. s?/ares to prop. 
Gereshaijj Loclnvood ) Ijoth of Greenr/ich 
Root. Loclrv/ood ) AdmnistraTors 

At Uourt nsla Lien. 14, lo90, Sobt. Lockwood was 
appt. to be aomr. on ttie estate to pay his 
orother s & sistera tS apiece 
ail under age. 
See -rs. llarah I-^errit, 1708. 
(Book 1670-1689, p. 297.) 

J.0V0 LockTvood, Jonathan, Duys prop, at Greenv/ica of ^'ica. 

...ay 27, -Bullerd. Bounded by -land of aaia Loclr^.vood ,■ 

John Jlobby, LIr. Jonsise c; Josepn liead. 
By Joshta, i-.ecoraer 01 Gresnvrica. 

1678 LaT7, Rich, of HarTiford, buys of tne ex. of tne estate 
Of Robt. Risaeii ail his prop, ct Islana or 

BOOK 1689-1701 1^' 
1678 Lasse, lilwara, fxneu for oeing in arink. 

under age. 


±090 icd. Ljron, iThos. seja. of Greenwica, v/ill oi , dated Sepo. 

16, 1689, pi-o Dated and inv. filed Hov. 8,16yot 

w'idow llciXj 

John, son oi aecu. (tne mill at Hhye 

'i^hos. " " ■ (the home lot by Byram 5iver 


Joseph " 

Mary, a. of 

AbiPtiil 'nau. of 

Elisabeth " ■ 

Sarah " 

Thos. don of John, grandchild 

JJeoorah, d. of deed. 

ViiiaovA, sons John & aaial. Ijc. 

i'hos. BroT7n of Sye & • ■ J 

John i-ar shall t>r. of Greenwich) Overseers 

i^hos. Brovme ) 

John atoakham) Witness 

I'nos. ^yon,Sen. aeca. »5epr. 7, lo90. 

inv. saiiie aate -as aeoree. 

ITcv. 8, 1690, one of the above overseers is 

aeau . 
J3ook 1689-1701, p. ,13. 

lodC Lattin, ThOi^i . legacy to in will of Renjc-y ,<akiey of Strat- 
lora . 

.io91 Lockwood, Sargu. Josepn cf vairfield, ar^pt. aamr. cf est 
i-nsign -ipnrain Tacoles. 

loy-i i^evrLs, Eenj. beleotman of ^tratfora, takes inv. est. 
Bo of- Clarke. 

Lewis, tifra. selectman oi J^arnington, takes inv. or Paul 
J3r±ns.naa est. tnere. 

loyi liockwoo*, Josepn, son in Ian to i^obt . -Beachem of 
--a:xiras Sarms. 
Bobt. Grandchild of* " " 

Jo tin 

lb91 loclrwood, Danl. takes inv. of est. of Bobt. Beachen 

I'j'-Ji -i.clnvooa, Gersham, callea father '\yy Jolm Burwell of 

1690 LoeTrwotm, -^anl. ■ overseer of will or John Barlow, aen. 

1690 LockT70od, Joseph, v/itness will 01 " " " 

lb91 ISzd. -^aurence, Thos. of Stanfora, husbancLman, v/ill of, dated 
• July 26, 16 91, pr oca ted and inv. filed ITov. 3,1691. 
sister i^ehecka Jarnan, "■■ . 

Daughter-in-law Hannah • (::ook 1689-1701, p. 48) 

bon- in-law Sarnl. Knap. ■ 

liinswonan Hart ha i^lauson 

Zephew -lieaar Slason, Jr. son of ray siater Llary, 
unaer age. Among other beq^uests land at Westeoac. 
Sister oar ah london 
Hephew «Jonath. . London 
Brother-in-law SLephelet Jones 
Sister l.:artha Jones 
Brother-in-law Joseph JiroTm^S'en. 
Abraham Ambler) 
Qanl. TIeed ' ) Hz. 
iianl.' arnith.. ) .• 

■iiary 'Smith ):V/itness 

Josepn Bayley . .) )■ • • . . ' .. 
Inv. oaken Aug. 16,- 169r,- bjr Jonathan • Bell 2: 

•Danl. V/eed*' 
John iinap, s. in I^tj vq aecu. a-,.ares :co inv. 

(HacL most of deca. effects, in ni's custody) 
■Haa lands on Long. Islano.; aid lived therp on6 

1691 Lane, Susanna, Charles ^ Aless-nder, children of (-iharles 

Lane & SLiz, (Knap) callea grandchildren Dy 
Vjidovr >7ake of I'airfiela. 

17 ?/r. Jo oanil. Lyon o$ Greexiv/ich, aeca; Dhos. Jjyon oi Greenwich, 
• admr. of est. informs tne Court Jany. 4, 
1722/3 of certain lanas given oy tne -will oi 
their father 'j?hos. Lyon, late of Greenwich, deed, 
unto aaia Sanl. Lyon,&' Joseph Lyon, but saia 
lands had not been divided. Recjiuest the Court 
to diviae same so that tne neirs of aaia Saml. 
can aivade the lanatj. 

Court oraera i-ir. Sbenezer Lead, lix. Benj. & 
Gershara L ck\70oa, all of Gre-^nwich, co act. 
(Book 1589-1701, p. 53.) 


llZ'^.j^ Thos. Lyon (Conta) 

In Lie h. 2, V/'do/'i, Mr. «John 3tone, at W. for 
aov. aarfrr* x'hos, -ijyon,- in+'orms Court that those 
appt. by Oourt refuse to act & the Court appt. 
Gapt. Sanl. Hait, lir. John Bell & baml* -i^latchy. 

1722/3 Lockr/ood, Messrs. 3enj. & Gershon Lockr/ood, appt. by 
Court to aiviae lands iei't oy Thos. Lyon in 1690. 

Ibyi LockTTOOd, Lanl. o± ITairfield, est. of, inv. taken May 30^ 
Ibyi, by Sobt. iiuinsey, Sani. Drake ^j Llipnelet 
Hill, filed Deo, 2, 1691. -Book 1609-1701, p. 55. 
7/idov7 Abigaile. • 

Son of deod. Lanl. 22 yrs. old 

Lau. " Abegai'le, 17 yrs. old'. Married Saml. 

Sober son. 
" " Mary, 10 yrs. -old. Yery sickly & weak. 

7/id0T7, sole admrx. 

1691 Lane, Robt. called brother by John Picket. 

1691 Locl^v^ooci, -Uanl. legacy "co, by Saml. Drake. 

1693 Lockwood, Joaipn, son ox a sister of ..^rke mention. 

Legacy to. 

1693 Locltv/ood, Joseph, overseer & called brottier oy Abegaile 

LoolTiTOoa, ■daovT'. 

169^ Lane, Sobt. appr. aarar. est. Rebecka Picket. 

1690 3::d. Lock^'TOod, John of EorvTalk est« of, inv. taken Mch. 
2, 1690, by John Plat, sen., 3anl, Wraith S: Marke • 
Mention. (Look lb89-l'01, p. 105.)- filed llov.3,1691 

Mary, prob. •widocT £; her son 

Danl. appt.' aaiars. 

■ t 

1693 LockV7cod, Abegaile, widow of -"airfield, will of, datea 

Jan. 29, 1691/^. baid cieca. ricior; of Danl. L ckwooa 
TDrooatea ana jtiiv. filea Mch. 15, 1692. Book 1689- 
Son"Daniell • 1701, p. 93. 

Dau. Abegaile, mfe of ;5acil. Sobers on. 
" -Mary, unaer age in 1702 v;ife of liathan horehouse 
Son JcJil., sole ex. 

Brother Josepn Lockr/ood & ) Overseer^ 
" Mathew Sherwood 


1693 Loekwood, Abegaile (Contd) 

rti-cness ) iSarah t^old 

) 31ipnelet- Hill 
Inv. ta3ren Lich. 18, 1692/5 

lb9^ Locl^/ood, i!&ian, or Stanford, deca. Jan. 31, 1692. Inv 
taken ^& Feoy. 1692/3 oy Jonnth. Bell Sen. & 
Abranam ..mble2>, lUled Llch. 15, 1693. Book 1689-1701 

widow « QK * 

^«^, T p. 95. 

bon Joaepn ^ 

" Daniell 

" Sdman 

Dau* liary 

" 'AbEgaile 

Anotner aaughter 

Son Joseph Loclnrood & ) 

Jonas i/eed of Stanford) Avnt, Admrs. 

Jonas *'eea refuses to aot-Ibranan ^jnbler 

Sen. ajppt. ' 

1693 Lewis, -hilip, takes inv. of est. or Beni.Gaihert of 

5'airf iel d. 

1694 Lumis, Hannah, large legacy to by ';/ido^7 :.ary Baneks.decd. 
1694 Lane, Bobt. takes inv. of est. Joseph Peat of Stratford 
1694 Lewis, 3enj. " " " " m „ 

1694 Locks, i^ar./n, sister oi " " ■» 

lo9-± 5bcd. Lockwood, ilercy, of xJorwalk, est- of, inv. filed July 
• 1-94 by ./idor/ of Sprain Loclrr/ood. {3ookl689-1701 

inhere vias given to Spraim Loclnvood, Jr.' by his p. 123) 

iather 3praim Loclrwood, Sen. deed, certain 
lanas, but never enjoyed as -Spraim, Jr. diea 
before coming of age. Said lana a-o->iraisea 
ozr -^narev; -essenger c"j Thos. -■'itch'^ 
Inv. est. John Lockwood of -Worwaak, aeod. bv 
' James Olmsted, aaral. Smith. ■ " 

i/hereas the est. of %hrim Loclnvood (see preceding page! 
& Ihe ..idow Ilercy i: 5phrim Lockwood, Jr. & "^H 
John Lockwood are all deca. 



1594 Loelo/ood, llexcy (Gontd) 

Court oraers tne est. of saia Sphrim, Sen, 
to be divided bet. Daniell, ELephelet, 
Joseph cc James cc 3ar..-h Lockwoodt 
Danl. IiOclcr/oof5. appt. aarnr • for all abv est. 

lo97 Lyon, John, takes inv. of est. John 3runaege of Tiye 

Iby? Lane, Seorge, of Bye, aiDpt. to make distribution of est. 

John Brundege of .Hye. 

(Book 1689 Jxd. Lyon, .Jaml. est- of, goods from Boston left out of 
x/ui, p. 14/^9. inv.' 

fed. Lyon, Joseph, est. of, deed, goods left out of inv. 

1598 ixd. Lyon, Josepn.or S^airfield, est. of, inv. taken ilch. 
'1597/8 by Philip Lewis, John -idwaras & John Thomson.- 
John -^agley, aarar. of saia est* -'ec^ 9, lb98 
i'o distributed as fol'lows: 
luary Sagiey, relici; of saia Joseph Lyon 
She ^ourt aesirea Joseph lYakeman w lathl. 
Bur, Jr. to aet out iche children's part Ik 
Saml. Lyon to receive est. & distribute it 
to thera at the age of 21 yrs* The rsmain- 
aer of tne est. to remain in 'saia Baglev's 
hana to pay his- wife's portion & ye detJts 
according to order. (Book 1689-1701, p. 147 & 
The deceaaed Joseph Lyon nad 2 sons. 195) 

1690 Levenswortn, John, witness agreement of John Kurd of 
liooaby uGirs. 

1718 Lyon, Jos :ph, acknowleges full recpt. from nis unel^ 

Saml. lyon. 
David, acknowleges full recpt. from nis uncle 
tiaml. iivon. 

'iVitnessl Joseph V/akeraan 
) Thos* Hash. 

1699 L^cTfWood, i-^r. Joseph, of ^airfield, nays Bich. Zdwards 
of iiartfora, atty. for John Plastea, -£52-6. 


lb98 2x4. Lyon, Loses or Sair field , est. ol', inv. talren Ilch. 2, 
■1697/8 hy Jotm Bulckley « John'3 waraa, tiled lich.Sl, 
1d9-7, Book 1689-1701, p. 151 ci 211. 
Add to inv. the v/idow's •do\7ery & adrn'r his 

est. £?.' Distribution Apr. 11, 1697. 
Vi/idow liary • 
Brotner Ricnard Lyon 
Sanl. •' 

TJm. ■ 
Brottier-in-lat? Joshua Jenninfi;s, Tiheir v/ives bein^; sister 

to deca. 
" " 7;ra. Boberson " " " • " 

" " Saral. braith " " " " 

tiister Zi^ter Grurnnan. 

John Mwaras, aarar* & 1699 Court orders L'athl. 
Burr, Jr. to 'assist. 
1698 -ibcd.Loclr.700d, Danl. Jr. son of Abi^^ail LoclTWood v7ho d. 

1692/5, see ante, of Fairfiela, est* of, inv. IxCh. 11, 
i698 oy John I'hcmpson, Philip Lewis Sc John Sdv/ards. 
The deed, haa land at Mill Plains, at Lill Hill, 
land: by Sanl* ^hew/ooa, land at Saeco Hill, 
at ITards -^sla'na, at Saeco Leek, in Loclnvooa 
iiwarap, atCorapo <S: at Olde Pequanacke. 
Widov7 Abegaile 

£ daug-hters, aged 4 & 2, named 
Abegaile £c IJary. 

Tne widor/ ^ her brother Danl» Lur to adnr. 
(Book 1689-1701, p. 157.) 

1698 Lyfin, Lary, evidently formerly v/iaow of Saml* Adams. 

lo9o L:cd. Leef.s, John, of titanfora, est* of, inv* taken Feby. 
3, lb9u, by Baml. Hoit ^ David ".Vaterbury &z iiLisha 
Kally. ('Book 1689-1701, p. 186) 


She vviaov/ to administrate. 

1700 Lyon, Joseph, i^ettlement of est. of. 

Saml. Lyon, v;no waa appt. to hUvSbana the est. 
of the children of tne deca. Joseph makes 
an agreement v/itn ''oon Bay ley, at ep- father 
to said children, ne, tne saia -tJayley to 
take tne lanas until the children, vis. 
Joseph Sc David Lyon, come of age, f: to 
]|eep the younfjest son of said Lyon until 
he is 7. Agreement aated l.ov.13,1700. 


1699 Loc'TWOod, Robt. Seleetman, of ^reeiiv7icri, inv« est. John 
Mead, «^r. ' ■ 

1699 Lockv/OOG, ^o'bt* takes inv est- ''ohn Banks of (Greenwich. 

1700 Lock\70od, I>anl. ^r. settlement of est. of. 

r/idow AT3e2ail makes report to ^ourt June 26,1700 
is allowed i32 for bringing up of 2 ciiilaren 
Book 1689- aged 6 aua 4, bctii daugia-cers. 

T-7m -v, on« Mary Loelnvood, d. of Dani. Lock^,700d,ar* to rec. 

17Jl,p.20a. 156-3-10. ' . 

iir. -Ilnatnan Kanford wno being to marry the 
aaici Aioegaiie, •viaor; of saia deed. Tanl. 
Jr. to admr. 
The widof/ of iJanl. Lockwood, iien* and her son 
Danl. Jr. oeing admrs. of esfr* of Danl. 
Lock\700d,' iion' in 1691, and bcfth being' 
decci., the ^ourt orders Abegaile, the 
widow of ]3anl. Jr. to pa 37 aforesaid legacy 
to his sister -i-lary. 

1702 Lockwood, Danl. Jr. esu. Ov/ing to aearh or Slnathan 
Hanfora vae Court appo, Ijc. Peter Burr & John 
Barlow to hu'^aana tne est* -for -'^begaile S Llary 
the 2 daugnters of said deed. Danl. Jr. " 
aaid Peter Burr and John Barlov; receive est. 

from Sarnl* "ilson, ex. of est* of -i^lnathan 
Hanford v'ho married -^begaile,' tne v/idow of 
said Danl. Jr. and pay Llary wire of ITathan 
ilorehouse, formerly Uary Loelrwood, the legacy 
left b^' ner father Danl. Lockv/ood ,ben. 
1707, Abegaile Iioc'gwood., d. of Danl. I-oclriYOod, Jr. makes 
p. 208. cnoice of Ilr. ilathl. aherrfjan of Stratford, as 

guardian, and also appointed guardian llary, dau* 
see Daniel Lockwood, Jr. 

loyo iiora, I^ober"C. The aomrs . of -lephelet nad great diffi- 
culty in obtaining aadl. inv. of said Ulephelet 
est. from tne nands of Lcben '^iOrd & icfeter. Said 
lifetgr prob. the wife of Loben ■'^ord and widow 
of -^lephelet -^ill & formerly widor; of jiisign 
Sphran ITicols. 

1695 lyon, Joseph, of Fairfield, husband of ilary Jackson, the 
d.. of Josaj.i Jac":jon, 1^-te of Jairfiela, deed, 
acknop/iedges tne receipt of his wife's legacy 
from nis father-in-law Josepn cieely who married 
tne aomx. of said Jackson est. 
V/itness :■ IHLepnelet Hill, 3ster h.ill 
The apove is Josepn Lyon. 


loy9 Lyon. Sam 1. witness release of .^oiin Jackson to noses 
Jaokson, acuBr, ^^"ccjs 

169o Lord, xtobt. of ^'airfiela, was joined in marriage with 
^tner liill of saia place Jany. 20. 1696 - 7 
lliarkea out.) , 

BOOK 1702 & 1750. 

1712 ^S^°^.^|^4 son of Joseph L^on. deed, makes choice of 
has ^^Vliqv in lav; John 3a^7 as guardian. 

1712 Lyon, Rjohara est- of ^be^aiie Lyon, wiaow of & admx. 

This is rather oblitera-ced, musv be provea. 

1702 Lee — - wife of ,Vn. lee ana aau. John x^escow o- 
iiorwalk, deed. 

1700 Lyon./fei. of ffairfiela. will of, aated x,ov. 4. 1699. 

»afe Pheoe Land next Sanl. Hull 
i^on riarhaniell .^i chilareu unaer age 

„ ■'??* ijeft d sons tne lens lot next 

^ose^s Joshua Knov/ies at -Saeco ileck. 

ijpeaks Of a chila unborn, 
ihe wiaow sole ex. 
V/itness I Hat nan ^old 

(3 ami. Gold 
inv. taken Uec 23. 1700 by Philip Lewis ^ 
'Jonatnau u quire. 

1701 Lcckwood, aargt. Joseph, father of Susannah, tne widow 

Of imtnaniell Burr. Jr. deed. 

1704 Lewis, Benj. takes inv. of est. of Joseph Booth of 


1702 j^eea, .ta. takes ±m . eat. James Browne of Morwalk. 

1703 Lacy, luward, Jr. takes inv. Hebecka Gregory of otratfora. 
1700 L-ckwood, Joseph, takes inv^ est- John (^xQen of i-^airfield. 


1701 Ioc":wood, Sarah, vatneas will of Jotin Henolds oi' 
or 1699 

1707 Lev/is, ::amuna, witness will of IJr. V/ra. Bickly of Stratford. 

1702 li evinsv/or-ni:!, Ilr. John, soraetirne of v/ooabury, Inv. of est. 
Oct. 12, 1702, by John Shernan, 3enj. Galpin, 
John -^inor ana sami* Jonus. 
Thos. Levensworth of stratfora, cuson to deed. 

appt . adKT . 
The est. to he aividea be-c. tne aaninistrator 
Thos« Levensv/orta i: his brother 
Jonn ■ 'I 

Mr. Zacharieh >7aiker & ) 
Hr.' oonn Juason j ) to dist. 

1706 Lockr/ood, Bobt. takes inv. est. Angell Hustea, sen. of 

Greenwicn. - • > 

1708 Lane, Charles, of Fairfield, aamr. of ests. of John wno 

aiea some time since £c ELiaabeth, prob. his mother 
Said, iiane inherits from ootn ests. on aoct. of 
his vnLfe. 

17 07 Lockf/ooa, Sdrauna, of standfora - an invi of what est. in 
land tiath befallen to said est. -since Isc inv. 
was taken by Jonathan Selleck, -Benj. Green & 
John Ambler Jan. 60, 1706/7 
3dmund Lockwooa, son of deoci. exhibitea the 
lands wiiat nath fallen on tne est. since 
To be aivideii aa follows: 

I'o eldest son - d sons & 6 aaughoexii. 
Mr. Joseph -oishop, 3c-nj'< Green '^ John .imbler 
to make aist. 

17 07 Lockwood, Gershom s. Lieut. Lockr/ood, deed. witness v/ill 
John -ti-ubby of Greenwiea. 

1707 Loclrwooa, Still John, witness will John Hubby of Greenwich 

1707 Loclrwood, IJobt. takes inv. of est. oi " " " " 

1707 Lyon, iiathl. callea s. in law b^ Danl. Crofoot of ITairfield 
Ca under ar-.-e - -possibly step son. 

1703 Lacy, Sdwara, takes inv. of est* Rebeckal Gregory, deed. 

1709 Lewis, Philip, creditor or est. «^olin Davis, Jr. appt. 

adror. oi' sane. 

1707 Lupton, Ihos. deoa. at ■'^'orwalk sane yeajts since inv. 

^eb, Y' , 1706/7 by Sanl. Haies, Jonn i^aimond.- 
iir. 'Josephi'utle of llev? 'Haven, Atty. for l.Irs. 
■Hannali -"upton, aomx. of est« of her late 
husbanc' , I'hos* Lupton abv. 
Sbeneser Slackly of H. H. appt. adnr. oi the 
est. of nia rather in law Thos« Lupton, 
sonetir.e of -i^'Orr/allr , decct. 
She est. divided as follows - to 
'Vidow Hannah 
bon -i'hos' 
Daughter ' 

John Raiiaond, Sanl. Keeler &: John Stuard to 
fiist. iiettlement completea ''une,1724. 

1708 Lane, Robert, of Killin^jvrortn, ov/es est. Jaraes Picket 

or iitratfora. 

1707 Locirr;ood, -Ilisabeta, adcir. of est* '-^'hos. Gregory 

aist. est. 

17 05 Lyon, Harget, v;idow late deca. of Fairrield, Inv. Hch. 
20, 17 05 by Janes ITicklyson, -^anl. Adams, Rich. 

Prop, at Rich, -^yons - sone things at Joshua 
■Jennings — sone at iJanl* Lyons - some at 
John Downses. 
Rich* Lyon, adnr. ■ 

1710 Levensv/orth, John, takes inv. est. James Biackman of 


1710 Love, John, uitness verbal v/ill of James Blacknan ox 


1712 Loclmood, John, of 7airfiela, to aist. est. 2hos* Disbrow 
of ■S'airfielci . 

1711 Lewis, -^"hilip, takes inv. est* Gapt. Saml. squire. 


1711 Lane, alexanaer, left legacy by Llary Knap of Stratford. 

1712 Lane, Charles, TTitness release of Joseph Grey by his b. In 

law, Isaac Jennings. 

17 IE Lyon, aaral. takes inv. est* '.Vidow iiary Sherv;ood. 

1712 Lyon, Saml- of Greenwich, deed, est* of. Portion of saia 
est. aue to -iizabetn liar shall, 'vri-dovr of iir. John 
liar shall of GreeiMich. 

1712 Lyon, Ahdrew, of -^iiorwalk. Inv. of est. of, uay 20, 1712, 
by ^-ndrer/ Llessenger & John Rayraond. 
7/idow l^ary 

Lau* l^ry born July 1st, Ibyi 
" 'Jane " Oct. 11, 17 07. 
'iildorr appt. •^arnx. 

1712 Love, Jonja, of Stratfora, inv. of est- -ay 19, 1712, by 

Hicn. Hubbell c: Saral* J'rencn. 
Widov; aarah. ' 

1710 Lewis, Philip, witness release of Llrs« Sarah *^sborn by 

John amith. 

1715 Lewiss, Zdmon, awares to inv^ of Ben j. Beach. 

1711 Lyon, 3ich. witness will of Jonathan Sturgss. 

1713 Lewiss, ^ergt. 3dnon, proia. s. in law to Benj. 3eacn. 

I'lE --.aborie, iiary, cailea d. hir Kathl. Burr. 

1713 Lyon, Sanl* of Greenwich, inv. of est* of, -i-'ov 28, 1715 
bjf Jcfsijua Ilnapp, Caleo Knapp, Saml. ilaitby. 
Some prop* in hands of Jonn Lj/ons. ■ 
i'hos. Iiyons swares to inv x^ppt. adrir. 
The deed, lefn no issue, the est. to be dividea 
bet. his 8 brotners anc; sisters* 2 of said 
sisuera bein^ also deed. 
Thos. Lrron Sarah l^erritt 

John ■ " Beborah Oove 

Josepa " Zlisabetn Karsnail children of 

Saml. " -bigall 

lir. -lisha -U-olly and ) 

Ur.' John Zolly Cooper ) Appt. to aist. 

171H L:clrwood, Danl. of ilorv/S-lk. Inv. ot'_est. of, Dec. '60, 
1712, by John Hayraoiici ,■ Joseph Loclcwood L JaJ.ies 
Children, 5 •daujghters. 
Sarah 12 years ola last April 

Phebe 11 '' " 1st ol' lasx Lov. 

Labor aa 8 " " last; '^uly. 

iiebeckali ^ 

Joseph Lodrwood :.; Jaanes Loclrr/ood s-, to inv. 

& appt. aomrs. 
Gapt. John Rayraona & Saml. Betts to aist. 

xvx^ Lock:T70od, Joseph, ts-kes inv. est. aanl* Llarshale or 

Greenwicn. • ■ ' 

171'i Lreisti, iiaraon. ai&t* eav. aosepn "airchila of stratfora 

1714 Lockv;ood, I^lary, called a. by T/iaow Ilary 5'irman. 

1714 Lane, Liaea, called Granddaughter by Dr. Isaac Hall, 

1715 LocTrcTOod, Robt. r/itneas agreenent of heirs of Joseph 

J inch of Gren. 

IVlo Larance, Pheoe, sv/ares to inv. of her deea. husbana ,3£ir:LL. 

Jacktion's est- of ^tra ford. 

1715 Lewis s, Snmon, takes inv. S: cist. est. of ^sox^^e Johnson 

of i^t rat ford. 

IVX'j Levinsv/ortu, Thos* a-ppt. aanr. ol est. of George Johnson 

of Stratfora.' 

I'^lo Lockwood, HoDt. of Bairriela, inv. est. June 14, 1715, 
oy Jonarhan tiquire,Sen. , E^'.-wara Jessup and 
2hos . l^ash. 

"JiaoTv liary •& Sargt. Josepii Loclrr/ood. to admr. 
Jediaiah ^anfield gives bona for 'k^idow liary as 
ad rax. 
The decc:« har, land hexG Ef^ward Jessup - also 
lana 'nest onn Jj^ckr/ooa. 
Chilaren : 
Danl . ) 

Abiga'ill ) 
Josepa I 
Gersnam ) being or non-a^e. 
Jehill ) 

1715 Loclrwood, Soot. (Gontd) 

Tne v/idovr -and motlier oi" (Jersham ic Jeiiill to De 

their guardiau. 
Jotin iaelliman to De guardian tor Abigail & Josepn 
Jonn LoelHYOod to be " " JJanl. 

17ia Lock\70oa, Jonn, "ca.fees inv. est. Cliristopaer Godfrer o± 

171^ LocIrvTood, Uani. Jr. oi' jTair field, dist; oi' eat. ox 

2o 'iidow Abigail^ no^^ Abigail aherman oi iitra-cfora 

To aau. Abigail Jjoelr?;ood or " 

" " ■ ilary " " " 

1729 ^^on, Hannah, of Greenv/icn, now -.Tile of Jonn -^yon, Jr. 
& T/iaow of Josepu 2anks, aecd. 

17o7 -^von, Hannah & witness releaae of Joseph Banks of Gresnh. 
Jonn by his sister U8.vy Marshall. 

1750 Lore, IheiXjc, of Fairfiela, est. of. «Jonn bherwood of 
Stratford appt. aarar. 

17o0 Lora , "m» of Fairfield, makes cnoiee of aanil* Eili oi 
5'&irfiela as guaraian* 

171^ lewiss, Zbeneser, appi;. aainr« of eS':* of Ilr. Benj. Beach 

of Strs-tford, cieea.' 


17^*9 lee, I'oan, of llorwalk, deed. Settlement with creditors 
of est. Of ivhicu Snos Lee is adrar. b;? Capt. 
Saral. uiuckstone ^ ar. Ralph Isaacs,' commission 
appt .• 
List of creditors; 

Capt. «Josiaa x hate hex, 

aaml- Olmsted 

Isaac Brown 

iiobt. Watson 

Phebe Lee 

S ami . Gl u e ks "i; one 
Hajrhes Hen ford 

John Betts 

Davia Bout on 

Joseph LocIrv;ooa 

Capt . Jari'is 

Seth Ilarvin. 


17 Od i^on, Sarnl* Deing fonneiiy empowered to place out chilaren 
01 Joi^epn Lyon, deca. cc there beijog- one David 
whcWhe has negiectef. ,■ the motner or aaia cuila 
ar.peala "co Oouri: to nave a gu3,raiaii cnoseii & 
Court cnooses Ilary Bagly, rrife or Jonn Bagly 
ro be y^nardian ±"or aaia David. 

171<i Love, Jonn, oi' ^trat+'iein, being deed. V/idow ■^arah Love 
and Sargt» Saral. Frencn appt. adinrs. 

ivia Lanyon, 2hos. la,tely aecd. in Boston, called grandi'atner 
or liar gar et i^maw, d. oi' llr. ITathl. J:>haw oi 
ITairl'ield, aeea. 

17i-± Loelrnood, iehoraa ana SeDi-clran, aaughtera or Danl. Lock- 
T/ood , decci. being in non-Sge and also dau. Ann, 
tne uourt.appt. Josepn Lockwood to oe guardian 
for ^sboraa ana James Lij.cTruood to be guardian 
ror -Kebeelran & James & Josepn to be guardians 
for -a-nn. 

1/iZ Lambert, Jessy, called i'atner in lav;, prob' step, tyy 
Jonannan vValkinci , d, or Josepn '^Valkins 'or 
tjtra-crord, deca. b c-hosen guardian. 

IVl-j Lane, Charles, Jr. appo. adror. of ests. of lathl. So liary 
Knap in place or l-Lr.- 3snj.' f ear^veather , aiscnargea. 

1715 Levensworth, Dhos. chosen gueraian by John Jonson, son or 
George --onson of ^^tra-crord, deou. & is also appt. 
aumr* or est. of saia George "^onson, aecd. 

1715 LevenisT7ortn, Thos. appt. guardian ot Hannan ^ -lizabetn 
Jonson, uau. of George Jonson, deca. of iitratfora. 

17io Lewiss, ..r. =Josepa, Oj- -■ airfield, appt. admr. Joseph 
Hanie of Hartfora. 


BOOK Icib - 1056. 
3 K 166^ - J.b75. 

lo57 '-inor , John, aeoy. 

Ib58 luoreuoLise, I'iios., \7±11 of, and inv. riled Aug.7 ,16o8,p.Sl. 
isable, wli'S oi' above 
iianioaii, eldest daugiater 
S^.uel, eldest son. 
•L-hoiias , son 
Jonn ', " 
Joniiaonan, son. 
Ilary, aau?:ricer 

(See Book o -H'ib} 

(Prob.Ilr. iJavid Tellertjon of JS. Lonaon. 

1006 laiaaleoroke, «Josepa, granaaon of ^»i. £ateman, deca. 

ioyo Lioore, Isaack (liorwalPr) 

4bci9 iiiddleorooke, Josepa 
lool " " appt. guaralan wicn j^anl* biilenan- 

of child John singleton 

16£1 IliddleDrook, Joseph, aaministrator of estate of Benj. 
I'urney by virtue of having- raarried nl.s widow. ■ 

16.56 Llorehouse, fhos. nentioned in est. of Thos. Beardsley. 

1663 iiiddlebrook, Joseph, estate of, had a brother 3enj. p. 72 
1665 Joseph --iddlebrook u his rrire testify as to -',7111 of Bouton. 

1642 i^iller, John, deed. 1642 estate inventoried Bee. 24,16d& 
by Ric^^ara ilevTman, Hobt. Usher and appraisnent by 
Geo. Slawson Cz John Holly. 
7iridor;(Marriea Obediah Sely ^and in lb 6 6 called 

widow ^ely.) Book 1665-1675, p. 13. 
John, eldest son 
Jona than 

1664 iiinthorn, Phillip, ratness vzill of Jeffrey Ferris. 

1667 Meed, Joseph, takes inventory of est. of Jeffrey -^'erris, 

167 :.Iitehill, Banl. ) --'itnese T7ill of =John Perocke, 
l-atthev? ) (Stratfordi 

1672 uarvin, Llartyn, ov/nei. land near Salph Kesler at -i^'orryalk 


1674 Morgan, Jorm, est. of, inv. I'iled ]7ebv. gb, 1d74. 
Book 1665-1675, p.- 84. 

loVu ^-oorehouse, Saml. takes inv. of est. Cap. ilatl. >3elv. 

1677 iloss, <Jomi, overseer o^' esu. John Beach of Stratford on 

prop, at 7/allingfora. 

1d77, ITath. inv. est. John Beach of Stratfora on 
prop, at "Jaliingf orci . 

lb7o iaoorhouse, Rebecca, v/ife of Saml. Moorhouse £■: d. uqi. 
Ghilclren ox' above: 
baral. Grandchild of T/m. Odell 
2hos • " " 


i676 I.lo or house, Jonathan, gift to, Dy '.'.t^. C'ell. 

167i> ididdiedrook, Josepia, called rather oy ^onn CsDora, v;rio 
releases aim from rha paynent of the legacy 
to his T7ife Sarah Bennet, the oau. of James 
Bennet, deed. 

167o Ilurv/in, Gord. Gr. to est;. I'hos. Sherr;ood of "Stratford. 

1d78 ^..oorehouse, I'hos. had eold land to 3ich» f-yon of ?airfiela. 

t f 

1678 l^ur\-7in, I-iary, witness t;ill Rich* i^yon of ^''airfield.. 

167'i iiiddlehrook, Joseph, called father by 'fhos. Bennet &: 
released by him of legacy fron his father James 
Bennet, aeeci. 

167^ kidale brook, Josepn, called fat ner by James Bennet ib 

released by him of legacy from his father James 
Bennet, deed. 

Ici74 i-Iiddlebrook, Joseph, called father by James Benret & 
rel-sased by him of legacy from his fattier 
James Bennet, decci. 

1680 liarven, '^^thevi, 3r. of HorT/olk, vill of, dated Dec. 20, 
1678, being 80 years olci, probateci loBO.Book -1675- 
'7ido\7 ■'■-lice 1689, p. 58. 

leather;, rion of deed. 

Grand Chi J. a uathew Ilarvin, (son of ^..^.tha?) 
Saml. Smith, called son 
John 'Bouton, " " 


IbSO i.-^rven, Hatliew, i^x* (Gontd) 

X Abigal Bout on, cLaugnter o:' deca. lo vr. of John above 
Granaeaila Hichara Bnshnel 

IJ'ranGes " or Horv/ock 

Rev. iir. 'I'hos. Kandl'ora, Pastor or Gli. at •'■'orv/ock 
a Ilary Adgate or Uorv/ock - daughter 

H Ilanna Werner " T7i:i;e o:_ 'J-'hos. Semer 

s i^ebecca Clarke o±; S'o^rraington " 

Bor/ton, John, r;on in la.yr d )liixecutors 
John Plafc ) 

Rey* ilX' Ihos. Handfora ) Overseers 
Lieut. Hichard Oinsteu ) 
'i'hos* 'Ilandford ) 

Jacies 'Cornish ) ?/itness 

Christo. Cumstoeke ) 

Inventory 'taken auljr 10, 1680, tjy I^ich. Oln- 
Gtea, Maltex Holt & ITath. Hayes. 
Deed, katli -v; I^rven haa lana in i'airiield 
•described in Suth 3oY;ton's inventory. 
S 'ilhose narkea s are repeatedly called daughters. 

1680 llarven, .aice, of 2orwoGk, will of, dated Uee. 1, IbSO, 

she being 70, proba'cea 1680. 
John 3ov;ton, called son 
Bridget Xillock, daughter (Kellogg) 
Abigal Bowton, " 

Rachel ^mith " 

Ruth 3oT7ton, grano, child 

Racnell -c*owton " 

Ricnard Olmsted ) -'itness 
Ohristo Ournstock) 

Inventory taken last of Jan* 1681, by Tho. 
Bennettict, Sr. , ITath. Ilaiyes, ohristopner 
Guns took. 
Book 1675-1689, p. 61. 

1681 -litcnell, .^athev/, of ^''oodbury, orother in lav: to John 

Soinson, deed. 

1681 '-inor, '^onn, tir. overseer fo2f M. Einman, V/oocbury, 

lb82 lioorhouse, tiaml. aot. 40 yrs. old, witness est. Joseph 


1685 laitchell, David, legacy to, from 3Lisabeth Bennet oi 


lb8o Ulnor , Jo^, le^'i'^-ey to, from SLizaoetJa Bennet of 

lo85 ..litcnell, Davia ) v/itness vrill of iilizabeth Bennett of 
Abratiam ) Stratfora. 

IbS'S Ilinor , John, belectrnan (of 'Voof'.'Dury, uncertain), inv. 
est. Thos. Levingsworth. 

loa-i -..eaa, Hutn, d. Hich. Hardy. 

168^ Eorehouse, Jonathan, cakes inv. est. [Dhos. Btidmoxe. 

16 8^ Heker, Robt. of Jaixfield, ivill of, datea ITov. 12, lb83, 

prooatea- & inv. filed Uch. 10, 1685, Book 1675-1689, p. 

.Vidov; Susanna ■ ■ 156 

John son of aecd. 

Danl. " " • 

Llary -dau. " wife of Saml. ^daxis. 

Mams, Saml. son in law 

■^'itness (Hat ban ^iola 

(Josiah Hanrey 
Inventory taken lTov.25,lob4 by (Yhos. Staples, Sen. 

(John GrorGan,Sen. 
(Josiah Harvey 

1684 Liead's, Jo'nn, chilaren (for list see Wm. Potter]* are 

left legacy by wk. Potter rmo calls himself 
fa-Cher in lav; to John iiead. 

16 85 Liinor , John, Jr. s. in law Heoecca Rose, v/idow. 

168 J 2xd. Lxills, Sard, of Stratford, est. of, inv. filed lTov.3, 
•1685, by Saml. Sherman, Robt. Isne cc Danl. Beraslej;- 
Dhe deca. "haa prop, on liong Island, and died there'. 
Richard Llil-ls, son of deca, only heir-at-law. 

sanl. Sherman, Jr. aaministrat or , reiiyers up 
tne est. to atjove Sich. ilills iiov.lS ,1706. 
Book 167-5-1689, p. 182. 

1685 luorehouse, Saml. overseer of est. Szekiel SanfoiDd. 

1685 Mayhew, John, est. of, inv. Jan.21,lb8o, by -.ooc. 
.Turney, Jacob 3oye,- Saml. laorehonse. 

Ib85 Meaker, Dajil. witness Joseph Bastera's aiscnarse. 


lo8o Lxills, Sajnl. as above, late of aouttiarapton, L. I. His 
r/ill v/as proba-cea there ana a copy aent -co Stratford 
bv tne Clerk of tae Court of Sou-chanp"Con. The Court 
orders llr. Sarnl. Sherman to aeliver up tne estate at 
Stratforu "CO liary Kills, executrix. 
Book Io7o-lb89, p. 195. 

1686 IJarvin, Llathew, is freeii from Irayning. 

1686 liason, ITathl. convicted of telling a lye before the Court 
wnea a v/itneso about Charles Lane. 

1d8d Ivlitchell, David, of Stratford, v.Hii of, datea Ilch. 11,1685/6 

./idow Elizabeth 

Ma thev7 , 


A bra nam 





V/idov7 liHiaabeth 

Sons IJathew & John 

John Sherraan (callea kinsrnazi) 

x.Ir. Israel Chancy 

John Birds eye ) li'itness 

John Johnson ) 

son of 








(probatea ITov. 2, 1^86, Book 
1675-1689, p. 210. 

(House the deca. purchased of 
Jolin hubbell) 


) Saml. Sherman ) 
Inv. iiCh. 29,1686 oy) Jajaea Judson ) belectmen 

) Joseph Curjjis ) 

±686 HiadleDrooke, Josepn, est. of, inv. filed I.Ich. 8, 1686. 
Joseph, son of deed. 

Phebe ,7ilson, d. of 'deed, wife of SqjtiI. Wmlson. 
Joseph Llidale brook, ex. 

John "heeler & ) To make division of land 
Sphraim iiicols ) to aoove heirs. 

See John aturgis testimony. 
Inv. taken oy Robt. Turney,' Geo. Squire & 

SLipnelec Hill. 
Joseph liiadleDrook oojects to inv. & Saml. 
■Vilson insists on inv. 
Book 1675-1689, p. 216. 

/ ^ ^6 MjLMlLhAy&if-jf^^L, /«-tX. 


l68o I'lorehouse, LieuT:. :iaml. appt. overaeer for cnilaren or 
Josepfi Jac'irson, deed, and "having aied, Lieut. 
Jacies Benit, appt. in his place. 

Ib87 Llurrexi, 2lios» Del'dt. in cabe of Gapt. Jnoth. & Mr, John 
aelleke. • • ... 

lb 87 lieker, Danl. son in law to Rich. Ogaen, aeca . 

1687 ^-inor, Gapt. apr. overseer est. Joseph Hekox of «*oodDury 

1687 luunn, SamL. selectman, of 7/oodhury, takes inv. of est. 

Joseph iLekox of Woodbury. 

Ib88 Llorehouse, Sonl. of Fairfield, Trill of, dated Dec. 9, 
1687, prooated and inv. filec LIch. 15, 1688. 

T/iaow Rebecka is about to marry again 

Saml. son of deca. 
Thos. ' " ■■' ■ (Book lb75-1689,p.247. ) 

iJonn " 

(bpeaks of his father Odell 
Unaer age (Danl. son of deed. (Given land at Concord fiela) 
(Jamesr '' " ■ (''iven land at i^ompo. ) 

Rebecca, aau. of deed.) One of these in lb92 wife of 

•JRich. Hutabill, Jr. 
ELizaheth " " ) One 'Of these in 169b r/ife of 

)Kathew 3herT70od. 
(iiannah in 1698 rafe of Bsrj. Rumby 
Under ags (Llary in 1696 /ife of Israll <-*urtis, Jr. 
(Ann in 17 00 probably the wife or Peck 

Thos. Llorehouse, 2x. 
Lieut. S^erwooa and ) 
John oely ) Overseers 

Ha than ^ola,Sen.) 
John Sely ) Witness 

Inv. taken Jan;/. 9, lb 88 by John i7heler,ben. 
Si 'i]hos. "ilRO-n. 

1688 iiurwyn, Kathew, takes inv. est* Sd. Tuders of lTor7/alk. 

1689 Ilessenger, Andree/, takes inv. of est. j-'hos. Benedict, Jr. 

of ilorwalk. 

1689 l^essenger, Anarav.of Eorv;alk, to assist iVidon'/ Benedict 

of above. 


1d89 Head, John, Jr. takes inv. Jonathan LockTvood of Greenvriea. 

lb89 Uorehouse, Jonathan, takes inv. O- est. John Jackson. 

lo7b Head, Saml. ovmes prop, at Greenwich. 

lt>92 Kurwin, ih.os. xritnesa report dowery by Sarah Seely, vilaovr, 

lb78 Ilansrield, John, haa 3 notes arawn in nis favor by Hios. 
Skinner . 

Ib78 nils, Liaea, releases her brotner Josian Knap of the 
legacy due her from her deceased brother 
Jonatnan Xnap. 

Io7o -itchel, l^ary, wife of liathew Llitchel & dau. of Goodman 
John i.'onson and mother of ^-other Ilitchell, set- 
tlanent of ner legacy from her aecd. father. 

1:V8 L^ailery, Anthony, is promised paj/ment by Thos. Eussel of 
Lar ')1 ahead . 

1680 l^inor , John, v/itneas agreement of John of ?airfic-ld ana 
oaaco Indian. Interpreter in agreement of John 
of Fairfield and basco india-n. 

1683 liorehouse, Saml. witness gift of Zdward titollyon of ITew 
London to his son in law Pascoe ^-oot, of 
ITew -^ondon. 

BOOK 1689 - 170^ 

loSS ^.lessenger, -^ndrew, nad lana next to Hobt. iitev/art of 

IbyC ...ichell, '^ohn, takes inv. of est. of Henry -tiitt of Woodbury. 

IbyO Ilasnall, John, of Greenwich, overseer of est. of I'hos. 
Lyon of Greenwich. 

1690 iailes, John, takes inv. of est. Leborah ViThelpley of 
j'air field. 

25 2 

1690 i:or9nouse, Saml. acknowledges having receive." all the 
legaciea left him by his father Saml. Morehouse. 
'.Vitness, (llathan Gold, Jun. Boot 1689-1701, p. 25. 

(Richard Hub bell ■ 

1690 Mitchell, John, takes inv. of est. of John Aplebe of 

1690 .Mitchell, John, Selectman, of ^^oodbury, takes inv. of est. 

Josepii daason, 

1590 Miner, John, Selectnau of tVoodbury, ta,kes inv* of est, 

Josepn tJadson. 

1690 Marshall, John, Sen. mtness will of John Bur?/ell of Green- 

1690 Mead, John, Jr. takes inv, of est. of " " " 

. j90 Marshall, John, Sen, has est. made over uo nira by John Right 

iot)x -orenouse, Jonathan, appt. admr. est. Mary Ilenarick. 

1722/3 Mead, Mr. Ibenezer, appo. to divide lanas left by x'hos. 
lyon 'in 169 0. 

1690 Martin, '.Vm, son in law to Caleb lUchols of w'oodbury. 

loaO ...ichell, Jolm, takes inv. of'Joodbury est. of Caleb iiicoles 
lb^<j .-iner, Capt. John, overseer of est. of " " 

1691 Marvin, Mat hew, Jr. of lorr/alk, est. of, inv. taken before 

ilov. 3-91, by James Olnstea, John .iouton, 
Christopher Corns tool:. 
Widov/ Boda Inv. filed & estate settled ITov. 3,1691. 
One chi3.a Mary, aged 2 yra. born Oct. 7, 1679 
i-'he wiaov/, with John uimsteti o: )• Appt. 
Thos. Seemer ) Adrars. 

1691 Agreement bet. Ma^hew Marvin, Sen. of Tor- 
v;Rlk, BOii of olti Goo.clman Mtithew Marvin and 
i father of Mat hew Marvin, Jr. above, deed 

' party of 1st purt cc Mark Section of Korwal^ 

fatner of Soda, the widow of saia Mathev;, 
Jr. deca. 
V/itness, (Sa3::l' -ti-ills , Sen. 
(Joseph Loclrr;ood. ■ 
Book 1689-1701, p. 62. 


lb92 i.Iel>:eens, Eobt. Ie2;acy to oy r/ill Chas. DuglasB of Stratford 

lby2 iu.urT/an, Ihos. vzitness release of LxOses Jackson, aanr. of 
Isaac kiherr; 00 d. 

Ib92 licCbapine, John, v/itness v;ill of licolas Hng-hes of Stratfora 

1692 Ilarvin, oaml. v/itness release or Daiil. Ilellog's adrnrs. 

1590 Storehouse, Jonathan -i Rebeckah i-nov/les release tae over- 
seer ti or tne est. of rneir fatner, John Knov:les. 

1693 itsd. lieed, John, Jr. of Greenwich, ceca. I-Iay 12, 1693. Inv. 

taken by Jonathan Renolds 2i John -Boti'erSjfilec lov.lO, 
1693. Book 1689-1701. 
7/idor/ dut'ti 
Son John ) 

" Jonathan ) All unaer age 
" ITathan ) 
Dau. ELisabetn) 

She deca. was son of Joim i-xeaa,Sen. 
The \7idow ce ) 
Joseph i'inch ) Appt. admrs. 

1694 Ileker, Dar.l. appt. adrar. est. Adams of -airfiela. 
loyo iiorehouse, Ho'i^t. -vitness will Isack i^icols oi btratfora 
loy? Iiiead, Eartna, d. 3aml. i'ineh of btanfora. 

1698 laorhous, John, called brother to Joseph Barlow, deed. 

1690 iaun, bami. of ".Voocbnry, est. of, inv. taken Oct. .'50,1690 
by John -^iner, Izrael i-'urtiss, John i-itcncli to 
Jonn .tihernan, Selectmen, filed llov. 5,1693. 


"-hildren Book 1689-1701, p. 94. 

The widow and ) 
lir.John Sherman ) App-o. adnrs. 

[1690 Sxd. Lieaa, Joseph, Sen. deed, at Greenwich I.Iay 3-'90. Inv. 
taken by Josepn -^'erris and John Head, Jr. 
iVidow iiiary 
I Son Joseph (the hone let formerly Walter Butler's) 

" Danl. Inv. filed cc eotate settled ;:ch.l5,1693 

" SLisna Book 1689-1701, p. 101. 

Richara )Under age 
Dau. iaary. 


lb90 Head, Jeseph, cjen. (Contd) 

Brother Joseph, 'Son of aecci. and 

Cousin John ..Lead chosen guardian ior Richard & Iiary 
John laeaa, ben. call ijncle "by aov. chilaren 
Agreement of heirs - vatness John --ead,Jr. cc 

Benjamin Head 
The \Tidov7 ^ Joseph Liead, her son, Stp'ot. adinrs. 

1596 Marshall, 2hos. of Greenv^ich, takes inv. est. lirs. Hannah 
Bowers. • 

1690 Uarkes, "/m. witness agreement of heirs of John Hurd of 

1598 Hurvane, Abegaile, d. Peter '-'lapham of iiorwalk. 

1598 iiurwane, '-^'hos. of Fairfield, apt. admr. est. Peter Clap- 
ham of -^orwalk. 

i:98 Messenger, •'^•ndrev/, of iJorwalk, apt. admr. est- Peter 
Clap nam of J^^orwalk. 

^598 Lieaker, Danl. takes in\'« est. Llr. Josiah Harvey of Fairfield 

1698 I^eker, l^anl. takes inv. est. Ihos. Sedient. 

1598 2xd. laoEhous, J-'hos. Jr. of 5'airfiela, est. of Inv. taken 
.".ich« 12, 1598, hj John 'i.'hompson, John 3ulkley & 
John Sdr/ards, v/ill offered duo :n.ox approved. 
Widow Hary (Book 1589-1701, p. 169.) 

The ATidov/ to admr. 

1717. I^r. Saral. Iiubbell who ^vas ax->pt.' by tormer 
'order of Court with Sergt. Ezekiell Sanford 
■CO make distribution of est. of i'hos. —ore- 
house, la-ce of i'airfiela, deed* is also aeca. 
& Court appts. Lieut. Rich. Hubbell in his 

1598 L-urwan, Thos. takes inv. of 3enj., son of Gapt. 2urney,deca 

1598 iaorehous, Saral. takes inv. est. Joseph ".Vheeler of j^^airfiela 


1699 Jkd. lieacL, Joim, iSen. of Greerayicli, v;ill of, dated llch. 16, 

iVife Hannah, sole ex. 
Zldest son Joan 

" Joseph 
" Sljen eg^jc^ 
" ^^inat hEia 
" Davia 
" Benjamin 
" ^a-chaniel 
" SaTTil. 
Dau. Hannah "cofield 
" • AlDegaiie 
" ivlary Head. 
Sons Joseph a .Ibenezer a: 3enj., oi'-erseers. 
Witness ( Salmon Sre^-t or ballornon 

)Z.achariah Head 
aaid Jonn lieaa aecd. jTehy. 5 1698/9. Inv. taken 
hv Chos. i-iar shall, Wm. Bundall Ss Soht. Loe'kv/oo(^, 
Selexjcmen, file- ITov. 13, 1-700. (Book 1689-1701, p. 196 

1700 Ssd. Liead, John, Jr. est. of, in Ilch. 17, 1698, aistrioutea 

■JiaowSuth- Book 1689-17Q1, p. 196. 



IT a than 


Sbeneser Lload & Joseph -^inch of Green-wich to 
nake aist. and also to aanr. 

1699 Ilarshall, 2hos. takes inv. est. Jonn Banks of Greenv/ich. 

1640 Messenf^er, Andrew, v/itnesB in ?eake and Patrick purchase. 

1702 Ilorehouse, ITathan, roarries Hary, o. of Danl. Loclnvooa, 

Sen. deed. 

1692 Uansfiel^, Jorshipful l-osea, of i^ew Haven, trustee for 
Ahe^aile, vriie of Banl. Bur. 

Ib85 l^ltcnell, Zlizabeth, 7/itnes« releaes of overseers of 
Zathl. Porter oy SaiuL. Cortex* 


1687 LiOrenouB, Saml. ben. acknov/leugea the receipt; of tiie 
legacy t'ron his I'ather Saml. LorGhous,cleed. 
Witnebs) ITatnan Golc, , Jr. ■ 
) fiichard Hubbell, Jr. 

liorehous, Retiecka, v/idorr, of the town & Go, of ^'airfield. 
Relic u of Sarnl. I^orehous, deccl. of same place, 
oelnr^ about; to narry agfiin to acknowledge the 
receipiy of all legacies from my son Thos. llore- 
house, 3x. Of will of said Saml. Iiorehoua,decd. 
.VitnesG )lia,th.ev/ Sherman 
) Jonathan Squire. 

1700 Morehous, Ann, acknowledges receipt of all legaciea from 
her sister i-^oxy ■^'^-orehous, aamr. of the will of 
her fa-cner, baml. Morenous, deed. 
Wirness )Josepa Peck 
) ) Jonn Peck. 

lb9E- ilorehous, 'Dhos. Jr. of Fairfield, released by payment 
lb98 of legaeiesi leit oy nis father, Saml* -^^^orehous 

of S'airfielci, deed, to his mother Hebecka -^iore- 
nous, aoout to marry again. 
Brotner in law Izrael ^-'urtiSjJr. 

" Benj. EumlD^r^ husband of Sister 
" liathew Sherwood 
" Hichard Hubbell, Jr. 



1700 ilorenouse, Mary, (probably widow of Thos. Jr.) actor, of 
est. of her father, Saml. Korehous, is released by 
Ann •i.^orehous. 

IVOG Iiieaci , «John, Jr. of '5re:.nwich, has enosexi riis nocher Ruth 
Ileaa and IJr. Jonn Hub be, born of 'ireenwich, as 

BOOK 1702 - 1750. 

1711 Messenger, Andrew, of T.ouvi&lk, is cnosen guardian vo 
ILliasp Kellog, son of Saia. Kellof, deed, of 



171£ Ilackency, 111. Dou^^ell, appt. aoiar. est. Josepn -^nowles, 
deca.' of Fairfiela. ■ 

1702 Meredith, JoJin, v/itness will o± Vm. Hul)t>ar1;,ben. o±' Fair- 


1705 iiessenger, -^ndrer/, chosen guardian for Deborah the a. of 
lieut. John Olrnstea. 

1703 Leaa, Sarah, eviaentljr 6. of Jonathan .Tat er bury of Stan- 

ford, prob. marriea ao'c. lien. 8, 1703. 

IV Cb —iller, David, husband to Haiinaix, d. Joseph Jones of 

lyO-^i 1-arshall, I'hos. "uakes inv. of ana -.-.l-cness will Jaoez. 
aherwood -of Greenmeh. 

1704 .^athev/, Ihos. r;i'cness v/ili o.r Jaoea aherwood of Greenwich. 

1704 Merrit, fiutri, called sister d;^ Jabez Sherv;ood of 'Greenwich 

1703 Mead, Zachariah, of trreenwicn, inv. of est. Julj;- o, 
1703, by Thos. Marshall & Jonathan -i^enolas. 

1705 Mcsyen^qrer, -c^ndrew, aomr. eat. Lieut. John Olmsted of 

i^oxwalk, deed. 

1705 Merv/in, Saral. adrar. est. lieut. John Olmsted of ITorwalk, 
aecd. ■ • ■ " 

170b 1-urwin, Ihos. of ^airfield, adnr . est. Ephraiin '.The el er, deed 

' ?Qo/'i: ...';aa, -cichariah, oi 'jreenv/ica, settleraem: o:; esr. of 
-■^S^eerjen'o of Droghers and sisters of deed. via. 
Josepn Leaa, Danl. Msau Sc Elisabeth Cc Mercy Mead. 
".Vitness i Jonatnan Selliek 
J TifebD 


x'^- 1-inor, Munnan, -.Ife oi -V.os. -•'inor w a. l>i;jut. Israel 
Curtis oi '.Voodbury. 

IvO'i .-inor, Bebecka, v;ife of Jiphr^iia --^inor and a. Lieut. Israel 
Curtis of Wooubury. 


\7Ckt :.-ii;cjiell, -a": new, t-akes inv. of est. of Israel ^^urtis oi 

xyCo ...oei:ie, -r« Jacob, testiiies in regard :o Jonaa i^elir of 

Stoiii'ora .' 

l?Oa iiorviii, r-aiinan, u. or "Ohn Plat of Ilorv/alfci. deed. 

1705 liarvin, takes Inv. of esr. Jonn ?lau of lvorv7alk,aecd. 
I'^Ob ilalyey, Dhos. -.vitnese \7lll -r Joan Blackraan of atratford 
ivCo :2.c.r-Gin, xioe-c-.iie, cai.Leu. siD'cer by Galeo ITicols of V/oodbury 
17 Cb l^artin, ■a:n. takes Inv. of est. 01 ' " " 

1706 Hes-en-^er, Hachell, calie': d. by ITathl. Hays of Horwalk,deca 

1707 ....eatyn^j-er , ^^nareiv, takes inv. or est. of i^athl. Hays o± 
ITorv/olk, deca . 

ivOV 1-ornouse, i^artna, a. i.^r. Joan Hubby of Greenv/icn, decc. 

(Spellea Iloris) 

I/O- „errit, Ilrs. Uarah, late of G^reenvdeh, aeca. r/ife of 2h0B. ■ 

Uerrio.of Rye. Inv. Jany. ai, 1707/8 b- Jonathan 

Kenolds 3; Josepn Knap, 

iiobt. (xersnon c: ^till Joim LoclCT-/ooa calleu sons 
of deeci . 

cJtill Jooa iiockvzood, son of deed. appt. actmr. 

I'he Oouru oraers est. to be divideu net. tne • 
cnildren of need. viz. 
Robert Lockwood 
Gersliam " 
Josepu " 

Abe^aile Backster cc 
wtill Jonn Loclrwood 

Josepxi Knap & ''onattian Benolds, Jr. to dist. 

Llarriage agreement bet. Idaran iiockwood of 

(xreenwieu, soraetime v/ife of Lieut. Jonatnan 

LockT/ood, ciecc'. . ana 3ar.p;t. Thcs. Ilerrit of Hye, 

dated «June o, loSo. 

"./itnes:- jocr.l. Peek & 

i Jonathan Renolda. 


170b llorehouse, 2hos. Jr., est. of. Inv. lien. IH, l7Cb. Renr 
paia "Co liatuaT Sherwoou, Jr. 
Legacy to .Ami 
2aia Danl. Ilorcnouse lor taking 1-ary 

" Kathew Sherwood " " " 

Owe by Dili rrora Saml. Liorenouse 
oy Danl. l-orehouse 
'o-y Ilathev; Sherwood, Jr. 
All the aoove are mentioned in cae inventory. 
Widow liary, novr Liary Sturgis 
JUaest son 
-ther ehilaren 

iiargt. Szekiele Sanirea ^c; x.r. aaml. Hubbell to 

Joha^ Horenouse, appt. guaraian I'or Thos. and 

Ilary ^^orehouse. 
fciargt. Hatnew Sherwood guardian i'or John and 
Bebeckan iwiorehouae, children of Thos. 
Morenouae, Jr., ciecd. 

1708 .-organ, Joseph, witness will of '-^'nos. ^lose of Greenr^ich 

1708 Morgan, tiarah " " " •' " 

ivCi' .aorehouse, j-'uoa. callea Dro';ner by bargt. Lutnew Sherwooa, 
Jr. of Stra-cfiela. 

1709 i.-orenouoe, Jonn, bon oj. est. John -^'no^jias or V/oodoury 

1710 i.:itcnell, Jonn, £)en. takes inv. Y/oodoury est. of Kr. Jonn 

Juason of ^. - 

1710 I<linor, Joseph, takes inv. '."/oodbury, est. of Mr. Jonn 
Jnason rf VI, 

1710 Marshall, Thos. takes inv of eat. of Jonathan Benolds 
of Greenwich. 

1 10 iJeaa, Danl. urotner to Llercy, widow of Jonathan Renolas 
or Greenwich ana aunr* of gsg. 

17 09 lloon, Jacoo, callea grancison Dy Capt. Jonathan bellick 


170y i.loon, Ataerjaii, eallea deca. dau. by Capt. Jonathan tiellick 
170y Lloon, Jacob, Dr. eallea s. in law " " " 

1710 -ills. Van., Of Star.iora, . Inv. oi' eat. ^oiro. 'db , IVIO, by- 
John i'onaj-'o & Zachariati xiiDbel. 
Jonn iiills, brotner of deed, swares oo inv. 
and appt. admr. 

1710 ...unson, Saml. takea inv. or Wallingi'ord prop, of Danl. 

Xellog ol Eorwalk, aeea. 

1712 Llitchell, Danl. takes inv. est. Wm. Pixie of Stratfora. 

1712 Ijltchell, Danl* takc-s inv. est. llr. Joseph iVatkins of 

^712 i:eact, Joseph, of Greenv/icli, ealles John Smith, deed, of 
staKford, father. 

1711 Mead, Sheneser, takes inv. est. Henry Bich of Greenvaoh 

1:1:1 ..arvin, Saml. nr. called brother by anC ex. o:. est. . :% 
iVn. Hayes of i;i>r7;aik. 

I'lirj l.r-[-iii,I.r. Jonn, v/itness will or ..r. i/rn. iiayes of 

1712 -.atenzay, ].ir. Dougail, sv/aresi go xn\ . .Ir. Jobiiua ..nov/les 

of Fairfiela. 

1712 Sar snail, Jo.^i, ..r. of Greenwich, v;iil of, aavea .^ny o,i712 
7/ife _li3aiD6T3h 
310 est son John 
2d son Joseph 
5a son Danl. 
Son in lav/ x'hos. llerrifc of Bye 

Hy v/ife 31iaabeth to have ^7hat is aue from tne 
est. of barnl. Lyon of Greenv/ien, decci. 
Dau. liar. nan, under age, also 1/2 of right oi 

T7nat is t'ne nij' viife from the est. of Saril. 
Lyon, deca. 
iion Sarnl. (prob. son by present r/ife) 
Sons <>'ohn anc. Danl. to oe ex. 


1712 Marshall, Joim, (Gonta) 

"iVitnesa, .7m. Hanaell,aen. (2he cieco. rraa b;- occu- 
Ihoa. Liars jiall •(pation a ■wneelwrignt 
7i/rn. Hiii>ide,3e:i. 
Is-c wile proD. dan. or •John j:?OGlrr/ell oi 

Stamiox'd. -isee Stainiora, Hec. Vol. A. p. lyi 

1712 iierrit, Thos. of Hye, called s. in law by above Jolm Mar- 

1712 Llarshall, Thos. ratness v/ill of above " " 

IVie Llarshali, John, ..Ir. of GreeniTieh, inv. of est. of, ...ay 14 
1712, by S8£il. ?Gcl7,Sen., Danl.Dnith and Tnos. * 

Har shall. 

IJr. iSanl. Blatchly, ,.,-r. Jonathan jci-cas u,na Hani, 
bnith, all of Stanford. 

1712 ...essenger, Andrs;Y, takes inv. est. Andrsr; Lyon of ^.orv/aik. 

1712 ..iitehell, John, takes inv. on est. Sargt. Thos. Squire 

of Vn'oodrjury. 

1712 lierideth, John, witness will «John Appiegate of Fairfield 

1712 I.essenger, ilndrew takes inv. eat. i.:rs. I.:ary Buckingham 

of ilorwalk. 

1713 Merid^th, lir. John, of llewport, H. I. swares to liaving 

witnessed will of John Apple^ace. 

1713 Merritt, Sara^ called sitj-cer oi aarnl. Lyon of Greenwich 

171d liar shall, SLisabethjdecde " " " " 

haa Children. • 

171"^ Sead, Saml. of Greenwicn, inv. of est. Oct. a0,171;3,by 
i'iraot hy Knapp and John Rer.ola.- 
rrob. widow Hannah 

aon Sanl. 18 yrBTola, 3rd of Mch. next 
" Sln cthanlb " " 11 " Feby. " 

" Te^e? I? " " 2d\ " Oct. -last 

Dau. Hannah 12 " " 29 ^' Sept. " 

" Deborah 10 " " n '• jany.- nexi; 

Son John b ^' " 11 " vph"- ■ " 

i>au.£Lisabeth 5 >- .t t „ l,,^'^. '.^^^g^ 

Hannah Head and 32aenezex :iead appij. aumr. 


1/xo i-arsnaii, Saa-Ji. or Greenwica, will or, Apr.l4,lVli3 
■.Vife ilary, 'poSvSibly wiL-h child. 

In case lais TTire is witn chiia ana said child 
lives uo cone or age ±v snail have all tne 
lands given me b;^ my Honored latiier. 
In case ray wire does not have a child, ttie prop, 
to go to Joseph I^arshall, rhe elriesi; son oi 
my orother Joseph and Danl. Marshall, the 
eldest son oi' my brother Danl. at 21 to 
inherit, and in case eixjuer oi ohem die 
"cne next 'Drotner to in nor it. 
Wife sole eK. 

V/itness, Thost i..arsnall,.^r.. 
Josepn Lcckwood < 
Butn liars hall 
Inv. Oct;, bl, lYlo, b^ Saml. Peck, Sen. and 
•Ihos.' liarshall. 

1713 laarshall, ..r. x'hos. vatness ahove inv. 

1713 Marshall, Huth, " " " 

1713 Liar shall, Joseph, s. or Joseph, nephew to aov. deca.Saml. 

xiio -aarsnali, ^anr. s. or I3anl. " " '' " 

eau , Jonathan, of Greenv/ich, inv. of est. ij-ch. 28,1712, 
by •^'iraothy Knapp, John Henalls, Benj. --ead. 
Ber.j. Liead sr.'P-res to inv. and appt. adnr. 
The deed, b^ad nouse above DaVid Head's. 


1712 ileaa, Benj. takes inv. and adcrr. of above est. 

1711 i-unn, yaral. appears orient; children in List, o:; est. or 
Lir. Benj. Styles. 

J./ 13 i^akensy, "hgali ana Saran his \7iie, u. oi uoim -».nowles 
and- heir of ur. ^^osnua Snowies. 

1715 i-Larshall, ihos. takes inv. or est. Josepa -inen of Green- 


1715 Head, Jonathan, s* in law to " " " 

1714 iaorin, Jiary, wife of Saml. ilorin and d. of ±.lx. Isaac 

■iuintara oi Stanford. 
17l4t ^^orin, tJaml. s. in lav/ & ex. ur. Isaac ciUinatra. 

1714 liarvin, Sanl. talces inv. est. i^athl. ?inch ol' i^orv/alk 

1715 Ilorehouae, John, takes inv. est. Lieut. John Jarlow 

1709 Idinor , John, iSen. witness agt. of -i?reston Heirs 

1713 Ilaa^shall, Ilary, called ci. "by Iir. Jonathan whelply 
of Greenwich. 

1713 Harsnail, ^'hos. eallea I'riena and made ex. of est. of 

Jonathan <Vhelpley or Sreenwich. 

171n Marshall, iThos. v/itness will of Sdward Irehern of Stanford 

1714 Heaa, Joseph, of Greenwich, inv. of est. Apr. 9, IV 14 by 

I'iraothy Knap ana John Senolds. 
■(Viaow Sarahv appt. adiar. in 1680 ? Sarah Sention 

of iJorr/alk.' 

Sarah h. Hot. 3, 1695. 

Joseph -0. liay 3, 1698. 

Theophylus b. July 8, 1700. 

Jereraian D* Ang. 6, 1702 )- 

Sachariah o. Mch.ll, 1704 ) liade waras of ohe 

Heheraiah b. Jan. -20, 1705/6) Hoy her Sarah 

Izraill b. iich. ao, 1707/8 ) 

1715 Moon, JacoD, s. of Dr. Jacoo Iloon of Hew 'York, called 
1712 grandson uy i.-aj .- Jonathan "jellick. 

1715 uartin, '.7n. of Woodbury, deed. July 4, 1715. Inv. of est. 

of, taken iTov. 1, 17-15. Joseph Ui-nor & Johj:i 

The decci.- had cider mill - also shop on land of 
John Hicholas, also land that, was '■''m. ?reu3r- 
ick's, also lana adj. Jonatha-n Atwood's lana, 
also 12 acres of good land that was Fred- 
vVidow -Abigail 

Dan. Pheoe, made v;ard of her raotner, the widow 

1715 .^iner, Joseph, takes inv* above est. 


lV2o lieacl , Joseph, of Greenvrich, dist. of est. of* ^arah ^en-tlon 
I'orraeriy widou o± Joaeph Head, adiiDC* '' 
'2113 est. to oe divif^sd "bet. vdaov/ & 'C hilar en, 
b so'ns ana 1 dau.viz. ■ 
Jos eph 
Israeli and 
oa u . Sar ah . 

linotajr Knap and Joirm f?enoldc),39n. of liorseheok 
"CO aist • 

l?lo i^artin, "ita. of Y/oodbury, dist. oi\ est;, of, Joseph Ileirt in. 
One of adrnrs. renaers a/c to courr 
The est;, to be diviciea bet;, v/idow and children, 

3 sons anu 1 aau. 
Caleb made ward of «Jonn iJicolas of Y/oodbnry 
Lieut. Joseph Llartin and J^isign John Sherman 
to aist. 

1716 llartin, Lieut. Joseph, to d'ist. above est. 

1739 Ilarshall, liiary, ^7ife oi i'had. Karsliall and dau. of Joseph 
Baiilrs, decc. . release her brother Joseph Banks 
of Greenv/ich of legacy fron est. of her father. 

1750 Llills , Mnl. of Eorwalir, C9:00ses Gcupt. barnl. Gluc>ston 

of lIorvTaik, as ^^uardian. • 

l?oO Mills, Betty, of ■'^''orwalk, nakes enoice of her no the r Sarah 
-lills, as 3US-rdian, ano she is appt. guardian 
for her other 2 children liary and Jolm. 

IV^O llills, Stephen, of iiorvralk, nade v;ara of Zariell -"ciynond 
of •'•'oiT/alk. 

1701 iiackenaey, i-^ugall, of Fairfield, juo^^-raent against 'oy Llr. 
iVra., Hoaaly of Branfora. He is arrested and 
placea in goal at l-airfield, Oct. 16, 1701. 

1709 llills, Jonatnan, of Stratford, being deed, John Sharpe, 

brother in lar/ to deed. appr. adrsr. 

17 08 luead, l^rs. llary, of Greenwich, xilaovr est. of Danl. iiead, 

son of deed. aj)pt. aamr. 


1703 Liarshall, i'hos.appc. to dist* est. Joto Banks ol' Greenwich 

1710, llr. John, of Toston, son Joim Briwaras, atty. 

1^11 lieeVun, 2obt. of ^^tratforu, appt. aarir* est. -^'inotfiy 

1712 Lleaa, Jonatnan, of Sreenv/ien, beln^j deed, widov/ ilarttia 

and 3enj. Head, brother, anc. Jonatnan Head, son 
of above -deed, to adrir. 

1713 Heed, Hr. Sara, late of Horsneck, being deed, v/idovj Hrs. 

Hannah and Hr. 3ben eser Head a.ppt. adnrs. 

1714 Horehouse, John, son of Thcs. Horshouse, of Fairfield, 

deed, makes choice of 'his father in law (step) 
Hr. Joseph btur,3;is, as guardian. 

1712 Harvin, Lir. banl. of -^Jorwalk, is chosen :];uardian bj^ Hary 
Hayes, ("''. of Hr. lYra. Ha nes of ■'^^orwalk, deed. 

1715 Hurry, Joseioh/ nakes choice of Tlios. Bennitt of Stratford 

as guardian. 

1'"''15 ^^-.eaa, Janes, son of Jonathan Head of Greenwich, rne-kes 

choice of his ur.cle 3enj. i.Iead as guardian. 

1715 -..eaa, xinotny, son of late Jonathan Heaa of Greenwich 
and being of non-age, his uncle 'Ar, ZJDenezer 
Mead is chosen as guardian- 

171o Hartin, "dm, of Wooclbury, being decri. widow ■'i-bigaill ana 
son Joseph Hartin appt. aonrs.' 

1718 Hessenger, i:Lr. Thos. of Boston, appt. adnr. of est. oi 
Jabes Urov/ell, late of ^airfield, decu-., fornerlj;" 
a Boston mariner. 

1718 Hessenger, Andrew, of ijiorvmlk, goes a oond or above Hr. 
Ihos. Hessenger of Boston. 

BOOK lo48 - 1656. 

Ib^'-S Isid- ITichols, John, distribution of estate o+' June 19,loo5,r 
" Grace, v/iie of above Joim I.ichoiB. ^, 






children of above 

1 o 5 5 il er/raan , Win . 

Ib58 l^icnolls, Isaak , ( btratfora, 1 think) lc70 overseer "'ill 
of Jas. Perocke. 

1g59 ITettelton, Sornuell, estate of (Brandiord) inv. filea 
Ma^ 11, lou9, p. 51. 
His r/iaov; aiea soon afterwaras. 
2state settled by John Uffurd of liilford. 
7itness Jasper Orane 

sVn. b-:7ayn 

Lawrence ".Vard. 

Ibbl ITickols, Galep (Stratford) 

1670 ZTorton, Peter, est. of, inv. filed Sept.l,lb70 taken oy 
( Jo nn Surr • 
(Danl. Burr. (Book 166o-167o,p. 55.) 

1d?o 2xa. ITewnan, 7/ra. of Standford V/ill of, dated ^une 18-7b, 
probated -Sept. 7, 1d7o. Book lt)7o-1589, p. 18. 
KLlzaheth xrlaovr 

John '(deed, before probating will) 
V.'ill proved before John Holly Conmissioner, Sept. 7-76 
John Gren, appears and takes oatn as to tne 
tru-uh of will. 

Inv. taken Sspt. y-7b by Francis Bell 

Peter Jerris. 
Weed Danl. ) 

Jonaa ) witneaB agreement of i^ewiaan heirs. 

lo7b ITicnolds, «Jonn of otratford, est* of 

iiay 2-7 o Inv. taken by John 'i-^urtis, Henry V/akeling, 
Ihos. Ufford .: John wels, and filed lb77. Book lb75- 

1689, p. 24. 


Isaok I^ienols ^r. to est.:i'iioG. 'Vels Ur. to eau. 
»/m. floberts " • " " ■: John r^ " " 

Isaok ITicholds, brother to deer", nakes oatn to truth 
01' inventory. 

IbVo ITidlot, Josiah or/ea 5fet. Chos. bhernood of stratfora. 

167H -:er;rjan, .Vn. vritness rel-nase Det;. John Ja-^ger .f-uardian 
Ibtanai'ora) oi" Jonathan Jagr-er a overseer of ^obtJ^Usher 's est. 

Ib?^ _;asn, ^c'.wara, rnarriea z^ose rhe T/idor/ of Thos.' Runble and 
afterr/aras v/iaorj of Ihoa. 3arlo\7e (See Steward lb7y) 

1678 r.asn, 3ix;axu., father- in- la-\7 (steprather) of Phebe Barlow 
released by Pheoe (Barlow) Olrasted of -i^Jorwalk. 
u'itness u'm. Eamilton, Deborah '^ liary Barlowe. • 
Book 1675-1689, p. 48. 

lb?9 Kichols, Calep, hae prop, at btratford next John Kurd. 

1683 I^iohols, Calep, beleetnan, takes inv. est. ^lios. Levin'p-s- 
worth of t^ooubury. , . . ^ 

16S5 :;ichols. Celeb, Sen. cleared by Couro from Traynin^-. 

1686 i.icolB, :.r. Josian, given management of her affairs by 
Phebe Barger. 

168d ::ash, i:(:T7ara, or ^orwalk, is clearea from i'rayning noi; 
from watching co 7/arding. 

1686 Luton, James as Constaole is ordere. to see the hay he 
siesed from the land of Simon Couch to land of Joseioh 

IbSo Ilicols, Ipnram, consoaole in case vs. H. Rowland et al. 

1687 ITorton Abigail) see iiugn Griff exi. (Book 1675-1689 p. 225) 

-■lary ) .x- # 

Agree to discterge said iiugn irom any claim on their 
father, Peter i.'or-con's estj (on condition he 
gives them as much prop, as he gives nis dau-hte r^, 
Jonn Burr ) Signing xor ■, ^ Burr ) "Abigail. 
7/itness '^'itus -"iinman 

Bathsneoa b ner nark 


lb69 flicolea, Bachell, wife of Abraham, o. oi' Danl. ^-elog of 


Ib89 2xcL. lUcoles, Jonathan of i^tratforu, 2st. of, Inv. taken 
Oct. 28-lb09 by John i^urdsey & Benjamin Peet, filed 
Hov. 7, 1689. 

Josiaia son of aeea. 7 yr. ola 

Jonathan " "2 " 

Ilary, aau. 4 " 

:Sept. 23-1691 Eenj. 
:Hicoles 2: i^&rJ-.Eaxile^j 
: . overseers. 

2 he v/iaov/ -f ) 

Mr. Israll Ohancy ) 
lir.' Saral. Hally ) Overseers 
Josiah l^ieoles ) 

(afterwards rnarried iaergt. 
Samuel V/ard) 

Book 1S7'^-1589, p. 293 also book 

1609-17 01, p. 64. 

Witness -i-'hos. Jones & 
Josiah liarvy. 

Israel Ohancy c: Saml. 
Kally in Dec. 11 naving 
reca. from Samun iVara at* 
aorninistrator of ohe est. 
of his father Sergt.Saml' 
V/ara late of jairfiela al 
the legacy belonging to 
Ilary ITichols from the est 
01 his aecd. father 
Jonathan ilichols. 

1609 Horthrop, Jleiiam w. of Joseph Korthrop cb d. James Blackman 

1589 liorehouse, Jonathan, appt. admr- of est. Joseph Pachin. 
1690 ..icoles, -ipraim, takes inv. est. Oapt. -"obf '^'urny. 

1590 liicoles, Josian Jr. overseer of est. j'rances Hall, 

3 K 1689 - 17 01. 
1690 ITieoles, Josiah, acim. of est* Shos. Jefery. 

1689 -licoles, Hannan a. of Josepn Hawly of Stratford. 

1690 ITieoles, Josiah appt. acLmr. of est. of Leut. John Hu obeli 

01' otrati'ord. 

1691 iiicoles, liisigne ^?iraia, est. of, inv. taken ilch. 9-lv^91, 

Dy .iaml. Koberson & John 7/akeman, filed June 9,1091 
The widov/ fii Sarg. Joseph ij. ckr/ood ordered to make up 
accounts. 'Book 1689-flOl, p. r:4. 


The widow Zster & Sar;:. Jo sepia Locl<wood apt. adrns.both 

of j^'air field. 

ITaere vrere cnililren. 
•^'he \7idOT7 married SLipueleT; nill. 

1691 iiiorton, Liary, a. of tae Tn.fe of Huga Grifen, aec'd. 


1691 IJickola, Sanl* of Woodbury, eat. of, inv. taken -"-ug. 11- 
1d91 by Joiln ilinor , Israel Gurtiss, Sanl. "tiles cb 
Joun rtherrnan, iseleetnen. Tiled Lov. 2, 1691, 
^'he '.viaow ^ncrriea Saml. Gassell. 
'Jidov7 ausana oefore tae widow of Shos. i-'airchild. 

Son Josiah aged ':!: ^rs. 25 " July -last. 
Dec. 2-1691. 'ihe Gour o oraers Sarnl. Cassell tne now 
• nusoand of Susana tiae widow of aaml* Hicoles 
aecd. to aarnr. said estate. 
lie.' Sacriarlah \-alker ) (Boolr 1689-1701, p. 65) 

lir.- Jonri Slierrian ) ©"''erseera. 

I 17 08 14, amiil' Castle of WoodlDury raakes his report 

i as aarnr. ii lir.' ■'•^mlsrose I'onson i: Lir. John ±5each of 

Stratford ordered to F^alre distribution. 

r 1692 rhe v/iaovir of Jonataiin Ilicoles now widov/ of Sergt.Sanl. YTard 

" ; ' ^i-sn, -t'hos . v/itness release of ciam. -.yens uy 
nepnews Joseph 

David -^ons. 

! 1697 J.ash, John, takes inv. of est. Sbenezer /i/ebh of l^orwalk 

1o-jL l.icoles, oaleo. Sen. of "*oor.biiry, ''ill or, datec. June 15- 
1690, probateo. ^ana inv. filed Dec. 29, 1691. 
Ann, widow, also oallea iiannan (Hdau. of •'^ndrew lard 
mdest son Saral. proo. ) 

Qrandson Josiaa -Ilicoles son of aaril. 
John son of deca. 

iSaham'' " ' ^-°^^^ 1689-1701,p.57. ) 

IJary aau. of " 

Ann " • " 

Pheby " 

Moses ViTieeler son in law (xra. Sarah Oct. 20,167'i) 

John Prentis " " " 

iVin. liar tin " " " 

Zackariah Jalker, Oapt. «John i/iinor ) 

cc John iiheman ■ ) overseers 

vVitness, John uole u John \Villians.* 


The widov; & Tier soju Abrahaiji appt. Adras. 
' Inv. taken Dei'ore ^lov. 8, 1690 by John 'i-iner .Israel 

• Gurtls, Jotin ahernan <:: John ^^icnell. 
apeaks In mv. of Andrew Hicoles, her son, oerore 
Johii x'ovms end ,■ «JnB"GiGe oi the Peace. 
Inv, of Strati'ord est. taken "b^ Steven i^onet, Joun 

"Joe cc aanl. Picket, selectmen. 

.690 3xd. Uicliols, laack Jr. of Stratford. Inv. taken i.Iay 13-1690 

0^ baral* tJherraan,. James Juaaon •& John uoe. 
V/idow I'iary iiled ^u.e 1^, Ibyu . I Book lb89- 
GMldren. ■lY01,p.lC4. ) 

The widofw & ) 
Josiah I'jickoleBJ A-npt. aumrs. 


Aug. - 1695. 
'2ell C-c Abraham 

John Holly 

]ixd. ITewman, Danl. of Stanford, ciecd. 7 
Inv. of est. of, takea by Joauu. 

V/idO'r; i^arali, filed ITov. 5, 1695. 
xhos. ilevOTan, David .Vatertoery, Ineres -"-olley c: 
agree as to distribution i: are raaae aoinr. 
The agreeraent (Book 1689-1701, p. 12&":1S7} 

I Sar.-h -i-^eT/inan, v/iaow & -Helict of ye deed. Dajil. ITevraan 
have upon good consiaeration agreed with my 
Brothers- i'hos. ITev/man, David Watrehery, In- 
crese -ti-ollsy ic John Plolly all of Stanford. 
Witness Steven -o-olmes, 
Zlisha -ti-olly. 


IJewman, 'J^tioe 

Brother of above. 

-Ii^id. ITicols, Isaek of Stratford, '..ill o.;, dated Sept* 28-1694 
waa a soap ooiler. (Book 1689-1701, p. 128 & '129) 
Hargaret '^idov/ 
a on Benjamin 
Dau. liary Chancy, children 

" Sarah Durret 
oon Isack's aeca ehilaren of 
deca. " Jonathan's deed, children of 
" Spiiraim 
Dau. Patience 
" temperance 
" Eli2abei;h .Veb 
" iuargarit 
7/idov7 & Son Benj. Zxs 

assisted by Mr/ Izrael Chancy & 
7/itness Hobt. Ilekune & Hobt. .valker. 

iir. Eieh. -jlacklach' 



169'-' *«ieols, Isaek (Conzm 

Inv. filec. -^ept.l? ,16y5, iDy James Juason, 
Jonn V/elles & Jjbsian Curtis, seleomTien of Strati'ord 
1 Aug. Id, ibyo. 

I' Tlie widow gives her dau. Margert IJicols her 

•'itness - Josepn Curtis w Hien. ^laeirlack. 
Aug. lo, lb9i, aelrnor/leaginent ox saia portion. 

j 1699 ii ere/ton, liary, called a. Dy Sargt. Rich. HuTohall. 

[ 1699 2xd. •'■•ash, li'v/ara oi' ITorr/alk, est. ox' Inv* taken Aug. 2, 

1699, by Andrew Ilessenger and oaral. Keeler, I'iled TJov.?, 


John l^ash, brother to deed. s?;ares to inv. & divides prop. 

01' deed, mth 3)eliveranee 'Jaklin, brother in law to 

r'ecd. • (Book 1689-1701, p. 189.) 

lo9.5 i^icoles, prota. Ester, ^rn-dovr ciov/ery in inv. of Zlipnlet jiill 

lD9i5 Kicoles, Sphranam, aaras. of est. of via, Joseph -iJocIrT^ood, 
Elipaelet Hill and 2asther Kill acknowledge re- 
ceipt o::' aO from Isack ilieoles of »3tratfora, father 
of saia Spnraharn, deed, part r>3Tnt. as per bond of 
aept. 25, 1682. 
'rVitness, John Bulkley 
aaml . Adams . 

1691 Iticolls, Josiaji, of ••'tratford, deed of gift to his brother 
Benjamin ^icoles of "^tratfora. 
Hephew Jonc.than, 2d son of brother Jonathan 
iTicoles, deed, of Stratford, gift of lana 
I bought of my Uncle Caleb ITieolesa, 
Wife Hannah 

Witness, Joseph ^urtiss, 

James Clarke, ^en. 
The above Josiah Ilieoles v;as deoa. in lb9b. 


BOOK 1702 - 1750. 

J1702 L'asn, Joseph, o.' -' airi'iela , est. of. Inv. ^ipr. 4, 1702, 
"by Joseph Lockwood and lanl.- -^rost. 

i '^hos. ■i'-asii appt. acu'nr. 

1:^,704 Eicoles, Abranan, s. in law to Danl. Kellog of Horvmlk, 

I 1708 llicoles, Aijranarn, of "^tratfora, cnossn oy his nephew Danl. 
' 3rinsineaa, soxi Danl. Brinsr:eaa of '^tratfora,clecci. 

1; 1715 Hewton, liary, see aist* or est. lir. Joshua I{nov/les,17i;:i 

(1713 ITicoles, Abransjn anc. ^^aran nis v/ife* aee aist. of est. 
Llr. Joshua Unowles, 1713. 

f 1706 Hicols, GalBD, of -'oodbury, v;ill of, dated Llch. 6, 1706 
aiater Haiinan i»icols 
Eldest or ot ner ATjraham ITicols 
Sister Annah J-'lcols, prob. same aa above. 
3rotn;r Jonn Juieols 
bister Abegaile iiartin 
" liary Hull 
" Phebe -i^nell 

Brother -^brahc.-m llicols sole ex. 

'i«itness (Sanl. -Jen ton 

(Yhos.- Peirsall 
(Wm. kVillis 
Galeb Uicols above deed. Apr. 14, 1706. Inv. Hay 
21, 1706, by John iTicols and Jm. ^^i-artin. 
Inv. of (proD. .^tratiorci) est. by fJobt. "(Talker, 
• ZaKhariau Bos tick, Zachar-iah Curtis and 
Joseph i^ieols. 

1708 ITieoles, Iir» Abranam, of Stratfora, adra. of est. isack 

lv'05 Eieklj/son, Janea'or Joaas) takes inv. widow ^-ar get Ljron, 
deca. of ^airfieia. 

27 5 

|i709 iiickolson, Janes, or -^air.t"ield, will oiT, ciatea Aug. 2, 
' 1? 09 . 


Son in law Danl. Knap 
I Brotiier in law IJatUl. i'incu, sole ex. 

V/itnesvS, James Bennifc 
ITathl. Wilson 
ITatlil.' w'ilBon, Jr. 
The above will was probated llov. 10, 1709 

1708 I^ouciUier, Mr. Anthony, takes inv. est* "Hbert -O-nny ox 

'1711 EisDitt,_Hugn, oi '^'tratford, v-ill o±', dared Ilcn. 7,1710/11 
Ti'ii'e -ilisabeth, sole heir ana ex. 
kii-cneas Josepn Curtis, ■ 

Arcnioala, Dunlop,- I.Ir. 

11711 ^Touquier, Anunony, takes inv. est. Ur. James a.'Ountain 
1 or Greenr;icn ana guaraiaxi o±' dau. iiagaalen. 

il71ii llisDet, Ilr. Iluch, or Stratford, Inv. July 29, 1711/12 Dy 
' Archaoala -^unlop anc: George Und-y. 

Widow Ilrs. -Elisabeth IJisbet. 

1715 lias)'-, -;-os. Tes-uiiy to will o- Simon Coucn of oTairiield 


171:3 ITash, Llr. Jonn, sen. of iTorfolk, Inv. ilch. 14, 1712/15 
by John Gregory, Jr. a John Gopp. 
Son John appu. aomr. • 
" Hat nan 

1713 ITicolea, Benj. takes inv. est. Mr. ITathl. Sherman of 

|17l::' -ash, 2hos« takes inv. gsg. Saml. Goley of i'airfield. 

t ' ' • 

''17lo Hash, Thos. takes inv est* Henry Gray, Jr. of Gompo. 

i-i i,icoles, Rica. aiat. eso. ...r. Joseph ifairchild ox 

lYiii -.icoles. Rich. appt. acu'ir. est. 2hos. aharp or ilewton. 

;171i5 Eewton, Lidea, of ^iltora, d. of SLir^aheth (Sogers) former- 
ly Knowles o: heir i*r. 'Joshua Knowles. 

1"13 l^icolea, Abranaci, of Stratford, fc aarati tiia v/iieja. 

S!.i3aoeta, lornerD.;- Knovzles, ana iieir Jo;iliua 

1713 ilounuier, An'Gonjr, r/itness agreement anfi dist. to heira 
o± 1-r. Josnua Ilnor/les. 

:/^14 EouTjuier, IJr. Antony, v/itness will LIr. Isaac -uintara 

of atajaiord. 

i714 I'evman, Ihos. or Btaniord, inr. ol' est* oept. E, 1714. 
Had 'all land willed to Hat hi. below 'the farm ■ 
so called. 
Widow i-ary 

^ona Jonathan and Tnos. ITewraan, both or Stanford, 
granc to uheir mother Ilarjr 1/3 of land t:c. 
willed 'by their father Tlios. ITewrnan, aeca. 
Witness, ^isha -^olly 

John Solly, berore Jcoepa 3isaop, 


:t715 Bermaix, Jonn, of ^taniora, witnes v/ill IJa j . Jom.Seiiiclr 

171-1 lewiaan, I'hos. of Stanfora, vail of, aatea i.iay ;cl, 17l4t. 
Wife Kary, appt. ez-c. 
Sldest son Jomi • 
tion in law Danl* Brings 
Son IJa t hi. 
Son tJonathaii, 
" 2hoB., tiie land north of roaa to Lav/rence farm 
iVitness , Jonn Holly, Jaraes June & Ebenezer 

iv:'..: ITash, 2hos. , takes Inv' r^st* I^obt. Loebr/ood of j'airfiela 

.,'16 i^aan, Taos, takes inv* est. Joshua Jennings of Fairfiela 

1716 ITicolea, John, of Woodbury, appt* guardian for Oaleu, s. 
of Wm. liar tin or 7/. 

1749 ITash, Jcnatnan, dist. est. Thos. Sherwood, Jr. of Fairiielu 

".- -Tonquier, ^-^r. Antnony, 01" Fairfield, appt. guardian :.or 
cnil'^i- llagaalen or Jan:s j'ountain of Greenwich. 

I'f'xo l.icolea, — r. Ricii.^ s,ppt. guardian for Jonn anc 'J?hos. c»harp 
aons of '■^'hos. ^harp of ITev/ton, deoa. 


171^ Hooby, Jonathan , oi' fJreenT/icn, chosen guardian b^ 3enj. 

Holned, f?on oi" '=>teren Hoined o±' Greenwich. CL-iU-ZD^ / 'l' 

"'l^ ITicolea, 3eni« of -^tratfora, "being aeca. Jonas 7/oostex oi~ 
Stratiora appt. aumr. 

|1724 i:ouq.uier, ..J:. Antnony, of jairfield, releabed by hit v;ard 
ilac.elen j'ountain, a. O- Ilr. Janes -'ountcin oi 
Greenwich, aecd. of -legacy -rrora her father's 

2? 7 :. 

BOCK 16-i8 - lbo6, 

1655 Olrasteea, P.ieTiara. 

Ib57 Otosteei' , ITeheEiaia, -aca-ce oz , inv. _iis: Oct. 2,lD5':',p.'ii 
(Dau. of John 3ur I) 
ELisaljeth vrlaovi or above (Port Ilorris) 

(ODeaiaja Gilbert ) 
One child (Daugtiter I think) 
aaraa called wife oy Hoot* "^ely in 1675. 

1G59 OdelB, Jorm orrning r^rop. next Sprin IVheeler. 

167-4: Ogu.en, i-^iGn» inv. prop* of Jonn 3arloT7 cieca. 

16?^: Olnsteea, iJaraii called daugh-cer u-j Oheaiah Gilbert 

!.o72 Ogaeri, Joan o-'nea -:rop. at Hye. 

16" 7 Oi'fera, i'hob. inv. ear. Jonn 3eaca oz Stratford, 

lb77 Osborn, John called iDrother hy John Peat of Stratford. 

IdVd Odell, 'Vn. r/ili oz oz fainiela Oral Jun. b, 76. 

./iliian, son o: aeed. (proveu l&7?^-^'-&'inv« . filed. 

Sanil. IHoorhouse, gi-andcnila of Rebecca, d.- of aeoa. 


Jonn ■ 

Book 167 5- lob 9, p« 50. 

Grandcnilu John Odell, rjon ox John Odell, oon oz 

JonathEii Iloornouse, 9 y to 
Goody Knap " " 

Llary Caell, dauf;noer in law 

Jonn Caell, son oz' aecd ( haa otner chilaren oeaiue 

John aoove ns.meu) 
-Rebecca uoornouse, daughter oz deed. 
baral. i-oor house, son in lav^ 

Inv. talren June 1^, 76 oy "Jitness 

■i7rn. Hill M. Kill 

John Banks Jonathan uoorhouae 

Hich Huhble 

\67o OslDorn, Jonn, naving married Saran iSennet tne danghter 

of James iSennet aeca. releases Joseph Llidls- 
brook, having rec'd tne S20 wnich ho held in • 
his nahas un'jil the eorninc of aQe of ills T/i.e 
'J he aforesai<i cicrah, datea Jan* 167 S. 

ShXMnas Ailson ) (Bodk 1675-1689 , p. 40 
Eanna Bennet )V;it- <x 48. 

n esses. 

_.-7.. Olmsteed, pi- she, d. IItog. Lc-,rlor/, \/i±'e o::' Jt-nes. 
".'"80 01ns cee. , j^ieuo. riieii. iii. Est. Liafnew ^-arvin. 
.81 Olrasteea, Si eh. Seleetman, lTor?;alk, takes in v. IT. Richaraa 

t I • 

lb8S Ogden, cJohn deed. ^^ug;. 7, lo6a, i^'aate oi', of Stanfora 
Inv. taken '^jept.' 4, lo82 o;- John Hoit, 
John 3rn..di2e and liacl-relia -3ro?m 
.idOT7 Jude filed »^ept.6, 168£. 

Children. Sook lb75-1689, p.- 79. 

Ih6:i Osborn, Jonn, legatee, under \7ill of "^teven Hodge, deca. 

1(j84 OluiBteed, Jaanes tales inv. est. Sargt. Thos. Sit en or i;or- 

loS-i ClrnsGc-ed, Jaraes, overseer o:. est. Janes Mention. 

lb84 Clmsteed, Eiehara, OocmisGioner at; iorwalk. 

lo8-i Olmsteed, iieni;« Adn. Gst« 2hos. Lup'jon. 

Ic85 Osoorn, Jonn zineu xo Si.illinfcs .• or xoaviiig ohe barn opeai 

lb8u Osborn, Johii ^/itness in ease of letters o orney iron 

Jonn Appleget "by Philip Bangs. 

Ib8b Oliver, ihos. cleared from tres parsing. 

Iu85 Ogaen, 'ioodraaxi complains go court ag^-insi; Thos. 3turge - 
upon suspit;ion for ofering some lascivious actions 
to sorae maides in bed at Goo '.man Ogaen' s house ana in 
Hicnard Ogden's uouse in tne nigni; vraen tne famiij'' 
'\i8.a iix oed. 

lb8o Olmsteed, John ?.;::r. s.dmr. esu. Sa^il, Sontion. 

xdS6 Olmsteed, ]Ricx-Lira wc-pu., u^ -orv/t-li:, .viix u_, aaoea ■■rpG. 
oO, 1684, prooated Apl. 80, Ibdo £2 inv. filed 
Aged abt. 76 years. 
John, son 01 -aeca (EasigneJ 
SLdest son Jsnes of deca. ILieur) 

laentiona nia firat \7if9 cj aaughter aeca. 
Book 1675-1689, 73. 217. 


llicolab Olnstea ox' lUiXtioxa, callea eouoin 

Cousin 3a3ies, his vt-jo daughters 2iis Peck cl- 

Liaea 3aker 

2o Saml. Smi-?;!! some o- t'tie property of his last 


Sargt. John Piatt, overseer. 

IThos. 'Eamora ) 
_ Hannah ^^^nzoxa ) v/icnes v (Ihos. J itch 

xnv. talren Jeby. 20,1686, by jjohn 'Piatt 

( Chris copher Coinsi:&ke 

1687 Ogden, Eichard, of -^'airiield. Est. of, Inv. taken Apr. 8, 

1687, by Thos. '.Vilson, Jonathan i-orehouse & 

John Tompson.' (fileu ,.pl. S8,1d87, 3oolr lb7 5-1689, p. 
Had lana at Hill ana also 'Hill Hill. S21 & 22^ 

7/ido'7 Ilary 
iaaesT; livin;"^ son Sichara, yon ol' aeea. - evidently 

there was olaer son Mao riied 
David, son or deca. 
John, " " under a;^e. 

Daughter ^lics, \7ii'e oi Sargt, Saml. 7/ard 
" - " " Danl. -lieker ■ 

" - ' " Janl.- Siliernan, Jr. 

" - deed. , vrlte oi John Pine - one child 

l.^r. Jonn Burr,- overseer. 

IbG'" Odell, Jonn sold land before aate to flami. ^orehouse. 

1688 Ogaen, Rich in adiainistrarion of est. of ^ourt app. 

Saral. '.Yard .; John Osborn or .'airfiela as aanu>B, 

1688 Olinsteaci, Janes ) 

John ) Overseers of est. Thos. Betts, aen. 

lo8y Odel, Joim of j'airi'ield, takes in"^* oi est. John j£c'''P0n 

ib90 Osborn, .-iichara, son of Davici Osborn, of 3ast Chester, aticd 

"Choses his uncle John Pinkney to be his 
guardian. (Book 1675-1689, p. 300.) 

1690 Osborn, i^icn. , as above, desires tne OourT; to gram; 

nim as 'Guardian his Uncle John Osborn ol fairfiela, 
in "olace of his uncle aforesaid. 



1698 Olnsted, Lieut. Jonn, appt- to aistribute est. Jackson 
Gre^O-y*' ' 

1667 Osborn, John, sent his lai; bill ol' exchange to I.Irs. IJary 
Osborn and Itirs. Jo. Banks or Fair+'ield irom - 
Inauia :iovis. Land -or Dei, arawn in iavor oi 
Josiahjiarvey endorses tne ah,ove bill & calls 
iirs. liary Osborn, the wi+'e oi" 'John Osborn, ox 
the -Islana or levis. 
7i±tnesa liary ^^dans 
Saran riurs. 

Ib9'± Ogden, John, ^.Titneaa release 2dwin ward oj his sister a&x^h 

B C i: 1d8^ - 1701. 

16y0 Ogden, John chosea Sargt. Sanl. i/ard as :?uardian 0ct.27,lb90 

p. 12. ' . 

loyO Ogden, -/idow or i^ich, being also aeca. ■fcne Court appts. 

bargt. Saml. Ward Sc Ilr. Joseph L. ^ Bastard to 

finish tae aanr. of 3iea. Cgden's est. 

x'he Court also appts. Sargt. Saml. V/ard Adnr. 

of trie est. of Ilary Ogden deed., widow of said 



lb92 Osborn, John appt. Adinr. of est* Saral. Smitd or Fairriela. 

lb90 Odill, Jonn, Jr. v/itness will or Joseph J03/ of Fairfield. 

loyO Osburn, John takeb inv. or est. Jacpo Joy " " 

lu90 Olrasted, Llary grandcnila or Ihos. Beneaick. 

Ib90 Olrasted, James takes inv. of " " 

1691 Olxaaceu, Jolm, Overseer 01 est.. ij.atnef/ i^arvin, Jr. 

169'± Osburne, Sargt. John Duys prop, of Haj . John Burr, deed. 

Ib94 Osburn, Joiin, or Fairfiela, called brother-in-law by 
John Brooks of Stratford. 

Ib98 Svd. Ogden, Richard, of i'airfield, est. or, Inv. taken Jany. 
• 25, 1597-8 by Philip Lewis, Jonn Bhompson li: Jonn 
iijawards, riled uch. 27, 1698, Book 1689-1701, p. 156. 
She deed, had land at Tollaora, Sasco ITeck that 
he Dought of Sherw.'Od ob grist mill 
■Vidow, Sarah. I'he widow to admr. 


IbyS Osburn, Ensign, Joim apprt admr. est. John '.Vhelloek or ?, 

lY'Ol Osburn, Jonn, v/itness in Knelles Inla^-d eaae. 

iVOO Ogden, Ricn. settleneno O- est., est. to be dividea bet. 
tne v7id0T/ cb tue ciiilaren vaexe oeing 5 - d dons 
& B aau. 

17 CI Oct. 22, Josepa O^den, son o±' the above Rich, being now 
21 37-ears oici une Gouro oraers 5iisign Jonn OsDurn 
Jonathan ^^turgis Cc Theopnilus Hull to make dist. 
Rich. Oga.n, son oi deed. Rich, above, c nooses llx.- 

Sainl. Cobbit Guradia,!!. • 
Sarah Ogden, dau. of deoo.. Rich, above c nooses lir. 
Peter Bur Guardian 

The Court cnoos^ts Shoa. staples iather-in-lav; 
to Jontn. Oguen & Mary OgcLen aa their Guardian 
they being unaer age no cnoose for t hens elves 
Vn'idow Ogden now wife of Thos. staples. 

1d99 Ocliil, Jr. brother to Rebeckah Ghuire, v/iao?/ of Luke 
Ghuire,' appt. adrar. of est. of luke Ghuire deca. 

16f98 Odell, Lajjy, Tvitness, release of legacy paid by '2YiOs. 
lloorehouse to Israil uurtiss. 

Ib96 Osourn, John, iilnsign, admr. .st. oi Joaeph Burr, deca. 

BOOK 1702 - 1750. 

lYll Oaeli, aargt. John, who is aanr. v;ith the wr.aov; Sarah 
Bennit on the est. of Jamea -t^ennit aeca. is 
relievea by Court • 

1705 Olmsted, Lieut. John aist. of est. of ITae '..'iciow Olmstea; 
aov/ry in est. of Thos. Gregory deed, to be added 
to the sum to -be dist. -of tne est. of Lieut. John 
Olmstea & to be set; out to her as -her ' o\7ry or part 
of same oi' Lieut. John Olmstea, decf^. 
The Court chooses -Ir. Anarerr Llessenger :o be guardian 
Deborah Olmsted. 

Danl. Dlmsted, son of Lieut. Jonn Olnstea, makes choice 
of his brotner-in-law Thos.' Reed .as guardian. 


1704 Odell, John Jr. to ciis-c. est. ZQ.Gm.xl8.ia. jTaircnild of 


1705 Olmstea, Lieu^•. Jonn, oi* ITorTzall:, Inv. Dec. 22 - 1704/j 

by Johii '3eniQicir - Sajnl. oinitn.- 

Hani about 19 
Eicnard. " 17 

Jomi " 4 

Llary " ^18 





Unice aoU IJ 

Deooraii 10 or 11 

Aba^f^ail aboui; 8 
Axma " D 

-tlndrevT ilessenge:;' Sanl. Ilermii & Joseph Plat 
appt. aomr. so far a^ to set out of his est. 
to tae aarnrs. of tne est. oi ye deod. Chop, '^rreg- 
ory, namely, -ye vrLacm who iis tne Relect oc£' 
Sd 'Gregory c- Jonn Benidick so nuch as oelongb 
to the heirs oi' aaia ^iregory naving nade re"cnrii 
•CO ye Proijate yzc Court; held in i'air field Jan. 
17, 170^, tiiat ttiey m-ve seu out to ye sd Admrs. 
ye sun of ■y:;^-l6-8. '^his Oourt do accept of 
this return cc do free tnen fron admrs. 
The Court apj>ts. l^hos. Reea, Sa,nl. Session 
& 3enj. i7ilson sons in law to lieu-u. Olrastea to 
acuor . 

2hos.' Be'Gts , Jonn atev/ara C: John Hairaona to make 

Danl.' OlHstea in 17 06/7 declares himself satis- 
fied nvita one oi 2nos. Reed Sa dis- 
cnarges hin from se.ia trubU. 
Hien. Olmsted makes ciioice of Saml. iSeesion of 

llorv/alk, for Guardian 
Unice Olmstea " " " baml. liarvin of " 

for 'guardian 
Sebeuca Oinstea, of iiorwalk, makes choice or 

Ebeneser Gregory of ITorr/alk for guaraiaa 
Joseph Plat cnosen guarciian for Aoagail. 
oaml. Bet'js. " " "John 

dai-nl.' Jieiier " " " Anna. 


John BeneaiGi: ^: ZLy Oinsted adnrs. to ye tau. 
of Thos. Gregorjr o± ITortTalk deod. -acirnor/ledfes 
tiie receipt iron tixe adDrs. appt.- by ye 
ProimUe xx ^ouri; a^i atiove fi do aischarji'e uu^ 
eat. of ye said Olras'cea I'rora aiay lurcher claims 
The 'est., of sa Olnsteu oeing ooliged to pay 
tne ae-ldc amt. by a v/riting aa-ted Oct. 26-1d95. 

i'70o Ogaen, Eicnard clist. of est. of "by Jonn OsiDurn 
Jonathan bturgiB <-^ I'heopuilus Hull. 
To "Jidow 

I^icriard part of uue nill 

Honey in nanda of her Guardian 2hos. staples 
Tnis aisc. rnaue Aug. 17, 1705 

Hobt. dill'inan a Moses Sinon naae a ner/ vaiuaoion 
on eat on acct of decay & destrucuion ^o prop. 

17 Oo Oaell, John, Adiix-. eat. Jamea Benni'oc. 




John, aist. oi est. oj. 


IVOo Olrastea, Lieut. 

'2o vrlaovTf- her doT/ry in nouse 'and lands of Eusband 

^t. and" land lying v/itu Capt. Oinsuea cc Sam 

2o Danl, elaest sou 

To Thos. Heed 
Benj.' 7/ilBon 
Anna ■Olmsted 
Jonatnan -■'but 
tiaml. at' Jonn 
Rich.' Olmsted 
John ' " 
SLiz " 
Diat. oy 


17, IV 05. 

nos» Bett, Sen. & John Haynond 



1V07 Odell, Jorm, son or, of Stra-crord, Dair:'ie7d, ^vili oi 
dated Apr. 22, 1y07. ' 

wife Ilary 
'i'o aau • I^ry 
So ccner aau gat er 
Wiaow, Ss. 

V/iT;neSvS Dayia Snexnaxi, 17n. Beardsley 
InT., May ia, 1707, h:j Jorni 3eardsley, iSara 
Treawell « Jarnets Bennit. 

iv07 Osboxii, Gapt. Jotm nas in nana prop, of Anarew jard deca 

1709 Osburn, Gapt. Jonn, of Fairfield, Inv. o-- "g-f: . q-p Dec. 5 
1709 "■ , ' 

•iheopnilua ^uli, ..oi-aiitn -auras a 'ixaoon .aiexx 
In ijavia's aa-naa house, lot and oarn 
Ilrs. baran Osourn, -.-.'iaoTT or Gapt. Joiiu Osburn 
ana -her son Sarnl. Osburn sware to inv. 
Itie widow aarah £z i=on -tianl. cvp_.t. acujir. 

ivOb Olmsted, James, takes inv. est. bargr. Jonn Bonton or 



IvlO OsDura, baran, v/iior/ ana bargt. baml. Osfourn aonir. of 
est. or Gapt. Joaa Osburn, -re turn acet or 
aarar. Apr. 28, 1710 

In dist. of eer. fhere jcing -iaoTy lj six cniiaren 
Cc cniiaren of Hannan i^umsey decc' . -no are vo be 
Gonsiaexea as one cnila. 

Ilaj. Surr, Lieut. Bennio Sa oargt. Allen to aisC. 
Jonn Qsburn J cniiaren of Gapt. Joim Osburn mates ' 

-^i^* " ) enoice oi tueir riotuer lirs* aaraii 
) Osourn aa guardie.n. 
The est. of Gapt;. Osburn, cteotor to 
Jonataan aturgis; Sen. Due from est;. 

Anruony ilogeer • John ^rni-cn 

•^ona-unan Sturgia, Jun. Spnraira Bears, Sen 

Jonji aios?B i,j.r. Br. Lahore. 

Gapt. Josepn ffakeman Janes ITickleson 

Jonn '.Vinton Benj. bherwooa 

-^r. Josepii './euo JOiui Hiae 

lir.^: lleredi-cn i!i:.v;ard Jessup 

tiaml. Buur, at Boston 


1?07 Odell, Jonn, son of, or Stra-cford, Dairlield, v/ill oi, 
cLO,ted Apx. 22, 1707. 
Wife Llary 
'i'o ciau. iiary 
To ovtiei' aaugiiter 
tfiaow, Ex. 

V/i-uneSvS Davi^a Snexmau, \Tn» Beaxasley 
Inv., May io, 1707, "by Joim Beajjdalev, Sam 
'I'rectv/ell « Janets Bennil;. 

iv07 Osborii, Gap-fe. Joim nas in nana prop, of AnurevY jard deca 

1709 Osburn, Gapt. Jonn, of Fairfield, Inv. of 1st. of Dee. 5, 


Dheopnilus Hull, Abrarjam Adams & Gideon Allen 
In Savid's nanas house, lor and tDarn 
I-Irs. Saran Osourn, r:laovr of Gapt. Jotiu Osburxj. 
ana 'tier son Sarnl. Osburn sware to inv. 
The widow Sarah & son -Satnl. ap^,t. aa^r. 

1706 Olrasted, James, takes inv. eat. SargT. Jonn Donton or 

1710 Oshurn, aaran, widow and Sargt. Saml. Osourn admr. of 

est. of Gapt. Jonn Osburn, -retarn aoet of 

aamr. Apr. 28, 1710 

In dis"U. of esV' Uhere ^?eing r/iaow & six children 

cc cnildren of Hannan flumsey deed. ^;no are to De 

considered as one chila. 

ilaj. Burr, Lieu-c. iSennio Sa oargt. Allen to aist., 

Jonn Qsburn J chilaren of Gapt. John Oshurn make ' 

~2iz. " ) enoice oi tueir notner lirs* aarau 
) OsDurn as guardian. 
The est. of Gap'i,. Ob burn, cteotor to 

Jonatnau Sturgis,' ben. Due from est. 

Antiiony Hogeer - John Smita 

Jona-cnaii Sturgia, Jun. 3piiraim Bears, Sen 

Jonn slostB uT, Br. Lahore. 

Gapt. Josepn ./akeman James ITickleson 

Jonn '.'.'inton BsnJ. Sherwooa 

ilr. JosepiA .ieuo Joiui Hiue 

MK«;lliIereditu M.x}8-xd. J ess up 
baml. 3u22r, ao Boston 


Perer Ihorp 
aami. OsDurji 
Jorm ^SfiTTarati 
Joxlii Osbuxxi 
i'hos. Vifilliaias 
u?a7lor i^-napp 
Gapt. B quire 
Henry lienariefe 
Giaeon Allesix 
iiajor Buri: 
^-.■branam Add ana 
Peoex Bulkiey 
iaral. Sraicli 
Lieut. JJiraaxi 
Joim Daxliii.5 
'xersxion julkley 
Josnua Jenning 
Jacob Pack in 

Eev-f dsDts Ejaae given 
aeou. death. 

ilir. 21039 

lir.- Atliony. 
kr. •Edv/ards. 
Bear's estate. 

IVlO Olms'cea, James takes inv. of part of est. 5ev. lir. Hanford, 
Lee, 1710. 

'i£ Oinsteci, Jarnes takes inv. est. lir. ^M. Hayes, of ilorwelk 

_/14 Clmsted, Gapt. Janes takes inv. est. Lieuc;. Jonn 3<vlcn, 
01'- IsorT/alb. 

17iS Gdell, vrlacKT ilary, of Stratfora, inv. ox est. Jany S2 


aone goods in nanats ox Sanl. Jc-rrib at xlewtorm 
Sanl. Oaell, son or deed, sv/ares to inv. Sa appt. admr. 
He mentions some things forgotten at time of inv. 
inv. in hanls or nis bidter Deboraa. 

XI re Oasxl, aargt. John, r;itness verbal T7ill Dea. Isaac YiThheler 
of btratfora. 

1712 Odell, iSarah, v/ife of John Odell, 2: d. of " " " 

../12 Osourn, --digail, eallea a. Dy Robt. Eurasey, oen. of J?air- 
field fist —ife of oami. Csburii. 

I71d OvSbora, banl. takes inv. est. r?oDt;. Eunsey, sen. of Fair- 
X i «lu . • • • 

17x<i Olmsted, James, Justice at ilor^Talk. 

./lO Osborn, I-iTs. oarali, v^iao?/' of Gapt. Jolm Osborn 

released of legacy to John Smith of ^^airfield 
from his fatner John Smitn, decci. that Tvas 
in the nands of Oapt. Osborn. 

17io Oa.-ll, John tai:ea ir.^r. esi;. ..-rs. IJargareo olixou^ ox otrat- 


1710 Osborn, Capo. Jolin, o_ -■uirxieia, aiso. of est;. 
to Viidow 'Sarah 
" son Saml. , eldest son 
" John ' 
" Davia 
" Joseph 
" aau. Sarah , 
" la-isalDeth 
i^he eK. , Ijlrs. Sarah Osborn, v/idoT7 of aecd)^ and son 
sarg"c. Saml, adnrs. a is charged. 

IVl-i Odell, Johanna-h, witness verbal r;ill Dr. Isaac liall 

.715 Odell, John takes inv. esrt. Joseph Js.ckson of Stratford. 

1715 Gb-^'urii, .;-::u.. takes inv. Ctst:. Christopher ^ooper of x-"air- 


1750 Osborn, Peter, of jairxieia, caooses Uersnon _radley 
of J' field as rrnaraian. 

170'"; cTL fij., John appr. auiiic • est. Jaraes Bennxv o_ j'ainfeia, 

171^ Odell, sargt. John, of Stratford, is appt. -co finish admr 
on est. of Danl. Bradley of ^'airfield. , deed. 

171^1: Odell, Sargt. John, r/ho -rvas appt. adnr. with irahcis Bradley 
of tne est. ox jJanl. Braaley, aecc'. is releasea, 
and kr. -i^anl. .Burr, cien. is appt. vritn tne scia 
.Francis Bradly -co admr. 


1715 Odell, Sargo* Jolui ohosen for guardian by Jonathan 
Jaclrson, r-on or Saml. Jackson, o.! ^airfield. 

Olmsted, lla-chan, son oi" Uathan Olnstea, of i^iorv^alk, aeod. 

i71J OdQll, Sergu. Joiin, oaocjen, aa guardian oy Ilartha 3radly,d. 
or Dani*' Braaly or Fairfield, deed. "^ ' . 

3 i: 1648- 1656. 

1655 Pell, 'i'hos., T7it;nesg will of Bclv/ard Catchara 

1d55 ruraios, i'ranois 

loo8 Pell, :-r. ThQS. 

1658 7exxj, Richard, .iSstate oi, inv. filea 0ci:.8.1658 v, 2-. 
Grace, v/ife of aoove. * ^ 

Chil arena Guardians Jehu and 'John Burr. 

(See under Wilson Anthy) 
lbo9 Eld. Purdie, Francis, Mtave oX inv. filed Oct. 5,1658 >d.39 

7idov7 or above (liary, d. of Brundish)- "' ■ ^ 

5 cnildren. 

John, eldest son (under age in lool) 
Francis 2na 
^ 270ungers sons 
1 daughter 

1658 Pinlrney, Philip 

xDu9 Peat-, 3enJ. (Stratford) 

1659 Pinkney, Jane, called cousin by Geo. Hull, deed, 

" Philip, v/itness, \7ill of " " 

16dO Pinkney, Phillip, vTitness, v/ill of Alex. Ilnowles. 

164-8 Poll,, ovms estate of Sdrr-ond Harry. 

1656 Puraie, Francis, , rn. in est. l^ios. Peardsley, 

1665 iir. Pell, raade overseer v/ith lir. Gold, of Sstate 
of 2er, John Jones. 

1668 Picket, John, xvitness, T-zill of Obediah IVheeler 
lo70, inventories will or Jno. Perocke. 

1668 Preston, Johann " " " " " 

16o9 Porter, Jonathan, calle I one of the forraer husbands 
Of T;ne wire of Giles araith, Dy Giles ^^nli•(;a. 


lbb9 Pell, 2hos., will of, written Sepo. 21, 1669 ?o probated 
Sept/. bO, 1669, 
Lu3y, his v/ife, died before deed. Book 1665-1675, p. 42 

Uo children. 

Property left to ITephew John Pell, living 

in Ingland, the only son of a^ only brotner 

John Pell, D. 3. by his 1st wife. 

All n^ estate in ITew Sn^lana is in territories 
01 tne JJuke of York if liis nephei? John Pell 

die without issue the prop, to so to hia 

nieces, daugiiters of ni:- nyyovnex, John Pell, 

D. D. 

Iiake& oenuesta go iibigaii ^urr, wiie ox -Junl. 


Danl 'Burr 

3unn Prench 

ITathaniel Freneli 

Zlisabeth vThite 

iiiary 7/hite 

ilathaniel -'hite 

Barbery (his servant) her freedon 
Katheran I^oystin, ais ancient naya. 


Josepn -art aim o^nea •"'/^-ros 

2hos. Basset, ^oger -^^nap fron tneir 

inaebteaness to niia. 

Banl Burr, ) 

John Banks,) Ss. of Trust. 

lb70 Por-cer, Jonathan, of Huntington, left ais property 
to ais wife Bunis who married Giles Smith. 
In case ■: rie narries tnen the prop, to go to 
their three daughters. In 1870 ^legatees 
of Jonathan Porter releases txie Js:. of Sit. of 
Giles Smith tiie money naving been paia. 

James i^hichester 
3dward i^orneyt 
Steven Jarvis 

.itness: John I'inch. 



lo70 Dsc. 8, 2ell, Jolm, son of Dr. John Pell, o:;' London and 
nepnew to ^hos. Pell, deed, cones to nartfora 
and receives enaoruernent ::roEi one ^ov. in 


John Allen, bec'y. 

1670 PeeocKe, John, v-all of, dared Ilcn. 4, 1670, proD. roY.l,lb?0 
Jo^T-oe, v/iaow or deceased 

Jaraes Clark, son- in- lav; (Stratford) 
Phoebe, daughter of deed. 
Kary " '' ■ (Boolr 1665-1675, p. 52) 

-^anl. .-Litcaeil ) 'Titnesses* 
liatthecT ..iitefeell) 

Phillip Grones ) 

Hie hard Bootn ) Overseers. 

Isaac -i-'icols ) 

Inv« oi' Ust. laade by Townsmen 

Hie hard Boouh, John Picket, Joseph Hav/ley 

1672 Palmer, John, estate of, inventory filea Oct. 26, 167 2, 
0et.2o. naae oy Josuan Knap, John Bowers interested 

in said estate and is i-ade aaninistrator. Boolr I6b5- 

lb75, p. o2. 

IbV.y riat, John, o^7ner land near Palph Keeler of ITorwalk 

BOOK 1675 to 1689 
ib75 Porter, Wra. employd Oornelins Hunt, deed. 

lb7o Peat, 3enj« husband Pheoe, d. Ricti. Butler. 

IbT'. -restou, SLizabeta, r/iie of 31isapri Preston and d. 
Jonn Beaeri. 

loYV ^-"ee'c, John of Stratfora, .vill probated 1577. 
Thos . 

ITath.' left prop, at "iVallingford by John Beacn 

(Boob 167 5-1689, "O. 25.) 
(Boob Ib89-I701, p.- 55.) 


1677 - Peat;, Jorin, of i^tanford, v.-ill of, dated Jan. 17, 
vjldovr, Sarah, narriea oerore 1d87 John Peacock 

Jnaer age. tiaral. mentions girt to said Saml* fron nis grand 

'xafher) ' 



Sarah. use loS'i 

Hannah. Joseph Peat. 



Oapt. Will. Curtiss ) 

Israel Clancy ) Overseers 

Bon 2' Peat (his ore oner) ) 

John '0 shorn (his brother) ) 

3i3. Roberts. 

Timothy V/illeockson - ^^itness 

Inv. of Sst., taken S'e^'. 20, lb77-78. 

lQ7d Porter, lathaniel, son-in-law to Philip Gro;7e 
" Sarah 

" Hannah & 

" Ruth, grandchildren " " 

lb7o Pettit, Joim, -03 Stanford, Ust. of. Inv. taken 

Anl. 5 1676 by Ilr. Eicn -Law o xiieuf i'rancis 
Bell, c; filed lo78.' (Book 1675-1689, 'p. 39.) 


apealrs zi. one \.aaov/'s part of her brotner 
Josepn^s estate 

iovo Pitcner, John, takes inv c;st. 2hos. ^her-vood of Stratford 

1678 Ps.-cry, IT.^thaniel called son-in-law by Rich.. Lyon of 

Hester " daughter " 

Joseph grandson " " ' 


1678 Purdie, Jonn, gs-c. o- Inv. dated Uec. 26, 1678, taken 

\rj tovmsnen filed in 1678,' Book 1675-1689, p. 44 

John Kcii; 
John Brunei ish & 
Hackelyn 3roT7n 
'She T7idor/ 2jLisabetii reg^ueBts i;taat her father 
John £oit c^ brothers Shos. ci Hackliah Browne 
be '-mde overseers. 

iL"V3 Porrer, -^is-thaniel, of atratford, will of, datea Jan. 10, 
lb79, T'lll proba'cea end inv. filed 1679. 
\7ife, SLiaabeth, evidently ficoond wife 
''ohn, son of deed (unaer age) in lb9D releases the 

Llary, daughter of aecd. (younp:est) in 1592 wife of 

Pobt. Roys 
Nathaniel, -eldest son of deeci in 1692 o:. jciriiela 

village c; releases overseers. 

bar ah in 1685 rel-sases the overseers 
iiutn in lo92 wife of .fbeneaer Curtis 
Cousin Hicholas canpp. ) 

sanl. 2Lls • ) Overseers 

Josian Preston ) 
John Sudsey ) 

Inventory taken Jan. 30, 1679. Selectmen of Strai 
2hos. UfforcL ' ■ ford. 

Benjamin Peet 
Saml. Shernan, Jr. 
Janes Clarke 

Debts due from est. before distribution 
To keeping Lr&. Grones 
-Uder drones osr. 
Jacob 7alker 
^Jphrain Booth 
John Hura 
Josiah Booth 

Book 1675-1689, p. 49. 

1679 Peat, Benj. Belec-cnen, Stratford, takes inv. of Sath. 

Porter's est. 


lb81 Pla-ct, John, iselectmen of i^orv/alk, -takes inv. Hat. I^ictiards. 

167y Preston, Josialx, overseer est. Uath. Porter 

1681 Piers Oil, Ilary, daughter oi' Henry -^'onilinson, deed. 

1C81 Preston^ Jehiell, of btratfora, aesirea to take ciiarge or 
Mv/ara Himmn, b;^- Edward Himnan, deca. 

1681 Peek, Joanna, v/ife of Jerernia Peck, callea daughter by 
iiargaret Sitcnell of Greenwien, deed. 
Had 7 children. 

1684 Pipkins, V/ra. r/itness, at Hertford, ox setrleraent of 
Est.' of ilrs. i:>araa Clarke, acct of ?Iop« .Vash- 
burn, batnueL Stiles & Snhrain hJtiles. 

loBi Perry, i^athaniel, of i^airfield, will oi , dated Jan. 1,1681 
Jan.l V/idow, Hester prob. 168S, Book 1675- 

Joseph ) 1689- 'p. '^2. 

Hester, daugnter } under age. 
Mary •' ) 

In case all his children die the prop, is left 

Haul. Burr, son of Ilr. Jehu 3urr 

John • " " John 

Joim Burr ) 

Jehu Burr ) Overseers 

Josiah Harvey ) 

j^hos. Groucn ) witness- 

airaon Croucn, agd abt 48 years swears to v/ill 
John iSurr " " 48 " " " " 

Scnl" Wakeman " " 47 " " " " 

Inv. 'taken Jaay. 5, loBl, by Jehu Burr ^j Ezlson 
Vv'akennan . 

168:3 Piatt, Sergt. John, aonr. to est. Bossman Hie hards, deed 

l67o Peetit, John, est. of, inv. before Court Jan. 51, 1676, 
Court/ oraers distributions. Inv. taken by ilr. 
Rich, law (.c Leieut. Francis Bell, Hay 5, 167 o, 
at ytarafora. file*- ±685. 
7/idov7 aarah,' aarar. 

■^on, John under age ? (Book l6?5-l689, p. 94 & 148) 

Son (unaer age) 
Sarah, daugh"csr of deca. 
Ilercy, " " " • 

liartiia " " " youngest 


1685 Pitman, Jonathan, gx. or _st. ci' x'iaos. Ufford. 

1685 Preston, Joiiiell, overseer " " " 

168:3 Preston, Sar^^t. " " Robt. Hose, btratford. 

lo85 Peel:, -lisabetn, sister to John Beers, o:; ^itratfora, aeca 

1685 Pettit, oaraifi, sister to Joseprx scol'field, ot .jtratfora 

d ec a • 

168o Pettit, John, dr. to est. of Joseph Seofield. 

168'6 Porter, widow, ELisabeth, est. of inv, iieby, 21, 1683, oi 

Stratiora, filea Uch. I'l, 1683.- 3ooI: •lb7o-1689,p.ll7 

By selectmen, Jererniah Judson, Kio. ICnowles, 

Senior Curtice, Johiell Preston takes oatn as to 


Oapt. 3ales 

I'Ir. Sicholaa Gamp Overseers* 

sar-gt. '^ohiell Preston 

John Birdsey 

1688 Preston, Sergt. Johiell, o'teerseer of above est. 

168^ Piclret, Jolrin, Sen. of, Stratford, will of, da tea '^uly 26, 
1684, probated Apl. 14, 1685. Book 1675-1689, p. 126 
Banl, son of aecd. 
John " 
James " 
Thomas " 

ciar-h, daughter of deed, v/ife of -^obt. Lane (Lawe) 
Aliagail, Picket, v/ife of Thos. Piclret (daughter of 

deed, so called) 
HelDecca Sention, dau. of deed. 

John, son cf John 
John, " " jams; 
Grift to John Law, prob. grandson 
viranason - son of Thomas 


Israel Cheney ) 

Deacon rim tiijr V/ilcolrson 2; ) Overseers 

ciargt. Johiell Preston, ) 

Danl. Whitehall ) 

Isaac Knell ) ifitnesses- 

Inv. taken Apl. 15, 1684, by Jeremiah Judson, 
'•^'hos. ^nov;les and «James Judson. 

1677 Peacock, Phebe, & Hich. Burgia, marriage agreement 

lb84 -freston, JoMell, sargt. , Ifet. of, Inv. taken .--iept. 24, 

1681, by liled .^iept. 25,1684, -tsook 1675-1689, p. 

Jeremiah Judson, 3at:il. Kawly, Iho.Xnowles. 1&3. 

and James Judson (Sovmsnen) of Stratford. 

Temperence, --/idow 

liary, daughter of deed, under age 

Saml. , son of deed., of age. 

1679 Purdee, - sold prop, to ^^. H.ide 

1684 Piatt, «John, overseer of ast. of 3argt. f^hos • -"itch, 


1684 Palmer, Ipraim, deed. Aug. 19, 1684. Inv. taken 

oept. 27, 1684 by Josfxua iinapp, John Renolcs & Jo- 
seph 'Ferris, and filed 5ov. 4, 1684. 
V/idov;, i^arah 

•ipraim, eldest son of cecci, aged 7 yrs. 
John, Bon of aecd. 2 " 

Johanna, aau. " • 15 '' 

aaran " • " I'd 

Juaita " " 11 

busanan " " 8 

Liary " " 4 

John BoTrers, aomr. 

3ook_ 1675-1689. -q, MO. 
1684 Persons, Ili;^. C: ?i rf ti 'liafTy ' 

1684 Purdy, i'raneis, sole prop, to Jolm Banks before 1684. 


lb84 Pettit, Sf.rari, cnooses Abraham Ambler as {guardian. 
Johr. " Danl. Scofiela 

The Court also appoints the aarar. Abrabara 
Anbler and Danl. 3 co field as (Guardians or tne 
Pottit cnildren.' (Sock lb75-1689, p. 148) 

1684 Piokett, James, overseer oi est. of Janes bention, of lor- 

wallr . 

168*, Piatt, John, erceoutor " " " " " " 

1684 Scd. Potter, Ifci. of btamx'ord, r/ill of, dated oep'G.l, 1684, 
Xiegacies to probated 1685, June -22. s 

Hr. Bishop's three sons (Joseph 3isnop 

( Sbeneser " 
(Book 1675-1689, p. 165) ( 3enj . 
The children of ray son-in-law John Hsaa, as foi- 


John Head 

Josepn " inventory riled, June 22, 1685 .x 

Jonatnan " 
Benjamin " 

sanl. " 

Hanna . " 


31izabeth *' 


David " 

John Bisnop ) 

i^rancis Bell) v/itnesses: 

K Inv. ITov. 27, 1684 by Peter :?erris, Jonas weea 
CO Jona.' Bell. 

John bcofiffild a Joshua Hoyt apt. by oourt as 
adninis-cra "cors. 

29 b 

1d85 Preston, Joaiel, one oi' overseers oi' 2hos. Uford's est. 
being aeod, Jonathan -fitman is chosen in his place 

lb85 Preston, Joniel, also an overseer in ^onatn -or-cer's 
estate. 3enj. Peat is chosen in his place. 

1685 Piatt, oer^t. Jonn, aomr. of est. Saml. Sention. 

1685 Pes.sall, Benl. brother- in- law to -Jonn Ji^sset, deca. 

1686 Pearsall, tj^v^i. of Hemstea, consents to distribution 

Of Ifet* of his brotaer-in-law, John Basset. 

1686 Peck, SLia. dau. of Gapt. Sich. vjlmsted's cousin Basies 

1687 Pine, John, son-in-lav/ uo i^ich. Ogden, deed. (Mij wife 

now being dead cc leaving a child) 

lo87 Prior, Joan , Hate oi ^arke Lcral, see est. Ifethan v^Tiipley 

lo87 rresGon, Abi^-ail, a. of Peter ilorton, deed, r^ee Hugh Grifin 

ib87 Peaclre, .onn, est. of Inv. taken *^pr. E9, 1687 by 
Jonn Green aud ) 

JosepuLockT/ooa J riled ^ug, 10, 1687, Book 1675- 
Danl. .^rost, ^dirar. IbSy, ■?. 226. 

Ib87 Peat, 3enj., overseer of est. of Isaac Juason of Stratford 

1q9o Peat, aanl. hu.soand of Llary, widow of Isaac 3udson " 

lt)88 Pryor, Jonn, of iitratford, Estate of, Inv. Apl. 27,1688 
oy Oapo. ,im. uurtist., Jolm Bostririck, -Sr. , John 
■ /ells oi Ambrose xhornpson, filed June 12, 1688. 
BanJ. Peat sivears as to c.bove est. cb is ap-pb. -canr 
Sook '1675-1589, p. 255. , 

1689 Pl£.t, l^t^:/, wife of Joseph, a. Danl. Kolog of ITorwalk. 

1689 Peel;, 3enj. talres inv. est. of Jonathan ITicols of i^tratford 

1689 Pachin, Joseph, Jr. inv. on' est. of, taken -^ec. 10, 1689 

by ^Jonathan Moorhouse and -Hathl Wilson, filed Jan. 20, 
Property at ITathan Adans 1669/90. 

Jonnatnan Lo or house aiiot. aainr. 
Book 1675-1689, p. 299^. 

1690 Pinkney, John, of Scistchester, uncle cs Guardian of 

aieh. Oshorn. 

loyO Pitnan, Ilr., overseer of est. Francis Hall of Stratford 

1667 Prentice, Kr. John Iltiriner, of T,e^ London presents bill 
of escnange drawn by John Oshocn. 

1679 Prentiee, Joim, Jr. of Heu Lonaon, sells unro Llr. John 
IIov.25. Plat, late of Siondon, Ilercliant i/16 part of 

tiie ship eiohn cc Ister abt 100 tons nor; riding 

in "cne naroor or fairfiela. 

'iVra. Hill Si ) 

John .(heler) T7itness 

1678 Prentice, John, Sen. as a'^Dove, sells 1/8 part of above 
Oct. 25. snip CO Ur. Josepa 3anks of -airfield 

Tm, Hill Sc ) 

John 3ur ) ./itness 


l67y 2oseph Banks sells tne above interest to IJr. John Piatt 
Oct". 5. late of London, nercnant. 

Vi/'m. Hill c: ) 

John iVheeler) 

167y Prentice, John, sen., as above, sells part of a new snip 
to llr. Danl. -Burr of i'airfield 
Jonn Burr £: • ) 
Josiah Harv^ ) 'Vitness 

167a J£nl. Burr, of -airfield, nercnant sells to tne above Ilr. 
Oct. 5. • John Piatt nis interest in ahove ahip 

tfm. Hill& ) 

John '.Vheeler) ..'itness : 

, 298 

lo7y Piatt, i^r. Jolm, late oi London, buys interf^st in above 
ship John cs j^ter I'xora John Irentice Sen. £: Jr. 
Joseph Banks cc Danl. Bur. ■ 

lb83 Plaistec'i, JohJi, 

in his DO nail a in benoir oi his lu-others lo 
sisters aischarge -t^obt. Beechara, ol" -^'airi'iela 
I'rom all aemanas on est. o±" -^^oger Plais'cea 
iVn. Hill, tien. ) 
John Banks ■ ) 7/itness 

BOOK lb89 -1?01. 

Ibyo Picket, Danl, selectmen, of iitrati'ord, takes inv. John 

1690 Preclen, Grace, a. oi Josepn Judson oi' V/oodbury. 

1690 Preston, Saml, v.ltness will of Henry "f/akely of Stratford 

1690 Peck, Saril. r/itness T7ill of John Burwell of dxeenxiloa 

1674 Pell, John, releases Simon Oonet iron all aenaxid or 
Ihos. Pell 3st. 

16yi Picket, Banl. , takes inv. of est. of liugh 'irifen or 

1698 Peat, Jonn, of btratford, ov/es est. '-^hos. Bedient. 

1691 Peat, Saml. of Stratford, son of Sohn Peat, dec-"., releasee 

nis ■rao'cner oaran. Brooks the relict of said John 
m rull for payment of all legacies from his 


Joseph 'Ourtiss ) 
HoberT; Bassit ) '.Vitness 

1d86 P'^a-c, Plannan, u. of above Joion Peat, releases ai> above 
(being over 18) 
Israel Uijancy 1 
John Jsborn ) V/itness 

'.Vra. ^^'urtice ) 


Ibyi Peat, ALizabetn, a. of above John PeaT;, releases tiex 
father in la\7 Jonn iiroolrs, the husband of her 
mother oar ah 
Joseph Curtis s) 
7to. ^urtiss ) (Said Ilia, over 18 yrs.] 

1687 Peat, Sarah, a. of above John Peat, Deing over 18 yrs. 
releases as -at first 
'iVilliara Uurtiss 
Israeli Clianncy 
Benj. Peat. 

lo&l Price, Philip John, son in lav; to i'/idow Hendrick, now 
V/iaow oilliinan. 

1690 Picket, John, of Stratford, v;ill of, dated JJec.l9,lb90, 
prob. w filed Dec. 29, ib91. 
Book 1689- James, non of deca-, 4yrs old. 

1701 5r ^e^eeca, d. of deedr. 17 W " (land near dwelling 

liui, p. 6. Q^. jQggpi^ Blaclman) bounded on north oy 3enj. 

Peat; also land in tne Great Heek bounded by 
Danl. Picket & Zeckeria Curtis 
Kary, d. of deed. 14 yrs. olfi - lana in the great 

ITeek iDOunaea b^" Jonn Beacn & ciaral. Qalpin 
"anl. Picket, brother, sole executor 
• i^obert Lane ) 
Galled Ilrother) 
■i-'hos. vVella ) Overseers 
Sani JDherman ) 

Saran Lena ) 
Jonathan Pitnan) V/itness 

Inx'-. taken Dec. Pm , 1690 Q-j Sanl. Sherraan & 
Janes . 

loyO Prentis, John, -lon in law to Caleb ITieolis of .Voodbury. 

1692 Pi^steu, .Yra. , legacy to by v;ili Ohas. Dou^^las of Stratford 

1692 Paterson, Andrew, legacy " " " " " " 

cc adnr . of est. 

16y4!: Peck, Ur. Jeremiah, minister, legacy to by John Bowers of 

1694: Person, Ilr. Abrancri, rorgiven debt bii " " 

1694 Peck, Sc^-al. O- ireonT/ich, Sc. of Sst. of " " 


1695 Preston, Haclrelian, of 'JoodDury, a. li!oT. 20, 16y2, est. 
of, inv. ta>eii oy Jonn Gainer,- Izrail i-^urtis 
& Jotm liitenel, filea llch, 15, 1695. 
V/idow Sam. 

Son, Wra. 15 vrs. old la^t Ilarcn Book 1689-1701, 

Dau.Kanali 12 ■' ■ " " Sulv p. 92. 

" Sarah 9 " " " IIov. 

Son Joaiel 6 " " ' " Oct. • 

Daa Zim. 3 " " " Liar oh 

"Be-nenber 1" " " Oct. 10 th 

The WiaOT? -■ llr. John i^ -a^ppo. admrs. 
Ilr. Zacheriaii ^Yallrer ) 
Sanuel Stiles ) Overseers 

In Ilch. 17 00 there is no n'ntion of Hemewber, 
proD. deed. 

Gapt. John Ilinor ) 

Hr.John SheriJian ) ^-ppt. to aistrTDUte. 

IbV:-. Picke-u, Hehecka, late aeea. at btratford, Zst. of Inv. 

taken llch. 13- '93 by ■ filed Hch. 15,1693. 3ookl689-1701 
Jamea Judson ) p. 99. 

Zheneser Booth cc ) 
James Clark ) 

Danl. Picket swears to Inv. 

James Picke-c d ilary Picket, 'Survivins brother 

So sister to deed, under a^e 

Danl. Picket t; ) 

3obt.' Lane ) Appt. Admrs. 

1694 Snd. Peat, Joseph, of Strati'ora, est. of Inv. taken before 
• ITov. b, 169'i, oir Sober t Lane & -Benjamin Lewis 
^iaml. Pear, brother to I'lecd. swears to inv. Jilst. 
divic»ed Det. surviving broTJtiers .: sisters of deed 
viz: filed ITov.S, lb94. Book 1689-1701, p. 116 

Saral. Peat • Saran Lacke 

John Peat Hannan V.akley 

Jane Peao SLizaheth Paters on. 

I-Ir. Jonathan Pitman of ^tratforO appt. aamr* 

lb94 Paterson, SLizahetn, sister of above Joseph Peat. 


lby4 Pitraan, lir. «Jonatiaan ax?pt. admr* of est* Josepn reat 

15yo Porter, Ilathl. oi Stratfora, and nis niaow -Hizabetn, 
esTjates oi:', cliscnarge of, 
Capt. Saral. Sels, ) 
Lir. ITicliolas Otonpe &) Overseers 
llr.- John 3erdey ) 

lb9b Pici^et, Danl, selectman of -^tratford, takes inv. of est, 
Paul Brinslv or Srinsrnead 

1595 Picket, I'hos., of Danbury, appt. adnr* est* '-i-'hos. 3arnam 

Ib95 Picket, James, " " " overseer • " " 

1698 Plat, Ilr. Joiin, appt. aarrar. est. Peter Chapham of ITorwalk 

lb98 Peat, Al^a^jail, called d. by Josiaa Harvey. 

1697 Piekit, James, of DanlDurjr, takes inv of est* of Francis 
3ushnell lc appt. to distribuice 'saia esi/' 

lo97 Pickei;, Saral, of Danbury, appt. adrar. o.. jsi;* of Prancis 


1699 Pitman, Jonas, r/itness will Sar^t. Eich. -i^ubbell 

1699 Plasted, John of Pasq_uativa, receives tttrough his atty 
-iich* SoTTards, of -^artford o2-o from Lir. Joseph 
LoclTT-rood of -'airfi-eld. 

1699 Pitman, Jonathan, -.Titness, release of est. Vta. Reed, by 
his v/idov/ l^tjy. 

1699 Peck, Ruth, T/ife of 3anl. Peck ca d. Joseph Ferris, on 

1701 Pitman, Jonathan witness in ilnells Isli^nc case. 

1640 Patrick, Danl. aee 3'eak & Patrick purchase . 


1700 Phipen, Jame takes inv o±' est* Thos. -^ickerson, of 
Stratford, decfi. ' 


1700 i'orter, lathanial, signs agreement; of !i?irs or Lr. John 

loi'' Pliipen, Jocepn, 'ieo'o one I'ron est. -liphalet Hill 

1692 2itl:in, .nz, , wit-iess trangier ol' prop* from Danl. 3ur 
to his r/ife Aim -ail 3ur co Hoses 'Lians field, 'trus- 

1o9d Porter, Jolir, of Stratford, son of ilathl. Porter of i:>trat- 
ford, dec-G., releases the overseers- of, his 
father's es;;. Co tne admrs. of his mo'Cher 
Zlis. ?orT;er's est. 

Josipn Curtis ) 
riaclieriah Curtis) '.Vitness 

1685 -oro'^r, u>^r.-h, dau. of above deed* ;.*athl. Porter 
j-lso releases overseers. 


c/oiiii Jl.-r.; ) 

-ilinj-.he-ch ^-itnnoll ) Overseers. 

-or oer,_.aua. o:. ^'airfieia village, so2:i of Eathl. Porter 
of Stratford, deed,, releases the overseers 
of his father ITathJi. Porter's est. & and the 
acimrs. of the est. of his aeod* mother -Sliaabeth 
iToseph Curtiss ) • 
Saiil. 'ialpin ) 7;itness 

1700 Peck, Joseph ) 

John, ) v/itness release of i-ary xlorehouse, by 
her sir ter Ann Llorehcuse. 


BOOK 170E - 1750. 

1711 Preston, SLiaaai'e, of «vallignford, is chosen guardian 
uo Banj. Kellog, son of x)anl. Kellog, of i^ox- 
walk, deed. 

1711 Perry, Joshua, Oaleb & Danl Perry, sons of 

Arthur Perry, late of Stratford, deed, make 

choice of Bargt. Abraham "coster aa guardian. 

1711 Plat, Capt. Joseph, of •li'orwalk, adrnr. est. James -tjrown, 

1711 Perry, Arthur, est. of, Court appt. Zaohariah Blackman 
zo join with Mr. Ephraim Stiles St lir. Sanl. 
Walker to diet, said est. 

1702 Pachim, Jacob, husband of Mary, of Fairfield, d. of 
urn* hibbart, oen. , & Sole 3x. of nis villi 

1704 Parde, (Jeorge, witness release of -^bigaile, v/idow of 

Uathaniel Hudson by his brother John Hodson, of 

iJ. Haven. 

1704 Potter, John, husband of aarah, d. of «^ohn oellick 

1704 Plat, Ilary, wiaow, d. of i^anl Kellog, of i-«orwaik, agree- 

1697 Pettit, John, baa land at otamford next Hev. John Daven- 
port grant.' 

1697 Penoyer, Jhos. " 

ti II II II n n 

1706 Plat, Joseph, aamr. of est. of -^^ieut. Joun Olmsted of 3., 
deed. . , 

1705 Plat, Josepn, chosen guardian for Abigai, d. of " 

II It 

1707 Pettit, John, of Stamford, admr. est. Sanil. Scofield, of 

1711 Perry, Anna, w idow, of -irthur Perry of Stratford is 
cxioaen guardian for ner son Josiah Perry. 

1704 Pettit, John, admr* est. Jabez Sherwood, deed, of Green- 


1714 Plat,, Capt. Joseph, to distribute eat. Peter Glapham, 
deea» 1698. 

1704 Peat, Benj. iien. , o±' Stratford, will ox", aatea ^^-pl, 14, 
Benj. eldest; son ) 

ciaml.- " ) bave formerly given portion 

Mary Burrit, dau. , haa portion at marriage. 

The widow to be es. assist ed by Mr. Thos. 
Wells a Mr. Benj. Curtis 
Jamee Clark ) Witness 
'21a.0B» Wells ) 
Jacob Walker ) 
Inv. June, 1704, by Jolin Wells to Thos. Benit 

1704 Peck, Joseph, takes inv- ^ilford, eat. of John Bamon (?) 
of s, 

1704 - 169o Plat, Sargt. John, called cousin by & made overu- 
se er of will of Mr* Thos. Fitch of Horwalk. 


1704 Petit, John, to dist. est. John Scofield. 

1695 Pettit, Jonathan, cakes inv. est. Joshua "ebb, of Bed- 

IBOl Picket, James, of Sanbury, deed. Feb. 11, 1701. Inv. of 
est. Feb. 26, 1701, by Jaa:>s Bebe, Saml Ben- 
edick 8a Josiah Starr 

The widOi7 v/itii iier son John Picket to admr. 
Other heirs 

1707 Pitman, yix* "Jonathan, of ^^tratford, assists ex. will Mr. 
Wm. Bukly. 

1705 Piatt, John of i^orwalk, will of, dated Kov. 6, 1705 

wife Hannah 
jau. Hannaii liarvin 
" ■ Sarah Kellog 
" Mary Benedick 
son Saml 
" John 9ldf3tit 
" Joseph 
Legacy to James Gup after expiration of his time 
Wife, Sons John, Sajnl & Joseph ex. 

apeaks of his est. in Old ^gland. 


IvLr. Josopii mention ) 

" John Baymona ) Witness 

" John Capp ) 

Inv. 13 ov. 29, 1705 by Saml. Marvin, Saml Kellog 
Sc Ben J. Benedick. 

1705 PlatV, Hannaii, v/iie» proo. of Joseph Piatt & Sister 

'i*heo^hilua iianfora, 'deed. 

1706 Peirsall, i'hos. witness will of ^aleb lie hols of Wood- 


1707 Prindle, ZLizabeth, d. of Mr. John Hubby, of (rreeHWicn, 


1707 Pond, -ilisabetn, wife of iiathaniel Pond d. John Sloson 

of Stanford. 

1708 Picket, Jameses, of John Picket, late of Stratford, deed 

Inv. Jany. 26, 1707 -8 by Josepii Ourtiss 6a Danl. 


Moneys due from llx» Bobert Lane of Killingworth 

for est* put into his hands to pay out 

Joshua xiait, sweara to inv. 

Joshua Halt, of otanford, presenting as per 

former order of ^ourt an Inv. Sai4 Joshua appt 

aornr* the est. to go to Uiary Hait, wife of 

above Joshua, being the only sister cc sole heir 

to aecd. James Picket. 

17 08 Panuck, John, husband to iiannah, d. of Sarah Berdsly 

1710 Perry, Joseph, called brother by Olin & John Bulkly, deed 

1709 Porter, ^John, ox utratfArA, swears to inv & appt. admr. 
est. Danl. Titterton. 

1709 Palmer, ^izabeth, called sister by Nathaniel Hillyer, 

of Danbury. 

1709 Piatt, John, witness will of " " " 


1707 Presson, iir. Saml, of Stratford, Inv. Apr. 18, 1707, 
"hj John iVells An'bros ^'horapson 
Danl Jackson swares "Co inv. & adnr. est; 

1710 Peat, Joian, of otratford, inv. of eat. Mch. l.o, 17 09-10 
by Andrew Patterson & Saml Pea$ 
Widow Maxy afterwards marries John Corbit: See 

"-iorbi-c l"iy 
Joeeph, son, IS jm* old ye last day of July 
Darid, ' 11 " " " " " •' June 

Sarah, dau. 9 ' " " 4th " " last June 

Danl. son 1 " " " 30th " " this March 

Mary,- dau. 7 " " " 2 " " last Dec. 

Hannah, " 5 " '' " 22 " " " " 

John, son 3 " " " 23 " " next Apr. 

Widow, appu. admrx & 1714 exhibited a/c of est. 

1710 Patterson, Andrew, takes inv. on above est* 

1710 Peat, Saml' 

1710 Pond, Hat hi. of Stamford, B. in law to 'j^Taos* 'Jloson, of 
btaraford.- ■ ' 

1710 Perry, -^rthar, of »^tratford, inv. of est. Apl. 14, 17C9 
by 3phralm Stiles & John Coe* 
"idow Annah 

The widow and son .lill to adrar. 
8 sons ^ 4 daughters 

lir* Ephraim "Utiles 2: iir. -Abraham r.ooster to 

Wm. son ) 

Saml' " ) 

Annah, dau. ) ^ave received portions, 

aiizabeth, " ) 

Josiah, son, is macie wara f his brother, he 

under age to choose 
Daniel, son chooses Sargt. Abraham iKooster for 
Inasmuch as raose appu. to dist. est. are in- 
capable, Joseph xiokins u Saml. r«alker appt. by 
Court to dist. 

1710 Porter, John, aon-in-law to i^anl* £itherton, of ^^tratford 


1711 Phippen, oix* Joseph, witness will Ca^t. Saml Sijuire 

1711 Peck, Mr. Saml, of ''reenwicJa, aamr. est* --r.. James x^'oun- 

tain, of Grreenv/icii, decu. 

1710 Preston, SLisuph, has in his hand the prop, at calling- 
ford of Danl Kellog, deed., of -"orwalk* 

1712 Pitman, Jir. Jonathan, witness codicil of dx* John Beech 

of Stratford. 

1712 Pixie, Wm. , of otratford, inv» est. of, Mch»17,17l2, 
tysr Diathl Shermaii, Ben J. ohernan & Danl .litchell 
vtidow Grace to administer 

1712 Pater son, and takes inv. est. lir. Joseph watkins, ox 

1712 Pickett, i.'hos. of ^anbury, est« of, inv. Jany. 22, 1711- 
12 oj aaml Benedick, Izraell tJurtiss & Rich Barnum 
xlie deed itaa land near John Jiarnum 
iiarah, widow 

i^au* Abigail b. July 30, 1578 
" ' Helenah d. May 20, 1680. 
Son S^hraim b. Mch. , 1686 

Thos. b« i:ov. 22, l68y. 

Dau. cSarah b. Sept. 21, 1594 
iion James h.June 2, 1697. 

" Joseph b. Mch. 28, 1700. 
" Benj. b. Apr. 15, 1703 

" ^Lheneser b. Oct. 12, 1706. 
Widow Saran &: Son Ephraim appt. aomrs* 

Bichara Barnmn & Israeli <^urtias to dist. 
Rich* Barnum, of ^anbury, appt. guardian for 

Saml Benedick, of Danbury, appt. guardian for 

i'he vridow appt» Guaruian for -ibenezer. 

1712 Patchin, John, old servant of ^e&, Isaac ''heeler of 


1712 Peck, Saml, sen* takes inv. est. Mr. John loarshall, of 


BOOK 1702 - 17^0. 

I-^IE Piclcit, Banl, lir., of iJtratforu, will of, Mch. 16, 
wife liary 
oon, baml - "Che nouae i bouglit of Hr. Uisbett (under 

" Danl, 

Dau« Margaret Uurtiss 
•• • Mary ) 

" Uomforo ) 
" xtebeckaii ) under age 
" Prudeaee ) 
" rhebe ) 

Wife ex* 

"Vitness (Joseph Curtiss, 
(Mr. Dani Uffoot 
Inv. May 1, 1712, o-^ tJohn uoe 6-: Efathl 3each 

1712 Picket, John, of Danbury, died Hay 23, 1712, by Danl 

Benedick, Saml Knap, izraell Curtiss June 23 
liido^; i^atherine 

Jamea b. Jany. 8, 1702/3 

jiizabeth b. Oct. 5, 17U4 
John b. Apr. 29, 1707 

Rebekaft b. Mch- 10, 1709 

David b. Mch.' 11, 1710/11 

The v/idow &: Francia Bar nam app"u. aaqir^ 

lir. Izraell '^urtiss cc I^q. Benedick to uist. 

1713 Piatt, .jainl, of -^orwalk, will of, dated Dec. 3, 1713 

»Vife, Bebeokan 

Dau» Hebeekan, under age 

•in case my daughter dies without heirs then the 

property to go -co 

John Piatt 5: ) 

Josiau Piatt ) sons of my brother John Piatt & 

Joseph Piatt, s. of my brother Joseph Piatt • 

John otuart to divide est. 
;i'ife t;o be ex. 


Gapt. John Haymond ) ,,•, 

SaraH Halnt John ) A/'^^'^^-i-^ 

Capt. Josepii i?iatt ) 

Capt* Josepii Piatt comes utjiore the *»ourt x>ec. 15, 

171o & given i;estimony in regard to above v/ill 

Inv. Dec. 28, 1713, by <JO'im Saymona, John J:'iatt & 

Joseph Jlatt. 

1710 Piatt, Gapt. Joseph, called brother by bam. Piatt & 
witnesa hia will. 
His son «Josepa. 

1710 Piatt, John, called brother by 5ainl Piatt above 
has son John & Josian 

1712 Prindle, Ebenezer, takea inv est* Thos* »iharp, of -^ew- 


1714 ^uintaid, Mr* J-saac, oi '-'tanloru, will of, xiov. 6, 1714 
vVife Jane, tho dwelling h0UBe,in Hew York 
Hon Isaac ) 
" Peter ) Under age 
x»au. liary uorin ( ?T 

ijegacy to trench ^hurch in Sew ^ork 
Wife Jane ex. 

Son in law oaml Korin ^. 
Witnesa, i^r. John rieao. 
i:iiX» Anthony i^ouguier 

• John vireen 
Inv of est* -^ec* 51, 1714, by Hisha -o-olley & 
Jonaithan liell ' 
i'he deed, had 65 acres woodland from Jaggexs 
25 " land " 

20 " woodland " Hercy £une 
15 " ■" " " Clason 

1714 Phlppen, Joseph, takes inv. est* Bepyajab strong of 


1715 Pond, Hathl. in*, est. 3dward I'rehern of Stamford. 

1709 Preaton, iiackalian, of "oodbury, disx;. of est. of, in 

£o son Jehiell - land that now is hia mother's, linma 


To son Wm. Preston 

Joim Minor, Sen. ) 

iiaml otiiea & ) s^itness 

Joiin "herman ) 

She remainder oi est* diviaed between widow & 

children, viz: 
Widow "i^Tim 
vi/ni, eldest aon 
Jehiell " 
Hannaa daughter 
bar ah 

174t9 Porter, uanl. diat* est- Hannah ^-urtiss, of **tratford 

17 07 Preston, Saml, of '^trati'ord, est. of Janl 
Jackbon, his b in law appt. admr. 

171£ Porter, Hathl* called father in law (stepJ to 

Isaac & Ebenezer *«heeler, sons of Isaac ^"heeler, 
Jr* , deed., of "^tratford, Sc chosen guardian. 

1712 Phipen, Joseph, Jr. late of -^airfield, deed* 

his father Joseph i?hipen app-c, adnr* ' 

1712-13 Peet, Joseph & J^avid, sons of "^ohn Pee^, late of Strat- 
ford maire choice of their kother Mary Corbit as 

1713 Peet, John, of i>tratford, deed* other children of, viz: 

Saml. ) 

John ) All being under age the Cour"C chooses their 
Mary ) mother Mary Corbi-c & her husband John Cor- 
^inan ) bit to be caeir guardian* 
hannau ) 
1715 Parrica, John, chosen guardian by i'hos* iiuBsell 
son Of xhos. Hussell deed* 

1715 Parmer, Saml, called father in law (step) c: chosen guardian 
oy Jeborah Cross d. late Sathl cross of "tamfora 
Also John, oarah « '-^^ry Cross, children of above 
Kathl cross made wards of said i^aml farmer. 

171b Pettit , John, late of 'itamford, being deed. 

^iaow Ann appt« aamr. with •Jonathan (iold & Jonathan 
Pet tit. 


1716 -ond, 3ajrah, ^Tife of, Ilathl. Pond, viho was tne 

TO.aoT7 of Lieut. David Viaterbury of •^tamora 
Dein": alao deod-. and not navin^: eomr)leted tier 
aanr. of eav, of saia 7aterTjury. Court aopt. 
Jonas "eed oi btamrora to aclp:, • 

1:0 Pardee or Purdv in .3:ok 17yi-174t9, or 3ook 17>s5 - IV-iO. 
3. iiee ID. 5u9, ante. 

31 £ 

BOOK 16*8 - I600 
i3 K 1665 - 1675. 

1655 Riscot, JnO. 

1658 BeiEt, or riede, William, (Horwalk) , inv. filed Oct. 20, 1659, 

p. 51. 

1659 Eiciiaraa, Hathaniell (Horwalk' 

1661 Rowland, Henry 

1656 " " menijionea in -iSt. of ■'•iios' jSeardsley. 


" Huneey, Robt. " " '■' 

1666 Eisden, Robt. est* of inv. filea Jan. 21,1666, leit prop, 
in Island of 'i evis, W. I. his wife is also deed. 
(j-eo* oguire ) oook lbbd-lb75, p. ^2. 

John Burr ) (See Sro page of R) 

aaml Mooretiouse ) Administrators. 
5 cMldren - sons cc daughters, all under a^^e 

1669 Roystein, Plattierin (Ms ancinet mayd) left prop* by 
x'hos* Pell. 

1669 Rose, Deborah, rec prop, by will of wobt. UsTier, of 


1671 RAbinson, Saml, oTvnes land next iifi.. Adams dec'd at Barlows 


1672 Raymond, John, owns land near Ralph. K.eeler, of -"orwallr 

1670 Rogers, ^JLir.abetn, sister of "Ohn -^nowles. 

1674 Reed, vVm. , owes eat* of ^eo. tiquire, Jr. 

1675 -^d. Jan. 23, Reynolds, •'onathan, est. of istandford), inv 

filed Jan. 23, 1673. Book 1665-1675, p. 7 5. 

Jonathan Reynolas, son, abt. 13 yrb» old 

Joim " ■' '15 

Joseplx " 4-1/* " 

itehecca " aau. 14 

tiarcih " " 8 on last flov 6 

aiizabe-uh ■' " 5 " " iiug. ' 
inv. made by 
^ngie iLusted 

Josixud jvnapp Before «^osepu ik^etta. 


1672 iiockwell, Jomi, witness transfer o i' pxoper-cy at Hye be- 
tween i'iiilip yiipin and i:\obt. ±Jloomer. 

1674 Bobinson, aami, est. of, Inv. riled Feby. 19, loT-i. 
Vt»ken IV uo'oxKe i^>iuire, iUoii^iru i.'gaen c: .joim. --urr. 
Widw (Book 1665-1675, p. 83) 

1674 fiockwell, JoTin, esc. of, inv. taken by nis A'cwnsmen 

Peter iJiuborcii rileci 1675. 

xim Knapp Brok 1665-1675, p. 85. 

prob. of Hye or '^ tana ford 

1672 Eoberts, •^imon, of -Boston, buys prop* at Rye from 
Philip ^alpen. 

BOOK 1675 -1689. 
1676 Ratelift, tfm. , of Greenwicii, Estate of, inv. filed 

1676, takeb by John Reynolds, Joseph ij'ineh L Joshuah 
Knapp. Book 1676 - 1689, p. 3. 

1676 Richmond, John, inv. filed Hov. 1675, estate of, left in 

the hands of : - 
^' ^^- Jonathan '^hore 

Joseph Lockwood 

oaml Adams 

1676 Rockwell, John, prob* husband of ■'i'liz* d. James '»ard (Weed) 

1675 Roberts, «m. , Cr. to est* of John lUcholas, of Stratford. 

1676 Roots, John, called Z«»sman by Mehlll Try 

1678 Renolds, John, takes inv est. Rich, Bullerfi, of Standford 


1678 Bundle, Wm. " " " " " " " 
1681 Roberts, Sarah, d« -"^-ward ti-inman, w» her 2 children. 


1681 Richards, Hathaniel, o±' iaorwalk, aged 77, will of, 

dated Oct. 7, 1681, probate<l 1682. Book 1675-1689, p. 74 
Widow, Rozimon 
Joseph Jietoham, called son 
John Hoit " " 

Joim i?'itch " " 

Ralph Keelor " " 

iiaml. Hayee , bequest oo 
Rev, -Thos. iiandl'oi-d " 

Rebecca Garret (now Rebecca r'/aller) bequest to 
Thos. Handford ) 
Walter Hoitt ) Witness 

In division of est. Baml. Baldwin is mentioned 
Richard Olmsteed & ■ ) 
John Piatt ) Witness 

Inventory made Feby. 9, 1681, by itich Olmsteed 
rt alter Koit & John Piatt, Selectmen of •"iorwallc. 

1682 Renolas, John, of Greenwich, overseer est* liargaret 


1683 Richards, Roseemon widow, will of. dated Apr. 30, 1683 

Kary xLoit, daugntex probated Dec.- 19, 168o 

Rebecca Fiteu. " Dorwai-k. 

Grace Keeler " 
Mercy Ketcham, youngest daughter 

Inv. dated L'ec 11, 168.'^, wit. by 

John Piatt, 

■i)hos« Fitch, Jr. 

Jaiaeii '-'Imsteed ■ 

iiergt. John Piatt, administrator. 

Book 1675-1689, p. 90. 

1685 Root, U&r^, sister to Francis Afford 

1683 Rose, Robt., of Stratford, inv. Mch. 9, 1682/3, filed Hov. 
6, 1683. 
Rebecca, widow 

Mary Jonson, daughter of ^oses •^ohnson 
Rebecca Stevens " " Obediah atevens 

Elisabeth -i^se Book 1675-1689, p. 110 & p. 180. 



to. Curtisa) 

Jo&» Kawley) Coramis&ioners 

Tho^. Ufford, John isardsey & Saml Hawly or. 

to est. 

Est. overseer by ^ergt. Preston, itobt. Lawe 

and -Jos. Walker. 

1681 Rowland, Joseph, witness discharge of debt to j-'hos. 
bherwood, or. by Thos. Sherwood, Jr. 

1684 Bow land, Henry takes inv. est. Kumpiirey Hide deed. 

1684 iiowland, Henry, cakes inv. est. Sarah -ilson. 

1684 -t^enolds, John, takes inv« est* of Ephreim Palmer. 

1685 Ramsey, Bachel, sister to Isaac Frost. 

1684 Sowland, Joseph, takes inv est* Thos* '=>kidmore. 

1684 Rockwell, John, est. of admr. give to the widow 

Danl Weea & Wm. Holle by the ^ourt, Mch. 10, 
1673; in Mch* 19, 1695 the court givetj tne 
disposal 01 fhe chilaren to the widow and 
Danl Weed « Mr. Thos* Fitch. 

1684 ^umsie, Rachel, d* Danl. ^rost, of i'air field. 

1684 Ronals, John, takes inv« of est. Joshua Knap. 

1684 Rumsey, Robt*, husband of Rachel, D. Danl Frost 

1685 Reed, lir. "m. Chosen dept. sergt. or master for co* of 


1685 Roscoe, •^ohn, has i&nd v?est ^^aml. aention. 

1686 Reed, lix, Ulta. ^uror in Hall vrs. Hall. 

1686 Root, John has land next to Henry Jackson, of Fairfield 

1685/6 Realy, Bryant, witness payment or Hoses Dimon children 

by 5x1. Howard. 


1685 riose, Eebecka, TTicLow of -fi^obt. Rose, eviaently about to 

marry again makes agreement with iier Jiusband's 

Moses Johnson, son-in-law This agreement is 

Isaac Bennet " " conditional tliat the 

Obediah Stevens " " Widow Rose remarry 

John Minor, Jr. " " within six months alter 

Hannah Rose, daughter Jan* 10, 1685. 

Mercy _ " 

.»m» Curtis ) 

Abigail water ) Witness 

1686 Rowland, Henry, Jun. convicted by court Jan* 5, 1686 

for entertaining aimon Couch, Jr., John Barlow, 
Jr., Joseph Rumsey, John Cabell, Zdward Gispp 
& Saml Wakemfm. The court thought he lyed 
when he saia he dia not sell aiiy drink at 
retale but haa drav/a one tierce aaid 1/ii bl. 

of rum within o mos. & had drank it himself & 
given it to his friends. He paid a fine of 
10 shillings, Z6 - 6d to James Beers Grand Juror 
& Ephraim Eichols constable. 

1686 Rumsey, Joseph, convicted for above offence. 

1687 Reed, John, fined for selling strong liquors to Indians 

1688 Raymond, •^'^ary, wife of «^ohn Raymond, and d. Thos. Betts 

ben. , deed. 

1689 niobinson, iiaml* takes inv est' Francis Bradley of 

Fairfield. ' ' 

1688 Russell, Joseph of Stratford, 2st. of, inv filed Hov.lV, 

1688, taken o-^ oaml. Wheeler & Sphrami's 

»«idow,Jane Book 1675-1689, p« 259. 

Child " 

James Bisckmaii appt. admr. 

1689 Russell, Jane, d» of •^anes Blackman, of Orinoge. 

1689 Roberson, iiaml. takes inv. of est* "^ohn Hide of -cairfield. 

1689 Root, Dorcae, d. of Geo. Abbot, of -worwaik. 


1675 Raymond, John oi' iiorwalk, acknowledges debt to Wm. 
Kllrup of Boston on acct of bill in 1662 
I'hos. Fitch, sen. ) 
Thos.' Bets ■ ) Witness 

167«i James Right a ^Jervaiit Sao to wm» Hamilton. 

1678 Risden, Root. deed. ax. of eat* of Geo. oquire 

John Bur & Sajnl. More hocus e aeli for the benefit 

of the children of the deed, all his property 

in tne Island of iseviB to Richard itoxd of 


""m Hill ) 

Erbor Wakeman ) Witness 

1678 Risden, SLisha, aged 22 yrs» eldetJt son of -"obt. itisden 
aacd* confirms above sarie. 
ciame ".vitnesses. 

1678 Russell, George, gives a 5d bill of esjo'iAiiee of the 
Hon. Wm. larle of Bedford for £100 to be paid 
to Geo* Briggs for the like value I have re- 
ceivea -from i>Ir. John Plat. 

1678 Russel, Mr. Thos. of ^arbleneaa, in the Ciolleny of ^oeton 
promia-es -uo -pay Anthony i<iallery 
Koses Limon ) 
Bd Howaia ) Witness 

George squire ia mentioned in the margin. 

BOOK 1689 - 1701' 
1691 Roberson, aarol. takes inv. of est* -Ephraim Nicolas Zhsigne 

1690 Rite or -"ight, James of Greenwich, baker, devises all his 

est. to Jonn Marshall, oen. Book 1689-1701, p.42. 
Inv. of eat. of James -^^ight aeca. Mch* 9, 1691. 
taken by John lieaa, Jr. & Jonathan ^'inolds. Townsmen 
Will probated 1591, and inv. filed. 

1691 Rinolds, Jonatiian, of ijreenr/ien, ta^es inv or admr. est. 
1691 Roberson, Saml. admr. of est. "idow »^arah & Mull Gorman 

1590 Robexi; xtumsey t;akes inv. of est. Joim -Harlow of i^airfield. 

» » 

1691 Roberts, 5ainl. of Faixfiela, receives nis inaeotednesa 
from estate of Obediah Banks. 

1690 Bolarid, Abigail, wife of Jonatliaii iiowlaiid & d. John Bar- 
Inw, "^en. 

1690 Reed, Wm. takes inv» est* of Henry -i^oland. 

1691 floberson, SanLj,. " "* " " 

1692 i^enolda, liehu appt« admr* est* Uafhaniel How, of 


1693 Eenolda, Jonathan, of Greenwica, takes inv est* Walter 

Butler. ' ' 

1695 lienolds, John, appt«" " n n .. 


1695 Rogers, iileazor, Takes inv. or Llilfora est* of widow 
Miriam Groome. ' 

lBd3 Hoberson, Abigail, wife of "ami. Hoberson «^ d. Danl. 
Lockwood, decci. 

1695 Reed, Mr. Wm. appt. acanr. est. Benj. Gilbert, of Fair- 
field. ... 

1695 Reed, Wm. tne natter of ""airfield , Ct. for est* Thos. 
' Barnara. 

1691 Roland, Henry or., of iairfield, will of, dated Iec.30 
1690, prob. and inv. filud Jan. ^^ 1691/2. ±iook 
Widow nebecka • xo89r7l701, p. 58. 

Son Joseph 
'• Jonathan 
■' Israel 
" Henry 
Dai. Elizabetn iiheeler and h&a children 
" Abigails Jones, wife of -i-'hos* «Joiiea haa children 

Rebecka bnitn " " Husar omith " " 

" Mary j^rost " " Danl. Frost 

Grandchild Jonathan "^mith 
"idow Bebecka, sole ex. 


Capt. John Bur ) 

Sargt. Joim xhomaon ) Witnesses 

Jonu Bnx ) 

SLipiialet iiill ) Witness 

xnv. taken Dec. 29, 1691 oy Comeliua Hull, 

Win* 'Heea at Saznl* Bobersson 

1690 Roberoa, OTo. of iiVooQbiiry, Will of prob. A inv fiieci Hov« 

2i3, -1691. Book Itj89-i701, p. 63. 
Widow, aarah - house & home lot he had of Benj. 

bon Zacariau, 11 yrs. next July 

" Amos 2 " • " " 

Dau. iiarah 7 " " Aug. To go to iiope t;ash- 

" ■ Hannsn 4 " last Jan. " " " Mrs. (burn 

Gunn of Terby 
Gift to Mary Einmaii to be paia on her marriage 

Gift to BenJ. " ) 

Lieut. Izrael Curtis,) 
oaml. Stiles, ) Overseers 

iiitus iiinnan & ) 

Benj* -Qiniaan j 

John 'bhermi^n ) 
John btilee ) witness 

Inv made 7 sseoy, 1690' by John Minor, ben. 
Sacil* Stiles « John laherman, selectmen of tVoodbury 

16yl x^oland, Jonattjan, of -^airfield, est* of, inv* July 17, 
Ibyi by baml »vard ib baml iJrake, 'filed July 27,1691 
Widow Abigail & she appt. admrx. eniloren 
ijhe married uaml Denton of Hemsted, L. I. 

& in 1697 said ^aml is made aomr. of above est. 
Book 1689-1701, p. 78 & 140. 

1691 Boland, Henry, Jun. , of ^airiield, est* of, inv taken 

5tn Jany 1691 by Jehu Bur, SLiphalet Hill ■ 
'j?hos« Jones sv/axetj to inv & appt. adiar. 
Eat. 'divided between iiis brothers & sisi/ers and to 
Hub 'c hilar eu oi nis deca. brccner Jonathan filed 
Kch. 16, 16 92. 
Bros. & bisters. Joseph xtoland , Israel lioland, wife of 'ITiomas 
Jones, wife ilLeaza '^rdth, *ii"e -aniel rrost and 
ilizabetn y/heeler. Book 1689-1701, p. 79 &132 

1694 Renolas, lir. tJoim, called son by John Bovvers of Greenwich. 

380/ 2o 

16y4 Senolaa, Jaae, cslied dau. & dau» in lav oy John Bowers of 

1:634 Saa. jtolaaa, widcfw liebefea, of ^airfield, will of, da tea 
Dee. ^^, Ibyi, probated 1694. Book lb89-1701,p.llE 
oon Josepii 

Dau. ELisabetn »Vhelex 
" Abigail Jonea 
" x^ebecka •-mitii 
" Mary Frost 
Bon Izrael legacy & made SJx. 
Jorm Bur ) 

Maj. Cornelius -a-ull ) Witness 
Inv. tafeeaa Eov« 6, 169*. 

1694 fio bison, Wm. , iiuaDajria to v/ittow oi Benj» Banks 
appt. by ^ourt to aaiar. est. " ■ " 

1694 i^obison, kVm. , biotner in law to Moses Lyon or ij'airfiela 

1698 xiaymona, John, uakee inv. eat. of xlioe. Hiett, of 


1718 iiaymoad, uapt. John, distributes eaii, of " " 

1699 iiunaail, Win., inv. est. by John Mead, Sen. of Cireenwica, 

iielectman of ^reenwiea* 

lb99 Renolas, Jonathan, inv. est. of ^onn Banks of irreenwicn. 

1695 Ezd* Raimen-c, John, of -^orwalk, aecci. Dec. ii5, 1695, Inv. 

taken oy John Plat, John Gregory, iien. & danl. 
Jiayes.riieu Jan. 20, lo95/6. Book 1689-17 01, p. 1^6 
ihe land zo return to the children an per deed 
of gift from xir. Hichard Eaiment unto tne said 

Joun Kaiment, age a about .^1 yrs. 

Saml. " ' " 22 '■' 

%os' " " " 19 •' 

Danl.' " " " 14 ■' next Aug. 

xianaau " " " 17 in ::ec., 169b. 

i'hos* -"ates, «^Oim Halmenz, of -"orwalk appt. adiar 

Jonn itaiment c nooses nis uncle oaml. Bets as Guardian 

Hannan " " ner " x'hos. Bets " " 


1698 iiaymond, John, ■cakea iav. est. Peter Cliapa&ia oi' i»orwalk 

1698 Ssu. iiobei-aon, oaml. or i*'airiieiu, will oi', datea A-or. 2, 
I6y8. Book 1589-1701, p. 155. 
To vdfe Abigaiie - iiomesteaa bougiit of Josepn holana 
Dangntex JJamarie - lana in Lockwood's jswaap - land 
a^; oasco iiill bought of i'hos. Sherwood & lota 
bougnT; oi ux. Karvey & Joiin Gable. 
tViciow sole executor. 
iiir. John Idwards ) 
ELnathan Eanford ) Overseers 
Iiani. ^nr, Jr. ) 
ELnatiian iianfoixL ) witness 

Inv. taxen xipni 18, 1698 by imtnl Bur, John 
Bur •& Jonn Mwaxcus, iiiea -e-pl. 2o, 1698. 

1700 Robert, Zackarian, or -Deaxoro, to aamr« eat* of -^nsigne 
Daal. bimkina oi Bedford. 

1703 riobeson, \m» admr. eat. of -oenj. ijaiika , deea* 

1698 i^umsy, or xtumby, 3enj. ao knov/leages receipt of legacy 
irom J-'hotj. l^renouae, deea. in beuair or nis b^if © 

Riea Hubbell ) 

Uaujian oherwooa, Jr. ) Witness 

1697 fijcd. iiesd, Wm. , est. or, Inv. taken June 25, 1697 oy o&ral, 
xtobinson cc Jonn idv?ards, liled July 6, 1697. 
•curing his life tne decu. settlad uis property 
on nia chiluren. Book •1689-1701, p. 185. 

K^on John 

Dau. oarah ^axlow , wife of Josepn -oaxlow iiaay have 
married 2nd Zaou&riah fferris. 
" Abigail Reed (may have m. Saral. Summer) 
Idary Reed, tridovv ox ueca. 

■'■n Win. Reed, decv;. deed of gift ue appt* oergc. 
John l^homas or Fairfield to disT;ribute ' 
John v7akeman & ) 
Josiah Harvey ) Witness 
Mary, the widosr of deed, in consideration of certain 
property reed in which there are 15 sheep at 
iStratford releases her husband's est. 
Jonathan Pitman ) 
Josiah ■^arvey ) Witness 


aon John and son-in-law Joseph Baxl'w C: Abigail Heed 
to adnr. 

1692 -^^oys, Hobt. Sc Mary Hoys, formerly Mary Porter, d. of 
Uathaniel Porter, late of atratford, deca. ac- 
knowledged receipt from Saml Fells, cien. & 
BficliolaB Campe of Gilford A John Budsey & 
Benj. Peat of Stratford, overseers of will 
of lathi. Porter, and assisted & admrs* of 
est. of SLiaaheth Porter, deed, wiaocr of said 
Uathl of legacy luft by said -^athl & Elizabeth 
>Daml Soys ) 

Jonathan Bauldea ) Witnesses 

1692 lioys Saml witness aoove release* 

BOOK 1702 -1750. 

1712 Rogers, Mr. Josepu, of Milford, adrnr. of est. ot Joshua 
Knowles, deea. of -"^airfield. ' 

1702 Raimond, John, takes inv» of est. John Bescow, of -^^orwalk 

1702 Rose, SLizabeth, d» Capt. Wm. Curtiss. 

1710 Rumsey, Snsigne, Ben j. now husband to "Susannah widow 
of jjiathl 3ur, Jr. and d' of sergt. 
Joseph Lockwood. • 

1705 Reid, Thos., brother in law to Janl. Olmsted, son of 
lieut. John Olmsted & chosen as guardian. 

1705 Reed, Thos., s* in law to -^ieuf John Olmsted, & admr. 
of est. ' 


1701 Rumsey, lilary, wife of Ben^, Ramsey, d. of John Hide, of 
Fairfielxi, decsd. 

1701 Rumsey, ^argt. BenJ., adrjr. est. " " " " 

1701 " " " owes eat. of " " " 

1695 Hober-cs, ^jsckariah, of Bedford, admr. est. John Brovme, of 


1702 Renolds, Jonathan, of Greenwicli, apt. guardian of 

children under age of Peter ^laphaia, deed*, of 

1696 Rumsey, Ben;), releases ais hrotlier John Hide, Sx. est* 

John Hide, tien. , of Sairfield, deed. 

1706 Renolds, '^onathaa, callea s. in law by Angell Husted, of 


1708 Rumsey, Benj. takes inr* est* aargt. Danl* Frost of 
i?airfield. • ' • • 

1708 Raiman, John, appt. to dist» est. Joseph Blachly of H. 

1708 Rumsey, Robt., admr* of est. Wm. Basteed, deed. 

1709 Raimond, •'ohn witness Hill of iiathl Hillyer of T^anbury 

1709 Raymond, John, takes inv. of Danl. Kell:g, of i^iorwalk. 

1710 Rumsey, iiannah, deed. d. of Gapt. John Osourn, children 

of, share in Capt. Oshurn's est. 

1709- Renolds, Jonathan, of ^eenwich, inv. of est. Jan. 4, 
10 1709, by Thos. Itorshall, i<obt. Loclmood 

Widow Mercy 

The »vida* ^'^rey, with her brother Janl Mead to 
admr . 

1710 Renalds, John, Jun, tak^iu inv. est* ^^tephen ^olmes of 


1711 Russaga, Mr* SLexsander, of "^^orwalk, admr* of est* 

lir" James -fountain, of Greenwich & gdn. of d. 


1711 Hairnon, Capt. John, of -^^orwalfe, dist« est* Danl. Xellog, 
deed. ' ' 

1712 Bawlinson, Mr. Win. of Stratford, will of, dated FeT)j% 
lii, 1712. 

legacy to -Elisabeth Beardly for her kindness 
Adopted son CJaleb Baighton, sole iieir & Ex« 
Hon. Hathan aold, Saq, and %. Josepn Curtiss 
of »^tratford to assist 2sr. 

Lieut* Ager '^'ombllnson ) 
Benjjaniin Coney ) "itnesa 

Ephraim Baardsley ) 

Inv Mcli* 3, 1712, by ilios. Bennii; 

Josi'aii Cttrtia & Francis i^riffen 

1711 fiicb, a.enry, oi (ireenwicii, inv. of est. Jany. 19,1710/11 
by Josliua Xnap, John Renolde and -"Jibenezer ^sad, 
Tiios* Rich, son of deod» appt. admr. 

' » * 

1711 Renolds, John, takes inv of above est. 

1712 Ra3miond, Oapt. John, of i^orTiiaik, uist. est* Isaac Hayes, 

of U. ' ■ • 

1712 Rogers, Hr. Joseph, a-zares t;o inv. eut* Joshua iinowles 

of ij'airfield. 

1712 Randall, Wm. Sen., witness willJohn Marshall, of Greenwich 
1712 Rundel, Wm. Sen. u n » n n h 


1715 Rice, Abigail, witness agreement of sons of John Whitlock 
of ^'airfield. 

1712 Raymond, Capt. John, appt. to diat. est* Thos* Gregory of 
Eorwalk. • ' ' 

1712 Raymond, John, takes inv* est* Andrew Lyon of -l^orwalk. 



1712 iiumsey, Robt. , sen., of -Bairfiela, will oi, Hoir. 8, 

• 1710. 
Wife Hacehll - land on Mill Kill - land aasco Hill 
Son Ben J. 
" Isaac 
" Danl. 
" Robt.' 
Dau. Rachell Hide, oif Hede 
" Abigail Osborn 
" ELizabeth Barlow 
Granddaughter Hannah -t^umsey 
Grandson Isaac Ruinsey 
vVife sole ex« 

Jeter Bur,* Haj. ) 

Mr. Benajaja cJtrong ) Witness 
Peter ^ur, -ftssistant 

Inv. H07. 20, 1712 by John Hide, Saml. Osborn 
& Saral Barlow 

A bond from Thos* J!iore house 
Bill to Jo. Andrus 
Cow at Hoberts 

1712 Raiinond, John, takeo inv est* Mr# 'Ihos. Seamer or 
iiorwalk. ' • 

1712 Jr^ymoad, John, takes inv« est* Danl. Lockwood of fiorwalk 

1714 Raymond, Bapt. John dist. " " n u n 

1712 Rockwell, Thos* of -^orwalk, Inv of est. of, Sept« 6, 1712 

ti^ Saml Betts cc John Raymona 

Due from aTios. Benedick 

" " John Benedick 

" " James Benedick 

" " James -^ockwood 

" " John Keeler, Sen. 

" " George Abbott 

House & right of land at Ridgefield 

Right in est. of Mr* John Rosoo 

rtidow '^araii 


oaxah, b. Oct. 21, 1?04 

Thos. ij. Dec 15, 17 C8 

John , b. Jan. 9, 1709 

Jahez.b* Men* 18, 1712 


1712 Hosco, I^. Johji, undivided est. of the a"bove I'iios. 
Hockwell hae right in saias. 

17ia Baymond, Jo'tm, takes inv* x'iioa. Hock-ell above 

1712 riaymond, Oapt. John, takes inv eat* Rich. Crosier, of 


1711 Redfield, Abigail, witness eodicill of «^onathan Sanger 

1713 Raymond, Capt. John, witness will oi , takes inv est. 

Saml Piatt ot HorT,7alk. 

1713 iienolds, John, takes inv* Saml. Mead, of Sreenwich. 

1712 Benolds, John takes inv. of est. Jonathan Mead, of 


1713 -Kogers, Mr* Joseph, ox Milford, son to ZLizaheth, lor- 

msrly Snowies St heix est* Mr. John -snowies* 

1713 iiogers, John, of ^ilford, & Mary, hl& wife, q. of 
Elisabeth Knowles & heir to est. Mr. Joshaa 

1694 Poland, Henry, Jr. settlasaent of esu. of, made %e- on 
JJov. 19, lo94 to tne following brotnors and 
sisters of deed. 


Joseph Roland 

Izraell -"oland, 

Thoa* Jones, in right of his v/ife 

SLeat^er ►^ith, in rignt of nis wife 

Danl. Frost " " " " 

Elizabetn .^heeler 

Danl tvsstcot & ) 
niphalejr Hill ) Witness 
John IVakeman ) Corap. 

BOOK 1702 - 1750. -^ 

1711 Runsey, Ro"bt. , choaen guaraiaa by ais nephew Ji^hos* Hill 
son 01 ^"hos. Hill late of j^airfiela, deed. 

1702 Hesoow, John, of Horwalk, Sat. of, luv Eov. 20, 1702, 

oy Zeruhhabill Halt, ^aint Kealer & John Raymona 



Rebecca Browne, prob. wife of James Browne 

Ruth Ahhut, wife of «John Abbut 


wife of ""/m. lee 

Speaks of land giyen to Thos. Res cow, son of 


■Agreement of heirs the children mentionea above 

in which it speaks of land that was John 


James Olmstea ) 

Saml Keeler ) Witness 

1704 Reed, liary, of 'Jtratford, est. of, inv Dec* 28, 1704 
by Ambros iomson h John iieach ' 
Zackariah xJostwick, son of deed to admr. 

1703 Rumsey, "Senj." takes inv est* Ihos« Green, of ^airfield 

1701 Rockwell, Abigail, wife of, Jonathan i^ockwill, and d. 
of saml* Canfield, deed, of •'^orwalk. 

1703 Renolds, Jonathan, takes inv. est. Zachariah Head, of 

1701 Renolds, Mr. John, Sen., of Greenwich. Inv. by Joseph 
j'inch, Jos. Knap & Thos. Llarshall before Dec. 
17, 1701. 
Widow, Judah, also called Juda 
The widow to admr. 

lir. Sanl. Eaifc, Lieut. David uaterbury, and 
Sliaha Holly, all of dtamford, to ui&t. 


Joseph I^enolda, son of deca. chooses Ms brother 

John Renolds as guardian 
i>avid Renoltts, son of deed, makes choice of 
Joseph Knap ao guardian. 
Will of, dated iiprll 21, 1699 
Jldest son cJonn 
"**~ " Jaraea lana next ^ireshain Loekwood 

-* " Jonathan 

■^ " Joshua - land next Jonathan jdemsted 

-^ " David " " Joseph i^'jsrris & 

next Ephraim Palmer 
Dan. Mary has uaa portion 

' • Judah 
2he v/idov/, son John & son in law Sainl Betts over- 

Saml Peck ) 

Jonathan Renolds ) Witness 

James Peck, ) 

Sarah Loekwood ) Codicil witnesa 

Hatiil Bowers ) 

Saml Peck ) Ea uodicil witness 

1705 Balmond, John, to make diat. of est. Lieut. John Olmsted, 


1695 Roberts, Zacharian, of Bedford, takes inv. of est. and 
appt. admr. of est. of «^oshua nehb, of Bedford 

1705 Raymond, John, witness will of John Piatt, of Horwelk, 

1713 Rogers, lilary, 

Joseph, see disi;. of est. Joshua ivnovrles, 1713 

1713 Rogers, John 

BOOK 1702 - 1750. / 

1715 Renolds, Joseph , s. in law to Joseph Finch of Greenwicn 


1715 Renolus, David witness agreement of iieira of Joaepli Finch 
ox Greenwich. 

1714 Read, lir. John, witness will ISx* Isaac :iuintard of 

1714 Benolds, John, takes inv. eat* Joseph Mead, of (rreenwich 

1715 Renolda, David " " " jsathl Coleman " " 

1720 Rinolds, John, Sen. to dist. est. of Josepa Mead of 

1716 iiookwell, Joseph, of xiorwalk. Inv. of est. Jan. 11, 

1715/16 by John Raymona & John Stewart, 
rticlow iiary 

rtidow & Jonathan -c^ockwell appt. aomr. 
fist. div. bet. widow ic children, 4 sona & one 

' danghter, viz: 
Joseph - y yrs. old 11 last Hov. 
Jonah 5 " • " "Sept. 

Simeon 4 " " next May 

iioaii 1 " " last oept. 

Hannah 8 " " 20 next Jnne 

Jonathan xiockwell guardian for Joseph 
i'he ..■idov/ for tne rest of children, all being of non 

Gapt. John -^'ayniona & John Staart to dist. 

1716 Rockwell, Jonathan, aumr. & guardian of Joseph, chila 
of above 

1716 haynonu, uapt. John ta^ea inv. & dist. est«£benezer Canfiela 
1716 Raymond, Saml. n » » n h « 

1716 xiayraona, uapt. Joiin, appf guardian for children of " 
viz: ' 

3zekiell & 



1749 Haymond, Asahel, guardian of liar y Hayes, a. of ■i»atnl. 
Hayes, or Sorwalk, deed. ' 

1749 xiumsey, 3enj. diso. est, of 'JJhos. Sherwood, Jr. of Fair- 

fiela. . . . , 

1750 Raymona, Zariell, of ^orwalk, appt. guardiaa of Stephen 

Miller, of ii*orwalk. 

1750 Rowland, Saml, of -^airfield, appt. guardian to James 
fiowland, of -cairfield. 

1750 Redfield, James, of -^-'airfield, choses Grameliel j?'rench 
of atratford, guardian 

1708 Runsey, Hoht. brother in law to <iin. Bast era & appt. 
aomr. of His eat. 

1708 Roelrwell, Joseph of ^^orwalk, is chosen guardian oy 
his brotner Sat hi. Wood of i^orv/alk. 

1712 Rockwell, ihos* of ii^idgefieia, being aeca. 

«»idow o^ah with x'hos. Rescue of florwalk appT* 

1712 i^escue, .Chos* of i^orwalk, appf aamr* of above esi;. of 

■ihos*' Hockwell of Sidgefield.' 

1715 Reed, Thos. of -"orvi^lk, cnosen guardian oy John 

^^ osier, son of i:^iea. Cosier, of «orwalk, decu. 

1713 Russell, 'i?hos. son of ffhos. Russell, deed . makes cnoice 

of John Parxisa as guardian. 

1716 i^nndle, Jacob 6a Josepn sons of late Wm. Sundell of 

Greemrich, being of non age appu. wards of 
taeir brotner Abraaaia itundell . 

1716 Ranier, Josepn, oi Hartford, supposea to be urowneu bet* 
Stratford « Fairfield, tne court appu* lilr. 
Josepn Lewiss of Fairfield to atimr. 

1724 Russaque, lUx* Alexanaer, of ■"Or'.vuik, released from 
nia guaruianship by Judith mountain, d. of 
James -^'ountain, deed, of Greenvvicn. 


lb84 riachel Humsie, dau. ot i)anl. J^'rost (wife of itobert) 

1698 BenJ. Rumsy, acknowledges receipt of legacy to his wife 
Hannah from tne eot. of ciaml. Morehouse. 

1710 Jhsign 3enj. Rurasey now husband to Susannah widow of 

imthaniel Burr, Jr. & d. of oergt» Josepii Lockwood, 

1701 Mary i^umsay (wife of Benj. Rumsey) dau. of John Hide 

1o9d Benj. Rumsey releases ais brotaer John iiiae iiXecutor 
of tiie -^st. of John Hide, Sen. 

1710 Hannah Rumsey deed, dau* of Lapt. Joim '-sborn. 

1712 Kill of iiobo. Rurasey, oen. oated Hov. 8, 1710 and 
probated ITov. 20, 1712. 

1711 Robt. Rumsey ciiosen guardian by his nepuew i'hos. Hill, 

son of 'ilhos. Hiii^ deed. 

1708 Robt. Rumaey brother in law to /Vm. iiasket. 

1730 Isabelle xinmsey, dau. of Abigail Andrus. 

17o3 Snsign Benj. Rumsey, ueca. Inven-cory of nis estate 
Apr. 13, 1733. 

1726 3enj. Rumsey, of r air field, appt. admr. on the est. of 
his bon Josepii liumsey, ^^eb. 7, 172b. 

1732 Benj. Rumsey, aeed. of Fairfield, Rebeckah & Benj. 

Rumsey appt. admrs* Dec. 5, 17 5ii. 

1733 Isabelle, wife of .^enj. Rumsey, dau. of Mrs. Abigal 


1749 William Rumsey, deed, of i^airiieid, Joseph itumsey & 
Gornslius Hull appt. admrs. Jany. 12, 1749* 



1725 Hebecca i^unsjey, now wife of Benj. Rumaey, wiaow of John 

Allen ox Fairfield. 

1726 Joseph Ruosey, deed, of ^aixlield, aistribution of 

his eist. lov. lb-, 1726. 

1749 William Eumsey, deod., of Fairfield. Inventory of 
his estate Jany. 17, 1749. 

1753 uaran Rumsey, dau. of Jsarah Bar tram. 

1756 Hobt. Ruiasey, deea. of i^airfield, inven-uory of nis 

eutate -^pr. 19, 1756. John iindrews appt. admr. 
Apr. 5, 1756. 

1757 Jiiobu. itumsey, uecd. of uairfiela, distribution of 

Commons, Feby. 7, 1757. 

175t> itobt. Rumsey, decu. of ij'airfield, distribution of 
iJee also aistribution Apr* 19, 1766. 

1759 i3anj. Rumsey, Jr» , deed. Benj* Runisey appt. adipr. 

June 13,- 1759. 

1760 Josepn liumaey, of x^eaning, deed. Will dated Dec* 27, 

1754. Probated vec* 3, 1760. 

1761 Janl. ."urasey, of xieading, will oated Dec. 11, 1760. 

Probated Mch. 10, 1761. 

Iny. to Page 100. Vol. 1761 - 1763. 


BOOK 1648- 1656. 

1654 ^os. Sherwood, 

Saraii " wife of aoove, u. x'hos. Wheeler, Sr. 

Sherwooa, i'hos. son of atiove. 

1655 Sad. Seyraore, jKici:e.ra, will of, probated Oct. 25, 1655, p. 6 

•' Mercy, wife of above, or i-iary 

I'hos., eldest son of f^ieh. & Mercy, or iiary 
John,' ) 

iiachary) sons of i^ichara & Mercy, or Mary. 

iiichardJ Rlchara Olmsteaa, Overseer. 

1655 £^n* bherwood, x'hos., will of, pfoba-ced Oct. 25, 1655, p. 9 . 

■* Ljee also p. 72. 



X' eras on { daughter I 





( Mary , 2nd wife of X'hos. living at time of 

Chilaren cf ■]?hos. 
iiherwood by his first 


{ Stephen, 

( HsM aeff , 
( Eutn, 
( Abigail, 
( Isaac, 

( Mary, 


children of 'Ihos* oherwood & 
Mary aherwood. 

1655 Staples, x'hos., 
1855 Smith, Siles. 

1667 Sad. Sherwood, X'hos. Jr., of ^^tratford, will of, dated June 
4, 1657, p. 18, 19. Probatea and inv. filed Apl. 
4, 1658. 

" John, ) 

" Thomas, ) sons of i^hos. 

" Mary, d. of X'hos. , 

" Sarah, wife of i'hos. 

1658 uquire, (ieorge, (1669 takes inv of est. Sprim v<heeler,i 

1659 " " ex. of estate of Ann n/heeler. 

1659 iaely, Hatbaniei, appt. overseer oi pioperty: 1669 inventor- 

of John i^gleton. : ies est. of 

x'hos. Pell 

B ii 1648 - 1656 
3 K 16b5 - 1675. 

1661 ijillenau, Danl. , given cus'GOdy with Joseph Lliadlebrooke of 

tae child John ijgleton. 
i)anl. Sillene-nt married the widow of John 

1661 aosseras, Jolin, has distribution of eata-ce of «>onn Jonson 
p. 66. anu is Qiscnargea by tiie Court. (He must have 
married ■cnemotuer of aaid John -Jonson ). 

1661 aheritian, tiainl. (btra-ufora) . 

1661 iiely, Hathaniel rec'd prop, for his wife Turney. 

1661 ibher^od, Steven, rec'd prop, for liis v/ife Rebecca Turne^. 

1661 Sherwood, Thos. rec'd prop, for Ms wife Turney. 

1661 Sanfield, Austin, Ifetate of inv. filed Dec. 12, 1661, p. 78. 

1661 bkidmore, ihomas. 

1662 Smith, Saml., owes estate of Francis Andrews. 

1642-1657 oely, Obediah, married widow of John Miller. 

1657 Sely, Ohediah, deed. 1657 inventorieo Dec. 24, 1665, by 
Vm. Newman ^ -"obt. Usher & apraisea by Geo. Slaw- 
son & John iiolly- • 

Widow, luaiy, ^Book 1665-1675, p. 14. 

Obadiah , 
Cornel iUB, 
Jonas . 

1666 '^turgie, John, receives prop* by will of, Danl. Finch is 

witness oi his Vtill. 

1667 Sellick, Jonathan, witness will Jeffrey Ferris. 

1667 sturge, John, e^dm. est* Peter -^bbot . 

1668 5sd. Semore, Pic hard, eatate dietributea lie h. 30,1668 to 

John Semore -Seymours Book 1665-1675, p. 33. 

Zackery " ) Hec'd £40. as full settlement from Llr. 
Eichard " ) John Steeld on a/e on the estate of their 
father Richard i:>emore, oecd. 

Steeld, Saml* ) 

Semore, Thos* ) Witnesses 


1669 Sxd* Sept. 10, Smith, Giles, mil of, probated Jan. 5,1669 
jtonice . •■widow (formerly TTife of Jonathan iforter, deed ^ 

aeema oo laave uaa otiier nu stands. ) 
Samuell, eldest son. Book 1665-1675, p. ;59 

(Also called SLuzy 2nd " 

Suzer.) John 3rd " 
SLian, aaughter 
Elisabeth Jackson, daughter, 
Johanna Gray, " 

John Birr ) 
John Banks ) overseers. 
John Applegate ) 
John Banks ) witnesses. 

!1669 Steadwell, Thos. (of "Stamford) estate of, inv. filed Llay 1, 
1670. Book 1665 - 1675, p. 47. 
Francis iirown anu John Green administrators. 

1669 5t. John, Mathias, oen. , of Horwock, will of, probated 

• Wido.v, Mch.11,1669. 

(James youngest son. Book 1665-1675, p. 47. 

I Spns. (Saml. 

(ife-thias eldest son, 

(Ephraim Lockwood gives prop, to liartha Betts - and 
Brother & sister iioit. 
Thos* Fitch, sen. ) 
Ralph K-eler, ) witnesses. 

Rich. Olmsteed, ) 
Thos. Fitch, ben.,) take inventory March 10, 1669. 
Thos. Bennedick,' ) 

1670 Exd. Scofield, Danl. , Will of, inv. filed Sept. 4, 1669 and 

Widow probated. 

Sarah, his daughter & her 2 children, 
Jos eph 
Witness Geo. Slwason, 
John Holly. 

1670 Slawson, Geo., witness above will. 

1669 Scofield, Rich., mentioned in will Robt. Usher of Btandford. 

1670 Slawson, Sleazer, witness will Hicholas Knap of Standford. 


1658 Aag. 18, 2»i. Stevens, Thos. , Tvill of, dated Aug.18,1658, 

probated Jan» 1,1771, (of Standford) Boolr 1665- 
widov7, 1675, p. 58. 

eldest son, 
other chilciren. 
Witness Sichard Lawe, 
Francis -bell. 
Inventory made by Francis Bell Mch. 17, 1660. 

1671 ijcofield, Sich. , estate of, inv. filed Mch. 6, 1671. 
widovT CI deca. now wife of j^obt. Poneer ? 
Bich^ Webb,) Book 1665-1675, p.6£. 

Jno» Green,) witness. 

1670 Skidrnore, Tiios., takes invt. of est. of Jolan Knowles. 

1674 Squire, ueorge.Jr., est. o£ (son of Sergt. George (squire) 
evidently left a chilu son George as in inv. we 
find Ola lining bought ior the child's use. 
Inv. taken , filed Iiec. 25, 1674, by VVm. Ward & 
(Book 1665-1675, p. 75) Sainl. Moorehouse 

1674 iJturges, Deborah, called oau. by John Barlow, wife of «^ohn 


1674 akidmore, Thos. of -^'airfield, husband of the widoor of Rich. 

Westcot,' deed., is released by his sons and 

daughter -in-law. 

John «ood of iitandford, husband Jonna Westeott, 

Danl. Westcott, 

Moses Knap, husband Abigail Westcott, 

John Westcott, 
On the sane page the wourt is released by 

Danl« Baldwin, 

John " 

Eathaniel" of Mllford, son of Uathaniel Baldwin 
of Fairfield, deed., releases the adninistrators for 
himself ana his sister •''bigail Baldwin. 

167£ aniffin, Geo., ownes prop, at i^ye. 

1675 amith, Henry & ) witness will of Francis iiolmes of otandforn 

Ann ) 

1675 alawson, John, witness v/ill Francis Eolmes of Standford 


BOOK 1675 -89. 

1675 Capt. iJely, iiathaniel, aeec. merrieu iHizabeth, then widow 

ox O-oadiah Gilbert. 

1675 Capt. iiatfittiiiel »3ely, estate of Inv. fileu Mch.l6,1675,p.7 
End wire Widow Elizabeth, as aoove. 







Sarah, aaml. aquire possibly. 


Inv. taken by 
John Banks, 
Geo. Squire, 
Sam Moor house. 

1675 otaples, I.Iarr, witness will Joshua iurneys. 

1676 ohore, Jonathan, nas prop, in his haads belonging to 

. John i^iciimond. 

1676 utone, John, Dr. to lat* of John Eieholas oi Stratford. 

1676 Squire, Saral., witness discharge o±" Thos. Bennet, by Hannah 


1677 June 18, bkidmore, Joanna, wile of Shos. Skidmore of 

Fairfield, will of probated 1677. (p. 25) 
p.2o. Children John V/esteott, ) 

" Danl.Westcoi;"U, ) app. ez. 

" Joanna Westcott, wife or Jolin »rfood, 

" Abigail riestcott " " Moses i^nap. 

" Sarah Baldwin, 

" Seboren Baldwin, 

" iiaml. Baldwin* 

Deborah Baldwin is given to Joanna wood until 
stie is of age. 
Wm. vi/axa ) 
Jonn Burr) Overseers. 


1676 Sandfords, Szekela, iiaa house near Mehill Try deed, at 
•iucka?/ay Hiver. 

1676 ;jtaples, i"ho. , -takeB inv. of est. Mehill Try. 

1674 iacofields had land next to Caiep Knap at •Jtandiord. 

1678 ohervington, ThOB., had land at saaco next Rich* Lyon 

of -Calx field. 

1675 iimith, John, Unole to John Godwin, daod. 

1679 oherman, Saml. , selectman of iitratford, takes inv. of 

imtiil. -Sorter eat. 

1681 otiles, £jashaa, wife of Epra3.m Stiles & d. H. Tomlinson, 

1681 iihervicood, Uathew, overaeer of Est. Joeepa Jaclrson. 

1676 Sherwood, Thos., of Stratford, Jbt. of, Inv. filed 1678, 

taken by Selectmen John Ourtiss, Henry Wakeling, 
Tho» Uffora and John Wils of prop, of deed, nanded 
in by John fitoket, Sr.,and John Sherwood, May 6, 
1676, in addition to inv. Ilr. Isaek Eichola naa 
i7. aeot due 2st. (Book 1675-1689, p. 40.) 
Goodman Brooks, : ciebts due from est. 

Josiah Beblie, : John Smith, the Smith, 

Soodnan smith (Carpenter) : Goodman Dalpson, 
A/c oet. Saml. Clarke : Good Marvin, 

& deed, closed. : Goodman Smith (taylor) 

i/Vitness,' : John smith, Jr. 

John ismith, sen. , 
Jonathan Law. 

1676 Sherwood, John, oee above. 

1676 Smith, Gooomaa (Carpenter) ) Dr. & Or. to estate of 

" John, (the Smiuu ) ) Thos. Sherv/ood of Stratford, 

Goodman (the taylor) ) as above. 
John Jr. ) 

1678 squire, Sergt.-, Geor., takes inv. Este Rich. Lyon of Fair- 




lb79 Sherwood or Stewara (?) Robert, Mch. liJ, 1679, releases 
ziie aamr. or one etJoa-ue of iiitj father in law Thomaf 

Ib79 steward, Robt., of iJorwock, Release oated I/ich.l2,lo79, 
for ilia wife Bethia d. Thos* Rumble of otr&tfora, 
deed., in 1653. (Boot 167J-lb89. p. 47) 
Rose & Edw&rd i^ash. 
Rose the v/iaow of i'hos* ■ttumbie married x'hos. Barlowe 
Sc at his death sue married Mward iiash* ^he is the 
mother of Bethia tue wife of -ciobt* Steward* 
Witness, \ini» Hill & John Banks. 

1680 Sely, Obadia, iilstate of, Inv. taken July 25,1680 filed 1680 
Standford, by Jonathan Bell, Josepii fheale, Abm.Amler. 
Jonas oeley, brother of deed* swares to itat. 
(Book 1675-1689, p. 53) 

1680 Smith, Saml. called son by Hathew Llarvin, Sr., 
" Rachel'l " aau. by Alee " 

1680 bemer, Hanna, d. of Math. Ifervin & w. of 'i'hos* Bemer 

1681 blawsontj, John, had lana at "tandford next John Holly. 

1681 Shermttn, baml. Jr., overseer of Jonathan v^urti&s est. 

1681 Sherman, I'ilr. sold meadows to Edward hinman, decde 

1681 btiles, ipraim, callea brother by M» -^inman, deca. , over- 
seer for est. for otratford. 

1681 utiles, Saml., overseer for 2d* Hinman estate of Woo6 bury. 

1681 otewara, Robt., naa prop, next j^athaniel Richards, Jiiorwock. 

168<d 'sely. Cor., owes estate of John Cal>el. 

168ii bely, iierfet. Hat hi. , appt* aamr. of est. Jere mia Frees. 

1678 Mention, Marke, belectman of -^orwock, takes inv of eat. 
Thos. Hale. 

1683 utiles, baml. , ) 

Epraim, ) called sonti by »iaraii wife of .c^obt. Clarke 

Benj. ) of btratforu* 

2ho. ) 

1683 omith^ Mary, aangnuer to jslizabeth Burr it oi Stratford. 


1683 iiandiord, iiSekiell, eat. oi', Inv. taken and filed Jan. 2, 

166o, by JaJneti Bennet, daml. Moorehouse, John (xruman, 

Jr. Book lbV5-lb89, p. 97. • 


& cnildren (I tiiink) , 

1684 aquire, Geo., wi^cnesa & "Uakea inv. eat* of Hendiick Hen- 


1685 aherman, Sainl. , Jr., overseer eat. Thos. UiTord, deed. 

1685 aidexiiiam, Wm. , Mr., distributes eat. " " " 

1683 atevens, flebecca, a. Bobt. Rose, titratford. 

1685 icofield, Josepn.oi Stamford, Est. of inv. Feby. 14, 1675, 
by Lieut. Francis Bell, Joun Bates,- filed IbSi), 
Danl. acofield "Drother to deed. «Jonn Pettit, Jr. 
.Joim ' " " " to est. 

Sarah Pettit, sister " p. lib 

Mercy acoiieid " " {Bookl675-l689j 

1685 cjcofieid, uanl. , ) 

Joan, ) brothers & sister to above aecd. Joseph. 

Mercy, ) 

1683 oherman, Mmond, of -Stratford, est, of inv. Kov.5, lD80,by 

ilios. Uffoot, tJOnn Birasye & Sanil. Hawley. 

Susanna, widow, filed Mch. 11, lo85. 

5 BOna Book 167G-lb89,p.l20. 

1 aaughter 
i^aml. , 
j;fatni. iJhemian, overseers. 

1685 atiles, Thos. of citratfora, est. of, inv. Apr. 10, 1683, 
son of uaraa, deca. v/ife of Boot* Clarke.' 
Bout. Clarke callei/ father, 

Benjamin utiles ais brother & nis son x^rancis. 
Saml. " " " 

£praim " " " 

Hope n/asnburn & Mary his wife brotner & sister-in-law. 
Isaac Bennet aot. 28 yrs. olfi gave testimony as to 
will, he being at uhe oedsiae of deed, o days 
Defore deatn. 
Inv. tttkeu oy .^aml. iiherman, 2hos. Uffoot & John kvils. 
(Book Ib75-1689, p. 12£) 


1671 (?) iilioot, est. of, iiiv. Oct. ;5, 1671, by John Gaijle & 

George ijquire. 

Ib79 staples, xlios., sen., aouse oi prop, left by Antb-ony i3eera, 
a -caylor. 

1679 oille^-am;, i)anl» , house of prop* left by Anthony jieere, a 


lo79 Sqalre, George, inv. prop, left oy Anthony Beers, a taylor. 
" " :: . u . ., .. btioot. 

1684 Section, riebecea, oao* of «^ohn IPicket, aeca. 

IbSl 3hervvood, i'hos., sen. of -^airfield, 1<ov.9,1d81, diacharges 
nis son i'hos* ctherr/ood from any aeot ne may owe aim. 
Win. Hill & Jo^epa itowlaiia, witnesa* Book 1675-ltt89,p.l;>3 

1683 btiles, oaml. auu iieiectman, takec inv* Est. Thoe . Levinga- 

wrote Of rfoodbury. 

lo84 ;jherman, tinsanna, a. x^ich* Hardy. 

1685 iimitii, bara, v/ife of aaml. iimitn, sister of Isaac jjrosu 

1685 amitn, John,) cailoren of aoove & called consins Dy Isaac 
Sliz. ) diobc. 

1685 aharp or Sharp, Hannah, sifter of Isaac i^rost. 

1684 cihervyood, "Stephen, sola prop* to t)no. Banks oelore 1684. 
1684 uilleke, John, overjstjer of esi;. Jonn Jagger, stamiora. 
1684 bturges, buaarina, d. Joim Banks. 

1664 oturges, Jonax/naa, granacnila. of John Banks. 

1684 Sherwood, iiathew, legacy to, from John Banks. 

1684 aeofiela, Janl. , chosen guardian by John Pettit. 

" " roade guardian for all Patti-c children. 

1684 Staples, vhos. , iSen. , takes inv. est. of Robt. Jleker. 

1684 Scofieln, John, apt. adin. est. Wm. Potter of iJtainford. 


1685 Stuart, Rol)t» , cleared by Court from Trajniing. 

1684 Skidmora, Tlios. or Fairfield, mil of, dated Apr. EO, 1684 

Sarah, -vridov/, »/ill probatea Sc inv. filed Dec. 10, 1684 
grandcnild, John Hugby that laarriea my wife's daughter 

" JoTm SkidjMore, 

Dequeats tjo all jaie grana children. 
Lieut. John Banks,) (Wm.Hill, Sen., ) wit- 

Wm. Hill, Sen., ) overseers. (Cornelius Hull, Jr.) ness 

Inv. taken -Hov. li>, 1684, by Jonathan I«Iorehouae, 
(Boob 1675-1689,' p. 148) Joseph Rowland. 

Saraii okidmore tiie widow of uecu. died 14th day after 

Court apiDOints Isaac Viiheler & Saml. Tredwell, adrainis- 

1685 sanford, Andreiy, takes inv. est* John BaSset. 

1684 iiention, James of Uorwake, abt. 38 jirs. old. Will of, dated 

Hay 9, 1684, probated Hch.' 9, 1685. Book 1675-1689, p. 
Widow Rebecca. 160 

Joseph Sention, aon of I-Iarke mention, brother to deed. 
Thos. " " Saml. " " " 

James " " Mathias n n n 

James Lockwood " Sphraim ioCkwood " " 

Witness James Olmsted,) (James Pickett, ) 

Robt. Lawe, )witne3s (James Olmsted, } overseers 
John Piatt, Ssecutor. 

Inv. taken ilay 30, 1684, John Piatt, 


Christopher Comstake. 
Before Rich. Olmsted, commissioner. 

1685 oturge, -^hos., convieteu of nigiit v/aiking on complaint 

of Gooaman Ogden. The father of said x'hos. Sturge 
giving evidence against him fined 10 shillings or 
sett in ye stocks one hour at ye least. 

1584 Sara Smith, d. Danl. Frost of ^airfield. 

1684 Sturge, John, Sen. witness will Danl. Frost. 

1685 Stephen Obediah, son-in-law to Rebecca I'^ose, widow. 

1685 Shermington, llary, convicted of being drunk and selling rum 
to Indians* 


1685 Smith, «^olm, convicted of excessive drinking. 

1685 Shexiaan, ^aml.. Sen., Commissioner. 

1685 Sherman, IJr. Saal. , appu. adm. est. John Basset, deed. 

1685 Mention, Ilarke, overseer oi est Apraim Jjockwoort. 

lo8o Sxd. Sani'ora, Szekiel, eat. oi, aiatribution oi', Hov.loSS. 
Widow (Book 1675-1589, p. 187) 

(Eteekiel, eldest son. 
All under (Thos. son of deed. 
agei"" (Sarah aau. " " 
; (Mary, 
( iilartha, 
Semi. Moorhouse, >^en* ) 
John Groraan, ' ) overseers. 

1685 Sherwington, ihoa., had prop, sold by x^obt. Williams. 

1685 amith, Saml. had land next Saml. Sention. 

1685 oention, Saml. , deed, the vyill dated Jan* 11, 1685. 

The Helict of said Saml. xvas by saiu -will apoin"cecl 
aoministral/rix with John Piatt, and sne ueingaiso 
deed, the »^ourt appoints James Oimsteu witii tiie afore- 
said -John rlatt. 

See folloxving will. 

1685 Sention, Saml., of i'orwalk, abt. 45 yrs. old". Will of, 
dated Jan. 11, 1685, probated Mch. 3, 1685, 
Widow, Elisabeth, (Book 1675-1689, p. 192 Sc 205) 

Elizabeth, dau« of deed., bet* 13 & 14 yrs. 
old, sole? legatee. 
Speaks oi' sister Lockwood. All orders of 

2hos., son of deed. ttie Court after 

Widow ELiz. & ■ ) 1685 in dealing 

Sargt. John Piatt) administrators, with this est. 
liarke aention (Brother) overseer speaks of the 

.»itnes3, (Samuel Keeler, aaa. of deed. but 

(Ebenezer mention. never mention 

the son. luch. 3, 
1686, Marke Sen- 
tion is oraered 
to take care 
with the admr) 
of the daughter 
Also James 


Inv. takeoa Hov* 1686 some time alter toe aeath oi' aeca 
oy Jolin .oou-ooia, x'hos* Beneaicks. 

Hov. 3, 1686, nae -wiaow oi above oaml. Sention being 
al60 decci* 

John Bouton iss apt. Aomr. vrttti John Piatt. 
Mch. 3, 1686. The relict •of alio^e bacil. being deed. 
Legatees also deed, except d. ELiz. John Olmsted 
ia ap-c. fidra. with «>ohn Piatt. 

1685 ijention, Sbenezer, witness above v/-ill. 

1685 steward, Hoht., had prop, to Sphraim Lockwood. 

1686 Sherman, Iilr. Saml. , Jr., appt. by Phebe Surges to manage 

her aifaira. 

1686 iSiiuire, George, apt. adra. by the Court llov. 4, 16"9, on 
eat. Anthony -Beers, is released by Court aa adnr. 

168b Squire, George, apt. ©dmr. hv court Mch. 9, 1686, on est. 
of John Shute. 

1686 Shute, John, est. settled Mch. 9, 1685, Book 167 5-1689, p. 19© 

lb86 Sherrington, I'hos., is clearea from irayning. 

1686 sturge, John, Sen., Juror Hall vrs. Hall. 

1686 Sherman, Hath. " " H " 

1686 Sydenham, Wm. , takes inv. est. Henry "^ackson. 

1686 Squier, Mary d. -widow Barbery Squier, apprenticed to Henry 

1686 Sherman, -'ohn, called kinsman by & made overseer of est. 
David Mitchell. 

1686 iiherman, Saml., Selectman, Stamford, takes inv. est* David 


1686 Sturge, Joseph, fined for boldness at Oourt. 

l68o citurge, X'hoB. fined lox being out late at night without 


1686 iiely, 3enj., ordered to pay ildwa: d Gisop & Saml. Jening 18 
pence for their keeping him in custodye one night at 
Constable* a orders. 

1686 JSav, 24, The testimony or John aturgea, iien. , Aged abt. 
62 yrs. testiiiath yt I coming into my sonn Joseph 
house the last Lecture day in Fairfield after lecture 
I met with Joseph Middlebroolce, iien. , now deceased, 
there I satt aown by him, ne aeemed to be very well & 
cherfuil & was giaa of tnoae things 'Joseph brought 
him, he setting aown between my daughter and 1 he be- 
gan to tell us he should not live long Sc after his 
death he fearea oainl* Wilson v/ould ronge his son 
Middlebrook oy reaaoh Of a riting he had signed & 
given Saml. Wilson &o father sain yt oaml. v7ilaon 
should have no more of his estate but what he gott 
by tnat deed or gift he haa maae him & he said it was 
his mind & will yt his aon Middlebrook should nave 
all nis estate at his death, he haa many more words 
about it but this was the substance of what he said, 
this saying of his v/afc but a few hours before he fel 
dovvne in tiie soreet going home as x vi«.s informed. 

Mary bturges testefyeth fully to the pr anises. 

John Sturge, oen. & Mary aturges were sworne to the 
above testimony. 

1686 amith, oaml. , given <-;apt. Bich. Olmsted's last wife's 


1686 "^ely, Joseph, has married Mary, the widow of Joseph Jack- 

son ^ d. of ^eorge Godwin, deed, 

1687 iiherwood, 2nsi^, Mathew, overseer lor children of Joseph 

Jackson, aecd. 

1687 oelleke, Gapt. Jona. & IHx* John, plaintt. vrs. Thos. Marvin, 
Defdt. ... 

1687 billeman, Danl. Jr., son-in-law to Bich. Ogden, deed, 

1687 '^ely, l»athl. , takes inv. est* Bobt. jciisban, deed, 

1687 ohermau, Mr. John, overseer of est. Joseph Hickox of 

1587 Slawson, ELeazer, overseer of est, Hicolas Webster of 


1687 ciherman, 3aml. , SelecCaaa if .itratford, inv. est. Isaac 
Judson. • 

1687 ijqaire, Sergt. George, reports to ^ourt on est- of Anthony 
Beers, deed. 

1687 2rd» Smith, Henry, oi' Staml'ora, will of, dated July 4, lb87 , 

John, son ox deca. (Prob. IJov. 6,1687, & inv. filed 
John Knap, Grandson, (Book 1675-1689, p. 239) 

Hannah Loranoe, dau» of deed* 
Joseph Garnsy, ) ' -tJohn Knap & ) 

Abraliam Ambler, ) witness :John amith, ladministrJi 

Inv. taken after July 5, 1687, the date of above aeath 
by Jonathan Bell & Abraham ^mbler, (Townsmen). 

1688 5hert70od, Leut. Ivlathew, apt,, overseer at' children Joseph 

Jackson, deoa. 

1688 ahelton, Danl. complains vrs. Robt. Basset for taking 11 
casks Se not branding tnem. 

1688 Sherwood, Lieut., overseer of est. Saml. Morehouse. 

1688 iiely, Joim, " " " " " 

1688 Seamore, John Jr., takes inv. of est. Edward Tuders of 


1688 Sention, Uathias, aen., haa prop, next to i'hos. Betts,deed. 

1688 iixd. Stuart, liobert, of ■^'"orivalke, est. lOf, Inv. filed, 
(or iiteward) -)ec. 5, 1688 taken by 

Marke Mention, iTios. -aemore, Jamea Olmsted. 
Widow, Bethiah. 

James, Gldes"C son of deed, aged 26 yrs. 
John, " " • "" 

Saml. " " 

Abigail Cosier, cau. " 
Deborah otuart, " " 

SLisabeth " " " 

Pheba " " " 

bar ail " " " 

Haehell " " " 

Book 1675-1689, p. 260. 

•(1693/4 Mch. 13. 
5anl« Ha^'es with the 2 sons 
Jamfis tc onn appt. to dis- 
tribute tne est. ) 


21 " 


11 " 

next May. 


25 " 



19 " 



17 " 


15 " 


15 " 


o "• 

1638 iiamorej x'hos., takes inv. oi' aljove otuart Sat. 

1688 i>ely, lieut. Hathaniel, of i^'airfieli, est* of inv. filed 

Dec. 4, 1688, taken by Hatlianiel Burr,' I'hos. Morerioude 
bee 169o Widow Hannaii, Book 1675-1689, p. E63. 

3 sons - 1 uanghter* 
V?irlow Hannaa Sely, ) 

James Bennet of J?'airfiel4, ) adninistxatora . 

1689 omith, »jacil., iny. eat. of Danl. Kellock of -"orTTalk. 

1689 Staples, -i-lios., takes inv. est* Francis Brady of -'airfield, 

1689 omith, -^aml. , takes inv* of aam. oi est* Danl. Kelog of 
Uorwalk. • • • ' 

1689 amitli, Sainl. , chosen aa guardian by Danl. Kelog, son of 
a dove Danl. 

1689 ueely, Joseph, admr, of eat. Josepn Jackson, deca. 

IbSO bherwood, John, witness agreement of -i^o^jm with the Sasco 

Indians • 

Interpreter in agreement of i'own v/itn the 
oasco Xnaiuns. 

l68y tihenvooci, John of iitratford, v/ill of, dated Oct. 8, 1689. 
Widow Sarah, prob. & inv. filed Sov. 9, 16ey. 
Both unaer Book 1675-1689, p. 271.- 

18 yrs. (Son, i'homas, 

old* (Ban. Elizabeth (land at -"ong iiill). 

Mr. Izraell Chancy, ) John Birdsey, uen.) 

Mr.' Sanl. Sherman & ) Abigalle «^onson, JWitness 

Brother ^aml. utiles,) ex. 

Inv. taken h^v* 5, 1689, oy John Birdsey Jr. & 
Ambrose .Jompson. 

1689 Btiles, oaml. , called brother by John i^herwood above. 

1689 Sexle, Jiary, d. of ''ames Blakman of Orinoge. 

ir>89 utiles, jipraim, called brotiier oy James Blakman of Orinoge 

1689 utiles, John, witness will if " " " 

1689 SlawBon, John, lived next to Bell, John. Jr., at utandford. 


J690 iilawson, (ieorge, xvitneas will of i^eut. Francis -tiell. 

1689 bention, Liathyas , Jr., witness will oi ^eo. Abbot of lior- 


1689 oention, Mark, overseer of eat. of " " " " 

1675 Sely, Robt. of -a'airfiela, on Mch. 16, 1675, receivea in 

the rignt of iiis wife '^arali, d. of Nenemian, Olmstea-i 
deed, a/e of hpr portion of & from Elisabeth ^ely, 
Admx. to the 5bt. of said Olrastead, lanci now re- 
coxdea nndor land iaya oat to Obadiah Gilbert a 
est. of Toy said wives then in his nands. 
Witness .M. iiill, 

Jho. Banks. 

169i: beely, cjaraii, widow of iiobt. iiely of Fairfield, deed, acknow- 
ledges the security of ner dowry from Mr. John 3dwarda 
of i?air field of tae est. of -t^obt. i^iely, deed. 
Thos. Murvin, ) 
Sliphelat Hill, )witness. 

1678 bkinner, Thos., draws 5 notes payable -uo John Mansfield. 

Llch. 25. 

lb79 dummers, Henry, fence making part of the boundary at 
Fairfield & iitrtttford. 

1675 belt, Hobt. of J'airfieli in tne right of niB V7ife Jarah 
d. of Ueheraia Olmsted, deed., releases Elizabeth 
bely, admx of said Olmstea ii&t. from hex right in 
legacy of said est. & land laid out to Obediah 
Witness, rVm. Hill Sa John iianks. 

1681 bturge, Joseph, witness debt, of Mathl. Hayes to Danl. 
Frost, ben. 

1683 btollyon, Biward, of Uew London, mariner, gives a part of 
iiia Brigateen iflward u Margaret aot. i50 tons to his 
son-in-law Pascoe Foot of lew -^onuon, mariner, as 
a marriage portion ne having married his d. Margaret. 
Witness, Simon :s^exs, 

Sanl. luoorhouse. 


1679 oTrldmore, i'hoa. tranafera part of wiie noze owed to Mm 
by Danl. nestcot; to Ricn. Briant o± .i^ilfora,. 
witness, Jan. 2b, 1679, 
oaml. Ooley, Jr. , 
kiaml. Briant. 

1681 said Dkidmore transfers more of said note to Rich. Briant, 
VVitneas, Aug. 29, 1681. 
Wm. Hill, 
John Holllngaworth. 

1683 More of said note is transferred by aaiu okidmore to xiich. 
Witneas, .im. Kill, .-leb. 4, 1665. 
I'hoa. ^Vilson. 

lo84 i'hoa. Skidmore of Pairiield transiers more of said note to 
aoove rficn. -ariam; of imHrora. 
Witness ITios* Wilson, i.Iay 6, 1684 
John 'Banka. 

1680 June 1-*, oasooe Indians acknowledge receipt of land (one 
piece called Rocky Heck lying in baacoefield on the 
left Of tiie patn aa you go to the farms, also a hill 
of land lying on the West of Maxezaus rarms) the i'own 
waa engagea to give hy reason of a bill of sale of 
Mch. 21, 1660/1. They proniae not to sell the afore- 
aaid land witiiout trie consent of the Town signed & 
delivered. June 14: , 1580. 

, , ■ , iiawaasorumb 

John '-iinor ) 

John Jherv/ooa, ) Interpreters. his C~ mark. 

Jusen '"-^> James 
witneaa. His "mar ke 

John lilinor, 

John Sherwood, Yeerei aqaw 

Wm.Hill (Jlarke. her marke. 

Cokecro hia 


Tianaskero Vj his 
marke '^ ' 

i'eedawro :\ his 


Wayreenotje nis 

Weerongan his 

marke 9 q 

CMckinus —-, Ms 
marke* -^ 

(japt. Weeteters iiia 
marke . . . 

Wajuneseside ^ 
jois marke. /'^ 

1680 June 14 - Mr. John Burr, Leut. John Banka, George inquire, 

Joian v«heler A Jeaaes Beers, oen. , Committee ox i'own of 
Fairi'iela, to treat witn uh© ciaseo Indians in regara 
oo land to be provided tnem by saia towne as by 
orders bearing date Oct. 21 « Uov. Z6^ lto79, nave 
given the Indians the lollowing land: 
"Imprimis one parcel or land wionin iiaacoi'ield commonly 
called the Hooky Seek: & is bounaed on the oouthwest 
with tne horss i'avern Creeke: on the Northwest with 
the Harsn & Cornelius hull's land « the nighway: on 
tne ixortheast with tne land sometimes John ^turges « 
tne <^ommon: On tne aoutneaat with the Mill River if 
tnere be any marsh within these boundaries: it is 
not included in tnis grant. 

Also one hill of upland lying near the liUnuy Creeke 
ijdtween tne aaid Muaay Creeke & Mazimus Farmers 
Creeke, also otner property not as yetaesignated. 

john iiur. 
Witness, John Banks, 

John Elinor, Georg Squire, 

John dherwood. James Beer, 

John <» heeler 


BOOK 1689 - 1701. 

1681 bturge, Joseph, tinea for eom-centicas speech to grand jury- 

1688 atuard, also called atewart, f^obert of iJioiTvalfe, inv« of eat. 
dateu Deo* 5, 1688, by Mark Mention, Jan-b Olmsted, 
He Alios. Seenor, filed Apl. 3, 169 0. 
She land of deca. wa^ apraaea by jaml. nayes, Jonn 
iieeler, Aug. 27, 1688. Book 1689-1701, p. 4. 
rViciOw Sethias. 
Jamea, son of aeca* 
Jonn, " " • 

unaer age 5aml." " 

Ss daughters all under age. 
Agree meat of Bettleiaem; of est. bet. the moth. & sons 
nitneas by James 'jlmstod Ik l<Iathias mention, Jr. 

1688 Seemor, i'hos., takes inv. of above est. 

Ib58 sontion, i^aml. , formerly owned land of -^obt. Stewart ox 

1cj90 oherman, John, takes inv. of est. of Henry fiitt of Woodbury 

1690 oherman, jjaml. Jr., Admr. " " " 

1690 Stevens, Jona-cnfln, of xJ or walk, aeed. , last of -i^ov. , 1689. 
Inv. of est. taken iipr. 3, 169u, berore 'rhos. Fitch, 
filed Apl. 5, 1690. Book 1689-1701, p. 7. 
The ueca. auu prop, at ilorwalk ee Oompos* 
Widov/ imary, 
5?he v/idow « ) 
Rich* Eolms,) adm. 

1690 oiiermaxi, aaml* , oelectman of -tratfora, takes inv oi est. 
John Birdsey. ' 

1690 oeli;, xxobt. of ^airfield, est. of, inv. filed Apl. 12, lb90 
taken by John iiely o: A^ranam -adama. Book 1689-1701, p 
vVidow 11, 

Left cnildren, some under age. 
l^he widow & ) 

John 6: Joseph i^ely, ) aiunr. 

loyo Stocknam, Jonn, witness will of x'hos. Lyon of ixreenwicn. 


1d90 iimitn, Saml., of i:*orv/aik, v&kea inv. ol" esn* :il1iz * Kellog. 

1690 Smioii, «JoJiQ, of ijairfield, esi;. of -i-nv. taken Oct. 3, 1690, 

by John ^turges, -^iioa* "ilson, John x'homBon, filed 
Uov. 9, 1690. oee ^joociwife -laxy otanson. 

oiiilu. Book I68y-17ei, p. 1?. 
baml* uinith, ) 

Joaepii tieimings, )a~pt. In liiarch 8, 169S, oaEil* 

oSiai. aJrake, )adinr. vr&ke being decu. the • 

Uourt appt. John Osborn. 

1690/91 isilliman, uanl. , oen. or jj'airfiela, eat. of, inv. taKoii 
Jany. 2, * 90/91 by John Thomson, 'i'hos* Jones, Thos. 
Wilson. filed Jan. 13, 1690/91. 

Widow Hannah, Book 1689-1701, p. 21. 

Banl., eldest son of deed. 
Thos.. " " 

Robert " " 

The 3 sons appt. adraxs* 

1690 Sention, Liaxke, takes inv. of & appt. admr. of eat- of 
baml. Canfielu. 

1690 ocoiiield, Saml. ,ta3res inv. est. Jeremiah Jager of "tand- 

soofield, Danl. , appt. adnr. " " " " 

1690 Scof ield , i<anl. , takes inv« est* Joshua -o-oit. 

1690 " " apt. overseer est. John Jager of Standford, 

deed. 1684. ■ 

1690 tJherwoou, Mathew, tekes inv of est. ol* Joseph Joy of 
Fairfield. ' Jacob Joy " 

1690 Sherwood, Uathew, Oapt. , adrar. of est. Jacob Joy of Pair- 

1590 Sherman, John, Selectman of woodbury, takes inv* of est. 
Joseph Judson. 

1690 Squire, Hiz. legacy to, under will of Henry V/akley of 
atratford, 6 ecu. 

1690 Stevens, liary, daughter of -^enry Wakley of ^^tratforci. 


1690 Sumers, Eenry, lievd v/ith. & left legacy "by Henry Wakley of 

1690 Slawson, i'hos., son of -liz. Slawson, Grandchil(ix''hoa. 

1690 Seamex, xhos. , takes inv. est. of Thos. Benedick. 

1690 Scofield, Danl., adiar* of est. of Joseph Jones of titanford, 

1691 Selliok, Oapt. Jonathan, distribution est. of Cornelius & 

Joseph «JoneB. 

1690 Sherman, I«Ir. Sacil., appt. adnir. of est. Henry -^llen of 
titratford. ■ 

1690 Stiles, Mr. -Soohraiin, orderea to make distribution of est 

of ii'enry Allen of iatratford. 

1691 staples, Thos., takes inv. of ^idow Sarah & Miell Gruman 

of -^airfield. 

1690 iimith, ileazer, has home lot next to «'ohn Barlow, tir. 

1691 ialawson, lilartha, called kinswonan by -^hoB' Lawrence, 

" SLeaser, Jr., son of sister Mary 'd. of Thos. 


1691 acuder, aarah, sifter of " " 

1691 bcuder, Jonth. , llephev/ of " " 

1691 i^mlth, iaml. , witness will of " " 

Mary, ■ 

i724 iJtone, John, aoty. for i'hos. Lyon, Ex., of »^aEil. Lyon, deed. 

1691 otaples, ^'hoB«, takes inv est. of ihos. Grunan. 

1691 i^herman, John, oelectmaja of "oodbury, eppt. overseer of 
est* Saml. iiickoles of "oodhury. 

1691 allliman, widow, (Hannah prob) agreement with her sons- in 
law i'hos* Dickerson, llathaniel '«ilson, i'hilip John 
Prise « her own son Henry Hendriekson, under age, con- 
cerning the est. of her daughter liary Hendrick, deed. 
Witness, Jonth. Horhouse, Henry Hendriekson & James 

1691 Series, George, appt. admr. est. of jliz* Blackman. 
1691 bmitli, Rebecka, v/ife ol' SLusar Smith & d. Henry Eoland. 
1691 iiEiith, Jonathan, granaeon of " 

1691 Squire, Sargt., ^^eorge, of -^airileld , Will of, dated 
Aug* 7, 1691, probated ana inv* filed IlovtS, 1691. 
■Thos. son of deed. (Book 1689-17.01, p. 59) 

John ■ " 
daughter Sarah Seely, deed., wife of John seely. 

Jonathan, aon of aeed. had b children, left him 
the It ne Dougnt of -lipraim /iTieler. 
Grandchild George "quire, son of ''eorge, died under age. 
large legacies to, also pasture lot that was Eendrick 

Saml* son of deea. 
Saml. Sole, .ca. Inv. taken Kov«5, 1691, hy 

vifitnesB, liathen Gold, iJen. , : Jona. MorehouBe, x'hos. 
John I'homson. : Jones ^ Wm. Hill. 

1691 atacy, Simon, of -^airfield, est* of, inv. taken Apr* 14, 

1691, by John Thomson & Thoe* «^ones, filed Kov. 3, 1691, 
Jonathan Fanton appt. admr. Book 1689-1701, p. 60. 

1691 Seely, Mary, deed, wife of John Seely & d. of Sargt. Geo. 

1691 iieecier, Thos*, overseer of est. I^thew Marvin, Jr. 

1691 mention, Mark., father of Eoda, widow of " " 

1690 Stiles, SamL. , i^electman of Woodbury, overseer of est. 
William Roberts. 

1690 Skeiles, John, witness will of «»m« Roberts. 

1691 dherwood, I'hos* , v/itness will of ^aml. i>rake of -^airfield. 

1692 spinage, Abigail, testifies to verbal will of Ghas. Dugless. 

Sherman, oaml. appointed admr* of estate of " " 

lfa9£ Shelton, Mr., sold prop, to 

II n 

1692 Sherwood, Isaac, releases Moses Jackson, the adnr. oi 
the edt. of ills lather & mother- in- lav/ John Jackson, 
on be nail of his wife. 

m.0<y^^-u^ Ajc p.^'^l 


1692 aherwood, Isaac (Contd) 

Witness, Hathan Gold, "^en. Thos* Uurwan and 
James Jenet, Jr« 

1692 iimith, Rochell, witness release of admr. of J^an.Kellog est. 

1691 cjherman, Hanna, legacy to, by Peter Bulkley. 

1691 aillimaa, Danl. has mare of Peter Bulkley. 

1692 iiilliman, ihos. est. of inv. taken Jan* 10, 1692 liy Thos. 

Jones and Satnl. Squire, filed Jan. 16, 1692. 
Danl. dilliman ana riobt. billinan appt. admr. 
Book 1689-1701, p. 81. • 

1693 oeely, Lieut. Uatlmniel. Distribution of est. of, late of 
Apl.5. Fairfield, deed. Book 1689-1701, p. 85. 

The widow Hannah discharged irom aomr. 
James Benit continued admr. with "^aml. iiqpire. 
3 sons, Imthl, Jaraea ano JTben. 
1 daughter in 17 03 called Hannah Grey 

Inv. of lanoa taken iiich. 9, 1692, by Mat hew 
iiherwood ana •^osepn Bastard. 

1695 squire, isaml. , appi;, admr. of est. l<eut. iiathl.Sely, deed. 

1692 aherwood. Mat hew, takes inv. of est. of " " " 

1693 utiles, aaml. appt. overseer or est. Hackaliah Preston 

of "oodbury. 

1693 iSherwood, Itethew, called brother by Widow Abigail Lockwood. 

1691 cailleck, Capt. Jonathaa, appt. admr. est. Francis Thorne 
of Greenwich* 

1694 oilleck, Capt. Jonathan, left legacy anu witness v/ill of 

John Bowers of Greenwich. 

1593 .mention, jiarke, of i*orwalk, aged abt* 59 yrs. wil}. of dated 
To £ion Joseph gives land escept the lot purchasea of 
x'hos. Taller probated & inv. filed lTov.7, 1693. 
Daughter Loess aention Book 1689-1701. 

" Rachil " 

" Annah " 

" SLisaberh, wife of aaml. Galpin 
" Sarah, wife of oaral. Keeler 
" Rhoda iiarvin, widow of Mat hew tarvin, Jr. 


1695 mention, Marke (Contd) 

Legacy to Joseph Lockwood, his sister's son. 
a on Joseph "Mention ) 
" Saml. Galpin ) aomrs. 
" Saml.' Keeler ) 

Witness) James Olmsted 
) Joseph Kichem 
lav taken Oct. 2, 1695 by John Plat, ^hristopner 
' Gomstock OS John Benedick. 
Sent ion, Marke, of iiorwalk ) Marriage agreement 

Hall, Dorothy, widow, of, of otratforu) Jany. 25, lb91/2 
m Iso part or agreement the name is Dorothy iiutt, 

widow, but is signed Torothy Hall. 
Witnesb, Joseph Uurtiss - Sbenezer Booth. 

1691 "iherman, i'iathaniel, appt. aomr . est* oaml. Berasley, Jr. 
of Paquaneck. 

1691 utiles, Isaac , of »^tratford, eat. of» Inv« I/ec. 15, 1691 
•Kidow iianna filea Mch. 25, 16'92. 

oon anu aaughter Book 1689-1701, p. 130. -,-^ 

Agar Tonlinson, appeals to Court of Assistan&^ 
at Hartford 1710, in benalf of est. plea 
not good. 
Widow and Isack Benet appt. admrs. 
John i^tiles, appt. 1692^ 

1703 beely, Lieut. Uathaniel, est. distributed by James -Bennit, 
iianl. inquire ana Ifeekiell banford. 
To Latuaniel, James and Sben Seely and Hannah Grey 
prop, next to oilleman's gate, Reea's 
pond,- &c. Caution to keep fence bet. the 
heirs and oteven iiherwood in repair. 

1703 Sanford, Szekiell, distributea est. of Lieut* IJathl. ^eely 

1705 iiherwood, "^teven, has prop, next to heirs of " " 

169* dturgea, Jonathan, takes inv. of est. laaj. John Bnrr,aecd. 

1694 .t.erle, Llary, wife of, G-eorge "^erle, legacy to by Robt. 
i-larke of tttratford. 

1694 ahenjian, lir. Saml. Jr. ex. of est. of -"obt. Clarke at 

35 '7 

1694 stilea, ipTiraim, ex. of est* of Ro"bt. Clarke of -^tratford. 

1690 Slawaon, Goodwife Mary, aemands some prop, of est« of hex 
son in law John ^^mith, he and "nis wire being aeca. 

1694 aherman, Mr. Uathl., appt. adrar. etst. Saml. Hall of i'air- 


1694 iiherwood, bteven,callea son by viidov/ lilary Jianks, deed. 

liathew " " " " " " 

" Buth, d. titeven oherwood, legacy to oy 

Mary Bancks, uecd. 
" Mary, a. Mathew -^herwood, legacy to by liary 

Bancks, deed, 
prob." Isack, called son by v/idow Mary Bancts , deed. 

1692 staples, 'ihos. takes inv. est. Benj. Banks, deed. 

1695 oilliman, oarah, wife of iiobert oilliman d. Cornelius 

Hull, oen. 

1695 aturges, Jonathan, takes inv. est- Cornelius Hull, oen. deed. 

1695 iiSd. alawbon, ueorge, deed, in Stanford, Feby.17, 1694/5, 

dated Dec* 19, '94. Book 1689-1701, p. 130. 

VIridOW ' 

kion John 
•' Sliezer 
ijau. John Gold's wife 

Witness Abraham Ambler & aaml. iiolley 
2 sons adznrs. 

Inir. taken by Jonth. Bell & Jonas »»eed, Selectmen 
■ « filed Mov. 5, 1695. 

1696 aturges, Joseph, takes inv. est* widow Sarah Bur. 

1696 oipirn, xianl. of ^ireenwicn, appt. aanr. est* Lirs* Hannan 

Bowers formerly widov; of Joshua -i^nap. 

1695 btar, Josiah, of i^anbury, appt. overseer of est* x'hos. 

1697 Scofield, Hutn, wife of Richard Scofield and d. of John 

Brundage of Rye, deed. 

1699 Smith, aaral, brotner in law to Moses Lyon of Fairfield, 

1698 uention, i^atnyas, takes inv. & distributes est* of 

Thos. Hiett of -i^orwalk. 

1698 oenaion, iiibenezer, appt. actor, of etst* of •*''hos. Hie'Gt 

of ^OXVT&l'k, 

1697 oeely, oueannan, q. of Jiaml. -'incn or iitanrord. 

1697 Scd. aillimaa, Uanl. est. of, inv. taken j^eby. 7, 1696/7 Dy 

■ Jonn "akemau ana John ]?lioinpson, filea jjeb.25,lb9D/7 
ifViiiow Abegaile ana aix chiluren (2 sons) only 4 

children mentioned. Book 1689-17 ul, p. 140. 
Dau. Maxy ) 

" Peacaoie ) 1697 placed out by order of Court 
Youngest aaughtat' unaer ■* yrs. old. 
Son Danl. ) 

" John i in 1697 placed out at aome gooa traae. 
widow anu xtoot. iiiliman, appt. adroxs. 
ihe deed, naa prop, at Paqnaneck tiy i^oberx8,:orob. 
at snip iiarDour, bought of kiadlebrook, 
land bought of Mr. Blacklach. 

1698 Sherwood, Mathew, takes inv. of est* Isack iVheeler, Jr. 

1698 Sherwood, Oapt. appt. to make distribution of est. of 
isack KK heeler, Jr. 

1697 3Jsd. Banford, estates of Szekiell of ^^airfield & i^ebecka, 
hiu wife, distribution of, Hov. 2, 1697. 
son Szekiell oaniora 
" x'hos* ^aarord 

Dan. iiarah Hull, wife of Cornelius Hull 
" Mary xioll, " " ifheophelus iiull 

" Rebecka "-"ely " " John iiely 
" Mar"cna oanfora 

" iilisabetn banfora (Book 1689-l7ul,p.l42) 

Witness )Sarnl» oquire 
) Jonn '-ualdv/in 
-sta-ue aprized by Jonn j-homson and Philip Lewis 


aely, i^ebecka, wife of Jonn oely & d. iilzekiell Sanford. 

1696 2xd. bher-wooa, John, of otratford, est. of, inv. taken Oct. 
7, 1696» b;- oteven Burret, John Benet and Zachariah 
iJurtis, ^selectmen, filed Oct. 7, 1690. 
Mathew Sherwood, Jr. ana tue nidow maae acuars. 
Wiuov; Johan&n Book 1689-1701, p. 1*2. 

Uau. Jemimah aherv/ood, unaer age. 

Capt. Ivlathev'/ sherv/ood, lather of deca. Jonn gives his 
gr&uadaughter tjemiman ilOO in lieu of what ne woula 
nave leit nls son. 


loyS amitix, bainl. Sen. of iJ'airiielu , will of, dated j<eby. 
27, 1697-8, Inv. taken idch. 12, 1698, by Joiin 
'xHompaon, JOiiu xjulkeley ic John Sdwarda, filed Mch. 
27, 1698. Boot 1689-1701, p. 160. 

Son Jolin 5 BiaillingB beaiaes aeed of gift. 

" ciaial. 
Dau* Elisabeth 

" iiaraji 
aon Josepn 
i-au. Hestex 

tsitnetjs, j^anl. uiiexv^ood, Cornelius Hull. 

1698 i2Xd. Dnernaii, Mathew, est. of, inv. taken ^pr« 1698 oy 

Saml. Hubbell ic ..latnew ohexwood, filed .apl. 26, 1698 
rtidow iiannaii jBook 1689-1701, p. 171. 
'ihe widow to 

1700 bterges, ciarau, called d» Dy Jeremian «iudson, oargt. 

1696 ':>mail, oapt. appt. to apraise snip or Dr* Butler of otrat- 


16y6 ojaelton, jJavid, appt. aomr. of est. Mr. Joan Butler of 
atratfora. ■ > • • 

1697 2S^' alawBon, Widow Mary, of i?airiieia, will of, aacea 

Mch. 27, 1697. Book 1689-1701, p. 162. 

Don Mat hew Jeningb, land at ^^asioo i^eok 
" I sack " " " iiill 

I Hill land reed from oaml. iiiobexson c<; 
I lam rormerly GoriieliUB Hull. 
" iiacil. Jenings iilO out or any eat. at ^atanford. 
" Joshua 
i/au. iiary uurtia 

" -iiannau Jennings 
aon Josepn Jennings 
lirajuacoila Jonn omitk 

oon Isack Jenings, sole ex. 
n/itness, liatnan (iold, Josian Harvey 
Inv. filed Jan. lu, 1697/6 taken by Abraham 
Adaaus oc x»atnl. ijur, Jr. 

1697 omitn, Jonn, iiranachiia oi «*iaov/ uary »jlav/aon. 

1700 ^tevenu, oarah d. of --argt. Kich. iiubbeil. 


17uO tiherwood, Hathew, Jr. appt. to dist* est. Sargt. Rich. 
Hubbell • • ' 

1700 Sherwood, Capt. Mathew, guardian of James, son of' " " 

1700 Sherman, ^ayid " Joseph " " " 

1694 Sellick, Ahigaile, -rnfe of Jonathan aellick Sc d. Ma j . 
Ha than Sold. 

1694 Selliclc, Martha, wife of — oellicfe & d. liaj. Uathan Gold- 

1698 3Soi, Sherwood, i'hos. est* of. Inv. Hch. 12, 1698 by oaml. 

• Sqaire, Joseph Stargia, ^anl. lleker « Elnathan Hanford 
The aecd, had land near Sleazar Smith 

Sherwood, Benj. ) Appt. to admr. (Book 1689-17 01-p, 175 
Saxnl.' ) • • 

1696 Exd. Sely, Benj. soxnetiae of istanford, inv. Oct. 31, 1696 
by Jonathan Bell & David -^atterbery, filed iJov. 15, 
lb96. (Boolr 1689-1701, p. 177.) 
Has share in nia fatner's est. 
Obadiah i^ely, brother to deed* swares to 
inv. & appt. to ador. ' 

169u Sanl'ord, jteakioll, adn. & overseer of est. John Gruman* 

1699 Scofiell, Hannah, d. of John Head, Sen. of Greemvich. 

1701 Staples, Ihos. husband of widow of Bich* Ogden 

& made guardian of 2 youngest Ogden children, 
Jonathan cz Mary. 

1706 Sherman, Ito. lathl. & lilr. Benj. to dist. est* Thos. Dicker- 

vson deed, in 1700. . . ' 

1700 Sely, Cornelius, inv. est. of i!4nsign Danl. Senkins of 


1707 Sherman, Hathl. of "^tratford, guardian of Abegaile -iJock- 

wood, d. of Danl. Lockwood, Jr. deed. 8e of her sister 
i<iary, probably. 

1702 Scofield, Danl. Sen. chosen aa guardian by Saral. Jones, 
Jan. 29. son of Joseph Jones, deed. (Book 1689-1701, p. 209. 


1700 Szd. Simkins, aasign, Lanl. of Bedford, est* of, Inv. 
taken Jan. 9, 1699/1700, by Cornelius iely & John 
Oopp, filed Jeby. 16, 1699. 
Elizabeth .^inikina takea oath to Inv, before 

saml. Hait, Justice. 
lylr. John Oopp, Sachariah Robert of Bedford & Saral. 
Webb of Strnford, appt. adiar. 
Book 1689-1701, p. £04. 

lUhe widow proD. widow of Joshua ,Vebb of Bedford 
in 1694. 

1697 aprague, i/m. debts, one from eat« ELiphelet Hill. 

1695 Seely, Joseph, marries tae aamx. of est' of Joseph 

Jackson and is released as admr. of est. of 
said Joseph Jackson by his son-in-law Joseph 
Lyon, who married Mary Jackson, the dau. of 
aaid Joseph. 

1696 Sherwood, Ilathew, acknowledges the receipt of legacy 

from H^hOB. Moreton,Jr. of Fairfiela, aam. of eat. 
of his fatner in law Sanl. IJoreton, deed. 
Witness, BenJ. Fainveather. 
James Benit. 

1699 Sherman, David, witness release of John Jackson to 

Moses Jackson, admr. 

1700 Steel, Ux» Janes, of aether afield, chosen guardian by 

Danl. son of -iphraim Halley of iitratfora, deed. 

1700 Shelton, Mr. Danl. of otratford, chosen guardian by Danl. 
son of Sphraim 'Hailey of Stratford, deed. 

BOOK 1702 - 1750. 

1711 Stiles, Mr. Spliraim, appt. to dist. est* Uathan Perry, deed, 

1712 timith, Uathaniel, of JStanford, hath maae choice of his 
Brother Sbenezer ^imith as guardian. 

1712 Sanfred, Ibekiel, oergt. appt. adrar. eat. of Capt. 

Theophyles Se l^ry Hull. 


1712 Sanfreo, Thos. appt. admr. est. of Capt. (Theophyles & 
Mary Hull. 

1702 Sherington, 'Jhos. eat. of, inv. taken I>ilay 29, 1702, bj 
Peter iBurr Sc -John Surr. 
The deed, had prop, at '-'ompo. 
Jeremiah »yood, son in law to deed. & Thos. 

Staples, appt. admrs. 
The neirs of Thos. Sherington, deed, are 
Dau. Mary, wife of Jereniah Wood, and 
" Sara.h oherington 

Sarah Sherington makea caoice of her brother in 
law Jeremiah viood as guardian. 

1702 Staples, i'hos. apijt. admr. of above est. 

1702 Seliman, Hobt. takes inv. of eat. V«m. Hubbart, deed, of F. 

1700 Squire, Jonathan, takes inv est* vftn. lyon of ■?, died, 

1704 iieely, leut. Satlianell, deca. setlmnt. of est* of 
Difficulty v/ith tne heirs on a/c of laiid. be- 
longing to tiieir Grrandfather Capt. "^ely, deed. 
Court appts. Leut. James Benit, bargt. Saral. 
Squire & Ezekiell Sanford to dist.- the 
lands of ^apt. ^ely cc Leut. ^ely. 

1704 Squire, Leut. Saml. appt. to dist. est. Capt. & Leut. Seely 

1104 Sanford, jaekiell " " nun 

1703 Stevens, Obediah, of ■Stanford. Est. of, inv. Feby. 22, 

1702/3 by John Slawson & Danl. Soofield- 

Widow Hebecka 

oon Thos. 

There are 8 chilaren 

Mr. Saml. Hait So Mxt Steve Bishop, both of 
Stanford, to dist. 

1703 Slawson, John, takes inv. of above est. 

1700 Sellick, John, Capt. Inv. of est. of Mch. 5, 1699/1700 
Major Jonathan oillick, tne Ass't gives oath 
on bhis nis brotner's est. 


1700 Sellick, John (Contd) 
Midow -^arah 
Children Sathaniell 

John, deed. 1707 Some evidently married, 
aaiah, in 1704 wife of John Potter 
Susannah, wife of John Holly in 1707 
Johanna " " Jonathan Bates, 1707. 

Mr. kiaml. Halt ana iir* Bavid Viaterbnry to alst. 

1711 Stebbins, Martha, sister of James Blackman. 

1705 Sherman, David ) witness release of Joseph Vilieeler by 

Marey ) John Berdsly of Stratford. 

1703 Stergia, Jonathan, takes inv. est. John Bradley, deed, 

1704 bellick, Hr. John, dist. of est. of, to 

:i?he vTidow & 



Mr* John Potter in behalf of his wife. 

Johanna ^ellick 

Susannah " 

1704 Sely, Cornelius, husband to d. of Joseph Jones 

of Stanford. 

1697 aiason, SLeaser, had land at otanford next Rev. John 
-Javenport Grant. 

1697 iitetrens, Obediah, had land at Stanford next Rev. John 
Davenport, grant. 

1697 Shone, oeth, vvitness Stanford's ^ant to Datienport. 

1704 Seely, Joseph, aamr. of est. Josepn Jackson, and he having 
married the widow of said Jackson released by 
i?ranciB Bradley, s. in law to i^ecd* Jackson 

1695 Releasea by Hary *». , Joseph ^yon and d. of 

saiu Jackson. 

1706 Sherwood, Jabez, settlement of est. of. (Says the will 

in inv. was formerly exhibited to the Court) 
Steven Sherwood, Jr., Jonathan Kusted it John 
Pettet, aomrs. report and are continued aamr. 


1706 blierwood, oteven, Jr., ecLmr. of above est. 

1703 Sheriaan, David, takes inv* est* Hathaniel -^ely of Fair- 

1703 Seely, James, " " " " " " " 

1699 Smith, aaml. takes inv. est* ^aml. Gregory of i»orwallc. 

1703 Sherman, Snsign David, appt. admrs. est. Zach. Parchild 

of Stratford. 

1704 Stevenson, Jonathan, son of Jonathan, deed, servant to 

Rich. Holmea oi Horwalk. 

1704 Sherman, l^athl. ) takes inv. of est. of '^ohn Baldwin 
Benj. ) of Stratford. 

1704 Stanly, Caleb, Commisary, orders lUx. Comandant xJur to 
pay soldiers' wages to «John Baulawin. 

1703 sely, Natiisniell, of iT airfield, will of, dated Apr. 5,1703 

Wife xiannah 
son Sathaniell, under age 
Brother John Odill, sole Sx. 
Speaks of at least 2 brothers 
kiitness ) Hathan Grold 

) John (Vakeraan 
Inv. taken -pr.EO, 1703, by David Sherman, James 

1704 Sherwood, Capt. Llathew, guardian fox Caleb, s. of Zach. 

Fairchild of Stratfield. 

1704 Sherwood, Sargt. Mathew, guardian for ^gejc s. of Sach. 
Fairchild of stratfield. 

17 03 Seely, James, takes inv. Rebecka Gregory of stratfield. 

1703 Sanford, Ezekiele " " " " 

1704 Sherwood, l-lary, wife of Oapt. Mathew Sherwood & d. of 
1696 Hr. i)hos« ritch of ■'^orwalk, deea. 

1696 Smith, Saml. witness will of Mr. -^'hos* Fitch of ^oi^ells. 


1702 Sherwood, isargt. Mathew, to dist. eet* Sargt, Saml. Gregory 
of atratfiela. 

1702 bheriaan, -^avid, ;iargt. to dist* est. Sargt.Saml. Gregory 
of ^tratfield. 

1705 Sent ion, Sanl. a. in law to Lient. John Olmsted & admx. 
of ilia will ■ 

1705 Steward, John, appt. to dist. est* of John Olmsted and 
aomx. of his will. 

1701 otarr, Josiah, takes inv of est. James Picket of iJanbury 

1686 Sherman, John, inv. eat^ of est* Thoa. i?'aircnild of w/ooa- 
bury ^4 overseer of.- 

1704 Sherwood, Jahus, of <axeenwich, inv. Uov 6, 1701, by 
Joseph Finch, Thos* Marshall. 
Jabish, the name i^ also spelled. 
Steven oherwood, Jonathan Husted Ss John Pettet 
admrs. & saia East ad & Isack Sherwood, ^^en. 
of -2 airfield, give bonds for the said 
Husted, Sherwooa « Pettet. 
will of, dated Oct* 7, 1704. 
I'o Jonathan iiusted &: his wife, all prop, at 

To Jonathan Jezup, son to Sfiward Jezup of 
Fairfield, all my carpenter's cools. 
Also gives 00 Jonathan husted Sc his v/ife a 
parcel of nails tnat are at -"ye at my 
brother Hathaniell. 
Sister in law SLizabeth Sherwood, of Rye, in 

lieu of debt- 
To brotner jjiathaniell, steer at nye. 

debts due at r^ye. 
To eousin Stephen of Rye, my gun. 
To my siriter Ruth Merrit. 
'i'o Mary Husted, wife of Jonathan a Dove. 
Witness (Thos* Liarshall before 'jaml* Peck 
( i'hos. Llathew. Justice. 

1704 Sherwood, Isack, Sen. of Fairfield. See above. 


1704 Sherwood, oteven, prob. of Rye, brother to deed. Jabuz 

1704 Sherwood, Stephen, prob. of Sye, called cousin by deed. 
Jabuz above. 

1704 Scrinener (Scribner) Benj. deed, at Danbury but belonging 
to i'iorwalk. 
Oct. 1.5, 1704, Inv. of est. by i'hos. Saner 8e 

Sanl. Hayes. 
John Raimond, Josepi^ Plat & John Gopp who 

were appt. appraisera, make report. 
VK'itiow iiannah 

24 next Meh. 
22 " Llay 

20 " June 

12 " Sept. 

17 " July 
15 " Mch. 
7 this iJec. 14 
5 next July 
5 " June 
Thos. Scrinenor, son of deed. appt. aflmr. 

" Scrinenor of J^orwalk,malces report of aarar. 
Mr. Josepn rlat & Sargt. John Raimond to dist 
John & Haiinan make choice of -i-'hos* Serennon for 

Ruth makes choice of Benj* ijcrennon for guardian. 


1704 Seraer, A'hos* takes inv of above est. 

1699 'icofiela, John, of 'Stanford, inv of est. Apr 20, 1699, 

by David Water bury, Iianl*" ocofield & Jotm Betta 
/i/idow Hannan 
Children, 3 dau. 4 sons: 
Sainl. aged 21, July 10, 1699. 

John " 20, Jan* 15, 1700 

Sbeneser " 1^, Jun^ 26, 1699. 

Sathl. " 12, jJQC 10, 1699 

Mary " 5, Aug. 4, 1699 

Susannah, " 1, Mch. 1, 1699. 

Danl. bcofield & John Pettet to dist. 

1689 .jimkins, x>anl« takes inv. eat* i'hos* nilaraan of Bedford. 





















1697 aeamer, ^arah, wife of 2hos. Soaraer, formerly 1689 widow 
of Thos* •"ilcLaan of Bedford. 

1695 seely, Uorneliua, takes inv est* John Browne of Bedford. 

1705 Shaw, ^etih, tafeee inv. est. John Bouton of Danbury* 

1705 Starr, Josiati. " " " " " " 

1705 tJention, Joseph, witness will of John Piatt of JSorwalk. 

1701 Sanfrea, 3ziekill, aoiar. of est. of John uruman.aen.ref 

1701 ailliman, -"olDt. app. to aist. est. John (xruraan, Sen. deed. 

BOOK 1702 - 1750. 

lo98 oloson, iieazar, of otanforci, will of, Apr. 29, lb98. 
Wife Susannah 
Son SLeazer 
Dau. Martha 
aon. Janes ) 

" Sbenezer ) 3 youngest. 
" Uathaniell) 
•^au. Susannaii 

Son Jamed, with the assistance of his ) 

Uncle John aloson & Mr. David V7aterbury) Overseers 

witness (John oloson 

isteplian iiiship 
Xnv. Ilay 27, 1698 by -J^^braham Ambler, I)anl« Scofiell. 
& David "aterbury. 

1703 Stevens, Obediah, of otanfora, inv of est. Feby. 22, 1702/3 
Dy John Sioson ob Danl» Scofleld 
(due upon a bill of Henry Allin of citratford) 
Widow nebecka & 

8 children, sons « Daus., some unaer age 
Son Xhomas 

The widow and son 'Ihoa. to admr. 

Mr. Saml. Hait a LIr. Steven iiiship to make dist. 

1703 sioson, John, takes inv. on above est. 


1705 Seely, Jonas, Hen* of "tanford. Inv. of est. of, Mch.5, 
1704/5, by David Waterbury & Danl. Soofield, Sen. 
Widow llary & 
8 cnildren. 

Will of, not provea 
wife Maxy 
Sldest son oaml. 
Dau* iiaran 

Mr. 'Stephen Bishop & Mr. Danl. boofield to 
make aist. 

Ihe widow & Jonathan bloson to admr. 
(Vitness, John Sloson, -^en. , Joseph Bishop 
John Holly, son to Increase Holly of utanfordy 

gives testimony in regard to tionas Seely 
John iiloson, aged abt. 60 yrs* also gives testi- 
ijr. Jacob i^ioene also giveti testimony; ne uays iiis 
condition v/as like your brother Thomson in 

writing to 

in 1722, on testimony of ::-beneaar oealy of 
Stanford, one of the sons of deed* Jonas, 
it appears that 5 of tne children 'nave died, 
viz* Jonas, A>^rtha as Susannah Sealy. The 
Court orders the dist. of est* to the 
»iidow,-.iary oealy 

baml. the eldest son, had reed, ftis portion 
Sarah, who nas also reed, portion 

iir. John Hai"C and iir. John 31aw.son, dist 
1725, iyisign Jonathan ^^lawson makes report of 
admr. and is discharged. 

1705 aloson, John, aged abt. 60, gives testimony of Jonas Sealy 

deed, of Stanford. 

1725 iilawson, jaasign Jonathan, released from adm. of est* of 
Jonas Sealy, deed, of dtanford. 

1706 oellick, Jonathan, Jr. witness agreemt. of heirs Jeremiah 

Jagger, Jr. • 

1706 sellick, Abegail, witness agreemt* of heirs Jeremiah 
Jaggex , Jr . 


1707 Steward, John, makes dist. of est* ihos. Lnpton of -orwalk 

1707 ijellick, John, Jr. of Stanford, will of, dated flor.ll, 1706 
BxotiiQx I'-attianieil aellick 
iviother oaran, widow of Gapt. Jolin oellick 
Isack, prob. negro servant. • 
aistex ouaannan, wife of John i^olly. 
" Johana, " " Jonathan liates. 

Brother i^iatnl. to aamr. 
►vitness, i Jonathan iiellick 
( John Copy (?) 
(tJaml. jieob. 
Inv. Mch* 10, 1706/7 by «^onai;han '^ellick, oen. & 
Saial. Webb. 

1707 Scof field, 3aml. of "tanford, deed. Jan. 20, 1706/7 inv. 
luch. 2b, 1707 by Joseph Biship, Clement Buxton 
& ELisna iiolly. 

Widow UnioQ in lilyiiood of anccher child 
1 daughter 

IChe widow & John Pettet by former order of 

uourt oo acunr. 
fileraent Buxtftn gives bond for adiar* 

1707 bloson, John, of "tanford, heire of, agree to dist. as 
follows - Jan. 11, 1706/7. 
tion John 
" Jonathan 

'' l^os. lanu formerly (ieorge -Jloson's 
Dau. c»ara,h ■'^isiiop, wife of Ebenezer liishop 
" Slizaiieoh x'ond, •' " ]Jatiianiel Pond. 

" Mary 

Witness (Jonathan •^ellick.tJr. 

(Steven ■i^olma 
John l;; Jonatrian >sloson, aamr* of est* John 
Sloson deed, extiibit Hov.' 8, 1707, an inv 
of es"C. of Joian oloson, deed, above, taken 
Hov. 24, 1706, by Joseph Jiisnop, -^^anl. 
tjcofield &: Jonathan Bell, and swim to by 
ilcn. 5 Hannan, tne widow of said John oloson.decd 


1707 Summera, liary, wno lives witn xieliverence .vakley, is left 
legacy Djr nim. 

1704 Sherwooa, atepiien, takes inv. est. Thos. Bennit of 

ij'airfield. • 


1704 Sheerwood, Isaack, takes inv. est. Thos. Bennit of 


1708 Stirges, Joseph, testifies as to will of Sargt.Panl. ?rost 
of Fairfield. 

1708 Stirges, Christopher, takes inv. est. of Sargt. Danl. Frost 
of Fairfield. 

1703 Seely, James, takes inv« est. of Eeheckah Gregory, deed 

1706 tension, Eachell, wife of i^thew iiension & d. of John 
Bowton, ben. of Horwalk. 

1706 Smith, Ahegaile, d. of John Bowton, ben. of Norwalk. 

1705 St. John, baml* s. in law to Lieut. John Olmsted, deed. 

1707 Sherman, David, witness v/ill of John 0dell,Sen. of Strat- 


1707 Silleek, David, of Stanford, inv. Sept. 17, 1707, hy Slisha 
Holly, iitephen xiishop. A sea chest, etc. in Hat hi. 
belleck's hands. 

A double share Of his father's est. 333-04-10. 
To former appraisement as followetn, viz. in 
lands - 117-10-1-3/4. The share of his father's 
est. is 2/7 of his father's est. according to 
former but the widow's third being divided 
truly coat ec proportion. 

John Holly & Jonathan Bates of Stanford, admrs. 
John Holly Sc Jonathan Bates did, by petition to 
General i-iourt in Eew Haven Oct. 9, 1707, 
obtain liberty of appeal to Court of Ass'ts. 
to be held at i^itratford in May next from 
the sentence ordered by the Court of Probate 
in May, 1708. In settlement of the est. 
of oheir father in law, Mr. John Sellick, 
late of Stanford, deed. & at court in u'airfield 
Kch. 9, 1708, give bond that they will come 
before aaid Court of Assistants. 

1706 Stergis, Mary, late widow of x'hos« Morehouse, Jr. 

1706 Sherwood, Ifothew ) 

1706 aherv/ood, Itothew, Jr.) See Thos. Itorehouse, Jr. 


1706 Sanford, aargt. Ezekiell, appt. to dist. est. Thoe. 

Morehouse, Jr. 

1707 Sherwood, Isaac, Sen. takes inv. est. -^-'lios. Disbro. deed. 

of i> airfield. ■ 

1707 Stuard, Saml. takes inv.est.Thos.Dishro.fiecd. of Fairfield 

1707 Sherwood, Jolm, " " " " " " " 

1707 Sturgis, John & Jonathan, iien» takes inv. of est. Andrew Ward 

1707 Sturges, Jonathan, Sen. appt. to aist. est. of " " 

1708 Sherman, Snsign David, of Stratford, to acaar. est. Sargt. 

Saul. Wheeler. 

1704 Steward, Saml. son in law to ihos. Bennit of Fair field, deed 

1709 Sherman, Ensign David, takes inv. & dist. est. Saml. 
Berdsly of Stratford. 

1709 Squire, Saml. takea inv est. John Davis, Jr. of F. 

1710 Sherman, Benj. takes inv. est. of John Seely of stratfora 

1709 Sherwood, Sargt. Mathew,Jr. of Stratford, will of, July 
12, 1709. 

To church at stratfield. 
Wife Elisabeth 
Dau. Sarah x'redv/ell 

After my wife's decease, unto the child or children 
that shall oe born to my dau. Sarah Tredwell. 
Son iiraothy Sredwell 

Brother Saml. Sherv/ooci»s son i^athaniell 
Brother Ihos* korehouse's son •'ohn that lives with me. 
Wife, sole ex, 

James Bennit « %si6n Saml. Hubbell, overseers, 
iiitness, James Bennitt & liary, his wife, on Eov. 

21, 1709, sware to tneir signatures. 
Inv. taken Jiov. 17, 1709, by James Bennit, Saml. 

■Hubbell & 3ich. Hubbell. 
Deed, had 9 acres of six mile div. of i'hoa. 
■Knells of ijtratford. 

37 £ 

1706 Smith, Saml. talres inv est* Sargt. John Bouton of i^"orwalk 

1710 Seely, John, of utratfieid, ill of, dated ijeb. 4, 1709/10 
i«ife Rehecteh 

Son John, under age, 15 yra. old last July. i<ight 
tue -cestator is to nave of Brother iiathl. 
aeely's heirs. 
" Joseph, 13 yrs. old Hch. 10 last. 
" David, £ " ■ " last day of last July 
Bau* Msiry Durim 
" • Ann Beardsley 
" Sarah, 19 years old. 
" iiebeckaa 18 " " Hov. 26 last 

'• Hannah 17 " " Mch.' 9 " 

" Abegaile 11 " " " • 9 " 

" i?ntn, 7 " " last June 

" SLizabetn 6 " "28 last i^ov. 

" Martha 3 " " the last of June. 

The widow & i^ieut. •^ames Bennet & Brother sargt. 

Ezekiell Sanfred, admrs. 
Witness, James Bennet, Capt. baml. bquire & 

Eteetiell ^ianfred. 
Inv* Apr* 10, 1710, by Janes Bennitt, Benj. 
•Sherman « Saml. Hub bell. 

1''10 Sanford, i^iergt. iizekiel, witness will of John seely of 

1710 " bergt. Szekiel, called brotner by John Seely of 

atratfield and overseer of est. 

1710 Squire, Capt. Saral. , witness will of John oeely of otrat- 
field and overseer of est. 

1710 Stevenson, Jonathan, or -"orwalk, will of, darea STew Haven 
June 22, 17 09. 
To Mother in case I do not return from my 
journey into Canada and in case of tier 
death to my brothers and sister^. 
Witness Saml. Jieler of -"orwalk ) Before Ha than 

Hoseph amith ) Andrus, Justice 

Inv. Mch. 10, 1709-10 by «»m. Haines, .John Bene- 

aiGk,oen. , Joaepn Gregory, sen. 
Maray Bouton, of J^orwalk, widow, mother of deed. 
Mary i^outon, motner of deed. appt. admx. 

1710 Smith, Joseph, witness above will. 


i72£ iieely, John, one of the ^ons of John Seely deed. i« also 
aecd. Court orders land to be diviaeu between 
tne two surviving or others, viz, Joseph beely 
and David aeely and Court appta. Leut. Ricn. 
Hubbell and (iideon Havrley to dist. 

1710 Smith, iueriam, sister to James iilaekman of strafcforti. 

1710 Stodder. Rev, Ant bony, witness will of John iJhomas of 

1710 Stodaer. Prudence, wife of above, witness will of John 
Thomas of Woodbury. 

1710 Sacfeet, I'irs. Fam, a dau. of John ^homas, mentioned as liv- 
ing there.' 

1710 aherman, John, ^en. takes inv. of "oodbury prop, of lilr. 
Jonn Judson of w. 

1710 Selleck, Jonathan, oen. takes inv. iitamford prop- of 1^. 
John Judson of Woodbury. 

1710 belleck, Jonathan. Jr. takes inv btamford prop.^ of Mr. 
Jonn Judson of "oodbury. 

1710 sanford, Szekiell, guardian for x'hos. son of John (iruman, 

1719 Sherman, David, " " aaml- 

1710 Sloson, i^hos. Of Stanford, inv. of «^.^- f"?' ^6. J-?!®. ^^ 
Jonn aloson, Jonathan c>loson, imthaniel Pona. 

V/idow iiarali 

Joiin oloson and l^athl. ^ona of ^^tanford appt.aamrs. 

I'he est. to be aivideu bet. oarah blawson, wiaow 
of deca. and Jonn oloson, Jonaonan ^loson. 
and Eat hi. Pond and ►-arah Bishop, wiaow of 
Sbenezer Bisnop. all of Stanford, as per 
agreement of above named brothers ana sister 
of dacii. ^ ., . 

Witness Agreement, iilisha ^^olly, -f^braham ».ooa. 

In dist. of est. as per agreement. 

Witness, Shos. Turney, John »-ebster. 


1710 akeel, aergt. Shoe, of Woodbury, deed. July 50, 1709/10 
Inv. of est. 0^ i'itus iJ-izunan and ^oiin akeel 
John akeel, father of deed. 
Jonn akeel, brother 
•aister iiaiman Hekok 
" Elizabeth omith 
" Abigaile iJarnum 

John cikeel, father of aeou. and J^eut. Titus 
Kinman to dist. 

1710 omitn, j^Lizaoetn, sister of aergt. i'hos' Skeel of Woodbury 

1710 Stiles, Epiiraim, takes inv. & dist. est. Arthur Perry of 

1710 amitn, aaml. appt. to dist. part of est* of Rev. Mr. Han- 

1710 aloson, Mary, oalled d. "by ateven Holmes of Stanford. 

1710 aloson, John, takes inv. est* of ateven Holmes of -^tan- 
ford, perhaps a. in law. ' 

1710 aeely, aarah, called oouain by Gapt. Theopholeus hull of 
jj'air field. 

1710 iiinith, John, witness will of Capt. (Dheopnoleus Hull of 
i?air field. 

1710 Sanford, aargt. Ezekiell, appt. aumr. of est* Capt. 
Theopholeus Hull of Fairfield. 

1710 aanford, I'hos. appt. admr. of est. of Capt. Theopholeus 
iiull oi jj'air field. 

1710 ailiiman, -"obt. takes inv. est. Capt. Theopnoleus Hull 
Of -^'airfield. 

1710 Sherman, Capt. a&vid, overseer oi esr. Zaehariah i^'erria 

of atratfield. 

1711 Sherman, Davia, taket* inv. est. Mary Knap of stratfiaid. 

1712 Sqii-cn, Saml. takes inv. est. Mr* Wm. Hayes of Horwalk. 

John Wheel er-Judit'fl 






Hot married-oarah 



" " Rut'a 





BOOK 16^8 - lb56. 

1655 lonson, Joiin, inv. filea Apl.4,1658,pp. 20 & 38. 

1d48 i'urney, J3enj. iata'Ce of, inv. anu aisCriuution of 1648, p. lo 
" Mary,' wife of above married la-cer Joseph kiddlebroo 
Mary 17 yrjs. ) 
Robert 15 " )latni. aely m. one aaughter ? 
)Jonn wheeler m. one " 

)u hilar en of 
) Benj. & Mary i'urney. 


) Ibbb lateven aherwood n. Rebecca 

) iThos* t>herv/ood m. one aau. 

1658 i'hompbon, Jonn, estate of, inv. filed p'_94. 

His v/iaow ijiiz* arterv/ard married 'uanl. Finch 
(Jonn, eldest son, 6 yrs. ola 
Ages in I Jilizabe-cu, " daughterly " 

16<r8 iHLax-^ " 8 " 

(Heator " 5 " 

JSState distributed Mch. 30,1668. Book 1665-1675, p. 33. 

1657 i-'omson, SLiz. engaged to Danl. Finch. 

1658 xaintor, Charles, estate of, settled, Oct. 20, 1058, p. 44. 

called fa "Cher of John Banks. 

165y Somson, Goodnan lotratford^ 

16i)9 i'urney, iiobt. witness of will of Ann vVheeler. 

1660 i'illerton, -^aniell, will of (Stratfora,! think), proba-ced, 

came from jiiig. II ov. 23, 1660, p. 69. 

Jane, wife of -aoove. • 

iimotiiy, son 

i»aniell " eldest son 

aanuell " 

jjaugutex rtilcoks 

*' Mary 

" 5ILizaDeth 

1661 Mr. Suttell latratfora) 

lo5£ ihorn-con, i'hoo. ex. of eet. «vm. Wilcoxson 

1666 i'omkins, i^icaell, witness Wm. rVheeler's will. From 
Posissergosa i'owne. 


1666 iTeat, Hobt. M. A, The viitnesses of ifVin. Wheeler's will 
come before llxe&z as Uept. port, 
from Possergosh x'owne. 

1657 i'aylor, iiregory, eav, of, inv. maue Oco. 1, 1657, filed 

1669. -Book 1665-1675, p. 37. 
JoiUi maoeruerry cc wife aeem to be tae only 

ones enoitxea to a&ia esoa-ca 
liicn jbaw J take inventory Occ. 1, lb57 
Francis jiell) tan en. uexOxe v^^io. .iO^j-y. 

1671 ionikins, John, ownes lana next to Id. iidaras, deed. 

1674 Theale, Joseph, haa land at ^^hippan, next to John Bates. 

1676 Thomson, John, witness discharse of Ttios. Bennet by 
Hannah Sennit. 

1676 Turnie, Roht. had land next to Mehill Try. 

1675 Try, Mehill, Lir. will of, dated Apr .17, 167 6, probated Apl. 

26, 1677. 
Daughter iiarah Gruman, wife of John ^rumaa 
John tirumaa, graLidchild 

oaml. " " Book 1675-1689 , p. 27. 

Thos.' ■' " 

Mehill " " 

Joian Hoots, called kindsman, pxob. of the wife of 
Bennony Galpin (gift to) deed. 

SLizabeth Gruman, grandchild 
iSarah " " 

Richard Lyon, Jr. (gift to) 
Lieut. Banks ) 
Serfe:. Squire) Overseers. 
Witness )Sm. Hill 

) Johi^. Baisks 
Inv. taken Apr. 26, 1677 oj Wm. Hill, Tho. 

' Staples, Josya-h Harvey 
1691, legacy paid to iaarah, lihe '.vife of Saml. 
Jenings, granddau. of deed. Try. 

1678 Tonson, John, sen. of iitratford, will of, dated July 17,1678 
.Vidow 1-iirrable Book 167 5-1689, p. 37. Probated 

Daughter iiurd 1678. 

Jonathn Curtis (son in law) 
Saral. Galpin (a gift) 

I<Iary, daughter of deed, wife of ilathew ^Itchell 
John, son of deed, elnest 
Ambrose, son of deed* 


1678 Tomson, John (Contd) 

Saml. Sheriaan, ^&x* ) 

Deacon Timothy .Vilcokaon ) Overseers. 
Josiah ''alker ) Witness 
Israel Chancy ) 
Inv. taken Aug. 16, 1678, by »Vm. Curtiss, 

x^inothy i^ilcokson, John Berdsey & Israeli 
Preston, oelectmen of otratford. 

1578 Turney, Benj. had land next to Rich* Lyon of Fairfield 

1678 Try, liehill, sold formerly land " " " 

1678 Turney, Robt. overseer est. Rich. Lyon of Fairfield, 

1677 i'ranes, John, slajm in last war. Estate of, nart in Rye, 
Conn. & I. Y. 

Inv. -taken at Rye ITecia i*ov. 1677 by John ftalpin, 
■ Joseph Horton k Joseph (^alpin, filed 1678 
Philip Tranes, eldest brother to deed. 
Janes " don't state relationship 
Rohert '* brother 
Hannah " sister (Book 1675-1689, p. 45.) 

1681 Tomlinaon, Henry, of "^tratford, will of,d«ted Mch.15,1681 
(Deed, died Lieh. 16, 1681) probatea 1681 
Widow Allis 

Augur, son of deed. Book 1675-1589, p. 56. 

Jonas, " . " 

Margaret Harger, daughter 
Mary Peirson, " 

Tabatha Vvorster " 

Phebe Worster " 

Basli^LS. utiles, " wife of -tJ-prain citiles 

Timothy "orster, grandchild. 
Abigail Harger " prob. 

Richard Blaklidg 1 
Joseph Hawly ) overseers 

Inv. taken Meh. 26, 1681, by tne Townsmen, Joseph 
■Hawly, iSaml* Sherman, James Clarke, Timothy 
"^Vilcookson ^ John Burnit. 

1681 Turney, Elizabeth, daughter of «John Holly of Btandford. 


1678 Tuppin, ?ilrs. Deborali, of South Hampton, call eel mother of 
Hester Ward, wife of Ebenezser Hawly. 

1681 Tomson, John, of Stratford, will of, dated Oct, 8, ItSl, 
Gives his estate asi follovrs; probated 1681. 
1st, to his mother Uarrible 

So John iomson, son of Ambrose Tomson of i.voodbury, 
called bro-cher. Book 1575-1531, p. 63. 
Jonathan Gurtiss, called cousin 
Children of John Hard, Sen. called cousin 

" of Jonathan 8c Abigail Curtiss, called 

Child of -Ambrose x'omson, called cousin 
^hild of Hathew iiitchels " " given a. 

double share 
Abigail Gurtiss, callea sister 

Ambrose I'orason, " brother (had other children 

beside John) 

Zacker^ Walker of Woodbury) 
Ambrose '^'onson ) Overseers 

Witness (Joseph Walker 

(Timothy >«illcokson 
Inv taken ^^ov* 1, 1681, by iielectmen of 
Stratford Timothy vilcokson, tJaml. 
Sherman, James Clarke. 
(P. 1.) Sxd. Records 1689-1701) Mary & Easter Hard, 
the children of John Hurd, Wm. .Jonathan 
& Sarah Curtiss, children of Jonathan & 
Abigal Curtiss, Sarah Hurd, widoc? of John 
Hurd, and Abigail Huse (mother of the 
said Gurtiss children) on i^ay 30, 1790, 
release ^unbrose -i-'omson. 
Witness, Josepn Curtiss, oaml. Sherwooa. 
dote ohe John 'lonson, deed* of Stratford, 
1st mentioned above, is call'ec\ Jr.) 
Itothev? kitchell of Woodbury, in behalf of his 
child, releases Ambrose Somson iiay 30, 
1690 - same witnesses .'" 
John Hurd, I sack Hurd, aarah iiherwood & Hannan 
Hurd, being tne ciaild of John Hurd, and 
Abagaile Gurtiss, the child of Jonathan 
Curtiss, (who were to receive tne movable 
est. of uiie late '^ohn lomson.Jr. after the 
death of the grandmother, Ilarable Tomson) 
release the loving uncle Ambrose -^'omson. 
Hay 30, 1690- same witnesses. 

1581 I'raners, Philip, legacy "Co, from John Kurd of otratford. 

1679 i'omaon, John ) called hrothersby «^ohn Hurd and left 

Ambrose) overseers* 

1682 Taylor, Mary, sister oi Joseph Banks, deed. 

1683 Terr ill, Soger, called brother by Thos* Ufford, deed, 
1685 Turney, iiobt. takes inv« of est* Steven Hodgea, deed* 

1685 'i?harp, Hannah, sister to Isaac -^rost. 

1684 Tayler, Hary, d. of John Banks, deed. 

1684 Tredwell, Saml. adm. of est* of Thos. Skidmore. 

1684 Tompson, John, takes inv Mr. Wm. Hill. 

1684 'i^horp, Ha^a, d. Danl* iTrost of Fairfield. 

1680 Thorp, John, husband to Hannah, d. Danl. ?rost of Fair- 


1682 Trains, U^ames, goes security for Hobt* Blomer in his centre 
versy with Jos. Houghton. 

1686 Tompson, Sergt. John, Juror in Hall vs. Hall. 

1686 Turney, 3obt. takes inv* of est* Josepn I-iddlebrook. 

1687 Tredwell, Saml. sold prop, before date to oaml* Morehouse 

1688 Tompson, -Ambrose, takes inv* of est* John Pryor of 


1688 Tuders, -^ward, of -^orwalk, est* of, inv* taken Sept. 10, 
1688 by Thos* •^eamore, Jun. & Mat hew ^urwyn, 
before lir. Fitcn, J. of P. filed Jec« 11, 1688 
14r. John Belanage of Jiiorwalk, appt. aamr* 
Book 1675-1689, p. 257. 

1690 Turney, Robt. Capt., of ^'airfield, will of, dated Dec. 
31, 1689, probaj^ed and inv* filed June 1, 1690 
Widow -lizabetn " 
Under age Benjamin, son of deca. left prop, he now lives on & 
the lot formerly John Wheeler's bet* James Beers 
& John Thompson's home lot, also meadow bet* prop, 
of heirs of Saml* ^orehouse in heirs of ^uth 








Turney, Hobt. (Gontd) 

Bouton, also prop, "bet' 

Jonathan Morehouse also 


Eoht. , son of deed, left prop* bet* land of Wm.Hill 

deed. & in rear of Saml. Gruman's & in rear or 

Wm. Odele, Jr.decd. & prop, he bought of ^lios. 

Morehouse, also land in tiae wood a bet. Jonathan 
Horehouse.& the heirs of Snward Adans, deed. 
To Joseph Jennings in right of his wife son so called 


Jonathan aturges & 
lana near John 3enit' 

To Sphrain Viheeler 
(Elizabetu, dau* of 

"deed . 

»t II 

aecd. above -^'obt. 
( l/lary 

banl. Wilson of •^airfield, brother in law.Sc. 

Brother Sargt. John iVheeler) 

" Benj. Turne 
Hathan i'toIq, 
Josiah Harvy 
Inv. taken «Jan 

•^-en. ) 

) Witness 

iiargt. 'liheeler 

being deed. , 
appoints Mr. 
in his place. 

) Overseers. 

( Saml* Bobsrson 
( i'phraim liiekols 
( Znephelet Hill 
the Court on June 
Joseph Turney of 

Tut tie, -- d. of -tiraneis Leut. Bell of iatanford. Her 
4 sons grtincienildren of -ijeut. Bell, are Jonathan 
oinon, Wm. & ITathaniel. 

Tomson, (xoodraan John's estate, settlement of same. 

Saml* Sherman, ex. of est. The widow Horrible, 
sons '«John w Ambroae -^'onson make settlement to 
Mary, tneir sister, wife of Mathew Mitchell 
& to their son Ifethew Mitchell. 
Witness (Jehu Burr 

(Zackenr i»alker 

1679 i'reat, Robt. , Dept. Gov. witness settlecent of boundary 
bet. Fairfield & Btratfora, 

1681 Thorn, Frances, witness release of the adrars. of Robt. 

& Susanna Lockwood by Jona. Heusteed of Greenwich. 


BOOK 1689 - 1701. 

1690 Thonaon, Joim, iakes inv. est* Jolm iimith of -^airfield. 

1690 Tomlinson, Ager, ordered to make dist. of est. Henry 
Allen of iitratford. 

1710 Tomlinson, Agur, appeals to Court at Hartford on be- 
half of eat. I sack utiles. 

1694 iitharton, iimothy, Selectmen of Stratford, inv« est 
iiobt. Clarke. 

1679 iTiompson, John, takes inv of est. Danl* Silliman. 

1690 Tomson, Ambrose, of Stratford, release on paying tiie 
May 30. legacies left by iiis protiier John 'iomsonj,Jr. 

to his sisters iiarah iurd (the widow of John 
Hurd, deed. & mother of ^iiary Sa Ester Hurd)& 
Abegaile Huae, the mother of 'urn., Jonathan 8: 
Sarah Curtiss. 
Vi/itneas ( Joseph Curtiss 
ioaml. Sherman* 

1690 Torason, Ambrose, of Stratford, released on paying the 
May 30 legacy left by his brother John Toms on, Jr. of 

Stratford, to tne child of Mathetw iuitchell of 


Same witnesses as above* 

1690 Torason, Ambrose, aa above, released by his nephews & 
luay 30 nieces John Hurd, Isaac Hurd, Sarah sherwooa, 

Hannah Hurd, being the child of John Hard, sen* 
8s Abegaile :.urtis3, tbe child of «^onathan Cur- 
tiss, in payment of tne legacies left by his 
brother John ToEiBon,Jr., son of •'ohn Tomson of 
Stratford in his movable estate to be tneirs 
after the death of tiieir granamotner Marable 
Same witnesses as above. 

1690 Turney, Mr. ,of Stanford, married to Mary, widow of 
Joshua Hoit* 

38 a 

1691 'fayler, liary, called sister by Obadiah -tJanka & left a 
lagacgr* '-'lie waa prob. the wile o±' kiaml* Taylor . 

1691 Thomson, oargt. Jolia, overseer of est. of Henry ^"^oland. 

1708 Tomson, Hr. Ambrose, appt. to aisuribute est. Saml. 

1692 i'urny, Benj. has had quiet possession of land at Fair- 

field on tne S. ende of creek bounded on a. 2. by 
land or x^uth Bouton, on a.S. witia land of Joseph 
Kiddle brook & the heirs of «^oseph >Vhelpley &c. 

1693 Turny, Benj. takes inv of est* John Adams. 

1691 Thorn, ifrancis, deed, at Greenvvio a i^ec. 2, 1690, Inv. 
taken oy Joun liead, Jr. & Jonathan -i^'enolas. 
Capt. Jonth. Sillick & Sarfet. I>anl» Wescoat 
appt. admrs. filed Mch. 10, 1691, Book 1689-1701, p. 97. 

1694 2xd. iurny, ^enj. deed. 1694. Est* of, inv filed 

Uov. E8,»94 by Ahraliam Adaris, & Hathl.Bur. Jr. 
Widov/ i^ebecka 
Son Benj. 22 yrs* old 

" Robt. 20 " 

" ihos. 15 " 

Dau. RebeekaiS " 

" Saran 

Book 1689-1701, p. 121 

" Jemima 8 " 
" Jane 4 " 

OThe widow & son Benj. appt. admrs. 

1695 i'raten, Martha, v/ife of iJorneliua i'raten. d. of Cornelius 
Hull, Sen. 

1710 Tonpson, Ito. Ambrose, appt* to dist* esf^ of ^aral. 

Gal pin, deed. 

1698 I!hompson, John, witness will oi v/idow Martha ^ieers. 
1698 'j:ailer, Jonathan, " " " " " 

1698 iompson, Arabros, selectman of Stratford, takes inv. est. 
Hoses .Vheeler. 


1700 Tomlinaon, jlir.alDeth, granddaughter of oargt* Jeremiah 

1700 Tomlinson, Lieut. Ager, a. in law of ^argt. Jeremiah Judson 

1697 Thomas, 6ergt. John, of jj' air field, to dist. est. <m. Reed. 

1694 i'redivell, baral. takets inv* est* Elisabeth Kail of iitrat- 
ford. ■ 

1699 x'reat, i^almon, witness to will of «^oiin uead, a en. Greenwich. 

1700 Turney, ^iobt. witness agreeipent of heirs of Mr. John 


1714 Thompson, Deacon John, of -'''airfield, ordered to distribute 
est. Peter Olapham of ilorwallc' 

1697 Tailer, Ensign, Thos« chosen as guardian b3' Abegaile 

Bushnall, d. 'Frances ■i3ushcell,decci. of Danbury. 

1698 ^d* Turney, 3enj. son of oapt. Turney, deed, at Stanford, 

abt» 19 years old. 

Inv"' taken Apr, 29, 1698, by Hat hi. Burr & ihos. 
Murwan. (Book 168«-17Gl,p. 17.3.) 
aaml* vVilson to dist* his est* to surviving 
Children of Capt* Turney, 'deed. 

1697 Thompson, John, appt« adrar* est. :ix' Josepn iiastard. 

1694 xTiorapaon, — wife of John Thompson Sa d» Maj. Ha than Gold 

1695 Thompson, iiargt. John, admr. & overseer est* John Gruman 

1696 Thompson, Lir. John,ijen. to dist. Est* Joseph Hill. 

1698 Thomas, John, of moodbury, is owed by est. of «^oseph Beers 

& is to be paid by John juhbar.admr. of said est 

1692 Tomson, Gabriell witness release of overseer of eat. of 
Eat hi I Porter by Zbeaezer & Ruth '-urtis* 

1691 j-'urny, <Joseph,of otanford, marriage agreement with Mary 
Hoit of otamford, lately wife of Joshua Hoit , deed 
maae Mch. 23, 1691. 
Witnesses, Jonathan Bell, Joseph Biship. 


1691 Turney, Josepn & Mary Ixis wife, late widow of Joahna Eoit 
of btaniprd, aeca. agreement wiCii adniinis'Grator& 
of said -a-oit est* Jonathan Bell & Sanl. Hoit • 
She above v/iaow ^^ary, now wife of Josepu i'urney to 
have i/3 est. &s the other 2/3 until Joshua 
came of age, also to have the emprovement of 
what snail corae -co Hoses "-' Abigaile. 
Also land until oaml. carae of age, and to keep the 

E smaller children Mosea cc Abigaile* 
"itness «^ohn ^^inch.& 
Joshua xioit* 

17 uO 'i!readwell, oaml. a en. of ?air field Village chosen as 
guardian by his nephew j^lward nigbee, bon of 
John Higbee of middle town, deed. 

1701 I'homson, Wm. Selectman of H. Haven inv. est* Uat hi. Hudson 

1704-1696- iornson, ^nn, wife of John iomaon of i^armington & 
d. of Mr« 2hos* -^itch of -^'orwolk, deed. 

1714 Thompson, Leacon Jon, to aist* est* Peter Glapham,deGu.l678 

1701 Thompson, oar gt. «Joiin, uncle to John Gruman, s. of John 
Gruraan ben. of i^airfiela •^ aamr* of said Gruman 
t.en's est* released by Court. 

1707 Tuttle, Joseph Mr. Atty for ^rs* -dannah Lupton. 

1706 Turny, Joseph, witnetss will Leut. -^avid waterbery,i3en.decd 

1707 Tailer, *J?hos* Jr. to dist* esf^ Joseph Forward of iJanb. 

1707 iitherton, 'i'inothy, called b* in law by Deliverance "akely, 
deed, of -Stratford « made aom* of hia will. 

1707 i^ompson, ^morose, aen* aamr* will of -eliverance v.akely, 
deed* of 'itratiord.' 

1707 'Trobridge, James, witness, will of "ra. -^ieckly of '-■trat- 

f ord • 

1708 Thompson, leacon John dist. est. lir. Albert Jeering of 

J airfield* 


1709 iittertons, Danl. of atratford, Inv of est. taken jJec.9, 

1709, "by Jobn iVells,sen. & Thds. rtells. 
Lieut* John wlark cc Joixn Porter of '^tratfoia 
aware to inv* and are appt. adiars. 

1710 Shoiaaa, John or .nooabury, "ill of, dated June 8, 17 09, he 

being called to go on expedition against Canada 
To wife ioary 

ijons Jeremian 24 the 15 of this j?eby. 
J onat nan 
dau* Hannaii Taylor 
Son 'in law, •'•^'Obert thurciiill 
■vitnesa hev. Anthony '^toi.der 

Prudence •^todder (his v/ife) 
There are 5 sons living besides tiiat dau. at 
i^xs' *^aeket^s Parm before ^'hos. -•^inor & 
Johjrf Hurlbutt. 

1710 Taylor, Hannan, dau. of John i'homaa of Woodbury. 

1710 Thompson, Ambros, -cakes inv. of i>tratford prop, of Ito. 

John Judson of h. 

1711 Thompson, Mr. John, V7itness will Capt. aaml. iSquire. 

1711 Thomas, susanah, Left legacy by Mary Knap of otratfield. 
1710 Thompson, ilr. John dist. eso. Gapt. John Wakeman.deed. 

1712 Thompson, John takes inv. est. Jacob liray of jjairfield, . 

1712 Tomblinson, Leut. Ager, takes inv. est. Mr. Wm. Bawlinson 
of iitratford. 

1712 Thompson, John, tajes inv. est;. Mr. Joshua x).nowles of 

1712 Tredwell, aaral. na** prop, witn Dea. Isaac Vvlieeler of 

1712 Treaawell, saml. oen. takes inv. est. Ben j. Beard sly of 
ijtr at field. 


1710 Tit Her ton, Danl. of btratford, agreement of heirs of 

aiat. of eat. of, to iieut. Jolin Clarlc & 
Jonn Porter wno marriea aaughters of aeca. 
of otratford. 
Witness Josepu Uurtisa 
Uathan Uurtiss 

1712 Taylor, Ensign x'hos. takes inv. & dist. eso. tioTin iiait of 


1713 x'ompson, Jo'nn witness will of Mr. John wells of 
1713 x'ompaon, AmDros, takes inv. est. 

1711 i'itteruon, isanl. of otratford Inv. of est. Mch.6-1710/ll 

by j-'hos. wells a -abross iomson. 
Aidow iiann«»u to aojuir. 

aau. Abigail e aged aot. 18 yrs. 
•Comfort ■' " • 12 " 

1711 Tomson, Abross. takes inv. on above est. 

1711 Tompson, Mr. Ambros of Stratford witness will & takes inv 
Ivlr. James Clarl:. 

1713 Taylor, Sarah called my girl by Saml. Hinman of Woodbury 

1713 i'omblinson, Leut. Ager, 25C. of est. Widow Johannah Wil- 


1714 i'onpvson, Ambros. takes inv. est. Barnabos Bears of Strat- 


1714 i?ompson, lir. John dist. est. of ^ '* 

1714 Tompson. John takes inv. est. Eenjajat strong of Fairfield 

1715 Tnrney, Sdward of otanford, Inv. of es-c. Aug. 4-1715, by 

Joshua Hait & Jonatiuan iiold. 
Brother x'hos. Turney & only heir to 3dward, 

1715 Thompson, Ambros. takes inv. est. Ebenezer Blackman of 


1715 Thompson, John dist. ast. of Ibenezei Blaekmaa of 


1707 Trectwell, Saml. takes inv. est. John Odell Sen. of 

1709 Iredwell, Ephraim of btratl'ield. Inv. of est. of Feby.?- 
1708/9 by Isaac Wheeler & Jacob Waklen 
Widow Ruth & her father in law oaml. Tredwell 
Sen. of Stratfield to aamr. 

1709 Tredwell, aarah, wife of Timothy Tredwell. d. of sargt. 
Mathew Sherwood Jr. of stratfield. 

1709 Treawell. saml. Sen. takes inv. est. Saml. Berdsey of 

1709 Thompson. John takes inv. est. John Davis Jr. of F. 

1709 Taylor. Thos. takes inv. est. llath. Killyer of Danbury 

1710 lurny.Thos. Witness agreement of heirs of Thos. Sloson 

of Stanford. 

1715 Trehern, Sdward of Stanford, will of. ^^a ted May 11. 1714 
Hathl. Waite son to my d. in law Eachell At- 
wooa to nave all my prop, but in caae ae saoula 
die before 'dl - then "Che est. to be axvided 
bet. the children of my deed wife, viz: 

John Webster, 
David "lebster, 

Hachel Atwood. .^__ , . ^ w« ..^ 

Son John .'-ebster Sc son Henry Atwood to be ex. 
Witness Eathl. Cross &: ^hos. Marshall. „ ^^, ^ . 

Inv? Apr. 4-1715 by Jobn Holly, ^hipright C: Hathl.Pond. 

1715 I'robridge. Joseph of stratfield. Inv. of est. of May 31- 
1715 by James Bennitt ck Benj. Fairweather. 
Widow Ann & Saml. Sherwood appt. admr. 
The est. to be aivided bet. the widow ano. her chila- 
ren. there oeing a son & a daughter, viz; 
David and Ann, who being of nonage are made wards o. 

the mother Ann Trobridge. . 

Lent. James Bennitt & Benj. Fairweather to aist. 


1714 Turney, Mr. Joseph of Stanfora, Will of, July 50-1713- 

(Vif e Liary. 

Son ihos. now present there & bound for Lonaon 
given all tlae est. 
Son Thos. sole ex. 

Capt. Josep J3ishop & Mr. Banl. Smith, both 
of iitanfora, overseers. ^ ,, , 

Witness John Eolly - ITathan iiolly & Theplyla Selleck. 
Mary 'Jurney, widow ic Joseph Ferris & Joshua Eoit 

admrs. all of Stanford, sware to inv. 
Inv. Apr. 1-1714. 
Debt, from John Mills, 
»» " Jonathan (-Srissey. 

1715 Tredwell, Bath - granddaughter of Hathew Sherwood & 

great Granddau of Capt. i^Iathevv iaherwood. 

1715 2robrigeh, Ann, called dau. by Capt. Mathew tiberwood. 

1749 Thompson, John, dist. est* HannahCartiss of otretford. 

1750 Sreadwell, Catherine, witness dist. heirs, of Mr. John 

^^•^* It n tt It 'I 

1750 2him6, 2ica. 

1708 I'readwell, 3phraim of Stratfield oeing aeed. 

Widow Ruth & father uaml. Treaawell to sximr. 

1710 Toiablinson, Leut. Ager, chosen guardian by Ager Fairchila 

1710 Turnev, Robt. called father in law by Hannah or i^ry 
' d. of Luke Guire & chosen - guardian. 

1714 Turny, Joseph, late of Stanford, deed. 

Thos. Turney wno was named in will as ex. havxng 
gone from the county, 'fhe Court appts. Joshua 
Hait, the widow iiiary Turney & Joseph Ferris 
to admr . 

1715 Trobridge, Joseph of Stratfield deed. 

Widow Ann to admr. witn ^aml* Sherwooa to admr. 

1715 Turney, ^ward of Stanford being deed. Thos. Turney appt. 



1716 iredwell, John, deod. , lata of atratfield. 

beacon i'iios* Hawley oi otratforu wita tiiB widAw 
Abegale i'redwell appt« admra. 

1716 ireowell, Mr. Sarnl. Sen*, chosen as guardian by Andrefw 
kiHiealer fjon of '-^hraiin '/Theeler, deed. 

1707 'Trowbridge, James, -witneBS will o+' Ilr. Vita. Bickley of 

1658 'fowe, i'iiomas, etitate of 

viidav ox aD0V6« 

1689 ieks , John, takes inv. of James Blatanan of Orinage. 


1669 25Cd. Usher, Robt. of atandford, will oi", dated oept. 
21, '69, probated Kov. 1, 1070. 
astate inventoriea Oct. 26, 69. 
Widow(prob. widow of Jereraiah Ja^er) 
2 children (Robt. Book 1665-1675, p. 53. 

of deed. (Elizabeth 

Gives prop, to Deborah Rose 

" " Ricbard Cos ens 

Forgives debts of Richard bcofield 
apeaks of his brother lUx* Hesekia Usher of Boston 

John Bishop 
John "tiolly 

1676 Ufford, Thos. iielectmsn of Stratford Abs 76 Wills. 

1676 Umsteed, John, witness est. Jonas Keeler of iJorwock. 

1672 Usher, Robt. overseer of the est. of, released of 78- 
12-10 by John Jagger, guardian of Jonathan Jagger. 

1683 Ufford, i'horaas, (Stratford) (written Uffoot) , will of, 
dated Hay 17, 1685^ probated Jan. 2, 1684. 
Widow Frances Book 1675-1589, p. 98. 

Under age-Gosin aana. Uffoot, son of nis brother John Uffoot 
pf Hilford. In case of the death of Saral. Uffoot 
the legacy to go to nis brother's next youngex 
son and then to all his caildren. 
Mr. Israeli Chancy 
Roger i'errill called brother 
vVidow ana «'onathan Pitnam, ex. 
Saml. bherman, Jr. ) 
Johiell Preston ) Overseers. 

Zackery Fancher ) 

Robt. Lawe ) 
John Uoe ) Witness 
Inv. 1683, Dec. 26, taken by (John V»els 

(^ohn Birdsey 
(5 ami. Hawly. 
Jan. 2, 1683/ 'i, at probating of the will the 

widow Frances had deed. & Josepn Gurtiss & 
James Judson were apt. administrators . 
In the final aeternination of above est* Mr. 
Wm. Sedenhan, Mr. Danl. Burr & lilr. Pitman 
were apt. by Oourl;. 


1683/4 Frances Uf ford's est. - ividow or 'i'lios* above • was inv. "by 
Jan. 2 John ''els & aaml» Hawly, following distribution. 

Jolin Kilburn of Wefhersfield, brotlier co deed. 

Children of i^rs. Margaret Lawes, sister to deed, 

Lidia Howard, mie oi Boot* Howard, " " 

Mary Root, ' " Joim 'Root, 


1683 Ufford, ihos . Dr. to est. Robt. Rose, atratford. 

1682 Usher, Ito. sold prop, prior to date to John Jagger of 


1685 Undril, Humpnry, witness, Joseph Basterd's discharge. 

BOOK 1689 - 1701 
lo thing* 

BOOK 1702 - 1750. 

1712 Umberfielci, Saml. , of ■wflw Haven, s« in law to «^acob Gray 
of f'airfield, deed, releases iiis b. in law 
Jacob (Jray. 

1712 Udny, George, takes inv est* Mr. Hugh Eisbit. 

1712 Uffoot, Danl. witness will Mr. Banl. Picket of "Stratford. 


BOOK 1702 - 1750 

1750 ^iw^. Aiin & Christian, of Stratford, appt. wards of 
Abraiiara aavage of -^^tratforci. 

1750 View, Marian, appt. guardian of "^ibal View, of btratford. 

BOOK 1648-1656. 

1654 Szd. vViieeler, 'fhos. br. , Fairfield, date of Will Jany. 

16, 1655, page 1. (Inv. filed Aug. 23, 1854. 

Wheeler, Ann, (his wife) (dau. Hastding (?) 

?/ heeler, John, Son of Ihos.Sr.3xr. 

and residnary legatee. (Grandchildren) 

( Mary Bennett 
Wheeler, 'fhomas, eldestson ( James " 
of ihoa. ^r. ( Thomas " 

( John 
Wheeler, Sarah, d. Thos. Sr. m- 2hos. Sherman* 

Wheeler, Thos. callea Drorher to Thos. Wheeler, iien. 

1655 Wells, John. 

1655 rtakeling, James & Ifeter iiis* wif« a. Jos* Boosie. 
1648 Wheeler, 3phraim. 

1657 viells, Ivir' Jo^ ) 

) Stratford I think. 
Vialeling, Henry ) 

1654 Ward, Andrew. 

1658 Ward, Wm. (1656) 

1658 Wilson, Ahthony (lientionea in Francis Purdee's Will) 
1658 Wheeler, 3praim. 

1658 whelplyes. Hen. 

1659 Whitlock, John, Estate of, inv. filed Oct. 6, 1659, p. 38 

Widow of above, 

6 children. 

1659 ^Vells, John, will of (of btratford), will probated Oct. 

19. 1659, p. 46. 
Elizabeth, widow of, married in Sng. 
John, abt 11 yrs. 
•ihomas, " ■ 8 " 
Sobt. 8 '• 

Saml. 3 " 

Temperance, abt. 5 yrs. old. 
Another daughter (Sarah) 

1659 rtolls, John (above) speaks of his Father and nis brother 



BOOK 1648 - 1656.^ 

1659 Wheeler, i'hos. ) 

) Stratford. 
1659 wheeler, Lieut. ) 

1659 Ahelply, Henry. 

1659 vVheeler, Ann - Will of, proabtecv Aug. 21, 1659, p. 53. 
leaves property to 'Dhos. eldest aon 

" " '• her aau. In law v/ife of son iTioa. 

" " " Grandchildren (Children of Thos) 

" " " Chilaren of her aaugh"cer Hanneii 

& her dau. Hannah. 
'• " " Granachild iiarah Bennet. 

" " " " " Hannan Bennefc 

" " " " " Saran Sherwood. 

" " " Children of Annie ahertvood, 

wile of my son in law. 
" " " Children of Behecea Turney. 

" " " " " Ann cjquire. • 

Whaeler, John, son of aoove Ann. 

1659 Ward, Andrew, will of, probated June 6, 165^, p. 58. 

3ster, wife of above. 

(John Wm. Ward, son of Andrew above is 

Children (Sarah made ex. of his father's will, 

(Abigail marriea iJeborah -^ockwooa. 

(Andrew ) 

( Saml. ) youngest sons. 
Speaks of naving otiier children and mentions Mmond 
who is to iiave prop, if he oomes to ij'airfield. 

1661 tVheeler, Moses, appt. overseer witn Henry Lion 
of Moses & S)enezer «^onson. 

1661 waklin, Henry (Stratford) 

1660 Wheeler, Moses (stratfora) 

1661 vVheeler, John, reea. prop, for his wife 'J?urney. 

1662 Sxd. Wilson, Anthony, viill or, probated ar.d inv. fileu 

Sarah, widow of above. Apl. 8, 1662,' p. 81. 

Uhder age c>arah, only daughter. 
Brothers 'x'homas and '^ohn, ana sister Ann & Samuel. 

(see over) 



If II il 


" brother" 


' or his chilax 

" sister) 

" brotnex) 

" brothez 
11 II 


their children 

Thos. ivilson callea cousin oy Anthony 

Peter Olaphain, 

Edward "ilson, 

aainl» .Vilson, 

vVm. Hill, 

Saml. Wilson 

i'hos. vYilson, 
(John t» ilson 

Ignatius Kill 

James Jiill 

He also speaks of his Mother Hill. 

166S Wakeiaan, Mr. mentioned in Alex. Knowles iVill. 

1662 Willett, Capt. mentioned in Anthony Wilson's will. 

1662 Wileoxson, Wm. Will of (prob. 1st of Concord then Strat- 
ford) Will aated May 29,1655, probated June 16, 

1660(?) p. 86. 
Margaret, vvidow or above, 

Leaves i«40 to Church of '-'oncord. 

1651 iVheeler, Moses, witness will »Vm. i/iilcoxson. 


166E iVilson, Anthony, probably married tne widow 
as ne distributes the estate as follows: 
Unto Mary Purdie, wife of Fraiicis Purdie 
Bextiia Brunaish (almost 18) 
Posthume Brunaish 
Jonn Brnndisn (of age) 

Rachel Brundish is mentioned as formerly 
ov/ing home lot at Fairfiela it is given to 
Anthony "Wilson provided ne pays certain legacies 
to tae aforesaia viz: Mary Purdie, Bertha, 
Psthume and John Brundish. He is to give John 
(Brunaish prob) the young mare & said Jonn is 
to let tue son of ij'rancis Purdie nave the first 

1648 iVard, Andrew ) 

iVilson, Anthony J Inventory estate of iiflmond Harvy. 

1666 Wheeler, Im* of kVoronock, 1«. J. estate of. 

Sarah Brooks, called widov/ of above. 


1669 Vulaite, -^^liz. ) 

Mary ) Left prop, by Thos. Pell. 


1673 Wilson, j?hoa. witneas in release of John Osborn for Mb 
wife to Joseph Middlebroolr. 

1665 ^'Qb, "lien, (diea July 1665) estate of (Horwalk) 

Widow - {prob. ilizabethJ Inv. iilea Oct. 5, 1665 

Book 1665-1675, p. 8. 
One aangntex, wife of ihos* Butler. 

1665 5bcd. Vxard, i£es"Cer, wiaow of Andrev/, will of, probated 
Dec. 27. i'et^. 28, 1665. Book 1665-1675, p. 11. 

7Vm» »nard, son 

Kary Burr, daughter Witnesses. 

Andrew, son iiarauel Wakeman 

Samuell, " Vvm. Hill 

Abigaill, daughter 
Children of Anna ITicholls daughter izrs.aons 

Grandchil Hes-cer rtard Andrew & Williaia 

enila of ner son «John 
(irancicnildren, ^iaran Burr l: Hathaniell 
Burr, ciiildren of dau. aarau 
Anna, aaugh"cer 
iarah, " 

Gives prop, to Danl. Burr & Hester Burr. 

1655 (Vakeman, daral. 'iVitness lirs. vVaru's will. 

1666 ..heeler, *Vm. will of, & inv. filed Hov.7, 1666, Book 

Wife -»arah 1665-167 5, p. 15 &:2e 

3viaenuly 2 sons & one aaoghter. 
He speaks ox going to -t^elaware to live. 
He haa a brother and sister • Sxrs. wife 

i>-entions nis brother, i'hos. /vTieeler. aarah k bro. 

Thoraaib . 

lo66 Wheeler, x^atnaniel, witness Wm. ViTheeler's will from 
Porsergorh I'owne. 

1668 iVilcoxson, of ^Jtratford, ".M. estate of. Philip Grone,--". 
d4.strlbutaii Eov. 4t, 1668 uy John jirinsiiieed, Joseph 
Hawly and Henry lomlinsoa of atratford, overseers 
wno are released oy tne neirs, via: 

Margaret Heya&n Jonn .(ilcockaon 

Henry utiles, Hiz. " 

Elizabeth utiles Joseph " 

Danl. Hey den Anna " 

Book 1665-1675, p. 3*. 



Witness present Hannan Heyaen i'lmotny vVilcockson 

trances xiall Joim liegge Jonanna " 

John xJirasey aaraja Meggs, Hannaa " 

fhebe " 

In one agreement is mentioned the -vYiaow, Joian >Vilcock- 
8on, Joaepa rtilcoclcBon, SLis. Vyilcockson, alias ii tiles, Hannaa 
kiiilcockson, tney all call tne late ^vm. nrfilcockson fa-cner. 
Sliat Ann vVilcockson aaa aarau Megs nave got to tneir nand for 
the lurtnex conlirmaoion or do nere witness Anno 1668 - Oct. 29 


baml . 3u ell 

Deooraa ±Juell 

That Hannan Vi/ilcockson & Hannan Heyden natn nereto 
BUbserlDea for tner further confirmation aereof we do witneos 
1668 Oct. i50. 


dCpraiiJi ijorann 
Job Jrake* 

16o8 kvheeler, Obaaiah, will of (of otratforai probated Mch.lO 
(Book 1665-167o, p. do) ia68. 

(iiveo oo j-saaci Chancy, Pastor at Stratford 
" iioger Liorton, ' " Millfora. 

All the rest ox prop, goes to his wife, he makss his 
father and x^oht. Clarke of otratford, overseers. 

1657 Water bury, John & wife, interested in est. of Gregory 

1659 ..aterhury, John, est. of d. about 1659, inventory taken 
by Rich, law & ?rancis Bell, and filed lIov.S, 1669 
The above inventory attested by the widow of 
John Waterberry, now the wife of Joseph Garnsee, 
May 24, 1661. (Book 1665-1675, p. 38.) 
Recorded Jec. 15 - 1665. 
1669, nov.2 - settlement of est. of John Water'^arrv. 
The widow (now wife Joseph Gernsse has 1/3) 

Sldest son 
All under age Jonathan 2nd son 

David 3rd son 

2 daughters. 
All above live at Stanford. 
Mr. Holly ) 
Lieut. Bell ) Overseers. 


1669 Ward, Saml. has ^and on Mill plan. 

1670 Weed, John, witness will of Nicholas iZnap of Standford 

1673 Wakeroan, Srhon, takes inv. of est. John ICnowles. 

1664 'v7eed, John of Standford, huaband to Jonna Wescott 
?elJ.14. dau. to Richard .Vestcott deed, acknowledges 

the reept. in full of all legacies paid 
by his father-in-law Thos. Skidmore. 

1674 7/ilson, Saml. witness release of Joseph ididdlebrook 

by James Bennet. 

1670 V/heler, n^raim, will of, dated 3ept. 22, 1569, probated 
Oct. 28, 1S70, Book 1665-1675, p. 51. 
Ann, widow of deed. 

Mark, son of " had his portion before. 
I sack " " 
Under age ^ Saml. 


Ruth) had their portion 
Hannah had part of her portion. 
Hot mar'd (Rebecca 

& (Judith 

under 13 (Abigail 
Overseers (His cosen John Yvheeler 

llathan Gold 
1672 Waller, Josepn, estate of, inventory made by Joseph 

Oct. 25. Middlebrook Sen. & George Squire Sr. 

Widow cc 2 children 
Under age (Lidea 

1672 vVeed, 2hos. owned land next to Ralph Keeler of iiorwalk. 


1673 .ihitnee, Henry, Will of, of llorwock, dated 

June 5-lb"2, probated llov.6, 1675, Book 
1665-167", p. 69. 

John son of deed. 
Richard Olmsted ) 
lUhos. 5'itch, 3r.) WITI3SS. 

Thos. Benedict, oen. ) 
Uathaji iloit, ) Over- 

I'hos. Fitch, Sen. ) seers. 

Inventory taken Oct. 8-1673 by 
iiark Sent ion 
John Plat 
John Bouton. 

1674 .iood bridge, liichael, est* of, Inv. filed Feby. 22, »74 
Thos. Staples takes oath as to truth of inv. 
Witness,' 2rbon vVakeraan. Book 1665-1675, p. 80. 

1674 Westcott, Hichard, children of, releases their father in 

law 'i!hos. Skidmore of i'air field. 
See Skidmore. 

1675 Ward, ■Vm. Ensign, est. of. Inv. filed lich.l6, 1675, taken 

by John Banks, J)anl. Burr, 'Joslah Harvy. 
Widow (1675 m« Sbnr Hawl6y,See Savage) Book 1675-1689, 

p. 10. 

1675 iVebster, x^icholas, is owed by Cornelius Hunt of 

BOOK 1675-89. 

1675/76 3xd. Webb, Hich. Sr. (Standford of) Will of, dated 
Jan.l, 167.5/76, probatea 4ipl.29, 1675, p. 3. 
Widow ilargery 

Joseph, son of deca. (left Mill at otandford) 

Joshua (left him prop, at Huntington,!. I. ) 
Caleb, Sscrs. .vidow and son Joseph. 
Saml. , 
John Bishopp J Rich. Laws ) Take invent- 

SLiphalet Jones) Witness Frances Bell) ory Apr. 29, 


1675 7/eecl, Jonas, witness in. est. Frances Holmes at' Standford. 

1675 .vakeman, Srbon, takes inv. of est. Joshua Jennings. 

1676 j2xd. iVeed, Jonas, ar. Will of, dated llov. 26, 1672, prob. 
p. 16. 'Widow Ilary Sept. 7, 1676. 

Jolin, eldest son 

Danl. S-rrs. Widow ob sons Daniel & 

Jonas Jonas. 

Daughters Mary Abbot, wife of George Abbot. 

Dorcas T7right, " " James Jright 
Gives unto John rJockwell 5s. & ieaves the value of 
L5 in Daniel's hand for Elizabeth. 
Daughter tiarah 

" Hannah Hoit wife of 3enj. Koit. 

Jonathan Bell ) 
Abraham Ambler ) Witness 

Inv. taken Apr. 5, 1676 - by 
Mr. Rich. Lawes •) 
Lieut. Frances Bell ) before John Holly Coniraissioner. 

1676 Wright, Dorcas, wife of James ni/right, d. Jonas >ieea» 

1676 Wakling, Henry, selectman of iatratford, see abs. 76 Wills 

1676 Wels, Joto " " " " " 

1676 Weeii, Danl.) 

Jonas) witness agreement of ITewrnan ^iea 

1677 V/illcockson, limothy, inv. est. John Beach of btratford. 
1674 Westcott, Danl. witness will Galep Knap of ^tandforct. 

1678 jiheeler, John, overseer eat. Rich. Lyon itf Fairfield. 

1681 Wooster, labetha ) 

Phebe ) daughter of Henry 2omlinson of Stratford 
timothy ) grandchild " " " 

1681 Weeds, Saml. had land at Standford next John Holly. 
Danl. • 

1681 Westcott, Danl. " " " " " 

1681 Weed, Ber-ctia, daughter oi' John Holly of atandford. 
1681 Wilcockson, decon, OTerseer of Jonathan Ourtiss est. 
1681 Vi/heeler, Isack, takes inv» est. Joseph Uackson. 
1681 Wakeman, 5ainl. overseer " " " 

1678 7/ard, Hester d. Itos. Deborah Tuppin of South Hampton, 

makes marriage contract witn Ebenezer Hawly. 

1681 Washburn, Hope, overseer for vV. Hinman, Stratford. 

1681 Wakeman, iir. Saml. aged abt. 47, swares as to Hathl. 
Perry's will. 

1681 Waller, Rebecca (formerly Gaines) left legacy by M. Rich- 

a,r CIS . 

1679 Vt/els, Wm. & Thos. 7/ els, had prop, next John Hurd at ctrat- 


1679 Walker, Zakery of Woodbury, overseer of -^s. John Hurd. 

1682 Wakeman, Szbon, witness will John Cabel, deed. 

1681 Webb, SLiaabeth of iiorwook, Inv. taken by selectmen i'eby. 
8, 1680, filea Mch. 14, 1681. Book 1675-1689, p. 86. 
Thos. Benedict ax* Nath. Hayes, Gresto Gomstock 
!I?he above SLia. was the widow of P?ich» Webb. 
Court allows 

Bartiaolenew Barnard il5 in right of his wife 
and in right of his father in law, kindred. 
BiGhard Homes is to have i20. the wife of 
Rich. Homes v/ants some "chings out of est.. that 
were her own father's. 
Steven Beckwith & ) grant ed-£10-10 for their service of 
Thos* Barnun i i 4-10 Rich. Webb, deca. 

Mr. Thos. Handfora 403. promised by uecd. 
yix, Bartholemew Barnard appears berore court in the right 
' of his v/ife and in the right of all that are re- 
lated to his father Burcher a right to a proportion 
out of the estate of bothe the above deceased by 
vertu of kindrea, also 
Kichard Holmes claims right to a portion out of the estate 
of the said SLiz. by vertu of his wives relation 
to her. 
All the above heirs agree. 
John Gregory ar. apt. administrators. 


1682 Vi/illiams, Janes, son of Johanna Abbot, deccL, 

1685 vi/ashburn, liary d. Sarah Clarke or Stratford 

aarah,' ^ran ddaught er . " 

1683 Walker, Zackery ) lias bequest in addition 

Susanna ) Witness Will of Sarah Clarke. 

1685 Walker, Joseph, overseer est. Robt. Hose* 

1683 iVakeman, nannan, wife of Lieut. Szbon Wakeraan, legatee 
unaer aill of Steven Hodges* 

1683 VVakeraan, Saml. , gift in trust fr. Steven Hodges, deed 

1683 rtilcockson, deacon i'imothy, overseer est. John Beers of 
Stratford . 

1683 .nashburn, Ilary, wife of Hope n/asburn, sister to ihos. 


1679 «»ilson, Tho. takes inv. est. .(ijithony Beers, deed. 

1682 2xd» 'ATielplie, Joseph, deed. Ilay »82, est. of, Inv. 

'taken by John Beer, jlzbon >vakernan & llathew oherwooa. 
Widow filed Eov 7,1682, Book 1675- 

ciarah.dau. of deed. ' 1689, X). 123 

Rebecca " " " 
Joseph son " " 

1682 7/akecian, iiathew, inv. est« of Joseph /^Tielplie, deca. 

1684 2xd» Vu'ebb, Josepn, est. of, Inv. Mch. 8, 1683/4 by Peter 

' jj'erris cb Jonaa ^eed. filed iich.8,1685. Book 1675- 
Widow, Hannah 1689, p. 124. 

(Joseph, son of deed. 

I liary dau. " " Adnr. bro. Joshua, 

Under age. (Hannah widow 8c Daniel Frost. 

aergt. Danl. Westcort & Josiiua V/ebb ^ Administrators. 

1686 iich. 8, Joshua I'/ebb of Standford being removed the Court 

appoints Saml. vVebb administrator in place of 
his orother Joshua. ; 16^6 Jonas 7/ee (or vVood) 
of Standforu <.c Saml. Web appointed to dis- 
tribute estate. 


1684 Westooat, Sergt. Danl. Administrator 2st« Joseph Webt). 

1684 VVebb, Saml. Appt. by Court to administrate in place of 
his or other Joshua Webb, tiie above estate or 
Joseph Webb. 

1684 iVeed, Jonas, Sen. exr. & administrator of est. 
Joseph Webb. 

1684 «Vard, baml. called brother by Hoses Dimond. 

1683 rtakeraan, Lieut. Szbon, 3st. of, Xnv. taken 168o by John 
Banks, oen. Kathl. Burr, Panl. Burr, filed Eov. 
6, 1683, Book 1675-1689, p. 129. 
Widow, Hannah, 

Abigail, dau. of deed, (only child) 
Major ^old T 

Mr. John Burr) overseera* This est. of inv. before fiov. 

6 '83. 

1679 Vi ak eman , S ami . 

Ana Witness Will H. Hide. 

1683 3xd. Wilson, Saran (sometimes ^iarah Bulkeley)Will of 
dated Apr. 26, 1677, probated Jan* 2, 1683. 
iJaughter barah,wife of SLiazer Srilfwne of ]J. Haven 
^ Rebecca " " Joseph vThelplie of Fairfiela 

" Hannah (Book 167 5- 1689, p. 135) 

olster in law tne wife of iir. ELiphelet Jones. 
Sister -alizabeth Hill 
Sons John Bulkley 
" Joseph Bulkley. 
Mr. Gershome Bulkley (brother in law) of Wethersf iela 
iiaral. Wakeman of -^airfield, overseers. 
Gershon Bulkley) 2 codieilft to will dated 

Israeli Chaney) witness Feby. 15-1680. 

Inv. Jan. 1, 1685 by Henry Rowland & Cornelius 


1683 'iVhelplie, Rebecca, wife of Joseph V/helpli of -^ airfield 
& dan. of aarah Wilson, sometiraes Bulkley 

1683 V/akeraan, Saml. witness above Will of Saral* Wilson. 

1683 v«yet, John, selectman, takes inv. est. fhos. Levingsworth 

of »Voodbury. 


1684 .Vestcot, iSargt. Danl. Administrator of est. of Wm. Cressy 

1684 Waterbury, iSargt. David " " " " 

1684 Wilson, Mward, est. or, inv. taken ilov. 12, 168-* oy 
Robert Turney & Hath. Burr, filed llov. 21, 1684. 
Eathaniel, son of deed. (Book 1675-1689, p. 141. ) 
Mary Moorhouse, w. of Jonathan ^^oor house, aau« of deed. 

1684 iVheeler, John, had prop, near Jno. Banks. 

1684 Weed, Jonas, witness Will of John Jagger of Stamford. 

1684 Weed, Danl. takes inv. of est* of John Jagger of Stamford 

k684 Wheeler, John, takes inv. est. John Banks. 

1684 Wilson, Thos. " " " " " 

1684 Wheler, Isaac, adm. of est* Thos. iikiomore. 

1685 Wilson, l^hos. apt. adm. of est. Rich. Burgis. 

1684 Weed, Danl.& the \dLdow of John Rockwell have power v-ritn 
Mr. Thos. B''itGh to dispose of the Rockwell child- 

1684 <Vead, Jonas, takes inv. est* Wm. Potter of Stanford. 

1684 VVheler, John, takes inv. est* lanl. Frost. 

1685 vVeed, Sargt* Danl. inv. est. Jonathan ^loson. 

1S85 »vaterbury, John, " " " " 

1685 Waker (or Ilaker) Abigail witness agreement Robfc . Rose 

1685 Whitlocke, John fined with John shorn 10 shillings for 
tearing oars down. 

1685 Williams, Robt. convicted of stealing 3 prs. of stockings 
irora i'hos. 'iiherwington. 


1685 Waller, Abigail, abt. 15 yrs. of age, tiath ctiosen her 
fatner in law t'acob kvakelen as nor guardian. 

1685 Wakelen, Jacob, as above item. 

1682 Wakeman, 2Lbnan, a bill payable to Ser Joseph -aasterd. 

1686 Wheler, Jo'nn witness record of letter of attorney for 

John Applegate by Phebe Berger. 

1686 Williams, Thos. was struck by Charles Lane (see Court 

bpl. 17, 1686. 

1686 »vard, oaml. 3ergt. juror in Halls vs. Hall. 

1686 Weed, Danl. " " " " " 

1686 Waker or Maker, Jacob " " " " 

1686 vVakeraan, ;iargt. John, " " " " " 

1686 ivheler, John, inv. est. of Thos- Fairchild of Woodbury 

1686 iVaker, ^achariah, lir. overseer " " " 

1686 iiakeman, 'Jaral. convicted for being at H. Rowlaaa's at 
night witiiout leave. 

1686 vVilson, Phebe, a. Joseph kiddlebrook & wife of baml. 


1687 »*ilson, Ihos. appi;. guardian of Jane d. Rich. Burgid, 

of jj'airfield, deed. 

1687 Ward, iSargt. Saral. married ^lice, d. Rich* Ogden,decd 

1687 rihelply, Hathan (Mariner) of otratford, eat* of, inv. 
taken Aug. 8-1687, by isaml* Sherman, Robt. Lane 
James Jndson, (belectTnen) 'filed Aug. 10,1687. 
Mr. Rich. Biackleach (swares to inv.) of Stratford, aged 
abt. 35 yrs. testifieth ae was on Island oi 
Barbaaos on 18 Oct. laso vatn. iir. iiathan ,«helply. 
Master of t-he Bark called "Loral" belonging to otrat- 
ford, and in his presenoa aisposea of nis prop, aa 
follows -^ , (Book 167 5-1689, p. 227.) 


To Saml. Knlfton Ms sister's son (called his cousin) hia 
nouae at iMew Haven. The rest of his prop, to lae divicleci 
between his ii:elations in II. E» 
John Prior Mate oi' above Barke aged abt. 28 yeara also 

gave testimony. 
t»eorge K.nii.ton, ) Appt. by Court ) 

Rebecca vVhelply ) Adiainistra-cors. ) On their refusal to 
act tae uourt appoints Mr. Joseph Eawly, lar. Rich* Blackleach 
Se Danl. Burr. 

1687 Wakeman, Saml. wao sworn Uepty. Uustomaster oi i^^airfield 

1687 Wheler, Isaac, apt. aor-i. est* of Abraham «Joy. 

16^7 Whelply, widow leasss iiouse belonging to Abraham Joy,deca 

1687 Helton, John, selectman of Waterbury, takes ±m * of est. 
'JJ. Hickox oa i«ooubury. 

1589 •yilliams, xtuth, w. of i.'hos» '^illiaEiB « d. Francis Brady, 

1690 ViTieler, John 'formerly sold prop* to Gapt. Robt. I'urney. 

1687 nebater:^! iiiicholas of •-'tamford, deed. Will of, dated 

May 4, 1687, probated and inv filed Kov 6, 1687 
kviaow oarra. Book 1675-1689, p. 234 eb 255. 

John, son of deed, land beyond Horoton River . 
David " 
Gift to Zakeriah Dibbel proviaed ne settles at otanfora 
evidently son-in-law. 
Rachell, dau. of deed, (not wife of above prob.) 

Jonathan iVaterberry called brother ) 

ilieaer blauson ) Overseers. 

Witness aaml. Holly 

Stephen Bishop 

iiicholas iiebster aecd. -^ug. 12, 1687. 
Inv. taken by Jonathan Bell ) 

Abraham ^mbler ) Comrs* 

1687 t^aterbury, Jon'n, callea brother by & overseer of est 
of iiiicholas "eoster of "Stamford. 


1687 ivaker, Joseph of otratford, ijSt. oi', Inv« taken Sov. 19, 

1687, by Saml. Sherman, Saml. ^awly, Jamee Judson. 
tSOOk 1675-1689, p. Ell. 
Widow, -fibigail. filed Dec 21, 1687. 

1688 Wheler, Isaac, oen« , aged ^6 yra* teaoirieth & sayeth yc 

ne bein^ at Jftmes Benets Sen. house about the 
laat of i^ wao a "C^velve month agoe, my vife, 
Jamefc3 BenneTS cc his wire with some of ye resi; of 
ye family being there ic Abraham Joye now deceased 
tnen upon his vioge agoing to Boston sayd, I C'^ec /f*' ' ' 

consiaex all men are mortall & know not what may 4 >L a 
fall out I would have you landlord & Landlady 'i f?^'Mu/,-t 

take notice yt what little estate i leave nere -j^ /f^H'l. ) 
benind me, all of itt after my debts are payd, I -^' (/ fj ^ 
hand upon Abrahean Sennet's hed & sayd and to this 
little boy my name uake to be equally uivided be- 
t^7een tnem bwo. If I come not nere again, only 
I would not nave my Brother Joseph be disturbed 
in ye nouse but take itt. 
James Bennet oen. being present at ye same time testi- 
fieth in full with ye above said J-saac mheeler 
sworn before ye Court of Sessions held in ^airfield 
Mch. ye 15, 1687/8. 
The aaid Uourt appxovea of ye verball will & does 
apoint Isaac vVeler to administer estate. 


1688 Vvheler, Jonn "^en. tak s inv. prop, of Saml* -^orehouse. 

1688 "ilson, rhoa. " " " " 

lb88 mheoler, ijaml. takes inv. est. Joseph Russell of Stratford 

1688 Watkins, -^avid, of stratfora, Inv. of est* July HO, 1688 
by A-m, Onrtis, John Wells, Joseph Curtia i'ownamen 
Widow, barah filea i^ov* 17, 1688. 

Daughter unaer age. Book 1675-1689, p. 259. 
Sargt. Jeremiah Judson presents inv. to court and 
gives bond for widow. 

1588 iJicd. Water bery, John of "Stanford, Will of, he died 
i:ov. 28, 1688. dated i^ov. 11, 1688 probated 
xtec. 14, 1688 & inv. filed. Book 1675-1689, p. 262. 
Widow ilary 

{ John, oldest son of deca. 
(David " 
Under age. (Thos. 

( ilary, aau. of deed* 


Jonafctian & ) brorner of deed. Bell) 

David materbury ) O'teeraeers. ■ :Joseph BislioplViiitneBS. 

Before Jonafcnan tielleck. Justice of ■'•''eace. 
Inv. takexi 7 'i>ec. 1681 by JonaTjiian Bell & Peter 5'erris, 


1689 Wheeler, csaral. oallea brother by James Blakman of Orinoge 

1689 " lioses " " " " " 

1689 '.Vilbon, Uathl. takes inv. oi eat. of Joseph Pachln^Jr. 

1690 Ti^ilson, Ihos. bought prop, of Gapt. Robt. Turny before 

1690 aaj. tne prop, tie left iais aon Beiij. 

1690 iVheeler, ^.^phraim a. in law to Capt. Hobt. Turny, deca 

1690 Wheeler, John formerly sola prop, to " " " 

1690 Wheeler, aargt. John called brother oy " " " 

1690 Wheeler, Jiargt. John aiea before ^une xii, 1690. 

1690 .Vilaon, aaml* of -^ airfield, orotner in law to and es, 
of '^obt.' Turny, aeed. 

1690 iVheler, oargt. John of -eairfield, JjJst. of, Inv. taken 

Mch. 8-1690 by Ephraim x^icoles - 'jliphelofc iiill* 
Wiaow filea Mch. 11, 1690. 

Children, John "heller ■ 26 iiisabech Jd5 

i'homao 21 Judaon 29 

Josepn 16 liary 19 

Jonathan 5 Rebecca 18 

JJavid 1 Hannaa 14 

Obeuiah 8 Abigail lo 

An 6 

Widow & Jonn ^dmr. 

Ifet. distributed 1698 tnere being the widow & IE 
cnilaren living one son aied last winter. 

1690 iVeea, iVidow kary of Stanford, jst. of, inv. bet' ore 

Hen. 10, 1690 - oy Abranam Ambler & Danl. cicofieii 
(TovTiiamen) filea x^ch* 11, 1690. 

Jonas leea awares to his motner's ei>t. huOl made aomx. 
Book 1575-1689, p. 304. 


1653 ^ard, iiiSmun a» iix* of Vae estate of nia fa-ciier tjargt. 
oami. ward teleased by overaeera of eut. or Jondthan 
i^ienolas or Stratford for paynent or legacy to 
Iviary Uietiols d. ox above Jonatb-aia- 
iSee Jonathan Eic^iols ifet.) 

1676 Walker, Jacob, witness to indebtednesB of JJanl. V/est- 
cort to Thos. iakidmore. 

1678 vValker, Zackery, vatneas settlement of John iJoinson Sen. 


1694 Ward, Sarah, gives release to her brother mmun Ward for 

legacies from the est. of their father saml. Ward. 
Witness, ' > 

John Ogden 
tianl* Ward. 

169 5 rVard, Hannah, ?.ido\v of i>aml. Ward, releases nor son in law 

(step son) Bdman vvard from the legacy left by 
his father's will of v/hich he aamr. 

ihos. Sciwards, 
George Johnson. 

1694 »/ard, 2dman, as ex. & aomr. of his father oargt. Saml, 
Ward's est. in released by Joseph Bastard 'OT 
Fairfield. Joseph Bastard calls Hannah Ward 
his mother in law 
guardian of saml. Ward also. 

Speaks of his mother in law being entitled to l/iJ 
of est. also speaks of' his other sister Hannah 
& portion at 18 yrs. or marriage. 

1672 v^aller, Lidia, v/idow of & admx. of est- of Joseph Waller, 
marriage agreement v/ith John Daves Lee. E6-1672 

Eathan Ward 
Tto. Hill 
1681 Inv. of articles chosen by the widow of •'oseph Waller, as 
Hov.18. her share in the est. 

Witness , 

v/ip. Hill, Sen. 
SLiphalet Hill. 

1676 »estcot, Danl., stands engageo to pay a note to Thos. 

Skidmore of £61. 


1G93 Ward, aimnn as 2x. of the estate oi IjIe father Sea-gt.Sanl 
ufc,rd released "bjr overBeers of ect, oJ Joiiatlian 
Licliolas of Stratford for i-,aj/x:fcnt -ox legacy to 
Mary KieTaols d. of above Jonathan. 

(See Jonathan Kichols ast.) 

1676 Walker, Jacob, witness to inaebtedness of Danl. West- 
cort to Ihos. bkidmore. 

1678 ifvalker, ^ackery, witnesa settlement of John Tomson Sen. est 

1694 Ward, Sarah, gives release to tier brother JBinun Ward for 
legacies from the est. of their fatner Saral. Ward. 

John Ogden 
saml. Waid. 

1693 Ward, Hannah, wiuow or Saml. Ward, releasee her son in law 

(step son) Sdman sVard from the legacy left oy 
his fatner's will of whicn ne admr. 

3?hos. 3iwaras, 
George Johnson. 

1694 Ward, Mman, as* ex. & aomr. of nis fatiier bargt. Saml. 

Ward's est* is released by Joseph Bastard of Fair- 
field. Joseph Bastard calls Hannah Ward his mother 
in law 

guardian of aaml.Ward also. 

Speaks of his mother in law being entitled to 1/3 
of est. also apeaks of his other aister Hannah 
a portion at 18 yrs. or marriage. 

I 1672 Waller, Lidia, widow of & admx. of est. of Joseph Waller, 
marriage agreement with John laves Bee. 26- 167 E. 

Kathan kvard 
Wm. Hill. 
1681 Inv. of articles chosen by tbe widov/ of Joseph Waller, 
Iov.18 as her share in the est. 


Wm. Hill, Sen. 
ELiphalet Hill. 

1676 Westcot, Danl., stands engaged to pay a note to ilhos. 
Skidmore of i61. 

i 409 

BOOK 1689-1701. 
1690 Wakeraan, John inv. est. of Peter Cole deea. 

1690 Exd. Weed, John of iStamford, et:o. of, inv. teik en 

Jan. 15-1690 by Abraham Ambler, John Bates 
& John ocofield, rileu Apl. f), 1690. 
Book 1689-1701, p. 2 & 14. 

Jonus, eldest son of deed. Children. 

3)aniell " " '* Uary aau. of ueca. 

John " " " Hannah " " " 

Saml. " " " 

Joseph " " " Most if not all 

Isaac " " " children unaer age. 

\\ 1690 Willcockson, Joanna, a. of John Birdsey of £>tratford & 
■wife of Timothy Viillcockson . of Litratford. 

1689 .Valker, Zaekery, before date sola prop, to Joseph Hawly 
of atratford. 

1689 V«Tieler, John had lot laid out to him which he sold oefore 

aate to Mr. Brion & he aold it vo Joseph Hawly 
of atratford. 

1691 Wells, Thos. aprt. overseer of est. JEpraim Hally of 

. Stratford. 

1690 Ward, oargt. J^aml. chosen guardian by John Ogden. 

1690 Ward, Sargt. iiaijLL. appt. admx. of estate of Bichard 
Ogden, aecd. and his viidow Itoiy, deed. 

i! 1690 Whiden, Rich. Mariner of ^airfield, est. of, Inv. taken 
Kov. 5-lb90 by Thos. Wilson & Saml. Squire. 
7;idow Sarah, V»ill probated ana inv. filed i;ov,9,1690 
Under age. (ELiaabeth, d. of deed. Book 1689-1701, p. 18. 

(Sarah, =' " " 

1690 vi/ilson, i'hos. takea inv. of above est. 

1690 Whel^ley, Bebecca, widov/ of Joseph Whelpley of iJairfield, 
est. of inv. ITov. 19, 1690 by Josien Harvy - John 
Miles, Wm. Hill, filed ITov. 24, 1690. 
Children Book 1689-1701, pl9. 

John Bulkley: 
rtm. Hill : Adms. 


1690 Wilcoelcson, John, Sen. of btratford - Verbal will of, 
aworn to ilov. 20-1690 by banl. Sherman & John 
Birdsey, and inv. filed. Book 1B89-1701, p. 20. 
Barnaaas Beers amall gifts 
John, son of deed. 

Patience, d. of " has had aex portion 
Hannah " " " " " " 

}ranachild-i)6rotby Blackman 
" " Susannah »»ilcoekson 

Son John <& saml* Sherman Admrs. 

1690 .leed, Janl. appt. aomr. of eat. Jeremiah Jager of Stamford 

1690 Walker, Zackariaa, v.-itness will & overaeer of est. Josepa 
Judson of Itoodbury. 

169C Walker, susana, witness v/ill of Josepn Judson of wood bury 

1690 Wakley, Henry of -Stratford, will of, dated July 11-1689 

Probated and inv. filed ilch. 10, 1B90. Book 1689- 
Widow Sarah 17 01, p. 31 

jJeliverance, son of deed. 
James " " " 

Patience, d. " " 

Abigaile, " " " 

Jacob, son " " 

Gift to Thos. Lattin 
" " SLiz. Squire, 

llary Stevens, a. of deed. 
" " Henry aumers - that liveth with me. 
Witness Jackariah j«'aireiaild & Saml. Prestone 
Widow, Deliverance & James, amars. Inv. taken Aug. 26-169;d 
by selectmen of Stratford, as before. 

1691 wakeman, John, takes inv. est. Snsign Sphrim licholetj. 

1690 Weed, Bebecca, d. of ^^hos. Benedick. 

Ij 1691 Waterbury, Leut. didt. est. of Joseph Jones of Stanford. 

1691 .iheler, i\ebecca a. sargt. Jolm irVheler, deed. left large 

legacy by Obediah Banks of rairfiela. 

1691 Weed, Danl. Sx. of est. of 'ihos. Lawrence of Stanfora. 


leyi Wake, widow, of Faixfiela, eat. of. Inv. taken Aug. 3,16S1 
by John Grmnan, x'lios. Dickerson, Jontn. Mornouse 
Will probateu & inv. filed Hov. 3, IbSl. Book 1689- 
1701, p. 4t9. 
33ne widow (»ake is tne motlier of i^oger KJiap. 
Jonathan Morhouse & Thoa. Dickerson appt. aomr . 

5 grandchilaren, ausane, Charles & Alexander 
Lane, ciiildren of ner a. 21izabeth(Knap) 
& Charles Lane. 
Daughter Mary Knap 
" Phehe. 

Ibyi irfilaon, iiathl. son-in-law of widow Hendrick, now widow 

1691 ^Viltjon, baml. takes inv. of est. of Mary Hendrick. 

169C wheeler. Hoses, ;^on- in-law to Caleb iiicoles of Woodbury. 

1690 kValker, Zacharian overyear of est. of " " " 

1690 rtilliaras, John, witness will of Caleb Hicoles of 7<ooabury 

1691 Vrfheeler, 3ILia. d. of Henry Rolana. 

1690 "vVaahhurn, Eope, aakea to take nis d. aarah by iVm. Roberts 
lb91 Walker, Mr. Zackariah, appt. overseer of aaml. Hiekols. 

1691 Ward, Deborah, wife of Andrew »»ard ana niece to Josepn 

Joy, aecd. 

1689 7iakeman, Sarnl. husband of Mary Bur d. Mr. Jehu Bur n&d 
aaughter. ■ 

lb92 V»akeman, John takes inv. of est. of oaml. Drake of Fair- 

1592 Wilson, baml. " " " " " 

1692 wakenian. Rev. iiaml. pastor of a tJnurcn of Christ, late 

of Fairfield, will of aated Mch.8, 1692, probatea 
& inv. filec Hov. 5, 1692. 
Legacy to Capt* John Bur of f3- to buy a silver 
bowle for ulie Church. 
" of i3 ior a Graner iicoole in ^airfield. 
" of i2 to the poor of -cair^iela 10 shillings 

or it to x'hos. «Jones. 
" of liberty to Indian servant Jane at 25 yrs. 

Mch. 21-1698. 
Book 1689-17 01, p. 69. 


Son aaml. deca. forgives nia esv. of ail debts up 

to Jais, btie son's laot marriage. 
'• iiljenezer aiea io90. 

vi/idow Annaii 
" JoJm, eldest son 

" Jabi»a,unaer agje to be sent to collge (called Jabez. 
" Josepn 
Dau. liary 

aon John to oe sole es. Possibly tiaa otiier children 
Witness Hathan ^old, oen. 
" " Jr. 

inv. taken 4,pr.8, 169£ Dy Thos . Jones , Uathan ^ola,Jr. 
and iiaipiaelit Hill. 

1691 >Vilson, Ihos. of j? airfield, est. of, Inv. taken 

iiOv. Ed. 1691, by Hannah milson swears to 

inv. filea iiov. o, 1692. 

Widow Hannah, Book 1689-1701, p. 70. 

Uathan ^old,Jr. Overseer. 

1692 iifard, Saml. tesrifiesi as to verball will of Ohaa. 

Dugiass of citra-cford, 

lb9£ KVakemaii, ciarol. Jr. ox i'airfiela, VVill of, dated July 23 
1690, probated and inv. filed Mch* 5, 1692. 
Widow iiarah Book 1689-1701, p. 72. 

Daughter Mary unaer age - haa given her 

prop, by deed, of gift child unborn, 

proo. daughter. If tae mother & child botn 
die the prop, goes to Brother Josiah Wakeman. 
Jonn niakeman Brother a ) : iaanl. if«ilson : Wit- 

tne .liaow ) Sc. : Soshua Knov/les i nesa 

Inv. taken June 4-lb91 by Saml. Hoberspn - 

oaml. "ilson, -ilipnelit Hill. 
WiQov; iiarah ^akenan &) 
Mr. Jonn -aiwaras ) App. aomr. 

Capt. John Bur ib "^argt. John tVakeman appt. overseers 
of elaest dau. Llary. 

1692 Wood, l^ich of .worwalk, witness release of Danl.Kellog, 


lb93 nVhels, Jorm, aeleotmaa of Stratrord, takes inv. of 
eat. widow Marian Grfcome. 

1690 V/akeman, ifibenezex, eat. of, Inv. take^ n'eay* 26- 
1690, Dy llr. iiainl. »Vakeman faVner oi deca. 
appt. aomr. Hr. aaml. ^akenan being aeca, court 
appt.' i^argt. John kVakeman, filed Hov 1, 1691. 
The est* to oe aivided aez. the brothera and sisters. 
Book 1689-1701, p. 76. 

1692 ward, Sargt. iiaml. of i.i'airfield, est. of inv. Jan. 8-1692 

oy Janes Beers - John Osuorn & ^lipneli-c Hill, 
(filed Jan. 16, 1692.) iSook 1069-1701, p. 77 & 84. 
Widow Hanna before widow of Jonathan iiieoles of 
a on u2«baaii 
I'he wiaow & son -^^uaan appu. aamrs. 

Ward, Jiargt. ijatal. distribution of eatate of 

Widow iiannan is oruered to bring up ^aid baml. 
'.Yard's youngest chila ana "cae otaer o children 
of ner former nuaband «^onath&n iiichoies. 

Mman prob. eiaeat son 

5 oTiner sons. 


a on aiman app t . adras • 

1693 I'he Court appts. Mr. iiaohl. Jiurr & Hr. Elipnelet iiill 

overseers or cnildren ana to act with said 
Soman as admrs. 
Ward, 3aman removes from the c oil eny. 


.Valker, Jacob, witness raleasevof ilicolas Hughes est. 
hy his brotiier '='aral. 

1692 iVilson, ^hos. of Fairfield, aecd. has iiaa quiet pos- 
session of tiie nouse and iiome loi; jie lived in 
& died oat of from tne liith Dec. 1696. Said 
land bounden li. W. by the lot of Ihos.' Stapler on 
U. E. by lot of Mr. 3anl. Bur on the d. S. by 
highway ic Isaac Sherwooa on ci. »». by the lot 
that was Steven Sherwood' d now Saml. Wilson's 
Copy of o-^ig. record ;;rom John Bur, Assistant 

Book Of Hecords this i'eby. 13,1692. John i)hom son, Townsman 

ITathan iJold, Recorder. 


Also Thos. Wilson has haa quiet possession of land. &t 
Concord Field at I'airfield Ijounden 1<. 2« "by 
land of iiaml. Wilson, a. Z. "by land pertaining 
to the heirs of Hobt. Turney on S* W. by land it 
was Ivii'ael Joyes . 

1693 ii/allrer, iAi. Zackariah appt. overseer of est* Haclcalial 
Preston of .Voodbury. 

1693 Weed, Jonas refuses to act as adiar. est* ii\man Lock- 


1691 -kescoat, oargt. Danl. appt. Admr. est. Francis ¥horne 

of Greenwich. ■ . . ■ 

1692 .Vakeman, John witness will of 3enj. Banks. 

1694 Wilcockson, John, takes inv est* iiobt. Clarke c£ Stratford 
1694 Walker, Jacob " " " " " " " 

1699 V/heeler, 2nsifen Isack, appt. to distribute est. 
Saml. Hall of j^'air field. 

1699 -Vheeler, i»idow of Joseph '.Vheeler granted power to 

place out the children or deed. Wheeler 
unaer advice of Jlnsign . wheeler. 

1694 vi/akley, HannSh, sister of Joseph Peat of Stratford, deed 

1694 tyilson, Hannah of Fairfield, est. of inv. filed Sov. 5-1694 

by Saml. Roberson, Thos. ^ones c: -Jonathan Stergis 
One child, viz: Book 1589-1701, p. 117. 

Sarah, wife of -c-lnathan -^-anforu. 
Una than Hanford appt. admr. 

1695 Orbiting d. iiev. Mr. John Bishop of Stanford, deed 

1694 tVaterbury, David, takes inv. of est. " " " " 

}694 Qea, 2hos. Wells, overseer est* of John -Brooks of Stratford 


1695 Water'bery, 33avlA of Stanford called brother by the widow 
of Danl. HevTOOja is concerned in his will (is 
made admr. 

1695 Web, Elizabeth called d. by Isack iiicoles of otratford. 
1695 vj'alker, Hobert, witness v/ill of " " 

169-1 Sxd. .Vare, Jacob, late of Stratford, est. of, inv. taken lilay 
29-1694 by Saml. Sherman & Robt. lane of prop, 
in castodv of Sobt. Basit £c Saml. Judson. filed June 
Book 1689ll?01, p. 125. 7, 1694. 

Mr. Rich- Blacklack appt. adxar. & refuse^ T;nen the 
Court appt. Ivlr. Saml. Sherman. 

1695 Web, Rev. Joseph, T7itness will Cornelius Hull, oen. 

1697 -Vakeman, Joseph, appt. adm. est- Mr. Michaell Glugstone. 

1698 2xd. Weed. Danl. deed. Kov 29-1697. est- of Inv. taken by 

Jonas Weed & Danl. Scofield of Stanlord. 
filed Apl. 26, 1698. Book 1689-1701, p. 150. 


4 sons 
1 dau. 
The widow witu lir. Jonas Weed to aarar. 

1698 rfed' iVheeler, laacke, Jr. of i?'airfield Yilage, est. of, 
•Inv. taken Apr. 18-1698 by Saml. Hub ell cc Uathew 
Sherwood, filea Apl. 26. 1698. Book 1689-1701, p. 158 


Children and ages Jan* 18-1699 - 2 sons & one daughter 

Eldest child, 6 yrs. old 

Youngest " 2 " " „ ^ - 

The widow & Isack Wheeler father in law o± deed, to aorar. 
Capt. Sherv/ood Sa ) to make 
aisigne .iTieeler ) distribution. 

1698 Weed, John, witness request to iioses Dimon by Tom -^rowne 

1698 2zd. Whitlock. John. est. of. Inv. taken Apr. 7-1698 by 
John Osburne « Abraham Adams, filed Apl. 25, 1698. 
The deed, had land at -^ile.Hill Ic i-lile Plaine. 


The widow witu iiinsigne John Osborne to admr. 

Book 1689-1701, p. 161. 


1698 2sd. Wheeler, Moses, aen. of Stratford, will of, dated Feby. 
• 19-1689/90. ^„^ 

All children are married and have portions as p. 170. 
I per Instrument of Jan. 20-1688, Book 1689-1701, re- 

' verse p. 5. (son in law Jacob '.Valker) 


aons Saml. & Moses 
I Dau. Merriai;! 

" Mary 
iiegacy to wife or his son Moses. 
" Elisabeth wife of his son 3aml. 
" to lir. Izrael Ohauncey. 
iir. Izrael Chauney) - Witness James Clarke 

Ito. Joseph Eawley ) Overseers. : Sarah ^hanneey. 


Saml. Wheeler promises to carry out tiie wishes of his 

+r»j 4-1-1^ gyi _ 

Inv. of est. taken Mch. 1-1687/8 by iiaml. Galpin & 
Ambros iompson, tjelectmer-. 
Saml. c: Moses vVheeler to admr. 

1698 Wilson, Saml. to make dist. of est. of '^eny^ son of Capt. 
Turney, deed. 

1700 Watkins, Mary, grandchild of Sargt. Jereraian Judaon. 
I 1699 i'/akeman, i-iartha, callea d. by sargt. 3ich. Hubbell. 

1697 vYakeman, Jonn, witness tVm. Reeds deed of ^ft. 

1696 vVaterbury, David, takes inv. est. Benj. Sely. 

1595 Waterbury, David " " " John Leeds of Stanford. 

1698 ^d. Wheeler, Joseph of i?air field Village, Inv. lley 29-1698 

bv James 3enit co Saml. Morehouse. 
(The* deed, haa prop, at iitratford at Concord & an 
est. at Cohansey). 
Ephriam Wheeler, the son of Joseph 2c Mary ivheeler 
was born tiie latter end of -^uly 1698. 
(Posthumoas child) Book 1689-1701, p. 174. 
Widow Mary 
The vddow to admr. 

1697 5xd. Webb, Toeneaer or Jiorwalk, Inv taken Oct. 30-1697 by 

John Gregory, John ITasla, Thos* i^itch & James ^Imsted. 
Mr. Saml. smith & Zerubbabell Hoit appt. admrs. 
Book 1689-1701, p. 178. 


1699 Sxd. liTheelex, ^ianl. of Stratford, mil of, dated Hov. 30-1698 

iVife SILisabe-ch - given aeed of gift ilov. 25-1698 
& the deed apeaka of ner possiDly going to her 
native land. Book 1689-1701, p. 194. 
Moses Wheeler, brother to deed, to have lat refusal of land 
lix* Izrael Ohauncy & Mr. Rich. Blacklaeh & Mr. Joseph 
• Curtis overseers. 
irVitnesB lioseB ITieeler, 
3enj. Duning. 

■/•"idow to be sole ex. 

Inv. taken ilch. 29-1598/9 by James Judson 
Benj. Curtis & John Coe, belectmai. 

1696 iVedden, Rich, lately deed, brother in law to Joseph Hill- 
left 2 daus. Elizabeth & Sarah V/edden. 
See Joseph Hill's distribution. 

1599 iVaklin, Deliverance, son in law to iiciward Hash of ^orwalk, 
divides est. Edward Hash. 

1640 Williams, Sich. witness in Feak & Patrick purchase. 

1700 Walker, Rev. lUx. Zachariah, of ^loodbury .deed- Jan* 20, 1699/ 

1700 Inv. taken 14 - Feby. 1699/1700 - by Izraell 
Curtis, John ■Sherman & Benj. Hurd, Selectmen. Book 1689- 
Settleiaent of est. 1701, p. 202. 

l»Irs. Susannah Walker, wiaow. 

SLiaabeth nalker, dau. of deed. 
Zachariah .Valker, son of deed. & brother to aSkid 
Witness, John ohernan 
John i-iitohell. 

1700 Webb, Saml. of Stanford to actmr. est. -'icisigne Dan. Simkins 

or Bedford. 

1699 Weed, Danl. , of Stanford, distribution of est. Jan '24,1699 
.Vidow Book 1639-1701, p. 209. 
4 sons 
1 dau_^ 
Mr. Saml. iioit 2a Mr. Joseph Bishop to dist. 
The widow & her son Abraham Weed, admrs. 



Widen, Rich. deed, sone years ago, ^c his widow barah who 

• wab aomr. "being also deea, the ^Joart 
now appt.' Wn. & Jonn r.ill to admr. 
Lieut. Josepn V.akeman & iSargt. John Thompson 
api:t. to apprize both estates - on liiis 
report they" are ordereu 1706 to aistribute 
est. to the 2 daughters o:.' aaid Widens. 
ELizabe-uh, Oi' age- Book 1689-1701, p. EM. 

& Sarah. 





Joseph ordered to dist. est. of 3ich.& Sarah 
" guardian of "^ohn & Saial. dug- (V/iden. 


1693 vi'allrer, Jacob _ . . ^.. _ . 

iiaml. witness transfer of prop, at iJaxrtiela, 
• to Ux* Rich. Blacklach of Stratfoixi from 
i'hos* Dickerson of Stratford. 

1711 Walker, Saral. Rev. appt. to dist. est- Arthur Perry, deed. 

1712 Waterbury, Benj. son of Jonathan uaterbury, mak® choice 

of his brother Jonathan y^aterbury as guardian. 

1700 Sxd- \Vheeler, Jlr. John, Agreement of heits, Apr. 5-1700- 
'Widow SLiaabeth Book 1689-1701. p. 20b. 

ELd. Son '^obn vVheeler, land on Srover xiill. 
" Josepn " , land at Oompo. 

" Thos. " (in the signing of said agreement 
" Jonathan) Llinors (we find the names of Uathl. 

David ) 

(Porter & Saul. Wheeler, possibly 
(guardian - land in (irumans lot 
(so called. 




of home lot that 
at Fairfield. 

was i£hos. 



Ann, minor 
Mrs. Hizabeth 
guardian to 
ic Ann. 
(Philip Lewis 
( Elizabeth Oumstock 
(Robt. Turr.ey. 

"heeler signs for herself and a:: 
her b children, Jonathan, Davia 


1700 Wheeler, Saml. signs fhe above Agreeraont. 

1694 V/helpley, barah, of -"airfield, releases the adms* of" the 

3st. of her fatiier Josepn .Vhelpley & her 
notiier -^^ebecca Whelpley - said Admrs being 
her uncle John Bulkley & her couaen Wm.Hill. 
Witness Danl. -^rost. 

SLiphelet Hill. 

BOOK 1702 - 1750. 

1710 Wakeraan, lira. Martha, widow of Capt. John v/akeraan , late 

of -^airlield, deed, who waa adrar. of est. 
of said Gapt. 7»'akQraan being also deed. 
Snsign ^^ich. Hubbell of *^tratford a pt. to 

^711 Beara, Jaraes, ison of Joseph Bears, late of Fairfield, 
makes choice of his cnsin Jrancis Bradly 
of iTairfiela as guardian. 

1711 Bradley, j'raneis of i?'airfield, cnosen as guardian oy 

James Beara above. 

1711 Brown, James:, est* of, Oapt. Joseph Plat of llorvelk, who 
is adrar. with ohe widow Brown « James Bro^ai , 
son or said -^^rov/n, \/no sometime since enter e«i 
on tiie admr. with iiis motner. 

1711 tvilcockson, iimothy, late of Stratford, whereas sometime 

since the death of the ^ourt appt. 

Robert iJakune, i^obert ralker « Joseph Hauly & 
the widow to aomr. How tne widow Johannah claims 
her legal right to admr. is granted by tne Court 
& said Johanna iVillcockaon '^ Josepn rairchilu give 
a bond for said administration. 

1712 kiheeler, Snsign Isack, est* of. 

Widow Susannaii, a^pt. admr. 

1702 Wood, Jeremiah, husband of ^-ary d. or ^'hos* bherington,uecd 

is app"c. guardian of nis sister in law c>arah 
Sherington & made admr* of esf^ of sajd Thos. 


170E Wells, Sarali, d. or Capi;. t»m. ^urtias. 

1702 wakeman, ^^argt. Joaepn t;o aist. eat. Nathaniel Bur, Jrf 

1702 iVaterbery, Jonatrian of atanford, est* of. 

Yunis Widow & 6 cMldren. 

The widow & ) 

Lieut. David Waterbery) Appt. Admr. 

Inv. Mch. 4, l?02/o - Dy Danl. ScofieLd & Josepa 
The wiaow ^unis 

iildest son Sarah liead one of the dau.haa had a 
Other sons portion. 

Mr, Saral. Hait « Mr. Steven Bishop to acioar. 

1703 vVheelar, SLizabeth, widLow of John - deed of Gift aated 

i?ehy. 21 - 1702/3. 
Daughter Abegaile 
" Ann 

aon Joseph 

" Jonatnan ) Unaer a^e ana choose tneir 

David ) orother Josepn as guardian. 

Witness ^athew ^harwood, 
Janes Senit. 
Inv. taken Mch' 23 - 1703 - by liathew oherwooa 
■Isack .^heeler ia James Banit. 
Son Josepa appt. adnr. 

1705 iVheeler, Joseph, released of indebtednesb by John Budsly. 

1704 rVells, i^hos. Mr. asst. ex- of est- of Benj. ?eat Sen. of 

* ' btrafc ford. 

1704 Wells, John, takes inv* of est. 
1704 Walker, JacoD, witness will of 

1704 .earner Uehitabell, near kinswoman to wife of Rich. Holmes, 
of Horwalk, left all his est. after his wife died 

1703 Wheeler, Isack, callea brotiier oy iiebecka Gregory of strat- 

I'ield & maae ex. 


1701 Waterbery, Leut. David of Stanfora to admr. est. Joim 

1705 Willson, 3enj. s. in law to Lieut. Jonn Olmated & made adinr 

169t Web, Joshua of Bedford, Inv. of est. taken Hch* 1693/4 by 
Zacbariah Roberts & Jonathan Pet tit. 
Wiuow ILisabetn, now Elizabeth tjinkins - 1699/1700 
4 children - Richard 
Mr. Joiin Cop « Zachariah x^oiaerts to admr. 

BOOK 1689 - 1701 . 
B K 170£ - 1750. 

1689 Wiloman, Ihos. of Bedford, Inv. oept. 1689 by iJanl. aim- 
kins cc John J3.olms. 
1697 iaarah b earner now wife of Thos. '^earner, the late relict 

of above deed, takes oath as to inv. at 
""orwalk, Kov. 1-1697. 
«idow aa above. 

4 sons & 2 dau. 

SLdest son of age & - Abraham. 

Martha one dau. of age to choose guardian 

have cnosen AbraiiaQ -^mbler. 
She eldest son ^xbraham to have the house at 

1703/4 vi/'ebb, Saml. witness agreement of neirs of Zacteriah uead 

ox '(rreeiimch. 

1703 (Valker, Zacharian, Mr. to aist. est. Ilr. John levensv/orth. 

1705 i/Vheeler, ihos. son of ^argt. John, eat. of, aiviaed Det. 
his brothers & sisters, his brother John appt. 
aarar. a letter to ais brother John written 
from -Barbados July i9-lo9b was admitted a^^ 

knis will in which he saya - he is aboard of 
a lian of Vmrd called the Play bound for London 
cfi that ne hab sent some 3 bis. of Rum &:c. on 
the ITieholas Inglabel & 3 months pay on bloop 



Inglabee & 6 monthii pay nn iiloop jJimon 
oelonging -co iihode Island & bound for Hew 
Inv. of est. Moll. 20 - 1704/o by PMlip Lewis 
« Saml. tiquire. 
1706 Leut. Josepii ifVakonan & Skisign Saml. Squire to dist. 

1705 Weed, Jonas of atanfora, Inv. of est. Jany. 10 - 17'j4-o Dy 

iiaml. Halt, Jonas Weed Sen. & SLisna Holly. 

Widow Betliyah 

Gave prop, to College. 
Children Jonas of age • 

3enj. " '• 

Jonatnan 5 mos. short of age. 

Abegaile abt. 10 yrs. 
Mr. Joseph Bishop & liiT.' Danl. Scofield to dist 
The wiaow & 2 sons Jonas Z< Benj. to aoiar. 

1705 VFheeler, Moses takes inv. of est. Mr. ^aml. Fai. rcMld oen. 

of Stratford. ■ 

1712 Weed, Jonas, acknov/leagmem; of nis V7ives portion in est. 

of father /n'aterbury. 

1712 (Vaterbery, fanner, acknov/ledgment of portion of -nneir 

wife by Isack How of Horsneck & Jonas vVeed. 

1705 Wood, oaml. Sold prop, before oa-ce to Joiin Boaton or Janb. 


1705 Walker, Jacob, witness will of Leut. Thos* Snowies of 


1701 rteed, aohn, witness bona of Truman, John Jr. 
1701 Wakeman, John " 

1706 Warner, Kobt. deca. of l.indletown, children of next of kin 

to sarah, widow of Hich. Kolmeii, of ^^orwalk, 
do left all her property. 


BOOK 170E - 1750. 

1697 Wells, Robt. called s. in law by oarah Uurtis, now wife 

o±' uapt. Vvm. Curtiss. 

1697 V.ells, Prudence, called grand daugliter 

1705 iVh«-eier Sphraim, ^t. of, Inv. taken i^ov. 25, 17 05, at 

1705, ^yiu. ^^^ ^^eaire of SHoa. Eeriwine of isaxrtield, 

aainr. of said i^jhram wtieeler eat. by Jamea 
3enit, Sen. & Rich. Hubbell F. l—In 1706 - 
tne aomr. above oraer of court sella prop. 
of deed. -pt. pay debta of est. & is re- 
leased by court. 

1706 Webster, baran, wife of Jonn debater, b- of Jeremiah Jogge». 


1706 Willis. Wm. Witness will of oaleo Eicols of Woodbury. 

1706 ..allcer, itobt. takes inv. of (stratfora) esf_ of ^aleb 
Sicols of Koodbury. 

17L7 .ebb, baral. «itnei3B .ill of & takes inv. John Pelleck of 


1706 waterbery. Lent. David Sen. Will of, dated Mch. 24 - 1703/4 
Wife Sarah, 

Son John under age 
" David 
" Zbenezer 
^au. 3a.i.:abetii had portion How 
Sarah " " ^ee^ 

%au. Mercy born .since above date, & given land 
bought of Susannah Bell. 
Witness Joseph Ilurny, 
Josepn Knap, 
Abraiiaa iVeed. 
Inv. later part of Dec 17 06. 
lana that was V.ill Elements ■ 
•' " " vVehsters 

by Saml. Halt - Danl. Scofield & Steven Bishop 


1706 weea, aarah d. of LeuT. ^avid water oery. Sen. 

.1704 Weed, A-braiiam, witness will of liavid water bery, i^en. 

'l707 vrfiloman, Thoa. who married Lidia Forward, widow of Josepu 
forward of Janbury, appt. Guraaian for ^idia 
& Mercy, -siorwara children of said aecd. 

1707 k^akley. -eliverence of otratford, will of, Oct. 15-1707. 

To ager. motner oarah ..akely - lana beyona 
Pequanock River near 2;achariah Pharia. 
Legacy to Mary iamnmers wno lives witn us. ■ 

Dau. - aarah 
" Mary 
Brother in law x'imothy x'itherton &) 

Ilr. Arabros i'ompson, aen. jAdmrs. 

Witness Abell Birdsey, ) 

James «vaklin or waklyn 
Jacoo ivalker. .. _,. 

Inv. ilov. 27-17 07- hy James i«aklin ce Abell Birasey. 

,1707 waklyn, Janes, witness will of iJeliverence Wakley above 
!1707 svalker, Jacob , " 

:i7lJi kVeed, Jonas, takes inv. eso;. Zaehariah Jibble of Stanford, 
I deed. 

1708 vVackly, Mary, wife of Jonatnan V/ackly ^s d. of saml. 


1708 Wakeman, Mr. Joseph to dist- est- ^ohn Burr s. of Major John 
i Burr. 

^1708 .Vheeler, Mr. Moses, adm. est- Isack Knell of ^trauford. 

• 1707 t.eea. Jonas of ^^tratford, son of John weeci, deed. Inv. of 
I esu. of tJan' 8, 1706/7. 

Wido^'' I^ry & Sara. Weed of i^tanford aaor . 
te. janl. ocofield, Mr. Steven Bishop & Mr. Slisna 
Holly "CO diat. to 
viidow Mary 

Udest »on all proD. unaer age. 

Other son or possibly sons 
dau gat era. 
iiaml. weed appt. guardn. for John & Mathan boxb of deed. 
Widiw Mary Weed appt. guardn. for ^^iles c Sarah cnilaren 
01 cieca. 


1708 vVhelply, Josepn or i^airfield, Inv. Men. 6 - 1707/8 by 

Peter Burr & John Barlow, 
ieoorah whelply « ^oim ^ndrus admr. 

1708 «-lcernan.^Capt.^John ) ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ .^^^^,^,, 

Lieut. Josepn called uncle to ctiildren of saia aeca. 
and maae taeir guaraian. 

1706 Waren. SLizabetn, wire or nixmau ivarrea « a. John Bowton.ben 


1705 .ilaon. 3enj. s. in law Leut. John Olmstea. deca. bee ai«t. 

1706 ..heeler. Abegaiie or ..airfield, inv. Dec. 3i-lV06-by 

John iiear^aiey. x^aonl. Porter 

^^aml. Whaler Joseph «meler 

Ann'.Vaeeier, Jonn -heier. 

Jaraea sennit i^pectauor. 
aargt. JOhn Whexer awarea to inv. & maae admr. 
The auove parties concerned lao .-^il^.i/ allow oi 

^ debts, out of ye est. aa lollows - 

unto John :3eardsley in pay 
" Uathl. Porter " " 

" Sainl* "heeler " " 

" John 'Wheeler " " for hxs trouble. 

" James Sennit, Jr. " " _ _ 

Also agree that our 2 brothers Jonathan & David take 
the land, also allow 
Goodwill *»aklin in pay 
The est. to be aivided to nezt of kxna oi ciecc.. viz. 
John viheler, 
Joseph " 

Jonathan" . . .. „^ „+.^„a 

David " & to those who marriea the sisters 

of said Abegail 

Hathaniel Porter 

Saml. Beardsly, 

JoTm 'Beardsly 

Ann WTaeler 

Danl. Oonstock who represents his mother SL±z. 
V'el" s deed. 
James Bennet Jr. & Saml. Hubbell to dist. 




In Dist. Apr. 14-1707 the following reeeivea 

John Wheeler, Joseph l^Tieeler, Jonathan *i*heeler, 

David nfheeler, njargt* '»"heele r. 

Sathl Porter - John Barley 

Ann Wheler - Danl. Gonstoelc in right of his mother 

SLiz. Wells. 
Court accepts report k discharges iargt. John 

1707 'i-'hos. i'heeler, aist* of est* of 
2o John 
" Joseph 
" Jonathan 
" Davia 
Sargt. John Wheeler adnr. reports on dist. 

1707 ft'ard, Andrew, deed, late of -^airfield. Inv. of ®t. by 

John bturgis & *fonathan •-'turgis tien. - land 
near V^olf Swamp. Land on Uill Kill - In Capt. 
Son of iiar^t. John Oshurns hands - In Moses Dlman hands 
baml. sargt. Diman ^dmr. The est. to be uivicied 

as per oraer of court stelsy 20, 1706/7 be- 
tween surviving Brethren of deed. - viz: 
Mward iVard, Saml. Ti'ard - ffm. Ward - John 
7«ard & Moses .Yard.' 
Jonathan •-'turgis Sen. appt. to dist. 

1708 Wheeler, ^argt. Saml. of Strat field Inv. of est. of ^ch.8- 

Widow Hannah 

a on 7 yrs. old. 
Dau. 5 " • " ■ 
The widow & Ensigne David Sherman of Stmtfield to 
admr . 

1709 liTieeler, Isaac takes inv of est* Ephraim Iredwell of 


1709 v<aTflen, Jacob, takes inv. of est. Sphraim Tredwell of 


1707 .ihelply, Jos-.-ph, admr. est. of John Bulkley of -sairfield 

1707 " " guardian of -ctLizabeth d. of John Bulkley 

Of i?airfield. 


1708 Weed, iianil. of Danbury, Inv. of Est. Se-t. 9, 1708 by Saml. 

Benedick, Israeli Gurtiss - John Gregory - 
Jacob viieed, son of deed* swarea to inv. 
Widow ijary & sone Jacob aanra. 

Saml. son of aecd. makes enoice of nis b2X) ttier 

• Jacob as guard. 
Also Jacob Weed is chosen guard, for his brother 

Jonas . 
Elizabeth makes choice of her mother IJary Weed aa 
In 1711 - iiichara Barnum & Izraell Curtiss both of 
Danbury, appt. to dist, 

1709 Wilson, Eathl. witness will of James Kicholson of j?'airfiela 

17 09 Wilson, Hathl.Jr. " " " " " " " 

1709 7/ells, John, ben.) takes inv. of est. Danl. i'itterton of 

2hos. ibtratford. ■ 
1709 liVooster, Abraham, takes inv. est. James Blockman of catrat- 

1709 Weed, Danl. called aon of Ruth Clap, laoe of btanford & 

appt. adms. of her est. 

1710 Wooster, Abraham to dist* est* John Gilbert of atratford. 

1710 Wood, Abraham, witness agreement of heirs of x'hos. Sloson 
of btanford. 

1710 Webster, John, witness agreement of heirs of Thos. Sloson 
of Stanford. 

1710 V/ooster, bargt. Abraham, chosen guardian by ^anl. son of 
ii-rthur Perry of btratford, deed. 

1710 Walker, baml. appt. to dist. est. Arthur Perry of Stratford 

1710 Waterbery, barah, called d. by bteven Holmes or Stanford. 

1711 Wheeler, Timothy, takea inv. est. i^achariah jjerris od: Strat- 


1711 Walker, John, takes inv. est. i*iiss barah Chancey of btrat- 

1709 makman, Capt. John of -^'airfield inv. of eat* Lee. 6-1709 

deed, had right in grant of land ^bove Kew 
iiilford. Inv. taken by ilathl. Burr & Saml. 
Squire. • ■ 


lirs. Martha iVakeman, v/idow of deed, sv/ares to inv. 
llov.' 9-1709 Court appta. Mrs* Martha Wakeraan, widow 

of deed, to aanr. 
John (Vakeman was married to Martha Huhhell Apr. 24- 
Hener tiaeir eloeat dau. born ^ug. 24-1589- 
iiaml* son of aeoa. v/aa " Feb. 24-1695- 

2Lizabetn ■ " " June 1- 1695- 

Ann " " Mch. 24 tne 10th, 

Martha " " Sept. 24-1700 (169£. 

Stephen " " Oct. 15-1702. 

John " " Aug. 29-17U5. 

this recoraea l^ay 19-1710 (page 155) 

1710 Waterhery, David, deed, at Stanford June 15-1710 & left 

surviving a wiaow & 2 small children the 
eldest 2 yrs. old £.- the other 1/2 year. 
Widow Vvaitstill - John «»aterbury, bro"Cher of deed 
to a'omr. 
Inv. Sept. 22 - 1710 by SLisha Holly 

3enj» ^reen. 

1710 Webb, Saml* takes inv. est* Capt. Jonathan tielleck. 

1704 k«aterbery, jJavid, Justice of Peace at Stanford. 

1711 Wilcokson, Timothy of Stratford, Inv. of eat. Feby. 9-1710/11 

by John Beach & Abell Berdsey. 
lilrs. Johannah V.ilcokson widow, to admr. 

1710 Wakeman, Capt, John est. ass above 3nsign Rich* Hubbell admr 
aist of est. 
The widow & eldest aau. being deed, the est. dist* bet. 
3 sons & 3 dau. remaining viz: 
Saml. rVakeman, elaest son Guard, llaj* Peter Burr. 
Son Stephen Waleman, Guar* Capt. Joseph Wakemaa 
" John liaj. Peter Burr Guardian. 
Dau. a-izabeta - oanl. j^renen, Guardian. 
" Ann Sarnl. hubbell 

" Martha " " " 

Ensign Rich. Hubbell, iir. ^ohn I'hompson & 
Mr. iVm« Hill to dist. 

1707 ((heeler, Moses admr. est* -^-rthur Hinds of *^tratford, 

1705 Welles, John, witness will Mr. John -oeach 61712) 

1712 "ells, ^'hos* takes inv est* " " " 


1710 Young-s, John, oj-lces inv. est. -'ri. ixills o- iStanioro. . 

1658 Yor/e (?) Tlionas , o±' jairileld, inv. lilea Sept. 10, 
1658, p. 40. 

VOL. 171b-17o5. 
17 21-1749. 
" 1725-17^:0. 



Yol. 171b-17oO. 
Page i. Applegate. John oi Fairfiela. Inventory takaa ?eby. 
7 1716/7, artex the aeai;h of widow AVis Applegate, 
filett Aug. 10, 1716. Joseph Applegate AdnX. on death 
oi' wiaow wno waa Esectx. 

Mentions ae heirs, taere oeing no cnild, tne six sons, 
•ihos., John, Jan'l.. Joseph, Benj. and Richard Applegate, 
of or ot tier 'ihomas Appleg-ate deed, of Hicidletown, County 
of Muninouth, Province of East Jersey. 
Page £. Applegate, ^viss of Fairfield, Inventory filed Fehy.28, 

1716/17, Adrar. Thos. .Villiams Jr. of jairfiela. 
Page 5. ^ealy, Sbenezex of Stratfiela, bounty of Fairfield, 
Will aated Meh. oO, 1717. Wife Jerusna narnea Eseatx. 
Mentions granaiather Hathaniel tiealy, hro. Janes Sealy 
and sister Hannah ^iray, Wit. 5hw. Ireawell & David Sherman 
Father-in-law Oapt. David Shernaa of atratfield. 
Page '±. Beadley, Francis of Inventory oatea Dec. 4,1716, 

lientions barah Beacaey wid. Filea Aug. o, 1717, 6 sons 
& 1 dap. Sons Francis, oaml. Joseph. 
Page 5. Pitman, Samuel of stratfora. Inventory filed -aug. 16, 
1717. Admrs. wid. Mary Pitman & bro. Zachariah Blackman 
of stratiord. Mentions 1 cnild. 
Page 6. iCeeler, Saml. Sen. of Ridgfield. Inventory dated June 
17, 1713, taken Dy c^aral. Betts & Josepn Piatt. Admr. Saml. 
Keeler, filed May 2, 1716- ITo wid. - five sons, oamuel. 
Josepn, JonaW ana iimotiiy Keeler. 

Page 7. Jones, iianiel of titaral'ora. Inventory aated Jany. 2, 

1716/17, Admr. Joim & Peter Jones. 
Page 8. Grimes, Joaepii o±' stratford. Inventory aated Apr.E, 

1717, Admrs. Thoa. Harvey of Pairiield & Caleo Gal pin of 
Stratford, filed Apr. 3, 1717. 
Page 9. Olmsteaa, ITathan of Lorwalk, inventory filed Feby. 27, 
1716/17* Mentions wid. Merry Olmstead & children. Hathan 
13 yrs., saml. 10 yrs. , James 8 yre.. Merry 6 yra., Hannan 
^ yrs., & Gidian (Lidian ?) 1 yr« Wid. Admrx. 
Page y. Garnsey, Joseph of btamford, Inventory riled Jan. 29, 
1716/17. Wid. Itory Garnsey, Admrx. iientions 4 sons & 4 
aaus. Hames 2 daus. Deooraa a Susanah Barnsey as non-age 
to ehoise of guardian, the other children choose their 
Page 10. Runaall, William of Greenwich, Will dated Oct. 22, 1714 
iientions elaest son John, & dau. Sarah Knapp, dau. Mary 
Finch, dau. Abigail ij'inch, granason John iJowns, son oaml. 
Rundell, dau. Patience, son William, son Abraham rJundall, 
Wife Abigail Hunnell, aaus. Hannah & 3Iizabetn, o youngest 
sons, Isaac, Jacoo ec Joseph. iiseGrs. wife & son Abraham. 
Filed Jany. 6, l'^17. _ 

Page 11. Hundell, n/illiam of Greenv/ieh, Inventory taken Hov. 

E3, 1717. 
Page 11. Ooucn, Simon of j^'airfieid. Account riled Mch. 1, 1716/17 
of Abigail Couch, ^ocrx. Mentions sons of 2hos. Couch, 
Shos. ana aimoxi, bro* of i^imon the deca. i-lios. also aecd. 


Page 12. Holly. John ^en. or btaia±-ord, «ill dated ^ept. 18. 1716. 
Mentions son John Holly, son liatiianiel. ana i^ daua. 
Hannah, ^lizaoetn & iiaraa iiolly. Granaaon John Roily- 
iixecxs'.John oc Nathaniel sons. iJ'ilea Jany. 28. 1716/17. 
Inventory taken Feoy. 14. 1716/17. 

Page 13. Sturdivent, William of l^orwalk. Inventory taken Feby. 
i 22, 1714/15. Ilentions wia. lilary as Admxx. 

Page 14. Beach, Sphxaim o± otratlora. Inventory datea Apr. 4, 
1717. Mentions wid- ^arah Beach, who with Andra? Patter- 
son & Hathl. Beacn. ap. Admr., alt=o 2 ^ons. undrew & Joseph 


page 15. Gray, Sarah of otratiord. Inventory taken iJec. 16. 1716 
Admr. Ghaa.Gane (Lane) a son-in-law Deed. wid. oi Jacou 
Gray of Fairfield. 

page 15. Hail, x^ary of Stratford. Will dated Dec 1. 1714. 

Sxecr. couain wm. ^mitn. Hentions i:>ainl. Hall a bro. & his 
son saml. Hall. Uousin Jos. Blackman & his aau. ^arah 
Blackman, Cousins 3enj. Blackman, Josian Blackman « Adam 
Blackman, Cousin Rebecca Curtis^. Bro. iibenezer Blackman 
& his 3 sons. Sbenezer. Jonathan & l^athan.^ Uousin Abigail 

Page lb. Inventory oi Llary Hall est. dated Jany. 30, 171d/17. 

page 16. Hall, Liaian of ^tratfora, will dated iJec. 1, 1716. .it. 
Joan -meeler & SLizoetn wells, ^ixecr. son John Hall. Lien- 
tion« aau. Ahigail Jacox- i^ilea i^ec- 19. 1716. 

filgu -in in 

Page 17. Inventory taken Jec. 19, 1716. lich. 21. 1717. 

Page 18. Meeker. Daniel, Sen. of Fairfield, Hun cupative Hill 
Dec. 23, 1716. Wit. Martha' i^reho use ^ Jobn omith, Jr., 
Mentions wife SLizaloeth Meeker, iions Joseph, Benj., 
j Samuel, Jonathan ic Isaac tae youngest, ]>aniel ana David 

Meeker. Dau. Hachel. .Tiled Dec. 26, 1716. Admrs. Wid. 

SLizabeth « 'aon Joseph. HcH. 21, 1717, Samuel Meeker 
* hits 

I choose bro. Daniel as^guardian. 

Page 18. Meeker, Danl. of ^'airfield, inventory taken Jany.9.1717 

?iled Seby. 8, 1717. 
Page 19. Lyon, Thos- of Hewark, 11. J. Apr. 24. 1721. Granted an 
appeal from Settlement of 5fet. Danl. Meeker. Sen. in the 
right of his wife Hannah. 
Page 19. Pettit. John of Starafora. Inventory file I July 26, 1716. 
Admrs. Hannah Pettit. v/id. Jonathan Pettit & Jonathan Gold 
Mentions children Jonathan. Saml. . Sbeneaer. Ann & Mary. 
Page 20. In the appointment of guardians it appears taat Samuel 
Pettit. son choose John Pettit a bro. guard., Ann & Mary 
Pettit daus. choose Ann Pettit. their mother guard 'n. 
And Saml. Weed of Stamford was appointed guard. 3benezer 
Pettit, son of John Pettit late of Stanford. ^^— d-^i- 
Page 20. T7alker, Jacob of Stamord, Avooint'd- Ator; Apr. 4,1716 
JacoD T^alker father ^dmr. July 4, 1716 Saml. .Valker bro. 
of deed, appoint ea co-Admr. with father. 
Page 21. Walker, Jacob, Inventory. 

Page 21. Wheeler. John. Sen. of .oodbury. Will dated July 23. 
1712. Wit. John Sherman Sen. & SLizabeth Sherman. Filed 
I Jany. 9. 1717. Sxecrs. sons - ■^omas & John Wheeler. 


Mentions wife EutH Wheeler, Eldest sons x'homas ^ 'folin. 
daus. SLizabeth 3urrett ana Jinah ^iluttle.^ Grandson 
IJathan Llitchell. Granddaughters Hannan dc Sarah Mitchell. 
Granachildren or Son Thomas. Grandchildren of dau. SLiza- 
heth Burch. Grand-child Ruth Richardson. Grandchildren, 
of son John wheeler* Grandson Joseph Tut tie. 
Page 21. Inve;:tory of John Wheeler filed Jany.9. 1717. 

page 22. Betts, Thomas of Horv/alk, vlfill datea oept. 5, 1717. 

vvit. l^atthew iieamer & Jonathan ^'airehild. axecrs. wife 
aarah oo sona -hos- ft Jolin Betts. Mentions wife Sarah, 
daus., i5 in no., Sarah Keeler, Ilary & SLizaheth and 3 
sons.. Thomas, John & liathew. An apprentice Dabiel Holmes 
i'iled Jany. 9, 1718. 
Page 22. Betts, Thos. Inventory taken ^ec 24. 1^17. 

Page 23. Tredwell. oamuel Jr., of tftratfield, ..ill datea .'ehy.2, 

1717. Wit. Jon. Morehouse. Saml-^ Cook, Alexander ^-airchild, 
Eathl. Werden, Sbcects. wife Martha- Llentions wife Martha, 
.^^W ^children Dayid. Zachariah, Martha, Abia. Bohert. Stephen, 
£: Josiah. and hros. of deed. John and Edward Tredwell- 
Filed Mch. 25, 1717. 
Page 23. Tredwell. Saml. Jr., Inventory taken Feby._ 27, 1718. 

filed r'ehy. 24, 1719. 
Page 24. Benedick. Samuel of Banbury. Will dated —1718. TJit. 
James Bebae & Israel Oartiss- 2xecrs. sons Samuel ^ 
Sathaniel. i^^iled Mch. 20. 1719. Mentions wife Rebecca. 
2 aaus' Rebecca 2= Esther. :3ons, Samuel <i -^"hos- deed. 

T ^/Nv, «-p 'i'ViftiiflC! sonq Nathaniel and Abraham, 
grandson Samuel son oi -i-nonas, sons ^'«.oiia.iiJ->=j. 


Page 24. Benediclc, iiamuQl, Inventory taken Apr- 17, 1719. 
page 25. Darling. John of ^airiield. Inventory filec. ?eby. 20. 

1719. Admr. son John- Ilentions 4 sons. <^ohn. Jamed. Joseph 
& Benj. and 2 daus. Hannah and Martha- Joseph & 3enj. choose 
tneir orotner-in-lav/ John Bradley guardian. 
Page 26. Ada^.s. Abraham. Jr.. of ^'airfield. Inventory filed 

Apr. 7. 1719. Actors, bro- Daniel Adajns &= wife, aarah Adaons. 
Mentions one chila a dau. Sarah, a minor. 
Page 27. Loclnvood. aer.hom of Sreenwioh. inventory taken llch. 

24. 1719. Filed Apr. 1. 1719- ^^mrs. wid. SLizaheth Lock- 
wood 8c son Gershoin Lockwood. Agreement of Distbr'n. Be- 
tween wid. Sliaabeth Lockwood and sons Gershom & Joseph 
Lockwood Of Green^vich; Hanr.ah Hanford of ilorwalk, Sarah 
Hecox of stamfora. daus4 John. Nathaniel. ^Lizaoeth and 
David Bates, cnilaren of Jili^abeth Bates of Stamford deed, 
a dau. 2hos. Hanford husband of Hannah, and Benj. Hecox — ^3^ 
husband Of Sarah, and Hyat of Uonvalk husband of 

SLisabeth Bates. 
Page 28. Tredwell. Samuel, ^en. of -tratfield. inventory filed 
ij^eby. 12. 1719. Admr. son ^w. Tredwell. Mentions Ruth 
Tredwell; mother of Admr. Mw. now deou. and grandchiliren, 
children of'sSml. Tredwell. Jr., deed. & other chilaren 
of deod. Saml. Tredwell. ^en. hut no names. 
Page 29. Lockwood. Joseph of .'airfield, .all dated June 17.1715 
Wit. Daniel Chapjaa. Abigail Co uch. S^ecx. son John Lock- 
wood, iientiona grandsons Roberts and Daniel Lockv/ood. 


sons of son xiobert deed., grandchildren xiatHaniel. Jipliraim, 
barah and Ann Burr cnildren of dau. Susanan; son John 
Lockwood S. other children of son ^-^ohert deed- no names- Also 
Ifejor Peter Burr & Capt. Joseph -vVakeinan as aavisers- Filed 
June 10, 1717. Deed. knoTvn as ^ergt- Jos- Lockwood. In- 
ventory taken Jany. 27, 1718 filed Oct. 5. 1718. 
Page oO. Sherman. Bareliel. of Stratford, inventory filed Dec.20. 

1717, Adrnr. wid. Jane Sherman, mentions children Mmon 
6 yrl.. Sbenezer 4 yrs. . IBareliel 6 weeks, and Susanah 9yrs 

•age 51. Sealy. Ebenezer of ^tratfield. inventory filed June 20. 

1718. iAentions wid* Jerusna oealy. 

Page 32. Jackson. Henry oi ^tratfield, inventory filed June 27. 

(■ 1718. ^dmrs. Ilary Jackson wid. & Sergt. John Odell of 
page 53. Keeler. BenJ. of Borv/alk. inventory filed Fehy. 6. 1719 
- ^Admrx. wid. Hannan Keeler. Hentions children Benj. 5 yrs. 
"^^ ' and Hannah's yrs. Hannan Keeler mother apu.^ guaraian. 
page 34. Poison, iaward of btratford. .ill dated ITov. 25.1712 

Wit. Joseph Ourti^s. ■.:hos. Bennett ^ Galeh ^.alpen. ^ecs. 
wife Elizabeth Poison. Filed .<ov. 6. 171o. Inventory of 
I 3fet. taken Jany. 11. 1V17 filea Fehy. 20. 1717. 

Page 35. Lyon. ITathaniel of Fairfield, Inventory filed llov.28. 

1718 -dmrx. wid. Hannah Lyon-^ Mentions sons Joshua. 
Hathaniel ^c Zachariah and 2 daus- . Phoeoe and Deborah. 
Page 36. Beardsley. ^apf, John of stratfield. inventory filed 

Feby. 25, 1719, -dmrs- ^anl. and John Beardsley. 


Will dated Jany. 21. 1714- Llentions v/ife Haimaa. kinswonan 
Deboran (sister) wire of Ale:<anaer i^aircHild. Joto Beardsley 

son of bro. Danl. Beardsley and John Fairfield son of 
Alexander ?airoMld. Sxectrx- wid. i^iled Hov. 25. 1718, 
when v/ife Hannah was deed. 
Page o8. Pringle. ^iamuel of atratford, Will dated May 18. 1718. 
Mentions wife Abigail, bro. Sbeneaer Pringle of Walling- 
ford. Sxecr. Edmon Lewis, ^iled June 30. 1718. inventory 

filed Apr. 13, 1713. 
Page 39. Webster, John of ataraford. Inventory filed ITov. 29, 

1717, Admrs. Sarah the wid. and bamuel Holt- Mentions 2 sons 
& 2 daus. . the youngest Bachel Sc Sarah, & John & Hicolas 

.A „ — Webster. ' ' 

'page ^0. Tredy/ell, i^uth of -tratfield. wiff. of baml. Tredwell, 
sen. deed. Will dated Jany. 19, 1718. Scecr. son S.iw. Tred- 
well. Filed ?eby. lO. 1719.' Mentions sons, Siward and Wimothy 
& Saml. deed. & John deed. , and 3:phraim deed, and grand- 
daughter Of sons. Samuel, Bdward, John. Spftraim & Timotby. 
Page 41. Burr. Sarah of ^airfield. Inventory filed Dec lO, 1716 
Aoiiir. John ailliman. Mentions sister Ann Silliraan nife of 
Jolan '^illiman and 2 bros- lathl. & Sphraim Burr. 
Page 42. Lockwood. Sarah of i'airfield. Inventory filed "ov P.l. 
171b. '^dmr. ^obt. Lockwood a bro. Mentions 5 bros- Bobert. 
Danl. , Joseph, Johiell ^o Gers&om & 3 sisters IJary. ousanah 

& A-bigail. 
Page 42. Keeler. Benj- of ^orwalk. Apt. of Admr. Apr. 17, 1718, 

of wid.. Hannan Keeler. 


Page 43. Gray, vVilliain of Apt. or ^uardian, i^^eljy. 5, 1718, 
William (Jray, Jr. to deod. children 3enj. & ELisabeth. 
Page 43. Sherman, Saml. of iitratford. Apt. of Admr* ij"eby. 24, 

1719, Daniel ;3hennan a aon « John Levenaworta. 
Page 4r3. Clerk, Jaraea 01 otratford, Apt« of ^ardn. Mch*^ 5,1719 

Zachariah Blaekman of son Zachriah v^lerk. 
Page 43. Eockwell, Joseph of ilorwallr. Apt. of *^ard'n. Apr. 
28, 1719. Jonathan x^oclmell of fiidgeiiela, of "^onas, 
Simeon, ]:;oah & Hannah Rockwell. .,,--------.,..------■ ^VO 

Page 43. »'aterbury, David of t>tamford. Apt. of Guard' n. iich. 5, 
1719' Isaac How of otamford, nro-in-law, or ::l)eneaer Water- 
Page 43. Whitney, John of Eorwalk, Apt. of Admr. Oct*^ 11,1720 

Of Joseph Keeler of Bidgefiela, a son-ih-law. 
Page 44. Jennings, Joshua of iJairfield, Disth'n. of 3st. to sons 
Joshua & Moses, daus* Itery Burr, Hannah wife of Peter, Abigail and iiary Jennings wid. Ilade Feby. lis, 1718. 
Page 44. Gilbert, John of ^^taatford, Distbn. of ^t. Hov 16,1720 
deed, son or John Gilbert deed, of atratford , mentions 
2 bros. -^'homas ^« Josiah Gilbert;, lois. Sarah. 

Page 45. Hicols, Benjamin of Stratford, inventory dated Apr. 

9 1717. Admr' Jonas Xooster. 

Page 46. Ayres, x.awrence of "tamiord. Inventory filed Mch. 3, 
1718, -^mr. Richard Ayres. 

Page 47. Straton, John of Woodbury J-nventory fileu i^ay 2, 1718 
^^dmra. John Hall cc Henry -Vakely, mentions a wid. son 
•L'homas ^^traton, dau. Rachel, deca- , the wife Henry .Vakeley, 


grand dau* Rachel waT^eley, dau* of ^enry. 
Page 48. Hickcox, Joseph of fioodbury. Inventory filed IIov_ 23, 
1717. Admrx. Euth Hiekcox* Llentions 4 child- son ^teven, 
aaus. ausanah « Eunice Hickcox. & Bro. of deed- Benj. 
I \ Eickcox' liana 4th child mot given. 
4age 4t9. billirnan, Daniel or ijairlield. Inventory i'ileu Oct. 8. 
1717. Admrx* Thankful billiman wid. Mentions 2 coildren, 
minors - no names. 
Page 50 Starrs. Josiah of Danbury. Inventory filea j^eby. 3,1716 
Admrs. Rebecca otarr & I'hos. atarr. Mentions wid. six 
sons & 2 daus. no names. 
Page 51. Pon, Kathaniel of btamford. Inventory filed Jaay. 28, 
1717. ^dmrs' •'onathan blawson « oamuel Jilacnley. Mentions 
sons Josian & ITathaniel, and dau- ihankfull, also father 
of deed. Saml* Pon of Gilford. 
Page 52. Curtiss. Daniel of Stratford, ^ipt- of ^^dmrx. on Jst. 

Mentions wid. Ilary Uurtiss. 
Page 53 Parmer. James of Greenwich. Apt. of admr- on Sst. 

Admr* David Parmer son. Apr. 18, 1717. 
Page 53. 'oiaphan. Peter of .^airfield. Apt. of Admr- on Zst. 

Jany. 1, 1716. Admr. Thos. liurwin bro. -in-law 
Page 54. Abigail Hubbell of otratfieid. -vill aateu .^eby. 11. 
1705. a wia. mentions 2 dau. Abigail Bostick & Johannah 
Odell, son John Hubbell & son Robert ..alker. ixecr- son 
Kobt. Walker, ij^iled -'eby. 5, 1718. 
Page 55. Crowell, Jabess of Fairfield , Inventory filed ?eby.4, 
1718. -^^dmr. i'homas iiessengex o± -Boston. 


Page 56. Cross, Nathaniel o± ^taniora, J-nventory lileii July 6, 
1715, Ben^. Weed Adrar* Mentions wia. Hannah now Hannah 
Parmer, 1 aon (ie 4 daus. 
Page 57- iredwell, «^ohn oi' "tratrield. Inventory riled Kay 2, 
1716' Admrs. Dea. Thos* Hawley « Abigail wid. Maationa 
5 chila'n* no nanea. 
Page 58 Beneciick, -i-hOEias of iJanbury, Inventory filefi Jany. 3,1714 
. Adrars. wid. Elizabeth Benedict & Sergt. Francis Barnum. 
Mentiona 1 aoa & 3 aaus. ninors - banuel, Hannaa, Rebecca 
& SLizabeth Benedick. 
Page 59 PMppen, Janes of utratfora. Inventory filea June 5, 
1718. Admrx. "^ouanna Phippen* Mentiona 4 sons &i 3 daus. 
only names Benj., James & iiarah Phippen, minora, motner 

guard 'n. 
Page 60. Marks, ^Villiam of -ffloodbury. Inventory filen Feby. 4, 

1719* -^dmr. Robt. Brenison . 
Page 61. Ambler, Abranam, Jr., of ^taaford, inventory filed 

Aug. 25, 1713. Admr. Jonathan '^old. 
Page 62. Nathaniel, Knap of •^tratfield, inventory filed Mch.26, 

1717. ^Am:. Benj* -^'airweather. 
Page 63 Bennit, Daniel of Stratford, Agreement of Dlstbr'n. 
aated l.ov. 25, 1715, between his bros. fi: sis. viz:- 
Sathan Bennit, aarah wife of Robt. ''heeler, Mary wife of 
bamuel Davia, ^lizaoeth wife of iiphraim -^rice of iiewark, 
5ast Jersey, Hary Bennit ^ Hannah Bennet, i?iled Apr. 4,1719 
Page 64. Couch, iinon or f-airfield, iJistbr'n' oi mt. datea 


Feby. 25. 1719. Mentions wici. Abib^ail, sons, i'homas & 
SiBon; aaus. Abigail. Hannan, baran. -sabel <<c Deborati 


Page .5. Adams, Abraham Jr- . of Fairfield. Agree't Distbr'n- 
datea Aug. 21. 1719 oetween bros. & sisters or deed. & 

-> wiu 


page 65. Banlel & David Adams of Fairfiela, John AdanB of 
Greenwich ic SLizabetn ^dams of ^tratfora ana oaran 
If iidams. wid. Of Fairfield, SLijah Crane husband of 

Abigail Adams a sis. 
page 66. Holly. John of ^tanfora. A,t. of Admr. Feby. 2b. 1719, 

of witi. ^usannan ^lly. 
Page 66. Ayres,. iiiohwa Jr. . ot -taiaiord. ^pt;. ol *cimx. uay 12, 

1719' iiaml Weed. 

,-. . , ' V «■• s-Hrnt-ford Ap-rm't* Distbr'n. dated 

Page 66. ^ainea, Josepa Ox btratrora, grui 

Mch- 25. 1718. BetAveea 'Thomas ana Hartha Harvey, uncle and 
aunt.' and Saml. Peal Jr- and Abigail his wife, of Stratford, 
sister of -^homas iiarvey. 
Page 67. Sherman, fennel of "tratfora, inventory filed Aug. 31. 

1719. Admra. iJaniel -herman « John Levensworth. 
Page 68. Hall. Jonathan of -tratfield. Apt. of Grd'h. of child- 
Cesian. Charity. Llary ana .illiam HalL Guard. Francis 
Hall an uncle. Datea Uch*^ 15, 1718. 
Page .8 i^owlana. Israel of .airfield. Apt. of ^rd'n. Uch- 18. 

1721 Joseph Rowland, of son of deed- John itowlam . 
Page 09. Sturdevant. >Villiaia of iiorwalk. nuncupative Will 

Will dated Dec E5, 171"*, proved July 50, 1718. Admrs. 
Wld. Mary & son Joseph. Mentiona aons, John, Jonathan, 
& Joseph ana aaua. iiaraii & 2Lisabeth wife lilary. 

Page 69. Banta, John or Greenwion, Distb'n*^ or J^sf^ to aon 
John Baiakij. 

Page 70. Holly, John of atamford. Inventory filed Oct* 9, 1719 
Deed, son of Gapt. John holly late ctarafora' Mentions 


wid. Susanah Holly. 
Page 71. Minor, John, ^en, or t.oodhury, **ill dated Aug. 17, 1719 
Sxecrs. wile SLizaheth & sons '^'honas « Josepa. Hentions 
wile ilizabetn, sons "^oim, ihomas, Joseph & 3phraim, dau. 
Johannah ^aylord wife of »Villiam uaylora or iew Milford, 
daus. Elizabeth vValker, Grace Grant, aarah '^urtiss and 
Abigail i'reawell. iJeca* known as Gapt. John Minor. Filed 


i?eby. 11, 1720. Died iiept. 16, 1719. 
Page 71. Minor, Gapt. John, Inventory filed i'eby. 11, 1720. 
Page 72. Morehouse, ihonas of -'airfield, Distbr'n. of 2st. Feby. 

14, 1720. Mentions wid. & 2 sons Thomas and John. 
Page 75. Knap, J3enj. of Greenwich, Inventory taken Dec 7,171b, 
Adior. Galeo Knap a bro. of deed, i^'iled Dec. 15, 1718. 
Mentions v/ia« & childn* Martha, ituth, iienjamin, Joshua, 
Joseph, David, James, Daniel & Elizabeth. 
Page 75. Beardsley,, Gapt. John or otratxield, Distbrn. of -st. to 
children «John, iipiiraim, I'homas and Josepn Bearaaley and 
jlizabeth Pullford. 
Page 75. Potter, John of otamrord, */ill dated Apr. 15, 1705. 
Sxecx. Qiother-in-law oarah oellick, wid. of Gapt. John 


aellick. Overseers. John i>avenport & David Water bury of 
;itaiirord. Mentions aau* barah Potter, i'iled oept- 9, 1709 
Page 7o. Potter, John Inventory taken oept. 5, 1709, 
Page 76. Bulkley, Joseph, ^en-^ of Fairfield, -Lnventory filed 
Jany. 19. 1720. Admr. son Joseph Bulkley^ Mentions wid. 
Martha Bulkley & child 'n. 5 sons & 1 dan. Joseph, Peter. 
Daniel, ■^■homas £2 John Bulkley, cSarah. 
Page 77. .Veils, Ihomas of Stratford, Will dated Dec 8. 1717 

Filed Jany. 25, 1720. &ecrs. John x'honipson & John (Veils 
Mentions wife 31izabeth, cousins in Stratford, John 
i'horapaon. John Wells, Ambrose ihompson. Joseph Wells, 
Rohert Wells, Ebenezer 'Thompson, i'hos. ^'honpspn, Bro. 
Saml. Wells & sis. Temperahee Pitraan. Cousins in Weathers- 
±iela,i^hos. ^ellft. Joseph .'ells. Robert ••ells, « Gideon 
Wells. Rev. Mr- Gubler, Cousin Josiah Bears, cousin tiaml. 
Wells of ^tratfield, cousin Thos*^ «'ells of citratforci. cousin 
Sarah S^ert of Jainaca. J-.I. & Elizabeth Curtis wife of 
Jos. Curtiss of otratford. 
Page 77. Wells, Thos. Inventory filed Fehy. 2b, 1720. 
Page 78. Kelleg, Johannah of ^^orvYalk, Jistbrn. of list', Mch. 24, 
1720- Decci. dau. of ^anl* Kelleg deed, to bro. & sis. Daniel 
John, Benjamin & SLizabeth Kelleg. 
Page 78. Belden, John of -tiorwalk, uistbn. of 2sf^ Mch- 7, 1720 
Admrx. wid.;R4th. now wife of Dr. John Copp. Mentions 2 
,\^^ '^ns & 1 clau. John. Samuel, & Elizabeth Belden. Deed known 
as Leut. John Belden. 

Page 78. Blankt'ord, John, a trancient; person soraetime of 

a unci bury, Apra't. Admr. Oct. 5, 1719 Capt- Ivloaes Dimon 

of Fairfield. 
Page 79 Wheeler, Isaac Jr. of B'airfield, I/istbn* ast* Apr» 4, 

1716. Mentions sons, Isaac & Ebenezer & dau. Elizabeth. 
Page 79. (?) Hall, Dr. of ^tratfield, -i^istb'n. Isf Tec. 16, 

1718. Mentions ''onathan Hall, Isaac Hall and -rancis Hall 
and John Hall. 

Page 80. Curtiss, Daniel of Stratford, -Lnventory. iiied June 17, 

1719. Admr. wid* Mary ^-^urtis* i-entions children 3 sons 
Daniel, Abell & Hezekiah Curtiss, and 4 daus. ELizabe-th 
Esther, Abigail & Rebecca ^urtiss. 

Page 81. Harks, ;7illiain of r/oodbury, Distb'n. 2st« July £9, 1719 
Admr* Richard 3runson» Llentio.;s S sons only ehiluren 
I'hcaas ana William Llarks. 
Page 81. Sherman, bamuel of "tratford, Agr'mt* Distb'n. dated 

Oct. 3, 1719, neirs ob representatives of - mentions Daniel 
iiention of -"orv/alk, James Beebe of Danbury. tiamuel J^eers 
of Hewtown, Daniel i^hernan, Daniel ^iitchell and xsaac Clark. 
Page 82. Bradley, jrancis of ^airfield., Apm't. of Grd'n. Dec. 
15, 1717. Mentions children of 2phraim, Gershom, Peter, 
John and xiellinan Bradley. . > 

Page 82. Rowlana, Israel of -airfield. Will dated Hov. 6, 1719, 
'kYit. Andrew Burr, David oturgiss, iiathan Hubbell. Exec. 
son Israel* mentions children as Israel, John, Kary 
Bennett, Elizabeth Bennet, Bethuah Gray, -riebecca, Deborah 

Judith Rowlantt' iilea i.<eby. 24, 1720. 
Page 83. Holly, 51isha, of iitanford. Will dated Oct. 27, 1719, 
is'iled Jany. 2, 1720, Sxecrx. wife Liartha nentions .-ire 
Hartha. jiadeat t3on iiislxa. sons iLipUalet, SLnathan. Israel 
and daus. Marttia Leeds. Abigail & SaraH Kolly and grana 
aau. SLiaabetn 7/aterbury. 
Page 84. Palmer, James of Greenwich, inventory filed Apr. 6,1720 

Admr. son David, Uentions oamuel Palmer. Prob. a son. 
Page 84. Searla, i:ianiel of Stratford, Inventory filed Apr. 8,1720 

Adrar. wid. Hannan a earls Ic Isaac Beach. 
Page 85. Jackson, Henry of Fairfield, Mstb'n. of Sst- Ivlay 13. 
1720. Admr. John & Robert Jackson granasons* Mentions sons 
John aeca. and i-^oses, bamuel and Joseph all sons, of Henry. 
Page 86. Burr, uamuel of Charlestown, iJass., v.ill dated May 2, 
1717. ^opy filed Aug. 1719. Execrx. wid« Elizabeth Burr. 
Mentions wife 31izabettt. Mentions children aaus. Saran and 
x<ebecca & sons* John & Samuel & greatgrandfather btednan. 
Page 86. Wells, ihomas of Stratford. iJistbn' of ^ts-^ Jany.ll. 
1721. Mentions 2 Bros, of deca- John cc Robert also deed., a 
bro. Samuel of .^tratfiela and 2 uis. i^emperance Pitman wife 
of Jonthn. Pitman land iSarah Thompson wife of -Ambrose Thompson 
bota of otratford. ""^"-^ ij 

Page 87. Hoit, Samuel of Stanford, Will dated 1714, filed ^ 

June 29. 1720. iixeer. son John Koit. 

Mentions son Samuel deed. « his children & his oon Samuel 
(a granatioa) ana sons «John Hoit, ^Jonathan Hoit, Joseph Hoit 


and iiattian -o-oit. . 
Page 87. Hoit, tiamuel. inventory rileci June 29, 1720. 
Page 89. Holly, SLisha of ^Jtanforu, invenijory liled June 29, 

17 20, 
Page 89. Bennet, Isaac oi Stratford, iVill aateti Jany. 11, 1715 
5ixecr. son Kathan Sennet, Filed July 1, 1720. Llacitions 
wife iilizabetli Bennet, son I'athan, dau. Saran (Vheeler, dau. 
ELisaoetn -trice, dau* Hannah Abed. 
Page 90. Squire, Joseph of -^airfiela, ..ill aa-ced liay 27, 1720. 
Filea July 5, 1720. Sxecrs* Sergt* Danl* Morehpuse Sc hro. 
Samuel '-nuire. Ilen-cions wi* saran ana 1 son Joseph & 1 dau* 
Abigail. faquir e, Joseph, Inventory filed IIov. 25, 1720. 
Page 91. IJaller, Peter of i^tratford, ««ill datea Hov* 18, 1720 
filea Dec b, 1720. jfeexra. son i^achens anci v/i. Abifeail. 
Mentions v/i- Abigail, sons Zachens, Peter, Caleb of Sew 
Haven, Benj. t^teven & Ebenezer, daus. ELisabeth vtelton, wi» 
of Geo. .Velton, Jude, wi' of Jeremian Canfield, Abigail, Arce 
(?) & Zepran. Ilallery, Peter, inventory filed Dec 1, 1720. 
Page 92. Abbott, John of -^orwalk, Inventory filed Aug. 17, 1720 
Admra. wi. Ruth Sa son John mentions wid. and 3 child'n., 1 
son & 2 daus. Jiblin ana i^sther Jackson ana ^^ry Scrivner. 
Page 9i5. Canfield, Sbeneser of ^orwalk, inventory filed Dec. ri/ . 
14 1720. Admr'x. wid. Jemima, mentions no children- 5 dros. 
Timothy, Jabess, ilathew, izekiel & David & 4 sis. Patience 
nary, ^ixabetn, ib Liaia Canfiela. 

Page 94. Grampton, Joseph of Horwalk, inventory filed Dec. lo, 
IVjiQ. -f^dmrx. wad. Patience Urarnpton. 


Page S6. Hull, oamuel ox ^aixiield, «U11 aaT;ea iiov 15, 1718 
Filed Aug. 18. 172C. .icecrs. son iSanuel iiulL Maitions 
wi. Jane, sona Cornelius. Josiati and bamuel. daus-^ xtebecca 
Horenouse. i^eborah Bearasley. liartna and ^arah Hull, and 
a former wife wno was tne dau- of Hicnard Hubbeil of .^air- 
fiela. Hull, iianiuel. Inventory of. filed Dee-^ 29, 1720. 
Page 9b. Burr. Abigail of iairfiela. Inventory filed Jany. 25. 
1721. Admrs. Jonn Andrus. son-in-law. & Sergt. iiamuel 
Burr son- ..entiond 1 son iSamuel & 2 daus. Hellinan, De- 
bor&n and ..ahitabeil wno are deca. Tneir chilaren being 
Eellinan's (husband John Andrus) John, Abigail, i-ellinah. 
iJaniel ana ^benezer ^drus; iJeborah's (Husband Josepn Perry) 
Saran, Abigail. Josepa. iianiel and Nathaniel Perry; .^ahit- 
abell's one dau. Hahitabell ^itrong. 
page 97. Keeler. John, oen. , of ^orwalk, .Vill dated .eby. 27. 

r'X: 3ixecrx. wi. ..ahitabill. -iled ^ec 1^. 17jg: mentions 
sons, Jonn, David & Daniel Keeler, Daus. ELizabetn Hoit. 

Ifehitabell Hoit.Hannan Gregory, i:iarah Hoit. Jemima & 

^ " ■"■■" " ' i/j'^A 

Butu Keeler. ana wife* '^^ ^ 

Page 98. Keeler, Jonn Inventory of. filed Dec- 14. 1720. 
page 98' Harp, John, oen.. of ^^airfield. Inventory filed ITov. 

30. 17 20. -dmrs. i^amuel Harp a son « Jonn ^old. 
Page 99. Ayrea. Hicnara, Jr.. ox -tamfora. inventory filed ilov. 

17 1720. ^dmr. aaral- V<eed. Mentions wid. a 2 sons « 1 

aau. Jonn, ^Ibenezer ana ^-^ry. 
Page 100. Basset. .Robert of -tratford. .pm't. of ^ Jec.8.1720 


01' aon Janadao Baaset. 
Page 100. Buekingnam, Jedidian of Hew Jersey, now oi" i^orr/alk. 

Will dated Mch-^ 28, 1720-^ iteecr- Bro- ^anuel Buckingnaia. 
Mentions wi- Mary, .on .illiam and bro. Thos. BuckingHain 

D'iled i^y o, 17^0. -— — — - 
Pa^TIor;" 'sennet. Isaac 'of Stratford, inventory filed Oct- 11, 

17 20. isKecr* of will son fiatnan Bennet. 
page 101. 5nglii.n,''J:obian of Stratford, ^pmt. of Mmr-^ Jany. 11. 

1720. Mmr. Hatnan iVheeler of otratford.^ 

Page 102. Shomas. Jonn of wooaoury. Inventory filed Dec. 12. 

1715. Deed, son of -^no. thonas . -dmr. Jeremiah. i^homas of 

Page 102. Olark. Daniel of Stratford, -p'mt. Admr. ^ee- 15. 1720 
Admr. Isaac Olark & John Potter, Deed, son of ^ohn olark of 

page 103. ^ealy, Jonas of .tan^rord- Distor-n. of -^st- Mch. 3. 1721 
Mmr. Jonathan Holms. Ilentions wid. Ilary and 4 sons & 1 

aau. viz: Samuel, ibenezer. Hatnaniel ^ aipnelet ^ealy and 

bar ah -^olms wife of -o-dmr. 
page lu4. oraippton. Joseph of i^orwalk. .^istbr'n. of ^t. uch. 17. 

1721. ^^dmrx. Patience wid. now wife of Isaac .cod. Mentions 
3 child'n. ninor=.» Abigail. Mary ^ aaran.Oranpton. 

Page 1G4. .inch, l^athaniel of .^orwalk. Distbr'n. or ^f^ Uch. 10, 
1720. ..dmrs. eldest son bamuel .^inch- Uentiona 2 other 
Child'n. Sathaniel ^ i^idian .incn, aon John .inch is 


T ^+- --f-vorrnrrt 'Will dated June 17, 1713 

Page lv.5. JudBon, James ol -tratford. >«ixx u 

filed Apr« 10, 17 £1. Jixecrs. 3 sons, «Jos3epn, James cc 
David. Mentions V7i. Seoecca aona «iosepn, Jameti a David 
o aaus. Hannah, Lewis, aaran, cnaueey, Pnoeoe, Lewis. 
Wid. Ann Judaon of Caot. ^araea Jucison aecd. 
Page 105. Inventory filed Apr. lo, 17 21. 

Page 105. uoney, Benj. of otratford. r«ill dated Dec. 25, 1716 
filed Apr. 11, 1721. Sxecrx. wife liehetaDel Coney. i:ien- 
tiona brOB. John L,oney, Katnaniel Gone;/, ais. ilizabetli 
Page 105. Inventory filed June 13, 17 21. 

Page 106. Burr, Abigail of ^airfield, Jistbr'n. of 2st. dated 
Mck. 14, 1721. iilentions son Samuel, John Ana r us, husb. 
of Hellinah a dau. iiahitabell Strong a granddau. Jno. 
Andrus Grdn. and Joseph Perry husband of a dau. Deborah & 
Grdn. of his children. 
Page 107. Green, aLLir^abeth oi '-'taaford, Apm't. of Adrar. Hov 1, 

1721 of son ilathl* Green, Deed. wid. of Joseph Oreen deed. 
Page 107« Burr, Ann of -^airfield, Apm't. of -^dmr. i^ov* 9, l'^21 

of Gapt. Joseph ..akeman. 
Page 107. Green, Jliaabeth of Stamford, Inventory filed IIov. 

16, 1721. Mentions 5 children alive Joseph, John, Uath- 
aniel, Haits:till and Ilercy Green, also that thereare 
children of the fr.vo deed. 

Aprnt. of ilathl* Green, Grdn. of sister's children Liary 
Perry wife or John Perry aecd. I'ov. 16, 17 21, also of 
Sbenezer Darling a granaaon and of Mercy Drue dau. of 
2Li::abeth 3:rue forrnsily Elizabeth ireen. 


Page 108. Sealy, Jonas of Stanford' Distb'n* of Est. Kov. 22, 
l'^21. Kent ions laary Sealy .vid. of deed. Saml. Sealy 
eldest son, Sarah Sealy a dau. 
Page 108. Head, 31eazar of iior\7alk, Apt. of Grd'n. Jany. 21, 1724 
or an uncle Jolin Read of -^orvTalk, of youngeat son of deed. 
■ SLeazar Bead, same name as father. 

Page 109. Burton, Joseph of Stratford, Apm't. of Admrs. Jany. 8, 
y 172S, of bros. Benj. Sc Judson Burton of Stratford. 

Inventory filed Jany. 8, 1722, mentions wid. Anna Burton. 
Page 110. Hargus, Abraham of iitratford. Inventory filed Fehy. 28, 
1721, ilentions 4 childr'n. Abigail, Hannah, S&ward & 
Sarah Karger. Admr. John Biggs of Derbee, an uncle of 
children, also appointed duardjl. of dau. Abigail v/ho mar. 
Tiraotiiy joster of Darby. Hannah mar. Abel Gun of Darby. 
Mentions an uncle 2b en ear Harger. 
Page 111. Clausen, David of Stamford. Will dated Mch. 4, 1721, 

filed Apr. 26, 1721. Mentions eldest dau. Mary June; dau. 
Deborah who is named executrix, a youngest dau. Hephsibah, 
Grandson Peter June Jr. 
Page 112. Defrees, David of Stratford, June 13, 1721 Appra't of 

Admrx. wid. :.iartha Defrees. 
Page 112. John ^ut.ler of iiorwalk, A-pm't. of Guard 'n. Mch. 17, 

1721 of saml. Richard of Horwalk a bro. in-law. ^ 

Page 113. Keeler, Ralph of ilorv/alk, V^ill dated Mch. 23, r5M?6 

FiAid inne 30, 1721* fisecrs. wid. Grace. Mentions 2 sons 
Ralph & Jbenezei and grandson ITathan Olnstead wi. Grace; 
dau. Rebecca Hitchcock. 


Page 114. Vi'allrer, Samuel of Stratford, Inventory filed Hov. 22, 
1721, Admr. wid. Abigail Walker. 

Page 115. Basit, Robert of Stratford, Inver.tory filed Aug. 9, 


1721. Admr. Jonadab Basset a son. iJentions \7id. ELizabetli 

4 sons and 1 dau. Samuel, Jonadab, Robert, jJbenezer and 

iCLiaabet'n Basset. 
Page 116. English, lobiah of Stratford, Inventory filed Apr. 27, 

1721 dated Dec. 28, 1720, deed. Dec 24, 1720. Admr. 

ITathl. Wheeler. 
Page il7. Banldin, 3nos of lewtown. Inventory filed Oct* 11, 1721 

Admr* wid. Damariss Bauldin. Agreement of -i^istb'n. be- 

t^z/een v/'id. & broB. of deed' ITathan Jolin, James, Caleb 

and Jeremiah 3aulain of -^ilford. Conn., Caleb & Jeremiah 

being minors & Sphraim Burwell their Guard 'n* dated 

Sept. 4, 1721. 
Page 118. Clark, Daniel of i^tratford, inventory filed July 10, 

1721 ii-dmrs. John Porter U Isaac Oiark* Mentions in 
Distb'n. 1 bro. & 5 sla. of deed, vis: Ichaboa, "^arah, 

iilisabeth, i-lary, Ann & Eunice ^lark children of Leut, 

John Clark of Stratford. 
Page 119' Blogg, Saral. of iitratford. Inventory filed ?eby 10, 

1721. Admr. son Saml* Biogg. Agrm't. of -^istbr'n. dated 

i^eby. 6, 1721 between children, sons ^amuel cs Zlisha 

Blogg OS dau. Martha I^efees wi. of David Defrees - and 

dau« Prudence Osborn wi. of John Osborn. 
Page 120. Curtis, Benj. of ^tratford. Marriage Agrm't. dated 

Sov« 7, 1714, between 'Curtis <ic Bathsheba Stiles a wid. 

Page 120. Petti-c, Ann o±' iataral'ord, --^prnt. oi' ^».dmr. Jonathan 

(rOld 01" btamford, Ivlch* 1, 1721. Deed. wid. of John Pettit 
Page 120. Pen, Kathaniel, of titamford, Apmt. of lirdn. of aaus. 

Haomy and -thankiul ^->on* Joseph Lee of Guilford appoinlied 


Hay 11, 17 21. 
Page 121. Buckingham, Jedediah of Uonvalk, Inventory filed ?eby. 

7, 1721. Mentions baa u el Buckingham. Sxecr. of will and 
■ only son milliam Buckingham* 

Page 122. Jackson, Henry of ^tratfield, Distbn. of Est* filed 

Jany. 22, 1722. Mentions heirs of John Jackson, lioses, 

John & JSusanah Lyon, heirs of lioses Jackson. Eobert and 

Ii>el)orah amith, heir of tiamuel Jackson. Daniel Jackson, - 
Jonathan Jackson, SSienezer Jackson, Gabriel Jackson, 
iiannan Jennings, Deborau ^^airchila, flachel Lyon, Abigail 
and Barah Bartram wi. of John Bartram. 
Page 123. Sreadwell, John of '^tratrieid, Distbn* of 3st* dated 
Oct* 3u, I''*::!, Adrars* Thos* -H-awley w Abigail -i-'redwell. 
Mentions wid. and 5 sons £: 1 dau. Adoniraa, John, 
Hezekiah, Sphraira, Jabez and *^bigail i'reuv;ell. Oct. oO, 
1721. -^i-pmt. of '-i-'hos* Ha7;ley guarcin. of -iphxaim and Jabes 
'i'redwell being minors. 
Page 123. I'redwell, John & Hezekiah* Deed. 29, 17 21, Apmt. of 

Jos* B0oi;h* of iitratfiela guardn* of. — 
Page 123. Mallery, Peter oi -^tratfield, Apmt* of "^uardn* Apr. 
20, 1721, of aippora iiallery, a uau* of Peter, Uuardn. 
3enj. i.Iallery aer oro. 

Page 124. iiraith, Joseph oi' ^aixl'ield, Apmt. ol' ^uardn. June 19, 
1721 or Benj. "araith and isamuel c^mith sons of Job • iJmitia, 
deed. ihos. KKilliarns Jr. Guarun. 
Page 125. Wheeler, Samuel of -^^tratford, Will dated Ilch. 22, 1721 
Jixeotrix wid. Mentions wi. , sons, James and 

isamuel, daus. Sarah, iilary & bro» lathan Kidieeler. i'iled 
Apr. 27, 1721. 
Page 126. Kellegg, Joseph of -^orwaik, inventory riled June 21, 
1721. Mentions wid. llary Kelleg, -idmr* and 6 sons oc 4 
daus. Joseph, David, 3enJ., SLizabeth, Sarah, i^achel and 
Hannah K ell eg .Jonathan i?'airehiia apta. guaran. or Hannan 
Kelleg dau. of Jos* Kelleg deed., Samuel Kelleg aptd. 
guardn« of Jos* Kelleg son of Job« Kelleg, sen. deed, 
also guaran* of iiachel Ji-elleg a dau. lilary Kelleg wia. 
aptd. guardn* of David and Benj. Kelleg sons. 
Page 127. Llartin, tvilliam of nVoodberry, iJistbn. of -ast. aateu 

Apr. 5, 1717. Mentions ?/id. Abigail Martin, Phoebe Martin, 
Joseph iuartin, sanuel ■'•%rtin & Caleb Martin, probably sons 
and daus. 
Page 128. Wadkins, Joseph of Stratford, Apmt. of ^uardn* Jany. 
30, 1722 of two sons, Benj. & Sphraim wadkins chose their 
bro. Samuel ^adkins guardn. 
Page 128. sloss, John of Jair field. Will of dated Jany. 5, 17 21, 
Execrx. wi. Jfether sioss. Mentions o daus* aarah, 311en 
& iJeborau, a sister Anna & wi. Esther. ?iled Meh* 2, 1721. 
Page 129. .^-raitn, Josepa of ^'ailfleld, inventory filed i?'e'by« 8, 

1721. Mentions Jiannah Smith, wid. who is also Admr. and 

i ' * ' 

her motiier-in-law barah ^raith a wid. Sergt* Saml. csborn 

C0« AdEUf* 

Page 130. Tredwell, Timothy or titratfield. Inventory filed Fehy. 

11, 1722, Admrs. Israel uhauncey & -^eboran xreciv/ell (probably 

wid. ) 
Page lol. Keeler, i^alph Sen. of Horwalk, Inventory filed jeby. 

11, 17 22. 
Page 132»34V< heeler, L.amuel of otratfora, J-nventory filed Apr. 27, 

1722. 2xecx. of will Lowiss 7;heeler. 
Page 133. Goley, Peter of i.'airfield, "ill dated Apr. 12, 17 21, 

Sxecrs. wi. Hannah Sa son Peter. Mentions wi. Hannan and 

daus. SLizabeth « Mary '-'oley & Phoeoe, 6 sons Peter, iiiinon, 

Andrew *-oley, Ebenezer, David & Jonathan* -inventory filed 

Apr. 19, 1722. Will filea i^eby l-i, 1722. 
Page 134. rvehb, iieiiemian of ^airfield, ^pmt. of ^dmr. May 7, 1722 

of iiev. Joseph oebb. 
Page 155. Hawley, i'homas of »3tratfiela. Will dated iUsy 2, 1722, 

filed July 11, 1722* i-xecrs. wi. «^oaannah & Joseph Bootn. 

Mentiona wi* Johannan, son ^horaas, eldest dau« SLis . & others 
Mary, Hanr.ah, -ts^ther and Catherine, sons, iibeneser, Szra ana 

aamuel, wutlocn an Indian. 
Page 136. Burroughs, John of iitratford, Distbn. of Sst*^ Dec. 24, 

1722. Mentions, sons Joseph ana "teven Burroughs a otliers. 
Page 135. Hobby, John Jr., of Greenwicn, Apmt. of i^dnr. Jaiiy. 11, 
17 23, Joiin xiobby son aptut 

Page 135. oelliek, Sathaniel of '^taml'ord, Listbn. of ^t* Fehj. 

9, 1719. Mentions wi. aarali and aon iJavid Svidently wid. 

married a -t-ickcox later, because -araja iiickcox in named 

aa Admrx. Mch« 9, 1719. 
Page 135. Lewis, iiatban of Fairfield, Apmt. of ^dmr* lich- 5, 

172E. aaraix Lewis v/id. Aptd. & also made guardn. of 

2 Giiildren* ^harles ^ Slizabetla minors. 
Page 156. Titharton, bamual of otratford, Apmt. of ©isfbn. June 

5 1722, between wid. Hannah and aaus. Abigail litliarton 

and Comfort Latin. 
Page lob. Lewis, Eathan of ^'airfield, inventory filed Hov.28,17EE. 
Page 137. Reed, iileazer of -"orwalk, inventory filed Apr»_ 25,1722 

Admrs. wid* Abigail and John Eeed father. 
Page 138. Ann. Burr ol l-'airfield, inventory filed Hov. 15, 17ii2 
Admx* Capt. Josepn »»akeman a son. 


Page 138. Burrougns, John of Jitratfield, ^*pmt. Guardn. of sons 

John & men Oct* 9, 1722. Sdmon i^ewi* ^uardn. 

Page 138. Hooert Basset, of litratford, i^pmt. Guardn. of son ihen- 


825er June 6, 1722. Saml. Basset guardn. 
page 139. Whitloch, David of Fairfield. ..ill dated ^^ehy. 11. 1714 
filed May 4, 1722, Sxecrx* wi* i-Iary. mentions wi. Itory 
k son David, fatlierinlaw '^hos. Sherwood, son Sacuel, dau. 
Abigail i^ owl and, dau* Hary. 
Page 159. Burr, Daniel of -'airfield . will dated Apr- 9, 1722 
filed June 25, 1722. Sxecr. bro. John -iurr. lientions 
T/i. iiary. 4 sons & 2 daus. Eathaniel, James, John and 

F David, Bebecca and ^-^ary Burr, 

page 4,40. Butler, John oi" i^orv/alk, Apm-fr. of Mmr* j^'eb;" 172o. 

Admrs. Samuel i^ichards and I«lary Lockwood wid. of -"obt. 


Lockwood formerly wia. of John Butler. 

Page l4l. Hov/ley, i^eju Thos. of '^tratfield. inventory filed 
Jany. 18, 1723 by 2xecrs. Johanna xiav/ley & •'oseph Booth. 

page 142. Burr, jJaniel of i^airfield, Inventory filed Feby. 5,1723 

Page 143. Lyon, David of iJ'air field, mill datea June 4, 17ii2 

filed Feby. 7, 1723. -ikecrx. wi^ Elizabeth Lyon. Maa tions 
wi» Elizabeth, Uncle "^lomas iiash, son David and dau. Mary. 
Inventory filea I'eby. 4, 1723. 

Page 144. Gold, John of Stamford, Inventory filed iTeby 7, 1723 
Admrs. Jonathan OJold & Hannah Gold (probably the wid.) 
Mentions 4 childn. John Munson, Sarah Sa Hannah Gold* Apnt. 
of the mother Hannan Gold guarcin. of son "John* 

Page 145. Beardsley, Capt* John of "^tratfield, Distribn. of Sst. 
S'eby. 3, 1721* Ilentiona Jirs. -i^uth amith, representative 
of i^ry iiVells, tiarah Dfekerson, Hannah Dickerson « Samuel 
Beardsley and Hrs. Hebecca Bebe. 

Page 145. Wheeler, Samuel of btratford, Apmt. of Guardn. of dau. 
Sarah V«heeler, Jany. 14, 1722, of her uncle i^aniel Brinsley. 

Page l46. Hoio, Benjamin of Danbury, Apmt. of -"-dmr* iJ'eby. 11, 
1722, v/id- lilary Koit & bro* of ciecd. John Hoit* Inventory 
filed lich* 4, 1723. Mentions wid. Mary & 4 childn. lathaniel, 
Benjamin, ALizabetn & I^Iary all minora, guardns. John Hoit of 
Sathl. & Mary Hoit mother of Benj., 3Hz • & Mary. 

P 28 

Page 147. Rockwell, i'horaas of -t^orwalk. Inventory filed ?eby. 28, 
1723, Admr. wid. -saraii i^oclrv/ell ana i'hos* liesco. The 
wici. now v/i. of Bichard Osborn* Mentions wid* & 4 childn. 
Thomas, John, Jabea & saraH Rockwell. 
Page 148. Butler, John of •'^"'orwalk. Inventory filed Kch» 11, 1723 
Adjpr. ^aml. Hicnaras & Mary Lockwood, Hicharas son-in-law 
of Mary Lockwood. Mentions in Distbn. wid. & 3 chilaren 
Jolin Butler, v«ait Lockwood wife of Kobt. Lockwood & Hellinan 
Page 149. -i^napp, Josepn of Greenwicn, "ill auted Mch* lb, 1716 
3xrs. bros* Joshua & Caleb Xnapp* Mentions bro* Caleo 
bro. Josnua, childn* of bros. I'iciothy ana Benjamin, sis* 
Hannan i:>mith, sis. Ruth Renolds* iiisabeth ciau. of ore 
Josiiua and l.iartha dau« of oro» Benj. Filed Dec 12, 1723 
Inventory filed Jany. 28, 1724t. 
Page 151. Hall, Jonathan of ^tratfield, Inventory filed Jaoy. 7, 
17 24. iidnr. Francis <^ John Hall bros. Mentions 5 childn. 
Gesiah, Charity, lilary, il/illiara & Ichabod Hall, 
Page 152. ClauBon, '^arauei oi "Stanford, inventory filed ITov. 17, 
1725* Admr* Jonatiian ^lauson. ^^ientlons one son Jonathan 
& 8 daus. Abigail, aarah. Weight Sill ? Hannah, Mercy, 
Rebecca, Jeniaa a Cesia Clauson. 
Page 153. Lockwood, Abigail of Fairfield, Apmt* of Adror • liov. 29, 
1725. deca« one aaus* of Kobt. Lockwood later of Fair- 
:±"iald- John billinan, Admr. , Inventory filed Lee. 13, 
17E3 mentions bro. & sis* Robert Joseph, Gershom, Daniel, 


JeMell, IlaJy & Susannah Loc'kvjood, 
Page 154. Bisixop, otepnen of dtami'orci, inventory riled Aug.l-i, 

1723. Mmr* John BisVxop a son mentions a wid. and 5 childn 
p John, >3tepiien, Isaac, iieheeca -^-olly v/i* o±' iiisha Holly 

and Abigail iiealy \7i. of «Jonn oealy. 
Page 155. Young, John of Stamford, Inventory filed June 11, 1723 

Adrara* SLslha ibtevena ana Jostiua tioofield, mentiona v^^id. 

Sarah & 9 ciiildn. Rutn, Mary, Jonn, x'honas, jlizabeTU, 

oainuel, ^araii, Glenents ic Deho-r&ti., 
Page 156. aturgis, David of ii'airfiela, ^ymz* -^dmrs. Jany. 22,1722 

Jonathan Sturges & ^mdrev; Burr, inventory filed Aug. 15, 
17 23. -^drarss. hro. & bro. in law of deed. 
Page 157. Jones, J-'homas of -^^airfieia, ./ill filed July 20, 1724 & 

dated j^eby. 16, 1715. Mentions wi. Abigail aau. Abigail 

Wells of btratfield, son John Jones, dau* liartlfii , son 

ilipnelet wno was abroaa. jixecrs. wi* -abigaii & dau. 

Martha. Overseer aeacon «Jonn ThoHipaon* Inventory filed 

Feby. 20, 1724. 
Page 158. VifTieeler, Koses of iitartfora, ■iJis'Cbn. of iiet. dateu 

Feby, 12, 1723. Rec. June 23, 1724. iientiona as aistributers 

neirs or oanuel V/heeler, Moses Vnheeler. Lieriam a dau« , Mary 

a dau. anci -tiiiaadetn a nau. 

V/heeler, Moses of otratiora, will dated Jany 1, 1725 

filed :-<"eby. 15, 1725. Mentions wi* son iiatnan, ii:obert & 

dau. Perry wi. of iiaauel Perry, cjiildren of son Samuel 

& grand-dau. aaran wi* or <^esup, son Ji^lnathan who is execr. 

Inventory i'ilect Feby. 23, 1725. 

Page 159. Wheeler, samuel oi ■^tratiord. Accounting of Sxeerx. of 
irVill wia. lioiB* Bartiss formerly v/id. of Vvlieeler. 

Page 159. Squire, Deoorah of (Voodoerry, Inventory filed Mela. 3, 
1725. Acimr* Jonathan »3quire. 

Page loO. Crowfoot, James of Lanbury* Inventory filea i^oc. 9, 

1724* Mnr. Josepn Gregory. IJentions wid. & 8 children James 
Josian, idathev/, Hannan, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah and Lidia Crow- 

Page 161. (iold, Hon. ITathan of Fairfield, Inventory filed Apr. 
29, 1724. Jbcecrs. of will, sons John, Hathan ^ oamuel Gola. 
other sons iJavid <^ Joseph Gold. 

Page 162. Guir, Daniel of i^anbury Inventory filed Meh. 9, 1725. 
Admr* Jasper Guir, only surviving bro. of deed. 

Page 165. Lemill, Peter of Stamford, inven-cory filed Aug. 9, 1725 
Adnr. son Peter Damill* Mentions wid« Mary. 

Page 164. Gable, John of -^airfield, iVill dated June l^i, 1724, 

filed Aug. 14, 172it- i&ecrx. wx« Abigail mentions wi» 6 sons 
George, Jonathan, John, Anarew, Daniel, Isaac and 2 daus 
liiargery Patcnen and Abigail Cable. Inventory filed Aug. l-i, 


Page io5. Defreest, David of atratford. Inventory filed I/Iay 1, 
172'i. Admr* Liartna i'hompson formerly wi. of aecd. ligations 
10 chilaren, Mary Hawley, oaran Lewiss, Martna -tJefreest, 
Davia, Samuel, Isaac, ^ward, Henry, Elizabeth and Benjamin 
John Thompson husband of Martha wid. 

Page 167. Piolrit, Benjaiain of Danbury, Inventory filed i-iay 11, 
IVS^t, i^hraim Pickit, JiOcir. a bro. of aeca. Ilentiona 5 
bro. ii^pnraira, i'horaab, Jamea, Josepn & 3beneaer ana 2 
sis* '^araia vidito and Abigail wi* of baml* Benedict and 
axi only aon of a ais* Hannah. Thonas A^>oble of hevi miliord. 

Page 167. Church, Josepn or jairiiela, inventory filed nl&y 12, 

1724. -t>-dnir« Jonattian uturgis. 

Page 168. Burr, Peter, Ilajor of Fairfiela, Inventory filed May 11, 

1725. Admra. Saran Burr & Thaddeus Burr, deca. wid. ana 
eldeat son. 

Page 168. iieaa, John of xjorwalk, Inventory taken Oct* 26,1724. 
Page 170. Burr, iaajor Peter, Account 'g. of Aarar. i^eby. 28, 1726 
Mentions tnat wici* is nov/ wife of Jion. JonatnaAi Law of 
Milford, aj.B0 2 soiifa. i'txaaaeua w Gershom and 2 daus. 
Abigail and iiuniGe Burr. 
Page 170. Barnura, Joseph of -^anbury. Inventory filed lich. 25, 

1725. -^dmr. Richard Barriun. Mentions in "Jistbn. Admr* father 
of deed, a wid* & a son & a dau. 
Page 171. Gregory, Jonathan of -^orwalk. Inventory filea Feby.9, 
1725. Admr. John Gregory, mentions a v/ia. 3 sons, oarauel, 
Jonathan cc David ana 2 daus. SLisabetn & Phoebe- 
Page 17 2. Moss, John of Stratford, Inventory Apr. 16, 17 2i5 .^dmr. 
Jane Moss, wid* Distbn. mentions \vid« and children John, 
Joseph, Mary, 3ILizab3th, Joanna, Mahitable and Jane Moss. 
Page 173. Sturnivant, John of -i^idgefield. Inventory fiieci Apr. 
23, 1718. Ad^ir* Joseph Ileeler of -"idgfield* -Jistbn. men- 
tions wid. Mary who married John -Uaviss of Derby, and 


children, John, Samuel, Elizabeth and -^ulah Sturdivent. 

Page 174. ITathan, Gold, of i"air field, Distbn. of 3st. Apr. 4, 

1728. Mentions sons John, ITathan, iiaruel, Onesimus, David 
and Hezekiah, Joseph, aaus* iiaran wi« of John Ihompson, 
Deborah, Abigail « Liartha and -^'hoiaaa Hawley of Sidgfield 
a son-in-law. 

Page 17 5. Jonson, John of Stratford, Inventory filed, Llay 11, 
1725. Admrs. wid* Abigail Jonson Sc Samuel rrench. 

Page 176. Hayes, Isaac of iJorwalk, Distbn- of aBt. iJch. 50, 172^: 
Mentions - -idnirx. wid. Elizabeth Hayes now wi* of Andrew 
Sanford of ^^i^ilford, eldest son, -^unica Hayes a dau. and 
ELizabath Hayes a dau. 

Page 177, Holly, Jolin of i^tamford. Inventory filed Heh» 26,1725 
Adiarx. wia. Abigail Holly Distbn. i^^entions wid. 7 child- 
ren, <JOhn, Josian, :?rances, Abigail, Joannah, Mercy, 
Hannah 6: Mary Holly. 

Page 179. Jennings, Samuel of -^'airfield. Marriage Agrmt. Oct, 


24, 1727 v/ith Mary Bennitt wid. of James Bennett. 
Page 179. Sherwood, Samuel of Stratfiela, V/ill dated Hov. 7, 

1732 filed Dec. 11, 1732. Mentions v/i. Mary, daua. Sarah, 
Mary, Abigail, Rebecca, isther & Prudence, ^^ons John, 
Nathaniel, -^'horaas cc ■'^ndrew. -^pts. Capt. Danl* Hubbel 
guardn. of son ^homas &: Sergt. David Shetman guardn. of 
son Andrew Sxecrs. 2 eldest; sons John ^ Uathaniel* 

Page 180-81. Jennin^ti, oarauel or j'airfiela, ••ill 2c codicil dated 
Jany. 23, 1729 iiied Dec 7, 1732. Llentions wi. Liary, 
children oi' deed, son Michael Jennings, son Samuel, sor.- 
in-law J^aniel Lyon, testators rather Joshua Jennings, 
son nathan Jennings, dau. Sarc^h -^yon, dau* iiinice Jennings 
Sxeor. his nephew Joseph Jennings of Fairiield, codicil 
apmts. sons Samuel ^ Eathan 2secrs. 
Page 182. Llorehouse, -ianuel of li'airfield. Inventory filed Jan. 

2, 1733. Admr. Iloah Uorehouse. 
Page 183. i'loyci, ■'^'aoni of i'orwal'ir, J-nventory filed Jany. 13, 1733 

Admr* Capt. Josepa Plat. 
Page 184. Ilershall, John of Greenwich, Distbn. of Power of 2st, 

Aug. lO^ 1732, llentions wid. Abigail iler shall. 
Page 185. Defrees, ^avid or Stratford, Distbn. of 5fet. April 10, 
1725. Mentions i^Iartha -^'hompson wid. David Defreest, Samuel 
Defreest, Isaac Defreest, Edward Defreest, Henry Befreest, 
Benjamin Defreest, Itortha Defreest, ELizaheth Defreest. 
Page 186. St. John, ilatthias, Jr., or iiorwalk. Inventory filed 

Feby. 6, 17 33. Aamr. Elizabeth St* John. 
Page 189. Picket, Ilary of Stratford, Will dated Mch. 5, 1729, 

filed Feby. 19, 1733. Exrs. Henry Hawley Sa SbenezEr Ihonp- 
son, son-in-law. Mentions aecd. a wid., 2 sons and four 
daub., husb. Daniel Packett of deed., & 2 younger daus. 
Prudence & Phebe (making 8 in all) son Samuel, son Daniel, 
son-in-law John Curtice. 
Page 190. Phippen, Joseph of ^'airfield, *»ill dated Feby. 3, 1755 

filed Jeby. 6, 1733. Sxrs. Ebenezer oilliman cc Samuel 3urr. 
Identiona \viu. SLizabeth, sister liary Snglish. inventory liled 
ii'eby. 5, 17 o5. 

page 191. Booth, Ibenezer or ^trati'ord. Will dated iVov. 2, 1752, 
Zxr. son Mward Booth. Llentions daua. Deboran, Elizabeth Sc 
Abigail, son ibenezer deed, his (Sben's.) eldest son "at hi. 
son Benjamin & son Sdward. 

Page 192. French, aanuel of Strat field. Will dated Dec. 22, 1732 
filed Jany. 15, 1753. 2srs. sons c^amuel & Genaliel'^ mentions 
wi. Abigail, sons i^arauel, Gemaliel, daue. Deborah Weed, Abigail 
Bennit, iilizabeth Slater, Thankful Taylor « Ilartha i)^rench & 
Sarah liallit son ibeneaer. 

Page 193. Booth, 3benezer of btratford. Inventory riled Ech. b, 

' Page 194. Beardslee, «^ohn of Stratford, Inventory filed Ech, 6, 
1735' Admrs. iachariah & Obediah Beardslee. 
Page 197. liercnant, Hallet of atratfora. Inventory filled Mch. 6. 

1733. Admr. wid. iiarah Merchant. 
Page 19£ . Cleric, Sanuel of Stratford, Inventory filed Mch. 16, 

17 33. Admr. David Deforest. 
Page 200. Jennings, Samuel of ^airfiela. inventory filed lich- 14, 

1733. Szrs. Saiauel ic Eathan Jennings. 
Page 203. Ro-.vland, Judah of .Tairfield, Inventory filed Apr. 3, 1733 

Admr* -i-'hocias Harvey. 
Page 203. Treadwell. Ruth of Stratfield. inventory filed Apr. 15, 

1735. ibcr. SdvTard ireadwell, deed. wid. of Samuel i'readwell. 
Page 204. French, Sort- Samuel of otratfield, tnventcry filed 

1st Tuesday or Itoy 1753. Exrs. Samuel & Gemaliel French. 

Page 205. Tow, Hichard of Fairfield, Inventory filed June 29, 
1733. Adrarx. Jean iow. 

Page 207. Whitlock, John of Fairfield, "ill dated Hdi • 15, 1733 
Ssrs. wi. Abigail & bro* $hos. Whitlock. Mentions wi. Abigail 
& honored rather (her ?) Abraham -fi-daEas, sons, John '^hitlock, 
Abranaju, i^athaniel, «^onathan "^ Adams, -^iled -^iay 1st, 1733. 

Page 209. Shelton, Daniel of Stratford, inventory filed 1st 
Tuesday, i^ept. 1753. -^dmrs' iilizabeth & 3oseph obelton. 

Page 212. Ilorehouse, David of Fairfiela, inventory filed 
SBpt. 4, 1733. Adiar* Eathan Morehouse. 


Page 213. Huinsey, Ben;Jamin 3nsign, of Fairfield, Inventory 
filed Apr. 16, 1733. Aojars. Benjanin cc -t^ebeeca humsey. 

Page 21b. Frost, ^Villiain or Fairfield, Inventory filed Sept. 
3, 1753. Admr* Isaac Frost. 

Page 218. Uonrow, Javid of i^or^yalk. Will dated Moh* 1, 1752, 
filed iaept. 20, 17 33« 2ors. Joseph Plat & Solomon Llonrow 
Mentions wi. Rebecca, son Solomon, son Amos, dau. Elizabeth 
iVood, grandson xJavid rtood, son of dau. SLiz. , grandson 
Kavia i>^onrow, son of son Joseph ilonrow, dau, Levina More- 
house, dau. Experience ilorris, dau. Beers, da&. Bethiah 
Bagley, dau. Christian zanders, grand dau. Mary iiiller, 
grandson David uonrow, son of son '^olomon. 

Page 220. Inventory filed -^ept. 20, 1733. 

Page 223. »Vheeler, Isaac of ■atratfield, <«ill dated iTov. 16, 

1733 filed Lqo. 6, 1733, SaiX. Jonathan ..akelie father-in-law 


IJentions wi. Mary, children iilnathaa Se Prudence & child un- 
born & Gideon Hawley tne ciaild 1 have had with me rrom his 
inrancy. " 
Page 224. Pricket, ilary of ^tratlord. Inventory filed oept. 

24, 17^3. Sxr. 
Page 227. -Bishop, Baa jamin of Stanford, inventory filed Aug. 6, 

17 33. Admr. Benj. Bishop, 
■fc'age 228. Fillo, John or iiorwalk, inventory filed Jaa y 1, 1734 

Admr* John ^^illo. 
Page 229. Ciirtiss, Benjamin of otratford, inventory filei^^c-c. 

4, 1733. Adnrs. John Curtis ^ Zachariah Booth. 
Page 230. Lyon, aainl. of -'airfield. »Vill dated July 17, 173E 
filed Sept. 25, 17i>3. 2xrs. sons John & Samuel ■i-'yon. Ilentiona 
wi. Susan (?) youngest son Jiphraim & sons John, Samuel & 
James. 4 daus. Margery, Abigail, Ann 6: Jemima. 
Page 231. aherwood, Gapt. Saml. of Stratfield, Inventory filed 

i'eby. 2, 1734. 3xers. of "ill John & Hathan Sherwood. 
Page 235. Rogers, James of i^orwalk, vViii filed Aug. 23, 1733 
dated .i.ov. 11, 1732. iaocers. i'hos. Benedict, Jr. Saml. 
Clugstone & Saml. Ketcham* Mentions wi. Freelove 4 ehild'n. 
youngest at achool, son James, dau* Mary, aau. Esther, son 
Jedeaian, son Urian, son Mward, dau* Elizabeth, lleheraiah, 
Stephen^ Mosea, Aaron & Samuel. 
Page 237. Hogera, Capt. James of I^orwalk, Inventory i iled 
Moh. 12, 17 34. 


Page 240. Bennit, ^Jbenr. of ^'airfield. Inventory filed Peby. 
6, 1734. ^diar. bteven Bennit. 

Page 2^1. Andrus, Abigail of iairfield. Will dated Feby. 27, 
1730 filed ;Sept. 22, 1730. Scrs. son i^imon ^oucJa & son-in- 
law oaml. Osbora. Mentions dau. Isabel humsey, dau • Abigail 
jjiiwaraa, aau. Deborah Uouch, dau. Sarah Uouch, dau. Hannah 
Osborn, sons -^honas uouch and Simon uoucn. 

Page 2^2. Sow, Richard of Js'air field. Inventory taken Mch. 21, 

Page £-14. Judaon, Jeremiau of "Jtratford, Will aated Jany. 18, 
1734 filed reby. 19, 1734. Sxrs. Uathan Gurtiss son-in-law, 
wi. & granason Jereiaian Judaon i;urtiss« Mentions wi« Mary 
aau. Eunice Ourtioe wi. of -uathan ^urtiss, Judson >-*urtiss 
son 01 i-iatnan Curtice, grandson Jeremiah Judson uurtiss 
son of iiathan ^urtiss. 

Page 245. Inventory filed Apr. 10, 1734. 

Page 2^9. Wildiaan, uapt. Jonn of -"orwalk, inventory taken 
Sept. 17 33. 

Page 252. Beardslee, ifipnraim of ■-'tratfora, inventory filed 
Apr. 2, 1734. i«rs. Of »^ill. Davia Beardslee ^ kahitabel 

Page 254. Booth, 5i)hr aim of otratfora, Inventory filed Apr. 2, 
173*. Admrs. Andrew & Sarah -i^ootn. 

Page 257. Bearaslee, Eparaim of ^^tratfora, «Vill aated j?'eby. 

23, 1734, filed lich. 21, 1754* Mentionii wi. liahitabell Beard slee 

2 aans. Mary & Haiiitabell, son iJavicL Bearaalee, 2xrs. wi. 
& son -iJavid Beardslea. 
Page 258. ohurcner, riobert or i?'air±iela, iVill dated Uov. 5, 
1766, filed Jany. 8, 17.34. J&rs. uapt. Gershom Bulkley & 
son Robert tihuroner. Henuions eldest; t>on Heheiniaii, son 
Hobert, dau. 2Leanor -Sherwood, daa» ^aran *^, ana 
dau. Patience ulster bank. 
Page 259. i>tarr, Ihos. of i^ianoury, inventory filed June 6, 

1734. -^drarx. iilizabeta citarr. 
Page 2bE. Dunning, Jobn of ^, will dated i>ec. 22, 17;53, 
filea Men. 6, 1735. Sxr. bro» Benjamin of iiev/town, Ct. 
Men'cions wi* ^aran and 9 cnildren, 6 sons, «^oiin, Hiciiard, 
aanuel, luattiiew, JJavid & Michael, 3 daus. aaraa, Hannau 
& i\iary. 
Page £o3. Hendriok, Henry Jr., of Jj'airfield, Inventory filed 

July 2, 17 34. Adiar* John Hendrick. 
Page 2b4. .vilaon, i^a-uhaniel of Fairfield, Hill aated i'iOT. 

15, 172o filed 1st I'ueaday i>iov» 1735. ilxrs. wi. ^Hizaoeta 
& tion Sa-cnl. mentions aau. Mary wi* of oJani. rtiisou. 
"Mary liiorenouse wuo lives v/ith me," Vi^i. Jilizabetii « son 
Page 2b.3. iimitJi, Abranam of i^orwaik, rtill da-ce<i Men. iy,17o4 
filea Apr. 20, 1734* Jters. bros* Robert iamith, Josepii 
bt. aobn & wi. Mentions wi. ELizabeth, bro« ^amuel Smith, 
bros. 0. sis. Robert "^mith, John bijiith, Ebenr. bmith & 
Meury Gregory, mother fi« father-in-law John Gregory. 

Page 267. Dibble, *»akefield, or jJanbury, *.ill dateu Jany. 31, 
17 34, lileu kay 2, 1734* -axxs. 3 sons jizra, John Ec IJeheciiah 
kentions uon Sbenezer, aaua. llary Eiccock deed. KLizab eth 
btar, Sarah Hurd & Abigail atax & Experience Dibble, 
wi. Jane, son ^zra, lleheniah, <John. 
Page 270. Osborn, Lorothy of ^airfield, inventory liled iiug. 

6, 173*. -^mr. Wm. Csborn. 
Page 272. Leavensworth, sjbenezer of -Stratford, Will dated I-lay 
5, 1734, filed Aug. 6, 1734. 2sr. James Leavenswortn a 
bro. Mentions father 2hos. leavensworth of Repton Parish, 
bro. Mmund Leaver.sworth, bro. Jacies* 
Page 27 3. Inventory filed *^ug. 6, 1734. 

Page 274. Bostick, Zachariah of otratford. Will dated Aug, 
6, 17 34 filed Aug. 24, 1734. 2xrs. two sons ''onathaa & 
Ephraim Bostick. Mentions wi. Coziah, son David, son 
Jonathan Bostick, son Zachariah, son Sphraim, son Mon- 
day Bostick, daus. Mary, Martha, Parual, "^uaannah & 

Page 276. Hawley, oamuel of ►Jtratford, will dated Apr. 15, 1734 
filed iiept. 24, 1734. -Bferx. wife Patience. iJ.entions wi. 
Patience also children no nanes. 
page 278. Beach, llathaniel Jr., of "tratford, ./ill dated July 9, 
1734, filed Oct* 8, 1734. -fers. bro. James Beach, bro- in- 
law Judson Burton & wi* oarah. Mentions wi. Sarah B® ch 
sons Eathan Beach, Joseph & Thomas, 2 daus. Hizabeth & 
Charity and father ITathaniel Beach. 
Page 279. InYQu'tta^ filed Get* 8, 1734. 

Page 281. Bostick, Zachariaii of Stratford, Inventory filed 

Dec. 3, 1733. (?) 
Page 283. Betts. iiamuel of Horv/alk. Will dated I'eDy. 6, 1730. 
filed ITov. 12, 1734. 2xrs. wi. Judith & son ^aml. Betts. 
Mentions V7i. Juditn, 3 sons iiamuel, iitephen & Hathan, 
dau. Hary wi. of Richard Olmstead of Ridgfield, dau. Hephs- 
i"bah Betts, dau. Judith Betts. 
Page 285. Codicil to Will lientiona son-in-law Solomon L'oble & 

his v;i. aephzibah, dau*^ Judith. 
Page 286. Hichols, Josiah of iitratford, Will dated Koy._ 6. 17o4 
filed Dec. 4. 1734. 5sr. bro. Jonathan Kichols. mentions 
cousins Hannah & Uary Judson, uaus. of Joshua Judson Sr. 
Page 287. Kichols, Inventory filed Jany. 7, 1735. 
Page 288.' Anderson. iVilliam of Greenwich, Inventory filed Kov. 

3 1734. Admrx. Abigail ixnderson. 
Pafee 289. Sherwood.' Soah of ^.airfield. Inventory filed Jany.- 

1735. Admrx. Phoehe Sherwood. 
Page 290. Lyon. John of Fairfiela, Will dated Dec. 30. 1734, 

filed iJ'ehy. 4, 1734<' Mentions wi. Hannan, son John, daus. 
ThanKfull, Elisabeth, Hannah, -Esther Rode Grissel. Scrs. 
wi. & bro. "^anuel -"yon. 
Page 291. Inventory datea i?eby. 24, 1735. 
Page 292. Barlow, Samuel of x^airfielQ, Inventory filed Mch. 11, 

1735. iv-dmrx. Sarah Barlow, 
page 293. -Benedict, San u el of ^anbury. Will dated Ilch. 4, 1735 

filed Apr. 9, 1735. Jkrs. wi. Abigail & bro. -in-law £pbraim 
Pickit. Hentiona wi. Abigail, eldest son Sbenezer, 2d & 
youngest son oanuel, youngesi; aap. Mercy, aau. Hannan & 
grandson Katliew irvildman only cnild of my dau. i:ary deed. 
Page 295. Inventory lilea Apr. 9, 1735. 
Page 297. .Vebb, Heberaiaia of i^airfield. Inventory filed July 13, 

1724. Admr. Eev. Joseph Webb. 
Page 297. Hall, Francis, Jr.. of iitratfield. Inventory filed 
Apr. 1st, 1755. Admrs* Zaciiariau i^anford & Ricnard Hall. 
Page 299. Goley, Ebenezer of Fairfield, Inventory liled Apr. 1, 

1755. Admr. Jonatban -t^eebe. 
Page oOO. Meeker, isreal of .^"airfield. Will dated Apr. 2, 1735, 
filed Apr. 22, 1735. ^fer* bro. Jonathan Lieeker. Uentions v/i. 
mother Elizabeth i^eeker, bro. Jonatnan, bros. Josepn & 
Samuel lieaker, sis. Rachel iiall. bros. Daniel £c DavJd Sc sis 
Hannah. Rev* Ilr. Chapnan. 
Page 302. Inventory lilea Apr. 22, 1735. 
Page 503. Wells, John of i^tratford. Will dateo Feby. 13, 1735 

filed Mch. 4, 1735 2srs. wi. ilary & sons David «ells, Isaac 
Judson .Vills ic John & William Wells. Uentions wi. i^ry, 
sons David. Isaac Judson, John & William -'ells, dau. Hary 
Judson wi. of Joshua Judson, dau. Elizabeth wi* of Abranam 
Curtiss, uau* Sarah wi. of liershoia Awards, dau- Phebe wi. 
of i'homas Uffoot, daus. Hannan & Charity wells. 
Page 304. Inventory of Oapt. •'ohn "ells filed May 5, 1735. 
Page 309. Curtiss, Barsheba of -tratford, inventory filed «^une 
1735. Admr. -^avid Judson. 

Page 310. Keller, Sb&aezex of -^^orwalk, (Kill datea Men' S , 

1735, filed. June £0, 1735. iixrs. wi. Hannah & son-in-law 
Benj. Keeler. Mentions wi. Hannan, 4 sons, 2benezer, lialph, 
Hathan & Jonathan. 2 daus. Rebecca & -Abigail. 
Page 311. Knaps, James of Danbury, Inventory riled June 20,1735 

Admrs. Aaron & Sbenezer Knap. 
Page 312. Hendriek, Peter or ■''airrield. Inventory riled Aug. 

5, 1735. Admx. James Hendriek. 
Page 313. Beach, -Uavid or Stratford, Inventory filed July 10, 

1735. Admr. I'avid oherman. 
Page 316. Dunning, John of -i-iorwalk, inventory filed «^uly 28, 
1735. Admr. wid. iiaran Dunning. 


Vol. 1721-1749. 
Page D. Ferris, Janes oil Greenwich, Appointment of Guardian of 
Hannan i^'erris. dau. Janes Ferris deed, of Greenwicli, Feby. 
7th, 1726/7. 
Page o2. Joseph I'^inch, Sst. of Greenwicti, Appointed <£ -^dmr. 

Eathaniel & Jlizabeth j'inch, dated June 6, 1727. 
Page 24. Finch, Joseph or Greenwich, Hov. 7, 17^, Apmt. of 
SLiz. Finch, guardn. of Sbenezer, Hannah & Ahigail Finch, 
childn. of Jos. Finch, deed. Apnt* of llathaniel Finch 
guardn. of Jabea Finch son of Eos. Finch, deed. 
Page 92. Finch, Samuel of Greenwich, April 2, 1728, Apmt. of 

Mary Finch Admr. on est of. 
Page 99. Finch, Joseph of Greenwich, iJistbn. of 3st' lach. 1, 
1728 mentions son, Joseph, jJbenezer, Jabez & Szekiel and 
daus' Hannah and -^^-bigail. 
Page 91. Green, John of 'Stanford, May 3, 1728- -^pmt. of 

Abigail Green Admr. est. of. 
Page 63. Marshall, uaniel of Greenwica, Oct' 7, 1729, Apmt. of 
Guardn. Daniel Itorshall of Samuel ..arshall, Joseph ilarshall, 
surety of Greenwich. Apmt. of Joseph Llarshall guardn. of 
Freelove, .t^bigail, Heheraian « Hannah Llarshall childn- of 
Danl» liarshall deed, their mother refusing. 
Page 14. Marshall, John of Greenwich, Apmt. of -^dmrs. Apr. El, 

1727 of ''ohn & Abigail .iar shall. 
Page 94. Marshall, Davi* of Greenwich, Apr. 6, 1731. Appointed 
guardn. of "^ohn & Saechens ..larsliall of Greenwich. 

Page 185. Marshall, Freelove, iJistribution of Jet. of tier deed. 

fatiier* (Ho names or aates) 
Page 270. Marshall, John of Greenwich, Oct. 3, 1745' Distribution 
to wid. -^hisail Marshall. 

PR03A2I 33C0RDS. 
Vol. 1725-1740. 
page 106. Eino.. Joseph of Gro^nwloix. .ept. 5, 1727. Inventory 

or dated -^-ug* 15, 1727. 
Eago 167. Finca. Leut. saml. of Groenwloh. Dateft :iay ao. 1728 

InTentory mentions wii. Hary i'inch. 
Pa^e 63. areen, Benjaraln of Stanford. Will 4atea ?e^. 18. 1725 
Srob. Apr. 5, 1727. Mentions son Benjanin.^au. JoannaU 
,„.eaton, .ons .-bene.or. Ilathan, Huben. . Charles Breen, 
™i. aaus. Sarah LooSwood. Shehe Smith, SSter Smith, 
Dehorah 2on, BceEi. BenJ. Sreen. 
page 65. Green, Benjamn of ^ta^ford. Inventory dated Moh- 6. 

1727. Proo. Apr. 5, 1727. toor. Benj- Sreen. 
Page 78. Marshall. Banlel of (Jreen.i=h, Will dated Fehy. 10, 1727 
mentions son Daniel wl. Abigail, deoc. bro. Samuel now 
4eod. "and rest of my children." fceors. bro. Joseph 
Marshall & son ianl. 3rob. Uay 2, 1727. 
page 12*. iiarshall, 3anl. Sen. of Gree.>wich. Inventory dated 

Hay 25, 1727. Srob. =ept. 5, 1727. 
Page 162. iiarsnall, John of Greenwich. Inventory dated May 18, 
1,27. Prob. llay 15, 1728. Admrs. Abigail - John ...arshall. 

„■ ■ T.„», ben. of Greenwich, "ill dated Jane 6, 
Page 55. Ferns, James, ^en. oi 

1723. Prob. Feby. 7. 1726/7. Wit. Eenals. Thos 
Harshall . I^athan Heynolds. Uentions 2 daus. mry . Hannah 

s^n Janes wire "*ry, son iiathaniel ■' Samuel 
minora* bon, t^anetj, wxj-a .^ i 

couaiB "^ohn i'erris. 
Codicil dated Oct. 2^. 1726 

Page 57. Inventory dated Feliy. 15, 1726/7, taken by xTios. 

Marshall & Joseph Ferris, u'iled Apr. 4, 1727 • liaa tions 

Mary iienolds ^7id. of Jos. Ferris, deca. 
Page 106. Ferris, James, Jr. ,oi: Greenwich, Inventory aated July - 

1727, filed Aug. 1, 1727. Taken by 2benezer Head &: John 

Hobby, Josiah Head, Admr.